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ULANGAN KENAIKAN KELAS TAHUN PELAJARAN 2011 / 2012 Mata Pelajaran Kelas / Program Hari / Tanggal Waktu I. : Bhs. Inggris : XI/ IPA1 : Sabtu,16 Juni 2012 : 07.15 - 09.15 (120 menit)

Read the following text. Then answer the questions. Text 1 Where should be after High School The National Examination result will publicly announced in the next short time. Euphoria will flood for those who get success. On the other hand, it will be sorry to hear that there are some of them do not succeed in their national final examination. For those who succeed soon will think to decide; where will they be after graaduating high school? Actually it will be easy to decide for those who have arranged and thought earlier. But for those who have not planed anything yet, it will be quie confusing. Continuing study or looking for work is the primary choice among them. When they think about continuing study, they will think hard about the time and cost. How long the higher study will last? And how high is the cost. In the same way, when they think about straightly seeking job, what skill and competence they have got is a big matter of questioning. So, doing both choices at the same time is an alternative. Continuing study as well as seeking job is possibly done but it will be hard for them. Conventionally, studying in the university needs much time to spend especially in the first year. It is true because they have to do and adapt a lot of things in their new higher school. It will be very hard to look for job. Therefore it should come to their mind of continuing studying at higher school from their own home. As a result, the available time will be more flexible for them. Then , it will be very possible to seek job and get the appropriate one. This type of studying is publicly as distance learning. As the alternative method of studying, besides the conventional studying which students and the lecturer have to meet in the fixed time and place regularly, distant learning provides possibility to grow better. Possibly working and studying surely will create high quality graduate. Distant learning should appear as a considerable choice 1. What is the communicative purpose o f the text above?

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a. To describe the thing to do after graduating high school b. To entertain the readers about the story of a high school c. To explain how to choose the perfect place for study d. To persuade the readers in favour of distant learning e. To report the National Examination result 2. What are the considerations of continuing study? a. Age and cost b. Time and age c. Time and cost 3. What is the alternative method of studying mentioned in the text? a. High quality learning b. Distant learning c. Autodidact 4. According to the writer, the college students usually will find some difficulties in their first year. Below are the difficulties, except .... a. They have to adapt with the new environment b. They have much time in learning c. They have no time to find job d. They have to do many things e. They spend much money for the education 5. In the distance learning ... a. The time for learning is flexible b. The tuition is more expensive c. There is no time to work d. Students must meet the lecturer everyday e. No guarantee for high quality graduate d. Higher school e. University d. Language level and cost e. Difficulty level and time

6. What is the synonym of the word competece? a. Ability Bahasa Inggris/XI/sem.2/2012 b. Chance c. Growth

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d. Possibility Text 2

e. Emergence

That Phone is Off Soon after he left college, Dave found one of his uncles who was very rich and had no children of his own died and left him a lot of money, so he decided to set up his own real estate agency. Dave found a nice office . he bought some new furniture and moved in. He had only been there for a few hours when he heard someone coming toward the door of his office. it ust be my first customer, Dave thought. He quickly picked up the telephone and pretended to be very busy answering an important call from someone in New York who wanted to buy a big and expensive house in the country. The man knocked at the door while this was going on. He came in and waited politely for Dave to finish his conversation on the phone . then the man said to Dave, I am from the telephone company and I was sent here to connect your 7. His uncle inherited dave his agency because... a. His uncle love Dave. b. His uncle hated his children. c. His uncle had no child. 8. Daves business dealt with .... a. Furniture b. House c. Tourism 9. what did Dave first do when starting his business? a. Looking for an office b. Buying furniture c. Looking for employees 10. The last part of the text implies that ... a. Dave got the first customer Bahasa Inggris/XI/sem.2/2012 b. The first guest was the mechanic d. Installing telephone e. Looking for customers d. Communication e. Finance d. Dave asked his uncle to do it e. David was unemployed.

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c. Dave was very busy d. The mechanic wanted to call Dave Text 3 The Fisherman

e. The telephone had not been yet installed

Once upon a time there was a fishermaan armed with his fishing rod who would make his way every day from his village to the river bank. There he would wait patiently His for the fish to bite. As soon as he had caught exactly three fish, he would leave the river and went his way slowly home to the cottage where he lived with his wife and son. This strange routine was much commented in the village. Then one day, a tourist arrived and began to go for daily walks to the river bank. After a few days of watching the lone fisherman, he finally spoke to him. Excuse me, but Ive been observing your unusual routine for several days. You always catch exactly three fish and then go away And why on earth should I want to wait around here after that? For more fish to take the bait. But I only need three fish. There are only three of us at home. And youve never thought of trying to catch more fish? What for? To sell, so that you could buy nets and a fishing boat. What for? So that you can buy a bigger house and then may be another boat and have people working for you. What for? So that you could have other things, be very rich and do all the things you like doing. The things I like doing? But what I like doing is fishing! 11. Where did the story take place? a. In a village b. In the cottage 12. Who were the participants? a. A fisherman and villagers Bahasa Inggris/XI/sem.2/2012 b. A fisherman and a tourist c. On a fishing boat d. At a river bank e. In a tourist resort

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c. A fisherman and his wife d. A fisherman and his son

e. A fisherman

13. why didnt the fisherman catch more than three fish? a. Because he wasnt allowed to catch more fish b. Because he didnt want to sell the fish 14. The fisherman said ... a. That there were only three of them at home b. That there are only three of them at home c. That there were only three of us at home 15. How did the fisherman wait for the fish to bait? a. Generously b. Carefully c. Excitedly d. Patiently e. Greedily d. That there are only three of us at home e. If there were only three of us at home c. Because he only needed three fish d. Because he ate three fish everyday e. Because he didnt have good net.

