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At Constructive Chaos your child is in charge of
their special day. We take the time to meet with
you personally to customize the event. Choose
one of our themes or create your own. We do
all the work, providing decorations, games, art
projects or kitchen creations while parents relax.
Visit our website to see our party catalog, find
details about packages and viewour photo gallery.
For moro inIormation, call 708.ó¡5.0444
or visit
t has long been recognized that
great athletes need great coaches to
reach their full potential. The same is
true for musicians and artists. Yet entre-
preneurs often think they have to go it
Business Coach Terri Fry Brukhartz
helps entrepreneurs gain perspective on
their businesses and overcome the road-
blocks that prevent themfromachieving
their vision. “Too often entrepreneurs
end up letting their businesses run
them instead of the other way around,”
Brukhartz says, “I help them create the
business they dreamed of when they
frst decided to go out on their own.”
Brukhartz is professionally trained to
work with people on a different level
than most other coaches. She is both
a trained psychotherapist (LCSW) and
a certifed coach (CPCC). She also has
an extensive business background that
includes employment in the corporate
world for Leo Burnett and CBS, and
founded her own successful sales com-
pany, The Fry Group, Inc.
Although she has worked with busi-
nesses of all sizes, including Fortune
500 companies, Brukhartz especially
loves working with entrepreneurs and
other small business owners. She has a
keen understanding of the dreams that
motivate people to start their own busi-
nesses—the desire to make more money,
to have more time with family and
friends and to escape being a slave to
the corporate system. Achieving those
dreams, however, is
never a given, and
frequently the day-
to-day stresses of
running a business
present the greatest
obstacles. Eventually,
a business owner
wakes up one day
and realizes that
he or she is just not
having fun anymore.
Brukhartz works with her clients to
help them fully understand what they
love and don’t love about what they
do. “I am very committed to people
creating a life that they love,” she says,
“Your work should enhance your life not
detract from it.” By building upon what
they are passionate about and focusing
on what they do best, Brukhartz is able
to guide her clients along a path that is
both proftable and fulflling. The results,
she asserts, have been born out by her
According to Brukhartz, one of her
greatest successes was the case of two
partners who came to her because they
were working all the time, but not having
the kind of success
that they wanted.
“Like most entre-
preneurs, they were
really good at what
they did,” she re-
calls, “but their busi-
ness wasn’t making
enough money for
them to live com-
fortably. We worked
together closely and
within the frst six
months, they were able to increase their
revenue by 50%. It doubled at the end
of twelve months.”
One of the goals of the partners was to
fnally go on vacation. Brukhartz helped
themeventually fnd a way to close their
business for a week, go out of town, and
return without missing a beat. “People
don’t realize they can do that sort of
thing,” she added, “They think the whole
business will go under if they aren’t
there to watch over it. But if you create
a sound foundation of devoted clients or
customers, then anything is possible.”
Increasingly, businesses are using
coaching to produce exceptional re-
sults. CEOs of large and medium sized
companies have for years brought in
coaches for both themselves and their
employees. Now, as Brukhartz attests,
entrepreneurs are beginning to see
that they don’t have to go it alone, that
a good coach can make an extraordi-
nary difference and provide a great
“Helping my clients make more money
and create a satisfying life,” Brukhartz
says, “is incredibly rewarding. I am in so
much awe when I see people living their
dreams. I feel honored to be a part of it.”
If you’d like to learn more about how
Terri Fry Brukhartz can help you, call
708-386-0500 or email her at terri@
Terri Fry Brukhartz Helps Entrepreneurs Be Successful
Outpatient Foot Surgery
Affiliated with Rush Oak Park Hospital
Most Insurances & PPO’s
• Bunions
• Hammer Toes
• Ingrown or
Fungus Nails
• Heel & Arch Pain
• Corns/Calluses
• Pain Syndromes
• Wart Removal
• Diabetic Foot Care
• Laser Surgery
• Ankle Injuries
• Sprains/Fractures
“Gentle, Friendly Care for Your Feet”
* Most Procedures Performed in Office
1100 Lake St., Suite 248
Oak Park, Illinois 60301
Evening & Saturday
Appointments Available
Laser Available for Fungal Nails | Open Monday-Saturday | Free Initial Exam for Laser Fungal Nails
Mention this ad for FREE initial consultation(new patients only)
Medicare covers shoes for diabetics
reer Haseman, a local Real Estate
Broker with Gagliardo Realty
Associates has been represent-
ing the diverse markets of Oak Park,
River Forest and Forest Park for the last
27 years. She is a multi-million dollar
producing agent with a fnancial servic-
es background, and is a Certifed Home
Luxury Marketing Specialist (CHLMS)
and an Accredited Buyer Representative
Over the course of her career, Greer
has seen incredible changes in her in-
dustry. “When I started,
information on new list-
ings was disseminated
through books printed
once a week,” she recalls,
“buyers would scramble
to to see the new book
on the frst day!” Before
the fax machine was
invented, real estate
agents spent hours driv-
ing around getting ini-
tials on contracts. Now
real estate information is
both vast in quantity and
instantaneous to access.
