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International Tort Claim and action taken to resolve the conflict through peaceful settlement of disputes
Comes now, the affirmed American Nationals, convened as the United States, in Nationals, States Congress assembled, 1781 brought forward to the present time, introduced to the International Community by the general post office for The United States of America, to lodge this foreign tort claim and action taken by the general post s office for The United States of America The International Tort Claim is against all America. accounting departments and the Banks, servicers for the cestui que trust, cestui trust que use, and cestui que vie created by the Cestui Que Act of 1540, 1666 and 1707, now implemented by the Admiralty Courts of the United States, State and local level, by all Accounting Departments thereof, serviced by the local Bank Branches, operating under the Internal Revenue Service Master Lien of 1933, against the people of the Government of The United States of America by Maritime Lien, time Lien against the Estates of the living with evidence of “Proof of Life”.

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Affidavit of Facts
1: On or about 07-31-2012, an Inter Vivos Trust Deed was implemented by a number of affirmed American Nationals, people that have affirmed allegiance to the original Confederacy, thereby reversing the accusation of belligerence against Peace and the original Confederacy Union. 2: The purpose of the Inter Vivos Trust Deed was to transfer the LEGAL PERSON and all of its Title to the New Yerushalayim World Trust, to settle the issue of Proof of Life and therefore settling all Cestui Que Trusts. The purpose Trust was created to transfer all assets to the beneficiary, through the general post office, including past wills and testaments of the family estate to restore chain of title. 3: As of 11-1-2012, after 90 days, the trustees being the General Post Master Council for The United States of America still have not received any response from the Attorney General of Great Britain nor from the Vatican. All Inter Vivos Trust Deeds were sent in hard copy to both locations and faxed. Proof of Service is available upon request. The Vatican is the source of the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1540, 1666 and 1707, which declared everyone dead in America after the Civil War, thereby breaching the honor compact that the States in Union are still under with The United States of America. Furthermore, the Inter Vivos Trust Deed and service process with lack of cooperation toward the settlement process is evidence that neither the Vatican nor the Crown have any intention to restore the operation of a peace treaty under Article 2 of the Lieber Code thru Article 43 of the Hague, restoration of public order and safety, of which the 1st essential task is to ensure the inhabitants can live their day to day lives. 2nd essential task is to establish an agreement which maximizes the benefits of both inhabitants and occupying army, and, in keeping with the provision of Article 2 of the Lieber Code, that the occupying army remain as a condition of the peace, the 3rd essential task is that government administrates the agreement of which is laid out in Article 31 and 38 of the Lieber Code and Article 55 of the Hague, of which the occupying army is administrator and usufructory of all public buildings, real estate,
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agricultural estates, etc… and must administrate them in accordance with the rules of usufruct for those with Proof of Life. 4: As a result of the indifference displayed in settling the Civil War and various other Wars, by the Attorney General of Great Britain and the Pope, Pope Benedict XVI, born Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger; 16 April 1927, the 265th Pope for the Vatican, still maintain receiving yearly checks from the United States of America through the railroads and its trusts, from the labor of the living, and the following Peace Treaties and agreements are in breach by the Vatican and the Crown y accepting those payments: A: Read Law of Nations Book II Section 99 and on for the ramifications of this
indifference. B: See Law of Nations Book III Section 15 for the ramifications of this action.

C: The Hague, Article 43, the 1864 Hague, Article 5, 1907 Hague Article 55, 5: In the United States, the Military Branch of the New World Order, through private contractors, Executive order- 12803, the courts of the United States and the States, local or otherwise are still enjoying the profits of Maritime liens against living and potential living people through the following process which is in violation of Lieber Code, Part 2, Part 31 and part 38:

Short overview and testimony of the living on the paper process which translates into the real world of violence, domestic and International Terrorism, kidnapping, slavery, war crimes, theft, genocide, Disturbing the Peace and involuntary servitude to mention a few results.
In shipping language, the chartered vessel (United States) took on cargo (the people), mortgaged that cargo to the hilt to pay for the voyage (used the credit of the people), then dumped that cargo (the people) over the railing and into the seas (commerce) to collect on the insurance (social security). Then, came back to the point of dumping for a salvage operation….(admiralty / maritime lien)
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First, one is “welcomed” into a foreign jurisdiction by the "host nation" of whom, though its "occupying army", extended its hospitality to a foreigner upon registration of the birth event and, per the custom of the host nation, provided a vessel (NAME) whose cargo is destined for the Treasury and an indemnity receipt guaranteeing care and maintenance of the vessel by the host nation in order “his burden be light”. Until, that is, the host nation decided to grant an entrance and extend hospitality for the purpose of drawing foreigners into a snare. For once the snare was engaged, one’s duty as a foreigner is now towards defense of the host nation against pirates or robbers, against the ravages of an inundation, or the devastations of fire, for how can one pretend to live under the protection of a state, to participate in a variety of advantages that it affords, and yet make no exertion for its defense, but remain an unconcerned spectator of the dangers to which the citizens are exposed. Now, the same foreigner is shanghaied at birth into that foreign jurisdiction, conscripted into citizenship as one can only become a Citizen “and not otherwise” via 2 Stat 153, given a “christened vessel” (NAME), then sent to battle across the seas, and left for dead. Then a “presumption of death” exists because the “INFANT” (foreigner) is “missing from beyond the seas” under International Maritime Law via Cestui QueVie Acts 1540, 1666, and 1707. Now comes the “enforcement of a maritime lien” under “Admiralty Law” ... the IRS or any maritime lien is ONLY VALID if one is “dead”.

