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Protect Your Dreams The Law of Attraction Quotes And Articles
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The Law of Attraction Quotes & Articles
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“Your Dreams Are T he Seeds of Genius Within You T hat T he World Needs”
Quot e by: - Chris T At kinson 1st of Oct 2012 The Law of At t ract ion Blog


The Law of Attraction Articles & Quotes

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Chris T Atkinson Founder

Dear Master of T he Law of Attraction Quotes
Do you wish to better know how t o live your lif e t o t he f ullest ?… Yes?… Great!… Because today I Am bringing you anot her Message From t he Mast ers of The Secret .. So you can join the ranks of those using and living t he law of at t ract ion the right way… Yes today I Am bringing you another one of The Lit t le Known Success Secret s that when understand and applied can bring you true wealth, health, happiness, love and wisdom beyond your wildest dreams.. Just as it has done for many past and modern day Masters who’ve applied this same lit t le known success secret in unit y wit h t he law of at t ract ion… Ok enough of the intro, lets get into it! …

A Message From The Masters of The Secret
It was Will Smith in the Inspirational Movie The Pursuit of Happyness(Happiness) who said the wonderfully inspiring words: “Don’t ever let somebody tell you, you can’t do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you, you can’t do it. If you want for something, go for it. Period” - Will Smith The Pursuit of Happyness(Happiness) And below is the 2 minute inspirational trailer for the film that I encourage you to watch to give you the background story to the life changing things I am about to share with you… ————————————————————————————————

Have you ever had people tell you why you couldn’t

Have you ever had people tell you why you couldn’t do something you really wanted to do?…
Perhaps close family & friends have discouraged you from doing something that you have carried in your heart for years?… If so… Be encouraged you are not alone… Now I am not saying we shouldn’t listen to the advice of close family, friends and advisers… For there can be much wisdom in the counsel of others… Especially if they have a proven track record of love, wisdom, happiness & success in their own lives.. But even that is not a 100% guarantee that there advice will be right for us every time… For on the other side of the coin, there can also be much foolishness in the counsel of others if it potentially takes us away from the God given dreams planted in our hearts… This is why we must…

Never follow the advice of others when…
For you should never ever(and I mean NEVER) follow the advice of others when you don’t have a peaceful resonating feeling in your heart about the advice given you.. And how do you know if somet hing is resonat ing wit h you? You will know if something is resonating with you when the fruits(feelings) bubble up from within you and manifest through such feelings as peace, happiness, joy and courage… For the fruits of The Great Spirit(The God Force) are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and faithfulness.. And the God Force will always guide us through our intuition(inner-tuition) ie through peace in our heart(inner calm within our feelings)… So if you don’t have PEACE about moving in a certain direction from the advice given you by someone(whether it be it advice relating to career, relationship, financial, health or any other area)… Then you should stop & wait and do nothing until you have this PEACE about which direction to move in… For deep inner PEACE within our heart and feelings is the internal “Happiness Success Compass” giving us the green light to move forward in a desired direction… As t he Mast ers Book Teaches:“Let the peace of Christ(The God Force) rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.” - Colossians 3:15 I love St uart Wilde’s t ake on t his below f rom his book “Inf init e Self ” where he says:-

“So when things don’t feel right be careful. When you don’t know what action to take, do nothing. Remember that and put it on the fridge. When you don’t know don’t go. And also remember when in doubt, do nowbt. “Nowbt” is a term from the north of England meaning “nothing.” If you don’t know what to do, wait. Build energy, clean things up, organize things, seek out more information – but don’t act(take action) until you know you have to act. If you operate out of your feelings, you’re never really going to have to make any more decisions. Decision making for most is an intellectual process. (But Infinite Self decision making is not intellectual but rather spiritual, from the heart) ie Either something feels right and you proceed, or it feels wrong and you don’t proceed. Or there is a neutral feeling, and you either don’t proceed or you move very slowly and cautiously. So either it feels right to marry Harry, and you say, “I love you Harry; yes I’ll marry you Thursday.” Or you say “No.” There is no maybe. If you don’t know, wait. If it feels wrong definitely wait. Under this discipline, decision making changes from the intellectual turmoil of conjecture and the ego’s agenda to “Hey, does it feel right?” – Stuart Wilde So I encourage you t o make t his your mant ra:-

