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The Center for Universal Energy would like to express the following disclaimer: This book is based on the theories of universal energy found in countless books, videos and journals. It also explores methods that may be used to access and utilize universal energy for personal benefit. 1. We do not guarantee, suggest or imply that you will get similar result or the amount of time things may occur. You need to use your own best judgment. 2. This book is not proven fact; it is one of many theories being explored. This book is to be used for educational recreation only. 3. No formal studies have been conducted using the Energy Cleaner in conjunction with any disease process. 4. We do not diagnosis or prescribe treatment for illness and or disease. 5. We do not have physicians on staff and do not provide them as a service of the Center. 6. No health-care professional are on duty during your stay. 7. We do not provide treatment, healings or produce cures. 8. Most importantly The Center does not in any way take the place of a trained licensed care of a physician!
Thank you

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The life giving energy of all living bodies is electric. You must learn to use the universal energy of the human body to its fullest to enjoy the fruits of the Fountain of Youth. You can transfer it from one live body to another live body by connecting them together with a small electric wire to use their energy to jumpstart the energy in the other body that has broken down and got sick, and recharge their battery to be healthy, happy, and young.

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and die. When they get plugged up the energy from the brain gets weak and slow down. The human body is one unit of the universe. The sun is the control center. feel old. Come to the school and learn how the body works. causing the body to slow down. They get tired. It is powered and controlled by universal energy. get sick. how to control and use the universal energy of the body to clean the old sludge that gets stuck in the cells.com/ (4 of 30) [03/06/2004 8:32:37] .E-K University BE HEALTHY – HAPPY – YOUNG AGAIN YOU ARE NO OLDER THAN YOU FEEL BATH IN THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH REMOVE THE TOXIC POISON FROM THE CELLS OF THE BODY HAVE A CLEAN BODY – PAIN FREE – LOTS OF ENERGY UNIVERSAL ENERGY" is FREE! Universal energy powers and controls the whole universe.edkuniversity. The brain controls the body and keeps it clean and healthy as long as the energy channels are clean and open from the brain to the cells. The cells do the same. start http://www.

to be healthy-happy-and young. http://www. be healthy-happy-and young. any nut can do it even you. Bathing in water that is energized by Universal Energy can lead to many health benefits. and fill up with sludge. Come and let us show you how to do it. jumpstart the cell to working. It’s free. The Lord made it so easy to do. Have fun.E-K University hurting. get sick and start to die. Learn how to control and use the universal energy to clean the energy channels.edkuniversity.com/ (5 of 30) [03/06/2004 8:32:37] . Learn how to use it at: "School of Universal Energy" Here at “The School” we offer our visitors the opportunity of bathing in our beautiful bathroom suite we call the Fountain of Youth.

com or: Phone 740-783-0021 http://www. long enough so that your body is clear. We also promise you that we will not ask you to buy anything. “Eagles Lodge” has 30-bed accommodation. Rd. All we ask is for you to stay. 297 Caldwell. School of Universal Energy At the “Eagles Lodge” 19425 Twp. Your skin can blossom with radiance when you clean your body of the toxins that create an aged appearance. with or without a caregiver and or partner.com/ (6 of 30) [03/06/2004 8:32:37] . There is no charge for accommodation it is free.edkuniversity.E-K University You may feel younger and have increased vitality to enjoy your life more. Ohio 43724 For more information email: energycleaner@aol. come to us and learn how to be healthy and stay young.

The human body is similar to a car in that it needs to be maintained correctly if you wish it to perform at its best. does not hold all the answers to illness. Here at “The School” we teach you about http://www. provided mankind with a body to serve all its needs and purposes on Earth. The medical profession. Nature provides us with many ways of maintaining the body using simple natural ways.com/ (7 of 30) [03/06/2004 8:32:37] . who generally claim to have answers to most illness’s through drugs. surgery etc.E-K University The Fountain of Youth! Does it exist? Creation…. You cannot improve on Natures ways simply by trying to sophisticate its methods.edkuniversity. as it does not yet understand all of the functions and ways of the body that are needed for the body to repair itself.

E-K University the subtle Universal Energy that the body uses to cleanse toxins from cells. There are.edkuniversity. people such as the Hunza. Remember…. http://www.. Azerbaijani’s and other indigenous peoples that live in close harmony with nature’s subtle energy ways and they live to 120-140 years of age! Why not visit “Eagles Lodge” and attend the School of Universal Energy and learn how you can help your body and mind rejuvenate using Universal Energy. maintain and repair itself. Bathing in water stimulated by the “Energy Cleaner” using Universal Energy has many benefits for the body. You are no older than you feel! You Don’t Have To Remain Sick. The human body can live to a much longer age than is generally accepted by most people. thus delaying the aging process. in this world today.com/ (8 of 30) [03/06/2004 8:32:37] .

The results are fatigue. How wrong they are! The body is simply filling up with toxins.E-K University You Don’t Have To Get Old Before Your Time! Be Healthy-HappyYoung People abuse their bodies in many different ways in this world. accumulation of chemical toxins.edkuniversity. Nutritional deficiencies. You become weak and feel tired all the time because the cells are http://www.com/ (9 of 30) [03/06/2004 8:32:37] . AS YOU GROW OLD. When you begin to get aches and pains and start slowing down. as the electrical impulses that travel along the meridians become weakened and eventually blocked. conventional medical practitioners tell you that it is simply because you are getting older. emotional stress and lack of quality sleep are just a few abuses. sickness and ageing before your time. Eventually the body starts to break down and become unhealthy.

She is jolly to be with and says that this sure is good air here! She takes no pills and doesn’t have any pain. Try using an “Energy Cleaner” and stimulating pad at night and detect the difference that Universal Energy makes. leaving toxic sludge within the walls of the cells.edkuniversity. She says the air is better here and can breathe better! She has more strength and is eating much better. She couldn't walk without help or a cane. she got up to go to the bathroom and got a drink without any help and quit complaining of having pain. The first week she was relaxed and slept like a child. http://www.com/ (10 of 30) [03/06/2004 8:32:37] .E-K University being starved of nutrition and are not being cleaned out efficiently. She talks with everyone and goes for a car ride every time that she is invited. By the end of the week. for you. She complained and was irritable because of the pain and couldn’t sleep well. My 87-year-old mother-in-law had become run down. My wife brought her home and we put a stimulating pad on her bed with an “Energy Cleaner” under the bed so she didn’t see it. Two weeks later she went outside for a walk and sat on the porch. She said it was because she was getting old.

You aren’t old.E-K University If you want to stay around to help your grandchildren reach their goals in life. Stay healthy. there is hope for all. or I am too sick.com/ (11 of 30) [03/06/2004 8:32:37] . Be young so you can keep up with the grandchildren. you have just been here longer then they have! You know things that they don’t. http://www. As long as there is life and a will to live. or I can’t be helped… this is un-true.edkuniversity. we can all help ourselves with a little guidance from others. don’t be a grumpy couch potato. Many say… I am too old. Use an “Energy Cleaner” and sleep on it. Live long. beginning the natural healing process that allows the body to regain and maintain health and vitality. They will love to have you as much as you do them and enjoy the things they do. That is no fun and they don’t want you around. Now we can help you change that! At “The School” we show you how to clean these meridian pathways and allow the Universal Energy to flow correctly once more. Have fun.

Lee Crock's view of how Universal Energy influences mankind.edkuniversity. DOESN’T FUNCTION CORRECTLY. animals and weather. some a week or less. yet they have walked out of “Eagles Lodge” within days with a clean body. Patience. plants.com/ (12 of 30) [03/06/2004 8:32:37] .E-K University Here at “The School”. persistence and consistency achieve results. many have arrived saying that were told by the medical profession that they have little time to live. AND DIES! All plants. WHY THE HUMAN BODY BECOMES ILL. Some people may require a longer dedicated period to cleanse if the cellular toxic poisons are long established. animals and the atmosphere are made up of groups of cells. The body’s cells http://www.

Universal Energy which causes the cells to expel toxic waste and prepares the cells ready to take in further cellular nutrients. Positive North Pole and Negative South When Pole describe the universal energy effects of our world. pollutants or stress the pathways of the signaling system to and from the meridians and the cells can become weak or blocked.E-K University function by being signaled with a charge of Universal Energy from their local control centers. When the body becomes toxic through poor foods. similarly as the sun is the control center for our Solar System. causing the cells to assimilate nutrients and then sends a signal of positive polarity. swelling with high toxic burden. The brain is the control center that operates the body. This process maintains a healthy body. Universal Energy is a DC electric current with a smooth flow.com/ (13 of 30) [03/06/2004 8:32:37] .edkuniversity. the meridians. The http://www. water. The human body is made up of groups of cells and produces a Universal Energy field of around 4 DC volts. they then die and a tumor may eventually be formed. As this happens. This can happen to any group of cells within the body. the cells cease to function correctly. Firstly by sending a signal of negative polarity Universal Energy to the cells.

of the poisonous toxins that have developed in the cells from normal functions of daily living. we make no charge for this service to mankind…. The techniques that are used are simple and can be very effective. I understand that when you have read http://www.com/ (14 of 30) [03/06/2004 8:32:37] . Medical procedures are financially hard when serious disease strikes. surgery or radiation cannot clean the cells.it is free! Lee’s story of his realization of Universal Energy. Come and stay with us at “Eagles Lodge” for as long as you need.. nerves or meridians and their pathways. At “The School” we can show you how to reopen these energy pathways to regain healthy cell groups. Pharmaceutical drugs.E-K University medical profession gives names to these failures such as cancers.edkuniversity. degenerative diseases etc.

Months later when I awoke from a coma. When you control the Universal Energy and direct it to the damaged. http://www. Eight years ago I would not have believed it either.com/ (15 of 30) [03/06/2004 8:32:37] . I came to realize what great effects the electric field of Universal Energy in the body had on the pain and swelling of the damaged cells. But Creation saved me for some reason. swollen and painful cells. The body heals and becomes healthy.edkuniversity.E-K University this website many of you may disbelieve this information because our ways and methods of approaching healing are new to you. I should have died. In 1994 I received a hard blow to the head. within two months I was out going and having fun. I now sleep on a stimulating pad and “Energy Cleaner” that I have developed to help myself and others. With the damage caused to my brain. within a short space of time the swelling and pain can be removed. That time became the moment when my search to give that knowledge to others began. With the help of my wife.

E-K University

Over the years of working and researching with the “Energy Cleaner” and Universal Energy I have found that nine “D” batteries producing 4.5 volt is the closest match to the human body electrical energy field, with a booster battery connected to the system, to allow it to run at its full capacity of operation. It takes nine D batteries to produce the amps to operate the body electrics at optimum capacity. When you connect it to a large stimulating pad placed over a body, and have helpers placing their hands on the pad you create a strong signal that stimulates the cells in the body and that produces a faster cleaning effect. In order to have a strong Universal Energy signal, the body requires correct amount of minerals, particularly Potassium and Sodium. You need clean open meridians and their pathways to carry signals from the brain to
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the problem area so as to detect and repair them. Sickness occurs when there is a blockage or stoppage in this function. Pharmaceutical drugs cannot repair this system. By using the Energy Cleaner you assist Universal Energy to flow again. This allows the immune system to once again function correctly in protecting and vitalizing your body. Since 1997 many thousands of those people who have come here for help, and have benefited from using these protocols for ailments ranging from Cancers, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and many other dis-eases that conventional medicine has failed to treat successfully. The use of Universal Energy is not something new. Throughout the ages, Great Teachers of Mankind, such as Jesus taught its usage to many. It is now time to bring back that knowledge to all people!


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PO Box 313 Williamstown, W. Va. 26187. School of Universal Energy Dean…. Ed Krack.

For more information email: energycleaner@aol.com or: Phone 740-783-0021

The Lord gave us the knowledge of how the body works, why it brakes down, gets sick, what causes the cells to swell up, get toxic, poison, die, rot and kill the body. How to jumpstart the cell, clean the poison out and start working to clean out the toxic
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Happy . http://www. It never fails. We do know how the body works and how to clean the toxic waste out of the body. to be healthy happy . IT’S FREE.and Young.Young and live pain free 100 years. There has been 11 thousand come from all 50 states and 10 foreign countries. It has worked on all of them. it works every time. Come one come all to learn to use the gift of God. Come and learn how Jesus taught the apostles to clean the sick.happy . to be Healthy Happy . When you try to use his gifts wrong and defy Mother Nature’s way it won’t work. It is so easy to be healthy and happy when you are wise and use the gifts the Lord gave to man. for the love and grace of God.Happy .com/ (19 of 30) [03/06/2004 8:32:37] . It always works.E-K University poison to be Healthy .young.edkuniversity. We feel the Lord expects us to teach the world how to clean the body of the toxic poison to be Healthy . you can’t run water up hill.Young. That is the way the Lord made the body to work.and .and . The Lord gave every thing to the world that man needs to be healthy . The school is operated in the name of the Lord.and -Young. When they use it as it is meant to be used for mans use.

Then the body will get well and be healthy. If you take a pill to numb the brain so you don’t know you are sick. Electrolysis in D.edkuniversity. It takes time because the Lord made the body that way. The next cell gets affected and gets toxic and dies.E-K University The medical profession has developed a pill to kill the germs that make the body sick. current will break down heavy metals into molecules and the http://www. but it is easy. When the body signals get blocked and a group of cells quit working there is no pill to jump-start them into working. It works every time. it keeps spreading until the body dies.C. so you won’t know you are sick and a pill for everything else so they claim.com/ (20 of 30) [03/06/2004 8:32:37] . the cell gets toxic and dies. If they are not jump-started to clean them of the poison. As long as there is life and the will to live you can jump-start the cells to clean the toxic poison out and the body will get well and be healthy again. You must use Universal Energy to jump-start them and get them working again. The Lord made the body to work that way and it never fails. A pill to numb the brain to kill the pain when the body brakes down. It brakes down slowly and it heals slowly. Like all the Lords gifts it is FREE.

edkuniversity. the body’s electrodes collect the molecules of copper from it and the positive charge carry them to where the negative charge where the immune system has been trying to stop pain where calcium crystals have been cutting the cells and deposit the copper molecules over the sharp edge making them smooth so not to hurt. shutting them down.com/ (21 of 30) [03/06/2004 8:32:37] . You must clean the toxic http://www. That is why people with arthritis that wear copper bracelets. The electrolysis in the universal energy will collect the heavy metals and chemicals that the body is exposed to and the positive charge will carry it to the negative charge and dispose them there in the lungs-liverkidneys-brain-glands and the energy channels leading from the brain to the cells. The body is in big trouble.E-K University positive charge will carry the molecules a long distance and deposit them into its pure form at the negative charge. The body is no healthier than the environment that we live in. That is why you find gold-silver-platinum-copper and lead in the stalagmites in the cracks and crevices of the hard rock of the earth where the universal energy has been collecting it together for millions of years.

Live two to three hundred years like in the bible. Keep the energy channels open to the brain by using the universal energy from your body. The body cannot live with part of it being dead. The Lord made the body to last and gave each human body all the tools to maintain it with and made it so http://www. Health Maintenance of the Human Body Keeping the signal channels to the brain open when the control center loses connection to a working part. It’s free. Your body does not wear out. with your hand while watching TV or laying in bed. the whole body dies. that part stops as the signal channel gets plugged.E-K University elements from the body by reversing the energy electric signals from the cells back to the brain and discharging it out of the body through the urine. The signal gets weak and that part slows down and gets weak causing failure in the body when it stops that part is dead.edkuniversity.com/ (22 of 30) [03/06/2004 8:32:37] . If the energy channels don’t plug up you won’t break down and get sick. If you don’t get sick you won’t die.

To stay and play with our great-grandchildren. Move both hands down your right side cross over your lower belly. (2) then the liver-kidneys. moving the hands from one area then on to the next: (1) the heart-lungs area. If you did you couldn’t stand it. female organs.edkuniversity. What a wonderful world we live in. slowly taking 4 seconds per circle. Doing that once a week for 15 minutes over each area. Then lay your hand right over your lungheart area. making 8 circles. and (4) then the head. http://www.E-K University easy to do any nut can do it.com/ (23 of 30) [03/06/2004 8:32:37] . opening up the meridian. you can’t have any more fun than that. That would take one hour once a week. All you need to do is place both hands wide open flat on your chest within 2 inches of your clothes. Just try it and see how good you feel when you don’t get sick. cross over and go down your right side. If you keep the body clean you don’t even get the sniffles. (3) then the lower abdomen-colon-male organs. even you. come up your left side. You would never break down and get sick. That will make connection with the cells and run the signal back to the brain. which is the energy channel to the brain.

We can still get in when we go and we will have our report card clean and full when we turn it in. we might get a front seat then. I always knew the Lord takes care of dumb people and I qualified.00 (No batteries – Use your own http://www.com/ (24 of 30) [03/06/2004 8:32:37] . I am going to stay here and work on a front seat when I go. I am sure there is still room up there when we do get there. as the humans are now. It won’t get full. He found something I could do and understand how to do it. And it is going to take another 75 years to get it down and he won’t take me until I get the job done that he gave me to do. And if we stay long enough we will amount to something and have a good report card to turn in. So come and see me and I will be here for a long time. I sure am going to stay and find out. You don’t have to be in a hurry to die to get to heaven.edkuniversity. BUILD YOUR OWN FOR LESS THAN $10.E-K University We all want to go to heaven but we don’t have to be in such a hurry. Who knows. for helping people is the most rewarding and satisfying thing I ever did.

E-K University


1 piece aluminum screen wire, 3 ft. wide or wider, 9 ft. long 1 piece aluminum screen wire, 2 ft. square 1 piece aluminum screen wire, 1 ft. square 3 pieces 18 gage, single strand electric wire, 7 ft. long

It must be a metal screen that conducts electric. It is a bug-fly screen for in doors and windows to let air flow through but keep the bugs out. It is made in
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E-K University

aluminum, galvanized steel, copper, and stainless steel. They all will work but the aluminum is the softest, which is why we use it. It is a .011 fine wire with 16 wires per inch, both ways. INSTRUCTIONS: Remove the insulation off of 2 inches of each end of the 3 pieces of electric wire, making all 3 screen wires connected. Then place the 9-foot screen wire on the bed, tucking 1 foot under the mattress on each end, to hold it in place. Then install the bed sheet on top. Then the sick person lies down in bed. Then place the 2-foot square screen on top of the person where the problem is in the body. Then place the 1-foot square screen wire on a table or stand. Step 1. Then any person 3 years old or older sets down and places their hands over the 1 foot square screen wire on the table, with palms wide open, flat over the wire screen within 2 inches of it. Then move hands, both together in a counterclockwise circle over the screen, slowly, keeping the palms of the hands over the screen at all times, slowly taking 4 seconds
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per circle. Do that 8 times then lay the hands down on top of the screen wire. You are feeling warmth in the hands and sending your Positive Polarity Universal Energy to the person on the screen wire in bed and they are feeling warmth as your positive energy makes contact with their negative energy, causing their cells to contract and discharge the sludge in the cell causing the problem. Now you need a clock you can watch so you can switch polarity every 15 minutes. At the end of 15 minutes the warmth will cool down and stop, meaning the cells have emptied out and used up all the negative energy and charged up with positive energy. Then there is no more to do for those cells until they are refilled up and recharged up with negative energy. You must switch polarity to negative to signal the cell to expand and fill up with new nourishment, so the first person is done and gets up. Step 2. The second person sets down and places their hand over the screen wire with the palms of their hands spread wide open and flat over the screen, and move their hands in a clock-wise circle within 2 inches of the screen, slowly taking 4
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One is just as powerful as the other and will jumpstart the cells just the same. You cannot tell any difference. you cannot tell any difference between it and using your hands. If you got an ENERGY CLEANER and hooked it up to the screen on the table. When you get tired don’t quit. Do this 8 times around and lay their hands down on the screen wire and they will feel a little cool. since they will be sending their negative universal energy and it will be a little cool.edkuniversity.com/ (28 of 30) [03/06/2004 8:32:37] .E-K University seconds per circle. ready to be emptied out again. Keep repeating this cleansing of the cells and that is the only way the Lord made the body to be cleansed and it is mother natures way of jumpstarting the cells when they have broke down and quit working. In a few hours they should start to feel better. http://www. It will clean the body and they will be healthy. It is time consuming but your loved ones are worth the time it takes. When their cells expand and fill up and recharge with negative universal energy in 15 minutes the cell will all be refilled and charged up. One is just as good as the other. just change people and keep going.

That can hurt you. The hand-operated energy cleaner is just as good as the machine energy cleaner but it doesn’t get tired. It is not universal energy as God used.com/ (29 of 30) [03/06/2004 8:32:37] . Be wise. and clean the cells that much faster. the cleaner will coordinate the energy and make the signal to the cells that much stronger and the cell will respond to the stronger signal and empty and fill that much more vigorous. up to it at one time and stay clean.edkuniversity. To speed up the cleaning of the cells. Never use any other kind of electric energy on the human body. Keep it clean and it will last for a long time. for multiple people. It is the same voltage and the same flavor energy the Lord used in all his creation. Universal energy can do the same for your pets and animals. It is that many times faster cleaning the cells. It is your body. square piece of screen on top of the person. http://www. It does cost more. It will last a long time and you can hook 5 stimulating pads. Put as many hands on the wire that you can.E-K University which one is furnishing the universal energy. by having other people to place their hands on top of the 2 ft.

E-K University

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The Energy Cleaner stimulates the universal energy of a living body. It uses 9 D-cell batteries to power the signal of the Universal Energy that the living body operates on. The printed circuit board alters the polarity of the signal the same way the brain does to operate the body. Getting The Stimulator Ready for Use: 1. Remove the 4 screws on the corners of the face of the stimulator. 2. Remove the face and install 9 D-cell batteries with the base of the battery on the spring and put 3 batteries in each of the battery holders. 3. Replace the front and screw the 4 screws back into place until just snug. 4. The little red light will start to blink every 8 seconds, when this happens the machine is ready for use. The batteries should last 2-3 years, as long as the light blinks the batteries are good. Using the Energy Cleaner 1. Use the copper cloth pad included and attach it to an 18 gauge single strand electric wire. 2. The other end should have an electrical connector that will fit over the brass hook on the front of the Energy Cleaner. 3. Now place the screen wire over the area you wish to stimulate. This will cause the cells of the body to work with the stimulator. The cells will cycle with the signal from the stimulator. The same as if it were a signal from the brain. 4. After a length of time of the cells working with the stimulator, the cells will rid themselves of all toxic waste and rebuild them back to normal healthy cells. At that point, it is just as it originally was, a healthy body again. 5. The bed stimulation pad is 54" wide and 9' long. Tuck 6" under the mattress at the head of the bed. Roll the copper cloth down. Tuck 6" under the mattress at the foot of the bed, and then install the bed sheet on top of the copper pad. Hook the lead wire on the brass hook on the energy cleaner. Go to bed as always. The cleaner will work while you sleep. It will make you get up and go to the bathroom every two hours. Drink all the water you feel comfortable with, for you can not wash dishes in a dry sink. That is the way the body cleans the waste from the cells, by filling them up and emptying them out. Cleaning the waste out is the only way the body has of getting rid of any waste. The blood and cells is filtered out by the kidneys and out through the urine. If you want to monitor what junk you have stuck in you, catch your urine in a clean glass and hold it up to a light and look through it. You won't believe the amount of waste it has and the odor it might have. The stimulator will clean your body up.

If the body is injured or overstressed enough to cause damage, the brain will signal the body's defense system. It is sent to protect the cells that are damaged. To keep the body from breaking down, it deposits calcium in them to protect them and after awhile if the liquid calcium has not been discharged from the cell, it will become hard and crystallized. When those cells are moved
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and then hard crystals move around inside the cell and hurt. Jump start the signal and discharge the crystals out of the cells and it is gone. The people with rheumatism have been known to see miracles. In just minutes those crystals will discharge as little sand crystals out of the cells and be gone with no more pain. They have been known to jump up, clap their hands, praise the Lord and start to dance around, then go home and never hurt again.

The virus is a germ that has the ability to camouflage itself so that the body won’t recognize it as a foreign enemy and allows it to enter inside the cells where it breeds and multiplies and the toxic waste they give off makes you sick. The body's defense army can’t get to them because it hides inside the cells and doesn’t come out. Those cells must be jump started into discharging the substance in them that brings the virus out into the blood stream where the body’s army can fight it. The stimulator empties the cells of all fluid and germs. The germs are then sent out into the blood stream, so if the blood has something in it to kill the germs you will be germ free in 2 hours. Some people drink colloidal silver water before they use the stimulator. They get rid of the virus they have. Flue, colds and AIDS are viruses. All viruses work the same and they need something in the blood stream to kill the virus germ.

If you keep bruising a group of cells and if you don’t have enough sense to quit, the body's army will crust it with liquid calcium to protect it. It gets hard and crystallizes. The pain the crystals cause will get your attention. You are going to have to jump start those cells and get the crystals discharged out of them and clean it up to get it to quit hurting.

The strength of the organ is just as strong as the signal the brain sends to make them work. When the meridians get blocked and short out the group of cells connected with that meridian, they lose signal contact with the brain and they are in big trouble and start to break down. It depends on where they are as to which organ they effect. Anytime the body develops a problem with no reason known by man, it is usually a problem with the signal system of the body. The brain will care for the body if the signal system is working well. When it breaks down that is a problem just like your car when it gets a short or broken wire, you can get it fixed, the same is true with the body. Be wise, don’t take a drug to numb the brain to kill the symptoms so it don’t hurt to die. That is suicide and not a medical problem that causes you to die.

