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"Alex! Watch out! Theres a deer in the road!" "Shit! Zach - were gonna hit him!

" Alex frantically tried to swerve around the deer, but it had been sleeting and snowing all day and the road was much too slick. Suddenly, there was a horrible lurch and the sound of shattering glass and screeching metal as the car slammed into the deer. The force of the impact combined with the slippery conditions forced the vehicle off the road and over the embankment, rolling the car completely over. Alex couldnt believe how fast it had all happened. Almost in a dazed state he began looking around and realized that he and Zach were hanging upside down, held in place by the seatbelts and shoulder straps. "Zach, are you ok?" There was a few seconds pause and then,

barely audible, Zach whispered back, "I dont. think. so.." **** The entire situation had started the day before. It was Zacharys birthday and Alex had planned on getting a few friends and taking Zach out to eat and maybe a few beers to celebrate. Originally Alex had wanted to throw a fullfledged party, but Zach had figured out his plans and stopped him. Not even pleas that it would be the perfect end to the semester before everyone went home for Christmas break swayed Zach. So Alex had scaled his plans way back even though he really wanted to do something special for his roommate. Alex and Zachary were best friends and had been since the beginning of the semester. They were both Juniors but new to the college having

transferred just that year. Actually Alex had become fascinated with Zach within moments of meeting him standing in line waiting for their room assignments. Everything about Zach seemed to intrigue him more. Zach was a little over six feet and had a lean but muscular body and dark, almost black hair. His chest filled out the faded T-shirt and you could almost make out the cut between his defined pecs and count the ridges in his abs. Since Zach was wearing shorts Alex was able to see his legs were also well toned. It wasnt just that Zach was good looking though, his personality was equally appealing. Zach was quiet and shy, but once you got him talking he revealed a warm sense of humor, a genuine compassion and a quick, intelligent mind. His shy smile would light up his entire face and his eyes almost seemed to sparkle. Alex found himself wanting to just stare for hours into those deep

blue eyes, and that only confused him that much more. Alex couldnt help but compare himself to Zachary. Alex wasnt conceited, but he knew that he was fairly good looking too. But there were quite a few differences between the two. Where Zach had dark hair, Alex had blond, almost beach bum hair. He had good muscle tone, but it was packed on a lean swimmers body and not nearly so muscular as Zachs. Even their personalities were different. Alex was always outgoing, talkative, and fun loving. Most of his friends considered him the life of the party and he was always joking and laughing. Despite their differences, the two shared several similar interests and got along great. The college they were attending was notorious for overcrowding the dorms and so they found

themselves as part of a quad in a room barely big enough for one, let alone four. Within two days Alex had had enough and asked Zach if he would want to share an apartment with him. Alex was a little nervous asking Zach since he knew he would have trouble hiding his growing attraction for his new friend, but at the same time he really wanted to spend as much time as he could with Zach and get to know him even better. Alexs feelings for Zach were beginning to confuse the hell out of him. He had never become so completely attached to anyone before. And the fact that it was happening so quickly simply made his mind whirl. Zach jumped at the chance to move out and seemed just as eager as Alex to share an apartment with his new friend. Zachs enthusiastic acceptance of the offer made Alex both happy

and even more nervous at the same time. Although Zach seemed to enjoy spending time together as much as he did, Alex couldnt help feeling a little strange with the whole situation. His past friendships had always been warm, but usually pretty casual. Although he was fun and outgoing, the kind of guy most people instantly liked, he had never really been close with anyone. With Zach, Alex found himself wanting to open up, to share his thoughts and feelings, and that probably scared and confused him more than anything. Still, Alex really wanted to get out of the dorms. He determined that he would just have to deal with his tangled emotions and besides, maybe things would get easier and less confusing with the passage of a little time. With space so limited, campus housing was more than happy to

refund the dorm fees since it meant freeing up some space. And so a week later the two found themselves sharing a one bedroom apartment within walking distance of the campus and becoming closer friends every day. The semester had seemed to fly by and the two were nearly inseparable. Now the semester was nearly over, finals were complete and the campus was getting ready to close. Zacharys birthday was December 20 and Alex thought it would be perfect for everybody to get together and celebrate before they all went home. Even though Zach didnt want a full-blown party, Alex was determined to make the day special. Unfortunately, Zach had seemed very lowspirited and tense all day. He kept moping about the apartment, not really accomplishing anything and resisting all efforts to engage him in

conversation. When Alex asked what was wrong, Zach would only mumble that he was just tired. When six oclock rolled around Alex practically had to drag Zach to the restaurant. Zach seemed to be attempting to put up a good front, but everybody noticed and privately asked Alex what was up. It almost seemed that Zach was about ready to cry. All through the evening Zachs friends kept trying to get him to celebrate but without any luck. He barely even touched his food even though they were eating at his favorite restaurant and he didnt have a single drink. Alex wasnt really surprised about Zachs not drinking since he rarely drank at all even at parties. It was only eight when Zach said his goodbyes to everyone, apologizing that he was tired and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. Alex couldnt understand what was going on.

Normally Zach would talk to him if something were wrong, but not tonight. Once they got back to the apartment, Zach checked their mailbox, which was empty, and then checked their answering machine for messages. There were a few calls from campus friends calling before they left to say goodbye and Merry Christmas. Zach smiled kind of wistfully at a couple of the messages, but didnt really seem very interested. After the last of the messages played he told Alex he was going to go ahead and go to bed and wished him goodnight. Alex knew something was wrong but he just couldnt get his friend to talk about it. It was so frustrating! If Zachary would only talk to him maybe he could help, but Alex just didnt know what to do with silence. Frustrated and worried Alex sat up for a few hours trying to figure out

what had happened to upset his friend but nothing came to mind. Finally Alex gave up and went to bed himself. He was determined that he was going to get Zach to talk tomorrow even if he had to drag it out of him. The next day Zachary seemed even worse. His eyes were constantly watery as if he was fighting back the tears and only just barely keeping them in. He wouldnt talk and he wouldnt eat. Alex knew he was beginning to sound like a nag, but he just couldnt let it go. He had to find out what was wrong. The day dragged on with little change until a little after two in the afternoon when Zach suddenly went to the fridge and grabbed a beer. Alex was really surprised since Zach rarely drank. During the entire semester Alex could only remember Zachary drinking twice and both times just a

single beer. Not today though. Zach downed the first beer while standing at the refrigerator door and immediately grabbed another. Zach drank that one like a man with the sole intention of getting very drunk. Within just a few minutes he was back at the refrigerator grabbing another beer. After drinking six beers within the space of a half an hour, Zachary was definitely more than a little buzzed. Suddenly he turned to Alex, swaying a little on his feet. "I think Ill go for a drive Alex. I need to clear my head." "Zach you cant drive! You can barely stand. Theres no way Im letting you drive while you are in that condition. Not only that, but its been sleeting all day. You try to drive in that while your drunk and youre going to kill yourself or worse." "I need to get out of here for awhile Alex. Im

going crazy in here!" Zachs voice was almost pleading and had a definite edge to it. Alex couldnt really understand why Zach was so agitated all at once, but he was just happy his friend was talking. If he could keep him talking for awhile, maybe he could get him to open up and tell him what was wrong. "Alright, well go driving, but you are going to be a passenger. Ill do the driving. And dont argue with me! Get your coat." For a minute Zach looked like he was about to punch his friend. Alex had never seen him get so mad but he wasnt about to back down. Alex stared right back into Zachs eyes daring him to argue. After just a few seconds, Zach looked away, sighed and hung his head. Then he dug in his pockets and handed Alex his keys. Alex took them even though he was planning on taking his

own car and not Zachs, but Alex didnt want to make his friend feel even more stupid. Not really trusting himself to speak, Alex grabbed their coats and handed Zach his. Alex headed for his car with Zach following dejectedly behind. They drove around the campus for thirty minutes or so and then around town, not really going anywhere, just driving aimlessly, still in silence. After driving around town for the fifth time and wasting another hour, Alex headed out for the interstate. After about another twenty minutes of silence Alex decided to try again to get Zach to talk. "Zach, whats wrong? Youve been acting so strange for the last two days. You never get mad, you never drink and you wont talk to me. Did I piss you off or something?" Zach looked down into his lap for a few seconds and Alex was afraid that he wasnt going

to say anything at all. "No Alex, Im not mad at you. Im just really tired. Im sorry Ive been such an ass." Zachs voice was so quiet he could barely be heard. Alex wasnt fooled for a second. He knew that it had to be more than just his friend being tired, but he was scared to push too much. He wanted to keep Zach talking, but he knew that if he kept nagging, Zach would just shut him out completely. Alex was quiet for a few minutes and then he decided to try a different approach. "So do you have big plans for your Christmas break? Is your family going to celebrate your birthday when you get back home?" Zachary quickly looked out the passenger side window, but before he could get completely turned away, Alex saw a tear streak down his friends face. Zach was silent for just a second or

two. "Nah. My mom and dad are going to my brothers for Christmas this year. I should get home in just enough time to miss saying goodbye as they leave." Zach sounded real casual when he said that but he was still staring out the side window. Just by the change in his friends tone Alex knew that this was a bigger deal than Zach was letting on. "You arent going with them?" "Nope. They are planning on staying down there for a couple of weeks. They havent seen Mike and his wife for a couple of years now so they are taking some vacation time so they can stay for awhile. Next semester is going to start before they are planning on getting back and the whole logistics just wasnt going to work out for me. Besides, I really need to start on next semesters workload. Its going to be a pretty

heavy load for me this time." "Well are they at least going to eat a piece of birthday cake with you before they go?" Alex was starting to sound really pissed. He couldnt believe that Zachs parents were just going to leave him during Christmas. He couldnt imagine his family doing something so cold. Zachary still hadnt turned around from staring out the window. "Oh, they probably forgot it was my birthday. They have been really busy trying to get everything ready for the trip and with it being the holidays, things are just that much more hectic." Finally it dawned on Alex. Zachary hadnt received anything from his parents for his birthday. Not a card, not a gift, not even a stinking phone call. He had been distracted and moping all day yesterday because he kept

expecting to get something from them. At least a call. Alex remembered that the very last thing Zach had done last night before going to bed was to check the phone messages. He had been hoping right up to the very last minute. He was suddenly so pissed at these people that he wanted to scream. How could they forget their son like that? Alexs face was turning red he was so mad. Without even thinking he suddenly yelled "That FUCKING SUCKS!!! What the hell is wrong with your parents!" Zach turned towards his friend a little surprised by the sudden outburst. Alex could see that even though Zach had been talking in a normal tone of voice, he had still been silently crying. Zach stared at Alex for a couple of seconds as he realized his friend had figured out why he had

been so upset. "Wellthey just forgot is all. Really its ok. It was kind of stupid of me to let it bother me so much, but its ok. Ive always known that Mike was their favorite so Im kind of use to it by now. Its no big deal." "Zach, it is a big deal. And if it was me, Id probably be screaming about now. Hell, Im already yelling and pissed as hell and it happened to you, not me. Damn, no wonder you didnt feel like celebrating last night." "Welllike I said, its ok. Ill get over it. Im just being stupid is all." "Oh fuck that. Ill tell you what. You come home with me and spend Christmas Break with my dad and brothers. Theyll drive you nuts, God know they do me, and our cooking may poison you but at least you wont be alone." "Thanks Alex, but Ill be ok. Really. Besides,

why should my problems ruin your familys holiday?" Suddenly something ahead caught Zachs eye. "Alex! Watch out! Theres a deer in the road!" "Shit! Zach - were gonna hit him!" **** Alex was nearly hysterical as the paramedics quickly wheeled the gurney with Zach into the Emergency Room. Several doctors were already working on his friend even as they wheeled him into a room and Alex was nearly overwhelmed by the questions being asked by the paramedics, doctors and nurses. His mind just couldnt focus and he had no idea if his responses were even making sense. The only thought running through his mind was that his best friend was hurt, and hurt badly. Zach had been in so much pain that he had finally just passed out within minutes of

the accident. And worse, he couldnt help thinking that it was his fault. He had been the one driving, and now Zachary, his best friend, a guy who was probably closer to him than his own brothers, was terribly hurt. "Alex, what happened? Are you ok?" Alex turned at the familiar voice but for a moment all he saw was another doctor asking more questions that he couldnt possibly answer. Then it finally registered on his dazed and confused brain that the doctor standing in front of him was his dad. Suddenly overwhelmed, Alex started sobbing and his dad quickly pulled him close into a tight hug. For several minutes Alex couldnt speak and his father continued to hold him, supporting him as the sobbing spasms wracked his body. Finally, Alex regained a margin of control

although tears continued to stream down his face. "Dad, Zach and I were driving and I wrecked the car. I hit a deer and ran off the road and we must have flipped the car and Zach is hurt really bad and I heard the paramedics say his leg was shattered and he has deep cuts and he was bleeding so much and hes got a cut on his head and he could barely breath or talk and he passed out and" In order to calm his distraught son, Alexs dad began speaking to his son slowly and quietly. "Sshhh, Alex. Slow down. Here, sit down. Take some deep breaths. The desk nurse called me and told me you were here but that you wouldnt let them check you and you were acting a little wild. Youve got to let them look at you son. You might be hurt and not know it. Ill go check on Zachary, but you have to let the nurses and

doctors look at you. You were in the accident too. We need to make sure that you are ok and we need to let them treat your cuts and bruises. While they are doing that, Ill go find out what is going on with Zachary. Ok?" "Dad, I want to go too. Ive got to see Zach! Im ok, I just want to know what they are doing to Zach!" "Son, I know you do, but we need to make sure you are really ok. I can find out what is happening with your friend while you are getting looked at. Besides, you need to calm down before you go into see Zachary and this will give you some time to pull yourself together a little bit. Ok? Just let the nurse look at you and bandage you up." Alex slumped back in his chair, weakly nodding his head. The adrenaline rush that had

got him this far was quickly beginning to fade. He watched his dad speak briefly with one of the nurses and then enter the emergency room where they were treating Zach. He wanted so badly to follow his dad in there to see for himself what was happening. The fear of what was happening to Zach was knotting his stomach making him feel like he was about to vomit. After a couple of moments one of the nurses came over to him. She very gently started to check his injuries, the entire time speaking quietly and calmly as if to a small child. Alex barely paid attention to her as she continued the exam, answering her questions but clearly not even aware of what he was telling her. For all he knew they could have been talking about the weather, politics or even that a volcano was about to erupt. The nurse finished treating his cuts and

bruises and quietly left him sitting still unaware that she had ever been there. Alex leaned his head back against the wall and closed his eyes. He was just so keyed up and yet totally drained at the same time. Flashes of memory kept going through his mind. It started with scenes from the accident, but slowly he started remembering the past few months he had spent with Zach. Remembering the past was strangely comforting for him. Oddly the memory of the first night Zach and he had spent in their apartment started playing through his mind. *** They had found, looked at, and taken the apartment during lunch on Friday of their first week at college. The place was right next to the campus so they could easily still be part of campus life while not having to put up with

dormitory living. It was really fairly nice considering it was clearly available for student renting. The only problem was it was pretty small. The place was really just a small house divided to make two small apartments. The entire apartment was just a kitchen/living room area, a bathroom, and a single bedroom. Still it was clean and reasonably priced. Alex just wished he could convince himself that he wasnt so nervous about living in such tight quarters with Zach. It was going to be really hard to hide his attraction to his new buddy, especially since he was going to be sleeping practically within arms reach. After classes they had quickly gathered their belongings and started moving into their new place. Zach had seemed so excited and his boyish grin got bigger and bigger with each trip they made from their cars hauling in their stuff.