If you don’t know then don’t go!
For when we follow the tangible peace that we feel within us, it is then that we begin to follow the lead of the God Force within us… This is what The Master Jesus meant when he said:Jesus gave them this answer: “I tell you the truth, the Son(Jesus) can do nothing(ie nothing of real significance) by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does” - {John 5:19 The Masters Book} So the Doorway t o True Success that leads us to operate in mountain moving faith are solid decisions we make in the Doorway of “Int ernal Peace” that enables… The impossible to become possible…. The ordinary to do the extraordinary… Which is Good News for us! Because I’ve felt kind of ordinary at times.. What about you? … This is what Jesus meant when he said: I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed(The God Force Type of faith that only knows Success), you can say to this

mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and … Nothing will be impossible for you” - Matthew 17:20 So how does all t his t ie int o using t he law of at t ract ion t o creat e t he lif e of our dreams?…

Does the law of attraction really work?…
Does the law of attraction really work?… Yes it does… But one of the little known success secrets to both using t he law of at t ract ion and living t he law of at t ract ion so that we might create the life of our dreams that I said I would share with you at the start is this:-

The Little Known Success Secret Is This:
Protect & Nourish Your Dreams Or T hey Will Die
And that’s why I really love the film “The Pursuit of Happyness”… Especially the scene in the below short motivational video clip where Will Smith talks to his son about protecting his dreams.. And what makes the “The Pursuit of Happiness” even more powerful is it’s based on a true story.. Yes, in this film you have Will Smith who plays the character of Chris Gardner. A man in the midst of great personal & financial difficulty as he travels on the road less traveled in the pursuit of his dreams.. All whilst doing his best to love and Father his young son. And in the midst of this struggle, his partner and the mother of his son leave them both. And if that wasn’t enough, Will Smith and his young son then become homeless for a short period… There are so many scenes of this movie which touched me deeply… And one of these scenes is where Chris Gardner(Will Smith) makes some time at the start of his busy day to play basketball with his son. And whilst on the basketball court his son enthusiastically shares with his Dad about how it is his dream to play professional basketball(have you ever shared a dream with someone close to you?.. what did they say to you?)…

You’ll Never Be Any Good?
Well, after Smith’s son shares his dream with his Dad about playing pro basketball… Smith then tells his son that he would probably not be very good at basketball because he himself wasn’t a very good basketball player. Smith then going on to tell his son that he shouldn’t waste too much time playing basketball. His son then becomes really hurt & upset… Can you relate?… Has someone poured cold water on your dreams?…

How did it make you feel?… But the Good news is…. thankfully, Smith who has also seen his own dreams shattered over the years, realizes his mistake. And so instead of discouraging his son. He turns a negative into a positive by encouraging his son to protect and nourish his dreams. Even if that means ignoring the well meaning advice of those close to him(which includes his son ignoring the advice that his well meaning Dad just gave him)… And I’ve included this touching “Pursuit of Happyness” scene below to inspire you…

“Don’t ever let somebody tell you, you can’t do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you gotta protect it”
———————————————————————————————————————— And along t he road less t raveled pursuing his dreams, Will Smith and his son find themselves facing many problems… And likewise on the path to our dreams we will be faced with problems or challenges… Are you experiencing some challenges right now? … What are they?… Keep going… Keep moving forward!… For Problems are simply stepping stones that allow The Hero and Mast er that lives within us to Rise up & Win… But part of the challenge will be to stay resolute and steadfast in the face of the Goliath of fear that will shout at you, words like the following… “You can’t do it !”.. “Give Up”.. “You’re a loser why even t ry”…

Where Winners Are Made…
But it is here at this crossroads where Winners are made.. And one must have the attitude of The Master who once starting the journey toward their dream will never turn back to return to Egypt on their way to the Promised land… Egypt in the old testament scriptures being a symbol of the “land of slavery where one is not f ree”.. where one is a slave to fear… a slave to doing work one hates, a slave to being in a relationship or relationships that are not nurturing you but rather stealing life from you, yes a slave that allows others to dictate to you how you will live and die…. As The Mast ers Book Teaches… Jesus told him, “Anyone who puts their hand to the plow and then looks back is not fit for the Kingdom of God.” - Luke 9:57-62