“Buyers often get bogged down trying
to drink from the fre hose of informa-
tion available to them” Greer says. In
the current pace of the world, one of
the most important jobs of a realtor is
to help buyers focus their attention on
the things that really matter to them
without being distracted by the powerful
food of information.
Greer’s passion for her profession
stems in part from her passion for the
communities she serves. Having spent
her childhood on the 300 block of Forest
Avenue in Oak Park, she was raised on
the historic and architectural heritage
of the area. As a member of the Board
of Directors of the Oak Park Regional
Housing Center, Greer is committed to
the ideals of diversity and community
involvement that have shaped Oak Park
over the last generation. “This market
is so vibrant and interesting,” she says,
“these villages are universally appealing
with such diversity in people, architec-
ture, religion and education, they are
very attractive in an
increasingly intimate
global world.” And that
does not even include
the incredible location in
the heart of the Chicago
Metro Area.
In addition to her
intimate knowledge of
the area, Greer also
has personal experi-
ence with restoration
projects within the vari-
ous communities. This
gives her the ability to
add extra value to her
buyer clients and helps her to evaluate
improvements when homeowners are
thinking of selling.
To fnd out how Greer Haseman can
assist you with your local real estate
needs, contact her at 708-606-8896 or
Locally connected, locally committed
Realtor Greer Haseman
Greer Haseman
"I am in so much
awe when I see people
living their dreams.
I feel honored to be
a part of it.”
- Terri Fry Brukhartz
t has long been recognized that great athletes need great coaches to reach their
full potential. The same is true for musicians and artists. Yet entrepreneurs often
think they have to go it alone.
Business Coach Terri Fry Brukhartz helps entrepreneurs gain perspective on their
businesses and overcome the roadblocks that prevent them from achieving their
vision. “Too often entrepreneurs end up letting their businesses run them instead of
the other way around,” Brukhartz says, “I help themcreate the business they dreamed
of when they frst decided to go out on their own.”
Brukhartz is professionally trained to work with people on a different level than most
other coaches. She is both a trained psychotherapist (LCSW) and a certifed coach
(CPCC). She also has an extensive business background that includes employment in
the corporate world for Leo Burnett and CBS, and founded her own successful sales
company, The Fry Group, Inc.
Although she has worked with businesses of all sizes, including Fortune 500 compa-
nies, Brukhartz especially loves working with entrepreneurs and other small business
owners. She has a keen understanding of the dreams that motivate people to start their
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Efortless style, everyday
Suze Solari is a personal stylist for real people
who want to feel great in their clothes.
She’ll help you shop your own wardrobe
to create interesting and versatile outfts,
provide guidance for flling in the gaps with
functional pieces, and make your closet an
organized space that brings you joy.
312.925.1085 |
You should feel confdence and
Joy getng dressed every day.
Terri Fry Brukhartz, LCSW, CPCC is a certifed coach. Call Terri and
learn how you can grow your business and achieve the personal
and professional freedom that you have always dreamed of. You
can reach her at her offce, 708-386-0500 or send an email to
If your business owns you, then Business Coach Terri Fry Brukhartz
can help. Terri specializes in helping entrepreneurs – who are really,
really good at what they do – realize their ultimate business vision.
When working with Terri, you will learn how to:
• Create a vision for your business that will excite, energize
and motivate you.
• Design a step-by-step action plan to achieve your vision
(Without this, your chance of success is greatly diminished!)
• Make more money by doing more of what you love and
less of what you don’t.
Do you own your business...
or does your business own you?
o matter the endeavor, Erica
Cuneen always strives to go
beyond expectations. Drawing
on past experience that includes being
a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ecuador
and a bilingual (Spanish) teacher in the
Chicago area, Erica began her career in
real estate in 2001. Within a few years,
she became a trusted and top-producing
Working with the highest standards of
professionalism, service and integrity,
Erica deeply values helping others
succeed. She opened her own real
estate company, Beyond Properties
(, in 2007
with the dream of helping families fnd
their next home and helping good agents
grow into great agents. Her business has
grown exponentially each year, despite
the challenging economy. She attributes
the success of her young company to
the ability of her team to craft unique
solutions based on the needs and wants
of their clients as well as the realities of
the real estate market. Erica intimately
knows current market trends and
understands the value of fnding the
ideal home and community for each of
her clients.
In the October 2012 issue of Chicago
Magazine, Erica was named for the
second year among the Chicago Five
Star Real Estate Agents. This select
group of professionals, accounting for
less than 2% of the total number of
Chicagoland real estate agents, was
chosen for the outstanding quality of
their service and their high levels of
customer satisfaction.