Technicalities of theft on land by Maritime Lien Process in all Court cases and various other means:
26 USC 6903 “(a) Rights and obligations of fiduciary Upon notice to the Secretary that any person is acting for another person in a fiduciary capacity, such fiduciary shall assume the powers, rights, duties, and privileges of such other person in respect of a tax imposed by this title…” (Form 56) (d) Definition of fiduciary. The term “fiduciary” is defined in section 7701(a)(6) to mean a guardian, trustee, executor, administrator, receiver, conservator, or any person acting in any fiduciary capacity for any person. 26 USC 1040 – Transfers of “real property” (issuance of securities under UCC 8-308 as the “appropriate person” is the “accommodation party”) (a) executor of estate (Name) (resident) you are master of “your” dominion, correct? (b) trustee of a trust (any portion of which is included in the gross estate of the decedent) (NAME) (14th Amendment Citizen) you are here to fulfill divine providence
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and self-determination (God’s will) for the benefit of all, thus are trustee. IRS manual - An infant is the decedent of an estate or grantor, owner or trustor of a trust, guardianship, receivership or custodianship that has yet to receive an SSN. How can one be an executor of an estate of a decedent when the SSN has been issued and vest within the INFANT along with the NAME? Exactly what estate of what decedent is one “administrating”?

26 USC 2032A (a) (1)(A) decedent was a citizen/resident of the United States to time of death (a)(1)(B) an “election” made on behalf of the executor (d) election : agreement (remember “accommodation party”?) (2) The agreement referred to in this paragraph is a written agreement signed by each person in being who has an interest. The interest could be anything from a court case to a utility bill. Title 26 USC 674 and Treas. Reg. § 1.674(b) 26 USC 2001 (a) imposes tax on the decedents estate for the transfer 26 USC 2002 executor of estate liable for the tax

end quote:

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If one does not provide “proof of life” (infant still using the estate and trust) then the one before the court/corporation is presumed to be an “executor” of a decedent’s estate and trustee of the “citizen trust”. The “claim” is nothing more than a ruse to get one to be an accommodating party via UCC 3 3-419 for the agreement under 2032A(d)(2) for one is r presumed to be an executor of a decedent’s estate and the 14th amendment citizen. NAME, is just a trust ANYONE can operate under 26 USC 674 and Treas. Reg. § 1.674(b), but you are trustee as the “presumed citizen” and thus liable under 26 USC under 1040(b) for the tax imposed under 26 USC 2001(a) via 26 USC 2002 as if one were executor. Once “proof of life” has been established which is the purpose of the New Yerushalayim f World Trust and the Inter Vivos Trust Deed, NAME now is the “security entitlement holder” and NAME now has whatever credit it needs as the IRS and all these other corporations are now bound to service the se securities account (SSN) as “securities securities intermediary” and usufructory. The securities intermediary and the usufructory condition ry. ructory is completely being avoided, therefore not restoring International Public Order. Order The United States, in Congress assembled fu further saith naught.

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International Notice of action taken by the general post ction office for the purpose of restoring International Public Order on American soil and within its metes and bounds. bounds Arrest Warrant issued at the demand of the people with “Proof of Life”
The general post office hereby arrests all Maritime Liens ag against all people that have been identified by NAME AND SSN thereby, when the SSN has been issued and SSN, vested within the INFANT along with the NAME therefore, establishing Proof of Life by NAME, one or more private contractors of the United States, State and Local level on all ntractors States private court records on North American soil. The general post office deems this action necessary as the Vatican has full control through the Accounting Departments of the Department Crown and the Banks as servicers over all Courts on North American soil, where there soil is no Justice for the people with proof of life anywhere in the 48 States in Union, and the District of Columbia. All courts have consistently and perpetually refused to correct the record, the Public Record and the International Record when confronted with evidence of Proof of Life through its Accounting Department and servicers called the Bank on Departments American soil. The courts consistently identify Proof of Life in every case, in every state or States, than intentionally proceed with the felony conversion of murdering the living man or woman on paper for the purpose of enforcing a Maritime Lien against the living man or woman resulting in plundering and raping the family estates of the people. Furthermore, these Maritime Liens are sold overseas to investors in the form of Bonds Liens also called “Debt Obligations” to further the crime internationally. The general post office requests assistance from the Coast Guard and the Military for the purpose of restoring International Public Order. The assistance consist of correcting rnational Public
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the records of Proof of Life and Chain of Title for the people as soon as possible, therefore correcting the Administrative records, Public Records and International Records. The Military and the Coast Guard can contact the general post office through any office contact information listed on The General Post Master Council for The United States of America

The office of the Governor for The United States of America concurs,

The office of the Secretary of State for The United States of America concurs,

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