Not that they really had a whole lot to move in, but the two of them kept getting rowdier with each trip and the loads seemed to get smaller. In reality they could have probably finished in just a few minutes but they were having such a good time, deliberately getting in each others way, tackling each other, wrestling in the yard and just generally making asses of themselves. It ended up taking them several hours and by the time they finally got everything inside they really didnt feel like putting anything away. Instead they just piled everything against the walls and left themselves a generally clear area in the middle. "I dont know about you, but Im starved! And I really dont feel like going out now. Do you just want to order a pizza?" "Well, we could do that Alex, just as soon as you figure out how to make a disconnected

phone work!" "Shit, I didnt think about that. Maybe the neighbors will let us borrow their phone. Ill go ask. What do you want on it? No anchovies though. I cant stand anchovies!" "Ill eat pretty much anything on pizza. Ill come with you though. I think I know one of the guys in the next apartment from class. That might make it easier to bum their phone from them." The two walked over to the other side of the house and knocked. After a few seconds the door opened. Always one just to insert himself into any situation and be totally comfortable, Alex just walked right in. "Hi. We just moved in next door. Im Alex and hes Zach. We were wondering if we could borrow your phone to order a pizza? Do you mind?" Their neighbor just started laughing as he was

more or less forced to back up and let Alex in. "Hey, Im James. Help yourself to the phone. Oh, and come on in." Zach just shook his head at his friend. "Sorry about Alex. We havent quite taught him the meaning of tact, timing or asking before you let yourself in yet. We thought wed start with basics like walking upright and grooming before we got to really hard concepts." Alex just flipped his friend off even as he was dialing the phone. "Hmm. Well I see you have your work cut out for you then. He is house broken isnt he? I really dont need any puddles in the corners." "Alex, are you housebroken yet? I keep forgetting to ask and I must admit I have noticed you standing next to trees a lot lately. Youll bark or something when you need to go out wont you?"

Grinning, Alex flipped them both off again as he continued talking on the phone. Making sure he had both of their attentions, he hiked his leg like a dog getting ready to take a piss. Zach was really laughing now. "You can swat him on the nose if you want. Do you want to join us? I promise I wont let him lick your face, jump in your lap or hump your leg." "Thats awfully nice of you. I hate it when someone humps my leg! Thanks anyway, but I was actually just about to leave. Im suppose to be meeting my roommate over at Lakeys tavern." Alex finished his conversation and hung up. "Contrary to what this dickhead says, I only hump someones leg if they ask me really nice. Thanks for letting us use your phone. Are you sure you dont want to stick around? I ordered

an extra large so there should be plenty." "It sounds good, but Dave will kill me if I just ditch him. Im suppose to be his wingman in case he happens to meet any attractive women who are interested. Not much chance of that. I keep telling him he needs a whole flight crew not just a wingman, but he keeps hoping!" They all laughed as they walked out the door and Alex and Zach returned to their apartment. The pizza arrived shortly and the two stuffed themselves even while continuing to horse around. Alex felt so great just being around Zach. He felt so close to Zach, it was almost like he was one of his brothers, but even better. In the back of his mind he knew he was getting much too attached to his new friend. The attraction he felt for him also made him really nervous, but excited at the same time. He had never had this

kind of reaction to anyone before, not even any of the girls he had ever dated had ever made him feel this way. Alex wasnt really sure if he was really ready to open that particular door yet, or even if he would ever be. They continued talking and joking with each other until after 1 AM. Zach had been yawning for awhile and it was pretty obvious he was about ready to fall asleep. "Alex, Im beat. Im going to bed. Besides, we should get up early tomorrow so we can go pick up your spare furniture. Are you sure your Dad wont mind?" "Dads pretty happy to get it out of the garage. I called him between classes just to make sure it was ok and that my brothers hadnt already made claim to any of it. My older brother, Mark, wants some of it, but Dad said there was still a couch and chair, a couple of beds and dressers

and a table we can use in the kitchen. No chairs for it though. Im afraid the beds are just singles, but we probably couldnt get anything bigger in that dank little closet were calling a bedroom anyway." "Hey! Is that anyway to talk about our Master Bedroom? Its really quite spacious, just as long as we never actually have to go in there! Maybe we should get bunks or something." "Have you ever slept in a bunk-bed? My brother Jason and I had them for a couple of months. Thats what the beds actually are that were getting, but you can take them apart and use them as two singles. Anyway, I never could sleep in the top bunk cause I always thought I would roll over and fall out. And when I was in the bottom, I dont know how many times I cracked my head up against the top bunk trying

to get up too fast." Alex paused for a second, and then got a real shit-eating grin on his face. "Besides, if we had bunks, Id know every single time you decided to jack off and Id never get any sleep with all the creaking and swaying motions youd cause!" Zach immediately turned bright red with embarrassment and for a second or two, Alex thought he might have gone too far. After a couple seconds of stammering. Zach started laughing. "Youd just join in and start beating your own meat and you know it you perv!" Alex busted out laughing, more because of Zachs reaction and continuing blush than over the stupid joke. "I just wouldnt want you to feel lonely is all!" "Sure, sure, sure. Im soooo believing that!" Zach was still blushing as he headed towards the

bathroom and started brushing his teeth. Alex was still laughing as he went into the bedroom to get their sleeping bags ready. Since they didnt have furniture yet, they really didnt have any choice but to camp out so to speak. As he was arranging the sleeping bags, Alex started getting nervous again. He was literally going to be sleeping within inches of Zach. The thought of his friend lying so close, sleeping right next to him was sending strange signals through his body. He couldnt help wonder what Zach was going to wear to sleep in, or better yet, not wear. Alex still had never seen Zach undressed before. In the dorms, Zach had always slept in his boxers and T-shirt and he had always changed in the bathroom. He was just a really modest guy. But Alex couldnt help wondering if maybe Zach would wear a little less tonight since it was just the two of them and it was pretty warm. The

thought of Zach without a T-shirt on, or maybe even naked sent the blood rushing to his groin and within seconds Alexs erection was very obvious. His reaction only further confused him, and he quickly stripped to his boxers and jumped into his own sleeping bag before Zach could see him in such an embarrassing state of arousal. Zach finished up in the bathroom and walked into their bedroom. If he noticed anything unusual about Alex he sure didnt show it. Yawning and obviously pretty sleepy, Zach pulled off his Tshirt and stripped off his shorts. Clad only in his boxers, he stood for a second or two as he set the alarm clock giving Alex ample time to admire all that superb flesh on display. Alex tried to keep his staring from being obvious since he didnt want to get caught, but the sight of his friends nearly naked body was almost too much for him.

He felt his dick give another twitch and he quickly rolled onto his side to keep from tenting the covers. Zach didnt seem to notice and settled himself into his own sleeping bag mumbling "gnight" to his friend. Within only a few minutes, Zachs breathing slowed and deepened into the steady rhythm of sleep. It took Alex quite a bit longer to calm his own confused mind and chase away all the disturbing fantasies he was having before he could drift off to sleep too. *** To be continued. Copyright 2011 Greg_A; All Rights Reserved.

"Alex, wake up son." Alex felt someone gently shaking him and he could hear a voice that sounded like his dads, but it seemed so far away. Couldnt whoever it was tell he was tired? Why couldnt they just leave him alone? He didnt need to be bothered right now, he had to wait for his dad to come tell him what was happening with Zach. That thought sent a jolt of energy through his body. Zach! His dad was trying to wake him up. He must have news about Zach. "Dad! Whats happening with Zach? Can I go see him now? Please, just let me see him." "Alex, thats why Im here. Youve been asleep for a couple of hours and weve been working on Zachary during that time. I came out to talk to you a couple of times, but you were out cold. I thought it would be better to let you sleep

and then wake you once I was able to let you go in and see him." "Ive been asleep for a couple of hours? Shit! How could I fucking fall asleep at a time like this?" "Alex, youve been running on pure adrenaline since the accident. Being able to get a little sleep was probably the best thing you could have done for yourself. There was absolutely nothing you could have done during the time you were sleeping and you wouldnt have been able to go in to see Zachary until now anyway. Dont beat yourself up over something like that." "Dad" Alexs face was turning red with anger as he started to argue with his dad. "Alex, calm down. Yelling at me or pounding your fists against the walls wont change anything. Really its better this way. Now youve got some

rest and you will be able to approach your friend much more calmly. He didnt need you in there with him all worked up the way you were. Now you can go in there calmly and lend him some of your strength. Hes hasnt been hurt that badly, but hes going to need some help from you for awhile." Alex hung his head and looked at the floor for a couple of seconds. His dad was right and he knew it. He was just so scared about what was happening to Zach that he wasnt able to think. He desperately felt like he should be doing something, anything, to help Zach and he just couldnt believe that he had fallen asleep. "Im sorry dad. Can I go see him now. Ill try to be calm." "Before we go in, I want to prepare you for what you are going to be seeing. Zacharys

injuries all looked a lot worse than what they really were. Not that he wasnt banged up pretty bad, but its not as serious as it looks. First of all, he didnt shatter his leg. He did manage to break it in two places, but they were both fairly clean breaks. The bleeding from the cut on his head looked pretty bad, but scalp wounds almost always bleed real heavily. The cut was actually pretty shallow although he probably will have a hell of headache for a couple of days and he managed to get two black eyes. There were some pretty deep cuts on his right arm, shoulder and side from where the door window shattered, but nothing too serious. We only needed to stitch a couple of the cuts. Im really surprised there werent any cuts on his face from all the glass that must have been flying around." "He had his head turned away talking to me

right before we hit. He was practically facing me." "Well, that probably was a good thing since it spared his face any lacerations. Zachary also has some friction burns across his chest, probably from where the shoulder strap pulled him back into his seat. Theres also a lot of bruising. He may have also cracked a couple of ribs, but the X-rays show that he definitely didnt break any. If they are cracked, they are just hairline and should just heal by themselves without any treatment from us. I really think the ribs are probably just bruised badly. They are still going to hurt and helped to contribute to why he couldnt breath very well after the accident. "The most serious injury besides his broken leg was to his groin. It appears that when you hit the deer, the door mirror on his side broke off and

was slammed through the window. It looks like it hit him with a lot of force in his lower abdomen and groin. The impact was pretty severe and caused a lot of trauma to his groinincluding his testicles. He had some pretty deep cuts in his lower abdomen along with a nasty gash to his scrotum. That was the main reason he passed out on you Alex. The pain from that probably hurt worse than the rest of it combined. It still looks pretty bad, and Im sure its going to hurt like hell for awhile, but a couple of stitches was really all it took. He is still a little swollen in the area, and we will need to continue to check him to make sure the swelling goes away completely, but he should be fine. There shouldnt be any permanent injury in the area." Alexs face had gone a little pale as his father described his friends injuries to him. He had

heard his dad tell him that none of the injuries were that bad and he knew his dad would never lie to him, but all of those things sounded pretty horrible to him. When his dad started to explain the final groin injury, Alex though he was nearly going to vomit. He couldnt imagine what kind of pain that must have felt like. Dr. Edwards noticed his sons face was beginning to look a little green. "Alex, really, Zachary is going to be ok. Weve got him on a lot of pain medication so hes probably not feeling too much of anything at the moment. In fact, unless someone is talking to him and keeping his attention, he keeps falling asleep. Hes asked about you a couple dozen times though. Are you ready to go see him, or do you want to wait a few minutes? You look like you are about to be sick. Do you want a drink of

water." Alex couldnt speak and only nodded his head yes to his fathers offer of a drink. His hands were visibly shaking as he took the offered cup and took a few sips. Alex gave his dad a weak little smile. "Just give me a second or two to get my stomach back under control. Im guessing puking on Zach when I see him probably wouldnt be really good for him." Dr. Edwards couldnt help chuckling a little at his sons attempt at humor. He could tell that it was really hard for Alex to hear everything that had happened to Zachary. They must be really close. "Ok dad. I think Im ready." "Just keep reminding yourself that it looks a lot worse than it really is. And really, now that we have him cleaned up it doesnt look that bad.

One last thing, I already told you he was on a lot of pain medication. Well, with the dosage we have him on, hes having a lot of trouble focusing. Hes pretty confused and having a lot of trouble following conversations. His attention keeps wandering and he keeps forgetting where he is or that he was even in an accident. Its just a side affect so dont let it worry you." Alex nodded, still not really trusting himself to speak and followed his dad into the room where Zach was laying. Zachs eyes were closed and it was obvious he was asleep. Alex had to admit his dad was right. Zach didn't look nearly as bad as he had feared. He had half expected to see his friend in a huge full body cast with tubes and wires hanging off of him everywhere the eye could see. Instead, Zach was only attached to a blood pressure monitor and the only cast in sight

was the one on Zachs leg. The blanket covering him had been pulled down to his waist exposing his chest and while there were a lot of bruises and cuts, it wasnt anywhere close to what he had pictured in his mind. Zach tossed a little in his sleep and the blanket slipped down from his waist exposing most of his groin. Alexs eyes were immediately drawn to the area and he couldnt help laughing. "Oh man! Hes going to freak when he realizes you guys shaved him there!" Dr. Edwards smiled at his son and even chuckled a little as he pulled the covers back over his patient. "We needed to do an ultra sound and we had to see how badly he was cut. The hair was just in the way and could have led to infections. We really didnt have much of a choice. Try not to laugh too much at him. Just

remember it could just as easily have been you." Alex was still laughing, "Maybe you better let me try to explain that to him. Or can you keep him drugged long enough for it to grow back? Zach has got to be one of the most self conscious guys I know. When he sees this, hes going to be squirming." Just then, Zach turned his head towards Alex and opened his eyes, blinking them a few times to try to clear the sleep from his brain. "Alex? Whats going on? Where are we?" Zachs voice was really thick, and he slurred his words so bad that Alex could barely understand him. The look in his eyes was one of utter confusion and he kept turning his head trying to figure out where he was, but always his eyes came back to rest on Alex after only a few seconds. "Were in the hospital Zach. We hit a deer and

I wrecked the car. Dont you remember?" Zach just stared at his friend for a few seconds, frowning, trying to concentrate. "We were in an accident? Are you ok? Are you hurt?" Alex smiled a little at his friend. "Im fine you big dummy. Youre the one that got hurt. You broke your leg." Zach looked down at his leg, still confused and dazed and it was pretty obvious that he didnt understand what Alex was saying. "Ohwhere are we? Can we go home now?" "Were in the hospital. Well go home in just a bit, buddy. Just a little bit longer ok?" "Ok." Zachs attention was drawn to the blood pressure cuff around his arm and he just stared at it for a couple of seconds. "Whats that? Whys that on me? Alex?"

Alex was starting to get concerned and he looked at his dad for some guidance. Sure, his dad said that Zach was going to be drugged and out of it, but Alex wasnt expecting this. Zach couldnt even seem to remember the start of a sentence by the time he got to the end of it. Dr. Edwards nodded to his son, trying to reassure him. "Thats just a blood pressure monitor Zachary. We put one on all of our patients. Its nothing to be concerned about." As soon as Dr. Edwards spoke, Zach swung his face around to see who was talking, obviously only just then realizing someone else was in the room. After a couple of seconds of blinking rapidly to try and focus on the new speaker, Zach finally got the new figure in focus. "What? Who are you? Where am I? Where did Alex go?"