As an environmentally conscious
professional, Erica is certifed as an
EcoBroker ( Over 90%
of home-buyers today consider energy
savings and a healthy home environment
key factors in purchasing a home. Erica
is well-versed in energy effciency
strategies and technologies that reduce
costs while adding value to a home.
Her “green” knowledge not only helps
her clients gain a better understanding
of energy effciency and sustainable
design, but it gives her listings an edge
in the marketplace.
Clients like Nate and Mara appreciate
the experience Erica offers: “As frst-time
homebuyers, the support and guidance
Erica gave us was invaluable. She
listened to what we wanted. She made
herself available around our schedules.
And she offered us not only the wisdom
of an experienced broker, but also of a
homeowner with deep roots in the Oak
Park community.”
To fnd out how Erica Cuneen and
her team at Beyond Properties can
help you with your real estate needs,
contact her at 708-220-2025 or erica@
Five Star Realtor and EcoBroker: Erica Cuneen
obbi Schaper Eastman loves being
a Realtor. She loves the fexibil-
ity of her work day and the ever
changing fow of what she does. “No two
days, two deals, or two clients are the
same,” she proclaims, “I’m never bored
and always challenged. I work hard, keep
long hours, but I’mstill able to put my girls
to bed every night and participate in their
lives in a very active way. That makes it
worth while.”
Currently working at Baird & Warner in
Oak Park, Bobbi has been in real estate
for over ten years. As an Oak Park native
who is now raising her own family here,
she believes that she offers her clients a
unique resident’s perspective of the area.
“For people looking to make Oak Park,
River Forest or Forest Park their home,”
she says, “I have an intimate understand-
ing of these communities as a member of
various boards and school committees. I
love to pass that knowledge along to my
Technology plays an important role in
Bobbi’s approach to her business. “I love
that my creative, tech savvy side can
shine by integrating today’s technology
into real estate,” she says. By using tools
like an iPad, smart phones, social media
and other internet driven marketing, she
feels she has a fresh approach to help
her clients fnd what they want more
“I feel like I’m just getting warmed up,”
she answers describing the direction of
her business in the future, “I started in a
slow market, absorbing and transforming
each new thing into a learning experi-
ence. As the market picks up even more,
I plan to integrate as much technology as
possible to make my clients’ real estate
experience even more seamless.”
Finding the right home for her clients
is Bobbi’s primary objective. “Nothing is
better than handing over those keys to
a new home,” she says, “and seeing how
excited they get.” Be it a renter, a new
homeowner, or someone selling their
home and moving on, Bobbi takes great
joy in helping people start their happily-
ever-after in a new home.
Bobbi Schaper Eastman can be reached
at 708.697.5956 or on her website: bob-
Find your happily-ever-after home with
Realtor Bobbi Schaper Eastman
id you know that there is a yarn
shop right in Downtown Oak
Park? Elizabeth Halpern opened
Knot Just Knits on Westgate Street two
years ago. This hidden treasure carries
all the supplies you need for knitting and
crochet, but Elizabeth takes a different
approach to teaching.
Fromher own experience as a consum-
er, Elizabeth recognized that scheduled
classes are not easy to work into a busy
lifestyle. Instead of telling you when to
come, Elizabeth and her wonderful staff
offer to teach you individually ($25/
hour + materials) or in your own small
group ($15/hour + materials) when it is
convenient for you.y a pro but need like-
minded support to fgure out a tricky
pattern or get out of trouble
A long-time knitter and voracious
reader, Elizabeth found her inspira-
tion for Knot Just Knits in books she
calls “Knit Lit,” like Debbie Macomber’s
The Shop on Blossom Street and Kate
Jacobs’ The Friday Night Knitting Club.
As in those novels, the retail side of
Knot Just Knits is only part of the story.
Elizabeth’s Monday night “knit night” is
particularly inviting to residents looking
for a different atmosphere in which to
A huge advocate of charity knitting,
Elizabeth has organized through Knot
Just Knits an on-going project knitting
or crocheting bears for the Mother Bear
Project, an organization that is dedi-
cated to providing comfort and hope to
children affected by HIV/AIDS in emerg-
ing nations. Knitters (or crocheters) can
make the bears either in the store or at
home, and then return themto the store
to be delivered to Mother Bear.
If you are looking to start up a stitching
hobby, or a new place to socialize with
people of similar interests, stop by Knot
Just Knits, located at 1107-1109 Westgate
in downtown Oak Park. For-up-to-date
store hours Visit
or call 708-948-7943.
Knot Just Knits, not just a store
Schedule your day/evening makeup applications,
adult and youth lessons, privates parties
and much more!
708.434.5630 •
Located in the back of Muse at 106 N. Marion • Oak Park
awn Ferencak likes to go behind
the scenes when connecting with
her customers and create ways
to help make their businesses grow
beyond their expectations. What she
didn't expect, when she started working
for Wednesday Journal Publications,
Inc. seven years ago, was how much
of a passion she would develop for the
communities she serves. Her work has
become much more of a way of life than
a 9 to 5 job.