But you are worthy… Because you have decided to put your hand to the plow in the pursuit of your dreams… Therefore it is only a matter of time before you succeed… Oh you’ll fall down plenty of times, make mistakes, take wrong turns and maybe even get lost for a season on the road to your dreams… But a good and noble heart will get back up each time it falls and keep moving forward on the narrow road less traveled… I like to call this process “Failing Forward” or “Falling Forward“… As depicted in a football or Gridiron game where every time the player is tackled to the ground by the opposing team.. They will gain a few more inches forward towards the try line(end zone) each time they fall, by simply “Falling Forward” on the ground each time, instead of falling backwards… This way they will continue to gain ground towards their goal(as will we) until eventually they will succeed in scoring a try(touch down) across the try line(end zone)…

How does a child learn to walk or ride a bike?..
For falling down isn’t really failure at all… After all how does a child learn to walk or ride a bike?.. Yes!.. By falling down, then getting back up, again and again and again… All the while practicing until one perfects “The Art of Walking or Riding a Bike”… And in time you will learn to savor any mistakes or so called “failures” you experience on the road toward your dreams. For these mistakes are one of your teachers in disguise in the School of Wisdom… For they will help make you better, wiser and stronger!…. And you have a good and noble heart… And you will never ever give up until you have achieved your dreams… Yes you will not look back… For if you do, you may crash, just as we cannot drive a car well when we look back in the review mirror all the time… But YOU will continue to keep your eyes on the prize until you achieve your dreams and enter with JOY into your own personal promised land… But no great battle is won without a fight… Just as Chris Gardener played by Will Smith had to fight for his dreams as seen in this moving scene where Will Smith and his son experience a night of homelessness on the road less traveled… ——————————————————————————————————————– And yes you will fall down and stumble and make mistakes on your journey to your promised land of dreams… But you will get back up… But you might say, “Chris there are no guarantees in this life.. What

if I never achieve my dream in my lifetime?.. What then?”… And to you I say… So what if we never in our lifetime achieve our dream?… So what?… At least we will die trying.. And our tombstone, shall say, “Here Lies A Brave Soul… Who Showed Us… It Is Better To Try & Die… Than To Live a Lie”… And in using metaphorical language… If we die trying… Then wonderful!… At least we shall enter into eternity to meet our brothers and sisters as one who had the courage to leave Egypt as a free man or woman… As compared to those who sadly continued to live in Egypt as slave, because of fear… For Fear makes us a slave… But Courage makes us Free!… So I encourage you to decide right here.. right now with me that you are going to do something… Will you make a solid decision that you are going to… …To Protect, Nourish & Grow The God Given Seed Dream Within You For t he realit y is… When one decides that no matter what they are going to leave the land of their fear(the land of their slavery, failure and unhappiness)… To journey to their promised land(the life of their dreams).. Then it is only a matter of time before you achieve your God Given Dreams… If you will stand strong and determined holding onto faith that the God Force will help carry you through if you will do your part… And what is your part?.. simply this…You must firmly DECIDE that you are going to.. Prot ect , Nourish & Grow The God Given Seed Dream Wit hin You

For Ralph Waldo Emerson knew t he TRUTH when he said:“Once You Make A Decision The Universe Conspires to Make It Happen”… For it is a lie that we live… if we live a life where we have the seeds of a God given dream within us that we never allow to grow into all it was destined for.. Even as the orange seed is destined to grow into an orange tree if it is planted in good soil and sun and is watered and nurtured to maturity until it grows the fruit of an abundant harvest… As The Masters Book teaches… “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up” - Galatians 6:9 So make the decision right now with me that you are going to put your hand to the plow and never stop until you have achieved the God Given dream within you so that you may fulfill the wise words of Goethe who said:“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back — concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: …that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now” ~ Goethe Ok let’s Begin it now together shall we… Lets agree together as there is metaphysical spiritual power when two or more agree on any one thing… So if you feel comfortable then lets agree together by reading these words out aloud for all The Universe to hear… and I shall do the same… Ready?… Ok here we go..