Dr. Edwards walked around the bed so that he would be on the same side as Alex and Zachary would be able to see them both at the same time. "Alex is right here Zach. Im your doctor. Everything is going to be just fine." Dr. Edwards turned to his son. "Alex, just keep talking to him while he is awake. Remember this is just the medication and he is really confused right now. Just keep talking. Hell focus on your voice. If he asks any questions, just answer them and just go right back to talking." "Ok dad. Man! I didnt realize he would be this out of it. How long is he going to have to stay here? Will he have to stay overnight?" "No, just a few more minutes. Maybe twenty or so. Ill finish up a few things and then we can take him home with us. Normally, hed have to stay overnight but since Ill be there at the house,

it will be ok to go ahead and take him home with us. Ill be back in a few minutes. Just keep talking and dont worry if he falls asleep." Zach had been watching the two of them speak together, frowning as he tried to concentrate on what was being said. It was obvious he had been trying to understand what was going on and just as obvious that he didnt. "Alex? Can we go home now?" "In just a little bit Zach. Dads finishing up and then well take you back to our house. You can spend the night there." *** Zachs mind was a confused mess. He kept trying to understand what people were saying to him and he just couldnt. He understood all the words, but then when they were strung together they just didnt make any sense. It was almost

like everybody was talking in a foreign language. Where was he? Why couldnt he concentrate? And why did his leg feel so heavy? It seemed like his mind was trying to wade through syrup. God! His eyes felt so heavy. Then, Alex was there. Everything would be ok now. Alex would take care of everything. Alex would explain it to him. Alex would make sure everything was taken care of. He could always count on Alex. No matter what was wrong, Alex would fix it. He could hear Alex talking, but he couldnt figure out what he was saying. But it was ok. As long as Alex was there, it would be ok. God! He didnt know what he would do without Alex. Alex was always there for him. Even if he couldnt think right now, he knew that he could always count on Alex. Alex wouldnt let anything happen to him. What was Alex talking

about? Something about an accident? Somebody was hurt? Was Alex hurt? No, that couldnt be right. Alex was right there talking to him. So who was hurt? What had happened? Why did his eyes feel so heavy? Why couldnt he concentrate? Was he drunk? That didnt seem right. He remembered drinking earlier, but that had to have been hours ago. Maybe even yesterday? Or the day before? Alex had been mad at him. Alex had even yelled at him. Why had Alex yelled at him? Why was Alex mad at him? He couldnt stand for Alex to be mad at him. So why had Alex been mad at him? Oh yeah, because he had been drinking and wanted to go driving. Alex wouldnt let him. Alex even took his keys away from him. See. Alex always took care of him. Even when he was mad, Alex was always looking out for him. So

why couldnt he think? Why did his eyes keep blinking? Where was he anyway? Why couldnt they just go home? Why did his eyes feel so heavy *** "Hey son. I see our patient finally fell back to sleep." "Yeah. He drifted off after about fifteen minutes or so, while I was talking about Jason and Mark. I always knew stories about my brothers would come in handy someday, I just didnt think it would actually bore someone to sleep! Are we just about ready to go?" Dr. Edwards smiled at his sons wit. "Ill let your brothers know that they were useful. Im sure they will be gratified. Actually, Im surprised he stayed awake as long as he did. And yes, we are just about ready to leave. I asked Carol to

get me some of the pain pills from the pharmacy. Zachary is going to need to take them for a few days. Do you want to give me a hand getting him dressed?" "Sure. Where are his clothes?" "Theyre pretty well torn up. We had to cut him out of a lot of them and they were pretty blood-soaked anyway. Well put him in some hospital scrubs to take him home. Theyll be easier to put on him anyway, kind of like sweats." "Ok. Zach. Wake up buddy. We need to get you dressed so we can take you home." Zachs slowly opened his eyes and tried to focus on Alex as he gently shook him. Alex was struck again by just how blue his friends eyes were. How could a guy have such gorgeous eyes? Zach slowly came awake, but it was obvious he was still confused and had no idea what was

going on around him. "Alex, can we go home now? Please?" Zachs voice was so quiet it was nearly inaudible. And he sounded so lost, tired and confused it was heart wrenching. Alex was close to crying himself at the sound of his friends little boy voice. "Were going home right now buddy. We just got to get you dressed so we can go. Just hang on a little bit longer and Ill get you home." Alexs voice was so husky with emotion it was almost impossible to tell what he was saying, but Zach seemed to take comfort from hearing him. He just weakly nodded his head and allowed himself to be dressed without comment or struggle. The entire time he just stared straight into Alexs eyes with a look of abiding and overwhelming trust. After a couple of minutes a nurse came into the room pushing a wheel chair in front of her.

"Heres that medication you wanted Dr. Edwards and I brought a wheel chair to take Zachary out to your car. Why dont you go warm it up and pull around to the door. Alex and I can get Zachary into the chair and well meet you there. No need to try and get him across that slick parking lot if we dont have to." Dr. Edwards smiled at his nurse and took the offered bottle of pills. "Thanks Carol. You think of everything dont you? I dont know where Id be without you around here." Carol smiled back and went over to help Alex maneuver Zach into the wheel chair. They slowly walked down the hall towards the front doors, taking it nice and easy to give Dr. Edwards time to warm up the car and bring it around. Carol pushed Zach in the wheel chair and Alex walked alongside with his hand on his friends shoulder,

letting him know he was right there with him. Zachs eyes never left Alexs face the entire way. "Your dads got to be about the best doctor in this hospital Alex. Everybody has always been kind of surprised he never moved on to a bigger hospital, but were all glad he never has. Dont worry about your boyfriend. Hes going to be just fine and hes got the best care in the world under your dad." Alex visibly flinched when Carol described Zach as his boyfriend and his face went nearly white as all the blood drained out of it. "Zachs not my boyfriend! Hes not gay! Hes just my roommate at college!" "Oh Im sorry honey! I didnt mean to upset you. I should have thought before I spoke. I just assumed by the way he keeps staring at you, and earlier when he first got here and wouldnt calm

down because you werent in the room with him and he couldnt see you. He kept asking for you and getting more and more upset that you werent there. Even after the pain medication started to kick in and started calming him down, he was still asking if you were ok. I just made a stupid assumption. Im sorry." Alex took a couple of deep breaths to try and calm down and regain his composure. "Im sorry. I shouldnt have got so mad. You just caught me off guard." "Its ok honey. Im sorry too. I shouldnt have assumed anything. Just forget I said anything. Heres your dad now. I think we probably ought to put him in the back seat and you with him so hell stay calm. Hes still pretty confused and it might scare him if he cant see you." The three of them quickly transferred Zach

into the car and Dr. Edwards started the drive home. Within only a few seconds, Zach slumped against Alex and rested his head against his shoulder drifting into a doze. Without even thinking about it, Alex put his arm around his friend and hugged him close, the only thought going through his head was the comments made by Carol. Zach wasnt gay, so why had Carol called him Alexs boyfriend? Alex could secretly admit to himself that he was attracted to Zach, but the feeling couldnt be mutual could it? No! Of course not. Zach wasnt gay so why even think about it. It only took a few minutes for Dr. Edwards to drive them all home and pull into the garage. Even as he was getting out, the door into the house from garage opened and Alexs brother Jason stepped up to help with Zach. "Jasons

here? Dad, why didnt you tell me?" "Oh, sorry son. I guess I completely forgot. I called him from the hospital to let him know we were on our way." Jason had already managed to get Zach about half way out of the car and was slinging Zachs arm over his shoulders to help support him on the way in. "Hey little brother. Nice seeing your ugly face again. Think you can give me a hand with your friend here? I shouldnt have to do all the work around here." Jason grinned cockily at his brother. Alex was thrilled to see Jason again and grinned back at his brother even as he punched him in the arm. "I was just surprised to see your lazy ass doing something useful it kinda stunned me!" Alex quickly took up the position on Zachs other side to help support him. Together, he and

Jason half manhandled, half carried the very sleepy and very confused Zach into the house. Jason looked over at Alex. "Why dont we go ahead and take your friend into the guest room and lay him down. It looks like he could really use some rest." Dr. Edwards looked kind of thoughtful for a moment. "Alex, I dont think putting Zachary in the guest room would be a good idea. He has no idea where he is right now or whats going on and if he wakes up in the middle of the night, hes not going to remember where he is. As confused as he is right now, it would probably terrify him not knowing what was going on or where he is. Would you mind sharing a bed with him tonight Alex? If he wakes up, it would probably be best if you were right there with him." "No, I dont mind. My beds big enough for us

both. Jason, Mark and I use to fall asleep in it all the time when we would try and watch movies all night." Alex tried to keep his voice light, but he was more than a little nervous at what his dad was suggesting. He knew that his dad was just looking out for his patient and was making what he thought was an innocent suggestion. And really, it would be better if he were there if Zach woke up, but still Zach was looking around trying to figure out where he was. His eyes were staying closed longer and longer between blinks and it was pretty obvious he wasnt going to be able to stay awake much longer. "Alex, where are we? Can we go home now?" "Youre at my house Zach. Youre going to spend the night here in my room. Were going to put you to bed right now."

Zach struggled with the idea for a second or two, but really the only thing that registered was that he could go to bed and Alex was there. Still, he had one other thought that he needed to express. "But I gotta go pee." Jason busted out laughing and even Alex and Dr. Edwards were smiling. Zach was just so matter of fact with that statement that it was pretty funny, more so because Zach was so serious. Alex, trying not to laugh, guided his friend into the bathroom. "Ok. Well take care of that first, then well put you to bed." Alex led him to the toilette and then stood behind his friend to hold him steady since Zach was swaying so much he probably would have fallen without support. Zach fumbled for a couple of minutes, trying to figure out how to untie the bottoms of the scrubs

he was wearing, but he just couldnt manage it and was becoming more agitated by the second. "Here Zach, let me help." Alex wasnt sure how Zach would respond to that. He knew how modest his friend was and how easily he became embarrassed. By offering to help, Alex was in effect offering to pull his friends pants down and expose his dick. Surprisingly, Zach nodded his head and didnt even struggle as he calmly yielded to his friend, letting Alex untie the scrubs and pull the front down so he could relieve himself. Alex tried not think about what he was doing or just how close his hands were to Zachs most private areas. Trying to give his friend as much privacy as he could manage, Alex turned his head away. Alex admitted to himself that he also turned away to keep from staring and allowing

those fantasies he had been fighting for so long from running rampant through his mind. Suddenly, Alex felt warm fluid splashing against his hands and soaking the front of Zachs pants. Alex quickly looked back only to see that in turning away he had allowed the front of Zachs pants to come part way back up. Zach had closed his eyes and was also unaware of what was happening. "Shit! Im sorry Zach. I should have been paying attention." Alex was furious with himself. Couldnt he even control himself long enough for his friend to take a piss? Zach just stared down at his front, unsure of what was happening. He couldnt understand how he had gotten all wet. He finally just dismissed it since he couldnt figure out what was going on anyway. As long as Alex was there, he knew everything would be ok.

Zach quickly finished up and allowed himself to be led back into the bedroom, Alex supporting him the entire way acting as kind of a crutch so he could limp along. His eyes were closed the entire time and he was more asleep than awake now. Dr. Edwards and Jason were both still in the bedroom waiting to help Alex put Zach to bed. Jason was frowning, looking at the sodden front of Zachs clothes. "What happened to him? How did he get all wet?" Alex turned a little red. "We had a little trouble keeping everything in place and his pants started slipping back up before he was done. He was half asleep and didnt realize it. I still dont think he realizes what happened. Just that hes wet." Dr. Edwards and Jason both laughed a little at that. "Son, why didnt you call us for help? Oh

well. Lets get him out of those wet clothes and Ill throw them into the laundry." Alex had to laugh. "Oh Man! Hes going to be more freaked out that we stripped him and put him to bed naked than hes going to be about the accident. Im glad he doesnt know whats going on right now." The three of them quickly got Zach undressed and helped him into bed. Alex pulled the covers up, snuggling Zach under the comforter. Zach sleepily opened his eyes and stared right into Alexs eyes. "Can I go to sleep now Alex? Youll be right here wont you?" Alex smiled at his friend, trying to reassure him any way that he could. "You can go to sleep now Zach. Ill stay right here by your side in case you need me. Dont worry. Ill be right here." Zach continued to stare into Alexs eyes for a

few seconds and a sleepy smile covered his face. Then he slowly closed his eyes as he drifted off to sleep. "Thanks Alex. I love you buddy." Alex was stunned. His face went completely white and his jaw dropped part way open. He stared at his sleeping friend in disbelief. Did Zach just say that he loved him? He couldnt have heard that right! Then he realized that he wasnt alone in the room. Jason and his dad were both still standing right there. They had heard what Zach had just said, and worse, they had seen his reaction to it. There was no way he could get around that. "Alex, why dont you sit down son. I think we better talk." Alex closed his eyes as he sat down on the bed. He didnt want to face his family. He didnt want to see their reactions. He knew his dad would be furious and ready to kick his fag

son out. He knew that when he looked at Jason he would see scorn and hatred for his queer pansy brother. He sat for a few more seconds, keeping his eyes closed to their reaction, trying to steel himself before facing them. "Alex, look at me son." Trembling slightly, Alex opened his eyes and looked at his father. Of all the reactions he had feared and played out in his mind, his dad faced him with one he never expected. He was smiling gently at him! And so was Jason! "Alex, weve all known for a very long time that you were gay. We never said anything about it because we didnt want to force you to confront it before you were ready. We figured you would tell us when you were up to it. No matter what son, your brothers and I love you. This doesnt change the way we feel. Now tell

me. Is Zachary your boyfriend?" Alex couldnt stop the tears from flowing from his eyes and he couldnt speak he was so emotional. Jason came around and standing behind him, folded his arms around Alex in a great big bear hug and Alex started sobbing even harder. After a couple of minutes, Alex finally got himself back under control, although tears were still running down his cheeks. "I cant believe you all knew. I didnt even know. Ive denied it and fought it for so long! I never expected to be able to tell any of you." "Little brother, youre not really a very good actor you know. Youre pretty transparent to those of us who know you and love you. So how long have you and Zachary been going out?" Alex shook his head. "Were not. Honest. I wish we were, but were not. I dont really think

hes gay. Hes never shown any interest in guys." "But he said he loved you! Why would he say that if he wasnt interested in you? I think he IS interested in you little brother." Alex was calming down considerably. He smiled sadly at his brother and just shook his head. "No. I wish I could believe that, but I dont think so. You saw how confused he was Jason. When he said that, I dont think he meant he was IN love with me. Just that he loved me, you know, like a brother or something." "Son, I think Jason is right. Ill admit Zachary was pretty out of it, but his reactions were still pretty telling. He wouldnt let you out of his eyesight all night and he wasnt looking at you like a friend. You also didnt see him when we were working on him. He kept insisting on seeing you and making sure you were all right. He kept

getting more and more agitated when we wouldnt let him go and see you for himself. I honestly thought we were going to have to sedate him. Luckily the pain medication started kicking in and helped calm him down. I think you are going to have to have a talk with him to find out what he really feels and let him know how you feel." "I dont know if I can do that dad. I dont think I could handle it if he ended up hating me for telling him how I feel about him. Hes my best friend and I could end up losing him all together. I dont know if I could take that." "Its your decision son, but I think you are almost going to have to tell him. You arent going to be able to keep hiding this from him. Jasons right. You arent able to keep your feelings very secret from those you love."