Dawn takes the time to get to know her
clients' businesses from the ground up.
She knows how important it is to learn
their background; why they started their
business; what their goals are; what their
challenges are; and what drives them
to succeed. This uniquely personal ap-
proach builds strong bonds of trust. Her
clients not only know that she always
has their best interest in mind, they truly
consider her a partner with themin their
Keeping up with the changing tech-
nologies and constant competitive
nature of the advertising industry is
both a challenge and opportunity for
growth for Dawn, who credits the need
to stay focused and current as one
of the reasons she was named Sales
Representative of the Year by the Illinois
Press Association.
When asked what motivates her, Dawn
says that she believes in bringing the
best skills, research and products to the
table every time she has a chance to
help a client. She loves making people
Dawn Ferencak, a uniquely
personal approach
Wednesday Journal • October 24, 2012 27 26 Wednesday Journal • October 24, 2012 SpecialAdvertisingSection SpecialAdvertisingSection
101 N. Oak Park Avenue, Oak Park, Illinois 60301
Nickel Group
Whether you are buying or selling,
contact Patti Sprafka Wagner at (708) 218-8102
Having dealt with a myriad of real estate professionals
over the years, I can truly say that Patti is la crème de la
crème! She is superb! She knows the market, LISTENS to
the client, is honest, and delivers great results. If you are
looking for real estate guidance froma person with integrity,
knowledge, and people skills, Patti is the one! A+++++
rating in my book.
-Vladimir Arezina
We really loved working with Patti to find our home. After
our first meeting, she had a great feel for what we were
looking for and directed us to listings that she knew we’d
love. Her deep knowledge of the area really paid off for us.
When we found the one we liked, Patti was a tremendous
negotiator and advocate for us, helping us to quickly reach
an agreement with the sellers, and working with us on
resolving several tricky post-inspections problems. We plan
to live in this house forever, but if we do buy or sell for
some reason in the future, there’s no doubt we’ll call Patti
right away.
- Sharon Barry & John Scholvin
We recently hired Patti to sell our home. As a long-time
area Realtor, Patti has terrific intuitive knowledge of the
local market. She expertly guided us through the sale of
our house in 7 days, right at her suggested list price! Patti
is thorough and honest. She sets realistic expectations
and takes care of the myriad of details involved in selling
a house. Most importantly, Patti’s advice was invaluable
with regard to the “right” projects to prepare our house for
sale and which ones to skip. She’s an expert negotiator
and provided sage advice on how to respond to offers and
inspection findings. It was a difficult decision to sell our
house in a down market, but Patti’s guidance made the
process smoother than we ever expected.
- Selina Joya McUmber & Patrick McUmber
PATTI WAS #1 IN 2011
FOR OAK PARK OVERALL RESIDENTIAL SALES, in the Oak Park Area Association of Realtors.
(708) 218-8102 • •
Greer Haseman, ABR, CHLMS
708-606-8896 Cell/ Text
CuRRentLy FoR SALe
529 Keystone Ave.
River Forest
4 foors of
gorgeous elegance!
1228 Columbian,
oak Park
4 bedrooms,
newer kitchen!
907 thatcher Ave.
River Forest
Amazing Space!
4BRs, 2.2BAs.
SoLd in 2012!
SOLD 1439 Monroe, RF
SOLD 622 William, RF
SOLD 1102 Franklin, RF
SOLD 1218 N. Lombard, OP
SOLD 1338 Jackson, RF
SOLD 620 Highland, OP
SOLD 7712 Monroe, FP
SOLD 930 Clinton Pl., RF
7375 W. North Avenue River Forest, IL 60305
1526 Park Ave.
River Forest
Unique Multi-level home
with wonderful kitchen!
147 thatcher Ave.
River Forest
Stunning renovation on
enormous lot!
400 Ashland Ave.
River Forest
Commercial Building.
Your Partner in Success
Dawn Ferencak – Local Advertising Consultant
Illinois Press Association 2011
Sales Representative of the Year
and Grow
o you ever wonder how people
decide what profession to
pursue? Dr. Mary Ann Bender
chose her career in podiatry as a direct
result of the 19 years she spent as a com-
petitive fgure skater. During her years in
the sport, she herself had three foot sur-
geries and personally understands how it
feels to suffer fromfoot pain go through
foot surgery. She strongly believes that
her own experiences have helped her to
better relate to her patients throughout
the whole treatment process.
Dr. Bender started her practice from
scratch 3 ears ago with solid training,
an urge to help people, and ten years
experience practicing on the south side
of Chicago in a large podiatry practice.
The owner of that practice, Jondelle
Jenkins, DPM, gave her invaluable guid-
ance and support over their years of
working together. Building a patient list
was challenging at frst but with the help
of chiropractors Dr. Igor Russo and Dr.