Dear Universe(Higher Power, God Force etc) and Creator of all that is Good, Love and Light…
I agree with Chris that today, right now I

decide that I am going to Begin to Protect, Nourish & Grow The God Given Seed Dreams That You Have Placed Within Me… I will do my part if you will do your part.. For only you can grow the seed because of your life and power within the seed… Just as only I can protect and nourish the seed by watering it daily and by bringing it into the light and by keeping the soil of my heart soft so that your dream within me might in time produce a Harvest of Life and Love that would Bless both Me and all those around me… I ask you this very day to empower me with your strength and faith and to bring me all the people and resources I need to achieve the God Given Dream within me… Give me eyes to see and ears to hear to recognize the people and resources you bring around me to help me achieve all that I am destined to achieve… Thank you Your Kid … PS Oh yeah… Help me to ENJOY the Journey and to be grateful each day for all that I have right now… For I will never be happy in the future unless I Am Happy now…For I know that like an electrical appliance plugged into the wall and switched to “on”… You can only work on my behalf through the law of attraction when my faith switch of gratitude is switched “on”… So help me to ENJOY (In-Joy) the JOURNEY right now on the road less traveled to achieving my dreams! PSS And one very last thing… Bless Chris T Atkinson too… Cause He’s Pretty Cool! .. {lol … just thought I’d slip that PSS line above in there as I need all the help I can get too ha }… Onwards and Upwards Fellow Pilgrim!.. So be encouraged that dreams really do come true.. And there are really such things as happy endings in real life… And on that note below is the last inspirational scene in The Pursuit Of Happyness film which is absolutely GOLD!… And If you watch the scene carefully you will see the real life Chris Gardner make a quick cameo appearance right at the end.. As he and Will Smith walk

past each other on a street and acknowledge each other as they pass by (so cool) …

“Don’t ever let somebody tell you, you can’t do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you gotta protect it” – Will Smith
—————————————————————————————————————————————— Short Bio of Chris Gardener (The Charact er Played by Will Smit h in The Pursuit of Happiness) —————————————————————————————————————————————— Yes dreams really do come true(just as they can also come true for you)… Yes there really are such things as happy endings in real life… As seen in the real life story of Will Smiths on screen character Chris Gardner who went on to achieve his dreams as a stockbroker in the movie and in real life. Here is a little bio of his life courtesy of wikipedia… Christopher Paul Gardner (born February 9, 1954 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) is an American entrepreneur, investor, stockbroker, motivational speaker, author, and philanthropist who, during the early 1980s, struggled with homelessness while raising his toddler son, Christopher, Jr. Gardner’s book of memoirs, The Pursuit of Happyness, was published in May 2006.

Chris Gardener, Will Smith & Wills Real Life Son Jaden Smith T ogether

In 1987, Chris Gardner founded his own stockbrokerage firm, Gardner Rich & Co, based in Chicago, Illinois doing business with some of the nation’s largest institutions. Gardner credits his tenacity and success to the “spiritual genetics” handed down to him by his mother, Bettye Jean Triplett, born Gardner and to the high expectations placed on him by his children, son Chris Jr. (born 1981) and daughter Jacintha (born 1985). Gardner’s personal struggle of establishing himself as a stockbroker while managing fatherhood and homelessness is of course portrayed in the 2006 motion picture The Pursuit of Happyness directed by Gabriele Muccino which he was also an associate producer of…

Fatherhood amidst homelessness
Gardner worked to become a top trainee at Dean Witter Reynolds. He arrived at the office early and stayed late each day, persistently making calls to prospective clients with his goal being 200 calls/day. His perseverance paid off when, in 1982, Gardner passed his licensing exam on the first try and became a full employee of the firm. Eventually, Gardner was recruited by Bear Stearns &

Company in San Francisco. After his partner Jackie left him.. He willingly accepted sole custody of his child; however, the rooming house where he lived did not allow children. Although he was gainfully employed, Gardner and his son secretly struggled with homelessness while he saved money for a rental house in Berkeley, California. Meanwhile, none of Gardner’s co-workers knew that he and his son were homeless in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco for nearly a year. Gardner often scrambled to place his child in daycare, stood in soup kitchens and slept wherever he and his son could find safety—in his office after hours, at flophouses, at parks and even in a locked bathroom at a Bay Area Rapid Transit station. Concerned for Chris Jr.’s well-being, Gardner asked Reverend Cecil Williams to allow them to stay at the Glide Memorial United Methodist
Chris Gardner in Sept 2011

Church’s shelter for homeless women, now known as The Cecil Williams Glide Community House. Williams agreed without hesitation.Today, when asked what he remembers about being homeless, Christopher Gardner, Jr. recalls “I couldn’t tell you that we were homeless, I just knew that we were always having to go. So, if anything, I remember us just moving, always moving.”

