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(Apparel Division Fsd.)

Shahid Ali S/O Muhammad Shafique (TE69290) & Nadeem Meraj S/O Meraj Din (TE69291) B.B.A Hons (6th Semester)

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Islamia University Bahawalpur Bahawalngar Campus

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In the name of Allah, Most Benevolent, Ever - Merciful. All Praise be to Allah Lord of All worlds.

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Most beneficent, Ever- Merciful, King of the Day of Judgment, You alone we worship to you. Alone we turn for help.

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Guide us (O Allah) to the path that is straight, The path of those you have blessed, Not of those who have earned you anger,

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Nor those who have gone astray.

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All praises to Almighty Allah alone, the Most Merciful and the most compassionate and His Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) the most perfect and exalted one among and of ever born on the surface of earth, who is forever touch of guidance and knowledge for the humanity. The work presented in this manuscript was accomplished under the guidance generous assistance, constructive criticism and enlightened supervision of Venerated Mr. Shahid Naveed Finance Department of MTM Apparel Division-II. His efforts towards the inculcation of spirit of constant work and the

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maintenance of professional integrity besides other invaluable words of advice will always serve as beacon of light through out the course. We take this humblest opportunity to my deepest sense of gratitude and thankfulness to him. No one writes alone. This internship report is not the result of individual effort. It is a result of wonderful team- work. We are really thankful of Venerated Mr. Muhammad Ishfaq who is Manager of Finance Department of MTM Apparel Division-II give all the lectures related to finance department and overall activities of other departments related to

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Finance department and company. We are also really thankful to Venerated Mr.

Muhammad Aftab & Mr. Muhammad Anees who is Deputy Manager

and Assistant Manager respectively of Finance Department Apparel Division-II arrange all the lecture and necessary information of internship related to Apparel Division (Finance Department). We are also thankful to Venerated Mr.

Muhammad Rashid who is working in MTM as Accountant at Saeed Colony

in Finance Section provided all information related to my Internship.

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We are thankful to all those who supported me and provide great help for completion of this task. I am tried our level best to prepare this event with high level of accuracy but no one claim to perfect other than ALMIGHTY ALLAH.

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To our Teachers, The motivation for all that we do.

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To our Parents, Who always prayed for our success and their love and affection have always been a source of inspiration for us. To our Friends,

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Who share their knowledge and experience with us in learning process.

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Table of Contents

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Key Personals
Chief Executive Officer: Ch. Shahid Nazir

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Directors: -

Mr. Naseer Ahmed Shah Mr. Matloob Hussain Mr. Muhammad Arshad Mr. Muhammad Ali Sohail

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Mr. Fazal Ahmed Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Tishna

Finance Manager

Muhammad Binyamin

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IT Manager

Imran Waheed Babar Muhammad Ishfaq Muhammed Imitiaz Zafar Iqbal Nasir Ali Zia

Finance Manager Sen. Manager PPC Manager of Accounts Manager HRM

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Purchase Manager Technical Manager

Mr. Muhammad Ismail Mr. Ashiq Shahzad Mr. Muhammad Arif Mr. Muhammad Naveed Mr. Tanveer A Khan Mr. Anwar lattif

Production Manager Production Manager

Merchandising Manager Merchandising Manager

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Merchandising Manager Merchandising Manager

Mr. Shahzad Nadeem Mr. Mehmood Elahi Mr. Adnan Ghaffar Mr. Zahid Mehmood Mr. Usman Massod Mr. Nasir Mehmood

Production Manager Production Manager

Cutting Manager Compliance Manager

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Inventory Manager

Mr. Rashid Mehmood

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Welcome to MTM, Masood operates throughout the world with over 16,000 employees as part of our team. MTM Collection has a wide selection of quality garments including Tshirt, Polo shirt, Jogging suit, Henley shirt, Raglan shirt, Tank top , Bikini,

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Shorts, Pants and Sleepwear. Competent professional staff, a team of talented merchandisers, excellent supplies & support services, and stateof-the-art technology is the driving force behind MTM phenomenal growth in the past years.

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MTM has expanded its operations to include the Internet, and has taken advantage of the variety of international trade facilitated by the Web. Now MTM uses state-of-the-art client/server technology for its market information processes to coordinate its network of global buyers and agents around the world.