Ryan Rosenthal, with whom she shares
offce space, she learned to market her-
self and her practice and cannot imagine
making this business a success without
their advice.
Today’s healthcare feld is constantly
changing with new techniques, more
advanced imaging and treatment op-
tions, and more recently, with elec-
tronic health records. Dr. Bender offers
comprehensive foot and ankle services,
including digital x-rays, easy street
parking, in offce physical therapy, and
Russian, Spanish, and Polish translation.
She plans to expand her hours over the
next ten months to offer patients more
options for appointment times.
When asked what motivates her, Dr.
Bender credits her two young daughters
and her desire to have them see that
goals can be achieved with focus and
hard work. The best part of her job is
seeing patients returning pain free for
their follow up appointments—knowing
you have provided the care that made
such a positive impact in another per-
son’s life.
Dr. Bender is located at 6931 West
North Ave. Oak Park, 708.763.0580.
Dr. Mary Ann Bender, pain-free patients
Mary Ann Bender
atti Sprafka Wagner was born
to sell real estate—literally. Her
father, John Sprafka, opened
up his frst real estate offce before
Patti was born. As a small child, she
accompanied her father to open houses
and in high school she started working
in the offce updating listing books. By
the time she was 21, Patti, in accordance
with the family requirement, got her real
estate license. “My dad used to tell me,”
Patti says, “that from my personality
and drive, he always knew that I would
be in the business.”
It is that drive combined with a
laser-like focus on the interests of her
clients that has consistently brought
Patti success through the two decades
of her career. In that time she has sold
well over a thousand of area properties
and is regularly ranked among the
top realtors in the Oak Park Area
Association of Realtors. “Knowing that
my clients are depending on me is what
keeps me motivated,” she says, “we
work together as partners, and I take
that very seriously. I won’t let them
To stay on top of the market,
Patti regularly pursues professional
development and training. One area of
expertise that has been especially useful
during the recent downturn in the real
estate market, is her designation as an
Accredited Staging professional. With
her knowledge in how people perceive
properties, Patti is able to advise her
clients on specifc ways that rooms
can be arranged and decorated so as
to maximize the positive impact of the
home on prospective buyers.
Buying or selling a home under
any circumstance, can be a stressful
and daunting process. Patti Sprafka
Wagner tries to minimize the anxiety
by offering her clients honest, insightful
consultation. From negotiating the
contract to guiding her clients through
the thorny maze of home inspections
and quirky village regulations, Patti
strives to make the process, not only
smooth, but pleasant. “Buying a house
or selling your house to begin a new
phase of your life,” she says, “needs to
be a dreamcome true, not a nightmare.”
If you are thinking of making a move,
call Patti Sprafka Wagner at 708-218-
8102 or at You
can also visit her website at www.
For Patti Sprafka Wagner, real estate is a life-long pursuit
Patti Sprafka Wagner
of Oak Park and River Forest
Your Community. Your Web site.
Wednesday Journal • October 24, 2012 29 28 Wednesday Journal • October 24, 2012 SpecialAdvertisingSection SpecialAdvertisingSection
AdvAnce d
Physi cAl
Me di ci ne
6931 West North Avenue
Oak Park, IL
Do you wake up
with Heel Pain?
I can help!
This may be a condition called Plantar
Fasciitis, and there are a variety of non-
surgical treatments for it.
• Injuries
• Tendonitis
• Arthritis
• Bunions
• Fungal Toenails
• Digital X-Ray
y p a r e h T l a c i s y h P e t i s - n O •
• Evening Hours
• Convenient Parking
• Spanish/Polish Speaking Staff
Mary Ann Bender, D.P.M.
Foot and Ankle Specialist
eal estate is the perfect business
for Kara Keller. It gives her the
opportunity to know and serve
people at critical stages of their lives.
Because she lives and works in the com-
munity, Kara treasures the opportunity
to work in and around some of the coun-
try’s most beautiful and architecturally
distinctive homes.
After a long career with the Chicago
Tribune, Kara founded MSK Realty
in 2005 and hit the ground running.
Though brand new to the industry, Kara
sold her frst listing the day
it hit the market. Since that
initial success, Kara’s busi-
ness has grown dramati-
cally. According to Chicago
Magazine, she was in the
top fve percent of all bro-
kers in the Chicago area
for both 2011 and 2012.
Over the last 7 years, she
has brought on three ad-
ditional brokers who share
her commitment to the
highest level of customer
service, attention to detail
and community service.
Kara believes that personal attention,
direct access to the decision maker and
the ability to change on a dime are the
chief advantages of using a small real
estate company like MSK. As a boutique
brokerage, MSK is able to spend more
dollars per listing on a winning strategic
marketing plan. The client also has the
full attention of the Broker, the Managing
Broker and the many quality resources
supporting each sale. Now, thanks to
advances in technology, MSK employs
the same tools that larger frms do.
