Chromatic Comatose

By Lexi Roberts

people on the edges of broken street corners, they look like flowers and i am crying my tears dont help them grow they trail down the sidewalk drains and disappear

if i disappeared, where would i go?

this morning i tried to fit a book into my pocket

a book about time, written in another time

is this 1984 yet? its 1984

July 13th 1984 “A man falls into a deep coma after a severe automobile accident. He would eventually awaken nineteen years later on June 13th 2003.”

2003. i was probably being yelled at for coloring on my bathroom walls in 2003.

maybe i was slapped the second he woke from his coma slapped awake through 5 dimensions or more

and back again.

“do you believe in angels?” said my mom “no, nothing exists”

im staring at ten thousand wires wrapping around the throat of my computer screen the volume is on mute it cannot scream

you can keep people in comas for a very long time

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