Banking and Insurance Banking

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Explain the role of banking sector in the development of the national economy Define the term banking and enumerate the functions of commercial banks Explain the various types of deposits offered by bank to its customers Explain the various types of loans offered by bank to its customers Trace the development of commercial banking in India Explain the structure of banking in India Discuss the objectives and functions of RBI. Illustrate the process of credit creation by commercial banks Explain the tools used by RBI in controlling the credit creation process by the commercial banks 10. Point out the main difference between public sector banks and private sector banks 11. Explain the development ,licensing and functions of foreign banks 12. Explain the role and function of regional rural banks . 13. Illustrate the structure of co-operative banking in India 14. Explain the key differences between commercial banking and co-operative banking. 15. Explain the problems faced by co-operative banking in India 16. Explain the key features of the Banking (Regulation) Act ,1949. 17. Explain the rationale of banking sector reforms in India 18. Discuss the recommendations of Narasimham Committee –II 19. What are NPAs ?Explain the classification of NPAs 20. Explain treasury management in a bank 21. Explain ALM and its importance 22. Explain Risk Management in Banks 23. Explain the functions of treasurer in bank. 24. Explain the following with reference to the SARFAESI Act 2002 a) Securitization b) Asset Reconstruction c) Enforcement of Security Interest 25. Explain the need for consolidation in the Indian banking industry 26. Make a SWOT analysis of Indian banking industry 27. Explain the recommendations of Basel-II 28. What do you understand by monetary policy? 29. Explain the tools by which RBI implements its monetary policy 30. Discuss the scope ,objective and functions of NABARD. 31. Write notes on a) National Housing Bank b) IFCI

c) SIDBI 32. Illustrate the balance sheet of a bank 33. Explain the various assets appearing in the balance sheet of a bank 34. Explain the various liabilities appearing in the balance sheet of a bank 35. Explain the following a) NII b) NIM c) Economic Equity Ratio 36. Explain the following a) Banking Book b) Trading Book c) Off-balance sheet exposures 37. Explain the major risks in banking business 38. Explain the process of risk management in banks

Insurance 39. Explain the concept of insurance 40. Explain the importance of insurance to individuals and business 41. Explain the various functions of Insurance 42. Distinguish between a) Insurance contracts and wagering contracts b) Assurance and Insurance c) Gambling and Insurance 43. Write notes on a) Fidelity Guarantee Insurance b) Burglary Insurance c) Cash –in –Transit Insurance 44. Explain the differences between life insurance and non-life –insurance 45. Explain the advantages of life insurance 46. Discuss the various kinds of fire policies 47. A fire insurance is a contract of indemnity. Comment 48. Explain insurable interest in a fire policy. Who all can have insurable interest in a fire policy. 49. What is a contract of Marine Insurance? What are its essential features 50. Explain warranties in a marine insurance contracts 51. Explain the various marine insurance policies 52. Explain the salient features of Motor Vehicle Insurance and the risks covered under such a policy. 53. Discuss the role of IRDA IN THE Indian Insurance Service sector.

54. Discuss the powers and duties of IRDA. 55. Write notes on a) Licensing of Surveyors and Assessors b) Tariff Advisory Committee c) IRDA Fund 56. Describe some of the significant landmarks in the history of life insurance in India 57. Comment on the present state of Indian Insurance Industry 58. Identify the growth drivers in the Indian insurance industry 59. Discuss the contributions of the insurance sector to the economy. 60. Explain the Banc assurance model

Reference books & Materials

1. Study notes by Prof. D.C.Pai and other materials supplied 2. Elements of banking and insurance by Jyotsna Sethi and Nishwan Bhatia 3. Indian Insurance Sector-Stepping into next decade growth-CII

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