From MSK Realty’s website (www.msk-, for example, customers can
search for properties, watch video tours
and interact with MSK via Facebook and
Change and variety are constants in
the real estate business, and Kara wel-
comes, in fact thrives on, the variety
in her day-to-day schedule. One not-
so-welcome change, however, was the
Great Recession of 2008. Though MSK
had developed a reputation for being
market experts, creative marketers and
strong negotiators, the recession forced
Kara to think way outside the box. She
had to reexamine her business strate-
gies to invent ways that allowed both
buyers and sellers to win.
Fortunately, the market
is fnally showing signs
of sustained stability and
modest growth. As for
what challenges lie ahead,
Kara points to a lack of
housing inventory and
rising prices. While sell-
ers are faring better than
they were a few years ago,
Kara cautions themnot to
overvalue the recovery
in the housing market. In
the near term, the prices
are rising but from a deep
Regardless of market conditions, Kara
is up for the challenge and believes it is
an honor to work with so many wonder-
ful individuals and families on such a
personal level. The team at MSK looks
forward to continuing their record of
putting homes under contract in under
30 days and negotiating an average
of 96%+ of list price. Over the last 7
years, Kara is proud of the team she has
built and looks forward to continuing
to serve the local community for many
years to come. Kara can be reached at
708.366.1313 or karakeller@mskrealty.
Nimble and creative, MSK successfully
navigates a challenging real estate market
Direct: 708.697.5956
Mobile: 773.251.9353
1037 Chicago Ave Oak Park, IL 60302
bai rd&warner
call Bobbi Schaper Eastman
For a unique perspective and valuable
insight into the
Real Estate market,
arcee Gavula entered the real
estate community seventeen
years ago and never looked
back. She contends that fnding the per-
fect buyer for a home or the right com-
munity for a buyer are the very things
that keep her in the business. That and
her genuine enthusiasm for her clients.
“Over the years,” she says, “I have met
some of the most wonderful clients who
then became my friends.”
For Marcee, listening to her clients is
the essence of superior service. It is the
philosophy that has kept her in the top
5% of all Baird Warner agents through-
out the Chicagoland area. In addition,
based on client recommendations, she
has been named a Five Star Professional
by Chicago Magazine two years in a row.
It is an honor that places her among the
top professionals in all of Chicago.
The mark of a good realtor, according
to Marcee, is one who sells homes. The
mark of a really great realtor, however,
is one who stages a home for sale, prices
it right, and maintains active commu-
nication with her clients. “Honesty is
essential,” she says, “straight talk is
often hard to deliver and to hear but it is
what makes a true partnership between
a realtor and a client.” Partnership,
she adds, is the new “hallmark” in real
estate. Selling homes is not an exact sci-
ence, especially in the current market,
and agent and client must work together
The communities of Oak Park, River
Forest and Forest Park have seen a seri-
ous shift in the market over the last fve
years. While it has been a challenge for
everyone, Marcee is optimistic. “Our
communities have beautiful homes, fab-
ulous schools, lovely parks, great history
and convenient access to transportation.
This dream is what people want and we
as sales professionals can honestly offer
that to them. I see the market turning
and I look forward to selling homes—and
building our communities—for many
years to come.”
Ultimately, Marcee Gavula’s goal is to
partner, educate and make the process
of selling or fnding a home enjoyable.
“Selling or buying is an important de-
cision,” she says, “but it should not be
painful—it should be joyful!” To fnd out
more about how Marcee can help you
with your real estate goals, contact her
at 708-790-1381 or marcee.gavula@
Marcee Gavula, your real estate partner
1107 Westgate, Oak Park IL • 708.948.7943 •
Whether you’re a veteran or a rookie, we are Oak
Park’s one-stop shop for all things yarn. Come by our
comfortable space and fnd the materials, advice, and
support you need for your next project.

If you’re looking for project ideas, our Charity Knitting
and our always-changing Special Events may be just
the spark you need.
Join us for Open Knit Knite Mondays from 6:00-
9:00. We’ll bring the treats, you bring the projects!
s much as 70% of a person’s
frst impression is said to be
based solely on looks. At James
Anthony Salon, 7607 W. Lake Street in
River Forest, maximizing that frst im-
pression is their highest priority. “When
we help our guests look their best,” says
Tina Salerno, co-owner of the salon,
“they feel more self-confdent, more
positive about themselves. It makes
their inner beauty shine.”
Founded in 1991,
James Anthony
Salon became a
Paul Mitchell Focus
Salon and for the last
fourteen years has
been the number one
Paul Mitchell Salon
in Illinois and is cur-
rently ranked number
eight in the country.