Career as a stockbroker and entrepreneur
In 1987, Chris Gardner established the brokerage firm, Gardner Rich & Co, in Chicago, Illinois, an “institutional brokerage firm specializing in the execution of debt, equity and derivative products transactions for some of the nation’s largest institutions, public pension plans and unions.” His new company was started in his small Presidential Towers apartment, with start-up capital of $10,000 and a single piece of furniture: a wooden desk that doubled as the family dinner table. Gardner reportedly owns 75 percent of his stock brokerage firm with the rest owned by a hedge fund. After Gardner sold his small stake in Gardner Rich in a multi-million dollar deal in 2006, he became CEO and founder of Christopher Gardner
Chris Gardner speaking in 2007

International Holdings, with offices in New York, Chicago and San Francisco. During a visit to South Africa to observe elections around the time of the 10th anniversary of the end of apartheid, Gardner met with Nelson Mandela to discuss possible investment in South African emerging markets as indicated in his 2006 autobiography. Gardner is reportedly developing an investment venture with South Africa that will create hundreds of jobs and introduce millions in foreign currency into the nation. Gardner has declined to disclose details of the project citing securities laws.

Philanthropic initiatives
Gardner is a philanthropist who sponsors many charitable organizations, primarily the Cara Program and the Glide Memorial United Methodist Church in San Francisco, where he. and his son received desperately needed shelter. He has helped fund a $50 million project in San Francisco that creates low-income housing and opportunities for employment in the area of the city where he was once homeless. As well as offering monetary support, Gardner donates clothing and shoes. He makes himself available for permanent job placement assistance, career counseling and comprehensive job training for the homeless population and at-risk communities in Chicago.

Gardner Giving Back

Dedicated to the well-being of children through positive paternal involvement, Gardner serves on the board of the National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI). He is also a board member of the National Education Foundation and sponsors two annual education awards: the National Education Association’s National Educational Support Personnel Award and the American Federation of Teachers’ Paraprofessionals and School-Related Personnel Award. In 2002, Gardner received the Father of the Year Award from the NFI. Since then, Gardner also had the honor of receiving the 25th Annual Humanitarian Award and the 2006 Friends of Africa Award, presented by the Los Angeles Commission on Assaults Against Women (LACAAW) and by the Continental Africa Chamber of Commerce, respectively. The photo on the left is Chris Gardner serving at a “Mercy Home Thanksgiving Dinner” gathering of friends and “Leadership All-Stars” designed to encourage young people to develop and demonstrate leadership skills. At the event Chris Gardner spoke and encouraged the young people there to lend a helping hand to those in need by contributing a combined total of 1,000 hours in community service projects by Christmas..
Chris Gardner Mentoring T he Youth

In popular culture
Gardner realized his story had Hollywood potential after an overwhelming

Gardner realized his story had Hollywood potential after an overwhelming national response to an interview he did with 20/20 in January 2002. He published his autobiography on May 23, 2006, before becoming an associate producer of the major motion picture The Pursuit of Happyness, directed by Gabriele Muccino and released by Columbia Pictures on December 15, 2006. The unusual spelling of the film’s title comes from a sign Gardner saw when he was homeless. In the film, “happiness” is misspelled (as “happyness”) outside the daycare facility Gardner’s son attended.
Chris Gardner & His Son in 1984

