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Please read this before you go to the polls tomorrow. You have heard from the politicians. We’d like to share what America’s working doctors think. We want to thank you for the trust and respect you have shown us over the years. We love being your physician, and we are proud to be a part of the world’s greatest healthcare delivery system. But as professionals we must share our concerns. We can no longer stand back and watch the dismantlement of America’s healthcare system. We know we can make it better and we are asking for that opportunity.

Here’s what America’s doctors know:
We knoW tHAt yOu NeeD uS tO be tHeRe FOR yOu … … But that 83% of doctors think about quitting medicine because of more government and insurance company rules and regulations. We knoW tHAt yOu DeSeRVe tO CHOOSe yOuR DOCtOR, CHOOSe yOuR iNSuRANCe, AND CHOOSe yOuR CARe … … But that your choices are becoming MORE restricted because of government and insurance company rules and regulations. We knoW ThaT you WanT and deserve 100% of our TIme and aTTenTIon, and ThaT We need To lIsTen beTTer … … But that government and insurance company rules and regulations create paperwork that takes at least 25% of our time away from taking care of you. We knoW eVeRy PeRSON iS uNique, AND tHAt yOu WANt AND DeSeRVe tHe beSt iNDiViDuAL CARe … … But that government and insurance rules and regulations require us to conform to “standards of care” designed by bureaucrats who have never laid eyes or hands on you.


We knoW ThaT Insurance Is Too exPensIve and ThaT medIcal care Is noT accessIble or affordable To many amerIcans …
… but that the new healthcare law only makes all these things worse.

Please vote for candidates who will repeal the worst provisions of the new healthcare law — its thousands of regulations, mandates, protocols and paperwork. And we promise to work hand-in-hand with you — our patients — to build on what’s best in American healthcare. Sincerely,
Doctors from more than 20 states, including OH, PA, FL, VA, CO & WI. Marcy Zwelling, M.D.

Kristin Story Held, M.D & Jane L. Hughes, M.D., FACS
American Doctors 4 Truth

Mark Schiller, M.D.
Doctor Patient Medical Assn.

David McKalip, M.D., FAANS
Doctors for Patient Freedom

Miland K. Ambe M.D.
Restore America’s Voice Fdn.

C.L. Gray, M.D.
Author, Battle for America’s Soul

Kipp Van Camp, D.O
Author, MISDiagnosis

“I want to focus on what is best for my patients and not what a government official deems cost effective.”
Marcy Zwelling, M.D.

Peter Weiss, M.D., FACOG
Asst. Clinical Prof, UCLA

Joseph F. Ruda Jr, M.D.
Robin Dore Locks, M.D. John Ingram, M.D. Alex Loscialpo, M.D. Michael Couris, M.D. Kathy Hansen, M.D. Peter Rovato, M.D. John T. Gill, M.D Perry Secor, M.D.
Shirley Lazenby, M.D. Rene Guerra, M.D. Jack Dekkinga, M.D. Rafael Miguel, M.D. J. Deane Waldman, M.D., MBA Larry Mattingly, M.D. Kenneth Fisher, M.D. Brett Levine, M.D. George Watson, D.O. Marisha Agana, M.D. John Stitt, M.D. Sherri Tenpenny, D.O. Barney Nemiroff, M.D. Daniel Koretz, M.D. Patrick Showalter, M.D.

Janis Chester, M.D. Jason Attaman, D.O., Bill Mallon, M.D. FAAPMR Thomas LaGrelius, M.D., FAAFP Jim Norconk, Jr. M.D. Bradley D. Vilims, M.D., DABPM Kenneth Cooper, M.D. Robert Pollard, M.D. Brian Michael, M.D. Meg Edison, M.D. Robin Dore Locks, M.D. John Ingram, M.D. Alex Loscialpo, M.D. Gary Price, M.D.
Gregory Pinto, M.D. Valerie Rhodes, M.D. Gregg Schubach, M.D. Arthur Sgalia, M.D. Chelsea Sheppard, M.D. Donald Tatum, M.D. Laurel Taylor, M.D. Don Tillery, M.D. Mark O’Brien, M.D. Robert Hughes, M.D. Dwayne Cook, M.D. Jeffrey Rosenberg, M.D., PhD Rebecca Bushlong, M.D. Brian Kim, M.D. Matt McCord, M.D.

“Patients won’t be able to find a doctor unless we turn this around.”
Mark Schiller, MD

Don Condit, M.D. Arthur Sgalia, M.D. Terrence Babb, M.D. Christina Peterson, M.D. Brian Greenberg, M.D. Marion Mass, M.D. Robert Hughes, M.D. James Oakman, M.D. Frank Dowling, M.D. Emery Cole, M.D. Scott Peschke, M.D. Anthony Carabasi, M.D. Keith Phillippi, M.D. Paul Ehrmann, M.D. Janet Kerrigan, M.D.

Chad Savage, M.D. Don Tillery, M.D. David F. Hess, M.D. Laurel Taylor, M.D. Gregg Schubach, M.D. Linda Anegawa, M.D. Richard Armstrong, M.D. Lisa Cosgrove, M.D. Alice Dick, M.D. Kenneth Fisher, M.D. David F.Hess, M.D. Robert Hughes, M.D. Mai-Li Dong, M.D. James Mahoney, M.D. Keith Phillippi, M.D.

“The exam room has become over-crowded and overregulated.”
Kipp A. Van Camp, D.O Author, “MisDiagnosis”

*Doctor Patient Medical Association survey July 2012 |