Following up on the
salon’s success, Tina
and her partner and
husband, JimSalerno,
together with Paul
Mitchell CEO, John
Paul DeJoria, Winn
Claybaugh, and Terri and Steve Cowan
founded Paul Mitchell The School
Chicago and Paul Mitchell The School
Escanaba. To manage their growing busi-
ness interests, Tina and Jim decided to
split the duties. Jimwatches the schools,
while Tina manages, nurtures and grows
the Salon Team.
A whirlwind of energy, Tina Salerno
has a passion for the beauty industry
that goes back to her childhood, when at
the age of eight, she decided to become
a hairstylist. “I love being in the salon,”
she says, “I love how in just thirty to sixty
minutes, I can make a huge difference in
a person’s life.” When hiring new stylists
for their Team, Tina and Jim look not
only for skill, but also passion, personal-
ity and character. “They have to have the
nice gene,” Tina insists, “The rest we can
teach.” And teaching they do. At James
Anthony, education is non-negotiable,
when new talent is signed on, they re-
ceive extensive training both in the salon
from senior team members and from
outside educators in the industry. “Tina
is not only a master stylist,” says Jim,
“She’s also an incredible teacher and a
real mentor for
the young stylists
in the salon. She
is really a model
of success in the
beauty industry.”
Over the last
few years as the
economy has
struggled, Tina
and Jim have had
to make adjust-
ments to their
business. While
still maintaining
their high stan-
dards of customer
service, they
now offer on Sundays, James Anthony
Beauty on a Budget (JABOB). On a frst
come frst serve basis, guests can enjoy
the full James Anthony Experience at
half price from the salon’s well-trained,
but newest stylists. “This is an opportu-
nity,” Tina says, “to get an amazing cut
and color from a rising star at a great
price. Our guests really enjoy and ap-
preciate it.”
As they cheer each other on and
celebrate their successes, the team
at James Anthony Salon is a vibrant
and enthusiastic group. Meet them for
yourself by scheduling your own James
Anthony experience at 708-366-3100.
A Passion for Beauty
Jim & Tina Salerno
Home Furnishings
Holiday Accessories
Festive Decorations
Interior Design
Your message reaches 16,000 homes this season!
Space Reservation & Copy Deadline
November 9, 2012
Publication Date
November 14, 2012
Call 708-524-8300 for more info.
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Kara Keller
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Marcee Gavula,
Broker Associate
Office: 708.697.5908
Fax: 312.592.6699
Cell: 708.790.1381
1037 Chicago Ave.,
Oak Park, IL 60302
his party is “just like my dream”
said a recent patron. That’s one
of the aspirations at Constructive
Chaos. Kids can pick from many theme
ideas or use their own inspirations.
They’ve done some of everything from
unicorns and butterfies to Ninjago,
wizards, science, Japanese anime, prin-
cess castles and braids two rooms long!
Cooking, crafts, games and menus are
all chosen by the birthday child with
awesome, wild ingenious results.
Kris and Ashley Nelson, a mother-
daughter team dreamed up this art and
culinary school for kids 5-18. Kris, the
art director, has been teaching art for
23 years. Art classes at chaos include
everything from picking your artist and
learning those techniques to duct tape
crafts. Ashley, the chef, was trained in
the culinary arts at Boston University.
When cooking at Chaos, kids learn
about international cuisines, festival and
holiday food, recipe interpretation and
professional kitchen techniques.
These ladies combined both their
strengths and started to do market re-
search in 2009. They discovered many
arts facilities in Chicagoland for toddlers
and younger kids, but very few for the 5
to 18 age group they were targeting. In
spring 2010, the Nelsons won a business
plan competition at Kendall College.
Located in River Forest, a great artistic
community abounds. Near the city and
suburbs it attracts kids from all areas.
The Chaos space has an open studio, a
lounge, a private party room and a com-
mercial teaching kitchen. It accommo-
dates parties of 8-60.
Kids are used to schedules, rules and
lesson plans. Constructive chaos is
about the freedom and encouragement
for the other side of kids’ brains. Kids
develop their own class or party. They
can sign up for one time or make a
package. Flexibility is paramount. More
information is on their website at www.
Art, Cooking, Chaos and Fun!
his boutique reminds me of
the ones in Paris--one of the
associates is even fuent in
French! I LOVE their jewelry and acces-
sories! It’s exactly my style: classy and
unique!” customer post on Google.
For the past six years, women in
the western suburbs have relied on
deedee&edee for clothing, jewelry and
accessories with a distinct and fattering
fair. “I focus on women ages 35 and up; I
was always looking for fun and appropri-
ate-looking fashion for myself and just
couldn’t fnd it,” says Deb Dworman, the
owner and also designer of the deedee&
edee private label. “People come back
because of the value – very well con-
structed clothes at a fair price, which is
critical in this economic climate.”
With top brand names like Not
Your Daughter’s Jeans, ANAC and
Christopher Blue, in addition to their
popular private label, modern, fun and
fgure-fattering apparel is offered to ft
today’s woman’s lifestyle. “We have fun
and unique fashion appropriate for the
offce, aball game or anight onthe town,”
says the “D.D.” behind deedee&edee.