Tumor is always in soft tissue, never in the hard muscle. The reason is, the hard muscle works a lot, all the time, so there are many signals sent from the brain to each cell on a regular basis. This keeps the meridians open for the Universal Energy so that the Universal Energy can flow. The soft tissue has no moving work to perform so the brain doesn’t signal the cells to do anything,
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doctors are only taught how to numb the pain by killing the messenger. which is the pain that is telling you that you have a problem. The cells start to rot and really give off toxic poison. a chunk of pineapple or a slice of peach or something juicy. Jump-start tumor cells to discharge the toxic poison in them and reload with new nourishment so they may become healthy normal cells again. This begins to become toxic and causes these cells to swell and become more toxic. They just continue to poison cell after cell until it becomes cancer. You will have to get up about every 2 hours and will be so dry that you can’t spit and will need about 10 oz. Jack Kvorkian's place. That is the only way the body has to clean the waste out of the cells. This will determine how long you have to use the Universal Energy to get the meridians to open up so the brain can take over and keep the reconditioned cells going. Using universal energy and your hands is the only way. of fluid. you don’t have a medical problem. they are much more likely to become plugged and shorted out. There is no drug in the world that can give the cells the signal to start to empty the toxic poison out and be healthy cells again. Quacks practice so be wise. It will quench your thirst for another 2 hours and you will go to the bathroom each time you get up. If you eat 2 grapes or a slice of orange. If they want to treat the symptoms by giving you a drug to numb the brain to kill the symptoms and pain. If left and not treated this will continue until it kills the body. It starts a little bit at a time and you have to get it cleaned out or you will http://www. and how big and dead the group of cells have become. This toxin creates a hard lump that begins to fill with toxic poison and kill the cells. WHEN YOU GO TO THE DOCTOR After the tests and examinations they give you a big name for the symptoms and if they can’t explain why you got it and don’t know how to cure it. the acid from the juice of the fruit will get your salvia glands running. It depends on how long a break down has been left go. Therefore when the body has a break down. you will still have a dry mouth. you can get it working again. Since the meridians don’t have any signals to carry very often. You have went to Dr. So be wise. that is suicide. The Lord made the body to work this way and he gave every being the tools and equipment to use for that purpose. The old used energy gets stuck in these cells and becomes stale. Unforetunately. you have went to the wrong place. The waste clinging in the cells is what causes 90% of the body’s breakdown.edkuniversity. A good medical doctor knows a medical problem and knows what causes you to be sick and knows what to do to cure it. Then drink a glass of water.com/Usage%20Instructions. it will increase the amount of fluid you will need and the amount you will discharge.htm (3 of 4) [03/06/2004 8:32:55] . WHEN USING THE ENERGY CLEANER AT NIGHT When you are sleeping on the stimulating pads at night. If you don’t eat something to get your saliva glands to running.INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE ENERGY CLEANER only to empty and refill to stay healthy. know a quack from a real healer. and the signal to the brain doesn’t return to them to empty the old used sludge and to refill with new nourishment.

edkuniversity.INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE ENERGY CLEANER do like all the people have done for centuries. And the family says. Save them a fight trying to divide up what you left. he was such a good person. "what a shame. You own that much to your family." Get an energy cleaner and clean up the body and live on and have fun and enjoy your family. get sick and die young.htm (4 of 4) [03/06/2004 8:32:55] .com/Usage%20Instructions. I am going to miss him. break down. Stay a while longer http://www.

the gift the Lord gave you. you stop and fix it before you drive on. happy and alert of all things around you and you are having all the fun you can stand. The cells don’t function properly and become toxic and poison the body. it loses connection to the brain and the surrounding cells slow down.com/be_healthy. The Lord also included those tools inside the package he gave you and anyone can do it. HAPPY AND WISE In any person that is healthy and happy.edkuniversity. look in the mirror. you have to jumpstart it to make it work again. I am a full pledged dedicated member to the effort of the right to life for all the unborn and the elderly. the world will respect you for it. Don’t ignore it by taking a pill to numb the brain. It’s your life. When you get up in the morning. That is what the Lord expects from all of us. I said yes. Be able to laugh at yourself. When a meridian gets blocked and shorts out. Smile at your friend. The body you have is the only one you will ever have. They can give them a pill to abort the unborn or to numb the brain of the http://www. When all the meridians are clear and all parts of the body have a good signal connection to the brain. stimulate the area to get rid of it. Most people are not aware that it doesn’t fix itself. When your body breaks down and hurts. so take care of it and be happy. stop and stimulate it and get it to working again so the body can heal the break down before you go on. They have control of their life and have all the fun they can stand. When you have a pain. the best person you know. He himself will judge us later on by what we do with our lives. it’s made to last. It doesn’t wear out. Pay attention to your warning system. TO BE HEALTHY HAPPY AND WISE First. the world will laugh with you. RIGHT TO LIFE Last night I received a phone call asking me if I would listen to a recording of the president of an association. there is a feeling of having their spirit upbeat. you are healthy. The Lord puts us here with so much ability and the instructions to go forth with what he has given us and do the best we can. They are all endangered species. your friend will smile back at you. So take care of it the right way. anything worth doing is worth doing right. Be wise.htm (1 of 2) [03/06/2004 8:33:14] . Laugh to be wise. When they came back on the line and asked for my thoughts my reply was. Then you are in trouble. Be proud of what you do for others. When something goes wrong. When your car breaks down. You are expected to be wise and take care of what he has given you to use in this life. you must be happy with yourself.BE HEALTHY BE HEALTHY. You are looking at the best friend you have. and it was a detailed speech on their efforts to protect for the unborn. Take care of yourself and treat your body as well as you do your car. have fun.

The almighty dollar is their whole goal with no concern to them about the right of others that can’t fight for themselves. which are very dear to me.htm (2 of 2) [03/06/2004 8:33:14] . Now I am enjoying all of my grandchildren and am very proud of them and waiting on the great grand children. when they got rid of a life so it will not interfere with their desires. http://www. teaching energy healing. I have raised a family and am very proud of all of them. How anyone can turn their back on a life and look in a mirror and see anything but the devil.edkuniversity. That is the only thing I will leave on the earth. This would be next to heaven as it is for me now.com/be_healthy.BE HEALTHY elderly and let them die with about the same amount of concern for them. Energy healing is free to repair the body of the elderly and let them live on. I am going to stay and work another 70 years and amount to something and be a superstar after all.

This gives off heat. This causes the cells to discharge all used food waste that is in the cells. This energy has been spoken of since ancient times in many different cultures and ways. the negative charge is the controlling force and uses up the positive charge in our cells and the body becomes negative again causing the cells to load up with food nutrition. it’s time consuming and taxing. this has been a tension reduction technique for the past 25.000 years. It generates approximately 1. It can be felt with your hands. it causes an electrical action of using up the negative charge of the cells. The cells grow and multiply this way.com/alignment_technique. animals. The Life Force Alignment Unit can run all day and night or as you sit in the chair or sleep in bed.htm (1 of 5) [03/06/2004 8:33:49] . that is when Lee Crock’s method jump starts the cells and starts the cells to do the same cycling and become healthy again. Aura Chakra View Your Aura Report http://www. seen with a skilled eye or photographed with a special camera. When a negative charge comes around.LIFE FORCE ALIGNMENT TECHNIQUE LIFE FORCE ALIGNMENT TECHNIQUE Life Force Alignment Technique by definition is the alternative alignment of the seven chakra’s and extended energy systems. By understanding and caring for our energy field on a regular basis.edkuniversity. When Mother Nature charges the area of the cell with positive charge.4 volts of energy at all times. Plants. If it is a good solid green with blue edges and all 7 Chakras are bright and shining like a flashlight. You can tell a lot about the condition of the body by looking at the Aura. Clear and balance your energy for 1 hour. that means all the meridians are open and connected to the nerve entering the spinal column leading to the brain. The chakra is the connecting point where all the meridians connect to the nerve where it enters the spinal column leading to the brain. with the use of energy clearing and balancing. Energy stimulation is Mother Nature’s way of working. You have human hands. and human beings are made up of cells loaded with negatively charged food that nourishes the cells to grow and multiply. all living things are made up of cells. Now that we have reached the new millennium and are what was our future. it becomes ironic that the past speaks to us about unlocking a healthier future. Convenience is at your fingertips. When the cells break down and become toxic. Yes all living creatures have an energy field. The empty cell now has a positive magnetic electric charge. No one religion or culture can say its teachings is unto them. which is the body heat that keeps the body warm as the used energy is given off in the air around the body.

social. the used electric being discharged making the halo that you see.edkuniversity. loving. It is green with a blue edge with all 7 charkas shining.htm (2 of 5) [03/06/2004 8:33:49] .LIFE FORCE ALIGNMENT TECHNIQUE BLUE GREEN communicative. It is the magnetic electric field that all live bodies have.com/alignment_technique. http://www. meaning all parts are working and healthy. caring This aura picture was taken of a healthy-happy-wise person.

edkuniversity.com/alignment_technique.LIFE FORCE ALIGNMENT TECHNIQUE Energy Centers of the Body Seven Chakra’s http://www.htm (3 of 5) [03/06/2004 8:33:49] .

com/alignment_technique.htm (4 of 5) [03/06/2004 8:33:49] . Universal Energy from Jesus' Body http://www.edkuniversity.LIFE FORCE ALIGNMENT TECHNIQUE The 7 Chakra’s are the nerve centers where the meridians from the surrounding cells come together and hook to the nerves entering the spinal column to the brain.

http://www.com/alignment_technique.htm (5 of 5) [03/06/2004 8:33:49] .LIFE FORCE ALIGNMENT TECHNIQUE Jesus was an energy healer.edkuniversity.

It is an electric field surrounding every living thing. so that everything has it and it is universal among all living things. When a part of the brain becomes blocked off. The case around the cell is loaded with potassium. It is called universal energy or the magnetic energy field for different reasons. Any function of the body must send a signal to that part of the body to function. they get no instructions to work and the muscles keep forcing the joints to move.htm (1 of 3) [03/06/2004 8:34:04] . it will continue to get worse and worse until you have a major heart problem. If you do not get the meridian problem fixed.com/body%20signals.edkuniversity. the brain sends a signal to the heart that tells it to beat. The same is true with the kidneys. The cells cannot discharge this energy and the cells start to become toxic and then they will swell up and http://www. it will short out the signal so the heart does not receive the full power of the signal. When the signal gets blocked going to the joints of your body and your cells. you get gout. When a group of cells in any organ loses signal contact to the brain and doesn’t get signals to function. The body discharges it to get rid of it because you cannot store used electricity. When the signal from the brain is lost to the feet. The energy that keeps them healthy stays inside of them and begins to become toxic because they are not receiving signals to tell them what to do with it. They get stuck energy in them and you start to lose your memory and get Alzheimer’s. This causes you to start having heart troubles. they are in trouble. For Example: In order for the heart to beat. You are going to get arthritis and a lot of pain. But if the meridian to the heart becomes blocked. you will have kidney failure. It is the magnetic energy field surrounding every living thing that infrared sensors can pick up and take a picture of.THE SIGNAL SYSTEM OF THE HUMAN BODY IS ELECTRICAL THE SIGNAL SYSTEM OF THE HUMAN BODY IS ELECTRICAL The signal system the Lord gave to every human being is electrical. the same as your car battery when acid and lead are mixed. you have lung problems of all sorts depending on how many blockages has occurred. When you mix sodium and potassium you get a flow of DC current as the two minerals react with each other and use each other up in the reaction. When the meridian to the lungs becomes blocked. The body makes it’s own electric. This starts to cause neurosis of the liver. Each cell is one cell in the great battery of the body. When the signal to your liver becomes blocked. the cells don’t cycle and keep it clean. The used discharged energy hangs around the body (its source) and dissipates into the air and then disappears. the inside with sodium fluid. The byproduct is electricity. It is used energy. your liver stops filtering the heavy metals and impurities from your blood and slows the discharging of those impurities. The Lord gave the very same electrical system to every living plant and animal. If the signal becomes blocked that tells your kidneys to filter out the toxic waste from your bloodstream.

plants and trees is 4 volts and the same frequency and flavor in all of them. horses. The hand operated Energy Cleaner is as good as the machine Energy Cleaner. Anytime you are sick and you go to the doctor and they don’t have a pill to fix it right up. cats. The hand operated Energy Cleaner is the most perfect energy. You cannot take a bunch of batteries and a cheap timer and expect to get the energy that a live body puts out in the hand operated Energy Cleaner. It works on all living bodies. You cannot tell which one is furnishing the energy when you have both connected to you at the same time. The people will know that you can perform miracles and think you can walk on water. You will be performing miracles in no time. With it coming right from the live body and being controlled and transferred to the body you want to clean and jumpstart their cells into working and it will start their energy system into working because it is a perfect match to their energy. The circuit board in Lee Crock’s Energy Cleaner is a perfect match to the energy of the live body’s frequency. man. It took 8 different changes to get it perfect in developing it when building the Energy Cleaner.edkuniversity. In 1997. Build your own Energy Cleaner and learn how it works on all pain in less than 2 hours.htm (2 of 3) [03/06/2004 8:34:04] . how to control your own electrical energy signal and how to use it to fix a short or plugged up meridian so the brain can care for your body. He did not give you drugs. The Lord gave us all the signal system and the tools to fix it when something goes wrong with it. you then have a signal problem. That is why the Energy Cleaner works on all live bodies every time that it is used without failure. They call this cancer. The machine cleaner doesn’t need any help and it doesn’t get tired and will last over 100 years. They both take the same time to clean the cells. THE ENERGY OF A LIVE BODY Universal energy that the Lord used in all his creations of all living animals. The hand cleaner takes people and they get tired. Taking drugs won’t fix a shorted out cell and plugged up meridian problem. You can do it to yourself. HOW TWO PEOPLE BECOME ONE http://www. It will stop it and clean up most mild blockage and have them dancing with joy.THE SIGNAL SYSTEM OF THE HUMAN BODY IS ELECTRICAL start to die. It always feels good when the warmth penetrates the pain area and the pain starts to move out in just minutes of stimulation. Don’t try it you might be that good but not that holy. voltage and flavor. dog. He did give you a pair of hands. you will get your ass wet. It is the most rewarding thing you ever did in your life when you learn how to remove pain and clean the cells. to another person or to an animal. He gave Lee Crock the knowledge of how to use the hands. It is a perfect match to all living things. so it has to be a miracle.com/body%20signals. It feels that good when it quits hurting and you can’t explain it.

which controls your whole life. If all couples would only wait until they have found the person with the aura personality as their aura has. For no one ever dislikes themselves and people like what they see. taste and feel.edkuniversity. If your personality is compatible to theirs you will be friends from there on. When your aura comes in contact with another person’s aura you taste the personality and they taste yours. http://www. When two people come in contact with each other you see. you have to have it to function. You get so dependant on their strength and personality in what you do that you can’t function if you don’t have the strength from their energy of their aura next to you. when it says when two people get married they become one flush. you will never become close friends. they will stay together and not brake out and leave like the world is doing now. feel and taste each other. like I do cattle. When you become one you can’t function without the other.htm (3 of 3) [03/06/2004 8:34:04] . That is what true love is. You feel it if your personality clashes with their personality. The world is acting like animals not knowing what love is.com/body%20signals. they never would be a divorce. It has the flavor of the personality of the person it surrounds. You will get your strength and desires from each other. The more compatible your personality is to theirs the closer you will become until you won’t leave each other. That is what the bible tells us.THE SIGNAL SYSTEM OF THE HUMAN BODY IS ELECTRICAL The electric energy of the body that controls all functions after it is used must be discharged and is the aura which is the electric energy field around all live bodies the Lord created which is the used electric energy. When the world wises up and learns to care for the body as the Lord meant it to be cared for and let the young people pick their friends and help them to choose them to their liking instead of putting them in the bunch of your choosing.

C. sodium and zinc potassium. electric current is giving off. it works UNIVERSAL ENERGY Universal energy is electric that is made from two minerals. He gave every living thing he created this system to function with. If you control the signals to unload the cell and reload the cell you will get the old fluid. move it out and clean the meridians so they can pass the signal through and the cells will start to cycle. It doesn’t make any difference if it is in the cells of the body or in the cells of a flash light battery.htm (1 of 2) [03/06/2004 8:34:22] . It makes no difference if the signal is from the energy cleaner. One is just as good as the other. The meridian of a cow is the little fiber you get in your teeth when you chew the meat. WHEN THE LORD CREATED SOMETHING http://www.THE MERIDIANS OF THE BODY THE MERIDIANS OF THE BODY Meridians are the little fibers that run through a living body that hold it together to give it strength. You can see them in wood when you cut a board smooth and varnish it. makes the cells start to die. It will penetrate though several layers of clothing. It still gives off exactly the same flavor of electric. It is made from the same minerals. Tthe fibers that paper mills use to hold the pulp together when rolled into sheets are the tree's meridians. He wrapped it together with meridian strings and they carry the universal electrical energy. if left alone. You cannot tell any difference whether you use it from two human bodies or the energy cleaner and one human body. that is stuck in the cells and has become toxic and poison in the body. The fibers get clogged by getting coated with calcium. This will break down the calcium coating. That is why the human body will work just as well when being jumpstarted using the signal from another human body or from the energy cleaner. You must deliver one signal on the signal pad placed over the cells you want to jumpstart. the stuck energy in them gets toxic and starts to swell. They are the little round fiber ends that show. The only thing in the world that will open these meridians up is using universal energy in a steady flow to stimulate them. Those cells are in trouble because if they lay dormant and don’t cycle.com/Body%20Meridians. It can be a small child or an old person and it is the same. You can’t cut out the cells to get it well. This poison in the body.edkuniversity. They short out and stop the signal flow that leaves the cells without a signal connection to the brain. moving out and cleaning up to become healthy cells again. which is powered by 9 D-size flashlight batteries or one human body. Use the Energy Stimulator. The way the Lord made it to work uses the tools He sent with each body to care for it. The second must put their hands on top of the signal pad to direct the flow of energy into the cells and it is the most penetrating flow of current you will ever use. Drugs sure can’t do any good and surgery fouls up that part of the body so it doesn’t work anymore. When sodium comes in contact with zinc potassium the acid in the salt starts to break down the minerals in the zinc potassium and D. The Lord used the little strings in everything he created.

then place one hand on each side of the knee where the pain is and hold your hands there for 15 minutes and their pain will be gone. Hold it snug. It will open the nerve from their eardrum to the brain so the signal from their eardrum gets through to their brain. Then move your hands down the arms always keeping your hands within 6 inches of the arms to the hand and hold their hand and wrist in between your hands. You will feel the heat coming off the knee into your hands. If you have a friend with pain in the hands and wrists. Within 3 inches make a circle slowly around and above their knees 8 times counter clock wise. and they will start hearing better right away. If they have it in both knees then move your hands over to their other knee and hold it for 15 minutes and it will be gone.htm (2 of 2) [03/06/2004 8:34:22] . If you have a friend with pain in the knees. do the same thing. Hold it for 15 minutes and their pain will be gone and won’t need surgery. It works.edkuniversity. if he says ‘huh’.com/Body%20Meridians. You always have it with you and your hands to do it with. When you are visiting with a friend. and it is fun to be able to help your friends. http://www. They will get up and dance. You can’t have any more fun then that. Hold it there for 15 minutes. Make a circle slowly counter clockwise 8 times and place your hands over their ears with the palm over the ear hole. they need their amplifiers turned up. Wind the coil to make a magnet to pull your positive electric and their negative electric so you feel warmth in your hands. You will feel warmth in your hands and they will feel warmth penetrating their hands and they will feel the pain moving out of their hands and wrist.THE MERIDIANS OF THE BODY HE MADE IT SO EASY THAT EVEN A CHILD CAN DO IT Using the electric signal of the universal electric energy of the human body is very easy to do. with both people sitting down so you can reach the knee. put your hands flat open over the knees and legs. When your positive makes contact with the negative. They will continue to hear better from then on. Lay your hands flat to the chest 2 inches away.

Plants. This causes the cells to discharge all used food waste that is in the cell. The two halos or auras connect and you feel their personality. That is the senses we use to pick our friends. the negative charge is the controlling force and uses up the positive in our cells and the body becomes negative again causing the cells to load up with food nutrition. That is the way we feel something and see it. When a negative charge comes around. WHAT YOU LIKE IS WHAT YOU SEE AND FEEL The body makes it own electric. The chemical reaction to each other uses each other up and the byproduct is DC electric that the body uses to signal all functions of the body controlled by the brain sending an electric signal to the cells to react to what the brain wanted done. This is the body's heat that keeps the body warm as the used energy is given off in the air around the body. http://www. When the cells break down and become toxic. and human beings are made up of cells loaded with negatively charged food that nourishes the cells to grow and multiply. If they are compatible with each other you will stay and talk and become friends. The cells grow and multiply this way. When Mother Nature changes the area of the cell with a positive charge it causes an electrical action of using the negative charge of the cell and gives off heat. It needs to operate the body with the formation of sodium in the cells and the potassium in the walls of the cell. All living things are made up of cells. The magnetic electrical field of each individual has as much to do with their likes and dislikes just as their eyesight sees things it likes and dislikes.edkuniversity.htm [03/06/2004 8:34:42] . The body cannot store it so it is discharged through the skin and that is the halo that circles the body. It is the magnet field that we make contact with when you get close enough to another person. that is when Lee Crock’s method jump starts the cells and starts the cells doing the same cycle and becomes healthy again. The empty cell now has a positive magnetic electric charge. animals.com/Magnetic%20Electric%20Force.THE MAGNETIC THE MAGNETIC-ELECTRIC FORCE Energy Stimulation is Mother Nature’s way of working. If your personality clashes with their personality you will move out of there. After the cell got the signal and responds to the brain signal. We are insulated from the ground when we have shoes on and we are not grounded. then that used electric must be discharged.

If you have an ENERGY CLEANER. They don’t have AIDS in their county and we don’t have one case in my county.htm [03/06/2004 8:34:47] . This is the way the Lord made man to be cared for with universal energy and the hands. You will have no evidence of being stung. Then place your hands over the bee sting and in approximately five minutes the sting will be gone. http://www. Tom Berryhill. In 3 to 5 minutes you will not know you were stung or bit. I have some good news to share with you. place the stimulator pad over the sting or bite and put your hand on the pad. who makes the energy cleaners in Missouri. also makes colloidal silver machines and they have been using them with the stimulator.BEE STING BEE STING & SPIDER BITES If a bee stings you.edkuniversity. within one and one half-hours it will clear all viruses they have used it on. If you drink the silver water before you start using the stimulator. We hoped you could try it on the AIDS case in your town to see if it will clean up as fast as flu and colds do.com/Bee%20Sting. take your hands flat to your stomach and make a counter clockwise motion 8 times around your belly button.

That is why it is so much fun. You have to help it get to working so it does heal itself. The people with pain from old injuries. you when something starts to go wrong. SO STAY HEALTHY – BE HAPPY – WISE – ENJOY LIFE – HAVE FUN This is the only way you can grow old. How much money has been wasted on drugs? The body is made so it does not like any drugs of any kind. the blood becomes normal. Drugs make changes in the body that is not natural and that causes other changes that fouls up the body’s workings. When the body has pain. It removes any toxic poison that has developed in a body. Heart burn can be gone in 30 minutes. it is because Mother Nature hasn’t been working and taking care of it. It is very easy to do. can remove it in 45 minutes and it never comes back.ENJOY LIFE AND HAVE FUN ENJOY LIFE AND HAVE FUN Anyone with pain of any kind can be relieved within one hour.edkuniversity. relieving the pain and ridding the body of the poison and relaxing the body from the stress that it had caused. There is no way they can bottle Universal energy so it can be sold and no drug can ever cleanse the toxic waste from the body because drugs just clog up the body and its' cells. Quit taking pills to numb the brain and kill the symptoms and work with Mother Nature to correct the problem before it gets worse and really breaks down and makes you sick. Jump starting it into working is the only way in this life you ever can get the body to work and stay healthy to save the life you are enjoying so much.htm [03/06/2004 8:35:00] . The Lord didn’t make the body to be controlled with drugs. when you learn to pay attention to the warning signals your body gives. skin cancer dries up and falls off and with leukemia. Don’t use drugs to numb the brain so it doesn’t work and let your body breakdown. limps around and doesn’t know where it is going. Don’t let that happen to you. ulcers heal up. We will teach you how to jump start those cells. This will discharge the toxic waste out of the cells. All drugs do is stop Mother Nature from working and you cannot make the body heal itself by stopping it from working. http://www. The Lord made the perfect machine and gave it the perfect way to repair and care for it. the way the Lord made the human body to do and without pain. You will be doing what you can do with your hands and Universal energy. E-mail us and let us teach you how to work with Mother Nature and stay healthy. The Lord gave every body the ability to care for His creation.com/Enjoy%20Life. It is no fun.

Your attitude and spirit has as much to do with your health as what you eat. you would have the biggest ball of your life. They all numb the brain to kill pain and you die young. kick the drug habit. Look for them and it is fun and they will think you are bragging on them. Let the world know it. If you work at having fun and being happy as you do complaining and looking for sympathy and feeling sorry for yourself. Drugs are for sale everywhere. Just try it sometime. http://www. it knows they just kill the body. TO BE HEALTHY YOU MUST BE HAPPY To be happy you must be proud of what you do and pleased with yourself and the blessings the Lord gave you. it need vitamins. it’s fun being proud of yourself. The Lord made man drug free and happy and to live to a ripe old age and to enjoy the world he gave us. They are sold on the street at bargain prices or you can go to the doctor and get them at controlled prices. Be wise. Be jolly and friendly.htm [03/06/2004 8:35:22] . The body is not drug dependent.com/Sad%20Human%20Race. minerals and nourishment to stay healthy. There is always someone you can laugh with and have fun with.edkuniversity. Do it and laugh together. If your spirit is down or if you have a break down you can jumpstart everyone and live on and have fun. The body rejects all drugs.THE SAD HUMAN RACE THE SAD HUMAN RACE The Human Race lives in a drug controlled atmosphere and are sad and dying young. Do things that you are proud of. They won’t know you are just having fun. Do the things and say the things that make you and the others laugh when someone temps you to tease them in fun. Be wise enough to know when you are down. The whole world will laugh with you.

plays and jumps around to move every cell in the body and their cells are cycled every day. You must get those cells to cycling again to keep them clean and healthy. When you see it from healthy eyes. Happy and Wise. You are healthy. Don't let your body get loaded down with old used energy waste http://www. don’t want to move and are not as healthy nor as happy as someone whose cells are cycled everyday. break down and die or you can get an ENERGY CLEANER and sleep on it every night and you will be Healthy. They feel sluggish. A couch potato doesn’t move because their cells aren’t cycled.THE HEALTHY BODY THE HEALTHY BODY For a body to stay healthy. so you don’t care if you grow old.HAVE FUN IT'S YOUR LIFE -. then your body slows down and stops moving the cells everyday. you are having fun being alive. the cells must be cycled regularly to keep them clean of all the toxic build up from the old energy being stuck in them and causing them to become toxic. The world is a wonderful place to be. The body is meant to be exercised so it will stay healthy. pain free and the world is a wonderful place. be wise and enjoy it.HAVE THE BEST Have the energy of when you were a teenager. They surely are not wise because they don’t have enough sense to get up and get their cells to cycling. A small child runs.htm (1 of 2) [03/06/2004 8:35:30] . All you need is to stimulate your body and charge your battery to get it working like it did when you were a teenager and you will feel young again. You can take drugs to numb the brain. to kill the pain. All cells must move to use the energy so the brain will signal them to discharge the old used energy and reload the cells with new nourishment. happy and wise because you know what you want and you go get it. you are healthy. When the cells are cycled on a regular schedule.com/Healthy%20Body. Clean the old stuck energy waste out of your cells and fill them with new nourishment. It’s your life. like a teenager when their body is working with all the used energy waste being cleaned out of the cells every day and not being stuck in the cells. As you grow older. GET YOUR YOUTH BACK YOU ARE NOW OLDER THAN YOU FEEL BE YOUNG -.edkuniversity. and you have been every place and done everything and have reached your goals. you lose your childish play and start to pick up the workload. like a new kid on the block again. The body doesn't slow down because the cells are kept moving and cycling regularly. They are healthy. happy and pain free. The energy system of the body is beginning to slow down also and cells start to become toxic and start to hurt so we slow down more and it gets worse. Get your energy back and feel young again! That is how a clean healthy body feels. As you get even older.