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Companys Location and Management

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Distribution Center : 24KM Off Multan Road, Bahria Chowk Defence Road Lahore Tel: (92-42) 7542421-3 Fax:(92-42) 7542424 Contact Person Yasir Nazir(Executive Director) Email: Faisalabad Head Office: Universal House, West Canal Road Faisalabad. Tel: (92-41) 8734910 Fax:(92-41) 8731180

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Wisconsin 1970 W. Greenbrook Rd, River Hills, Wisconsin 53217 Contact Person Mr. Paul Jones Email: Texas 1536 Chester Drive, Plano. Tel : (972) 527-9053 Fax: (972) 517-0739 Contact Person Charley J.Heaney(Sales Manager)

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Dubai Baleno Readymade Gar. & Tex. Tr. LLC P.O. Box 33848, Sharjah. Tel :00971-6-5616963 Fax :00971-6-5628345 Contact Person Ali Raza Email:

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Jordan Imperial Textiles LLC Ad-Dulayl Industrial Park, QIZ P.O. Box 167, Ad-Dulayl, 13136 Jordan Tel: 00962-79-5336222 Fax: 00962-5-3825805 Contact Person Zulfiqar Ali Email:

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History Of Masood Group:

Kohistan Bus Services Masood Textile Mills


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Spinning Garments

1984 1995 1994 1994 1994

Industrial Co-Operative Bank Rabia Trust Hospital KakaKhel Ghee Mills

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To Be The worlds Best Apparel Company

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Our vision is of continual improvement and sustained growth, and of a family of workers. Who are given the best compensation benefits and working conditions in the region, in this respect, mTm continues to emphasize the need to invest in and develop its most precious resource its human capital. mTm continues to provide training courses and selfenhancement opportunities for all our workers".

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Mission Statement
We value quality in our products and in our relationships with customers and suppliers. We consider our employees our more critical resource.

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Respect for the individual, integrity, speed, simplicity, self-assuredness, and a 100% commitment. Our values are non-negotiable; they are never to be jettisoned. For us, our values are our well-spring

To provide market leadership and brand coverage

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To pursue technological innovation To partner with operators for their maximum productivity

To provide virtuous to our customers, employees, communities, and the environment

Organizations Values:

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Trust Integrity Respect

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Quality Policy:

Customers satisfaction

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Zero Defects

TQM. (Total Quality Management)

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JCPenney Purchasing Partnership Award 2007 Posted on 05-June-08

JCPenney has awarded MTM Purchasing Partnership Award 2007.


Posted on 01-April08

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Best Quality Award 2002

Posted on 30-Apr03

JCPenney has awarded MTM "Best Quality Award for 2002" Certificate.

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"Quality Recognition 2001-2002" Certificate

Posted on 30-Nov02

Russell Corporation has awarded MTM "Global Quality Recognition 20012002"Certificate.

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"The Best Supplier of Region 2001-2002"

Posted on 17-Jul02

JCPenney Awards MTM"The best supplier of the region award 20012002". The ceremony was held in Singapore on 17th July 2002. Shahid Nazir (C.E.O.) received this award.

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Growth History:
Largest Knitwear Exporting Company of the country for the Year 2005 Turn Over in Millions

Employment Generated

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Employees in Number

About Company

Textile Mills Limited was established in 1984 by Ch. Nazir

Ahmad, which is located at 32 km Sheikhupura Road Faisalabad. While Apparel division is located in Faisalabad at Sargodha Road near Sangeet cinema, which is producing best quality garments. The preference is given on the quality not quantity. Thats why companys sale is increasing every year.

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The company has shown distinguish achievements during many previous years. Masood Textile Mills have own in-house Knitting Spinning Ginning Dyeing Processing

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Laundry Manufacturing facilities Masood Textile Mills has also proud of work with world best Labels like: Saralee War Naco (Polo Ralph Lauren, Champion, Hanes) (Chaps Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein)

JC Penney (Stafford, Arizona, St. Johns Bay)

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(Vantage, Champs, Tom Tailer)

Tommy Hil Figer Fruit of the Loom Vanity fair Perry Ellis Levis Dockers Integrity Lee, Wrangler

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Duckhead Wal-Mart

Most of the products are exported to US. UK. & Germany. Different departments of MTM are equipped with modern technology imported from Switzer Land, Germany, England, and Japan to achieve the required quality. Masood has research and development laboratory for spinning

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process where cotton and yarn is tested and inspected according to international standards.

has obtained ISO 9002 certificate, which proved its quality and

consistency, mTm has 20,000,000 ordinary shares of Rs. 10 each fully paid up in cash. mTm has extension in his operations by adding new equipment and machinery in near past.