16. This strange routine was much commented on the village. same meaning with ... a. People didnt like the routine b. People liked doing the routine c. The routine was very usual in the village d. The routine was part of the peoples tradition e. People criticized the man for doing the routine

The sentence has the

17. This strange routine was much commented on the village. The meaning of the underlined word isss nnnearly the same as ... a. Common b. Unsual Text 4 Bahasa Inggris/XI/sem.2/2012 c. Familiar d. Unknown e. Exclusive

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In my opinion people should be free to listen to the music of their own choice. If the Malaysian government wants to support its local music industry, it should find other ways I consider the act of blocking access to indonesian music as a sign of weakness. People in different countries (especially politicians) should enjoy and respect each others culture, instead of blocking access to it. I respect and enjoy both Malaysia and Indonesia, both countries have a lot to offer. Maybe indonesia performs better music. So what? Malaysia has other qualities. Music is supposed to unite us, not to divide us.

My brother in malaysia, why dont you leave this matter to the market? Let the market or let your people decide the quality of our music. In reality, the majority of your people choose Indonesian music, then be wise and accept that. Dont let people think Malaysian musicians are afraid of competition. Actually, according to rumour among Malaysian citizens, Indonesian music is far more enjoyable that malaysian music. Matt Murdock Kuala lumpur

18. Those letters present ... a. Editorials b. Rumours 19. Both letters state that ... a. People are free to choose the best music. b. Malaysia should ban indonesian songs. c. The artists are not free to create music. d. They like Indonesian and Malaysian music as well. e. Indonesia should complain about the limitation. c. Opinions d. Gossips e. Ads

20. The word access (in the first letter) means ... a. The time to act b. The way to improve c. The facilities to gain d. The opportunity to enter e. The place to perform

21. According to Matt Murdock, if the government block access to indonesian songs, people will think ... a. The relationship between two countries will be better b. Indonesian musicians cant do anything c. Indonesian songs are threats Bahasa Inggris/XI/sem.2/2012

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d. The competition is fair Text 5

e. Malaysian artists are afraid to compete

Thats how many children will have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS by 2010. Millions more children will be orphaned by tuberculosis, malaria, war, or have parents who are sick and dying

(Taken from 22. The text above says that million children will ... a. Lose their parents to AIDS b. Bring AIDS from their parents c. Avoid from AIDS

d. Suffer from AIDS e. Die of AIDS

23. The children need someone to speak out for them because ... a. They do not understand the situation b. They are orphans who need care c. d. Their parents do not care It is hard to speak out

e. They cannot speak

24. Join Global Action for Children in speaking up for orphans worldwide. The underlined word means ... a. Beyond the world b. Around the world c. Applicable throughout the world 25. Those children need these the following things, except ... a. Healthcare b. Education c. Food Bahasa Inggris/XI/sem.2/2012 d. Water e. Toys d. Related to the world e. For all people around the world

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Text 6 The Majesty Hotel currently has positions open for desk clerks, waitress, and housekeepers. No experience is required; we wil train new employees. Apply in person to the hotel manager. Good starting wage and opprtunity for advancement. 26. What is the purpose of the text? a. To explain about the new waitress b. To give information about bar staff c. To give training to the hotel manager 27. Which statement below is TRUE based on the text? a. Tthe application letter must be sent to the director of hotel directly. b. The employer will earn good starting salary. c. The hotel only needs waiter/waitress. d. The hotel will train the employer. e. The hotel needs 5 staffs. 28. Arrange these jumbled sentences into a good story! 1. In the end, the Crow had no more cake because of her foolishness. 2. The crow was so proud to hear this. 3. One day, a hungry fox was walking alone in the jungle. 4. As soon as she opened her beak, the cake fell down. 5. The crow had a piece of cake on her beak. 6. The cunning fox caught the cake happily and ran away. 7. Then she started to open her beak tosing fot the fox. 8. Oh ... beautiful Crow! Youre the best singer Ive known in the world. I really want to hear your melodious voice. Please ... sing me a song now! 9. He saw a crow perch on a branch of a three. Bahasa Inggris/XI/sem.2/2012 d. To announce the new waiter e. To advertise job vacancy

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Which one is the best arrangement of the sentences above? a. 3-5-2-8-4-9-1-7-6 b. 3-5-7-8-2-9-4-1-6 c. 3-8-2-5-9-7-6-4-1 d. 3-9-5-8-2-7-4-6-1 e. 3-9-5-6-8-2-7-4-1