Flush out the stuck waste and fill the cells with the nourishment and you will be young again.com/Healthy%20Body. Be healthy -.have fun. You will be thirsty and drink a 10oz glass of water every 2 hours. they will be filled with the new nourishment.THE HEALTHY BODY stuck in the cells.feel young. You'll feel tired and think you are old because your energy is wearing out and stuck in the cells so they don't get new nourishment to give you the energy you need.htm (2 of 2) [03/06/2004 8:35:30] . 12 glasses a day. Anyone sleeping on a stimulator pad hooked to an energy cleaner will increase their fluid intake by double per day and increase the urine output in like amount. Learn how to be young. That is the only way the body has to get the waste out of the cells of the body. When you increase the fluid to the cells of the body and clean them of the waste stuck in them. Be happy -. It's free. You will have the same energy and feel as young as you did when you were a teenager. http://www.edkuniversity.

You will be stimulating the whole body with in minutes. then it should work with water since water is a conductor.Bathing in the Fountain of Youth THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH To get the fastest results of the energy cleaner. As it starts to pull it out. fill your bath tub with good hot water so you submerge down under the water so it covers your whole body. you will feel the soreness moving out with in 45 minutes to one hour. I thought if it works with conductive material. then you will start to getting much more energy. Bathing in the Fountain of Youth & New Discoveries! How I Discovered How to Clean the Cells with Charged Water The door to the Fountain of Youth has been opened. Then put the screen wire stimulating pads down into the bath water. Hot tub for any health club. where the public could go and get the relief from all their stress. I decided to hook up a copper wire to the energy cleaner and then just put the wire in my bath. You will feel young new again with no pain. After using the energy cleaner. Lee says he knew it would have a great effect on me. I was anxious to use the energy cleaner but since I didn't have any screen wire or conductor pads. This was my first experience using the energy cleaner. I had just received my energy cleaner but was waiting for the conductor pads to arrive in the mail. aches. it was desperation. pains.edkuniversity. sore muscles or tired body in one hour of bathing after a hard day and feel young again. I was desperate to use the machine and was determined to find a way to use it. I could only look at the machine and wonder how well it worked.com/Fountan%20of%20Youth. In this case. You won’t be tired and sore at the end of the days work. They say new discoveries and ideas come from either inspiration or desperation. BATHE IN THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH DAILY You will feel relaxed with the pain and sore muscles removed on the first day then. In a short time you will feel so good that you will feel like going out in the evening to have fun and won’t be tired in the morning when time to get up. the YMCA. After searching my mind for some way to use the machine. I feel more alive and not sluggish like I http://www. You will feel rested and ready to go to work in the morning and happy just to go to work. You will be feeling every place in your body that has started to load up of waste.htm (1 of 4) [03/06/2004 8:35:38] . The fountain of youth is the perfect stress reliever.

why not get the added benefit of cleaning my cells at the same time? It is very portable and you might as well use it as much as possible.Bathing in the Fountain of Youth had for many years now. that indeed. He didn't feel so good one day and he wanted to stay home from school. I continue to use the energy cleaner while sleeping. Let us add gargling with charged water to the list of new healing discoveries! This method might even work on http://www. and I think it is only fair to give him credit for it. contact me the school Second New Discovery. While he was in the bath. I decided to have him take a bath using the energy cleaner with a copper wire attached to it and a piece of aluminum foil attached to the other end of the copper wire. He continued to gargle for a total of 15 minutes. So instead of doing nothing and waiting for it to pass. Well.com/Fountan%20of%20Youth. I asked him what he was doing and he confirmed what I thought. so I was anxious to get him well. Using it in the bath is probably one of the best ways to use it since water contacts almost all parts of the body at once.htm (2 of 4) [03/06/2004 8:35:38] . "Well it did get rid of my sore throat and my breathing returned to normal. cause it is a good machine and it works fast.edkuniversity. since I was working at home that day. is wasn't all that inconvenient for me but I do work better with no distractions. Then I asked him about it and he said he had been doing it for approximately 6 minutes and that his sore throat was almost gone and he could breathe much better.Gargling with Charged Water! This second new discovery was made by my 12 year old son. Roberto was complaining the night before and that day of a sore throat and said he couldn't breathe very well. To learn more about the energy cleaner and the experiences I've had or to learn how to get one. I advise people to use it. I heard him gargling. If I am just sitting at my computer. I think the energy cleaner is the best invention of all times. I put the aluminum foil end in the water and let him soak. He says in his own words. By 11 am. he was gargling in the bathtub. gargling with salt water may be good but gargling with charged water is even faster. he was already well enough to be back at school although he didn't go back. working and driving." So there you have it folks. I have noticed that my breathing has become easier and I just feel more alive and have more energy with every day that I use it.

you'll miss out.htm (3 of 4) [03/06/2004 8:35:38] . I told her about her brother's discovery and told her she would need to come up with something. but unless you use it. next to heaven. GET YOUR YOUTH BACK AND HAVE FUN I will be 80 years old this year. Last But Not Least: When my 10 year old daughter. She thought for a minute and then said. No one has any more fun than I do. What the bible calls miracles then and are very easy to do it http://www. I don’t have a thing planed. but it can't hurt. everyone does it.edkuniversity. we would have never stumbled across these discoveries in the first place. eat breakfast. There will undoubtedly be many more discoveries as we continue to use the energy cleaner. because it is a family tradition. They forget they are old and have fun like the lord made the world to be. This world is next to hell and you die and go to hell to get relief from here. came home that day. I go feed the animals and be at supper by 6:00 pm. so Lee and Tom also deserve credit for these discoveries to some degree. If you keep it the modern way with drugs to numb the brain to kill the pain and killcut-and burn all symptoms. You must care for the body the way the lord designed it to be cared for his way and it is next to heaven. Be healthy and happy and have fun the lords’ way. just go and do what I can and get it all done before 5:00 pm. listen to the news and go to work at 6:30. Note: If it wasn't for Lee's knowledge of how the body works along with Tom Berryhill's expertise in engineering this product. We wouldn't have had any prior knowledge of how it all works nor would we have had the machine to discover it with. pain free. When you stop the pain in a few minutes and they jump up and praise the lord and dance for joy. "How about brushing your teeth with the charged water?" We haven't tried it yet. His teaching worked then and still does today. I get up at 6am. so to stop them and do nothing to help the cause. Who knows.com/Fountan%20of%20Youth.Bathing in the Fountain of Youth throat cancer. not to hurt any more and their hard masses in the glands dissolve and are gone and the memory comes back so they remember the little funny things their children did when young and to tell their grandchildren and the hearing is like it use to be. That is not what the lord taught the disciples to do. I bathe in the fountain of youth every evening and there is no 40 year old that feels any better pain free. by removing their pain and jumpstarting the broken down part of the body and get it to heal and be healthy again. maybe it would keep cavities down. by just doing the things that I love to do of helping the needy that are less fortunate of being healthy and happy and having what they need to bring them peace and happiness and by performing 3 or 4 miracles a week.

htm (4 of 4) [03/06/2004 8:35:38] . It just can’t get any better than that.com/Fountan%20of%20Youth. http://www.edkuniversity. Live long and have fun.Bathing in the Fountain of Youth works every time. You will know what a miracle is. Just get into the fountain of youth and bathe for one hour.

When some of it gets stuck to the walls of the cells it causes it to breakdown. is just the same as jump-starting a car. it will take many hours to dissolve the toxic waste and flush the cells out to get them clean.htm (1 of 2) [03/06/2004 8:37:25] . If you use the Energy Stimulator with the hands at the same time. Usually tooth aches. When your car gets sluggish and the battery is weak. There is no doctor in the world that knows how the body works and how it cleans out the toxic waste caused by the burning of the fuel the body uses to operate. rheumatism. The heat you feel in the body and http://www. you can hook one car to your battery and it will turn your motor slow and it might start.com/Good%20Samaritan. The more hands on the screen. This is the same as the broken down part that quit working. it will really spin the motor and start the motor since you have a lot more power. the cell will clean up 10 times faster as if you only used one source of energy power at one time. When you have a group of cells full of toxic waste that has got hard and swollen. and helping thy neighbor as you would yourself. We will teach you how you can heal the body of its breakdown and sickness by using the Universal Energy of the body with your hands. old injuries. When working in a Wellness Lodge. burns and other small injuries will only require energy from one unit to get it cleaned up pretty quickly. gout. bee stings. Use all the hands that are available to get the job done as quick as possible. The hands will get pretty hot after a long period. you feel and know you can help everyone that has fallen into the ditch along the road of life that has been robbed of all their life plans with no help only to be made numb with a bag of pills and waiting for the fast train to heaven.BE A GOOD SAMARITAN BE A GOOD SAMARITAN Being a good samaritan is a wonderful way of having fun by doing the Lord’s commanding of loving. ear aches. It depends on what type of breakdown you have as to if you need 2 units to get it jumpstarted in a short time. When the body gets the waste stuck in the cells and breaks down it needs a jump-start just like your car did. To jump-start the body. When you connect that much power to it. All you need is a little knowledge on how the body works.edkuniversity. When you use the Energy Stimulator and place the screen wire over the place that has broke down and place your hand on the screen wire of the Stimulator you have got two units hooked up the same as when you hooked up 2 cars to your car. You have twice the power to get it running again. The Lord made the body so simple the way it works and gave everyone the tools to repair the broken parts. To cool them down go to the sink and turn the cold water on and let it flow down over the hands. just the same as when you hooked one car to your car. the faster it will clean the toxic waste from the area you are working on. you will speed up the cleansing of the toxic waste that has caused the body to break down and get sick. light headaches. You can use your hands and the Universal Energy to jump-start it to working again but you are using just one unit. You get more hugs and love from the ones you help. We will teach you how to use the hands to direct the Universal Energy and control it to rebuild any broken down part. but if you hook 2 cars to you car.

The energy stimulator reverses polarity every 15 minutes that causes the cells to cycle every half hour that will cleanse the cells of any toxic waste and restore them to healthy cells like they should be.BE A GOOD SAMARITAN hands is not from either the body or the hands or the energy stimulator. It is generated from the energy being used up to get the cells started. The Energy Cleaner makes you feel so good it is pure joy. it makes heat. It is the same energy in your car battery when you hook the positive electrode to the negative post on the battery. It is the positive and negative energy using each other up and that makes heat. Then you change the polarity and use up the positive charge in them and recharge them with negative energy that causes the cells to fill up with nourishment. you will get fire and soon burn a wire off.htm (2 of 2) [03/06/2004 8:37:25] .edkuniversity. The two poles use each other up and that is how the body works. It takes a lot of time to clean up a broken down part that has got hard and swollen. It is the best recreational machine in the world. It uses up the negative energy.com/Good%20Samaritan. Anything that makes you feel good and happy is recreation. As they become positive they discharge everything in them and they give off heat also as they empty out. You're doing the same thing as when you hook the body’s positive and negative poles together. The center of the cells are normally negative when you hook a positive current to them. http://www.

The blinking light will come on red and stay red as long as you hold the button down. which is the little white button on top beside the blinking light. You must empty the cell first to remove the excess fluid in the cell and the toxins that are causing the pain. The warm signal is the red flash that signals the cell to contract and empty out. when they have swelling or pain. where different people use the same machine.com/energy_cleaner. The 2004 model. When you let go it will start blinking red and start the discharge cycle and keep switching the warm and cool cycles every 15 minutes until you push the button to start it back on the warm signal to start a different group of cells to discharging them.edkuniversity.htm (1 of 3) [03/06/2004 8:43:46] .THE ENERGY CLEANER THE ENERGY CLEANER The New 2004 Model Will do everything the human body can do. that takes the warm signal or counter clockwise by hand. All live bodies are a big battery with millions of cells and its own way of making its electric to keep it charged up. when using it in a health club or Lodge. When you place the stimulation pad over the swollen and pain area you press the start up switch. To get relief. we added a start up switch and a red or green blinking light. The green flash is the cool or clockwise signal to the cells to expand and fill up with new nourishment. http://www.

You hook the lead wire from the copper cloth pad electrode to the energy cleaner. It doesn’t wear out.C.C. it’s your life. then you must jump-start them working again and get the meridians opened up to get the signal to work again. warm. from another human or the energy cleaner. To clean them up and be healthy is the only way that people will live to elderly ages and over 100 years. Taking a pill to numb the brain will never get the body well. Killing. Be healthy. FOR CLEANING THE BODY OF WASTE The energy cleaner is the only thing in this world that can stimulate the cells of the body to clean out the waste in the cells. You place the cloth pad over the cells you want to stimulate to get them to work again. The Lord made it so easy to jumpstart them and give them a little boost. One pad is 10"x 54" for wraparound of the body. use it on the move like in your vehicle or use it while you are sleeping. as long as it blinks it is working. a horse or cow is a low 4+ volt with lots of amps. All it can do is http://www. Get an Energy Cleaner and clean up your cells of toxic waste. happy and wise. They keep giving the body drugs like a laxative hoping they will move like the bowels when you get constipated. The Lord made you to not have to be sick and suffer. happy and live to be 100 years old without pain and sickness. as it is switching the cycles. then switch to green for 15 minutes. The body will reject what it don't like. You can take it with you on a walk. penetrating stimulation to the area going through the body and stimulating all the cells in that area of the body. That is universal energy. When it stops a group of cells. It never fails. cutting or burning those cells is not the way to get them working and being healthy cells. thus getting them working. electric from 9D size flashlight batteries through its transformer chips and converter chips in its circuit board. You can not take raw D. The stimulator works all the time the lead is hooked to it. When the cells lose signal contact with the brain. They have been doing this for centuries and still don’t know that the cells won’t work with a laxative. The medical profession doesn’t know why negative energy gets stuck in cells and doesn’t have a clue how to clean them out. they get sick. You place your hands on the screen holding it in place. You can transfer the electric from one body to the other to stimulate their energy and jumpstart their cells to working. as long as cells have a good signal from the brain. You take the stimulator with you and use it as you like. A human has a 4. The energy cleaner is the same as the human body. This cleans out the toxic waste from them. One pad is 10"x 10" aluminum screen wire for in the bathtub. To get maximum results from the stimulator.htm (2 of 3) [03/06/2004 8:43:46] . he gave you the energy and tools to keep your own body healthy and pain free. It will blink red for 15 minutes. The energy cleaner converts and transforms D. still pain free and going strong like the body was designed. for that is the way the Lord made the body to work. The stimulator will coordinate the stimulator energy and your energy to work together and give a soothing. which is about every two years. It’s free and always works because that is natural for them to work and the only way they will work.com/energy_cleaner. To use it while sleeping. current directly to a live body from the batteries and get good results. The energy cleaner includes one {1} machine and four {4} stimulator pads. You will get up and praise the Lord for lifting the great burden that was took away by cleaning the stuck toxic energy in the cells that was causing the body to break down. A hyper dog has a high 4+ volt with low amps. This killing or cutting a group of broken down cells to get rid of them sure doesn’t get the body healthy. You can't tell which energy you are using. nothing happens. Drugs only foul up the signal of the body and makes the problem worse. you lay the screen wire where you like. The energy cleaner is a little black plastic box 8”x8”x4” with a brass hook. They work from a signal and all they need is a little jump start with a signal from the electric of the universal energy of the body. but it sure does take the bloat out of your wallet. Just give it a little jumpstart. When the blinking light get dim it indicates the D-size flashlight battery is getting weak and needs new batteries installed. So be healthy. When a short or blockage stops the signal from the brain. so it doesn’t get toxic and poison the body and kill it. One pad is 50"x 9' for on the bed. You will feel the toxic waste being moved and the whole area will be relieved and relaxed. All it needs is a little help to get it going.edkuniversity. THE MEDICAL PROFESSION ADMITS… that the body works from a signal from the brain. One pad is 10"x16" for hand pads. It has a little blinking red light that blinks every 8 seconds.THE ENERGY CLEANER A large animal. it just breaks down.5 volt with 40 amps. you would set it beside your bed and hook the lead to the large pad that you have laid on the bed under your fitted sheet. Be wise.

The cause and the problem are gone and you live on to be the superstar the Lord met you to be. not kill it or cut it or try to burn it to get it well. It is so easy to help the brain clean up the trouble and fix the meridian's short. http://www. Calling it modern medicine is wrong. You must fix the reason you got sick.THE ENERGY CLEANER move your appointment with the undertaker closer.com/energy_cleaner. so the brain can heal the body.edkuniversity. That is a way of killing people and that is murder.htm (3 of 3) [03/06/2004 8:43:46] . That can’t work.

This is one of the most important aspects of energy cleaning.com/was_jesus_an_energy_healer. He gave only to those who He had given healing powers to.” So. Luke 4:40 states: “when the sun was setting. indicated frequently in the New Testament. JESUS HEALS THE SICK Learn how Jesus healed the sick by laying his hands on the sick using the electric signal from the universal energy of His body to signal the affected cells of the sick that had been filled with toxic poison from the disease. the people brought to Jesus. Learn how to use the electric signal from the universal energy of the body to signal the cells of the body to discharge all toxic poison the diseases have caused. mental disorders. The Lord expects Lee to perform 3 or 4 miracles a week. These were healings of paralysis. Have fun it's free No Drugs or pain It works. hemorrhages. One important similarity is the fact that Jesus could pass the ability to heal one to others. which are part of the Dead Sea Scrolls and are spoken about in the Gospel of Mark. the most meaningful of his miracles was the healings he performed.edkuniversity. it appears that the healings Jesus did with his hands did not require faith. Jesus was still able to use the laying on of hands to heal. spirit possessions. fever. The sick had to discharge all toxic poison in the cells to be clean healthy http://www. all who had various kinds of sickness. In Luke 9:12 Jesus taught his twelve disciples the power to drive demons and cure diseases. fed five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fish. Jesus possessed great confidences in his ability and was able to heal instantaneously with spectacular results. However.” Matthew 8:14-15 describes how Jesus uses touch to heal Peter’s mother-in-law of fever. While faith was required for many of the healings He performed. There are many similarities between the laying of hands type healing that Jesus did and the Energy Healing. The practice of laying of hands had a secret knowledge that had been passed on to them by Jesus and his disciples. is clearly indicated in Matthew 13:10-11 and Mark 4:10-12 & 34. It does not require faith on the part of those receiving a cleaning in order for it to work. despite the fact they did not believe. Matthew 20:29-34 describes how Jesus healed two blind men by touching their eyes. It is clear that he had possessed many metaphysical skills and used them. The early followers of Jesus’ teachings were made up of several groups. Many of the healings were accomplished by the laying of hands. and laying His hand on each one. except lay his hands on a few sick people and heal them. Be Healthy Happy and Wise. Their existence is proven by the Gnostic gospels. I have tried it. Jesus walked on water. deafness and blindness. Another aspect of Jesus’ healing that is very similar to Energy Healing relates to faith.WAS JESUS AN ENERGY HEALER WAS JESUS AN ENERGY CLEANER? One of the outstanding aspects of Jesus’ life were the various miracles he performed. He healed them. Mark 6:5-6 states “He could not do any miracles there. changed water to wine and raised people from the dead. One group was the Gnostics. He was amazed at their lack of faith. lameness. catalepsy. skin disease. According to the Bible.htm (1 of 2) [03/06/2004 8:44:39] . The fact that Jesus had secret teachings.

htm (2 of 2) [03/06/2004 8:44:39] .com/was_jesus_an_energy_healer.Have fun its free. Jesus didn't charge for his healing and teaching.WAS JESUS AN ENERGY HEALER cells again.edkuniversity. We don't charge. http://www. The lame will get up and dance for joy and the sick praised the Lord. Be healthy happy and wise. Learn how to heal the sick and perform miracles like Jesus did.It's Free.

The State Medical Board of Ohio took exception to that but couldn’t really prove he was doing anything wrong. authorization and any required licensing. I went with a friend to Caldwell. Suite 118 Van Nuys. The clinic was free to anyone who came to it. I am so impressed by the results I have witnessed. It sure makes me feel bad. we cannot attribute this success to anything done there. caused by a tumor on his lung. A few weeks ago. However. California 91406 Phone 800-322-6169 ext 6229 Fax 818-375-5082 Personal Phone 818-375-5081 Transmitted to: Frank Tralongo Transmitted From: Norberto “Buddy” Reyes Message In response to your appeal for your friend who you say is dying of cancer.htm (1 of 8) [03/06/2004 8:44:55] . after 3 days we returned to California. Lee Wiltz-the Chief Operating Officer of CGE-was coughing and very weak. because he did so much good and it is a shame he had to stop when he did. Lee Crock. He had been given only 6 months to live by his doctor. that I am planning on opening a clinic here in California after getting official clearance. I have seen many cases where people have been ill before going to Caldwell and using the machine but have come home feeling great with no signs of the illness. it may just be a coincidence. Ohio can help the body heal itself.com/testimonials. Leo is completely well. etc.The International Society of The International Society of Crown Golden Eagles The Millennium Academy 7949 Woodley Ave. I really believe that the use of the machine invented by Lee Crock of Caldwell. http://www. This friend. Lee shut the clinic down and gave it up. in fact. Here is some of the documented evidence they submitted to the court in Lee’s case of the State of Ohio vs. Now. several other friends of mine have become well because of this process. This I have seen for myself. Also. Buddy Reyes The Lord is going to have to give Lee the knowledge of how he can pass the gift to people without being put in jail for it.edkuniversity. After the first night on the machine his coughing was reduced 50%.

htm (2 of 8) [03/06/2004 8:44:55] . During his visit here. I have tried to smoke everyday since then and this is the fourth time and it has bothered me every time. You will become dizzy. went back in the academy due to the fact I was light headed and felt very dizzy. I walked outside for a cigarette and after a few puffs I had a surprise. walked the full length of the http://www. I will learn how to smoke again. as their bodies had been cleansed of all toxic poisons that make you hurt and sick. The first night she rested well. your eyes will blur and you will feel sick to your stomach. I put the cigar out. The doctors had given him three weeks to live. Pennsylvania Dan and his sister brought their dad. I want to try to pay my bill.The International Society of Dan Bowler Erie. I could not walk without a cane and people had to help me get up on my feet and help me walk. PA If you smoke. It does clean your body of all toxic waste.edkuniversity. The second day they felt like new people. we ended up on the ground wallowing around and vomiting like drunks do. reminded me of a small boy who wanted a few puffs. 1 Box 5599 Catteraugus. They left here feeling good.com/testimonials. You will light up and get the same results you did with your first cigarette. who had his left lung taken over with cancer. I know the feeling that boy had was the same feeling I had after taking a cleansing from Lee Crock. NY 14719 Dear Lee. J. His sister felt bad and had no strength. for one time when I was young. including nicotine residue. The father said he knew his lungs were open and his breathing was good with no discomfort. Joe Herchberger Rt. This sensation lasted about fifteen minutes which. You can take my word for it. I had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer. I did give him a puff and he didn’t ask for a second one. we rolled a cigar out of tobacco leaves just like dad did. he rested well on the first day and his breathing was good. I took a 24 hour treatment and I got out of bed alone. When I took the first treatment I was in a wheelchair. The cancer had spread to the right lung. my buddy and I thought we were big enough to graduate from smoking grapevines to tobacco. We began huffing and blowing more smoke than we had ever seen and it was not long until we became dizzy. eyes blurred and were sick to our stomach. You can take my word for it Lee. As for taking my first Lee Crock cleansing for four hours. Half scared. and if you want to continue to smoke don’t take Energy Stimulation.J Schlabach – Smicksburg. enjoy it. I know the feeling. Your body is like new and will react to smoking again like it was your first cigarette. They stayed for five days and said they hadn’t felt this well in years. This is one lesson that you won’t forget.

it is really hurting”. If you have a break down in the chest put the screen on the back and lay against it and place one on the chest. “You really don’t believe this will help”.com/testimonials. He stated that he had his left knee smashed in the oil fields and had it operated on 11 years ago and it had been the source of his pain ever since. I am ready to go to work. That is suicide not a medical problem. The brain will care for the body if the signal system is working. place a screen pad over the head then place the hand over the temple. If you have a headache. He said “no. http://www. Alzheimer’s will clear up in 5-10 hours if have four hands on the pad at the same time. it should stop in a short time. WHEN YOU GO TO THE DOCTOR For any break down in the head. Lewis broke into a laugh and said no way. I walked 1 ½ miles the other day and I am feeling good. He placed the screen over his left knee and put one hand on each side of his knee.htm (3 of 8) [03/06/2004 8:44:55] . I asked if he had been limping just to get sympathy. you are going to dance a jig for me. The same is true with the body. and got in the car by myself. Thank You Lee. I told him it looks as if you are dragging one leg. Place as many hands on it as available. be wise. He was limping on his left leg. it will give the greatest warm feeling you have ever had and in a very short time the pain will be gone. it will wash out the plugged up nerve from the ear drum to the brain so that the signal from the ear drum gets to the brain and you hear again. He walked out without a limp. I have not done that in 11 years. I am now taking treatment two times a week at home. Six weeks after my first treatment. The time is different depending on what it is. I invited him in and he had a seat. Ohio oil and gas producer stopped at the clinic on August 3.edkuniversity. you will feel it in one hour of relieving the problem. he said “It is all gone and thank God and you Lee”.The International Society of building. I recommend this treatment for anyone with cancer. I got rid of my cane. place the palm of the hand over the ear hole. He then asked me. I took my first treatment September 30th and one month later I got rid of my wheelchair. If the person has epilepsy. place the screen over the head making sure the wire is hooked to the brass hook on the stimulator and place the hand over the spot you want to jump start. Anytime the body develops a problem with no reason known to man. If it is a loss of hearing. I asked him if it felt warm and he stated “yes it really feels good”. I answered it will feel even better in 20 minutes and you are going to owe me a bill and you are going to pay it differently than you have ever paid a bill in your life. it is usually a problem with the signal system of the body. Lewis Bates A Columbus. don’t take a drug to numb the brain and kill the symptoms so it doesn’t hurt and die. 1999. If you have lung problems. I sat a machine on the floor beside him and handed him a piece of screen wire then suggested he place it where the pain was the worst. Twenty minutes later he got up and came over to me where I was on the phone and began to dance. When the signal system breaks down that is a problem just like when your car shorts out or a wire breaks and you can fix it.