"I know. Im just so scared." "I wish I could make it easier for you son. Think about what I said though. Now I think Im going to bed. And Alex, always remember, no matter what, I love you and I will always be here for you and support you in anything you do." Dr. Edwards stood up and hugged both of his sons and then left for his room. "You going to bed too Jason? If youre not tired, I could use the company. I havent had a chance to talk with you for awhile. Besides, I think Im too keyed up to even think about sleeping for awhile." "If youre not sleepy, Ill stay. Ive missed you little brother. Even if you do get on my nerves." Alex laughed. "Jerk! Ive missed you too." Then Alex became serious. "What am I going to do Jason? How do I get myself into these

situations?" Even as he was talking to his brother, Alex had been staring at Zach. Without even realizing he was doing it, he reached out one hand and tenderly brushed the hair out of his friends sleeping eyes, then let his hand run down to his friends shoulder and started gently rubbing it comfortingly. Jason watched his brother for a few minutes, smiling the entire time. "Youve got it bad little brother." Alex quickly looked up, figuring his brother was teasing him and quickly trying to think up an insult. But when he looked at Jason, he saw his brother wasnt teasing him as they had done to each other so often in the past, but was instead looking at him with compassion and understanding. The insult dying on his lips, he could only smile back at his brother. "Yeah, I

guess I do." "Tell me about him. Tell me about something fun the two of you did together. Help me get to know him." Alex smiled gratefully at his brother, eager to share stories about his best friend. "Ok. Ill tell you about the Halloween party we went to. We entered Zach into a costume contest and made him go as a pirate. You should have seen him" *** "Its about time you got here. Where have you been?" Cindy was expressing more than a little irritation as Zach entered the apartment. "I love you too Cindy! Thanks so much for asking about me. Your concern is simply overwhelming." Zach grinned at her even as he nodded towards Alex and James. Cindy and

Zach had known each since grade school and treated each other like they were brother and sister. They constantly bickered, but they would do anything for the other. That didnt stop them from driving each other crazy though. "Shut up Zach! You have to try on your costume. The party is tomorrow. If I need to make any alterations, I have to do them tonight." Zach started heating up a little. "Its not my fault you didnt get the costume finished sooner. I dont even want to be in this stupid contest. All of you ganged up on me and bullied me into this. And you know where Ive been. I was at the study center tutoring math like I always do." Alex and James were grinning openly at the two. The costume party and contest had been an ongoing argument for over a week. "Just put this on and let me check it. Alex and

James, I dont want to hear a word from either of you!" Still grumbling under his breath, Zach took the bag with the costume in it and headed to his room to change. "I dont know how I let you talk me into this!" Reaching the bedroom, Zach slammed the door to let everybody know just how he felt about the whole thing. "I think your contestant is starting to get a little surly. What do you think James?" James just smiled, knowing better than to comment. At least not with Cindy right there. Then they all heard Zach start to swear from the bedroom. "I cant fucking wear this! What the fuck are you trying to pull? There is no way in hell that Im wearing this out in public" Cindy glared at the door hiding Zach. "Whats

wrong with it? Come out and let me see?" "No FUCKING way!" "Zach! You promised me you would do this. Now come out here and let me see!" "HELL NO! SHIT!" "ZACHARY! GET YOUR FUCKING ASS OUT HERE NOW!" They could all tell that Cindy was really pissed now. Alex and James both exchanged looks, grinning at each other, wondering what had set Zach off. After a few seconds, Zach opened the door and stomped out wearing his costume, his face bright scarlet with embarrassment . Alex and James nearly doubled over laughing, now realizing what had upset Zach so much. Cindy had designed a pirate costume, but had gone out of her way to make it as sexy as she could. The

shirt was made out of a light, gauzy material that was nearly see through. The front didnt have buttons but was instead held together by lacing up which left a lot of Zachs chest and abdomen exposed. The black half pants were made of a shiny, satiny material that was very clingy, nearly melding to his skin and should have left little to the imagination but somehow seemed to have odd lumps, folds and bunches in them. Cindy was frowning as she looked at Zach in his costume. "What are you wearing under those pants?" "My boxers!" "What! Zach! That looks ridiculous! Why didnt you wear the thong under them that was in the bag?" "I AM NOT WEARING A THONG!"

"You cant go out looking like that! That looks stupid!" "I AM NOT WEARING A FUCKING THONG! I dont care what you say, Im not doing it! I dont even want to be in this stupid contest! AND I AM NOT WEARING A FUCKING THONG!" Cindys eyes were flashing as she glared at Zach. Zach, still blushing bright red, glared right back at her. Finally, trying to keep the peace between the two, James spoke up. "How about some lycra compression shorts? Ive got a pair you can borrow. You wont beuh out there quite so much and they wont bunch up like your boxers." Cindy was about to argue the point, but Alex, who was having a real hard time to keep from laughing, stepped in to try and help calm the two.

"Thats a really good idea James. Why dont you go get them so Zach can try them on and Cindy can see if they look ok." James quickly stepped next door to his apartment and returned with the shorts handing them to the still fuming Zach. James leaned in to whisper in Zachs ear. "Dont leave your boxers on underneath these. Youll start another war if you do." Zach glared at all three of his friends and went back into the bedroom to change. In a few moments, he came back out, still blushing and obviously still pissed, but he kept quiet. Cindy inspected him, not saying too much other than she didnt need to make any alterations. She also asked him not to shave so that he would look a little more rugged. She had won most of the battle, so she was willing to keep quiet, at least

for the most part. Alex, still grinning, noticed that even with the compression shorts, Zach still had a very noticeable bulge in the front of his pants. The shorts were better than a thong would have been, but they still left little to the imagination. He knew his friend was in for a very long, and very embarrassing evening tomorrow. The next night, Zach was nervously fidgeting back stage and blushing furiously. "I cant believe I let you guys talk me into this." Alex was keeping his friend company while he waited for his turn to go out and appear before the judges, not to mention the rest of the party goers. He could see that Zach was almost at the panic stage. "Oh come on Zach. Its not that bad. You actually look pretty good in that get up."

"No I dont! I look like an idiot. Why did I let you guys talk me into this? And you know I hate being up in front of a bunch of people like that. God, I wish this was over!" Alex could tell Zach was just about to lose it. Zach couldnt sit still and was sweating heavily, and it wasnt that hot in there. His eyes looked a little wild, and Alex knew Zach was right on the edge of bolting. Alex grabbed a beer and handed it to his friend hoping the alcohol would calm him. "Here, drink some of this." Zach just held onto the bottle for a second or two, and then downed it without stopping. Alex was very surprised. He had expected Zach to only take a sip or two. Normally Zach didnt drink much and a single beer would last him all night. Zach, still fidgeting nervously, sat with his head

down, staring at the floor. Finally he looked up at Alex and grinned a little weakly. "Could you get me another of those? Please." Alex grabbed another bottle and placed it in his friends trembling hand. "Go easy on this one, ok. If you get sick and throw up all over yourself Cindy will rip my balls off and feed them to me for letting you get drunk. And Zach, Ive got to tell you, I really like my balls where they are now." Zach started laughing at his friends joke which helped him to calm down a little. Still, he was very nervous and his hands were still visibly trembling. He did, however, only take a few sips of his beer before setting it on the ground near his feet. After a few more minutes, Alex noticed that it was nearly Zachs turn. "Come on Zach. Its

almost your turn." "Oh god! I feel like Ive got to throw up." Alex was standing right behind Zach, massaging his neck and shoulders. "Theres no time for that Zach. You can do this. All you got to do is go out on stage, walk back and forth a couple of times so the judges can see you, and then go stand in line next to the other contestants. No big deal." "Easy for you to say. Youre not the one standing in front of all those people wearing this stupid costume that practically shows everything." "It doesnt look that bad. Youre going to be far enough away from the crowd that they arent going to be able to make out all the details. And the lights and everything will make it pretty hard to see you. It will all be over before you know it." Alex gave his friend a little shove and let his voice

take on a playful tone. "Now get out there you big, bad pirate!" Zach grinned at his friend, took a deep breath, and stepped out on stage. As he walked from one side to the other, letting the judges see him from all angles, he could hear several of his friends shouting his name and whistling. The sounds were oddly encouraging. Even though his friends were teasing him with all the whistles, cat calls and howls, he could tell they were just joking with him. Everybody was there just to have a good time and it was infectious. He couldnt help but smile and then went to take his place with the other contestants. Backstage, Alex watched his friend walk out in front of the crowd. At first, his steps were nervous and faltering, but as the crowed shouted their encouragement, Zach seem to take heart.

By the time he finished and was headed towards the line of other contestants Zach was almost strutting. Alex couldnt help but laugh and cheer his friend on. And then it was announced that Zach had won for best costume. Zach went wild and started whooping with delight, jumping around and high fiving everyone in sight. James came up and stood besides Alex, watching their friend parade across the stage. "He looks pretty good doesnt he? Do you think he knows whats coming next?" "What do you mean? What comes next?" "Oh thats right. You guys have never been to one of these costume contests. I keep forgetting you both transferred in. Its tradition around here. The other contestants always pour a cooler of ice water over the winner. Im surprised no one told him. See, here they go now."

Alex quickly looked back on stage. Sure enough, several of the other contestants were walking up behind Zach with a big cooler in their hands. Zachs attention was totally focused on the crowd, waving at all his friends so he didnt even notice until the water started cascading over his head, plastering his shirt tightly to his body and rendering it completely see through. Worse, the water was very cold and still had small pieces of ice floating in it. Zach gave a loud yelp as the shock of the freezing water hit him. He stood motionless, with his mouth open in shock, and his body cringing from the cold. Then, shocking Alex with his reaction, Zach busted out laughing. He was obviously still having a good time. Still laughing, Zach walked over to Alex and James, shivering and shaking and generally splattering everybody

nearby with droplets of water. As soon as he got up next to him, Alex could see that Zach had the biggest, shit-eating grin on his face that he could ever remember seeing on his friend. "Thanks for talking me into this Alex! Here, let me show you how much I appreciate it!" Still grinning and laughing, Zach grabbed Alex in a huge bear hug, wrapping his arms tightly around him and preventing him from escaping and also getting Alex pretty wet in the process. Alex was laughing so hard that he would have fallen down if Zach hadnt still had him in that huge, wet bear hug. He never wanted this moment to end. He was having fun, laughing with his friends, and being held by the most gorgeous guy on earth who just happened to have the deepest, bluest eyes he had ever seen. Feeling Zachs strong, muscular body holding him so

tightly was intoxicating. And he could swear he could feel every inch of Zachs groin pressed tightly into him, growing a little harder and little bigger with every passing moment. A small, very tiny, very weak and puny part of him protested over those feeling he was having. That little, quiet voice told him that what he was feeling was inappropriate and that Zach couldnt possibly feel the same way as he did. But just for this one special, magical moment Alex ignored that voice and just let himself feel that wonderful, intoxicating feeling. *** To be continued. Copyright 2011 Greg_A; All Rights Reserved.

Once the costume contest was over, Alex figured that Zach would be making a beeline for home to get out of the pirate get up. He knew how modest his friend was and how uncomfortable being on display had made him. Privately, he thought Zach had never looked better, not to mention sexy as hell! Alex knew that many shared that opinion, but Zach would never believe it. The fact that Zach didnt know how good looking he was only added to his appeal. Surprisingly, Zach didnt show any intention of leaving anytime soon. He seemed totally relaxed and was generally having a good time. It seemed that Zach figured since he had already made a fool of himself, he might as well stick around and enjoy himself. That was fine as far as Alex was concerned. It gave him a chance to enjoy

watching his friend and appreciate the view. The party itself was pretty typical for any gathering of college students. Lots of loud music, plenty of alcohol and heaps of junk food. People were mingling, dancing or just standing together having fun and generally celebrating their happiness at being alive. Alex, Cindy and James had made claim to one of several small tables and chairs that had been scattered about for everyones use and were talking and joking together. Zach had started over to join them, but was stopped along the way and dragged out onto the dance floor by one of a group of very determined young ladies waiting to catch him alone. Zach didnt really resist too much, and laughing allowed himself to be pulled into the center of the dance floor. Alex was amazed by his friend, and a little amused by

Zachs attempt at dancing. Cindy was grinning as she watched Zach flailing around on the dance floor. "God! Hes really bad! He cant dance at all!" James was also laughing at Zachs antics on the dance floor. "Oh, I dont know. He seems to be having fun and thats all that matters isnt it?" The trio watched Zach and the steady stream of his many dance partners for several minutes, joking and laughing about Zachs performance. Eventually, James current girlfriend found them and pulled him out onto the dance floor too. Cindy and Alex continued to watch and make small talk. "I imagine Zachs going to get a few offers tonight. Ive had at least a half dozen girls ask me if I could set them up with him. You might not have to share your apartment tonight Alex.

Unless you find somebody to take home yourself that is." Alex laughed at Cindys little joke, but was secretly a little annoyed at her suggestion. He knew it was wildly inappropriate but he couldnt help feel a little jealous of all those ladies dancing and throwing themselves at his friend. It was unfair, but he wanted to keep Zach all to himself. "Knowing Zach, he wont figure out that they are trying to give him signals. He can be impossibly dense sometimes." He continued smiling as he watched his friend for a few seconds. "Did you really get asked to set him up? Which of these ladies were that desperate?" "Oh yes. That costume has definitely made him a big hit. Hes very popular right now. And its not just the ladies lusting after him right now. James said a couple guys asked him if he knew if

Zach was straight or not. I guess they were getting their hopes up." "Oh God! Hes going to shit bricks when you tell him that! Make sure Im around when you guys let him know hes being lusted after by a bunch of horny guys. I want to see the exp ression on his face, it will be priceless." Cindy just laughed as she nodded her agreement. Then the music changed to a slow song. "Oh, theyre playing Bryan Adams Heaven! Thats one of my favorite songs. You have to dance with me Alex!" Alex hesitated for a second, but Cindy just grabbed his hand and led him out onto the floor, encircling his neck with her arms as she held him close. Alex was a little surprised by Cindys sudden aggressiveness, but he folded his arms around her waist and started slowly swaying to

the music. "Youre really good dancer Alex. I wish I had known sooner. I would have danced with you at other parties we have been at. I love to dance." "Thanks. Im a little surprised that you would be willing to dance with me though. I never knew you thought of me that way." Cindy started to laugh a little. "Its just a dance Alex, not a lifelong commitment. Besides, I guess I never really thought of you as more than Zachs roommate. And of course when I was dating James you really annoyed the hell out of me. I guess it just took some time for you to grow on me." "Gee, you really know how to build up a guy dont you?" "Oh stop it. Were good friends now." Cindy

grinned impishly at Alex. "Who knows? Maybe if we keep hanging out Ill build up enough tolerance for you that I might actually consider dating you." Alex laughed. "Thanks Cindy. I feel all warm and tingly now." Cindy laughed too and then pulled Alexs head down to kiss him. Alex was shocked to say the least. He was totally caught off guard by Cindys sudden move and couldnt help flinching a little and tensing up. It was just so unexpected. After a few awkward seconds, he tried to allow himself to relax into the kiss, hoping Cindy wasnt trying to start something romantic, that she was just kissing him. Eventually, after what seemed like hours to Alex, Cindy ended the kiss. She stared into Alexs eyes for a few seconds, her exp ression

thoughtful. Alex could almost see the wheels turning behind her eyes as she pondered the situation. Alex stammered for a few seconds then fell back on jokes to cover his reaction. "Sorry. You totally caught me off guard. You really should warn a guy you know. I mean, first you tell me you can barely tolerate me and then you kiss me. Talk about confusing a guy!" Cindy smiled, but her look was still thoughtful. "Oh, I dont know. I think I timed that pretty well. Youre not suppose to know what a girls going to do next. Its part of our mystery. Once you finally relaxed it wasnt half bad." Alex just shook his head, more confused than ever. He knew Cindy well enough to know she was thinking something. He just didnt know what. They continued to dance for a few more

songs and then headed back towards their table. When they got there, they found James and his girlfriend Susan already there, and surprisingly, so was Zach. Zach, however, seemed practically to be trying to hide in the corner. "Hey Zach! You finally get tired of dancing? Or at least your version of dancing that is." Cindy, however, noticed that Zach was trying to keep a very low profile even if Alex didnt. "Who are you trying to hide from?" Zach was all but trying to hide under the table. "Donna, thats who! Shes cornered me out on the dance floor and made me dance with her. She keeps hitting on me and trying to get me to go home with her. She even felt me up out there, right in front of everyone! Oh Shit! Here she comes!" Alex and James were openly laughing at