The movie, starring Will Smith, Thandie Newton and Smith’s son Jaden Smith, focused on Gardner’s nearly one-year struggle with homelessness. The movie grossed $163 million domestically at the box office and over $300 million worldwide making it one of Will Smith’s consecutive $100 million blockbusters as a result it earned Will Smith an Academy AwardNomination for Best Actor . The movie took some liberties with Gardner’s true life story. Certain details and events that actually took place over the span of several years were compressed into a relatively short time and although eight-year-old Jaden portrayed Chris Jr. as a five year-old, Gardner’s son was just a toddler at the time. Chris Gardner reportedly thought Smith—an actor best known for his performances in action movies—was miscast to play him. However, he said his daughter Jacintha “set him straight” by saying, “If Smith can play Muhammad Ali, he can play you!” In the hope Gardner’s story would inspire the down-trodden citizens of Chattanooga, Tennessee to achieve financial independence and to take greater responsibility for the welfare of their families, the mayor of Chattanooga organized a viewing of the film for the city’s homeless. Gardner himself felt that it was imperative to share his story for the sake of its widespread social issues. He said:“When I talk about alcoholism in the household, domestic violence, child abuse, illiteracy, and all of those issues—those are universal issues; those are not just confined to ZIP codes,”… ————————————————————————Pretty cool stuff hey Regarding Chris Gardner .. Yet he is just an ordinary guy, no different than you and I who learned how to do extraordinary stuff.. And likewise we can also go onto harness our true potential!
Gardner & Will Smith

But before you read on further below to discover another amazing Master of t he lit t le known success secret s with the same overcoming spirit as Chris Gardner… Yes, someone else who also changed their world and the world around them for the better by Prot ect ing, Nourishing & Growing The God Given Seed Dream Wit hin Them.. I want you to be inspired by the words and presence of real life Chris Gardner in the powerful interview below …

“Your Dreams Are T he Seeds of Genius Within You T hat T he World Needs” Part 2:———————————————————————————————————————————

A Message From The Masters of The Secret In A Story
About How A Mothers Love & Dream For Her Boy T o Live A Better Life Grew Into Him Finding A Magnificent Life Purpose T hat Changed His World…
——————————————————————————————————————————— For the reality is… that The Mast ers of The Secret like Chris Gardner, Will Smith and others who are using and living t he law of at t ract ion can bring forth so much Love, Light and Positiveness… That its effects can be felt around the World like a ripple effect… Even as “The Pursuit of Happyness” film has helped to inspire countless numbers of people around the world to create a better life for themselves, their loved ones and others.. Inspired (In-Spirited) people like the following person who followed the same advice of Chris Gardner & Will Smith to prot ect and nourish his dreams…

“We are poor not because of God”…
S. B. Fuller started work at the age of 5 and was brother to six other african-american children born to a poor tenant farmer in Louisiana. Like most children of tenant farmers, because he was used to hard work, by the time he was nine years old he was driving mules. For families like S.B Fullers poverty was their life and few were those who dreamed they could build a better life…. However fortunately young Fuller was one of those few, who believed he was destined for greater things.. (Just as we all are if we will embrace this reality)… For he had a beautiful mother who believed in him and his true potential. And although poverty was all his mother had ever known she dared to see beyond these limitations for her son. And she rightly recognized The Truth that set her free to see… To see that there was something terribly wrong in that her family was barely surviving from week to week, whilst the world was full of happiness &

abundance… And so t o impart t his Trut h t o S.B she would say t o him:“We shouldn’t be poor, S.B. and don’t ever let me hear you say that it is God’s Will that we are poor. We are poor — not because of God. We are poor because Father has never developed a desire to become wealthy. No one in our family has ever cultivated a desire to be anything else.”

No one had ever cultivated a desire to be wealthy
And so the thought that “No one had ever cultivated a desire to be wealthy” became so etched into S.B.’s heart & mind that it changed him from the inside out. For he began to desire to be wealthy. And so as all masters of the law of attraction do… He focused all his energies on the things he wanted and off the things he didn’t want. Because he intuitively knew that:-

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes
Thus S.B kept his mind and attention on the things he wanted and away from the things he didn’t want. And so within S.B. grew the dream and burning desire to create wealth for himself and others. Wealth… So he, his family and others would no longer have to suffer the realities that come with poverty & living life as a slave… And so true to the philosophy of “The Greatest Salesman In The World” author Og Mandino… S.B. decided to sell soap because he believed this to be the quickest way to create wealth… For in reality we are all selling something whether we know it or not… Heck the late Mother Theresa was a master sales person running a multi million dollar enterprise in selling her enlightened vision of helping the poor in India… For it took millions of dollars for her and her tireless workers to feed and care for the poor, sick and needy… For the more you have the more you can give…