Pain from surgery one hour. Using the Lord’s energy. Ohio She came to the clinic in March of 1998 with a tumor in the brain and terrible pain. That is not a medical problem. When the doctors made the incision the tumor had encased itself in a hard. All you need is to pay attention to the warning signals and have a little knowledge of how to repair the problem. Liver. It stands at the size of a ping pong ball and in December the doctor decided to do the surgery. Pancreas. That seems to be normal for the body to do that. it went from the size of a hen egg to the size of a ping pong ball. She was unable to walk from dizziness. One with shortness of breath won’t need oxygen and one with cancer will take 5-10 days to de-solve it. http://www. you are just circulating the body’s own electric energy to jump start the broken down part that has become toxic poison and get the meridian cleaned out so the electric signals flow through to the part to keep it working and stay healthy. Everything is natural. Be Happy and Wise Rest the Body Relax the Spirit Recharge your Battery When you get a short in the body and run your battery down. The goal here is to Stay Healthy. After 30 days Mary went to the doctor and her tumor had decreased. It makes a hard ball and doesn’t change until the surgery is done and it just falls out like a loose hard ball. This is the way the Lord made the human body to work. You body will restore itself.edkuniversity.The International Society of People that have been getting blood transfusions won’t need it again.htm (4 of 8) [03/06/2004 8:44:55] . there was no change. Female organs and Male organs a few hours to a few days depending on how long it has been there. Kidney. He gave you all the tools and equipment to care for your body. your body does break down. Mary went home without any more problems. medicine is working with Mother Nature. you must jump start your signal system and recharge your battery. After four hours the pain was gone and they took an energy stimulator home with them to use. Mary Bowler Louisville. It was simply a loose ball lying there and fell out when they got to it. Stomach. The morning of the surgery the doctors told the family it would be a six hour surgery.com/testimonials. For the next several months when she went to her doctor appointments. forty-five minutes later the doctor came into the waiting room and told the family the surgery was complete and Mary had stood it well and was in the recovery room. tuff covering and was not connected to any other tissue. It’s the same with the lymph nodes when a tumor is present.

edkuniversity.htm (5 of 8) [03/06/2004 8:44:55] . The next day. Her lungs had filled up and shut down. His wife placed a pad on his right foot and ankle for about one hour with her hands on the top of the pad. The nurses cleared the room. Lee told Jake he expected him to get off the table in 1½ hours and scratch his head with both hands and dance a jig at the same time. Her family was told she would not live until Saturday. He experienced terrible pain in his feet and legs. danced a hoe down and ran all around the building saying it had been 10 years since he was pain free. The next day we went back and did the same again. Within forty-five minutes Jake said let me up. Ludie got up and walked out on Friday. The pain had let up and Jake went to sleep. Her friend Buddy put a stimulator in a handbag and two screen pads in a pillowcase and labeled it prayer pads. They arrived and placed him on a bed and hooked him to an energy stimulator.com/testimonials. When we went to the hospital Buddy told the nurse we wanted a prayer session with Ludie. Ludie got up and fed herself. so she was on oxygen and could hardly get her breath. he jumped off the table. He informed Lee he was dying of cancer of the prostate and http://www. CA When Lee and Bonnie went to California. Jake laughed and said that would take a miracle for him to do that. sister and brother-in-law came with him to the clinic. The four of us laid our hands on the pad over her chest and stood there for 2½ hours. by then she was breathing normal and took off the oxygen and did not use it again. He was in a wheelchair and could not feed himself. Lee got them to put Jake on the therapy table and his sister. and we placed one pad under Ludies shoulder and one over her chest. They placed their hands on top of the pads covering Jake and hooked them to the stimulator. They discharged her to home instead of staying there and dying on Saturday like they thought. she was in the hospital with lung cancer. When Lee and Bonnie arrived on Tuesday morning in January of 2000. He came to the clinic in December 1998 with rheumatoid arthritis throughout his body. scratched his head with both hands. shut the door. Ernest Presley Ernest came to see Lee on July 2nd 1997. Ludie Reis Los Angeles. wife and brother-in-law got on one side of Jake and Lee. He went home.The International Society of Jake Swarts Pittsburg. We repeated the same procedure for 2½ hours. The next day we went back again and the nurses treated us as something special. PA Jake is a housing contractor. went to work and never came back to the clinic again. Bonnie and another girl got on the other side of Jake. His wife.

Other times. or grabbed a snack. if I was lucky. in my tired mind.The International Society of was to be dead by September 1st and he knew he was going to die. at that point I was willing to try anything. I knew I was eating these pain pills like candy but I was absolutely at the end of my rope. solution tests with something in it. If you would like to read any more of these testimonials used in the trial against Lee Crock. My husband took a sheet of aluminum foil and attached it to the Energy Cleaner. My poor husband. I went home and for the next couple of days I took the antibiotic but the pain was so bad I was first taking the pain pills every 4 hours. then doubling up on the pills.edkuniversity. it tested as I. Stone after stone kept http://www.com/testimonials. I was laying down on the sofa and he put the foil on the swollen area and told me to just lay there with my hand on top of it. every time I sat down for a meal. Ernest laid in bed and Lee and Bonnie stood with their hands over his pelvis for eight hours without stopping. This would last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. Ernest got well and gained 65 pounds. Ohio.htm (6 of 8) [03/06/2004 8:44:55] . The doctor did try to examine me but my face was so swollen I could hardly open my mouth. And the pain was absolutely unbearable! It was so bad that I couldn’t even make the trip into the city to see my ear. I could feel the stone and be able to work it out myself. the nurses and even the doctor had never before seen such a swollen face as bad as mine. Anyone who has this knows how extremely painful this condition is. In my case. His PSA test was 13. I just laid there wondering why God was doing this to me. Ernest stated “I feel a little warm. that the lab had never seen in urine. it’s so hot I can’t handle it". It was what is in cancer.V. In two weeks Ernest went for his monthly PSA test and the results were 26. She prescribed an antibiotic and a powerful pain pill and told me it would take some time before the swelling could go down. who was doing all that he could to make me comfortable. Ernest was crying stating he was afraid to die and begged Lee to help him. my face would be so swollen it made it impossible to try to eat any type of food. Lee and Bonnie felt so bad they said they would help with Aura Therapy by hand and maybe it would help his pain. I hardly recognized myself. suggested to me why don’t I just try the Energy Cleaner Machine. I put the foil on my face but this time I could only have it on there for about 10 minutes before I told my husband "the heat . probably feeling the effect of the pain pills. "It just might help with the pain". I could tell the staff. My face was swollen.” He passed two full quarts of urine in the eight hours. I never fully enjoyed the simple pleasure of eating and not having to worry if my face would blow up like a balloon. The clear was taken to the lab and tested. Nose & Throat doctor and he would make a small incision in my mouth to get the stone out . When asked what he felt. That year he went back to welding again and built a boat. I always felt a little embarrassed if I was at a restaurant or with someone who didn’t know about my condition. About a month ago. I knew I couldn’t stay on the pain pills (I had taken so many I was afraid I could get hooked on them). they are on file at the Noble County Courthouse in Caldwell. In fact. etc. Lee was using the positive energy and Bonnie was using the negative energy. Later on. I had one of the worst "episodes" I ever had to go through. The first was very dark and the second was clear and pure as water. then a little cool and Lord do I have to pee. until I could pass the stone. I had to massage the gland (located by the jaw and ear area) work it so that while I was eating it would not get hard and then start to swell up. nose & throat specialist but instead went to our medical clinic in town. I couldn’t eat. This has happened so frequently for me that I had developed scar tissue in the saliva canal. I got up went into the bathroom and before I knew it. My face had swollen so badly that when I looked into the mirror. On the third time. I did this so gently and in a few minutes. he said. maybe even longer) I have suffered with a condition of a blocked saliva gland. I again used the Energy Cleaner for another 1 to 1 ½ hours. then sooner than 4 hours. soup broth. in the evening. The lab had no clue how it could have gotten in the urine. I had to go to my Ear.000. I had fallen asleep. I could barely swallow a few liquids such as water. The second time I thought I had felt "something" move around a little but I wasn’t sure. Ann Email: ann19518@yahoo. For years. changing off every fifteen minutes. Sometimes. I stayed this way for a good 2 hours all the while the Energy Cleaner Machine was doing its job. my eyes were all red and swollen from crying. It was just a couple of hours later I was sitting up gently massaging my face when I felt a stone getting ready to pop out into my mouth. I was spitting out stones like a Pez dispenser.com Central Missouri For most of my adult life (over 30 years.

Dear Lee Crock: I just wanted to let you know that I have really appreciated your energy cleaner. my friend Therman convinced me to look into the Lee CrockEnergy Cleaner device. 3 more stones came out. Fighting a serious health challenge. I was desperately trying to save as many of the stones as I could to show my husband. one would think I had made up a good one.com/testimonials.The International Society of coming. Lacy III A little over a month ago. I’m so glad I did and now I know what it’s like to feel normal again.edkuniversity. I am 100% healed after years of putting up with this. continue to share the Lee Crock Energy Cleaner. A few months earlier. I had come to the conclusion that the natural way is the only way to go.edkuniversity. I will go as far as to say hourly changes. After some research. I went for Jury Duty and two days later I landed in the Emergency Room for the fifth time in six months. Have a Great Energy Cleaner Day. Even most jaundice patients have to have a blood test to http://www. That afternoon I was able to go to the city to see the specialist. I am and was on Transfer Factor Plus. Not to mention that my mental attitude had changed for the worse toward family and friends. go to a restaurant now and just enjoy the experience of dining out and not having to "work my face". I would’ve required surgery especially because of the quantity and of the size. Don’t be afraid just try it and you’ll save yourself years of unnecessary pain and misery. When I went back for a follow up. My husband went into the room with me and we showed our little bag of stones to the doctor. A recent test shows a dramatic improvement even after I reduced my intake. but allow me to find something to help myself. I found that all of these things were signs of high toxicity in my body and the biliruben was especially dangerous to the baby at this late stage in my pregnancy. I highly recommend this wonderful machine to anyone who has had similar problem. but only to say that two types of pain medicine were in use at little or no avail. The Lee Crock Energy Cleaner is a "Miracle Machine". and various supplements. The call Therman gave me came after the night I had a serious conversation with The Man. it reminded me of a cork popping off a champagne bottle and the champagne spilling out everywhere. That made a grand total of 30 stones. it became crystal clear as to what had happened to me. my wife called off the minutes as I sat on a screen. When I read http://www. My body is functioning better each day now. It came with such a force. The attitude change is a little thing the doctors do not tell you about when they give pain meds. It was really an amazing sight to see stone after stone "exploding" out of my mouth. I put together some batteries as Therman said. Manning the trusty egg timer. Willis J. I am not a regular church attendee. I couldn’t hardly believe it. Nice to hear after the fact. I knew that my hard head and skepticism had cost me weeks of pain relief. vitamins. He did just that and it is not the first time. I was about 8 months pregnant at the time we recieved your energy cleaner and we hooked everything up as per the directions. The next morning. Also some unavoidable heart meds were a part of my routine. I’ll never forget that experience as long as I live. only using the sheet on the bed at night. I never ask Him to do for me. but I try to practice His teaching daily with my fellow man. If I were to go into details of how bad I was before using the Lee Crock Energy Cleaner. I had gone to a prenatal with my midwife and had a terrible urine test with nitrates off the charts as well as keytones and leukocytes. Please continue to reach as many people as you can with your teachings.htm (7 of 8) [03/06/2004 8:44:55] . Also. but the one that was really concerning to me was high levels of biliruben in my urine. While he was examining me in his office.com/ site. Biliruben must be very high to spill into urine. He had never seen so many stones released all at one time . His eyes about popped outof his head. or to anyone who has pain. I still take these but fewer of them. not counting the ones I had lost down the drain in my bathroom. my doctor was nice enough to tell me that I could have gotten out of going. I will not go into the meds I was taking. With much skepticism and a little electrical knowledge. I believe that the use of the Lee Crock Energy Cleaner has made the difference. Thank God my husband suggested using the Energy Cleaner Machine and thank God for Lee Crock! I feel like a normal person again. He also told us that if this had been in the kidney. I can eat anything.

Thankyou so much for sharing what you've been given! All my best to you and yours- Kelley Teaching the Lords way Of healing the sick With Universal Energy And the Hands Stay Healthy.. In two weeks I had a perfect urine test and absolutely felt wonderful. This is my 7th pregnancy and 5 of the 6 I've already had were born at home... I was full of toxic materials of all kinds. ENJOY IT AND HAVE FUN http://www. So.The International Society of detect this toxin in the system. which is what I wanted to do with this baby but unless I could get this toxicity level under control fast. My midwife wanted to know what I had done to improve so quickly.htm (8 of 8) [03/06/2004 8:44:55] . I was too highrisk for home birth. She told me that she had never seen anyone recover so quickly with as much toxicity as I had in my system. I decided that I would use the energy cleaner on the bed and see what happened..edkuniversity. Now I am in the last week of my pregnancy and patiently waiting and preparing for my home birth in wonderful health. In one week my urine test had only a slight trace of glucose in my urine and all other toxins were undetectable. Be Happy and Wise THE LORD MEANT IT TO BE THAT WAY IT’S YOUR LIFE..com/testimonials. Suffice it to say.

edkuniversity. If you jumpstart the broken down part and get it working. It's Free.com We are glad to explain it and willing to demonstrate it and furnish the equipment to do the research and study with. If modern medicine can't fix it mother nature can. the university contacted 1500 different research centers and schools of medicine. WV 26187 http://www.Dean Leo Krack . No medicine or drugs is wanted.Principal E-K-University PO Box 313 Williamstown.Dean RESEARCH AND STUDY OF THE DISEASES OF THE HUMAN BODY The Lord made the best machine in the world.com/Research%20%26%20Studies. Any group or organization that studies and researches the diseases of the human body that wants to learn how to keep the human body healthy so it doesn't break down and get sick or to jumpstart it after it has broke down and got sick just give us a call at the school 740-7830021 or email us at energycleaner@aol.com e-mail energycleaner@aol. gets sick and dies. you'll find it is very simple and easy to do.htm (1 of 6) [03/06/2004 8:45:10] . it breaks down.com Ed Krack .edkuniversity. We offered to teach and demonstrate how mother nature would heal and repair the body by stimulating it and jump starting the broken down part to working again. they just kill the body faster. By using the energy cleaning machine virus by hand and using the machine and the hands http://www. All it needs is a little jumpstart to fix the break down and live on. Not one ever replied because the Lord gave it to us. From September 1997 until the State closed the clinic in August 2000 we did a lot of research and studies using the healing power of Universal energy to heal all the diseases that affect a live body. It does not wear out. In 1998. Modern medicine won't consider Mother Nature's way of healing the body to keep it healthy. The School of Energy Healing is proud and willing to share their research and studies they have developed on how to stimulate the body to jumpstart any break down in the body to remove the toxic poison and mother nature will heal the damage and the body will be healthy once again. the human body.RESEARCH AND STUDIES RESEARCH AND STUDIES Conducted by: Ed Krack .

A severe pain that would take days to stop by hand or the machine can be stopped in a few hours by using both. It would become so severe they would be back to stimulate the area again. laying the hand on top of the pads hooked to the machine. Cells clean up. One could clean the cells as quickly and as good as the other when you combined the machine and the hands. this is a tumor. RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS PAIN There were thousands came with severe pain in wheelchairs or on crutches. CANCER Is a real simple problem. then swell up and get hard.edkuniversity. They affect the next cell so it starts growing. CARPEL TUNNEL Everyone that came in. When you place the hands on top of the stimulating pads that are hooked to the machine. You lay a stimulating pad over the area where the cells have been affected. but if the cells are dead and don’t work at all they can’t be dissolved. When in the brain or lymph nodes. It is caused by a group of cells getting shorted out from the signal to the brain. they clean real quick if not too dead and they will shrink and will be gone.com/Research%20%26%20Studies. the less time it takes to get it cleaned. It depends on how many cells are dying to determine how long it takes to cycle the cell to get the old hard toxic poison cleaned out of the cells. Hold this up to the light and you can see the waste that comes from the cells. They start to die. PAIN IN THE BONE FROM RADIATION This was the only one that took multiple times of stimulation. If operated on they are set loose with a coating around them and come out not fastened anywhere. Put as many hands as you can get on top of the pad to speed up the process. If it’s in the liver it has sand granules in it and smells rotten because the dead is being flushed out. It will be bad looking junk coming out. clapped their hands praising the Lord and left pain free. Within an hour or so they all go up and danced a jig. it will do miracles. After coming for one year for an hour each time they quit coming back altogether.RESEARCH AND STUDIES together. Put it in a clear glass. within one hour the pain would be gone. and canes and on cots. Each time it came back less severe. You must get a signal to the group of cells to get them to working to clean those cells out and feed them to get them clean of the toxic poison stuck in them. The urine will carry off the toxin coming from the body. left in one-hour pain free. If the lump is not too old. It didn’t get that way in a week so keep working at it until the urine is clear and the smell is gone and the cells will be clean.htm (2 of 6) [03/06/2004 8:45:10] . Those completely dead cells will stay there with the body capitalizing http://www. They don’t go away completely but form a tough coating around the outside. The first time stimulation would take only one day but it would start to come back slowly by the end of one week. When they die it is cancer. it proved the machine and the hands were equal. the sooner you start rinsing a glass. You must signal the cells by jump starting them to discharge the old toxic poison out and to refill with new nourishment. They don’t get a signal to work and just lay there dormant and the cells start becoming toxic because they are not emptying out or getting nourishment to stay healthy. It is the same as rinsing a glass. If you don’t give up it will clean up. walkers. They will continue to die until it kills the whole body. most times the tumor will dissolve the toxic waste and clean out.

RESEARCH AND STUDIES them by putting a tough coating over them as it does to any metal pieces stuck in the body. and peal off. It has a very strong meridian fiber. as if juice off of burned meat. When they get well they separate from the dead cells and the dead cells peal off. Place as many hands on the pad to cover the burned area. but it will http://www. The Lord gave us the tools and the ability to connect another source of energy from another body's energy to jumpstart the signal to any group of cells that has broken down to get them to working again. the person with the burn will taste burned meat. That is why a burn hurts so bad. The more muscle the meat has. The body can grow new cells to replace the dead one in those organs. leaving the live cells exposed.edkuniversity. it will clean the toxic poison out of the live cells that are still active. All living things grow as cells and fasten together with meridian fibers like celery. They don’t get plugged or shorted out as easy as the meridian to the soft tissue cell where most all tumors form. because it is over a large area. kidneys and lungs are all healed leaving no damage to them. A little fine thread fastened to each cell that holds them together and runs to a nerve that is the main trunk line back to the brain. Skin cancer is in the top 3 layers of the skin. BURNS When the skin gets burned. Within hours the skin will start to peal off as the cells get cleaned out. breast. The dead cells dry up and let go of the live cells. it damages the skin cells depending on the severity of the burn as to how many layers of skin is damaged. It will coat it with a tough coating so it won’t harm the body by being there. The brain never signals them to work. When cut or broken or shorted out. Those little tiny round fibers are the meridian that carries the universal energy electric signal that makes the cell work. There will be a burnt meat odor given off. their urine will be black with a burned smell. The brain sent the signal but it got a short in the meridian that carries the signal to the cells and didn’t get there. It is that little piece of fiber you get in your teeth when eating meat. It is going to have to have the signal connection fixed and jumpstarted to make the cells work again. When stimulated for 2 to 3 hours. any one damaged sends a signal to the brain it is hurt. The brain. that were still alive. There are millions of nerve endings in the skin. Those cells cannot be brought back to life. put a stimulator pad over the area of the burned area. They are tender pink healthy cells and need protected until they get tough enough to stand the sun. They will clean up to be healthy cells. If they are removed. just like a sunburn and the new skin is pink and healthy skin.com/Research%20%26%20Studies. There is no drug ever produced in the world that will ever be able to fix a short in the meridians so the signal will pass through. The pain will start to leave right away. not in hard muscle. That cell going to the brain dies and they are in big trouble. the stronger the fiber meridian. No matter how bad the burn is. A good strong signal directed to a group of cells that is in trouble will force it’s way through and open up the blockage in the meridians and jumpstart the cell to work if it has any life in it and hasn’t died and started to decay. that cell can’t work and be kept alive without the universal signal. they are like loose meatballs. All the disease of the body that the body develops happens because the signals from the brain quits working and no signal is sent to tell them to work. You find them in all meat. lymph nodes. You can see them in wood on the end grain when varnished.htm (3 of 6) [03/06/2004 8:45:10] .

It starts building a coating inside of the cells and they quit all functions. some more than others were. The signal coming from the palm of the hand will direct both signal strengths at the same group of cells. ALZHEIMERS Alzheimers is as simple a problem as cancer. The ones that had taken insulin before coming to the clinic. If you don’t give up. got up and went home like they were normal.htm (4 of 6) [03/06/2004 8:45:10] . Then they would settle down and relax and http://www. but try to explain what took place. The results are really complicated. they stayed normal. That strong of a signal will break through any blockage.edkuniversity. The rest of the body needs the minerals for the strength. In a day or so they all came around at a steady rate and by using it at night there was no relapse. When the Lord made something for us to do and use he made it so simple anyone can do it. came around in 2 hours. When the signals to the liver get shorted and weak you have liver problems and it doesn’t filter the blood to the brain. lay the stimulator pad over the troubled cells. any nut can do it. They have to be jumpstarted with a real strong signal to get them to completely empty out. You have more problems when the heavy metal starts to cling to the brain cells. a dumb one takes 5 minutes and a Dutchman takes 7 minutes for it takes 5 minutes to get his attention. Some that were real bad. who were contained to a chair or bed and didn’t know their family. The ones that came and hadn’t taken any insulin. including the coating of metal stuck to them. The ones that had the shakes were sometimes helped. When you use the energy cleaner which has the same strength signal as a body. This was studied at the clinic and it cleaned up the toxic poison. SEIZURES These seem to be real easy. would not feel any discomfort and would just relax and usually go to sleep and really feel rested.com/Research%20%26%20Studies.RESEARCH AND STUDIES clean them up and get the body to repair that part by warding off or growing new cells. The brain is not a muscle. The Lord gave Lee Crock the knowledge of the healing power of universal energy in March 1997 and he has passed it on to us. just like making a baby. Then lay your hands on top of the stimulator pad. During every study at the clinic they started to make a big improvement in 3 to 4 hours and kept improving as the hours passed by. When they woke up it always seemed as though they were helped but no one stayed long enough to get a good study done. Others with no help. We can teach a normal person how to do it in 2 minutes. The liver filters it out. it doesn’t need the minerals like aluminum. PARKINSON’S DISEASE The study showed a mixture of reaction. The Lord made the body for the liver to filter all heavy metal out of the blood going to the brain. The signal from the hands of one body will usually do the job if it is not too old of a problem. would have a quivering feeling and had to have a candy bar. the troubled areas will be repaired. They came by the hundreds and after 4 hours stimulation they didn’t have anymore seizures. DIABETES Diabetes is a strange problem. after one hour of stimulation.

You can get along with less sleep and you will really feel good. When stimulating the cells to discharge and empty out. LOSS OF HEARING FROM NOISE Being around a shrill noise for a long period of time. HEART FAILURE WITH SWOLLEN LEGS Hundreds came and laid a pad over their heart and one on the legs. After they woke up. a virus is a germ that camouflages itself so the cells don’t recognize it as an enemy. taking the germs with it. not good like they did with the stimulator on them while they slept. They recognize the drugs as an enemy and don’t let it in to kill the virus. the medicine in the blood stream killed the germs as soon as they were dumped out of the cells. KIDNEY FAILURE Hundreds came and took part in the studies. You will feel pressure build up in the hands and move up the arms to the shoulder and up the neck. If used every night. Just put a stimulator pad over the head and ears. when they had an insulin attack. LUNG FAILURE http://www. If you use the energy cleaner every night in your bed and a good cold came along. The cells allow the virus to enter and won’t let any drugs into them. The cells have the ability to shut out anything it doesn’t like.htm (5 of 6) [03/06/2004 8:45:10] . When he finished walking he never came back. When they used it at night they were back to normal. you will never get sick. they will start to hearing better right away. the swelling would stop and their breathing would be normal and they had a greater ability to keep working without being tired all the time.RESEARCH AND STUDIES go to sleep. By keeping all the cells clean and healthy you will have more energy then you can imagine. The toxic poison they give off makes the body sick. Sleeping with the energy cleaner on over a several month period. Within 5 hours of stimulation and sleeping. better than they ever had before. LOUGARIC’S DISEASE One man came in and was in a wheel chair. he could only walk a few feet before he was out of breath.com/Research%20%26%20Studies. we do not know the end results. The signal becomes weaker each time the brain coats the nerve. the swelling would be gone. the brain becomes annoyed after awhile and starts to shut the noise down. Within hours they were over the flu and colds. COLDS AND FLU These are a virus and they enter the cells and stay there and multiply. Before. it keeps them pretty normal. with no more problems. they would wake up and feel beat. Within one week he was walking one quarter of a mile with no help and not tired. When the nerve opens up then the pressure will reverse and go back into the ear. to stop a cold or flu like it does other germs. So it is hard to get rid of the ones that took medicine. place one hand over each ear. take a little medicine.edkuniversity. running from the eardrum to the brain. They can then hear like they did when they were a young person. Many of them had gotten to where their kidneys had shut down completely and within 8 hours of using the stimulating pads and 4 hands their kidneys were working freely. They felt good with no shortness of breath. they all would state that they felt really good and rested.

they was almost normal.edkuniversity. you don’t die and you don’t need the undertaker… that is the guy we’re after. going out for walks with no oxygen at all and by using the stimulator at night. some with shortness of breath others on oxygen all the time. The cells stay healthy and normal. Hundreds came. They would become relieved of breathing problems in a few days.htm (6 of 6) [03/06/2004 8:45:10] .com/Research%20%26%20Studies. Each time they would respond to the stimulation within minutes. We want to run him out of business. If you don’t get sick.RESEARCH AND STUDIES Lungs seem to have a much greater ability to repair any problem than the rest of the body. http://www. By using the energy cleaner and sleeping on the stimulator pad it will keep the cell cycling regularly and keep all meridians open and clean. There won’t be any problems and you won’t get sick.

The larger the area. this is your choice. It will take the pain out in less than 45 minutes. you can lay down or sit in a chair.htm (1 of 10) [03/06/2004 8:45:54] .ALL-PAIN HEART -LUNG-KIDNEY-FAILURE RESTORES HEARING LOSS This picture is showing where the man has pain in the knee and he puts a pad over his knee and places one hand on top of the pad on each side of his knee.com/updates. It makes twice as strong a signal. If the cartilage is worn out and it is bone on bone. which makes the cell reaction 10 times stronger.VIRUS AR THRITIS-RHEUMATISM-AND. it is going to start hurting again. Place the pad over the troubled area.edkuniversity. it will take a few hours to get the signal restored to a full strong signal. Just sit there and let it stimulate the area and heal it. It never fails.THE HEALING POWER OF THE CLEANING POWER OF UNIVERSAL ENERGY AND THE ENERGY CLEANER CLEANS THE BODY OF ALL TOXIC POISON THAT CAUSES CANCER-ALZHEIMER'S. but it will remove the pain until you hurt it again If you have pain in the chest or stomach area. The stimulation cannot replace anything that is missing. The main organs will restart quicker and rebuild the organ faster than hard muscle http://www. If it is the lungs or heart. the longer it takes to get all the cells jump-started and to get a real strong signal to all the cells. when he stands on it again. Ulcers will heal up in a few hours. Place your hands on the pad over the troubled area and just let the energy cleaner do the work with you furnishing the energy.

