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Begin All Things by First Using The All. To: United Nations Office of the High Commission on Human Rights Contact information Further information may be sought at the following address: For States: For Stakeholders: (NGOs) (NHRIS) To Whom it may Concern, I attach 2 PDF's to inform your office of the following: 1) We tendered our UPR Report on Canada on October 7 2012 @ 6:51AM (MST). -- see ASHNYMUNUPREPORTCANADA.PDF - file which is attached with this email. 2) The Deadline for submissions according to your website

Session-16-.html , was October 9, 2012 ( See MAkuResponsetoUPRNov!2012 - page 1 of the PDF). 3) When you open the PDF: MAkuResponsetoUPRNov!2012 , click on FILE, goto Document Properties / CTRL+D : Description: File: ASHNYMUNUPREPORTCANADA Created: 10/7/2012 3:34:33 AM(MST) . This proves that the UPR Report submission I tendered on behalf of :our :Nation ( :At-sik-hata :Nation of :Yamasse-Moors ) was presented before the deadline date of October 9,2012. see: ; . 4) We tendered our Report on Canada 48hours before the deadline. Why can you not ensure consideration of our submission? What is the reason for this? 5)Your own website says the date for Stakeholder submissions is October 9, 2012. see: and - 16th session (22 April-3 May 2013) (timetable / list of troikas) Monday 22 Tuesday 23 Wednesday 24 Thursday 25 Friday 26 April April April April April 1stwe ek
9:00– 9:00– Turkmenista 12:30 12:30

Review of Uzbekistan Review of n Review of 9:00– Cape 12:30 Verde
Distributi on of report on Turkmeni stan 9:00– 12:30

Review of Germany
Distribu tion of the report on Cape Verde 9:00– 12:30

Review of Canada

14:3 0– 18:0 0

Review of 14:30– Review of 14:30– 14:30– 15:00– Distribution of Burkina 18:00 Colombia 18:00 Review of 18:00 Review of 18:00 the reports on Faso Tuvalu Djibouti Uzbekistan and
Tuvalu Distributi on of report on Burkina Faso Distribu tion of the report on Colombi a

Adoption of the reports on Turkmenis tan, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Colombia, Uzbekistan and


6) IF our submission to the UPR is not considered, with the OHCHR's Knowledge that we tendered our submission before the deadline, thereby denying us due process in accord with International Law; We will file an Official complaint with the OHCHR , the UNCERD , UN Special Rapportuer on Indigenous Issues. 7)This email and these actions by the OHCHR are clearly and deliberately: obstruction of International Law, tampering ( by someone changing the time stamp on the email to make it look like we filed after the deadline had passed( see pages 3 & 4 of MAkuResponsetoUPRNOV!.2012), collusion, discrimination, and violations of: United Nations Charter, UN CERD, UNDRIP - Articles 3, 8, 20, 28 ; UN Declaration on Human Rights, UN Covention on Ecomomic Social and Cultural Rights . We give the OHCHR in geneva, switzerland notice and knowledge of our Official response and counter-claim to this email and to govern yourself Accordingly, U.C.C. 1-308 All Autochthonous Rights Reserved.U.N.D.R.I.P., UNCERD :Chief :Nanya-Shaabu:El:®©TM :At-sik-hata :Nation of :Yamasee-Moors – 53° 34' 00" N. Lat; 113° 31' 00" W. Long ; Papaschese, :Atlan / :Turtle-Island [ GD STN MAIN, EDMONTON AB T5J 2G8] 780-271-9199 , 780-267-593-4573 , 780-892-4797 Email: , twitter: --- On Thu, 11/1/12, UPR submissions OHCHR <> wrote: From: UPR submissions OHCHR <> Subject: Re: 9 October 2012 – UPR REVIEW Canada To: "nunatives" <> Cc:, Date: Thursday, November 1, 2012, 9:43 AM
Dear Sir/Madam, The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights wishes to acknowledge with thanks receipt of your submission to the 16th session of the Universal Periodic Review. We want to inform your office, however, that the deadline for submissions of

stakeholders in relation to countries scheduled to be reviewed at the 16th session of the Universal Periodic Review Working Group has now passed. Consequently, please note that we may not ensure consideration of your submission. For information regarding the Universal Periodic Review mechanism, please kindly refer to Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

From: To: Cc: Date: Subject:

nunatives <>, 17/10/2012 03:51 9 October 2012 – UPR REVIEW Canada

To Whom this may concern, Attached you will find our UPR Report on Canada. If there are any question or concerns, feel free to contact me. Best Regards, UCC 1-308 All Autocthonous Rights Reserved.U.D.R.I.P. :Chief :Nanya-Shaabu:El :At-sik-hata Nation of Yamasee Moors 53° 34' 00" N. Lat; 113° 31' 00" W. Long [ GD STN MAIN, EDMONTON AB T5J 2G8] 780-271-9199 , 780-267-593-4573 , 780-892-4797

Email: ,

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