No other trade or profession has more opportunity
Just as the late Steve Jobs founder of the company Apple was a master salesperson in harnessing a champion team around his vision to create world class products that made peoples lives happier.. As Og Mandino put it so well when he said:“No other trade or profession has more opportunity for one to rise from poverty to great wealth than that of salesman.” Og Mandino And perhaps why one has the most opportunity in sales is

because those who become wealthy in an enlightened way are not the greedy type of snake oil car salesman who rip people of with bad products and services… But rather those who experience true wealth, both materially and spiritually are those who fulfill the words of Jesus who said that the greatest leaders are those who serve and help the most amount of people… Because:We are paid in direct proportion to the service we bring to the market place of life… So if we wish to become wealthier then we must add value to a growing number of people. Yes we must help more people in an enlightened way to become happier in a win win way through quality products and services we sell… For the reality is, if we would desire to experience true wealth we must become more selfless in our quest and cause to help people… Which can be successfully done in an effortless like fashion through the the power of love… The power of love welling up from within us like a river of living water that comes from our Best Self / God nature within.. As t he lat e great Jim Rohn af f ect ionat ely known as America’s Foremost Business Philosopher said so well:“You don’t get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour” - Jim Rohn And so when S.B. Fuller chose to sell soap he unknowingly joined the ranks of a long list of Masters who all began their journey to success and achievement as sales people… Masters of enlightened win win persuausion such as Robert Kiyosaki, Mary Kay, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill, W.Clement Stone, Earl Nightingale, Chris Gardner and many others..

T hen one day something happened that changed his fortunes in an amazing way…
So for twelve years S.B. sold soap, door to door. Then one day something happened that changed his fortunes in an amazing way… It came to Fullers attention that the business who supplied him with soap was going to be sold at an auction… The equivalent asking price in today’s money value was $1.4 million… Over the 12 years S.B. had manged to save $240,000. And so they came to an agreement that S.B. would put down a deposit of $240,000 and then secure from other sources the remaining balance of $1.160,000 million(just over 1.1 Million dollars).. However the tricky part was that S.B. had only ten days to secure the remaining money he needed.. Or else the contract stated that if he failed to raise the money, he would lose his life savings deposit of $240,000.Wow… So S.B. went int o act ion… For necessit y is t he mot her of invent ion… Fortunately over the years as a soap salesman, S. B. Fuller had won the respect of many business people. And now with the clock ticking away he needed their help… And help they did… Just as help also came from personal friends, investment groups and loan companies. But their was a problem… For on the eve of the tenth day, he had only managed to secure $1.120,000 million.

Sadly he was still $40,000 short… What would have you done?

I asked God to give me a sign…
In S.B’s words he recalls: “I had exhausted every source of credit I knew. It was late at night. In the darkness of my room I knelt down and prayed. I asked God to lead me to a person who would let me have the $40,000 in time. I said to myself that I would drive down 61st Street until I saw the first light in a business establishment. I asked God to make the light a sign indicating His answer.” It was nearly midnight (11:00 pm to be precise) when S. B. Fuller steered his car down Chicago’s 61st Street. And then finally after driving for awhile, he saw it.. He saw a light still on in the office of a contractor. S.B. knew he would have to be bold… It was now or never… It was do or die!… S.B.Fuller walked in to the office… And there he found sitting at his desk tired from his days work, a man he knew a little of… And so S.B. asked him boldly:“Do you want to make $10,000?” Quite shocked by S.B’s question the contractor replied: “Yes, of course” To which S.B.Fuller replied:
S.B. Fuller

“Then make out a check for $40,000 and when I bring back the money, I’ll bring back another $10,000 profit” Fuller then gave the contractor the details of all the other people who had loaned him money whilst explaining the ins and outs of the business venture…