You see how he places his hands over the area of the body he wants to stimulate. that would be what it shows. There is no soreness or stiffness. he just holds his hand still and lets the energy flow. penetrating clean through them.THE HEALING POWER OF will. That http://www. The healer feels it flowing out of his hands as if it is water flowing out of the hands. If you should take a picture of someone with an aura camera while they were being stimulated. Imagine Jesus was holding his hands over someone and a ray of energy was coming out of the palms of his hands radiating the person he was holding his hands over. He is getting the effect of the energy from his body plus the energy from the energy cleaner. it really is relaxing to the body This picture shows the person is using his own hands on top of the stimulating pad hooked to the energy cleaner. To him it feels as if water was flowing right out of the palm of his hands and going right into the body where he wants it to stimulate the ailing cells. After he has made connection with the electric force of the cells he wants to stimulate.com/updates. It is warm like warm water coming out with force from a faucet and the body being stimulated will feel as if the warm energy is entering their body. It always feels good and the cells that are being stimulated feel as if they want to be moved and restored.edkuniversity. This picture shows an energy cleaner at work.htm (2 of 10) [03/06/2004 8:45:54] .

http://www. even if it wasn't dirty it still looks better. so using more pads and more hands will clean up the cells quicker. it makes you happy. you can't hurt anything by rinsing a clean glass and it’s the same with the cells of the body. Sometimes it will hurt when that much toxic waste leaves the cells at one time. It is like washing glasses. I feel as though I have been cleaned up just like when you wash your car. they will be healthy cells again You can put as many hands on a stimulating pad as you can get on it or on other pads placed on the body at one time. That is the way with the body. It takes so long to clean out a group of cells you are stimulating. You must clean the dirty cells and it is good to rinse the used cells for a used glass does look better if you rinse it.edkuniversity. stay healthy.htm (3 of 10) [03/06/2004 8:45:54] .com/updates. I like to rinse my whole body every night by sleeping on the pad in my bed.THE HEALING POWER OF amount of energy coming into a group of cells can really make you feel the penetration and toxic waste leaving. Those cells will not hurt again after what was causing them to hurt is gone and cleansed. You will have a healthy body. A used cell will feel better after you rinse them even though it wasn't hurting.

You sit down to watch TV with your feet up and you're leaned back. so the signal is much stronger with both sources of energy being hooked together working on the same cell.htm (4 of 10) [03/06/2004 8:45:54] . They'll clean up 10 times faster then if there was only one supply of energy being used.com/updates. you're tired and your feet are feeling numb and cold. http://www. That is the good part. You can clean up a whole body in 15 minutes and they jump or start to dancing and praising the Lord that their pain is gone and it does not come back.THE HEALING POWER OF This picture is of an energy cleaner using the energy cleaner stimulating pad over the back and where the pain was in the shoulder. TIRED ACHING . His hands are on top of the pad.edkuniversity. The energy cleaner will coordinate the energy healer's energy and switch all the polarity in the cleaner and the healer at the same time. It makes it much easier for the healer to do his job. When you have 3 or 4 healers working on the same stimulator pad you perform miracles.COLD FEET After a long hard day on your feet. You realize just how tired you are. It is all discharging the cells or charging the cells. You start to think is it really worth it for what your feet is paying for what you did.

it will run forever. be happy and wise. When they make direct contact to the positive charge of the sun it makes an arc just the same http://www. The earth is a large negative object flying around the sun. light. it becomes more neutral by the positive using up the negative. As it is pulled up. When the energy cleaner stimulate the cells. warm. they empty out the tired energy and reload with new fresh energy.THE HEALING POWER OF Take an energy cleaner with a stimulator pad hooked to it. It is pulling all negative objects with it that are loose.com/updates. It makes the whole world positive and clean. just as good as the car. and soothing. The earth pulled it down as rain and as it came to earth the positive charge went to the ground. rain. Your feet warm up real fast. The harder negative particles that didn't give up their charge are pulled right into the sun. starting in the arch of the foot. clean. Care for the body as good and it will last 100 years. The sun is a large positive force pulling all negative objects to it. THE SOLAR SYSTEM AND THE HUMAN BODY The Solar System is operated by Electro-magnetic energy . place the pad over the feet and have the most surprising feeling of your life. Care for the body as you do your car. if it should get stalled or run into the ditch along the road of life. He makes the best and makes it to last. Stay healthy. The wind accumulates a quantity of energy during movement.edkuniversity. The magnetic pull between the earth and the sun is the string holding the universe together. All particles on earth are negatively charged. but the body is a better machine. The loose. When the Lord makes something. Live to be 100 pain free years and have fun. it feels soft. negative particle is pulled up and pulled along causing movement. clean. The cells get their strength restored and ready to work when the brain signals them to go with no aches or pain. The sun is positive and pulling the negative to it. when you expect it to run a 100 thousand miles.htm (5 of 10) [03/06/2004 8:45:54] . It will run for 100 years with a jump-start once in awhile. all it ever needs is to refuel it with good. It starts to become positively charged and cools down and drops the moisture that the negative charge was carrying. nourishing food and it will never wear out. as if you had a ball on a string swinging it around you. and that is why it feels so good. the aches start to move out through the toes and heal and the feet are relaxed and ready for the same the next day. and cold. It is pure with plenty of oxygen and it is a wonderful feeling. It is the wind. When the air is clean and negatively charged.

They all give off a little bit of radiation and all together make a hot spot on the aura. It is a real strong signal when a part of the body becomes broken down. You must keep working at it by reversing the polarity every 15 minutes until the jumpstart signal is a good strong signal so the cells will keep on working. The body does not need drugged or shocked to change something to keep it going. then the blocked meridians was a small problem and will be back to normal again. http://www. the bigger problem there is. Then you can tell by using your hand scanning over the body. by having a picture of the Aura where the break down of the cells is and how big of an area is having a signal problem. THE 7 CHAKRA' S There are thousands of meridians that come to each Chakra to hook to the nerve leading to the brain.edkuniversity. The whole universe is continuing with it and nothing else has any affect on it. A good-trained energy cleaner can detect any break down you have and any cells that are not working by where the hole in the aura is and how it responds to stimulation. You can feel the Chakra is weak and the weaker it is.com/updates. The problem is that the medical profession won't believe that the living body is controlled and operated by magnetic energy force. Then they are healthy again. You take your hands and go in a circle counter clockwise several times making the circle the size of the weak signal hole that is in the aura. If the meridians have been broken or shorted out. You can tell more. When the hole in the aura starts to become strong in a little while.THE HEALING POWER OF as an electric welder's arc. You will feel the signal building up as it gets stronger. It just needs its' cells to be cleansed of the negative energy and refueled with positive energy. It's the stagnant toxic poison in the negatively charged cells that causes disease. it will take a long time to get them repaired. A trained energy cleaner feels the Chakra as they pass their hands over them. replace it with positive energy and the body will feel new again.htm (6 of 10) [03/06/2004 8:45:54] . Many times that will correct the problem and they will feel good again. then keep making the circle a little smaller until the Chakra is strong as the others. then it takes a long time and you must jump-start them by cycling the cells several times to clean them up and get the Chakra strong and bright again. Empty it out. If the cells have plugged up and started to die.

the nerves and the meridians running to the brain cells are clean. so they are being used faster than they are being filled. It keeps it healthy and ready to go when the conscious mind calls upon a part of the body to respond to the signal it sends. what's going on? All you can hear is the strength of the signal the brain got from the drum. HEARING & MEMORY LOSS The subconscious mind is the caretaker of the whole body. the response would be fuzzy at best. Take an energy cleaner with a stimulator pad large enough to cover the spasm area. The signals are lost so the body can't respond if it doesn't get a signal from the conscious mind telling it what to do.com/updates. The problems are very simple and easy to fix like all the problems of the body's loss of function. The nerve from the eardrum to the brain is plugged up and the conscious mind sends a signal to the eardrum asking. Muscle spasms or pulling a muscle causes a lot of pain and the muscle sometimes knots up and the pain will stop you. shorted out and plugged up. So jump-start them and give the cells a quick fix and they will go on with new strength. When the conscious mind sends a signal to the brain. The energy coming from the pad will be warm and penetrating to the strained muscle relieving the stress and relaxing the muscle. The pain is gone in just minutes and the muscle is ready and willing to go on and do the stressful job with no pain. If it is weak you don't hear much. Connect the pad by copper wire to the brass hook on the energy cleaner and place as many hands on the pad to cover the spasm in the muscle.htm (7 of 10) [03/06/2004 8:45:54] . http://www.edkuniversity. it is sure that everything will become corroded.THE HEALING POWER OF MUSCLE SPASMS AND PAIN Extreme stressful activity of the body during the game of life usually demands a lot of stress on the arms or legs. If it were shorted out. As time goes by and we have been here a long time. The cells go into a hunger strike and knot up and it hurts. When the cells in the muscle are over worked and run out of fuel. You get the stored data in the brain cell really quick and clear. That is the way the Lord made the body. the subconscious mind is not filling the cells fast enough.

Please do as much as you can for your body. It's your life. so will the body. place the hands right over the ears and the hearing will be better right away. the bowels must move and roll most of the time to keep the food we eat well stirred and mixed with the water we drink.edkuniversity. Hold them there for as long as you are comfortable and keep repeating the stimulation of the brain cells and the meridians. take care of the body and enjoy life. STIMULATION AND STRENGTHENING THE BOWEL MUSCLES To have a good healthy body. In the case of memory loss. The car will run one hundred thousand miles with good care. It is easy and doesn't cost as much to fix as it does the car. All food consumed must be well chewed to break it down to let all the nourishment. you place a signal pad over the part of the body that has acquired the problem.com/updates. Don't junk it up and call the under taker. minerals and vitamins that the body needs to become dissolved with the liquid we drink and become absorbed into the blood stream. you fix it and jump-start it and go on. If the problem is loss of hearing. Stimulate and jump-start it if it breaks down. The cells then use this for fuel to run the body. Just stimulate it and give it a jump-start and keep right on trottin.THE HEALING POWER OF To repair the loss of the signals from the conscious mind to a part of the body. BLOAT AND STOMACH BURN http://www. Hold the hands and the signal pad over the ears for 15 to 20 minutes stimulating the nerves and cleaning the blockage and you can hear. Loss of memory can be coated cells which is the memory bank or the meridians and nerves. You don't do that to the car and call the junk dealer. place your hands on the side of your head over the temple and you will feel the signal stimulating the brain cells. They all affect the speed of thought and memory.htm (8 of 10) [03/06/2004 8:45:54] . It takes longer to clean the cells then it does the nerves and meridians. Place your hands on top of the pad. If we would give our body the same attention and care we do our car it would last for 100 years. Instead.

Your intestines will roll around sometime and push on the belly so you can see them move. Place the ENERGYCLEANER in a central location of the house. Run one strand of 18 gauge wire to each bed and connect it to a hook so you can http://www.edkuniversity. gout in the feet. Lay it over the stomach area and place your hands on it. It has short burrs on it like sand does. Place your hands on top of the signal pad and let the energy cleaner machine do the work. If you keep the body clean from toxic poison. whiplash in the neck and shoulders. You will feel the energy coming out of the palm of your hands penetrating the muscle and cells. take a stimulator pad and connect it to an energy cleaner. This causes all rheumatoid arthritis in the joints and muscle cells. INJURY ACHES AND PAIN When the body gets torn up and injured. shoulders and elbows. your bowels will be regular and strong. THE BIGGEST MONEY SAVER IN A FAMILY HOME: THE ENERGY CLEANER You can purchase one for less than one day in a hospital. put the stimulator pad on and move it on down the line and be rid of it with no pills. you won't go to the hospital or the doctor. By using the energy cleaner every day. You will feel your intestines start to move around and the gases come out both ways. discharging every thing in them and leaving the muscle area in just minutes.com/updates. The subconscious mind uses a lot of calcium in repairing the damaged part of the body. One ENERGYCLEANER is capable of taking care of the whole family. If you do. it does a pretty good job of healing whatever the damage has been done to it. You won't get stomach burns unless you eat too much of something. You will soon have a memory replay of what you did when you injured it and when it leaves this time it will be gone never to come back unless you injure it again. It's the same as when a baby moves during pregnancy. After awhile. The excess calcium the body doesn't need or use during the healing of the body is left there.htm (9 of 10) [03/06/2004 8:45:54] .THE HEALING POWER OF To relieve any fullness and stomach burn. carpal tunnel in the wrist and hands. All of these pains are easy to remove. sprained knees. the calcium becomes crystallized in the cells and causes a lot of pain when moved. Take a signal pad and hook it to an energy cleaner and place it over the pained area. ankles.

htm (10 of 10) [03/06/2004 8:45:54] .com/updates. If anyone would like to get a machine. It will not drain the batteries any faster. please e-mail energycleaner@aol.THE HEALING POWER OF hook the bed stimulator pads to it and any hand pads you may want to use to stimulate any extra part of the body. When the blinking light gets dim. it's time to change the batteries. like copper.edkuniversity. (You can use any wire that is a conductor of electricity. It will handle up to four different locations at the same time. The batteries will last from one to two years of continuous use.com http://www. for instance.) You don't need to unhook any pad leads when not in use.

htm WHAT HAPPENED TO LEE CROCK? After the Lord gave Lee Crock the gift of ’97. 400 head of cattle. rheumatism. If you just want to talk to him and learn what he has done and what you can do and what it has done for thousands of others that were going to die young. It opened to the public September 1st. so it doesn’t break down and die and what to do if it does break down. then give Lee a call. The Lord expects all of us. In December of 1998 the state medical board came in the clinic. Lee says he is going to work another 70 years before he retires and quits coon hunting.edkuniversity.edkuniversity. From September 1. It relieved the ailments so it had to be medicine according to the State of Ohio and what he did was against the law or so they claimed. He was drug into court seven times and they never attempted to say what he did that was against the law. Then he'll do as he damn well pleases. 1997 until the clinic was shut down in August 2000 there were over 11 thousand visitors to the clinic from all 50 states and 10 foreign countries. Ohio. Lee says the Lord gave him a second chance and he is going to make it this time. When they saw the way he was treating patients for cancer. TO CONTACT LEE CROCK Lee is busy with his cattle ranch of 1500 acres.htm (1 of 4) [03/06/2004 8:46:59] . His theory of jumpstarting the body to start working and charging your battery to keep it working has worked for thousands and kept the undertaker from getting them. He feels the Lord gave him the knowledge of how the body works and what to do to keep it repaired. Lee is an 80 year old man with a 40 year old body and the ambition and spirit of a teenager that has his whole life in front of him. to succeed and earn our place in heaven. He is eager to get going and do something to be the superstar. He is proud to explain it to you.com/Wheres%20lee. AN EMAIL TO A FRIEND Hello Jerry http://www. You just can’t run a clinic with that many people being treated without a license. he started the Noble County University Therapeutic Clinic. psoriasis of the liver. with the abilities and gifts He gave us. to get it healthy again. they slapped charges against Lee for practicing medicine without a license. but healed their body and lived on. 1997 at 515 West Street on the square across from the courthouse in downtown Caldwell. arthritis. The evidence that was presented to the court were results documented of the people who wrote him after receiving energy stimulation. heart failure and casuistic lungs and they were getting well.com/Wheres%20lee. 30 whitetail deer and his 6 hunting dogs. alzheimer’s disease. The only people that came to the clinic were treated with aura therapy and it helped them. so it has to be medicine. Give Lee a call at his office at 1-740-783-0021 or his home at 1-740-783-3315.http://www.

he will smile back at you. you are looking at the best friend you have. The Lord meant this world to be next to heaven You have to work at it or it can be next to hell. When I was 14.com/Wheres%20lee. then you have gone to the wrong place. ANY MALE CAN BE A FATHER It takes a special person to be a dad. it is eternal love. I was having my doubts. They still use the same tricks. I was really surprised to learn some of the things dad did would really work.com/Wheres%20lee. don't come to work because I don't want to look at that sorry face either. When by 12 dad had started to slip. If you work at being jolly and having fun. By 18. feeling sorry for their self and being jealous of others they would have the time of their life. Have fun. He was slipping. Stand up straight. when you get up in the morning look in the mirror. the harder I work. My belief is you must work at what you want. His love is not for a day. I don’t think he would know. I listen to what he says now. he didn’t know everything but he was proud of me and came to my games and bragged on me.htm I got your email and laughed when looking at it and remembered what I felt when I shook hands with you in Dallas. He was so far behind in his ways but he was there and would listen if I needed something. By 50. The whole world will laugh with you. be the same to your fellow man as you were to your friend and your fellow man will be your friend. when you did it. By 35. He was always glad that you had come. You could always see the love in his eyes. nourish your feelings and encourage you on and give you room to grow and be proud of you when you do good. Smile at your friend and he will smile back at you. If you can't wait to get to work on time in the morning because you have fun every day and enjoy the work. If you smile at your friend. He is always there when you stumble and fall down to pick you up and mind your wounds. The world will greet you with open arms and have fun. By 21. Dads know you are no better than the ones you hang around with and never hang around someone you are ashamed to take home or to church.htm (2 of 4) [03/06/2004 8:46:59] . He has taken care of me but I am not stupid. Dad had really slipped but he was always there to listen to my troubles and complaints and give me his advice for what it was worth. I just couldn’t see how dad ever made it. dad let me drive the tractor and the wagon. look up. At 16. The Lord takes care of dumb working people and I have qualified. throw your chest out. http://www. I was allowed to drive the family car. When I was young (10 years old) dad knew everything and never make a mistake. If you look in the mirror when you get up in the morning you will be looking at your best friend. that our personalities are compatible with each other and when out magnetic electric field came together that we enjoy the same things.edkuniversity. no use even asking. had my own horse and could rope a calf. he even made mistakes and just wasn’t keeping up. It is up to you which you work at the hardest. laugh at yourself and with your friends. be alert and smile.http://www. Dad hadn’t done this. just changed the flavor a little. As I always tell my employees.edkuniversity. If the sad people would work as hard at having fun as they do at hunting sympathy. When you go out. generally old fashion ideas. If you can't smile at your friend. the more generous He is. I started to realize the world hadn’t changed near as much as I had thought. Those damn crooks will still cheat you like dad told me they did in his days.

That is something that I can’t understand for no one steals unless they are jealous of some one else. Never let the world know if you are down. Now that has to be a friend that you have to hold a grudge deep inside to do those things to a friend. it has to be your way or nothing. don’t confuse him by trying to change it. If you do. it is not their fault. he will look you in the eye and inform you are talking to a Dutchman. first they were born that way and it is much easier and cheaper. There is one thing for sure. It’s not their fault they were born that way. Did you ever wave a red flag at a bull and thought it was bad the way he tore up the grass? Lord you haven’t seen nothing when you tell one of them they are wrong and going to have to change and do it your way. FULL BLOODED DUTCHMAN Lee Crock is a full-blooded Fulda Dutchman.htm (3 of 4) [03/06/2004 8:46:59] . Do you know a Dutchman when you see one? You can’t tell them much. So it is no wonder those kinds of people go to hell. you can get some when you need it. than all the other sins all together. The Fulda Dutchman are Catholic by faith for three reasons. 5th generation from Germany. Always treat your fellow man like you would like to be treated. That pisses off the preachers. Do you know it is against the law to tell stories in England on Saturday? They think so slow they will laugh in church on Sunday.http://www. A good protestant must go to church three times a week and give 10% of what they earn.edkuniversity. since they don’t have it and are too lazy to go out and earn for themselves what they desire. Never treat him as if he was a crook. A Dutchman is a hard worker. http://www. They were born that way. easy to work with and fun to be with as long as you do it their way. and you are wasting your damn time. You can’t lie to someone that doesn’t believe you. You can’t cheat someone that doesn’t have faith in you.com/Wheres%20lee.htm Dads best advice to me was always to smile in the morning. cheating and stealing. so they can rejoice over your bad luck. so you won’t be fooled. it’s like money in the bank. you can’t steal from someone that doesn’t trust you.edkuniversity. they only need to go to church on Sunday and give what they can. They will tear up a forty-acre field before stopping for a second breath. The world will smile with you. Always give a helping hand. You wouldn’t want to go to hell for doing those things to a friend. THE BLESSED VIRGIN The blessed Virgin has told the people on one of her visits to Bosnia that more people go to hell on account of the sin of lying. He is content in what he thinks.com/Wheres%20lee. They can’t help it. I just don’t know how dad knew so much the way he had to learn it. But if you should be one of those stubborn honkeys and do things the hard way.

Then let your grief be comforted by trust.http://www.htm TO THOSE I LOVE AND THOSE WHO LOVE ME When I am gone release me. and you can only guess How much you gave to me – happiness. So grieve awhile for me – if grieve you must. You mustn’t tie yourself to me with tears.edkuniversity. e-mail us at energycleaner@aol. you’ll hear All of my love around you soft and clear. I gave you my love. So if you need me.com http://www. When I am gone think of me. But now it’s time I traveled on alone. And then when you must come this way alone.com/Wheres%20lee. I’ll greet you with a smile and WELCOME YOU HOME.htm (4 of 4) [03/06/2004 8:46:59] . Lee Crock If you have any questions or remarks about our method of teaching energy healing. So bless the memories within your heart. It’s only for awhile that we must part.com/Wheres%20lee. let me go… I have so many things to see and do. Be happy that we had so many years. Though you can’t see or touch me I’ll be there And if you listen with your heart. I thank you for the love you have shown.edkuniversity. call and I will come.

It will last 100 years pain free. All the drugs in the world can’t fix the signal system of the body.edkuniversity. You can jumpstart the immune system into working by hand using a group of people to use their universal energy to jumpstart the cell that has been damaged. One group using their positive polarity electric energy to signal the cells to retract and empty out all sludge and waste in them. They are the best in the world and know how to keep the body from dying. The immune system will take care of the body when the body has been cared for. You can help Mother Nature to get the immune system to working to repair the damage by jumpstarting the signal to the damaged area where the breakdown accrued. You must have good clean open meridians to carry the signal from the brain to the problem area so the brain can signal the cells there to clean out the cause of the problem. quit functioning. All the drugs and doctors in the world can’t cure the body when it gets sick. healthy cells to supply the energy the body needs to fight a problem the body has so the brain can signal the problem area of the body to clean out the cause of the problem. Then change http://www.com/last_page. THE IMMUNE SYSTEM OF THE BODY is the only thing that can cure the body when the body brakes down and gets sick. The immune system of the body is the universal energy of the body being controlled by the brain signaling each cell what to do to clean it out and nourish it to repair the damage the breakdown caused. It will get the cells to start working and clean out the toxic poison and open up the plugged meridians to pass the signals sent by the brain to clean out the problem. If the body got torn up in a wreck that takes the experts to put the body back together and stabilize it to keep the trauma down so not to go into shock and cause death and keep the germs out so not to get toxic waste in the body causing death. depending on what the cause of the breakdown was. They can kill any germs that attack the body and kill the pain that puts the body in trauma that causes the shock that causes death. When some of them get plugged or broken. which takes a high content of potassium and sodium minerals in the blood to supply the cells of the body.http://www. The immune system of the body then can’t work. You must jumpstart the signal like you do a car when it won’t start. They can stabilize the body until the immune system can heal the body to be well again.htm (1 of 4) [03/06/2004 8:47:32] .edkuniversity. the signal from the brain doesn’t get to the cells to operate them. If a bunch of germs have entered the body you must get a drug to kill the germs. It’s your life take care of the body. The medical profession is experts in keeping the body alive so the immune system of the body can repair the damage. then you can jumpstart the cell to discharge the toxic poison the germs caused and the body will be well.htm THE IMMUNE SYSTEM OF THE HUMAN BODY You must have a good strong universal energy signal. Seventy-five percent of all sickness is caused by a break down in the signal system of the body. The cells lose contact to the brain. The meridians are little fibers that the body uses in the signal schematics of the body. You hook up another source of universal energy to the meridians and start to alternate the electric signal to the meridians. The minerals need to be strong.com/last_page. become toxic and start to die.

com/last_page. The cells in that part of the body starts dying and getting toxic. It is easy to learn and do. When the signal system breaks down from a part of the body to the brain.http://www. The human race seems to be in a race to get to the graveyard so they can go to heaven. The body works off a signal of universal energy controlled by the brain.S. how the body works. that part of the body quits working. They say they have the knowledge from the U. We know what universal energy is. The poison starts to affect the healthy cells next to it and causes it to get sick and die also. how the body works. or you can use the energy cleaner and pads. STOP THE KILLERS OF THE HUMAN BODY 95% of all deaths of the human body are caused by a break down in the body's signal system to the brain. It has no connection to the brain to get any signal to tell it to work. Jesus did it when He did his healings here on earth. Time is running out. Be wise. The immune system doesn't get a signal to help that part of the body. but not today.com or phone us at 740-783-0021 BE WISE – DON’T BE FOOLED Don’t abuse your body by using some generic contraption they claim is a model of Lee Crock’s Energycleaner.edkuniversity. It will work all day and not be tired and doing more than 6 people could by hand to clean the cells. It is possible to convert the DC current from flashlight batteries by a printed circuit board with transformers and converters in it to universal energy? You sure can’t do it with a cheap timer from Radio Shack. be sure this time. patient website to build it. So stop the killer diseases and stay healthy. For more information email us at energycleaner@aol. You have spent a lot of money and time on doing things they didn’t know what they were doing. why it broke down and how to jumpstart the body to working to clean it and be strong.htm (2 of 4) [03/06/2004 8:47:32] . to keep the body healthy so it doesn't get sick and die young. There is no pill or surgery on earth to repair a break down in the body's signal system to the brain. give us a ring at 740-783-0021 or email us.htm groups and the next group uses their negative polarity universal energy to signal the cells to expand and fill up with nourishment to feed them to grow healthy again. if they can’t explain their contraption to what it does to the body or how the body reacts to it to your satisfaction leave it alone. You must repair it as the Lord made it to be when he made the human body. it won’t work.edkuniversity. so don’t make them any donations until you are sure they know what universal energy is. He taught His apostles to heal the sick by jumpstarting the person's immune system by using the electric energy signal from their own body to repair the signal break down and get the sick person's immune system to heal their own body back to health. Those imposters sure don’t. When I looked at it I am sure of what I saw.com/last_page. http://www. how they transfer it to the body and what it does to the body. Be wise. I want to go to heaven. when they don’t have a clue of how the body works or what they are trying to get the body to do with their contraption. It’s not the universal energy that the body uses.

000. to be posted on our website in the Energy News section. with a contract. and email address. 2 You make a donation of 3. dollars to the Eagles Lodge and they will send you two (2) energy cleaners with pads and you keep going from there.S.htm (3 of 4) [03/06/2004 8:47:32] . and sign the contract and send the testimony and a signed copy of the contract to the Eagles Lodge to be posted on the Energy News section of the website. there are 2 ways to get one: No.#. Ohio 43724 We accept credit cards.000. so anyone with a question can contact you. Phone No. and you sell them a machine for 2.edkuniversity. You make a donation of 3.S.000. back and the contract will be null and void or: you write a testimony of the results you had. Make check payable to Eagles Lodge Send to.htm HOW TO ORDER THE ENERGYCLEANER Anyone interested in an energy cleaner.000. At the end of the 30 days you send the cleaner and pads back and your money will be refunded to you. Then you answer any questions people might have.oo U. and email address. Eagles Lodge Box 19425 Twp Rd.#. No.oo U.oo U. The Energycleaner will be shipped the same day by UPS.oo U.edkuniversity. then you sign a contract and will be given one (1) energy cleaner with all pads to take home and use for 30 days. dollars to the Eagles Lodge they will send you two (2) energy cleaners with pads to keep going from there.S. 1 You come to the Eagles Lodge and stay 2 days and we will let you use one ofthe cleaners and you will learn how to use it and how to clean the cells by hand.com/last_page. After that if you send a donation of 3. along with your Name.com or phone us 740-783-0021 http://www. dollars. Phone No.S. by check to the Eagles Lodge and the Eagles Lodge will send you one (1) energy cleaner with pads for you to use for 30 days. 297 Caldwell. less shipping and packaging costs.oo U. Dollars. or you write a testimony with your Name. If you order 2 Energycleaners we will give you 2 more FREE! Email us at energycleaner@aol. dollars.S. The Eagles Lodge will send you a second (2nd) energy cleaner with pads so you can sell them for 2.http://www. At the end of the 30 days you can send the energy cleaner with all the pads.com/last_page.000.