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Automatic cone winding machines enhanced the production capacity of yarn from 210 bags to 400 bags. To enhance the efficiency and quality some investment is made in other machines. This would be very beneficial for the company in the upcoming trade challenges.

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Corporate Objectives:

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Maximization wealth of shareholders. To increase the market share. To achieve the customer satisfaction. Making arrangements toward achieving total quality standards.

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To get growth through professional Management. To reduce the cost of production up to minimum level. To continue to improve past achievements. To lead the local manufacturers.

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Permanent Employees: Mills Garments Total employees 4800 6000 10800

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Piece Rate Workers: Mills Garments Total employees Grand Total: 500 4700 5200 16000

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Masood Structure
G - 1- 4 M-1 M-2 M-3 General Manager Senior Manager Manager Deputy Manager

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M-4 M-5 M-6

Assistant Manager Unit Manager / Senior Officer Management Trainee

Non- Management:
S1 S2 Supervisor Skilled Worker

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S3 S4

Semi Skilled Worker Unskilled Worker


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PPC I.E. Cutting Quality Control Commercial

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HR & Admin IT. Compliance Security Purchases Quality Assurance


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Merchandising Prod. Dev. Forwarding Procurement

Accounts Inventory

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Vertical Operations:
Spinning Knitting Stitching Fabric Finishing dying Packing Processing Cutting Laundry Apparel Division

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Apparel Division:
Established in 1995 to enter into value added field.

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Now it has 26 Production Units with 2500 Stitching Machines. Each and every operation has been linked with back track system. An independent Quality Assurance team exists to ensure the quality of the garments.

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clipping, finishing & packing) Total production is 2.5 3.0 Million per Month of garments like Tops, bottoms, Inner and outerwear.

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In house embroidery facility having to Tajima machines as well. 95% of production is exported to US and 5% export to Europe.

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Back Track System:

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Each Garment produced at Masood has a unique ID No. Latest Computerized Bar Code system ensures quality in every operation of production from cutting to Packing.

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Products at each operation carry Bar_ Code Stickers that bear all the details and history of the operations on that product. Hence if any problem occurs, one can trace back the root cause of problem to prevent its occurrence in future.

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Finance Department:

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The Finance Department at Apparel Division is mainly dealing with Daily & Final Accounts, Inventory and Cash of the Firm not with allocating or investing spare funds of the firm as such finance means.

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According to working of the Finance Department, it is divided into two teams. There are four Divisions under Apparel Division, Apparel I Apparel III TEAM 1

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Apparel II Apparel IV TEAM 2

Other sites are controlled from Main Garment, on each site there is one person allocated to handle all the matters on site related to

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Finance Department and they are reporting to their immediate in charge at Main Garment. The persons at Main Garment are reportable to Head Office for their working on data received from different sites.

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The different types of Duties are performed by an accountant at sites are given below: Verify the Monthly Stock Taking Reports Checking Over time Detail sheet & Payment sheets

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Checking Security staff Over Time Checking of New Appointment, Missing Days, Reinstate, Arrears Bills Checking of Daily Wages Bills Checking of Final Dues Checking Leave Encashment Checking Contract Wages sheets (Twice in a Month)

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Checking Incentive Payment sheets (Twice in a Month) Checking of Extra Payment sheets All kind of Gate passes Receive Reconcile Maintain & send to Head Office. Verification of Vouchers on Daily Basis & Prepare Expense Detail Summary Prepare & Verify the Utility Bills (Electric, Telephone, Sui Gas)

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Verify the Monthly Vouchers of Contract Vehicle, Photocopier, Subsidiaries Verify the Fuel & Maintenance Bills, Mobile Bills. Prepare the Assets Detail Time to Time. Prepare the Over Head Detail & Salary Comparison. Maintain of All kind of Record in Files for Audit. Checking of Final Settlements.

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Verification of GRNs

Note: Any Other Assignment as per Department Requirement

Cash Department
Cash department is also under the Finance Department and take cash from Head Office on demand as per sheets of different

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payments are reached after signing of the Director Operations. Like as, Contractual Payments Sheets (Twice in a Month) Salary Sheets Daily Wages Sheets Over Time

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Attendance Reward

The Inventory or Store Department is also under the Finance Department. There are different types of stores given below: - Main Store (General Items)

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Accessories Store Fabric Stores Shipment Store Leftover & Rejection Store The detail of important stores are given below: -

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Fabric Store

Accessories Store

Shipping Store

Apparel division (Stores)

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Fabric Store:
PO wise fabric comes from the mills for Garments, according to the purchase order. Fabrics issued towards cutting depart on behalf of requisition.