Zachs predicament and even Susan and Cindy were smiling a little. Then Cindy took pity on her old friend. "Zach, come dance with me. When Donna sees us dancing together she will leave you alone. I can practically guarantee it!" Cindy grabbed Zachs hand and led him out onto the floor. Alex was still laughing when Donna came up to the table. "I thought I saw Zach over here. Do you know where he went?" James, trying not to laugh in Donnas face, just pointed to the dance floor where Cindy and Zach were holding each other closely. "He and Cindy have been wanting to dance all night and they finally got a chance." Donnas face took on a look of annoyance as she saw the two dancing together. Then, even as she watched, Cindy pulled Zachs face down to

hers and gave him a long, deep passionate kiss. Cindy held the kiss for quite some time, long enough anyway for a crowd of people to notice and start to whistle and yell. Without another word, Donna turned and stalked away. After the song ended, Cindy led Zach back to the table by the hand. Cindys exp ression was slightly smug; Zachs was pretty foolish and his face and even his ears were flaming with a deep blush. Cindy started laughing. "There, do you think you can keep yourself out of trouble now? By the way, you owe me BIG time for that Zach." Alex joined the rest of them as they all laughed at Zach. Privately, however, he admitted, at least to himself, that watching Cindy kiss Zach that way had really pissed him off. For one brief moment he really hated Cindy. Alex found

himself more mixed up than ever and he spent the rest of the evening trying to sort out his confused emotions. *** Alex lay next to Zach, watching his friend sleep. Unconsciously, Alex reached over and stroked his friends hair, brushing it out of eyes once again. Then he allowed his hand to brush across Zachs face, feeling the couple days worth of stubble growing there. His hand continued across Zachs chin and neck and came to rest on his chest. Alexs touch, practically a caress, was so gentle that it didnt even disturb Zachs slumber. Alex was alone with Zach now, Jason having gone to bed some time ago. Alex had finished telling Jason about the Halloween party and they both shared a good laugh. He had certainly not

told his brother everything though. He had kept quiet about his own feelings for Zach, knowing that Jason would infer them anyway. Besides, he wasnt really sure how Jason would react to being told the intimate details of his desires. Jason was being great, and he was certainly going out of his way to be understanding and to support his brother, but still, there were limits. Not that Alex thought his brother would be repulsed or hate him or anything, that fear had finally been laid to rest earlier in the evening. Alex just thought his brother might prefer not to hear exactly what he wanted to do to and with Zach. If the situations were reversed, he knew that he certainly didnt want to hear about what Jason wanted to do with any of his girlfriends! And that brought his attention back to his own problem. Alex could now admit to himself that he

wanted, even needed Zach. He knew he loved his friend with an intensity that was shocking. He longed to tell Zach exactly how he felt, how badly he wanted him, but at the same time the thought of that conversation terrified him. If Zach didnt feel the same way, Alex knew his heart would be crushed. Worse, if Zach reacted badly to his revelation and he lost him as a friend he would be devastated. But how he could not tell Zach how he felt? Would it be right to continue to lie to his friend about his feelings and desires? The conflicting thoughts and his struggle with them made him feel like someone was punching him repeatedly in the stomach. Why did this have to be so hard? Alex continued debating with himself even as he continued watching his friend sleep, the rise and fall of Zachs chest steady with the deep

rhythm of sleep. Slowly, almost unnoticed, the room started to lighten as the sun started to brighten a new day. Zach tossed a little in his sleep and then snuggled right into Alexs chest, a little contented smile crossing his sleeping face. Zachs intimate closeness only served to set off a whole new flood of emotions and desires in Alexs struggling mind as he held his friend close to him, relishing the touch even as he felt guilty about holding Zach without his waking consent. He longed to hold Zach even closer, to feel his body and explore every part of him, but he would never betray his friend in that way. He couldnt. Alex continued to hold his friend for several minutes, and then Zach started to stir as he began the slow climb to consciousness. He rolled slightly away from Alex, tossing a little as his

body and mind tried to awaken. As much as Alex hated giving up the close contact with Zach when he had snuggled into him, he was also a little relieved that Zach wasnt going to awaken in a possibly embarrassing embrace. Zach continued to toss a little and then his eyes fluttered open, blinking rapidly as he slowly regained consciousness. His eyes, although a little sleepy, stared calmly into Alexs. Alex smiled at his sleepy friend, thinking once again how distracting those blues eyes really were. "Hey. You awake yet?" Zach smiled a little tired smile at his friend. "Sorta. Where are we? Whats going on?" "Were at my home. You spent the night here in my room. We were in an accident. Do you remember what happened yesterday?" "Not really. Im not really thinking too clearly.

It feels like Im all in a fog. I sorta remember being out on the road and seeing a deer in front of us. The next thing I remember is being upside down and you asking if I was ok. I remember feeling like someone had kicked me hard and repeatedly in the family jewels and feeling like I was going to throw up. Ive got some pictures in my mind, little scenes of people talking to me but I couldnt understand what they were saying. I was really scared cause no one would tell me where you were. Did you get hurt? Are you ok?" "Im fine, just a few small cuts and bruises. You got banged up pretty bad though. You really had me scared there." "Im sorry." "Dont apologize. I should be apologizing to you. I was the one driving and youre the one that got hurt. Thats pretty messed up!"

"I dont feel banged up. Maybe a little sore and stiff in a few places. How bad am I?" "You are on enough pain medicine that I doubt if youd notice someone taking a sledge hammer to you right now." "That must be why I cant think too clearly right now. So, how banged up am I?" "Well, you hit your head and cut your forehead, youve got a couple of black eyes by the way. Youve got several cuts on your arm and shoulder from where the window broke. Youve got a lot of bruises across your chest from the shoulder strap on the seat belt and you might have cracked a few ribs, but dad doesnt think so." "Your dad?" "Oh yeah. Sorry, you wouldnt remember that.

My dad was one of the doctors who helped treat you when we got to the hospital. Anyway, you also got hit in the groin by the door mirror when it broke off. Thats why you felt like someone had kicked you in the nuts. You werent kicked, but you might as well have been. Youve got some cuts from that too. You also managed to break your leg in two places. Youve got a cast on your calf so youre not going to be entering in any marathons for awhile." "I wondered why my leg felt so heavy. Ive never had a broken bone before. Are you going to sign my cast? Do I have the kind of cast people can sign?" Zach lifted the blankets to take a look at the cast and just as quickly dropped them, his face flaming. "Hey! Im naked! And what happened to myuhwelluh" Alex busted out laughing at Zachs

embarrassment. "I told dad and Jason youd be more upset over being naked and shaved than about the accident." Zach turned even more crimson, the blush spreading to his ears and even down across his chest. "Your dad and brother saw me naked? Oh shit! Where are my clothes?" "Chill out Zach. Its nothing that they havent seen before. Theyve got the same equipment as you so you didnt shock anybody." Zach started to stammer. "Yeahwellyou knowI mean" Finally, giving up he smiled a little sheepishly. "Ok, Im being stupid. But its still pretty embarrassing. So why am I naked?" Alex was still laughing a little at his friends reaction. "Well, your clothes were pretty much trashed form the accident. They were kinda bloody from all the cuts and they also had to cut

you out of them once you got to the hospital. Im afraid there wasnt much left of them." "Well you didnt just bring me home naked did you?" "No, we put you in some hospital scrubs to get you home. We didnt parade your bare butt in front of anybody or anything." "So why couldnt I have slept in the scrubs?" It was now Alexs turn to blush a little. "Uh Well you had a little accident when we got you home. You needed to go to the bathroom and you kinda wet yourself." "Oh God! I wet myself? Shit!" "Well, it wasnt exactly your fault. Oh hell!" Alex was really embarrassed now. "Look, when I took you into the bathroom, you were having a lot of trouble getting your bottoms untied. I had

to step in and help you. Well after I got your pants pulled down in front so you could pee, I turned away to give you a little privacy and your pants slipped back up. You didnt know what was happening so it wasnt your fault." Zach was staring thoughtfully into Alexs eyes as he explained what happened. "I think I sorta remember that. A little anyway. You guys put me to bed after that didnt you." "Yeah. You were so out of it, you didnt even struggle when we undressed you. I dont think you were really even awake at that point." Zach was quiet for a couple of moments, with a thoughtful, almost concerned exp ression across his face. "Did I say anything when you put me to bed? I kinda remember talking a little bit, but not really what I said." "Oh, you just asked if you could go to sleep.

You were so tired it was pretty much all you could think of right then. You also wanted to know if I was going to stay there with you." Zach exp ression became almost frightened and he had become very still. "Did I say anything else?" Zachs voice had become very quiet and intense and beads of sweat were beginning to form on his brow. Alex stared for a few seconds at his friend, frightened by Zachs reactions. Alex was scared himself. He figured Zach was remembering what had been said and what had happened. He knew he had to tell his friend the truth, but he was still terrified of what would happen next. Alexs voice was barely audible as he finally replied. "Um.Well, you kinda said you loved me." It almost seemed that those words physically

slapped Zach hard across his face. His exp ression became anguished and he almost seemed to be trembling. He squeezed his eyes closed and his breathing became harsh, ragged and shallow. After a few moments, he finally opened his eyes and his exp ression was so lost and hopeless it struck Alex to the core. Tears were beginning to run unchecked down from Zachs eyes. "Im sorry Alex," Zach nearly wailed. "Im so sorry. Please dont hate me. I never meant for you to know that. Please, please dont hate me. I couldnt take that. I love you but I would never have done anything about it. I swear I wouldnt have. I wouldnt have even told you if I had known what I was saying. Please dont hate me! We can just be friends. We can still be friends cant we? This doesnt need to change anything. Its my problem and you shouldnt have to deal

with it. I promise you wont. Please just dont hate me! Please, please, please! III" Zachs voice finally broke as he started sobbing uncontrollably, his entire body shaking and trembling. Alex was stunned, not only by Zachs reaction, but also by the intensity of it. To find out that Zach felt the same way he did shook him to his very foundation. The words coming out of his friends mouth could just as easily have been his own. He felt such a huge weight being lifted from his shoulders he felt he could have flown. All the wrestling with his feeling, all his torn and tattered emotions were shared just as equally by Zach. He wanted to leap with joy, to shout, to cry, to sing, to laugh and he wanted to share it all with Zach. Alex reached over and gently covered Zachs

lips with his own. He couldnt help himself. He had waited so long for this, had wanted it so badly that he nearly ached with his need. And most of all he wanted to comfort his friend, to let him know he wasnt feeling this alone, that he loved him too. Alex continued to softly kiss Zach, moving from his lips, to his cheeks, to his crying eyes, and finally back to his lips again. The entire time he had been stroking Zachs hair with one hand and gently rubbing his chest and shoulders with the other. Slowly, Zach quieted although the tears continued to roll down from his eyes. Finally, his breathing still ragged from the aftereffects of his sobbing, he looked into Alexs eyes. "You dont have to do that. I love you Alex, but I can deal with it." He smiled a little wistfully and his body still trembling. "I love you and it might drive me

nuts not being able to share that with you, but Ill get over it. I just dont want to lose you as a friend. You dont have to kiss me. I understand that you probably would rather not." Alex smiled tenderly at his friend and just shook his head a little. "You can be incredibly dense sometimes Zach. I didnt kiss you to get you to calm down. I kissed you because I love you too. I think Ive been in love with you since we first met. Ive wanted to kiss you for the longest time. Sometimes, Ive wanted you so bad it hurt. Id actually ache just being in the same room with you and not able to touch you. I tried to fight it. I tried to deny it. I didnt think you could possibly feel the same way, and that probably hurt more than anything else." "You love me too?" Zachs voice was incredulous and almost squeaky. He couldnt

believe that Alex could feel the same way as he did. His breathing became ragged again as he fought back another wave of sobbing. "Yes, you great big dolt. I love you too. When you told me you loved me last night, I nearly passed out. I probably would have if dad and Jason hadnt been there. I couldnt believe that you could possibly love me the same as I love you. I wanted it too bad for it to be true." Zach was sobbing again, but this time in relief and happiness, and he just held onto Alex for a few minutes until he regained a little control. Then, something Alex had just said registered on his brain and he pulled away a little. "Wait a minute! Did you say that your dad and brother were there when I told you I loved you?" "Yeah. They were standing right there." "Oh God Alex! Im sorry! I never meant to

cause problems between you and your family. Im such an idiot!" "Zach, its ok. Granted, it wasnt actually the way I had pictured coming out to my family, but its ok." Alex smiled at Zach, his voice taking on a bantering tone as he tried to ease his friends distress. "I never thought I would be telling my dad and brother that I was gay while we stripped my boyfriend and put him naked into my bed, but its all good!" "Alex! Be serious. I didnt mean to do this, I swear!" "I know. Really, its ok. Dad and Jason both told me that they already knew I was gay, that they were just waiting for me to tell them. They were both very supportive." Alex gave Zach a cocky grin. "Dad didnt even object to my sleeping with my naked boyfriend." Alex had to

throw that in since he knew it would make Zach squirm a little. "Jason was really cool about it too. He gave me a big bear hug and he hasnt done that since we were kids. He spent most of the night in here talking with me, trying to make sure I was ok. I told him stories about you and he didnt roll his eyes at my mushiness even once!" Zach laughed a little at his friends attempt to humor him and relaxed back into Alexs embrace. He continued to tremble a little from the after shock of so much pent up emotion finally breaking free. He closed his eyes, sighed and snuggled into Alex trying to press his entire body him. After a few minutes, he opened his eyes and looked full into Alexs. When he finally broke the silence he spoke very quietly, almost timidly and in a very little boy voice. "Alex, would youuhwould you kiss me again?"

Alex didnt speak. He didnt have too. Gently, and ever so slowly he pressed his lips against Zachs, his touch almost feather soft. Gently and with infinite patience he explored Zachs mouth with his tongue even as his hands once again began to stroke his friends hair and chest with a touch as light as a snowflake. Alex began to lightly kiss, nip and nibble his way across Zachs face and neck, tasting every inch his lips could reach even as his hand continued to explore the muscles in Zachs chest, arms and stomach, his touch gentle, caressing and inflaming Zach to even greater levels of desire. Zachs breathing was becoming ragged as Alex continued his loving exploration of his body. Every touch was sending electric like currents tingling through his body. Alexs mouth, lips and tongue were working some kind of sweet magic

on him and seemed to be everywhere at once. He couldnt believe how intensely pleasurable just a simple touch could be. The feather like touches of Alexs hands roaming across his chest and stomach were having an incredibly erotic effect on his already overloaded senses and he felt his body begin to respond to the intense waves of pleasure Alex was sending through him. Involuntarily, Zach began to moan very lightly as he felt the beginnings of what had to be the makings of a monumental orgasm. Zachs mind was reeling at the intensity of the feelings washing over him, and he was simply amazed that Alex had been able to get him this close to coming without even touching his dick. And then, without warning, there was a knock on the bedroom door followed immediately by Dr. Edwards walking into the room. "Good

morning guys. I thought Id check to seeoh my! Im sorry guys! Oh my! Ill come back in uh a littleOh, Ill just be back later!" Dr. Edwards beat a hasty retreat towards the door, exiting and closing the door very quickly. Zach was mortified. "Oh Shit!" Alex looked at Zach for a couple of seconds, and then collapsed laughing helplessly. Alex continued laughing for several moments and then looked back up at Zach. "Well, I guess theres no use trying to hide what we were doing." Still laughing Alex shouted, " Dad! Come on back in!" After a couple of seconds, the door re-opened and Dr. Edwards stuck his head back in. "Sorry guys. I didnt think I guess. I guess its pretty obvious youve had a chance to talk a bit this morning. I thought I heard you stirring and thought Id check my patient." Dr. Edwards

walked the rest of the way in, smiling and his eyes twinkling. "Im guessing you feel pretty good." Alex smirked at his dad. "He feels pretty good to me dad!" Zach had never been so embarrassed in his life. He could feel the blush flaming across his face and even his ears felt hot. He wished fervently that he could sink right through the mattress and maybe right on into the ground for a couple thousand feet. Then to make matters even worse, Jason came stumbling into the room, rubbing the sleep from his eyes and yawning. "Hey. You guys up yet?" Alex was starting to laugh pretty hard again as he watched Zach trying to cringe into and through the bed. "Well, Zach is!" Alex was laughing so hard now tears were beginning to roll down his

cheeks. "Huh? Whats so funny?" Jason was still more asleep than awake and the pun went right over his head. "Why are you so red Zach?" Dr. Edwards was trying to suppress his own laughter without much success. "Oh its nothing Jason. Zachary is just a littleuhexcited about being here right now. Why dont you go eat some breakfast?" "Yeah, ok." Jason still yawning, turned and started to walk out the door, and then stopped as he finally realized what was going on. He half turned and smiled back at them. "OH! Guess you must be feeling better Zach. Hope Alex didnt get you UP too early! You might want to think about getting a lock for your door little brother." Laughing, he continued on to the kitchen. Zach was now practically squirming he was so

embarrassed. He wanted desperately to just pull the covers over his head and hide for a couple of centuries or so. He wasnt sure if you could actually die from blushing, but everybody sure seemed determined to see if they could make him. Dr. Edwards, saw the wild look in Zachs eyes. "Im sorry Zachary. We shouldnt tease you like that. I know you must be feeling more than a little awkward right now, but its ok. As a parent, I cant say that Im thrilled to have walked in on you two, but Id feel the same if I walked in on Jason and his girlfriend. Im enough of realist to know that my boys are going to have sex. I know its probably useless to say this, but you dont have to be embarrassed." "Umthanks Dr. Edwards. I still feel pretty stupid though."