When ordering extra pads give the length you want the wire on the bed pad.edkuniversity. The spot pads can be connected to the bed pad with a pin if you want to use them. If anyone should want to order extra pads to connect extra beds. you can do so at $500.htm Visa Mastercard Discover American Express For Direct Bank Wire Transfer: Great Lake Bankers Bank ABA # 044002051 #1000199 Farmers & Merchants Bank Phone # 740-732-5621 430 North St.http://www.edkuniversity. so to reach the Energycleaner so to hook it on the brass hook. Ohio 43724 ABA # 044112187 # 211249 DBA = Eagles Lodge You can see all the information we have on the Energycleaner on our web site www.com/last_page.00 per set. The Energycleaner has the capacity to stimulate as many as 4 people at the same time.htm (4 of 4) [03/06/2004 8:47:32] . If you could come to the Eagles Lodge we will teach and show you how to use the energycleaner and clean your body up and it is FREE. Caldwell. 1 for the bed and 2 spot pads.com If you have any more questions email or call us at the lodge.com/last_page.edkuniversity. http://www.

You could save someone’s life. after 31 years of nothing but this kind of work. how many helped. There is no better way than teach them to care for their self. We will be glad to post it on the website to share with the world.edkuniversity. I felt that I was one of the most unfortunate people alive to have a body that had almost every kind of arthritis in the known United States. send it to energycleaner@aol. but I was not getting any better. I had been sitting on a stool for 31 years working on two-way radios and pagers for the Police department.com This site does not endorse any of the following information. Willis. It was getting harder and harder to do. I got to know this nice person and his name is Mr. Please include your name. The bible says we are to tend to the sick and care for the poor.com/energy_news. the comments and response of the person being cleaned and the results. we would talk for hours some times . when you can do it by hand and it is free. I got another job. It is for reading purposes only. I had to wear glasses that looked like trifocal coke bottles bottoms. Help teach the world how to help their love ones and themselves. I laid around playing with my computer on the Internet. The letter becomes the property of the editor and no letter will be returned. Anyway. http://www. we would appreciate it if you would write to the editor and tell about your experience of using the Energy Cleaner. I was blind in one eye and my sight was getting really bad in the other. address. I was getting older by the minute and getting worse by the second. how long you kept it going.actually most of the time.htm (1 of 9) [03/06/2004 8:47:55] . phone number and email address. Sheriff department and almost every company in the area of the shop where I worked. WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: One foot in the grave.com/energy_news. I just wasn’t able to work at all. I felt that I needed a change. I went to the doctor to see what they could do for me and they just gave me more pills. to do that we must share our knowledge and experience with the needy. Please write me. Finally.http://www. and then they don’t need help. how you used it. I lost my job because the doctor didn’t give me an excuse saying that I had made a doctor visit instead of going to work. because of the six different medications I was taking I got worse.edkuniversity. Well. I was 57 years old and my body felt really old.htm ENERGY NEWS THE WORLD SUPPLY OF ENERGY GET YOU SOME IT’S FREE After using the Energy Cleaner if you would want to share your experience and results with the readers.

htm (2 of 9) [03/06/2004 8:47:55] . I don’t have all those special words used by wordsmiths. So I went to the local dollar store and got the cheapest batteries they had. I had spent a few thousand dollars on just about every thing on the market trying to get relief from all the pain I had. I now only needed glasses to read up close. in a week I though I was getting well. Lee Crock. A few minutes later Mr. like a soft snuggly teddy bear. You wouldn’t believe what I felt.com/energy_news. My body was making several new changes. Anyway. I became so sick that I could not talk on the Internet any more. Well. had discovered something and he was giving it away to anyone who wanted to try it.edkuniversity. There was one thing I didn’t care for although I was in very good condition for my age. I started my construction. I could start feeling the pain and stiffness start all over again. What had I found? This sounded too easy. Although I first needed to build up my muscles since I hadn’t work in months. I managed to get a cleaner and used a large piece of screen wire placed between my mattress and the box springs of my bed.htm. all my pain was almost all gone. and didn’t really work at all. even I could see it was easy to make and cheep to build.. At this point I could hardly walk. Being an electrical and electronic engineer for forty years. This man. In a just a few minutes I was in operation. this really started me wondering. http://www. Mr. I started doing more research on the Internet.com/mexistim/nexcrock. Well. I could see that patent diagram on the URL page looked too simple.using only one wire like Lee said.com/energy_news. It took me about thirty minutes to put something together a basic circuit I could test. looking for the things I had always wondered about. this excites the immune system in your body and starts telling the immune system it can remove the pain and gives you a boost of energy. while still getting better. My doctor said I was doing very well for an old man. I always had lots questions like when I was a little kid. He called me up one day wondering what was wrong.htm He was sick too and I was sick so we both tried to make money on the Internet. http://www. it looked too simple and I thought that it probably was come on. I used the Transfer Factor Plus for two years and my sight came back. I found this URL. just searching for different things. While I was looking around. You would just have to try it to know how I felt every time I lay on my bed at night. You know what is the government hiding from us now. It is really hard for me to explain..keelynet. For the next year I changed to T F Cardio to get better blood circulation and get a little boost of energy. Every time I quit taking the Transfer Factor product for only two or three days I would get a slight headache and my arthritis would come back in my hands.edkuniversity. we talked for a little while and then hung up. I didn’t mind. His product was Transfer Factor Plus. and changed polarity on the batteries manually by shifting an alligator clip . I used a half roll of cheep two-inch tape and two feet of aluminum foil from the kitchen to make leads to connect the batteries together. it did just that! The Transfer Factor product he sent me got me back on my feet fast.http://www. Willis called me back to tell me not to get mad at him because he had just mailed me a package and wanted me to try a new product that he had been using for his cancer. Anyway. I got what I call a "warm cozy feeling". I used an egg timer set for fifteen minutes. I lost twenty pounds and was really looking good far as my health goes.

The Lee Crock Cleaner Machine is the best thing I have ever tried. The product had always pepped me up making me feel very good. I could say I had no side effects. I was ready to start the trip over again.that the doctors pass out to numb the brain in order to stop the pain. and how it was working. My brother came with me and he began rubbing his stomach. that you must plan for.com/energy_news. Do you see I paid $4. Painkillers don't fix the trouble because the pain comes back as soon as the drug wears off. On a visit to my VA doctor.com/energy_news.com and learn about what I did for free. I was amazed by the way I felt. and you will need to stop about every two hundred miles at a rest area. Well. I also noticed that neither of us was real tired from the journey. I didn’t need the operation any more! It seems that almost every thing I had wrong with me had just been removed. but in the last three years in order to keep my medical problems under control. Lee really did it. The accomplishment was so great and I felt like Mr. There is lots of information that can teach all of us how to live a happy long healthy life. After a few tests my doctor said that I had carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands. I wanted to give every one in the world a chance to feel like me. by the time we got back I noticed he wasn’t rubbing his stomach any more. however. To learn more about how this works you need to learn how Jesus was able to heel with his hands – laying-on-of-hands. I decided to clip the output lead to a ground strap on the trunk lid of my car and made business a trip to Arizona and back again to Mississippi.http://www.968.htm All the information I got on various web sites all seem very true. Go to www. I do feel. Not real stiff like I usually felt after a trip of that length.edkuniversity.htm (3 of 9) [03/06/2004 8:47:55] . I am almost sixty-two now. You will become quite thirsty. There is no reason to lie around and take all the dope painkillers . soon after we got in the car. When I got home this time. Well I haven’t http://www. I would go a day or two and then I would feel the pain coming back. and I now feel better than I did when I was in my twenties. I don’t know about you. This is strange since the only thing I did differently was that I used a Crock Cleaner Machine in my house and car. With that product.00 a month in health maintenance pills according to my records. Then I would have to catch back up to stop it again. There was one thing however. I just had to learn what it was doing. but. Just like when I quit taking the product I was using to get the pain to go away. You really won't believe what it did. I got myself a Cleaner Machine and I have been sleeping on it ever since.edkuniversity. I had made that same trip when I was a teenager and had dreaded every mile. He said that it no longer itched. I found this information on the Internet the last week of December 2003. That was bad! I tried stopping several times and the pains I had would always come back. I was now well and had no symptoms or pains.00 for three years of "healthy living"? I couldn’t quit the medications or my pain would come back after two some times three days. where he had the shingles. The VA then set up an appointment to do the repair. but I had it put off long as I could. I was thinking about different ideas on how to use the Crock Cleaner Machine. that it helped the "cleaner machine" work faster for me. after three years. I had complained three years ago about my hands going to sleep. After the trip to Arizona.edkuniversity. I spent an average of $138. I just couldn't believe it.

What do I do now? When I got back from a trip that evening. I said. I don’t have a hint of a problem that I was trying to get rid of before I started to use the Crock Cleaner Machine. hi-blood pressure. What can I say? The Lee Crock Cleaner Machine worked again. We are letting the doctor find that she needs less and less medication. At this time. she was no longer in pain. I feel better than I did when I was in my twenties. She didn’t just quit it all at once. I have VA medical records to back up all the problems that I had. "I don’t feel sorry for you." He had been lying in bed with pain for three weeks and just didn’t try it.htm taken any health products or medication for 39 days now. Well I was mean. "no." His wife-helped him get every thing hooked up. I hope it gets even better. I still go when it is time for a check up. My stepson A. No more pain. because I had arthritis even back then. Well. she acts like there were never any thing wrong.http://www. They sent him to the doctor. My wife has been taking medication for many years. I loaned another friend. In moving furniture around. That is why I am putting this on paper to record my medical situation. Just the removal of pain pills and no pain is enough to make you thank the Lord.com/energy_news. I ask him if he had tried the "Cleaner Machine". I loaned him a Crock Cleaner Machine and the next day he went to work without the painkiller medication and they put him back to work on light duty. I am looking forward to seeing when she doesn’t need any thing like me. Try the machine and then tell me there is no change. It seems that he was trying to get his son married and had lots work around the house to do. I called him.edkuniversity. He has had any pain since. It is time for more blood work so we are hoping it’s going to get better. I know now it is. I told Mr.htm (4 of 9) [03/06/2004 8:47:55] . Her husband told me two days later after sleeping with the screen under the mattress oneday. The doctor found she has been taking too much medication since the last checkup. At times she would be in so much pain from arthritis that she was unable to get out of bed. Debbie that was very much in need. I have a friend. Well you know you can lead a horse to the water but you can’t make hem drink. She hasn’t taken any pain medication since. I started going to the veteran's doctors in 1970 and continued until now. Willis my friend that sent me the Transfer Factor product. Charlotte a unit to use. thyroid and several other problems. some of her medication had to be cut in half. She also had arthritis very bad and took lots of painkillers. She has now been on the machine for a while and she gets a checkup regular because of her job. I tried it.edkuniversity. so I called him. He likes the way he feels after a good nights sleep on his Crock machine. all about the Crock Cleaner Machine. then home with a bottle of painkiller pills to get some bed rest. No need for pills. That is why I really hate to tell people http://www. She hasn’t complained about her pain since. After two nights of good rest on her screen. The next day he left a message on my answering machine. and she timed it for him while they watch TV. he had pulled his back and had seen a doctor several times to get pain pills pills we don’t need. He said. She has cancer and can’t take treatments.com/energy_news.J tried to pick up a heavy electric motor on the job where he worked and pulled something in his back. This is truly one of God's wonders he let me find and learn to use. Our drug bill for her has been really too much for us to pay even using insurance. I didn’t hear from him about three weeks.

I have one attached to my chair and I let her sit there. She is with child and every time she eats almost anything she gets heartburn. All you need is to direct the universal energy from the body to the meridians that has shut down and gotten toxic. Most of the people here I tell http://www. I keep asking then when are you going to bring it and get your money back. She likes to sit with the Crock Machine hooked up there. I told her to bower Miss Martha’s for a few days and she over heard me and said real quickly. Then he said he had the clock battery out laying around and by the time he got the battery back in the unit the kids had left hem a run down one. It is free.com/energy_news. There is so much information here only you can take the time to see what all the drug companies don’t want you to know. Of coarse they will say you are crazy till you get them one. She couldn’t understand that it was the chair that made her pains go away. It sure can ruin the family life savings out of the bank account when serious disease strikes. my daughter in law started complaining. After a few minutes she said the pain was gone. I have found in the area where I live they are lots of old people and they don’t want a computer and wont ask any one to let them read the information about the Crock Cleaner Machine.http://www. I never got it back. Thank you Mr. and be healthy.htm about this incredible machine. I didn't tell her why. ever now and thin. There are no drugs. It is very easy to do.edkuniversity. I have a Crock Cleaner Machine with screen on our couch. “I woke up this morning with my arm was a sleep again.com/energy_news. about their pains and I gave them a Cleaner Machine to try. Then you can’t get it back. A week later He said. My wife likes to watch TV from there a lot. Our daughter in law came over to eat supper. nerves and meridians of the residue and toxic poison that has developed in the cells from normal body functions of daily living.edkuniversity. I am not a doctor and I can only tell you what I did and how I feel. I told hem to bring it back so some one else could use it. This was taken from one of the sites you need to read. They all say when it quits working. That machine has been preventing that from happening. surgery or radiation that can clean the cells. I have the machine and passed it out for free trials. “NO!” ” You will have to get her one” I couldn’t stop laughing for a while. Come to the school and learn how. Then you suffer and die young. I welcome in put to any of this.htm (5 of 9) [03/06/2004 8:47:55] . Tell the world to get drug FREE! I here from the people I using a Crock Cleaner Machine. Time went on and one day I ask how the Cleaner Machine was doing? Well I hadn’t got it connected up yet. He called me the next day and let me know he hooked it up and his arm that always goes to sleep didn’t last night. and is so very true. Lee Crock for your Cleaner Machine. live on. They will clean out and be healthy. I was talking to one of their friends and they were having arthritis trouble. jumpstart them to start working and clean the toxic poison that have developed over time. He replaces the battery and now all is ok. My friend Henry and his wife Martha were always complaining. the Crock Cleaner Machine just seems to work under any condition. That is why we all need to share the information with then. Anyway. I am still using the Crock Cleaner Machine and God has given me my life back to do more of his work.

On an emotional and spiritual level I am . they need lots of help. I don't think there are words to adequately describe the feeling of serenity. They had to take the child to another doctor to find out it was a stomach virus. I have never been a highly energetic person. his wife has cancer.edkuniversity. My inner being is calmed somewhat. mentally preparing myself and then being able to settle down and "do". http://www. This life is already more interesting than I could have imagined. He has told me about taking a young child to the doctor and the doctor never told them what was wrong or what to give hem. so do I? I am sure when you get sick enough you will try any thing.more. I got word to hem about the Crock Cleaner Machine and I ask hem about it.I have gone from weighing 123 lbs (normal range 103-110) but raised when I quite smoking to 120 lbs. I have not changed my diet or exercise program. If this is the thought of most of the people in the world I feel sorry for them. My doctor thinks there is nothing wrong with me. Author. To me. Cardio. We don't realize how we restrict ourselves and often we destroy that very precious and vital thing. Not dead or stifled just calmed. Oh the possibilities! I so look forward to taking this further. However. For less than ten dollars to try a basic unit. God help these people. without feeling overwhelmed. I can take orders for the Lee Crock Cleaner Machine and I can sell you the T.http://www.com/energy_news.edkuniversity. My spirit is alive and unfolding . because my blood circulation is good. they are saying they would rather die. I do believe it help speed up the process of cleaning up my body. I do donate blood every month.com/energy_news. All of this without being frantic. I have definitely noticed changes in me.F. But he had rather take the chance on the doctor to find how to cure the problem. This is my body's rythmn . March 8. After a long drown out explanation about all about the run around and doctors that have screwed up trying different things to cure different problems in his family. without my mind jumping to the five steps away.lots of gusto for short distances and then I'm toast for a long time. Now I take it in a more peaceful manner which in turn allows me to absorb and feel on an increased level. I felt for a while that I had to rush through because there was so much to experience and enjoy. 2004 I got a business call in my office from a friend I have known for over ten years. This is the type of energy that is needed to calmly get things done.htm about I are proud to say I go to the same church they do. I find now that I have "quiet energy". there have been a couple of physical notes .spreading itself as water does when perimeters are removed. Though most of these changes are on an emotional and spiritual level.slow and easy and its great to find my tempo. I'm a sprinter . I did. Office Administrator During the past 4 weeks.htm (6 of 9) [03/06/2004 8:47:55] . I really feel bad when they go over the prayer list of the sick. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ from Tracey Ogilvie McDonald. That is noticeable to me. He agreed they don’t really know what they are really doing. I don’t have the funds to give every one a unit maybe the government will some day in stead of paying the drug and doctor bill will start giving them out to every one. it's knowing the many things that I have to do. Well it looks like the Crock Cleaner Machine will be the last thing you will ever need to try. My energy levels are different and I hope I can describe this well. I am sorry for hem I can’t comprehend his thoughts. because it's an important change for me.

Ontario. Author. Overall the affects of the injury have diminished considerably. Joyce Allman Oakville. Was able to lift arms over shoulder in morning. Canada 2003 from Linda Lopeke. Dr.edkuniversity. Has not been able to do that in many years. Canada 2003 from Andy Gravitis. Anna Phllips Oakville. Ontario. senior Had chronic pain in shoulder. Andy Gravitis http://www. Slept with energy cleaner as well having treatment one night and woke up next morning with pain in shoulder gone. After just one treatment the pain and immobility had left permanently. The results were not only more intense but longer lasting! I felt great from the very first treatment and each subsequent treatment has been even more effective.htm (7 of 9) [03/06/2004 8:47:55] . Linda Lopeke Mississauga. Tracey Ogilvie McDonald Oakville. Business Consultant I recently had an opportunity to undergo several Reiki sessions utilizing this revolutionary energy cleansing machine and am thrilled to report the benefits were beyond all expectation! Compared to previous treatments.com/energy_news. Canada 2003 from Anna Phillips. Ontario. Ontario. forgiving. Canada 2003 from Joyce Allman. Independent Businessman I had the opportunity to use this machine for a strained right shoulder. of Chiropractic Medicine In 6 sessions there has been an amazing transformation in my mood. My knees (which were injured) have begun to improve dramatically in terms of fluid disbursement.http://www. I am at ease and feel more loving. there was a noticeable differince in how quickly positive energy was moving once again through my body. my life has been opened to me as though I had walked through another door.edkuniversity. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend using this machine to enhance hands-on-healing therapy.htm In the past 4 weeks. more empathetic. Thank you for remembering me in your study because you have given me far more than you realize.com/energy_news.

htm (8 of 9) [03/06/2004 8:47:55] . I started to use it by placing the stimulation pad on my feet. It makes you feel good with lots of energy. 09.edkuniversity. Learn how to do it at By STIMULATING it www. Pain Free.------------------ Live 100 Years. give me a call at: 1-308-775-3140.htm Oakville.edkuniversity.com/energy_news. How to recycle Clean the toxic poisons from the Used ELECTRICITY body.http://www. If you would like. They quit hurting in a short time and haven’t hurt since.com/energy_news. Canada 2003 Paul from Canada Phone# 416-622-8421 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ To Whom It May Concern: Max from Nebraska. I don’t have pain and I have a lot more energy. 2004. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ HOW TO ACHIEVE A BETTER WAY OF LIFE BANNER PAGE Anyone interested in trading a banner spot email us at: Energycleaner@aol.edkuniversity. I like to talk about it. It is the miracle I have been looking for. I have been using it every since. Ontario. I got the energy cleaner on February.com How to increase Oxygen in the Blood www.com And use it again www. ----------------------- http://www.

edkuniversity.com/energy_news.http://www.htm http://www.edkuniversity.htm (9 of 9) [03/06/2004 8:47:55] .com/energy_news.

they must learn the words and how to play the instruments. and how to get them working again. It will feel warm and the penetration of the heat will relax the body and start the cells.com/gift_of_1997. you can tell when a man sits in the seat of a dozer. (it takes 5 minutes to get the Dutchman’s attention) You use your hands to connect to the place that’s troubled and control the energy from your battery to jump-start the broken down part. what it does. discharging the energy that causes the pain and problem. The Lord gave the superstars in the athletic field the ability to handle a ball and you don’t learn that. some are at home when they sit down and others are tense http://www. It’s just like the singers. you can teach normal people in 2 minutes. You must teach them the game and how to play. I say. He let Lee know what the electric energy of the living body is.THE GIFT OF 1997 THE GIFT OF 1997 In March of 1997 the Lord gave Lee Crock the greatest gift of knowledge ever given to man. When the toxic substance is cleaned out and the battery is charged up. for drugs won’t fix the problem of toxin filled cells. As a result.htm (1 of 2) [03/06/2004 8:48:32] . drugs just add to the clogging of the cells. It is very easy to do. WE ARE ALL SUPERSTARS IN THE EYES OF THE LORD The Lord gave each of us certain abilities to excel in and the instructions to go forth and do our best with what he gave us. it takes at least 3 days and if your battery is really down it usually will take 5 days to lift your spirit. To charge your battery and get your spirit up to power. Like equipment operators. When you get a short in the body and a part loses signal contact to the brain and stops working right. Some are good enough on both to get by. the dumb ones in 5 minutes and a Dutchman in 7 minutes. You cannot learn that. the cells get toxic and you get poison in the body.edkuniversity. It doesn’t take long to tell if they were given the ability to handle a trowel or swing a hammer. the body will clean the toxins from the cells and rebuild any damage that has been done. The Lord gave the superstars in the music field beautiful voices to sing with and the ears to hear the notes with. how to swing a hammer or to run a saw. You must jump-start that part into working and charge it’s battery to keep it working. how it works. You cannot teach a man how to handle a trowel. In fact. I have had the privilege to teach hundreds of young men in the building trade in the past 55 years. but they will never be a superstar on two different trades. This is not a medical problem that drugs can fix. The Lord gave you all the tools and equipment you need to repair a broken down part. the Lord has been good to me for I was near death and know what faith and the help of the Lord can do and I feel I need to share what the Lord can do for you and others. how to use it when a part breaks down and the cells become toxic. the problem is gone and the body will rebuild the cells. He will grade us on what we did with what He gave us. how to control it.

You can’t have any more fun than that and you know inside of you that it’s going to work when you start to stimulate them. He always gives with that. something to complain about made a good conversation subject with the older folks. I have never enjoyed something so much as being an energy healer. I was in a wreck and got hit in the head that took me out of the building trade. I laid around the house with my wife looking after me like a school child and enjoying every minute of it. When a man takes hold of the levers on a crane and can handle them. the love and desire to do it because that is easy for us to do. When I came out of the army in May 1946. I woke up one morning at 3am and knew how the body worked and what to do to stimulate the cells that had broken down and were stiff. The Lords’ gift of ability comes at different ages in life. I pursued that trade and made a good living at it until July 1994. I cleaned those cells up and was healthy cells again with no discomfort in any of them. I have this burning desire I must pass the knowledge of this gift to the world. sore and swollen. http://www. There is nothing so rewarding as when someone tells you their problem and you know why they are sick and what to do to stimulate the body to jumpstart it to working again and help them do it. In March 1997. When the Lord gave us the ability to excel in one thing. Everyone can care for their own body and when something does happen and a group of cells break down. With an ache and a pain here and there. It sure is fun.htm (2 of 2) [03/06/2004 8:48:32] . pain free.THE GIFT OF 1997 and stiff. they'll know how to jumpstart them and get them working so they can be healthy and to live to be over 100 years. when they try to do it and never learn how. They will make a superstar at that place in life.com/gift_of_1997. I am sure you will be blessed for it to instruct everyone in the world how to use energy healing. when others just stumble around. I did some brick laying and carpenter framing. they are at home and comfortable. The Lord made it that way so it never fails. It is so rewarding when you can remove someone’s pain and make him or her healthy again. they hug you. praise the Lord and start to dance. With the Lords help I may get to be a superstar yet.edkuniversity. What a gift I was blessed with. you cannot learn that. I am asking for any help anyone can give. I am starting to feel that I am going to amount to something after all. Thank the Lord. and it always does. When the body starts to work and the pain is gone.

TOXIC POISON: THE KILLER OF THE HUMAN BODY Toxic poison comes from many sources. they enter the cells and start to multiply and give off toxic waste that will soon kill the whole body if not stopped. When they get into the body. its just that the signal from the brain to the cell becomes blocked. It does not wear out like other machines do. The problem with Mother Nature’s way – is you cannot put it into a bottle and sell it.edkuniversity. The drug companies and the medical profession can’t control the world like they do now. While fixing it. The cells will start to die and poison the other cells until the whole body dies. It is very simple to do. http://www. there are great chances of getting germs into the body.edkuniversity. All the medicine and pain pills to numb the brain to kill the pain will not have an effect on the germ. The next common source is having an accident that tears up the body and needs fixed. anyone can learn to keep the body healthy. The Lord made the body to be jump started when it does break down and He gave you the tools to jump start it when it does. It lays dormant and becomes toxic if the signal is not jump started to get it to working and clean the toxic poison out of the cells.htm [03/06/2004 8:48:46] . and also there is a chance that the meridians of the body become damaged and shut off the signals to the brain. You then need an energy healer.htm Energy Healing THE HEALING POWER OF UNIVERSAL ENERGY USING YOUR HANDS AND THE ENERGY CLEANER The Lord made the best machine in the world when he made the human body.http://www. the most common one is from germs.com/introduction. Instead. Learn how the body works. He built in the ability for it to rebuild any part that may get damaged and break down. You must take a drug from the Drug Company to kill it. The only thing that ever happens to the body that gets it into trouble is not from an outside cause. which takes drugs. The cell loses contact to the brain and quits working.com/introduction.