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Accessories Store:
Accessories store provided the following things on the requirement of different department like as, Thread, Labels, buttons, etc

Shipping Store:
After completing the Garments for the export purpose is sent to the shipping store.

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Leftover & Rejection Store: All the waste and rejected pieces are sent to this store. mTm has strong inventory management system (IMS). IMS is divided in to two sections: i) General: -

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All the things not directly related to the production but are necessary or supporting to the production. i.e. Mobiles, computers, stationary, Air Conditioners, Electric Generators, Furniture and Fixture etc. ii) Accessories: -

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All the things that are related to the production and are directly used in producing the finished products are kept in accessories division i.e. Buttons, stitching thread, inlay cards, labels, poly bags etc.

Working of Store: The working at store consists of following three divisions: i)

Counting: -

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When mTm purchase any thing from the market the buyer often delivered it to one of the two main stores i.e. Apperal-II and Creasent. After checking of security the Inword Gate Pass (IGP) is prepared and is forwarded to the counting section and than to the quality section if the purchased material is imported, if the purchased material is local than it is forward to the counting section 1st and than to the quality sections. mTm

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has a contract with Riaz & Co. for counting purpose. So the team of Riaz & Co is available for counting at their main stores. They check the IGP and verify the quantity of that good physically either general or accessory. After checking the quantity of that good they forward that thing to the quality section who make sure that the good is up to the quality standard of order.

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Quality: -

Quality section is responsible for the quality of the goods purchased. If the good relates to general division than the person who has ordered it verify the quality of that good and if the good relate to accessory division mTm has its own quality assurance team who check the quality of that good very carefully. If the quality of the good is not found up to the mark

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than the good is rejected. If the quality of the good is up to the mark than it is forward to the store for stocking.

Store: -

Store is responsible for stocking the goods and accessories and issue the demand if made by any person or any other store of different divisions of mTm. It is a complete system to stock and manage all the accessories.

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After receiving the GRN from the quality or quantity section the staff of store verifies quantity of that good once again physically. If the quantity of the accessory found complete they stock it in specific rack and record it. When the demand is made by that particular accessory they can easily find that particular accessory by tracing the rack no from the system.

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Marketing Department:
Marketing Department cannot be ignored in any organization. Because it is the heart & soul of the organizations. MTM cannot ignore the pivotal importance of this department. The marketing manager with the Chief Executive officer performed the marketing activities

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jointly. They not only promote their department but also visit the foreign markets to search their new customers.

Activities of Marketing Manager: Look overall problems of the departments and the problems faced by the customers. Devises all the marketing related policies.

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Delights the customers by solving their problems. Co-ordinates with the merchandising department.

Checks and observes all the activities of textile sectors especially keeping focus on the competitors activities.

The marketing department with the help of merchandising department makes it possible that the order place by the customers should be completed within specified time.

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MTM sell the product with the brand name of the customers.

Marketing Mix:
Product Mix: Products of Masood Textile Mills are yarn, fabrics, loungewear, activewear, sleep wear, athletic, sportswear, underwear. MTM exports whole of its

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products to US, Germany and various other countries. Major portion of yarn are used in manufacturing process and surplus is exported.

It is divided into two types

a) Gray- Fabric b) Other Fabric

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Trousers T-Shirts Hooded Shirts Sweat Shirt Zip Shirt Open Front Shirt Dress Shirt

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Under Garments Shorts Golf Shirts Base ball Shirt Tennis Shirt

A little can be said about the pricing strategies of Masood Textile Mills. Basically any kind of strategy is composed of two variables.

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1. Fixed cost 2. Variable cost MTM is adopting much kind of strategies; as for price setting is concern these are different, if the company export directly or in other case indirectly its products. As for as the direct export is concern the price is settled as follow

Fixed cost+ Variable cost+ % of profit

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In case, the company export indirectly the price will be settled as follow.

Fixed cost+ Variable cost+ Middleman commission+ % of profit

But usually MTM sets its products prices through negotiation with its buyers. And normally MTM Charges very high prices due to its commitment with high quantity.