"Well, thats to be expected I guess. No one wants to have their partners parents walk in on them. Anyway, I did want to see how you were doing this morning and maybe check your injuries. Do you mind if I take a look?" "Uh, I guess not. I generally feel ok, maybe a little tender in a few places, but nothing real bad." Zach was still feeling a little awkward, but decided he would get over it. The situation was embarrassing, but hed live. Dr. Edwards proceeded to take out his doctors bag and to check Zachs heart rate and pulse. "Hmmheart seems to be beating a little fast, but thats probably to be expected, all things considered. It looks like your going to keep those shiners for a week or so. These cuts seem to be doing pretty good. Hmmbruises are already fading a little. Thats good."

Alex looked at Zach, smiling and shaking his head. "You gotta forgive him. He cant think unless he talks to himself. He does it all the time." Dr. Edwards frowned a little at his son. "Oh hush Alex. Im trying to work here. Your lungs sound good, no trouble breathing? No pain in your chest when you take a deep breath?" "No sir." Alex snorted. "Sir! Who are you trying to impress? Thats just dad!" "I told you to hush son. You could learn something from Zacharys good manners. Everything looks pretty good so far. Do you mind if I pull back the covers? I should really check to see how those cuts in your groin are doing and see if theres still swelling." Zach started getting red again and he started

stammering. "Uh.could we uhmaybe uh wait on that. I feel fine, really." Alex looked quickly at his friend and started laughing again as he realized why Zach wanted to wait. "Dad, I think Zach might have a different swelling in that general area right now." Zach shot a quick glare at Alex and blushed even more. Dr. Edwards eyes were really twinkling now. "Its ok Zachary. Ive seen that particular reaction before. Actually, its kind of advantageous, Ill be able to check to make sure everything is working ok. That was a pretty nasty trauma you had. I really should examine you, is that ok? Zach was more than a little reluctant, but nodded his head yes anyway. He knew he was being silly, even a little juvenile, still there was something about being out on display like that.

He didnt care that Dr. Edwards had seen it all before, he hadnt seen his! Ok, well maybe he had, but he didnt have a boner the last time Dr. Edwards looked at him. It was more than a little humiliating. As his dad pulled back the covers, Alex couldnt help but steal a little peek. He tried to make it casual, but he wasnt really fooling anyone and he knew it. Zach was still very hard from their earlier playing. The total lack of hair was actually kind of kinky now that he got to take a nice, long, good look but he couldnt help wonder what it would normally look like. Zach looked to be about 6.5 inches long, decent thickness and ramrod straight. His balls seemed pretty decent sized and nearly glistened since they too had been bereft of hair. Zach was still obviously fairly aroused and his dick pulsed in

time with his heartbeat. Alex was almost mesmerized and he seriously considered asking his dad to leave. Dr. Edwards reached out to examine Zachs testicles and at his touch, Zach visibly flinched. "Im sorry Zachary. Did that hurt?" Zach grinned a little sheepishly. "No. Your hands are just cold." Alex couldnt help but laugh again at his friend and even Dr. Edwards chuckled a little. "Well, Im sorry about that too." He quickly finished his examination and recovered Zach much to Zachs relief. "Everything looks like its healing well. It doesnt appear there was any permanent damage done, but I still want to check you periodically just to make sure. Ill try to make sure my hands are warmer next time. I need to talk to you

seriously for a minute guys. This is going to sound like a parent talking, but its not. Im talking to you as Zacharys doctor. I know you both are probably pretty eager to experiment and explore each other, but you should probably try and wait for a day or so. I wasnt kidding when I said that it was a pretty nasty trauma to your groin. As much as you both may want to, you should give the area time to heal and recover. And even after you start, you should definitely go slow and easy. No acrobatics." "DAD!" "Alex, Im serious. You are an adult now. You want to be treated like an adult, so you should be able to handle an adult conversation. Take it nice and easy. Go slow. And at least at the beginning, Zachary should be fairly passive. And if something hurts, stop immediately and get a hold

of me and let me know what happened. And Alex, you better damn well stop if Zachary tells you to. You could very easily hurt him until he heals completely. Alright?" Both Alex and Zach just nodded their heads a little cowed by the conversation. Dr. Edwards looked them both in the eye for a couple of seconds to make sure they understood and then he smiled at them. "Alright. Im going to go get some breakfast. Ill bring you two some scrambled eggs in a few minutes." He briefly rubbed both Alex and Zachs heads affectionately, deliberately messing up their hair and then went out to the kitchen. Alex and Zach both looked at each other, smiling wryly. Then Alex sighed. "Its going to be a long couple of days To Be Continued.

Copyright 2011 Greg_A; All Rights Reserved.

Alex and Zach both looked at each other, smiling wryly. Then Alex sighed. "Its going to be a long couple of days. Im gonna go freaking nuts waiting. By the time we get to do anything, Im gonna last maybe a whole two seconds!" "Yeah, I know. Me too." Alex pulled Zach back to rest against his chest and enfolded him in his arms. Zach was quiet for a few seconds, just happy and content to be held so closely. It was probably one of the happiest moments in his life. And yet there was a little doubt still nagging in his head. Alex nuzzled Zachs cheek and then started smiling mischievously. He nibbled playfully at one of Zachs ears for a second or two, and then started to playfully tease in a loud, fake whisper. "Hey Zach! You know what? I got to see you naked! I got to see you n..a..k..e..d!"

Zach squirmed around but couldnt quite get free from Alexs embrace. He started laughing as Alex continued to taunt him and nibble at his ear. "You are such a perv!" Alex smiled and blew lightly in Zachs ear. "I may be a perv, but you love it. And I still got to see you naked!" Zach relaxed back into Alexs embrace, resting his head right up against Alexs chest just listening to the thump thump of Alexs heartbeat. Alex wrapped his arms around him, holding him close and resting his chin in the crook between Zachs neck and shoulders even as he continued to nuzzle Zachs cheek with his nose. The moment seemed almost perfect and Zach hated to spoil it, but he had to talk with Alex seriously about something that had been bothering him since they had been so abruptly

interrupted earlier. He wasnt sure how to bring it up, but he knew he had to discuss the issue with Alex. "Maybe its a good thing your dad stopped us before we could go too much further. Im not sure that would have been a good idea." The seriousness in Zachs voice communicated itself to Alex and he was immediately concerned. "Did I hurt you?" Alex released his embrace a little, scared he was still hurting his friend. A hint of panic was starting to creep into Alexs voice. "Do I need to go get dad? Where does it hurt?" "No Alex. You didnt hurt me!" Zach wrapped his own arms around where Alex was hugging him in his own arms and pulled them back into their previous tight embrace. "What we were doing felt really good" Zach blushed a little at his own admission. "I mean I was a little sore, but it still felt really good."

"Are you sure?," Alex asked. "Dad said it would be really easy for me to hurt you. You have to tell me if I caused you any pain." Zach could hear the concern and near panic in Alexs voice. "Im fine Alex," he answered. "Really. Yes, it was a little painful, but not really bad. What you were doing felt really fantastic!" Alex relaxed a little, but not by much. "Did I go to fast? I should have gone slower. I should never had rushed you." "Its not that. Well, not really. Its just, Alex, I, uh, Ive never done anything like this before." Zachs voice was hesitant and quiet. "I really dont know what Im suppose to do." Alex hugged Zach a little closer. "Ive never been with a guy before either Zach." Zachs voice was even more quiet if possible.

"No Alex. You dont understand. I mean Ive never done ANYTHING before." Zach was a little shame faced as he admitted that and he turned a little so he could look Alex in the eyes. "Not with a guy, um, or aa girl. Ive never even kissed anyone before. Well, except Cindy, but that doesnt count. Shes more of a sister than anything. Besides, that kiss was staged for Donnas benefit." Zach was beginning to fidget a little. Alex stared into Zachs blue eyes, reading the hesitation and uncertainty there. He found himself touched to the core by the mute little appeal in those eyes. Again, he found himself just wanting to stare for hours into those sad blue eyes. Alex reached out and gently took Zachs fidgeting hands into his own. "Its ok. We can go as slow as you need to. I dont really know what Im

doing either." Alex smiled tenderly at Zach, embracing him with his eyes. "Well just go slow and make it up as we go along." Zach hung his head for a few seconds, then looking up, shyly, hesitantly he smiled a timid little half smile. "Youre not mad? That Iuhthat I dont know what Im doing? Youre not disappointed thatwell, we need to go slow?" Alex leaned over and kissed Zachs cheek. "Youre worth the wait. I want you. God! I want you, but I can wait." Alex started smiling mischievously. "If worse comes to worse, I can always fall back on my hand for a little relief," Alex said even as he pantomimed a rapid up and down stroke with his clenched hand. Zach chuckled at Alexs antics and blushed a little at the innuendo. He leaned back into Alexs chest and closed his eyes, sighing a little in

contentment. Alex enfolded him again in his arms, just holding him and nuzzling his cheek for awhile. A few minutes later, Dr. Edwards came back into the room, carrying a tray of food. "I hope you like my cooking," he said as he put the tray down next to them. "Its nothing fancy, just some eggs, toast and juice." Zach looked at the food and felt his stomach rumble a little in protest. "Oh, Dr. Edwards you shouldnt have gone to the trouble. Im not really hungry." Dr. Edwards pretty much ignored his patient as he put plates into both Alex and Zachs hands. "You have to eat Zach. You cant heal unless you eat. When was the last time you ate something?" Alex, already having started in on his own food, spoke up with his mouth half full. "Its been a couple of days." Alex turned to face Zach and

said "You didnt havent anything yesterday but those beers and you didnt eat anything at the restaurant the night before. You just played with your food." Zach looked back at Alex, a little annoyance showing on his face. "I ate a little," he protested. Dr. Edwards stepped in, stopping the argument before it could begin. "Well that was two days ago. Now try and eat a little Zach," he said even as he pushed the plate more firmly into Zachs hand then turned and walked back out. Zach gave up and accepted the plate and started picking a little at the food. He never was much of a breakfast eater and his stomach didnt really feel up to the task of digestion right then. He took a few bites of the eggs to make everyone happy and was more than a little surprised when they stayed down. Alex, as usual,

had finished his food in record time and now was just watching him eat. Zach started to blush a little under the scrutiny. Zach finished a few more bites, blushing the whole time. "Do you want to finish this?" he asked Alex. "I really dont think I can eat anymore. Not without having it come back up anyway." Alex took the plate from Zach. "No, Im full," he said even as he took a bite before placing it back on the tray his father had left. Zach laughed a little even as Alex turned back around, grinning with his mouth full and chewing happily. Zach settled back a little more comfortably into the pillows and couldnt help yawning. "Man, Im tired. I feel like I could fall asleep right now." Alex reached over and tenderly brushed Zachs ever present hair out of his eyes. "You

can go back to sleep if you want. You must be dead tired. Ill just sit here and gawk at you for awhile!" Alex grinned and settled back into the pillows himself, turning on his side so he could continue to watch Zach even as he started gently rubbing his chest in little circles. As much as he wanted to stay awake, Zach couldnt help closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep, smiling a happy little smile even as he drifted off. *** Jason was walking back towards his room when he passed his little brothers door. Glancing in, he saw his brother was just lying there, staring at Zach as if enthralled. Jason stopped and watched Alex for a few seconds, smiling at the intimate little scene before him. He was so happy that Alex had finally admitted that he was gay

instead of trying to hide it and just making himself miserable in the process. And Jason was even happier that he found someone to care about. That Zach cared just as much for Alex was obvious to anyone with eyes. Alex felt someone watching him and looked up towards the door, seeing his brother smiling at him. Alex smiled at his brother and motioned him to come in. "Hey, whats up?" Jason stepped into the room and sat at his brothers desk chair. "So did you and Zach have a good talk?" Jason laughed a little even as he continued, "You must have said something right considering the position dad and I found you two in this morning." Alex grinned back at his brother, a light blush coloring his cheeks. "Yeah, well, Zach may never be able to look you in the eye again without

turning red, but we finally told each other how we felt." The exp ression on Jasons face became even more amused if possible. "How much did dad see? I mean were you guysuhwell" Alexs exp ression turned a little sheepish, but he continued grinning. "No you perv! It was just some heavy petting and making out." Alex ducked his head for a second as he started to blush, but quickly looked back up still smiling. "Some VERY heavy petting. I think Zach was pretty close, I know I was!" Jason started laughing as he drew back in mock disgust. "EEEWWWW! I didnt need to know that!" Alex threw his pillow at Jason and continued to laugh. "Well, you asked!"

Jason threw the pillow back at him even as he stood up. "Yeah, and now Im sorry!" Jason stepped over to the bed and tossled his brothers hair for a second, something he knew his brother liked even though he pretended it annoyed him. Then he turned towards the door, starting to leave. "Im really happy for you Alex. Im glad you found someone you really care for." Alex gave his brother a huge smile, bigger than Jason had seen on Alexs face in a long time. "Thanks Jason. Thanks for everything." As he walked out the door to continue to his room, Jason turned his head and gave his brother a parting smile. *** It was a couple of hours later when Dr. Edwards poked his head back into Alexs room to check on them. Zach looked to be sound

asleep, which was really no surprise. And even Alex seemed to have drifted off into a light doze, his hand lightly resting on Zachs chest. Dr. Edwards smiled a little and turned to go. He was reluctant to disturb such a quiet, happy little scene. As he was leaving, he made a very slight noise waking Alex. "Im sorry son. I didnt mean to wake you. Go ahead and go back to sleep." Alex yawned a little even as he sat up a little. "Its ok Dad. I didnt realize I had fallen asleep. Whats up?" Dr. Edwards stepped halfway back into the room. "Nothing serious. I just thought Id check on you two. I also thought Zachary might want to call his parents." Alexs face immediately assumed a slightly angry exp ression at that suggestion. "Yeah, he probably should. But those assholes were partly

to blame for all this!" Alexs voice had gotten a little louder in his anger. Dr. Edwards started to reply when Zach tossed his head a little, coming sleepily awake at the noise. Zach rubbed his eyes a little trying to clear the sleep from them. Yawning he said "Hey. Gee, I cant believe I fell asleep again." Dr. Edwards smiled a little at him as he walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. "Im more surprised you keep waking up. Dont you know youre suppose to be resting right now? How are you feeling?" Zach couldnt help yawning again, blushing a little even as he tried to hide the yawn from both Alex and his dad. "I guess Im ok. Just really tired." Dr. Edwards continued smiling warmly at Zach. "Well part of that is the pain medicine and

part is your body trying to heal. Dont worry about falling asleep. Speaking of medicine, you probably should take a pill now." Dr. Edwards fumbled at his pockets for a second and then pulled out a bottle and shook one of the pills into his hand and offered it to Zach. Zach looked at the pill a little unhappily, not taking it yet. "Do I have too? I really dont feel too bad and I dont like the way my mind was all fogged up with those." "These arent nearly as strong as what you were on last night," Dr. Edwards answered. "I really think you should take them. Your leg would probably be in a lot more pain if you didnt take it. Not to mention the pain from the bruising and cuts to your groin." Zachs eyes went a little big as he blanched a little at that thought. "Ill take it!" he said even as

