Lesson 1

Lesson Objectives For all students to reflect on the many uses of the media and differences between OLD and NEW media For all students to reflect on their own media consumption For all students to watch the original ipod advert and be exposed to the media term of ‘branding.’ For all students to observe teacher modelling deconstruction

Lesson Plan 1. Teacher led introduction to the wiki as a collaborative tool for notes, keynotes, photos, embedded videos etc. 2. Teacher led discussion of old and new media forms with mindmap on white board. Students to copy using Inspiration or similar mind-mapping software.

Resources www.esfmedia.com www.esfmdiaforum.com http://www.esfmedia.com/page/ipod+advert

Homework Record a log of all your media consumptio n habits for 1 week and be prepared t share this as part of a class survey next week.

techniques through a mis en scene deconstruction of ipod advert For all students to recognise the importance of texts, audiences and media organisations via recording the media triangle into their notes To introduce all students to the vital preproduction skills of storyboarding via reverse engineering of the ipod ad To introduce students to TV advertising


1. Teacher led deconstruction of storyboard resources on wiki page 2. Student led task using storyboard loose leaf templates 3. Teacher led analysis of Jonathan Glazer adverts with students using template from Introduction to the full GCSE course. 4. Analysis to be completed on Google site

http://www.esfmedia.com/page/How+to+Storyboard Storyboard templates (Spares can be found in D81 & D82) Jonathan Glazer adverts to be fund on Jonathan Glazer compilation DVD (Kept in D82). Use of Levis and Guinness adverts http://www.esfmedia.com/page/Jonathan+Glazer+Intro+to+Advertising+%26+Textual+Analysis (See attachment at bottom of page)

All students to have selected one TV ad for the purposes of practising deconstruction skills. For all students to have set up Google site For all students to be taught key roles associated with the filming of a TV ad For all students to have been placed in one of two groups for future teacherled ipod advert. To introduce students to some audience theories specific to reception of

5. Students to read Ning post with examples of key roles. Teacher to explain roles of continuity, grip etc which may be unfamiliar to the class. 6. Teacher led grouping of class into two (dependent o class size)

Google docs http://sisfilm.ning.com/forum/topics/y10-ms-allan-sclass-practical-task (See for available roles) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7QA_MthtlU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALguEHV9VvA (Role of continuity)


1. To introduce students to some audience theories specific to reception of media texts 2. Teacher gives students a

www.esfmedia.com Choice of reception theories- Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Henry Jenkins’ participatory Cultures, Blumler & Katz- Uses and Gratifications theory, Effects debate-

Students to continue practising editing of You tube

media texts For all students to have been exposed to some basic media theory, associated with reception For all students to have researched and presented on one media theory For all students to have researched and presented on one advertising strategy To expose all students to FCP (&) via short teacher led introduction

selection of theories to learn via web based research…use search tool in www.esfmedia.com 3. Students present their choice of theories to the class in short presentations. 4. Teacher led basic intro to using FCP (version 7) 5. Students work in twos, selecting footage from You Tube to re-edit. They should try to make a serious scene comical via their choice of cuts.

Hypodermic Needles theory Choice of advertising theories- Mass Herd appeal, reason why advertising, USP, hard sell, ‘drawing a crowd (P.T. Barnham), postmodern advertising techniques, sky writing, star personas etc. Abby Wan to support in introducing FCP…. FCP (7) on i-Mac’s (May need additional i-macs from other rooms to be transferred into teaching room) www.youtube.com

Clips. Teacher to recommend outstanding editors to have FCP installed on their laptops.

For all students to have practised using FCP (7) with some basic editing of the razor tool and IN/OUT function.


For all students to complete storyboard, For all shot lists, shooting schedules and any other relevant preproduction materials to be completed To enable students to see film protocol in

1. Students to complete storyboard tasks started two weeks ago (1hr max) 2. Students to choose second pre-production planning tasks in preparation for iPod advert in next lesson. 3. Students to research their role and plan contribution to next lesson. 1. Break class into two groups. Group 1 to accompany the teacher for 1hr and then

http://www.esfmedia.com/page/Making+a+Differenc e+Week+2011

Plan role for production in next lesson


AW to support teacher in setting up equipment for practical exercise. (This should include boom mic’s etc…Abby will take control of the sound)

Editors capture footage

action via filmed remake (reverse engineering) of ipod ad. (Teacher led and later student led) To emphasise safety and a professional approach on set. To present two ipod adverts and discuss successes/areas for improvement. For each student to have reflected on their learning from the ipod advertisement via the Ning blog function. For each student to choose group

change to Group 2. IW to supervise planning group. From D82 2. Group not filming can edit footage on FCP taken from random You tube video clips.

Equipment from Abby’s office (LED lights, DSLR camera, tripod, reflector disc etc) http://sisfilm.ning.com/forum/topics/y10-ms-allan-sclass-practical-task (See this for key roles)

(with help of Abby to convert) and edit for next lesson. (Copy from original ipod advert)


1. Show and comment on ipod adverts (teacher led activity/ audio-visual task) 2. All students to sign up to NING site (if they haven’t already done so) before blogging on their learning from the practical ipod lesson. (Student led task) 3. Students to analyse and take notes using examples of Viral Videos and the role of Visible Measures/social curators in distributing viral videos. 4. Students to form groups and decide on roles. Group

http://www.visiblemeasures.com/adage http://sisfilm.ning.com/forum/topics/y10-mediaminor-advertising-task i-pod adverts (brought by students in digital file or posted to google doc’s site)

Groups to begin visiting sites for filming. (The majority will film ion school but by teacher discretion, some students will be allowed to film off site)

(max of 4) and a specific role to be assessed as (Director, editor, sound or cinematographe r) For each student to make use of Visible Measures via Top 10 Viral Ad’s. For each student to deconstruct one ad each from Visible Measures as preparation for their own proposal For each group to post proposal for ad before the end of the lesson. To introduce

work discussion to ensue with brainstorm (possible use of Inspiration for mindmapping) 5. Scribe from each group to post idea on NING forum.


1. All students to download

students to role specific preproduction planning tasks. To introduce all students to Celtx as an excellent, all in one preproduction software suite.


3. 4. 5.



For all students to have independent experience of shooting on set


Celtx (free app) and explore use of pre-production facilities. (Student led) View shooting schedule, shot list, treatment and scripts from MaD week 2011. (Student led activity) Director to create shooting schedule using Celtx (Student led) Cinematographer to create shot list or storyboard. Sound designer to create dubbing chart or begin experimenting with temp tracks Editor to either continue developing skills via editing exercises (researching any special effects features e.g. Use of green screen in D81 or D83) or laying out titles, logos etc to be used in final timeline. Teacher led discussionreminding students about safety, use of equipment and branding of tasks…do students have a clear idea of

www.celtx.com http://www.esfmedia.com/page/ Making+a+Difference+Week+2011

All equipment borrowed from the 8th Floor, (Abby’s office) which should be returned by the end of the lesson.

A continuation of filming when equipment

in groups of no more than four

how the advert will represent their brand? (15mins) 2. Students to collect equipment from Abby’s office. (Some may have collected beforehand on Thursday is they are filming off site) 3. Students to tell teacher where they will be filming during the lesson so that teacher can periodically monitor progress.

is available…

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