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Physical Distribution:
MTM exports its products through two different marketing channels.

a) Direct Marketing Channels:

MTM directly contact with its customers through mail, telephone, and personal contacts and sell its products directly to the ultimately buyers.

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b) Indirect Marketing Channels:

When it comes to indirect marketing channel, distribution is made through intermediaries. MTM exports its products through many agents in some cases. MTM is using different channels of transportation for the distribution of its products like, ships, trucks etc.

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Countries of Export: MTM is making a good effort to increase the market share. Today company is exporting its products to many countries like, o USA. o Hong Kong o Japan o Germany o Malaysia

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o Singapore o Korea o Thailand

Promotional Activities:
Major export of mTm is made through telle-mail services. Many contracts are settled through personal sitting. mTm do not waste any chance to promote its

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product. mTm participate in various exhibitions that take place under export promotion bureau in different areas of the worlds. mTm also take part in world trade show for promoting its products. It also sends many samples to its potential customers. Promotion is one of the four major important elements. The main promotion tools are advertising and other country business relationship. The MTM should advertise its products not only in the worlds trade magazine also in national industry magazine. The company has to decide how to set the promotion budget. The appropriate

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budget approach is to send the company can afford with respect to its funds and product.

Situation Analysis

Internal Analysis

External Analysis






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Situation Analysis:
Mangers of MTM always review the mission and goals then they can do the internal and external environment analysis to identify elements that influence the organization performance. To determine such elements SWOT analysis is conducted. SWOT analysis is the method that helps manager identifies the organizational strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Internal Analysis:

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Strengths: Modern Textile Machinery & equipment Acquisition of ISO 9002 certificate Proven Management Product Innovation abilities Good competitive Skills

Page 125 of 199

Complete Back Track facility Equipped with WRAP certification Weaknesses: Centralized Managerial Decision Making High Cost of Production Small International Market Share

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High Reproduction Cost High Wastage Cost

External Analysis:

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Entering new markets Addition of new product line Faster market growth Acquiring the benefit of free trade Threats: Entry of new textile competitors

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Rising cost of production Adverse Govt. policies Easy access of buyers in the world market Political stability Economy is not up to market

Difficult upcoming challenges of free trades.

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PPC Department In mTm:

It is obvious from the name of the department that this department is meant for production, planning & controlling of production towards the right direction in and effective and efficient manner in given period. PPC department has been subdivided into three divisions,

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Planning Control Yarn The actual customer of mTm mills division is the mTm apparel division. The whole process in mTm mills is initiated with the placement of PO from Apparel to Mills division. The PO is first placed in PPC department

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from where it is fed in the FMS (Fabric Management System). Now this PO is available to all concerned department in Mills. Here is the flow of PO in Mills.

PO Dye


R&D Finishing

Knitting Dispatching

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PPC is involved at each level of PO in Mills. The three divisions of PPC work as follows;

This division plans the whole Po with order specifications, work schedule, time line for knitting, dyeing (Lot Making), finishing and up till dispatching of fabric to customer (Apparel Division).

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This division actually looks after the PO time line execution for in time production and dispatching to customer. Many people name this division as Peechay Peechay Challo (PPC) due to its involvement in PO.

This division makes the availability of yarn in time before knitting gets started. The procedure followed for yarn procurement is as follows, Feed back Fed


PO Feeding in FMS (PPC) Yarn Demand

Approval Sheet(R&D)

Generation including the yarn count, quality and quantity (PPC) Forwarded to Head Office Feed back with time & vendor

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In FMS (PPC) Receiving of Yarn (Store) Testing of Yarn (Q. C.) Received in Store Allocation to Pos on priority Bases (PPC) Availability of Yarn in POs

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Production Department In mTm:

Production Department (Flow of Garments)
Fabric Cutting

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Induction Stitching Finishing

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A material made from fibers or threads by spinning, weavings, knitting, processingetc as any cloth. There are different types of fabrics. Types of Fabric:

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Jersey Single Jersey Heavy Jersey: Bird eye Jersey: Striper Jersey: Lycra Jersey: Sueded Jersey:

Page 139 of 199

Printed Jersey:

2) Pique
Pique Locast POP Corn Pique Honey Combed Pique Mesh Pique

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3) Inter Lock
Simple interlock Sueded interlock

4) Rib
Rib 1*1 Rib 2*2

Page 141 of 199

Rib 11*1 Rib 15*1

5) Fleece
Fleece Sueded Fleece

6) Terry

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Brushed Terry French Terry Baby Terry