he reached almost desperately for the offered pill. He did not want to feel that particular sensation again! Alex and his dad both grinned knowingly at Zach as he hastily swallowed the pill washing it down with a little left over juice from breakfast. Zachs exp ression was a little sheepish as he looked back at both of them. Both Alex and his dad knew better than to say anything though, but they couldnt help the grins on their faces. Dr. Edwards cleared his voice to help change the subject. "Now that that is done, I thought you might want to call your parents Zachary. Let them know what has happened. I doubt if they have heard anything, but you dont want them to worry if they do." Zachs eyes immediately clouded over and all traces of any happiness totally fled. He hung his

head for a few seconds, just staring without making any kind of reply. Then he looked back up with the saddest most lost exp ression across his face. In a quiet, quavering voice, "I guess I should," was his only reply. Dr. Edwards looked thoughtful for a second or two. "Do you want me to call them for you? I can tell them what happened and that you are sleeping if you want." For a second Zachs eyes looked hopeful, but then clouded over again as he shook his head no. "No, I should call them myself. Thank you for offering." Dr. Edwards could tell something was wrong and hesitated for a second or two before handing the phone to Zach wordlessly. He got up to leave, but paused and lightly squeezed Zachs shoulder in silent support. Looking troubled, he

left the two alone once again. Zach stared at the phone in his hands for a few minutes, making no attempt to dial, looking more unhappy than Alex had ever seen him. "Are you sure you want to do this? I can call dad back in here ya know." Zach looked Alex in the eye and sighed. "No. I guess I have to do this myself." Almost fearfully, he dialed the number and waited for an answer, looking almost like he was ready to hang up at the first possible chance. After a few seconds, Alex could hear, faintly, someone on the other end pick up. "Hello." Zachs face blanched a little. "Hi mom. Its Zach." "Oh hi Zach. We werent expecting you to

call. Your father and I have been furiously trying to get everything in the car for the trip to your brothers. Cant this wait?" "Im sorry mom. I just wanted to call and let you and dad know Ive been in a car accident." Zach looked like he was about to cry, but his voice remained totally steady. "An Accident! What kind of accident? Oh Zach, what a time for you to get hurt!" Zach flinched a little, but continued without letting anything show in his voice. "Im not hurt that bad. I did break my leg, but its not that bad. I just wanted to let you and dad know before someone else told you. I didnt want you to worry." "Oh Zach! You broke your leg? This is really going to disappoint your father. We were really looking forward to this trip. We havent seen

your brother in such a long time." Tears were beginning to roll down from Zachs eyes and he had started to tremble slightly, and yet Alex was amazed that his voice was still rock steady. None of the anguish he was feeling was even hinted at in his voice. "You dont have to cancel the trip. You guys can still go. Im not hurt that bad. I just thought I should tell you." "Well thats a relief. I know your father would be crushed if we had to cancel now. Thanks for calling honey, but I really should go. Theres still a million things to do yet." Zach was close to silently sobbing now, but still he kept his voice cheery. "Bye mom. I love you." "Bye honey. Well talk to you later."

Zach hung up the phone, staring at it even as he continued to silently cry, his body shaking. "She didnt evenshe didnteven wishwish me a Merry Christmas." Alex reached over to comfort Zach, to hug him, to embrace him and never let him go, but Zach flinched violently away not yet ready for any kind of contact. He continued to sob for several minutes even as he tried to pull the hurt back into himself, to use it as a shield. He squeezed his eyes shut trying to keep the rest of the world at bay, to never let anything in again, to take comfort in that quiet darkness. Alex was so angry he wanted to smash his hand against the wall. He could not understand how anyone could treat anyone with such coldness. It was made even worse since it wasnt a stranger these people were treating this way,

but their own son. How could they not see what they were doing to Zach? Alex struggled to get his anger under control. It wouldnt do to let Zach know how pissed he was at his parents. Zach was hurting enough as it was. Alex let Zach cry for a few more minutes before he tentatively reached over and rubbed his shoulders. Zach flinched again, but not nearly as violently and Alex continued to rub his shoulders in as comforting a way as he could. Slowly, Zachs sobbing quieted, but his body continued to tremble. Finally, Zach reopened his eyes. The look on his face was so hurt, so anguished, so lost that it was almost a physical slap to Alex. Alex could feel the internal temperature on his anger beginning to build up again and he struggled to keep them in check. He smiled tenderly at Zach,

trying to offer what comfort he could. Zach was quiet for a few more seconds, still shaking. When he finally spoke, his voice was raspy and barely audible. "Do you think you or your dad could drive me back to the apartment?" Alex looked at Zach, confusion across his face. "The apartment? Why do you want to go there?" Zach closed his eyes again, but still he answered. "I dont want to go back to my house. Not for Christmas. Ill just stay at the apartment." Alex was stunned and stared at Zach for a few seconds before answering. "Youre not going back to the apartment. You are staying here with us." Alexs voice had a little edge to it. Zach opened his eyes again, looking at Alex a little surprised at the annoyance in his voice. "Its

ok. Ill be ok by myself. I cant stay here Id be in the way. Its Christmas and you dont need anyone intruding on that." Alex was getting really annoyed now. Why couldnt Zach just accept that he was wanted? "Dad!" Alex shouted. "Can you come here?" Dr. Edwards walked back into the room almost instantly, a concerned look on his face. "What is it? Are you starting to hurt somewhere Zachary?" Jason was right behind his father, a worried look on his face too. Alex looked at his father, realizing he had scared him by shouting. "No, its not that dad. Zach says he wants to go back to the apartment even though I keep telling him he can stay here. He thinks hes going to be intruding on our Christmas. Make him stay!" Even as he was explaining to his dad, he was absently brushing

the hair out of Zachs eyes again. Dr. Edwards and Jason both relaxed somewhat. Dr. Edwards walked over and sat on the edge of the bed next to Zach even as Jason took up occupation in the doorway. "Zachary, you are certainly welcome to stay here," Dr. Edwards said. "I didnt think there was any question about that. I had just assumed youd be staying with us." Jason nodded his agreement. Zachs eyes started to water again. "II dont know. I dont want to be a bother." Dr. Edwards reached over and squeezed Zachs shoulder in support. "Youre not a bother." Seeing that Zach was unconvinced, Dr. Edwards decided to try a different tactic. "Ok. If you wont stay because we asked you to, then as your doctor, Im ordering you to stay!" Dr. Edwards smiled encouragingly. "Dont make me

get out the restraints!" Jason decided to chime in at that point, his voice taking on a false pleading tone. He dropped to his kneese, clenching his hands together and crawled over to the edge of the bed. "Please, Please, Please Zach! Stay with us! Please! If you dont stay, Alex will pout like you wouldnt believe. Hes such a baby! Please Stay! Dont ruin my Christmas by making me endure my little brothers pouting!" Alex threw a pillow at Jason, laughing at his brothers antics. Jason took the pillow full in the face, falling over laughing. Even Zach was laughing a little in spite of himself. Jason could be such a goof ball. He knew why Alex loved his brother so much. Finally, giving up in the face of such overwhelming odds, Zach nodded his head. With

a weak little grin spreading to his face he said, "All right. If youre really sure I wont be in the way, Ill stay. I guess. I couldnt bear to ruin Jasons Christmas." Jason struggled back up to his knees. "Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! Youve saved Christmas! Youre my hero." Dr. Edwards was shaking his head in mock disgust, but was still laughing. Grabbing Jason by the ear he started towards the door. "Come on you clown. You can worship your hero from afar." Jason was back peddling for all he was worth, squeaking in protest as his father continued to drag him out of the room. Zach was grinning now, his eyes still a little wet. "Thanks Dr. Edwards. For letting me stay." Dr. Edwards smiled back at his patient. "Its no problem Zachary. Youre more than

welcome." He left the room, Jason still in tow protesting the entire way. Alex settled back down next to Zach, resting his hand on his chest, drawing lazy little circles through the light hair fanning across his chest. He continued to stare into Zachs blue eyes, wondering if it was possible to drown in them. He still wasnt sure how a guy could have such gorgeous eyes. Zach endured the stare for a few minutes, then started blushing, color spreading from his face to his ears and then started down his neck and chest. "What?" Alex smiled at him. "Nothing. I just like looking at you. I could stare for hours into your eyes." Then his smile became positively dangerous. "The rest of you aint too bad either. Specially the covered parts!"

Zachs blush deepened to a bright crimson and he positively squirmed. Alex chuckled at his reaction and leaned over kissing him on the lips, nibbling a little at Zachs lower lip before pulling back up. Zach had closed his eyes again, in pleasure and contentment this time though. He snuggled up into Alexs chest, pressing his entire body into him and sighed happily. Alex continued to hold him, nuzzling him even long after Zach had fallen back asleep. *** To Be Continued. Copyright 2011 Greg_A; All Rights Reserved.

It was late evening by the time Zach woke back up. He was a little surprised to feel Alexs arms still holding him, he had figured Alex would have eventually gotten bored watching him sleep and gotten up. He looked over only to see Alex had fallen asleep himself. Even in his sleep, Alex was continuing to hold him close and snuggle with him. Zach was struck once again by just how beautiful Alex was. His blond hair, cut short on top but long in back, neatly framed his handsome face. His eyes were closed now, but Zach could easily picture those sparkling blue eyes that revealed every emotion Alex was feeling. Zachs eyes ran across his smooth, clean cut cheeks and down his strong jaw. It had been a couple of days since he had last shaved, but still his face was fairly stubble free as Alex had little facial hair

to speak of. Zach snuggled even closer to Alexs smooth, muscular chest, smiling a little remembering how Alex had always wished he had chest hair. Zach thought he was perfect the way he was and relished the touch of that sleek muscular chest. He ran his hand across Alexs chest, over his shoulder and down his arm, marveling in the feel of Alexs body. His exploring hands continued to Alexs tight belly, pausing slightly as he lightly ran his fingers around his belly button, before continuing on to Alexs waist. Zachs fingers lightly ran around the waistband of Alexs boxers, just barely touching skin and fabric together. Zachs light touch was beginning to have an effect on Alexs still slumbering body and even in his sleep he reached to pull Zach even closer to him. Zach could feel Alex begin to harden under

the boxers and couldnt help grinning a little. He continued running his fingers around Alexs waist and stomach even as Alex developed a very noticeable tent in his boxers announcing louder than words he was enjoying the feeling of Zachs touch. Alex groaned a little even as he started to waken. Zach kissed him tenderly on the lips and then nibbled across his cheeks, his jaw and then down his neck, his fingers still lightly caressing Alexs skin. Alex groaned a little louder and opened his eyes with a big dreamy smile spreading across his face. Then he realized exactly what was going on and he pulled back a little from Zach laughing. "Hey you perv!" Alex laughed "No fair feeling me up when Im sleeping! Now youve gone and got me all hot and horny!"

Zach grinned mischievously even as he reached down and grabbed Alexs dick through his boxers. "You know, I noticed that right off!" Still grinning dangerously, Zach started to slowly jack Alex right through his boxers. Alex was a little shocked that Zach was being so bold and his body was definitely responding to the very intimate touch. Another little involuntary groan escaped him even as the beginnings of a wet spot started to appear on the front of his boxers. "Uhh, Zach! You better stop! Im not going to be able to hold on much longer if you dont! Oh God that feels so good! Ohhhhh.." Zach didnt reply. Instead he leaned over and covered Alexs groaning lips with his own, kissing him deeply and passionately even as he continued stroking Alex through his boxers with a little more speed and urgency. He gently probed

at Alexs mouth with his tongue, exploring and tasting at each and every place he could reach even as Alex continued to lightly moan. Zach could feel Alexs chest heaving and his breath was coming in sharp gasps as he continued to struggle to hold back. Finally, unable to stop the rising pressure and intense pleasure, with a deep groan Alex thrust his hips forward sharply and started shooting, drenching the front of his boxers. Zach continued to lightly stroke and squeeze Alexs throbbing dick, coaxing and milking every last drop out of him. Finally, unable to stand the almost painful pleasure of having his super sensitive dick touched, Alex reluctantly grabbed Zachs hands to stop him from delivering any more sweet torture. Zach continued lightly kissing and nibbling him

as he slowly regained a little composure and got his tortured breathing slightly back under control. Alex opened his eyes and looked right into Zachs grinning eyes. Shuddering a little, he grinned back. "I could stand to wake up that way all the time! Better than any freaking alarm clock!" Alexs grin became even bigger. "That was intense. Man these boxers are pretty much trashed now." Alex started to pull them off, cringing a little when he grabbed them where they were wet. Zach couldnt help laughing at him. "Hey Alex. You know what? Now I get to see YOU naked! I get to see you n..a..k..e..d!" Zach was laughing even as he threw Alexs earlier words back at him. Just to make it even better, he was exaggerating ogling at him.

Alex was shaking his head in mock disgust even as he continued laughing. "You are such a perv!" Alex finished stripping off his boxers, wadded them up and threw them into the corner of his room, which already held a pile of his clothes. He settled back into bed and pulled the covers back up around his chest. Turning slightly to face him, he pulled Zach closer to him, kissing him lightly, tenderly. "I thought we were going to wait for awhile," Alex said softly, nuzzling Zachs cheek. "You know I cant return the favor, even as much as I want to - God knows I want to! but theres no way Im gonna risk hurting you." "I know," Zach replied just as softly. "I just wanted to do that. Ive wanted to do something like that since I first met you." Zach blushed a little at his own admission. "I wanted to make you

feel as good as you make me feel. It doesnt matter that I have to wait. I just wanted to make you feel good." Alex had continued nuzzling and kissing Zach the entire time. "Well, you certainly accomplished that! But I already feel good just being around you. If you have to wait, I should wait too." Zach looked straight into Alexs eyes, a look of the most profound love on his eyes as he replied, "But I dont want you to have to wait. I want to make you feel as wonderful as I possibly can. I want to give this to you." Alex could only stare back into those deep blue eyes, speechless at the love he saw there. Wordlessly he simply rested his forehead against Zachs, holding him close, pressing his entire body against him and wanting to be even closer. A few minutes later, Jason came bouncing into

the room. "Hey! You guys are finally awake. I thought you were gonna sleep till New Years." Jason was grinning as he taunted them. Still grinning, he jumped onto the bed right into the middle of them. "Im not interrupting am I?" Zach and Alex busted out laughing at Jasons antics. All three were still laughing when a few moments later Dr. Edwards poked his head around the corner. "Oh I thought I heard you all in here. I was thinking of ordering Luigis for supper. Zach, Im assuming you like pizza Ive never met a college guy yet that hasnt. What do you like on yours?" Alex exchanged a hungry look with Jason. "Ooohhh! I havent had Luigis forever!" He turned to Zach, "Youre gonna love their pizza Zach! Man, now Im starving!" Jason, laughing, gave Alex a little shove.