They say it is a miracle of how the Lord made the body to work with its own energy. and went on living normal with no problems. which is the Lord's way. It seems so stupid to take a pill for everything that ails you and still have the cause instead of removing the cause and be rid of the reason you were sick. ED K University http://www. which were many and then used an energy cleaner and slept on it for two months or more. The last chemotherapy they had given the patient was a new break through. WV 26187 Ed Krack -.the ones that have to work for a living. before I retire and go home. I studied the energy of the human body and practiced it there and came to America in 1994 to teach the energy of the human body in America.E-K-University PO Box 313 Williamstown E-K-University PO Box 313 Williamstown. I always thank the Lord for every good and joyful day.com/noble_county_university. The people here are so friendly and appreciative of what I teach. Our new home in West Virginia is the high of my joy. He has been good to me. I later joined the staff of the University. and they would have to give them another round of chemotherapy to make sure it did not come back. My dad told me that you have to get up before the Lord can help you. THE LORD TAKES CARE OF DUMB PEOPLE ….Dean I am Ed Krack and I was born and grew up in Histin. 90% of them were dead within 24 hours or so sick they wished they were the ones that didn’t take their doses. The ones that gave in and took their next doses. It's so easy! THE DOCTORS RESPONSE TO ENERGY CLEANING The people that had cancer and took chemotherapy with no success. Germany. I will not go back home to Germany because I want to change the medicine in America from drugs to energy. The doctors couldn’t detect any evidence of any problem than to describe that the patient had done something different.edkuniversity. Castil. the harder I work the more generous He is. I am not stupid. I have always qualified. went back to their doctors for a checkup and their tumors were gone.htm (1 of 3) [03/06/2004 8:49:10] .

to save the world from medical financial bankruptcy 4.htm (2 of 3) [03/06/2004 8:49:10] . 3. http://www. grow old. If you keep the cells clean. If you don’t get sick you won’t die. stay young.com/noble_county_university. Their goal is: 1. and have fun. to using the energy from the body as Jesus taught the apostles to help mother nature to heal the body. and get sick. they will stay young. If you keep the cells of the body cycling to keep the waste from the nourishment they use cleaned out they won’t break down. Live on. to change the way of treating the body from using drugs to stop mother nature from working. It will last for hundred’s of years.E-K-University PO Box 313 Williamstown Was established to teach the people of the world how to keep their bodies clean of waste and stay young. Their moral standards are to keep it in simple words so everyone can read it and understand it. to run the undertakers out of business. to help people help themselves without the use of drugs 2.edkuniversity. The Lord made the body so it doesn’t wear out.

E-K-University PO Box 313 Williamstown This website is plain. This way it is free. put a stimulation pad on it and jump start those cells into working and stay young.htm (3 of 3) [03/06/2004 8:49:10] . If there is anything you don’t understand email us at energycleaner@aol. Stay young.com or call 740-783-0021 or 740-783-3315 If this were written in medical terms it would be a book larger than the Webster dictionary and no one would be able to understand or care for their own body. don’t take a pill to numb the brain and ignore it. and have fun. But it would sell. http://www. live on.com/noble_county_university.edkuniversity. and to the point so everyone can understand it. short. You can build your own energy cleaner so that when your body tells you that you are having a breakdown some place.

CO.B.com With the help of the Lord and his mother and With the grace of God using universal energy THE GOAL IS: 1.com/school_of. Original Pictures Property of J.B.CO.htm (1 of 28) [03/06/2004 8:49:32] . http://www. using universal energy as Jesus taught the apostles to help mother nature heal the body 3.com Phone # 740-783-0021 Night Phone # 740-7833315 Website: www. To change the way of treating the body from using drugs stopping mother nature from working. To save the world from medical and financial Bankruptcy 4. To help people help themselves without the use of drugs 2.SCHOOL OF School of Universal Energy Email: energycleaner@aol.edkuniversity.edkuniversity. To run the undertakers out of business Original Pictures Property of J.

get toxic. It's Free. it cleans the cell out and feeds it to be clean.com/school_of. No drugs. and causing the cell to die. Universal Energy is Electric You can control all electric by controlling the polarity. lung.htm (2 of 28) [03/06/2004 8:49:32] . it is poison to the body. There are 3 kinds of electric: D. All you need is an electrode on the body large enough to collect the amount of energy you need to jumpstart the other body.C. jumpstart the cells to clean the toxic poison out for the body to be healthy again. and potassium mixed with sodium. In the theory that cancer. See our website and learn how to remove the blockage.C. By controlling the polarity and switching the polarity every 15 minutes.C.edkuniversity. Each has it’s own flavor and the body does not like lead. Positive causes the cells to contract and squeeze out anything in the cell and negative causes the cell to expand and fill up with new nourishment from the blood. Lord Jesus with the Universal energy from his body. current and you can take the electric energy from any live animal and transfer it to another animal and their body will except it and work. The body uses D. A. It is the same flavor of a mineral and doesn’t hurt the body.. So all you need to do is place the negative where you want the load to go and the positive will take it there. electric made from mixing 2 minerals together and formed by the different minerals breaking each other down and the by product given off is D.SCHOOL OF Blessed mother with the universal energy from her hands. The body uses potassium and will except zinc. electric. causing the cells to shut down. strong.C. You want to get started that which has broken down and an electric wire connecting the two pads to run the electric energy on and control the polarity. universal energy. positive goes to negative and will pull a load with it as it goes. Alzheimer’s. and liver problems are caused from a plugged nerve stopping the signal from the brain to a group of cells. zinc.C.. and magnetic electric. All living things use the same flavor of D. http://www. rot and the toxic poison kill the body. and lead.C. kidney. heart. Universal energy is D.

The good part of having the knowledge off Universal Energy is that you can help yourself or one of your families if stung by a bee or burnt by fire. You can’t have more fun than that by just using the hands and your own energy. There is someone there to answer your questions and explain using the machine or doing it by hand. No1. The classes are taught one on one or as many as care to take part in the discussion. Plant growth and Weather making – How Universal Energy controls plant growth and the weather clouds to drop the moisture or contain it. No2. It is always there when you want to help some friend on the street or wherever you meet them. We have done thousands that had suffered for years not to hurt again. it works every time. You use the energy cleaner as you choose. The University has the Eagles Lodge with 15 bedrooms with 2 beds in each room. which is caused by all diseases that build up in the body and causes death. It is all the same energy wherever it comes from. it does not wear out.htm (3 of 28) [03/06/2004 8:49:32] . recycle it and use it again. No3. Any guest coming to the school must make arrangements ahead of time as to when you will arrive and when you plan to leave. three stimulator pads. If someone has pain for years you can remove it in minutes. one for the bed and two hand pads for spot stimulation. When you arrive you are assigned a bedroom and furnished one energy cleaner. You are taught how to do it by hand like Jesus taught the Apostles to clean the sick. fell down and http://www.SCHOOL OF and healthy. How to save used electric from the body – home – city – or factory stimulate it. You will be able to perform miracles wherever you go. a small kitchen. laundry. You can feel it when it is switched whether the energy is furnished from your own body. THE SCHOOL OF UNIVERSAL ENERGY YOU EARN CREDIT HOURS IN 3 DIFFERENT SUBJECTS The school of Universal Energy is to teach what universal energy is.edkuniversity. Energy Cleaning – How to clean the toxic poison from the body.com/school_of. You can stay as long as you like it’s free. the machine or someone else’s body. The brain will keep it healthy when the signal reaches the cell. It is free. what it does and how to connect with it so you can control it and use it for the benefit of the people. bath and showers for the guest staying and attending classes at the school.

The Lord gave Lee the knowledge and cannot charge for it. It controls plants health and growth the same as it does the bodies. All minerals-vitaminsnourishment must be dissolved with water before anything can use it. no pain it’s free. It feeds and powers everything on earth. It’s free. The electric energy powering the body causing the cells to filter out the nourishment it needs from the water solution of food supply it is carrying the http://www. The school of Universal Energy is the only place in the world that has the knowledge to make contact with Universal Energy and we are glad to share it with the world. Electric does not wear out. then use it again.htm (4 of 28) [03/06/2004 8:49:32] . We recommend when you come to the school you plan to stay at least 3 days so you have a chance to feel and study what it feels like to do the stimulation and the wonderful feeling of jumpstarting any cell that has broken down and is in trouble. Water the carrier of all food the world lives on. It’s Free. Give us a call at 740-783-0021 or email us at energycleaner@aol. You will feel it when the injury leaves and the memory that goes with it never to come back and hurt again. UNIVERSAL ENERGY Universal energy is the energy of the world. If they have trouble hearing you can turn up the amplifier so they can hear. plants and animals. Universal energy controls the clouds on what moisture they drop or pass over without dropping any moisture. You use it and it goes back to the earth and is stored there until you need it again. it does not wear out and you cannot destroy it. stimulate it and use it again. you save it. If you have a major problem you can usually clean it up and feel young in 5 days.SCHOOL OF skinned themselves. all nourishment that is taken in is dissolved in water and enters the body. No drugs.com.com/school_of. it increases the growth 3 fold on plants. in town or factory. live 100 years pain free as the Lord meant the body to last. When the stuck sludge starts moving out you will know it and if it was caused by an injury you will remember what happened when injured. Universal energy is electric and the electric you use in your home. It takes pain out and feels good when it quits hurting. Be Healthy-Happy-Wise. It’s your choice it’s free.edkuniversity. learn how to feel young.

it helps cause the next potato to start to die and rot the same with the dead cells in the kidney. Like a kidney in a body they are a group of cells in a bag they both need circulation so that potato can breath or it will start to die and become rotten.htm (5 of 28) [03/06/2004 8:49:32] . The dead group of cells grows in number. Man’s way is by spinning a magnet pulling the magnetic electric field from the earth putting it’s AC current on a wire and you use it and discharge it back to the earth or you can save the used electric. empty the bag of potatoes out and http://www. If a cell in the kidney doesn’t get circulation so it can get oxygen it will start to die and become rotten. You pass it on to the earth to start its cycle over again. potassium and zinc and acid from salt put together fermented you get D.SCHOOL OF water then is passed on into the earth until it starts it’s cycle over again. There are just more cells being shut down and dying.C. It didn’t grow new dead cells. they are a group of cells in a bag. Keep the world going as we know it and for man to use for his needs. nothing moves without being sent an electric signal to signal it to operate and control its function. A dead cell never multiplies and grows. they don’t multiply and grow more dead cells. it never wear out. The 3 ways to get the supply of energy water the Lords way. Electric that powers the earth. Electric the Lords’ way using 2 minerals. Like a bag of potatoes in a storage room. They affect the cell next to it and causes it to stop circulating and gets stagnate and die. The magnetic electric pulls the moisture up onto a low-pressure cell negative weather cloud stimulates it with a positive charge and it retracts and drops the moisture in rain. Anytime a cell stops circulating they get stagnate and start to die. You use it the second way is to pump it from the earth and you use it the third way by saving it. recycling it and use it again. The rotten potato in the bag doesn’t grow new rotten potatoes. stimulate it and send it back to your battery and recycle it by using it again. CELLS All live cells must circulate to stay alive and grow. it is just recycled and keeps going. The potato problem is easy. This is an endless supply because it never wears out.com/school_of.edkuniversity. In both cases you must get the Universal Energy to move to keep the life cycle going. but it does help cause the next cell to die and rot. current. filtering it. You cannot destroy electric or wear it out after you use it.

The kidney is easier. All the surgery and drugs in the world will not start the Universal Energy flowing. Clean the others and re-bag them and place them so they get air. Fix it and be happy and live on.com/school_of. In all cases to maintain life you must keep a cycle of Universal Energy going when its cycle stops. they lie there and swell up twice as big. Be wise take care of you body. Until the world changes it’s way of caring for the body by killing. http://www. everything shuts down and life stops. When a cell or a group of cells loses signal contact to the brain they quit working and go dormant and are dead cells.edkuniversity. When something dies it decays and swells up just like when an animal gets killed on the highway. They just swell up and it makes no difference if the cells are in a lung or a dead animal. it’s the only one you will ever have. cutting and burning way of treating the body you will all die young. The body is not dead if the brain is working it is just broke down. CANCER People say cancer cells grow as bad deformed cells and you must kill them to stop them before the lump get bigger.htm (6 of 28) [03/06/2004 8:49:32] . Until they learn to care for the body the way the lord made the body to work we will all die in our prime. they are dead cells and swell the same. It’s your choice have fun live on. you can’t empty the cells out and clean them but that worked only with the potatoes. The kidney is less work.SCHOOL OF remove the rotten ones. You can live on pain free. One good thing about dead cells in a live body. They start to decay and swell up and the lump gets bigger. The cell count is no more than when it was alive. jumpstart it to cycle and the body will clean the rotten toxic sludge out of the cells and clean the rest of the cells of any sludge without emptying the cell out of the bag. just stimulate the signal to the kidney. There are no more cells as they decay they do change shape. as long as the brain is alive and rigormortis hasn’t set in there is hope you can stimulate the signal from the brain and jumpstart the cells to working and clean them up and have life in them.

nickel. 5. breast. It would have no more affect than setting in front of the television. Has the Energy Cleaner (Stimulator) been used successfully on cancer patients or what was their outcome? If so what types of cancers. Do you know what the output gauss strength and type of magnetic field is being generated by the Energy Cleaner (Stimulator)? The machine is 4v same as the body. leukemia’s.? http://www. I would like to know what is the purpose of alternating between +/. lymphomas. etc. zinc and potassium is the same. patients with pacemakers. it takes the body 24 hours to fill them. i.edkuniversity. i.htm (7 of 28) [03/06/2004 8:49:32] . Recharging the Battery. i. osteosarcomas.com or phone 1-740-7830021 Joseph: 1.? Electric has a flavor. You can't wash dishes in a dry sink. or seizures? In addition. brain tumors. heart valves or other metallic prosthetic implants.DC current every 15 minutes rather than maintaining a constant (+) or (-) current? When the cells are empty in 15 minutes you’re done until they are refilled..com/school_of. energycleaner@aol.SCHOOL OF CLASS ROOM QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS If you have any questions email them to us and we will be happy to answer them and post them for others to see.. you need the flavor the body likes or it will reject it. To clean a cell it needs fluid to flush it.e. 3. Are there certain conditions under which the Energy Cleaner (Stimulator) might be contradicted in use. lead vs. 2. What physiological differences were observed in the treatment outcome in individuals using different types of batteries for the Energy Cleaner (Stimulator). My question is can the Energy Cleaner (Stimulator) be used in patients on dialysis? You are using only a signal. A flashlight battery is zinc and acid from sodium. you mentioned that the Energy Cleaner (Stimulator) induces frequent urination in individuals at night and recommend drinking water often to prevent dehydration.. I like this concept and it makes sense to me. etc.e. 4. The machine can refill them in 15 minutes. That way you cycle the cells every half hour or 48 times in a day instead of once a day. prostrate cancers. The body uses potassium and sodium to make it electric.e.

When you try to change polarity right after the other. are there ever a time when you http://www. Are there any or have there been any clinical trials implemented using the Energy Cleaner (Stimulator)? Also do you know of any medical doctors or health practitioners currently using the system? We have offered them but they decline to try it.edkuniversity. it will shut you down so you can’t do anything the rest of the day. let me know your results.htm (8 of 28) [03/06/2004 8:49:32] . I would appreciate if you could direct me to medical practitioners or literature that shows how to clearly interpret these "magnetic fields" with a level of consistency and accuracy? I don't know of any. In your experience have any side effects been reported using the Energy Cleaner (Stimulator)? The machine only empties and fills the cells nothing else.com/school_of. I understand that the same person cannot do the polarity stimulation in the same day. I have never studied medicine or dissected a body on how the meridians run. Meridians. It will coordinate all the hands on the stimulator pad so they all switch together. It doesn’t foul up the energy cleaner when it switches the polarity. but can it be done by another person directly after the counter clockwise motion? If one cannot do the same stimulations in the same day. You state that you move your hands in a counter clockwise circle.Alzheimer's . Your body will take 24 hours to straighten your energy out.Rheumatism is the easiest to clean out. Is there any literature available on how to locate meridians accurately and consistently? Or how can meridians be accurately located on the body in a precise and consistent manner so as to minimize inter-practitioner variability? I would appreciate any references that you might have available. 2. 8. why is it that the energy cleaner is setup to do both positive and negative stimulation over a long continuous period? The same person cannot do both polarity stimulation in the same day. 9. They are caused by a blocked meridian. Kirlian Photography.SCHOOL OF Cancer . All it takes is clean the blockage and that don’t fail. I have heard about meridians and casually read some literature pertaining to them. You can’t hurt anything by cleaning it. 6. Keith: 1. Meridians are the fiber thread hooked to each cell leading to the nerve at the spinal column. maybe you are different. 7. Try it.

Then you can repeat the stimulation again. The body discharges everything the whole characteristic and personality is hanging out for you to feel-see-taste their strength. see it. You can feel it. You will empty all cells in the area you are stimulating in 15 minutes. Take 3 or 4 seconds each trip around the circle. Put your hands over the troubled area and just hold them there and they will start to discharge the toxic sludge. personality and health is all in their halo for the world to judge them with. Doing it the same way it takes 15 minutes to refill the cells and charge them up. It causes the cells to contract and empty out everything in them which relieves pain.SCHOOL OF move your hands in a clockwise circle? How long do you hold your hands in the stationary position once you have made contact? Can you do this yourself? To do it by hand put your hands flat next to the body where you want to stimulate about 2 or 3 inches away and move your hands in a counter clockwise circle slowly. It is the used energy from the electric signals the brain used to control the function of the body. Just repeat that each day. After stimulating the same cells in the same place for 15 minutes they are empty and you have used up the negative charge and it is now positive charged. When you say” someone’s electric to do the clockwise stimulation”. Are you saying that someone else needs to do the clockwise motion while you do the counter clockwise and the same person can’t do the counter and clockwise motion themselves? When you go counter clockwise it gives you the positive signal. that is the person’s life force. It takes the body 24 hours to do it.You said that negative charge comes from the clockwise circle of the winding on a coil. The cell must be recharged with a negative charge to make it expand and fill up with new nourishment. 3. You have made connection with the body’s energy.com/school_of. taste it and take a picture of it. All movements and thoughts are discharged out into the magnetic electric field around the body. you are ready to start stimulating the cell that has got plugged up and in trouble.edkuniversity. Is that the universal energy of the body? Yes. Then you are done until they are filled back up. Negative charge comes from the clockwise circle of the winding on a coil. I’m not sure what you are referring to. What can you tell from it? The used electric has all the characteristics of the body. All living things have it. You must get someone’s electric to do the clockwise stimulation. You will feel heat in the palms of your hands within 6 to 8 trips around the circle. When you meet someone is that what you feel? http://www. You must get someone’s electric to do the clockwise stimulation.htm (9 of 28) [03/06/2004 8:49:32] . Mary: I have seen pictures of people and the aura with all kinds of colors.

A healthy and happy persons aura will be a bright and pretty green with all 7 chakras shining like six headlights and the crown chakras shining like a pretty halo. ENERGY CLEANER Stimulates the energy of the body and recycles it and cleans the broken down cells of a sick body to be clean.C. . It’s time to stop then. The more you aggravate them the redder it gets.edkuniversity. Does the health of a person make a difference in the aura? Yes. current.SCHOOL OF Yes. If a person has a lot of toxic waste stuck in the cells it will be a dirty brown in that area. You must make a connection with the electric field to simulate it to control it to be able to use it to power the work you want to do. Live over 100 years pain free. The brain sends a signal to the cells to react to the command and the signal is electric just like in your computer. The human body is controlled from the brain signaling it what to do. All you need is to make a connection to the subject’s energy field and you can operate the subject by using the signal to control its function. you know there is something you don’t like and are not comfortable there and you will move on immediately.htm (10 of 28) [03/06/2004 8:49:32] . when to move. The electric the body uses is made in the body using the same minerals that universal energy is made from. It is all universal energy compatible to each other. If a person is aggravated their aura will be a reddish brown. It’s free energy after you make the connection.com/school_of. the body is 4-volt http://www. When they are ready to fight it will be a fire engine red. or if their personality is good to your taste you feel it also and you like that feeling and stay there. when to speak. It is all D. When your magnetic field comes in contact with another person’s magnetic field you feel their personality and they feel yours. healthy. happy and wise. You immediately feel their personality and if it clashes with yours. SCHOOL OF UNIVERSAL ENERGY The universe is controlled and powered by the magnetic electric field from the sun.

The batteries will not go dead. You cannot defy mother nature by killing the symptoms when the cell brakes down. All you need is to make a connection to it and power your energy needs for free.htm (11 of 28) [03/06/2004 8:49:32] . The battery pack is your reserve when you stop.edkuniversity. Stimulate it. The energy cleaner is 4-½ volt. Electric does not wear out. they will last until they get a hole in them and leak out the acid. The university teaches to work with mother nature and use the energy of the universe. and to start the motor when you wish to start driving again. For a car you need an electric motor large enough to drive the car connected to the transmission a pack of batteries large enough to start the motor.com/school_of. recycle it and keep driving as long as you desire. It’s all free . WEATHER MAKER Stimulates the electric field of a weather cloud and makes the weather of your choice. Electric does not wear out save it. which is around 36 months. ENERGY STIMULATOR Save the used electric of the home – factory – city. It’s fun. Universal energy is free and plentiful. Stimulate the used energy. 9d size flashlight batteries to power the start of the signals then recycle the energy. It’s free. Feel young. stimulate it. It will keep the load up to power indefinitely. A rheostat switch to control the speed or slow the motor to the speed you desire. LEE CROCKS WEATHER MAKER http://www. recycle it and use it again. Stimulate them to clean out and be strong and live on. At the peak load stimulate the used energy send it back to the battery pack.SCHOOL OF high amperage . recycle it and use it again. All you need is a bank of batteries with enough power to start the load that you request.

whether it be rain. positive polarity and a low-pressure negative charge polarity cell comes over with a high moisture humidity. The high pressure is a cell of positive polarity low humidity that pushes everything ahead of it. When the atmosphere has a change and the positive charge of universal electric of a high-pressure cell makes contact with the negative low-pressure cell with high moisture humidity it neutralizes the negative charge and it lets go of the humidity and it falls to the earth in rain. so you get nothing if the weather maker is set on stop and a negative polarity it would stimulate the pressure cell to be dry and pull up moisture and dry things up. positive polarity and a high pressure cell comes over with a positive polarity charge and low humidity there is nothing there to get from that cloud of dust and wind and positive polarity to positive charge wont do anything. That causes a magnetic electric field that will stimulate the universal electric energy field in a pressure cell that comes in contact with the weather makers’ magnetic electric field. snow or hail. snow or hail. All cells have a negative polarity charge loaded with fluid a high moisture content when sent a http://www. When the weather maker stimulates the low-pressure cell with negative charge with a positive charge the low pressure cell will discharge the moisture from the low pressure cloud of what is in it. If you have the weather maker set on stop and a negative charge it will stimulate the low pressure cell to be more negative and want to pick up more moisture and quit dropping what it had been and quit raining. The atmosphere is a neutral mass of air with high and low pressure cells of air.SCHOOL OF is a universal energy stimulator with a switch manually operated so you can choose what weather you desire. snowing and blowing on without giving any up of its moisture.edkuniversity. rain or snow what ever the cloud has in it is what you get.com/school_of. Universal energy will work on everything the lord made. If you want a fair dry day. If the weather maker is set on rain. The low pressure is a cell of negative polarity with a high humidity content and pulls everything behide it. If you have it set on rain. When using the weather maker it puts a positive or negative charge on a 4’x 12’ aluminum screen wire electrode.htm (12 of 28) [03/06/2004 8:49:32] . It is controlled with positive and negative electric polarity signals and everything is made up of millions of cells put together to form what the lord made. what ever the low pressure cloud has in it is what comes down.

It is what the atmosphere uses to control the weather with everything the lord created he uses the same DC electric current to operate it with.com/school_of. When the acid in salt comes in contact with potassium or zinc the acid will start to eat the mineral and the by-product it gives off is DC electric. The universal energy the magnetic electric field around the sun is what holds the universe together.htm (13 of 28) [03/06/2004 8:49:32] . To control the cells of the earth you must connect to the magnetic electric field around the cell you want to control. When stimulated with an electric field of universal energy. It is very low voltage and high amperage. they all work when signaled to work by the control center.SCHOOL OF positive polarity electric signal of universal energy it will discharge and release the water in it. it will work on plants and have some control on the weather.edkuniversity. the acid in salt reacting to potassium and zinc. It is the electric the brain uses to signal all functions of a live body. If in a human. Universal energy is low voltage electric DC current that is giving off when the minerals of the earth come together and ferment they give off a flow of DC electric low voltage high amperage current that controls the whole universe with magnetic pulls and pushes. plant or animal or a cloud in the sky. The human and animals have a brain that controls the signal sent to control the cells. You need an electrode large enough so when you charge it with the polarity charge you use it will set up an electric field around the electrode large enough to control the cell electric charge to react to your signal and it will work every time to the extent of the strength and length of your signal. it is what all plants use to control their growth. The body uses 4 volt. UNIVERSAL ENERGY THE ELECTRIC THAT THE WORLD RUNS ON It is fermented DC current driven from two minerals reacting to each other. The sun is the large positive electric stationary center hub that http://www. It will control the amount of moisture that a cloud will release. you can control the cloud to release the moisture or hold it which ever you prefer.

which is the pure air a live body needs to live and grow with. It is a known fact one acre of soybeans will give off more oxygen and moisture then three acres of forest and trees will. It is the way you wind the coil in an electric field that gives you the positive and negative pole on a magnet that makes it possible to control the electric polarity field you desire to stimulate the cells with to charge their battery with so they start to working again and be healthy.edkuniversity.SCHOOL OF every thing in the universe is connected to by a magnetic pull that holds every thing in its place.htm (14 of 28) [03/06/2004 8:49:32] . The residue it carries with it from the minerals that it is made from that will plug up the meridians that is the conductor of the signals from the brain to the cell. http://www. The rotation around the sun and the rotation of the earth on its axis give the earth it’s North Pole positive polarity pole and the South Pole is negative magnetic pole.com/school_of. That is the only way in this world to clean the meridians and cells of the toxic poison that has built up to make the body sick and get it healthy. The way the lord made it to work and Jesus taught the apostles to heal the sick by laying on the hands to reverse the signals and clean the body of it’s problem. It is pulled up to the leaf and mixed with carbon dioxide which brakes down the plant food to grow and the by-product the chemical reaction of the growing process gives off is oxygen. DC current has the character of a smooth even flowing energy that doesn’t damage or hurt anything it flows through. When it is shining on a plants leaf the positive polarity magnetic field pulls the water from the top of the leaf of a plant which sucks the water up through the stem from the roots with a hole in the ends of every root drawing in the water from the ground that has dissolved the nitrous phosphorus and pot ash from the ground the plant needs to grow. To control the growth of plants the sun is the positive controlling force holding the universe together. It is discharged along with the moisture left after the plant food is filtered out and is discharged out through the leaf into the air.

which powers and controls the universe. A positive charge causes them to retract and push out everything in them and a negative charge causes them to expand and pull in to fill them up. The sun is the main controlling force of the Universe when the earth spins the North Pole is the counter clockwise end and the positive magnetic field and the South Pole is the clockwise circle and the negative end of the polarity field.C. Negative charges expands and pulls everything with it to control the cells of the universe to fill up or discharge what is in them. You place your hands over the body you want to stimulate and move your hands in a counter clock wise circle you are the controlling force and the positive electric force and the other end is the negative electric force beins they are on the clockwise end of the magnetic electric force. Everything in the Universe is made up in cells and controlled with a positive and negative charge. The acids from the salts of the earth reacting with the zinc and potassium. And you have a magnet. The use of Universal Energy to stimulate and control the cells to control their action was discovered and developed at Noble County University in 1997 with Lee Crock President. A positive charge retracts and pushes everything in front of it. derived from the minerals of the earth. electric that powers the magnetic force.C.com/school_of. Minerals give off the D. The same as when you use the energy from your body to stimulate the cells of another body. http://www.SCHOOL OF UNIVERSAL ENERGY The magnetic electric force of the Universe. current.htm (15 of 28) [03/06/2004 8:49:32] . which is D. When you pull the magnetic electric force in a circle it will separate the positive force will go to the counter clock wise end of the axis you’re pulling it around and the negative will go to the clock wise end.edkuniversity.