PPC department (Production, planning and control) issues requisition to cutting department. Cutting department receive requisition and issues fabric in the store. Fabric come to the cutting department and issued any

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group (lines 1,2,3 and 4) Cutting auditor check ply to ply shade and cut out continuity and make mock up for approval shade of ply to ply and trims approval of shade group person receive job card and issue of marker to GGT department (Garber Garments Technology), and spread the lay of fabric. Fabric cutting auditor check marker species and spread the marker and shape of lay and group members shape of lay in the bundle and bundles record in the job card and lot is issue to 100%

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inspection auditor lot is inspection 100% and all ok pieces, issued to induction and reject pieces separate to the bundles.

After cutting department fabric comes in induction department. Where pcs are arranged in sizes, colors etc, Po (Purchase Order) wise. etc.

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Induction department is the responsible of the quantities, maintain, balance of receiving from the cutting department. Others responsibly of the induction department is issues the particular quantities to stitching department for furthers operations.

In this department, stitch the garments in the different operations like as

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EMB / Pockets Placket Collar/ Collar Closing / Labels Shoulder (Left) Arm Hole (Left) Sleeve Hem (Left) Side Seam (Left)

Page 147 of 199

Side vent (Left) Care Label Placement Bottom Hem Side vent (right) Side Seam (right) Sleeve Hem (right) Arm Hole (right) Shoulder (right)

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Machines available for stitching Department.

Basically two types of machines are used 1. Over Lock 2. Flat Lock

Over Lock

Single Needle 2 Threads

Single Needle 3 Threads

Double Needle 4 Threads

Double Needle Puller

Elastic Attach Bikini

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Flat Lock

Cylinder Bed 5 Threads Puller Attach

Mini Cylinder 5 Threads

Flat Seaming 5&6 Threads


Flat Bed

4 Needles 6 Threads Multi Needles (6T, 4N)

Body Hem 5 Threads

Flat Bed Elastic Attach


Feed of the Arm (inseam + Flat seam)

Tap Attach Cutter

Auto Trimmer

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Lock Stitch
Single Needle 2 Threads


Double Needle 4 Threads

Zig - Zag 2 Threads


Button Hole

Button Attach

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The process of making the garment ready for shipment Or Inspection of Garment / Final Enhancing Details

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Fabric Faults:
There are two types 1. Yarn faults 2. Machine faults

Other Faults:

Page 153 of 199

Here are some faults that occur due to both above-mentioned categories. o Oil spots o Heavy yarn o Lint hole o Thin yarn o Tuck stitch

Page 154 of 199

o Knot Hole o Drop o Run Down Broken Needle o Tape Down / Tape off of Wheel o Winding Hole Caused by Broken Needle

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Packing is the process by which garments dispatched for the shipment on the requirement of buyers.

Types of packing:
There are two major types 1. Solid packing

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2. Assorted packing Solid packing: In which packing, organization used the same size and colors of garments in one poly bag. Assorted packing: In which packing, organization not used the same size and colors of garments in one poly bag.

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Packing instruction:
Packing instruction is provided from the buyer requirement. The following instructions are below o Colors o Size o Fold size o Insert board

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o Upc sticker o Pcs/pack o Poly bag o Master poly bags o Pcs/carton o Size sticker o Baler bag sticker

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o Carton sticker o Magic tape solo tape

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Quality Control Department:

Quality may be defined as the set and required parameters by the customers. It is quite difficult task to fulfill the customer requirements. To assure this thing MTM has two departments; A. Quality control departments B. Quality assurance departments

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Quality Control Departments

This is the department, which can be said as an agent from mTm side, which checks the required parameters and recommends solution at each level of process. It has two sections,

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i) Grey section: Which checks the fabrics for faults, attaches bar cods and clearance.

ii) Inline section: Which checks the finished and dyed fabric for faults according to 20 point system?

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Quality Assurance Department

This department can be said as agent from customer side, which audits the QC checked fabric and give positive or negative opinion whether the fabric is according to customer requirements or not. This department does not suggest any thing.

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Responsibilities of Quality Assurance Department

1. Indulge and Monitoring Quality System

The QA dept is required to induce the QC dept implement standard quality system required by buyers to improve and maintain very good OQL.