And lo and behold…
And lo and behold before S.B left that contractors office he had a $40,000 check in his pocket. Furthermore he went on to secure

controlling interest in that company and in seven other companies… Companies that included four companies in the cosmetic industry, a label company, a hosiery company and two Newspapers (the New York Age and the Pittsburgh Courier).. So what was his success secret… Well apart from him using t he law of at t ract ion in unison with t he lit t le known success secret of “Protecting, Nourishing & Growing The God Given Seed Dreams Within Him”… So what was his success secret? Well… When when asked this question, he answered with his mothers words that had been planted in him many years before: “We are poor — not because of God. We are poor because Father has never developed a desire to become rich. No one in our family has ever developed a desire to be anything else.” And S.B. also added: “I knew what I wanted, but I didn’t know how to get it. So I read the Bible and inspirational books for a purpose. I prayed for the knowledge to achieve my objectives. Three books played an important part in transmuting my burning desire into reality. They were: 1. The Bible(akaThe Masters Book) 2. Think and Grow Rich, and 3. The Secret of the Ages. With my greatest inspiration coming from reading the Bible. If you know what you want, you are more apt to recognize it when you see it. When you read a book, for example, you will recognize opportunities to help you get what you want” …

He also went on to give back…
And as many like S.B.Fuller do who come from disadvantaged back grounds.. He also went on to give back. For as Founder of the Fuller Product s Company. It is widely believed that in the 1950′s Fuller was probably the wealthiest African American man in the United States. His cosmetics company having $18 million in sales and a sales force of five thousand (one third of them white)… An incredible feat for those times… His business giving invaluable training to many future entrepreneurs and leaders such as John H. Johnson of Johnson Publishing, George Ellis Johnson founder of Johnson Products, and Dr. T.R.M. Howard… He declaring:“It doesn’t make any difference, about the color of an individual’s skin. No one cares whether a cow is black, red, yellow, or brown. They want to know how much milk it can produce”…

S.B.Fuller successfully using the law of attraction the right way…
So here we have S.B Fuller an ordinary man who went on to do the extraordinary… Yes… Here we have in S.B Fuller someone who made the seemingly impossible possible… How?.. Because he protected the dream seeds planted in his heart by his mother.. Because he nourished and cared for the dream seeds planted in his heart… He dreamed BIG!(And so can we).. So that in time these seeds grew and produced a harvest… S.B.Fuller successfully using the law of attraction the right way by him focusing on what he wanted… For S.B. intelligently assessed the problems(as we must also do) and then he took intelligent action by putting all his energy into solving his problems with the Answers… S.B.Fuller doing his part by following his intuition(innertuition).. The God Force then doing it’s part to bring to S.B. the people and resources he needed to fulfill his God given dream… A winning combination one two knockout punch! …

No matter what your dreams are you can achieve them..
So if S.B could achieve his dreams then so can we… No matter what your dreams are you can achieve them.. and your dreams don’t have to be to become super wealthy or to secure controlling interests in various companies… For every ones seed dreams are different just as there are different types of seeds in nature that grow into different fruit trees… The important thing is to just be the BEST you can BE!… If you are an orange tree, be the best orange tree you can be.. If you are an apple tree be the best apple tree you can be… For you will be happiest when you are growing in accordance with your God Given design and dream seed within you… So if your dream is to be the best Mum or Dad you can be then Be that… For this desire comes from the God Force… If your dream is to be the best teacher in the public school educational system that you can be, then BE that… The important thing is not to compare yourself to others… But to discover what type of dream seed has been planted in you… For when you know this you are halfway to achieving your dream… As Napoleon Hill t aught :“For unless your goal is against the laws of God or society, you can achieve it. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by trying. Success is achieved and maintained by those who keep trying with a Positive Mental Attitude” For whatever you decide to Be, Do & Have the choice and power remains in your hands… For The Universe gave us wills to choose and determine our destiny… And no matter

what you choose.. If you do it with love and through love, you are a winner! So if you would allow me… If we want t o change our lives…. The quest ion we must ask and answer is…

How Can I Protect, Nourish & Grow T he God Given Seed Dream Within Me?…
For indeed…. “Your Dreams Are The Seeds of Genius Within You That The World Needs”.. Helping You Det ermine Your Dest iny

Chris T At kinson The Law of At t ract ion Lif e Purpose Coach PS If you’re enjoying both The Law of At t ract ion Quot es And Art icles and my Daily Posit ive Inspirat ional Mot ivat ional Pict ure Quot es Sayings About Lif e… Then you’ll enjoy the Lif e Changing Special Report & Video below that will teach you t he secret to both using t he law of at t ract ion and living t he law of at t ract ion in order to Creat e The Lif e of Your Dreams… ———————————————————————————————————————

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