To signal the cells to empty out or fill up and recharge the cells battery. it won’t work with any D. The controlled signal from the brain to the muscle cell in the arm or leg is what gives the movement of the body and at no time is there a flow of electric sent through the body. negative stretches the cell. it will empty out. The body is muscle powered and muscle only stretches or retracts depending on the signal it receives. The atmosphere is made up with high-pressure positive charge low humidity and cool temperatures.com/school_of.C. it will give you a large snowflake or large drops of water or white powder snow or fine mist according to the polarity you stimulate the cloud with. Never connect an electric current to the body. THE SIGNAL OF THE HUMAN BODY Is D. current the universal energy of the world. When you change the polarity to negative it will cause the cell to expand pull in and fill up. current hurts the body. Positive retracts the cell.SCHOOL OF By placing your hands over the cells you want to stimulate it will cause those cells to contract and push every thing in the cell out and discharge all substances in them out. there is no way the body can use any of the type of current A. Lee Crock’s weather maker does work on the cells. http://www.edkuniversity. negative charge.htm (16 of 28) [03/06/2004 8:49:32] . it really will fowl up the whole signal system of the body. negative charge and you stimulate it with a positive polarity charge it will retract and push out what the cell had in it rain-snow or hail.C.C. Low pressure. current. high humidity. To control any function of the body you must make connection with the body in its magnetic electric field around the body. If a cloud comes over with a low pressure. it is alternate current.

The use a flash light to do it with the positive polarity going through the body to the negative polarity connection causing the cells to retract and set themselves making the body stiff shutting the body down and it is dead. UNIVERSAL ENERGY The energy that powers the world everything the Lord created is powered by http://www. You cannot change the body from the way the Lord made it to work but he made it so you can help it when it brakes down.htm (17 of 28) [03/06/2004 8:49:32] .com/school_of. There is no danger of ever getting an electric current through the body using the electrode in the magnetic electric field around the body and sending one polarity at a time like the energy cleaner does it is a signal not a charge. It is good to put more than one signal pad on different parts of the body at the same time. He taught his apostles to help the poorly and remove their suffering. It is so easy to do it takes time and is stressful to stand with your hands out over someone for several hours.edkuniversity. The positive will go to the negative connection and go out without a signal to any cell to react and if you put more than 4.SCHOOL OF You cannot put both positive and negative polarity current on the body at the same time if you do it will cause a flow of electric through the body. Hooked to the same energy cleaner. that would fowl up the signal system and the cell to have two signals sent at the same time from two machines at the same time of different polarity. never use two energy cleaners at the same time on the same body. The energy cleaner will do it for years nonstop and it don’t get tired and complain. Never put a suction cup with a wire hooked to it on a body two different places and hook an electric current to them and send an electric charge through the body unless you want to kill the body like the fur traders do their animals. Jesus used his hands to help the suffering when he was here on earth.5 volts it will start to damage the cells for the body is not designed as an electric current to flow through the body. I can teach you over the phone how it’s done.

It controls all movements of the body and is controlled by a signal from the brain. Every cell in the body fills with nourishment to feed with for strength and growing and to discharge to waste it has to stay healthy and works.htm (18 of 28) [03/06/2004 8:49:32] . They start to break down and this is when the body is in trouble and it just keeps getting worse until the whole body brakes down. the world is held in place and controlled by the magnet electric field around the sun holding them in place and spinning them on their axes and it controls all functions of the weather and growth of plants and animals. healthy and pain free. It takes an energy cleaner.com/school_of. A clean body is a healthy body.SCHOOL OF Universal Energy. The undertakers bury the evidence. The body moves as long as the Universal Electric energy signals flow freely from the brain to the cells. a person that has been trained or a machine to jump-start it to clean the toxic waste out. http://www. Mother nature does a good job of repairing the body of any damage that may happen to it if you keep it clean and germ free. It doesn’t do a good job of cleaning the meridians and jumpstarting the cells and cleaning out the stuck toxic waste in the cells. The sun. THE CHANGE OF THE 21ST CENTURY From the treatment of kill-cut-burn method to the Lord’s way healthy-happywise using Universal Energy Method. stars. When the meridians start to getting clogged and the signal from the brain gets weak and the cell gets weak the waste from the food gets stuck in the cell. The 20th Century medical practice is give them a pill to numb the brain to kill the pain if that didn’t fix it then cut it out if that didn’t fix it then use radiation to burn it that kills them for sure.edkuniversity. the body is healthy and just as strong as the signal from the brain is and the cells are clean.

It is easy to do and it is free. the hands.SCHOOL OF That has to stop.com/school_of. God gave the instructions to Adam and Eve for the people in the Old Testament lived to be six hundred years old: by the time God sent Jesus they had been living fat and dying young. The medical profession has proven without a doubt that their way does not work for they all die young. The only thing missing is the manual with the instructions on how to use the tools he sent with the new body. for the last century they were treating the symptoms without knowing the cause of their illness. Jesus taught the apostles how to use the hands to clean the bodies of the sick to be well and live to be old. they treat the symptoms and they all died young.htm (19 of 28) [03/06/2004 8:49:32] . CARE FOR YOUR BODY AS YOU DO YOUR CAR It doesn’t take much of a brain to figure out the way we take care of the human body is well proven that it cures the bloat in your billfold and you die young. Without even considering using Universal Energy to jump-start the cells to discharge the toxic waste out and cleanse the body of the toxic poison and being well. and if you don’t get sick you won’t die. God made the body to last and send the tools to fix a brake down in the body when it does brake down. the Lord gave it to us. A clean body is a healthy body if you keep the cells clean you will not get sick. The cells were full of waste stuck in then the toxic poison from the waste was killing the body. When the body is made to repair any damage that might happen from a brake down when jump-started to working again it will last for hundreds of years without pain and be healthy-happy-wise. http://www. They did in the early bible days when they used the energy to clean the body to stay healthy and live hundreds of years.edkuniversity.

htm (20 of 28) [03/06/2004 8:49:32] . you get sick and there is not a drug in this world that will clean the waste out of http://www. it gets dirty and brakes down.com/school_of. jump-started and working and you will feel young again. get up at 6AM. work seven days a week. It is your choice. they multiple and grow and give off toxins that’s poison to the body and makes it sick. You must get medicine to kill the bacteria and the brain will signal the cells to discharge the waste to clean the cell and you have a clean healthy body. go home at 6PM and by 5:30AM I am well rested and waiting for 6AM to get up. go to bed at 10:30PM. You are no older than you feel. being you are normal again. When that waste is left in the cell and not discharged on a regular basis. well over a hundred years. pain free with a clear mind and with the desires and ambitions the same as when you were young. You don’t need to be old to get dirty with the waste being stuck in the cells and becoming toxic making your heart feel tired and think you are old. that waste becomes toxic and starts to poison the cell. The body has a grave problem. The second reason is when the brain looses contact to the cells to be able to signal the cell to discharge the waste in them from the food they use to be strong and do the work the cell does to move the body in it’s daily movements of work. The first reason is when a germ gets into the body. The body doesn’t get old and wear out.edkuniversity. you have two. don’t have a pain. All you need is to get the cells cleaned out. I know it is going to take another 70 years to teach the world how to use the tools the Lord gave to each person to take care of their body to keep it clean so it last as it is meant to last. go to work at 7AM. you can take the standard kill-cut-burn way and cure the bloat in your billfold or go to an energy cleaner and have them jump start your signal system or get an energy cleaner machine and jump start your signal system into working and clean the toxic waste in the cells to be clean and strong and feel young again.SCHOOL OF I have not been sick in the past eight years. A CLEAN BODY IS A HEALTHY BODY There are two reasons a body gets sick.

which route to take.edkuniversity. it’s free.com/school_of. it is just stuck in them until you get the meridians cleaned out so the brain can signal the cells to discharge the waste and poison to get the cells clean and working again. If it was arthritis or rheumatism you can keep taking the pill to numb the brain to kill the pain and wish you could die to get relief. Is it just positive and negative signals? Yes. or you can get a person that has been trained as an energy cleaner or get an energy cleaner machine and clean the meridians out so the signal from the brain will pass through and signal the cells to be clean and strong again. In 12 minutes of steady flow of positive energy. If it wants the cell to retract and discharge it sends a positive flow of positive energy to it. If you were stung by a bee and you kept the positive signal on it for 15 minutes the cells in that area would all be empty and the swelling will be gone from the cells in that area you have made contact with would be empty and all the body’s energy in that area would be used up. cancer or Alzheimer’s and let it progress until the body dies. The cell will retract and push out everything in it. The old medical proven unsuccessful way that will cure the bloat in your billfold and die young or mother nature’s way of jump starting the cell and cleansing the meridians and cell to work and be clean and strong again like the Lord made the body to be. kidney and liver failure. In 14 minutes it will have almost stopped. lung. 740/783-0021 or email us at energycleaner@aol. you can take a pill to numb the brain to kill the symptoms and let it progress until it becomes heart. you will notice the signal is getting slow. http://www. The feeling in your hands will stop flowing and you will know it has quit taking your energy and you are done with everything you can do until the cells are charged back up with a negative charge. It is your choice. give us a call. You have three choices.SCHOOL OF the cells. I have read about the signals of the body. The brain controls the signal going to the cells of the body. In 15 minutes it will all stop and you don’t feel anything.htm (21 of 28) [03/06/2004 8:49:32] .com SIGNALS Paul: 1. It is your choice.

You have a 12volt AC current. 3. What is the feeling when someone puts the stimulator pads over skin cancer and puts their hands on top of the pad? http://www. It might open the meridians up so the signals from the brain would get to the cells and Mother Nature takes over. set their self and lock up. it would be low amperage so it would not kill you. I read about the machine that you set the frequency on to stimulate the body with? I don’t know anything about them. That is slow and easy.edkuniversity. It takes the body 24 hours for it to complete the process. If you do it by hand or the machine they can do it in 15 minutes to complete it. They retract and set their self in a hard knot and won’t let go.com/school_of. You can reverse the signal to negative polarity and it will recharge back up and fill up with nourishment and recharge with a negative polarity charge. You are doing the same thing by putting a current through the body from a machine with a 60 second frequency with a 12-volt battery in it. The only thing that it can do is open up the meridians so the brain signal will pass through and the brain will take over and clean the waste out of the cells. but it sure would not jump start the cells to start working and could not charge their battery because it is the wrong kind of electric. The heart beat is the only thing fast and repeats frequency the lungs are slower. The cells just can’t react to that speed. That is why AC current is a real fast frequency 60 times a second. There is nothing that is quick and jerky.SCHOOL OF the energy in the cells has stopped.htm (22 of 28) [03/06/2004 8:49:32] . You can’t let go and die in a split minute. 2. It is not universal energy. I don’t know if it does anything that is all it does for it sure is not filling in for Mother Nature and helping it to operate the cells when they brake down to get them to clean the toxic waste out of the cells and be healthy clean cells for mother nature to just keep them going like the energy cleaner does. It causes the cells to retract. The old time electricians will swear if you have rheumatism in the muscle if you stick your finger in a light socket and get shocked it will go away. It takes the body 24 hours to recharge itself. I do know the body cannot stand AC current.

That is what happens with any kind of burn of what ever the brake down was in the skin. their magnetic electric that is around their body will not be there.SCHOOL OF They will feel heat in the palm of their hands and the heat will penetrate into the body to the cells. It will fill the room with their magnetic field while http://www. as the cells get empty. What do they feel? The machine coordinates all the energy so all hands will feel the same heat flowing out of the palms of the hands. The machine is stimulating the used electric as it pulls it from the hands and connects it to the meridians and goes to the cell it is connected to and jumpstarts them into working to discharge the waste stuck in them for not getting a strong signal to discharge its waste and just laying there and got toxic. They will feel movement as the cells retract and it will fell warm in the whole area the cells have been connected with. the skin will start to itch as if you were sun burned. The warmth feeling slows down. When the skin has heeled it will itch and peel off. it peals off and is new again. When they are full then it will switch and start to warm up as they discharge and empty out. That is what happens when there is a breakdown in the skin. After several hours of discharging and refilling. 4. Then it will switch polarity and it will start to feeling cool as the cells fill up. It keeps that up switching every 15 minutes.edkuniversity. When you stimulate it. When someone has lung cancer and on oxygen they put a pad down and lie on top of it and put one on top of the chest and have 4 or 6 hands on top of the pad on the chest. That will let up as they fill up until it is normal.htm (23 of 28) [03/06/2004 8:49:32] . it heals then itches and peals off leaving the area that peals with the new skin being pink and healthy new skin.com/school_of. They have made the connection with as the cells start to contract and the sludge in them start to leave. You feel the most just as it switches polarity. The person with their hands on the pad. That person discharges all the energy from their body. Instead of it being discharged out through the skin into the air it is going out through the hands and being used to jumpstart the cell in the lungs. From then until it switches it is less noticeable. until you don’t feel anything right before it switches. Some from the ends of the fingers as their universal energy leaves the hands it is the used electric the body has used to operate the persons own body and is discharged to get rid of it.

The swelling will decrease as the cells discharge it out and the pressure that is causing the headache decreases the pain is gone within one hour.htm (24 of 28) [03/06/2004 8:49:32] . The headache will start to leave right away as the cells start to discharge the waste out of the cells. They will feel some movement in all the intestines area as the cells discharge the toxic waste from the broken down cells and all the cells in the area will discharge what is in them. The ball of dead cells will remain and the body will incase them as it does if a piece of metal is left in the body. and another persons hands on top of the head from the back of the pad hooked to the energy cleaner? They will feel heat in the hands and the warmth will penetrate clean through the head. If they have so there is no life at all in some of them. 6.edkuniversity. With that much energy connected to the meridians of the chest area it will jumpstart the cell to empty out and refill with fresh oxygen. 5.com/school_of. What happens when a person has cancer in the liver and they are yellow in complexion and they lie on a pad and place one on the stomach with six hands placed on top of the stomach pad and there is a lot of swelling and the pads hooked to the energy cleaner? First they will all feel heat in the hands and the warmth will penetrate through the abdomen. the warmth will really feel good. The pain is usually gone by keeping the pad on the head hooked to the energy cleaner. Within a half hour they will not be breathing without oxygen. What does a person feel with a tumor in the brain with a terrible headache by putting a stimulator pad over the top of the head with their hands on each side of the head on the pad. They will lay there as a little ball but the swelling will be gone and the pain relieved. But the healthy cells won’t give much of a feeling http://www. Their lungs will work on their own body signals. The tumor should be cleaned out in four days if the cells in the tumor have not got to rotten. After 8 to 10 hours of stimulation they probably won’t need any stimulation again.SCHOOL OF everyone with their hands on the pad will not have an aura for their energy is being recycled out their hands and used on the ones being stimulated. After 3 to 4 hours they won’t need any oxygen.

You will only feel warmth when they discharge and cool when they fill up with nourishment and recharge up with negative polarity so they can empty again when signaled with a positive signal. It is just working with Mother Nature not forcing the body to do something that is not natural for it to do.com/school_of. What is the feeling with a tumor in a breast? When they put a pad over the breast and put the hand on the pad holding it on the breast it is penetrating warmth. for that is a normal operation for them. feeling as if being squeezed and pricked with a needle and the rectum squeezing for all the cells are being jumpstarted and working. Never put A.C. The ones that have broken down as they get jumpstarted to retract and push out the toxic hard waste you will feel it and usually are sore for a while until they are emptied a few times. electric on the body or use drugs to stop the symptoms of the warming you have a problem just jumpstart it to working and live to be old pain http://www. It will really bring the P. That is the way the body works. clean through the breast. That is the reason it works every time the body brakes down. You can fix it when you work with Mother Nature. test down. 7. If you catch the urine and put it in a clear jar and hold it up to the light and look up through it you will see all the waist that comes out. as it first brakes loose and goes out after the cell has emptied once.A.htm (25 of 28) [03/06/2004 8:49:32] . When the signal gets in the cell and jumpstarts it to retract and squeeze the hard toxic waste out you will feel it a lot of time.SCHOOL OF as they empty. It feels as if being pricked with a pin. You will know why you get sick with that junk being stuck in the body and how rotten it gets. 8. When the urine gets clear the body is clean. When someone has a prostrate problem and they put a pad in between their legs and put a hand on it and holds it up tight against their groin for that is the closes to the prostrate they will have the feeling of their life. It will be warm penetrating up through you and it will make the prostrate start to working. They will feel the cells movement when the positive polarity signals enters the cells in the breast as they retract and empty the stuck waste in them when a cell has been dormant and not cycling and the sludge gets stuck in the cell.S.edkuniversity.

It is a relief when they are stimulated to jumpstart them to retract and empty out the old waste and when the cells in the kidney gets stimulated and jumpstarted they release and filter the blood passing through them of the excess water and waste from the blood dumping it into the bladder.edkuniversity. so when it is on the positive polarity cycles all electric signals on the pads will be positive polarity whether the energy the signals are coming from the hands or the machine. The kidneys and the whole body are cycling on a regular schedule.htm (26 of 28) [03/06/2004 8:49:32] . When the cells in the area have been stimulated and jumpstarted after being broke down for a while. They will drink much more fluid and urinate the waist out of the body and feel young again like a body should feel. can they be jumpstarted to clean out to work again? Yes. 10. They will think a spring has been opened up. The machine will coordinate all the signals. When the lymphoids brake down and get waste built up and swell up. It feels soothing warm and it always relaxes the muscle cells when they are stimulated to unload all tension and pressure that has built up in them by being shut down and the waste being stuck in them causes them to be full and tense. they seem to start up and clean out faster than any other place. Maybe http://www. It always feels good to the area that is being stimulated. That is cleaned and regular. 9. when they first start they will feel it and some of them will feel like they were pricked by a pin when the sludge brakes loose. it will regulate the cells in the body to work on a regular schedule.SCHOOL OF free.com/school_of. What takes place when the kidneys has broke down and quit functioning and they are on the dialysis machine and they lay on a stimulating pad and place a pad on the abdomen with 4 hands on the abdomen pad? The hands will be hot and the warmth will penetrate clean through the body and all the cells in the stimulated area of the body will cycle with the stimulating of the machine and the hands. When the machine switches from positive polarity to negative polarity all the energy switches with the machine. If they keep sleeping on the machine and the pad.

SCHOOL OF because they are where you notice them more and can get directly to them. they will quit swelling over a period of time.com/school_of. could they tell the difference? Yes. After 45 minutes and they take the pads off the ears they will keep right on hearing like the use to. If you keep stimulating them when you have time. John: 1. Just set there and relax. put the stimulator pad right on top of them and your hand on top of the pad. It would be soothing and relaxing.htm (27 of 28) [03/06/2004 8:49:32] . When the cells get cleaned out and the meridians get opened up. holding it in place. if they rapped a pad around their hands and wrist and someone held their hands between theirs? They would feel heat coming from the pad and their hands penetrating clean through them. The reason is the nerve from the eardrum to the brain was blocked and the signal didn’t pass through the signal forced through and unblocked the nerve and the signal is passing through and they will keep right on hearing well. Keep the meridians open so the signals pass through and the body will not brake down and get toxic. What would someone feel that had sever pain in the hands and wrists from strain. The pain would be gone never to hurt again. If the signal from the brain gets it the cells they will work like they are suppose to. You will feel the heat penetrating all the way through and the swelling will go down unbelievably fast. the brain will keep it working. http://www. 2.edkuniversity. If in the neck or under the arms or in the groin. If someone has a hearing lose and put a pad on the ears and placed their own hands on the pad right over their ears. Immediately they will hear the same as they use to. They would feel the pain leaving the hands in one hour.

com/school_of.SCHOOL OF http://www.htm (28 of 28) [03/06/2004 8:49:32] .edkuniversity.

relaxed and healthy like you were when you were young. watch TV and it will be reducing tension. They begin to ache and are sore. You put it on the bed or in a chair or lay it on top of you. The energy of the body is disturbed in a certain way as to change the polarity at a cellular level. That is easier said than done. feeling relaxed all the time. Get an energy cleaner and sleep on it every night and keep on going. When the meridians start to get clogged and the signals to the cells get weak. not cleaning out all the old energy waste and getting only a portion of new energy food to stay strong. This body given to us for use wears out.htm (1 of 2) [03/06/2004 8:49:57] . There is no pill in the world that can start your signals to working. our culture is a non-stop from morning till night always on the go life style. our body is less stressed and can work on maintenance of all our systems. Relaxation regeneration and rejuvenation are the secrets of the past. 1. WHEN THE SIGNAL IS WORKING When all cells of the body have a good connection to the brain. You have 3 choices that you can make. When your signals are strong. No one really has time to plan in his or her day stress reduction time. It can continue while you read. Keep going until your cells completely break down and you get sick and evenually die due to clogged cells. You are just as healthy and strong as you feel. 3. letting the cells catch up with a starved rashen of new nourishment of food. Before you know it.edkuniversity.LIFE FORCE ALIGNMENT LIFE FORCE ALIGNMENT SUPPORTING ANOTHER GIGANTIC STEP FOR MANKIND JUST RELAX! All we hear today on the news is “reduce your stress”.com/Just%20Relax. That’s stressful itself. you’re even more stressed out. 2. No one has to tell you that when you feel strong and relaxed you are healthy. It really feels good to work and have fun and be relaxed all the time. When we are relaxed. This method is believed to be similar to Reiki energy clearing. the cells stay clean and healthy. Slow down. making the body tired and all stressed out. Jumpstart the signal system to get it up to strength so the cells can empty out of the old used waste and feed with a full supply of new nourishment to be strong. You are no older than http://www. However. they start to slow down. The Energy Cleaner is believed to rejuvenate tired worn out cells to be healthier. It is a vicious cycle that needs to be broken. the body does not slow down and gets sluggish or feel tense. Your work will be your vacation by making it fun. so you think you are getting old. The Energy Cleaner is designed for convenience and comfort. They are relaxed and are strong and the whole body feels young and ready to go.

com/Just%20Relax. http://www. Stay young.LIFE FORCE ALIGNMENT you feel.htm (2 of 2) [03/06/2004 8:49:57] .edkuniversity.

If you know anyone with any kind of pain. you can remove it in an hour or two. When you use our Energy Cleaner and your hands at the same time. The atmosphere is made up of low-pressure cells pulling everything with it as it moves around the world and the positive cell being pulled by the negative cell follows it. like a 10 square inch piece. electric signals. The cells are filled with liquid nourishment to feed it and charged with a negative electric charge. The positive cell pushes and is high pressure.htm (1 of 2) [03/06/2004 8:50:15] .HERE AT THE LIFT THE SPIRIT RETREAT HERE AT THE UNIVERSITY We teach everyone how to use his or her hands to control their own energy to jump start your own signal system into working where you have the short and are having trouble. pushing everything in front of it with the high pressure. That is Mother Nature’s way of feeding and nursing the body to work. Take two pieces of the conductor material. TO TRANSFER YOUR ELECTRIC ENERGY TO ANOTHER PERSON You must have an electrode connected to both body's electric energy system.C. it uses up the positive charge on the empty cell and charges it up with a negative electric charge. When a negative electric signal is placed on the cell. lumps and sores will respond the same way. There have been hundreds that were in wheelchairs or on crutches that in less than one hour jumped up and started dancing and left only to never hurt again. Tumors. just so it is a good electric conductor.com/Lift%20The%20Spirit. You can use aluminum screen wire or copper fabric. We are proud to show you how to care for yourself as the Lord meant his children to do and live to be 100 years old as they did in the Bible days. it will clean up the meridians real fast and get the clogged up cells working in just hours. grow and stay strong. It then charges the cell with a positive charge which pushes out and discharges everything in the cell so it is empty and left with a positive charge. THE SUBJECT OF UNIVERSAL ENERGY Everything God created is operated with D. When a positive signal is sent to the cell it uses up and neutralizes the negative charge. the negative cell pulls and is low pressure. We are always glad to talk to anyone. It works off positive and negative electric signals. All plants and animals are made up of millions of cells that work by alternating the positive and negative signal to the cell. and fasten them to each end of an 18-guage http://www.edkuniversity. It then pulls in new liquid nourishment and recharges it with a negative charge.

(which is an electrode). Put your hands together and hold the electrode (conductor material) between your hands now. making a real strong signal and that’s why it always works because the signal is so strong. when all it is. you'll get such a strong signal that you can feel it moving the sludge out of the cells. When they are clean.HERE AT THE LIFT THE SPIRIT RETREAT wire any length as you desire. You will feel heat coming into the palm of your hands. pulling your free energy from your magnetic field around your body that was being discharged. The brain will get the used signal your brain discharged and hear what you hear. This discharges everything in those cells. When you double the electric energy signal to a group of cells that has slowed down. (because they have lost the connection to the brain and it doesn’t get the signal to control it). That is why it seems like a miracle. The energy of the body is your life. http://www. Lay the other piece on the palm of one of your hands. Always have your hands on top of the electrode (conductor material) that is over the cells you want to jump-start and empty out. Take your other hand wide open and put it about two inches above your hand with the conductor material on it and move that hand in a counter clockwise circular motion 8 times with the palm of the hand staying over the conductor material. You can slide the electrode (conductor material) to any place on the body and discharge any cells you hold it over. The doctors don’t know that the body runs on electric signals. nothing else runs on an electric wire. you wound a coil making a magnet.htm (2 of 2) [03/06/2004 8:50:15] . When you moved your hands in a circle. You can put the electrode over the ears and put the palm over the ear hole and hold it tight and tune up the nerves to the brain from the eardrum and hear better. It will take about 15 minutes to empty any group of cells you hold it over. is Mother Nature's way of controlling all living things. Place one piece of the conductor material on the body where you want to jumpstart the cells that are broken down. they are healthy. The electrical energy that you are transferring to the other body is the energy your body has used and is discharging it to get rid of it. It is using the energy on the cells from both bodies. You are feeling the electric energy coming out of your hands and the other person will feel heat as the energy enters the body where they have the conductor material positioned. It will take all the swelling out. The signal you transferred to the other body on an 18-gauge wire is electric. (if the cells are swollen) and any pain they have will all be gone within 15 to 20 minutes.edkuniversity.com/Lift%20The%20Spirit. You are transferring your electric energy from your energy system into their cells where they have the conductor material positioned.

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