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The implemented quality system should monitor on a daily basis .So that the system runs with out any failure. Under no circumstances the systems should be changed or stopped. The quality system should be very strong so that nothing could penetrate through and result in failure of audit or re-screening. 2. Training and Evaluating Quality Staff.

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It is the responsibility of the senior staff to train all the QA staff to achieve skilled levels within a short frame of time The QA dept to coordination with the production dept and QC dept should train the QC team to achieve skilled levels. A training program should be designed which will enable to execute simple and proper training to enhance skill levels of QC and QA staff up to standards.

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The QA dept will evaluate all the inline and final quality inspectors on their performance. The evaluation will be based on the overall quality level less than 4% for any merit are reward system.


Training and Evaluating Quality Staff

Page 168 of 199

QA will performance audits at cutting stage to assure the cut products to confirm required quality standards. The inline QA supervisor or QA auditor will perform random audits to assurance stitching quality of products. The objective will be to inspect and identify the problems and give Corrective action to the root cause of the problem, with a view of preventing re-occurrence of the problems.

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The final QA officers and concentrating more on the presentation of the final product. The final auditors will conduct finished goods before packing with the same objectives and concentrating more on the presentation of final product.

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The final auditors will also conduct packing audit to insure the quality, ratio, color, cartooning, packing accuracy, presentation, and packing accessories.

LAB IN PROCESSING: To assist both of these depts. There is a lab in mTm. The different kinds of test are applied according to the requirements of QC or QA.

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IT Department At MTM Mills:

Tm is at almost pure Dot Com positions and we can say that IT has been so much flourished in TM that it will be difficult to

survive for MTM without IT at this time. Most of the departments have been computerized except Finance Department. The system developed by the IT department includes HRMS Human Resource Management System

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Gate Management System Fabric Management System Vehicle Management System Apparel Management System Inventory Management System Overtime Management System Waste and Leftover Management System

FAMSFinancial Accounting Management System

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Now IT department is developing an other softer named ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

And they are planning now for the following systems at the urgent bases,

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Job Management System Accounting Information System

JOB BANK For online Job Application

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HR Department: HR Department in MTM is involved in different type of human Resources development activities. Here are the activities of HR department in MTM, i. ii. iii. Recruitment Training and Development Compensation

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iv. v. vi. vii.

Performance Appraisal Employee Welfare Rewards and Punishments Retiring and termination Benefits


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HR dept in MTM regarding recruitment is almost online up to the middle level management and has the following procedure; Approved strength in each department Invitation of vacant or new positions Applications Scrutinizing of Applications Test including intelligence and aptitude tests

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Interviews in panel form

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Training and Development The training and development process in MTM is very strong and has following set up

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Indoor Training Apprentices Trainee supervisors Trainee operators Trainee Engineers Management Trainees

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Trainee Officers Outdoor Training Training in Institutions Meetings and interviews

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Compensation MTM has set up for workers as Market Rates Overtime Incentives

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Vehicles Accommodation

Rewards and Punishment MTM gives in terms of rewards

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Appreciation Cash Prizes Promotions In MTM for the control purpose there are also punishments Disciplinary Actions Show Cause Notice Suspension

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Termination Charge Sheet Fines

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Performance Appraisals Promotions in MTM have very fair methodology. Personality and job related traits are evaluated at regular basis. Best performance results in good rewards in MTM. Employee Welfare There are many employee benefits policies being followed in MTM. Some of them are follows, Health Insurance

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Social Security 5% of profit Accommodation Transportation Canteen and Mess Leave Encashment Retiring and Termination

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Gratuity and provident fund is being maintained for the retiring personals in MTM.

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The MTM is losing its benefits in lower raw material prices, while energy cost and credit cost have increased considerably. There is a need to check the trend of further increases both by policy, support by the Government and it self. The major challenges are to enhance the competitiveness of the mill, which have been created on account of internal weaknesses to improve quality productivity and production efficiency to be desired levels.

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The suggestions that particularly relate to the MTM are as

followings; Allocating a specific budget should enhance the The company should control the financial

promotional activities of MTM. controlled. charges especially commission to the agents should be

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fixed cost.

The cost of production of company should be

controlled. The utilizing the plant capacity in full can reduce The sale of company should increase by New product lines in fashion design and style

searching new markets. should be launched.

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Political stability consistent government policy Lowering of energy costs to allow the industry To create an environment which attracts and

and government that remains for its tenure. to become more competitive. supports foreign investments including joint venture.

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