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Benefits of Inclusion of Housing Choice Voucher Holders in Source of Income Protection

The Cook County Human Rights Ordinance (CCHRO) currently protects individuals from discrimination on the basis of a persons source of income (i.e., child support, social security). The CCHRO however specifically exempts from protection persons with Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers. Presently housing providers can and do deny qualified households solely because they have a Housing Choice Voucher. Studies have shown that housing providers often refuse to rent to voucher holders as a pretext for other types of illegal discrimination such as race, familial status, and disability.

-Tenantso Tenants with housing vouchers have the opportunity to secure decent, safe, affordable, and integrated housing
along with access to community amenities. o The cost of housing across the country is out of reach and vouchers allow families to pay market rent in high opportunity areas. HCVs allow people with disabilities to rent affordable, accessible, and integrated housing for in the settings/communities of their choice. o The express intention of the HCV program is to expand housing options for chronically segregated people, which in the County are African-Americans, and to a lesser extent, Latinos.

-Landlordso Guaranteed rent: landlords receive direct deposit of the housing authoritys portion o Good tenants: HCV tenants are committed to following voucher requirements in order to continue receiving
the voucher subsidy.

-Communitieso Voucher holders are more likely to work and utilize local businesses in the community where they live. o Vouchers bring a diversity of people, ideas, and cultures into a community. o Vouchers make it possible for individuals to age in place and to remain in a community when they develop
disabilities. o Expanding voucher protections will ease race and poverty concentrations throughout the County, leading to more housing options for everyone, even market-rate renters and homeowners. o Equitable and inclusive housing patterns will increase a town or areas desirability and economic viability.

-Countyo In 2012 Cook County received $8.7 million in CDBG funds, in addition to other smaller grants; the Federal Fair
Housing Act requires the County to take steps that affirmatively further fair housing in order to continue receiving those funds. o Since HUD is moving to sanction HUD funded jurisdictions that neglect this responsibility, it is imperative that municipal and regional leaders develop ways to assess fair housing issues and implement strategies to promote integration. o In fact, the new Cook County Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice specifically cites the Countys exclusion of Housing Choice Voucher protections as an impediment to fair housing, and recommends that the County Human Rights Ordinance be amended to include this protection. o Adding HCV protections will show that the County is serious about complying with its duty to affirmatively further fair housing in addition its other federal obligations.

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