Dworman’s personal and professional
background is always locally focused.
“We design, pattern and produce the
deedee & edee line right here in Chicago,
so not only are our clients shopping
local, they are supporting locally made
products,” says the owner, who is a
mentor to other area business owners.
She cites her business acumen as
equal in importance to her sewing and
design background in the success of
deedee & edee. Dworman accessed a
retail consultant to learn inventory man-
agement and other aspects of business.
In addition to bricks & mortar advertis-
ing, Dworman embraces social media
and communicates with clients through
a contemporary web site, deedee&edee.
com and also through her email list
at where
clients can learn of store events, new
merchandise and specials.
In addition to shopping, deedee&edee
offers private parties and fundraisers
to continue partnership with clients
and the community. “You may walk in
a stranger, but you will always leave a
friend,” says Dworman, who, with her
fashion-focused staff, prioritizes excel-
lent customer service.
DeeDee & Edee is located at 7415
West Madison, Forest Park. Their phone
number is 708-209-1448, and their web-
site is
A Destination For Fashion in Forest Park
hat do you offer your clients
that they may not be able to get
My expertise lies in bringing
depth to a clients wardrobe he or she can
not see; by using my Design background
to create outfts for a client using their
existingwardrobe - withnewcombinations
of color, pattern & texture. After spending
time in their closet, I send them to local
shops with a shopping list, and provide
online links to fll out the missing pieces
How is your approach to your particular
business unique?
In a way - I ama therapist for my clients
- helping them to evaluate what works in
their closet - by silhouette, ft & color - and
what doesn’t. We identify shopping pit
falls (like buying the same thing over and
over) and garments that bring up negative
emotion and then we remove these
What plans do you have for your
business in the future?
I amwriting a book for the new working
mother - creating a stylish ‘uniform’ of
jeans & t-shirts, refective of how our
culture has become so casual; this guide
book will help women dress in stylish
comfort, confdence.
What is your favorite part of your job?
When I receive a heartfelt thank you
note fromclients whotell me I have helped
them feel beautiful and have changed
their lives by empowering them to dress
with ease everyday.
Suze Solari
Suze Solari Style




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32 Wednesday Journal • October 24, 2012 Special Advertising Section
deedee & edee
7415 West Madison, Forest Park ~ 708-209-1448
Hours: Monday 12 noon to 5 pm
Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday 10 am to 6 pm
Tursday 10 am to 7 pm ~ Friday 10 am to 8 pm
Sunday 12 noon to 5 pm
Make your
shopping fun...
Come shop the exclusive
deedee & edee
Private Label Collection.
While you’re here check out our
fabulous selection of cool and
comfy shoes & boots and
enjoy a 25% discount.
What could be more
fun than that!
Beyond Properties
Realty Group
642 S. Lombard, Oak Park
Contact Erica Cuneen • 708.220.2025 •
Buying and selling a
home can be an enjoyable
experience when you
partner with an agent who
will go beyond for you.
ydia I. Villanueva-Soto, president
and owner of Tan Travel, has
being in the travel industry for
over twenty years. She has a passion for
her clients that the internet or a com-
puter cannot provide. She works with
her clients’ needs, and is committed to
providing lasting memories. Lydia works
to build relationships with her custom-
ers, recognizing “they are the bread and
butter of my business, and what drives
me to work hard every day.”
The travel industry was at its peak
before 9/11 and nowadays travel agencies
are few and far between. With the rise
of online booking engines, some folks
have decided to go that route. But lately
she’s noticed more and more people are
coming back into the agency and asking
for her personal opinion. The internet
is great for research, but Lydia and her
customers know that nothing beats
face-to-face communication. Especially
when planning something as important
as your destination wedding or a dream
vacation, you cannot always trust what a
computer website might say or not say.
“When Lydia was a little girl growing up
in the west side of Chicago, she would
spend days looking through encyclope-
dias and atlases dreaming about one
day being able to go and visit all the
different places and cultures around the
world. After high school, she decided
to take a travel and tourism class, and
twenty-two years later is the owner of
her own travel agency. She still haven’t
been able to go to all the places she
dreamed of, but at least she gets to book
trips for other people and see the world
through their eyes.
When asked what the favorite part of
her job is, Lydia says that number one
has to be interacting with her clients—
both old and new. She enjoys getting to
know people and learning about them as
individuals. As a “people person” she
craves conversation and enjoys owning
a business that allows her to make and
adjust her hours to spend more time
with family and do the other things she
loves—like cooking.
Tan Travel is located at 964 S Oak
Park Ave, Oak Park, IL. Their website
is Their phone is 708-386-
6363, and fax is 708-386-6471.
Lydia Villanueva-Soto, Owner, Tan Travel
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all the buzz
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You Can’t Get When Booking Your Trip Online.

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