Version: 1.4.

3 Last Updated: 2012-03-05 ---------------------------------------------------------MANUAL INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ---------------------------------------------------------Please ensure you have unzipped this manual installation package to a location o n your harddrive. We recommend the following location: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Basic Date Picker\DateTime Suite Version 1.4\ The following outlines steps required to manually install the controls into your Visual Studio or Visual Web Developer Express Toolbox. 1. Open Visual Studio or Visual Web Developer 2. Open an .aspx page 3. Open the ToolBox panel. Typically located on the left side in a fly-o ut panel (Ctrl + Alt + x). 4. Create a new "Basic Date Picker" Tab. a. Right-Click in the ToolBox area. b. Select "Add Tab". c. Enter "Basic Date Picker". 5. Inside the "Basic Date Picker" tab, Right-Click and select "Choose It em...". 6. Under the ".NET Framework Components" Tab select the "Browse" button. 7. Navigate to and select the BasicFrame.WebControls.BasicDatePicker.dll file within this manual installation package, choose open. NOTE: If the automatic installer has been run previously , the BasicDatePicker.dll can typically be found in the following location: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Basic Date Picker\DateTime Suite \1_4_0\BasicFrame.WebControls.BasicDatePicker.dll 8. The component items should be added to the list and pre-checked. You can confirm by sorting the list by "Namespace" and scrolling to "BasicFrame.WebC ontrols" 9. Click "OK". The icons should be added to your ToolBox. You should now be able to drag/drop a date picker onto your WebForm. ---------------------------------------------------------BREAKING CHANGES BETWEEN V1.3 AND V1.4 ---------------------------------------------------------1. JavaScript API All controls can now be accessed directly by their client-side ID (.Clie ntID). The BasicDatePickerLoadControl function is no longer available (or requi red). Example // JavaScript Code

week()). // Open the Calendar BasicDatePicker1.4. Users can now enter hundreds of new date string options. // Close the Calendar BasicDatePicker1. REVISIONS AND FIXES FOR V1. Example "last "next "tod" "tom" week" month" <-.setSelectedDate(BasicDatePicker1..close(). Example <BDP:SpecialDates ID="SpecialDates1" runat="server"> <BDP:SpecialDate Date="2008-05-05" Text="May Bank Holiday" /> </BDP:SpecialDates> SpecialDate object *must* be added from the code behind. ---------------------------------------------------------NEW FEATURES. Alberta.See http://www. 2. "May Bank H oliday".com/ Email: support@coolite. Datejs integration . string.coolite. All rights reserved.Opens the Calendar when the page first lo for full feature set. Simplified.getSelectedDate().Dates. The following Example will NO LONGER work. 2.datejs."today" <-. // Add one week to the SelectedDate BasicDatePicker1. Canada T5J1A1 Phone: +1(888)775-5888 Website: http://www.0 ---------------------------------------------------------1. New . 10113-104 Street Edmonton. true. Example this. but much more powerful JavaScript API. Copyright 2004-2012 Coolite Inc.Add(new SpecialDate(DateTime. Coolite Inc.SpecialDates1.Empty)). true|false. SpeicalDate objects can no longer be nested inside a SpecialDates control in .show().add( 1).getSelectedDate()).Today.// "BasicDatePicker1" is the client-side ID of the date picker control alert(BasicDatePicker1."tomorrow" 3.OpenCalendarOnLoad property . 208.

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