Water pollutin is a big problem. Some people try to (29) .... this problem. Solution to this problem (30) ... people to be more responsible citizens. Individuals and industries must realize that they (31) ..... do anything contributing to the problem. People must not (32) ..... chemical wastes into the river (33) ...... they are very dangerous. (34) ... , it is advisable that people understand the importance of recycling rubbish. 29. a. Solve b. find 30 a. spends b. starts c. turns d. tries e. does business c. tell d. study e. discuss

31. a. Should b. should not 32. a. Flow b. burn 33. a. Because of b. and 34. a. However b. although Bahasa Inggris/XI/sem.2/2012 c. because d. furthermore e. otherwise c. but d. or e. because c. throw d. take e. spend c. does not d. had better e. ought to

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35. Teacher : I cant stand those naughty boys anymore. I caught them smoking in the bathroom. Headmaster : Calm down. Let me take care of it . ill talk to them. The underlined sentence expresses ... a. Dislike b. Advise 36. Sari Rena c. Surprise d. Ability e. Pride

: Have you watched the movie? :Yes. I have. It was wonderful! ........... c. I really enjoyed it. d. I regretted it. e. I hated it.

a. Im proud of it. b. I couldnt do that.

37. Elly : Hi Ros. I called you many times yesterday, but you didnt answer it? Are you still up set for what Ive said? Rosa Elly Rosa Elly : you should know it. : Please forgive me. Can we make it up? : O.K. But dont do that again. : No, I dont. I promise.

According to the dialog, Rosa feels ... a. Angry b. Sad c. Happy d. Exhausted e. Idle

38. Brian : Yesterday, I had to stand in the school corridor because I didnt do my homework. Many students stared at me. .... Evy : You should do your homework before you get to the class. d. I was so happy. e. It was so embarrassing.

a. Finally, I could make it. b. I didnt really care. c. I was pleased.

39. Mother : You should not scream at your brother. Bahasa Inggris/XI/sem.2/2012

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: He plays the casette too loudly . .... d. It annoys me. e. I know how you feel

a. Im still confused about it. b. I dont know about it. c. I have a crash on him.

40. found we should have everywhere - on - flies - people - dumped - because - rubbish 1 9 the street 11 The correct arrangement to make a good sentence is ... a. 2 - 1 - 6 - 4 - 9 -7 - 3 - 8 - 1 - 5 - 11 b. 6 -1 - 2 - 9 - 7- 4 -10 -11 - 8- 5 - 3 c. 2 - 1 - 4 -6 - 9 - 7 - 3 - 8 - 10 -5 - 11 41. ..... from SMA 2 Bantul, Vivi continued her study to ITB. a. Having graduated b. Have graduated c. Graduation d. Graduated e. Graduate d. 2 -1 - 6 - 4 - 7 -3 - 9 - 8 -10 - 5 - 11 e. 6 -2 - 1 - 4 - 9 - 7 - 3 - 8 - 10 - 5 -11 10 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

42. Erna must give the test to her students becaause she is a teacher. We can also say : .... Erna must give the test to her students. a. Because of her teacher b. Because a teacher c. Being a teacher 43. .... Anto likes Susi very much, he always pretends to ignore her. a. Moreover b. Furthermore c. Consequently d. Otherwise e. Although d. Be a teacher e. Due to the teacher

44. Dr Tridewo brings an umbrella ... the rain. Bahasa Inggris/XI/sem.2/2012

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a. And b. But 45. Rina : Does Hendra need help? Rima : I doubt ... a. If Hendra needs help or not b. Does Hendra need help c. Hendra doesnt need help

c. So d. Though

e. Because of


does Hendra need help

e. Whether you need help or not

46. Bob is a good painter. He paints ... a. Better b. The best c. Well d. Good e. Goodness

47. He has a lot of accidents because he drives ... a. Carelessly b. Perfectly c. Slowly d. Careless e. Bad

48. Yogyakarta is the place ... I was born. a. Whom b. When c. Who d. Where e. Whose

49. The boy .... shirt is green is my brother. a. Who b. Whose c. Which d. Whom e. Where

50. SMA 2 will give the scholarship to the students ... a. Have passed the selection test b. Pass the selection test Bahasa Inggris/XI/sem.2/2012 c. Who have passed the selection test d. Will pass the selection test

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e. Which passed the selection test



1. Complete the sentences a. They failed the exams because ... b. The plane was late because of ... 2. Fill the blanks with suitable relative pronouns. The beach is a place ... you can do manythings. At the beach you can swim, you can sunbathe, you can read a book, or you can meet people ... are also on holiday. I have a friend ... mother and father first met one summer holiday on a beach! 3. Fill in the blanks with either the ed or ing adjectives a. b. We climbed the mountain. It was a long and tiring climb. Climbing the mountain, we felt .... I was surprised when I saw the results. The results were ... 4. Look at the picture. It was from Janes party last week. Suppose your Jane. What did you see, hear and feel in the party? Create 3 sentences based on the picture. Use the present/active participle with the verbs of perception.

...................................... ....................................... ....................................... Bahasa Inggris/XI/sem.2/2012

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