"Whats new with that? Youre always hungry!" The two of them quickly engaged in a laughing, shoving match. Zach was busy trying to dodge the two wrestling brothers, even as he grinned at them. "Oh, Ill pretty much eat anything on pizza Dr. Edwards. Except anchovies." Dr. Edwards just shook his head at his two sons. "All right. Ill go place the order. Alex. Jason. Try not to kill Zach." Chuckling, Dr. Edwards left the room. Alex and Jason continued to wrestle, getting a little rougher in the process. Eventually, inevitably, the two of them fell off the bed, rolling on the floor a little. "Hey! Youre naked!" Jason laughed at his brother. Zach started laughing even harder as Alex turned bright red and started stammering. "Uh

yeah, well, you knowuh" Alex quickly went to his dresser, grabbed a pair of boxers and practically jumped into them. Jason was laughing even harder at his brother. "Oh shut up Jason!" Alex said, his face flaming. Zach and Jason were practically crying they were laughing so hard. At first Alex started to get a little pissed, then gradually he too started laughing. Jason and Alex climbed back into the bed, still laughing as the three of them settled down for a night of pizza, movies and lots of laughing and joking. *** Zach groaned a little, tossing his head and stretching as he slowly tried to wake up. Sleep was very sweet right then and his body protested vigorously as his mind began the slow ascent to consciousness. Finally, yawning and his eyes

fluttering a little he came fully awake to find Alex watching him, smiling at him. "Hey, Good morning sleepy!" Alex leaned down and kissed Zachs lips, nibbling a little at his chin before pulling away. "Youre getting pretty shaggy." Zach turned a little pink at that, still not use to having someone kiss him, especially so intimately. He reached up and scratched at his cheek briefly, "Yeah I know. Its getting pretty itchy too." Alex ran a finger across Zachs chin. "Not to mention scratchy! Im gonna get razor burn kissing you!" Alex grinned at him. "You look pretty sexy with stubble, but I think I like you better clean shaven." Zach turned a little deeper red at the compliment. "Yeah, well Im feeling a little grimy and gross right now. Id kill for a shower and a

shave." Alexs exp ression became a little serious although he was still smiling. "Hmm. I dont think you could stand long enough to take a shower. You were still pretty wobbly last night just going to the bathroom and that was with me helping to hold you up." Alex frowned a little, thinking. "I know," Zach said, his exp ression a little disgusted. "Im just griping." He started laughing. "You may want to spray me down with Right Guard though!" Alex laughed along with Zach but his exp ression was still thoughtful. He hesitated for a few seconds, looking at Zach speculatively. "I think I have a solution, but youre not going to like it much. I could give you a sponge bath." Zachs face, ears and chest immediately turned crimson with embarrassment. "What! UhhhI

uh, gee um, gosh, ahhh" Zach stammered, his eyes looking a little wild. Alex busted out laughing at Zachs uncomfortable reaction. "Chill Zach! Its no big deal. I mean, well, I HAVE already seen it you know." Alex reached over automatically to brush the hair out of his eyes and Zach nearly flinched at his touch, blushing even more. Alex laughed even harder. "Oh come on Zach! Let me see you naked!" Zach grinned weakly at Alex, still a little wild around the eyes. "I, uh, I know Im being stupid. IIm sorry." Zach was fidgeting a little, squirming even. "IIm not use, uh, use to somebody seeing, uh Oh Hell! Im just digging myself in deeper!" "Its ok," Alex said, still smiling and chuckling a little. "I shouldnt tease you. I know it makes

you uncomfortable. But you look so cute when you blush! Now do you want that sponge bath or not?" Zach squirmed a little more, trying to bury himself in the mattress. Eventually, he managed to nod his head yes, blushing even more. "Yeah, I uh, guess." Alex, still chuckling, walked into the bathroom. Zach could hear running water and some splashing which only made him that much more nervous. Maybe if he tried real hard, he could just pass out! He knew he was being silly, Alex HAD seen him already. Alex loved him so why should it bother him so much? Why should being naked be this difficult for him? And then Alex came back into the bedroom, carrying a shallow bucket of slightly steaming sudsy water and Zach almost started to tremble.

As Alex walked back into the room, he could see just how nervous Zach was. Inwardly, he couldnt help being amused. Zachs embarrassment and nervousness was just so cute! He tried to keep his exp ression neutral, he didnt want to make it any worse for Zach. But God! That timid little boy quality was just so damn cute! Zach tried breathing deeply to calm himself down. Why was he being so stupid? Its just Alex, no big deal. Nothing to be nervous about. He closed his eyes for a few seconds, taking big deep breaths. Then he felt Alex sit down next to him and his breathing became rapid and shallow once again. Zach kept his eyes closed, almost squeezing them shut in his nervousness. Then he felt Alex gently brush the warm soapy wash cloth across

his face. His touch was so soft, so gentle. Slowly as Alex continued to wash his face, neck and chest Zach calmed down, opening his eyes. Alex was staring right into his eyes with a small, tender smile and a look of such love and understanding on his face. Alex finished washing Zachs chest and stomach, and then he hesitated. He looked more closely at Zach and saw only a calm, accepting smile there. Smiling back, he pulled back the covers completely exposing him and gently started to wash his thighs. Zachs only response was a very slight shiver but he actually seemed to calm even further. Alex finished his thighs and the calve without the cast and again paused. He looked once more into Zachs eyes, making sure he was still calm and ok. Zach simply smiled a little bigger and nodded his head. Reassured,

Alex then gently washed Zachs dick and balls, causing Zachs dick to harden at the gentle touch. Alex continued to smile as he continued washing Zachs genitals. "Well, I guess somebodys decided to wake up," he said playfully as he finished up. Zach ducked his head for a second, but quickly looked back up, grinning back at Alex. Alex finished up and pulled the covers back up to Zachs chest. Zach assumed Alex was finished so he was a little surprised when Alex started wetting his face again and even more surprised when Alex picked up a can of shaving cream and started shaking it. Alex had not been kidding when he said he preferred Zach clean shaven, and Zach realized he was going to do something about it. Oddly, he didnt resist in the slightest as Alex started spreading the foam across his face and started

shaving him. In fact he was grinning pretty broadly by the time Alex finished up. "There, you look much better now." Alex leaned forward and kissed him for a few seconds before gathering his grooming gear. "Thats much better, no more scratching!" Zach busted out laughing. "Thanks Alex." Zach started blushing again. "We might have to do the whole sponge bath thing again sometime." Alex grinned back at him, and then arched his eyebrows suggestively. "That could be fun! Let me throw this in the bathroom, then Ill go get us some breakfast." Zach crinkled his nose a little in disapproval. "Nothing big ok? You know I dont really eat breakfast." Alex just nodded as he headed towards the kitchen.

Zach settled a little more comfortably into the pillows, sighing in contentment. He was still amazed at how much Alex loved him. That he loved Alex was a foregone conclusion. He was honest enough with himself to admit that he had felt an instant attraction to Alex from the very first moment they had met, but that was just a physical attraction. From that initial contact he had felt himself drawn closer and closer to Alex. He had known he was in love with Alex when they had first moved into the apartment with each other. It had been so hard trying to keep that a secret, to keep his desire to have Alex as more than a best friend hidden. And now, finally, he could share those feeling with Alex, let him know just how he felt, tell him just how much he loved him. It was incredible! Frightening, but still incredible!

Alex returned carrying a small plate and a glass of milk, interrupting Zachs inner musings. "Here ya go. Dont worry, I didnt toast it. Dad did! So the house isnt on fire or anything." Alex put the plate on Zachs lap. Zachs eyes lit up like a little boys opening presents at Christmas and the smile on his face was absolutely glowing. "Chocolate Pop Tarts! You got me chocolate Pop Tarts!" He eagerly grabbed the pastry from the plate, took a big bite and started chewing happily, truly overjoyed and touched by the little gesture. Alex laughed at Zachs exuberance. "Do you know how cute you are when you are eating those?" Zach just grinned even bigger, still happily munching on his breakfast. "Man, it dont take much to make you happy!" Alex said. "I guess it was a good idea to have dad get those

for you." Zachs only reply was a vigorous nodding of his head yes as he continued to wolf down his breakfast. He was so happy he didnt even object once to having to take another pain pill when Alex gave it to him. A little later, the plate empty of all but the tiniest crumbs and the glass of milk mostly empty, Alex pulled the still happily grinning Zach to him as they settled into the pillows. Zach was so happy and content he could nearly have started purring. Alex was holding him close, his head was resting against Alexs chest, and the blankets covering them were warm and comforting. The world was nearly perfect. That though was drifting through Zachs mind as he slowly drifted off into a pleasant, peace filled sleep. ***

It was a little later in the morning when Jason poked his head into Alexs bedroom. "Hey, you guys awake yet? Want some company?" Alex looked up, smiling at his brother. "Well, Im awake," he said. "Zach drifted off again after I fed him his Pop Tart." "Oh, ok," Jason said quietly. "Ill leave ya alone then. I dont want to wake him." "Nah, dont worry about that," Alex replied. "Hes out for awhile. He didnt even stir when I got up and got dressed. Dad said he would probably sleep quite a bit for the next few days." Jason walked the rest of the way into the room and sat down at Alexs desk, flipping on the TV as an afterthought. Alex and Jason talked for most of the rest of the morning, catching back up with each other and barely paying attention to the TV. The two had always been very close, even

for brothers, and the reminiscing sometimes got very loud with their laughter. But through it all, Zach barely stirred, out to the world. Noon arrived and Dr. Edwards walked into Alexs room. "Hows our patient? Oh! Hes sleeping," Dr. Edwards said a little surprised. "You boys were being so loud I figured Zachary would be awake too." Hearing his name, even in his sleep, Zach shook his a head a little coming awake. "Huh?" he said sleepily. He rubbed his eyes a little, blinking a few times to clear them. "I didnt mean to wake you Zachary," Dr. Edwards apologized. "Im sorry. I thought you were awake and thought I would check to see how you were feeling." Zach yawned a little, still half asleep. "Its ok. I cant seem to stay awake for very long

anymore." Dr. Edwards walked over to the bed. "Thats just the pain pills. Nothing to worry about," he reassured. He then turned to Jason. "Jason, why dont you go make some sandwiches for lunch for everybody. Theres some ham and cheese in the fridge." Jason just nodded and walked out towards the kitchen to make lunch. He knew his dad was just clearing him out to give Zach some privacy while he examined him. As soon as Jason was out of the room, Dr. Edwards proceeded to examine Zach, checking his cuts and bruises on his arm and chest, listening with his stethoscope, and looking into his eyes. Zach was still more asleep than awake and so offered little resistance, still yawning and trying to wake the rest of the way up. Dr. Edwards finished the upper body exam and then hesitated

for a few seconds before pulling back the covers exposing Zachs groin. When Zach felt Dr. Edwards touch his balls his eyes instantly got really big as he came fully awake. Before, he had still been too much asleep to really be aware of what was happening, but Dr. Edwards touch in his most sensitive area was like a splash of cold water on his face. Realizing what was happening, he immediately turned bright red with embarrassment. Then, to his horror, he felt his dick begin to stiffen. A look of absolute mortification spread over his face as his dick continued the trip to full erection. Dr. Edwards looked sympathetically at his wild eyed patient. "Its ok Zachary," he tried to soothe. "That happens to a lot of guys. Its a normal reaction. Dont worry about it." Dr. Edwards finished his examination, and quickly

recovered Zach. Zach still looked like he was about to bolt or maybe crawl under the bed. His eyes were even bigger than before and he had lost his blush, his face having gone almost totally white. Alex, seeing Zach was on the edge of panic, sat down next to him, rubbing his chest and shoulders to help calm him down. At Alexs initial touch, Zach visibly flinched, then slowly started to calm down as Alex continued his light massage. Dr. Edwards remained quiet for a few moments, allowing Zach to regain a little composure. Finally, when it seemed Zach was almost back to normal, he cleared his throat. "You seem to be healing pretty well Zachary. Everything seems to be fine. You havent had any pain or discomfort have you?" Zach looked at Dr. Edwards for a second or

two before trusting himself to speak. "No, not really. Uh, nothing major anyway." He ducked his head a little as he said that, blushing a little. Dr. Edwards exp ression became concerned. "Nothing major? What do you mean Zachary? Are you having any pains?" Zach tried to avoid his eyes but found himself looking straight into Alexs eyes instead. The look on Alexs eyes was even more concerned than his fathers, even a little frightened. Zach blushed even more. "No, its nothing like that. Its just, uh.well, itsuh" "What is it Zachary?" Dr. Edwards asked. Zach ducked his head, trying to avoid looking at any of them. "Its, uh, its starting to itch, uh where the hair is starting to grow back. Its uh its driving my crazy!" Zachs face was nearly crimson and he wouldnt look up at either of

them. Dr. Edwards and Alex both started chuckling at Zachs shame faced confession, embarrassing him even more. Then, Jason re-entered the room carrying a plate of sandwiches balanced on top of four precariously held glasses of milk. "Whats so funny?" he asked as Dr. Edwards jumped up to help before Jason dropped anything. Alex grinned evilly at Zach. "Nothing much. Zachs just itching to eat is all." Dr. Edwards nearly snorted with laughter. Zach just closed his eyes, shaking his head a little, turning even brighter red. Jason looked at the three of them, obviously not getting the joke, frowning a little. "You guys are weird!" he complained, then started eating his sandwich dismissing the whole thing. The rest of the day and evening were spent

quietly with Zach intermittently dozing for a few hours between periods of thirty minutes or so of wakefulness. Jason kept Alex company, just hanging out with his brother catching up and laughing at old times. It was getting close to ten at night and Zach had been asleep for a couple of hours and showed every intention of sleeping for the rest of the night. Jason and Alex were watching TV, Jason stretched out on the floor and Alex lying next to Zach, absently rubbing his chest when they heard someone clear their throat in the doorway. Alex and Jason both looked up, their eyes lighting up as they saw who was there. "Mark!" Alex nearly shouted. "When did you get here? We werent expecting you till late tomorrow!" The grins on Alex and Jasons face were huge with unexpected happiness.

Marks face remained very serious as he looked at his brothers and the sleeping Zach. He walked into the room, his exp ression still serious, almost grave and sat down at Alexs desk chair. His eyes went from Jason to Alex then rested on Zach for a few moments. Finally he looked straight into Alexs eyes. "We need to talk little brother." To Be Continued. ARRRGGGHHH! A cliff hanger! Sorry guys well a little anyway! Copyright 2011 Greg_A; All Rights Reserved.

It was getting close to ten at night and Zach had been asleep for a couple of hours and showed every intention of sleeping for the rest of the night. Jason and Alex were watching TV, Jason stretched out on the floor and Alex lying next to Zach, absently rubbing his chest when they heard someone clear their throat in the doorway. Alex and Jason both looked up, their eyes lighting up as they saw who was there. "Mark!" Alex nearly shouted. "When did you get here? We werent expecting you till late tomorrow!" The grins on Alex and Jasons face were huge with unexpected happiness. Marks face remained very serious as he looked at his brothers and the sleeping Zach. He walked into the room, his exp ression still serious, almost grave and sat down at Alexs desk chair. His eyes went from Jason to Alex then rested on

Zach for a few moments. Finally he looked straight into Alexs eyes. "We need to talk little brother." The smile on Alexs face immediately evaporated and his body began to tense up at the seriousness in Marks voice. Zach, even though he was asleep, could feel the change in Alexs body and touch and came awake looking around a little confused. He sat up a little, taking in the exp ression on Alexs face and the tension in the room. Even the happy go lucky Jason had a frown on his face. Alex hesitated for a few seconds, frowning a little, before he spoke. "Whats up Mark?" he said, the tension clear in his voice. Mark stared back into Alexs eyes, still not smiling, his exp ression still serious, almost cold. "We need to talk about what is going on here.

And we need to talk about who this is in your bed." Marks voice was quiet but very penetrating. Zach watched as the muscles in Alexs jaw clenched revealing just how tense Alex was becoming. "His name is Zach, Mark." Mark continued to stare at his brother, nodding his head almost imperceptibly, a little frown crossing his face. "Ok, so we know his name now, but that doesnt tell me what he is to you. Why he is in your bed." Zach, watching the exchange between the two, was starting to get more than a little nervous. The tension in the room was so thick it was nearly overpowering. He felt he should do something, say something, he just couldnt figure out what. Alex stared back at his brother, almost glaring at him. "Hes my roommate Mark," Alex nearly

spat. "Your roommate?" Mark said his voice still even and quiet. "Your roommate sleeps in your bed with you? I dont think so little brother. Try again." Alexs face was nearly livid. Even Jason seemed ready to take Marks head off. Alex took a deep breath, trying to keep his temper under control. "All right. Zachs not just my roommate. Hes my boyfriend." Alexs voice took on a definite belligerent edge. "Do you want to make something of that?" Mark continued to stare at his brother for a few moments, his exp ression still neutral. "Was it really so difficult to admit that to me Alex?" Mark finally asked, his voice soft, even affectionate. Mark got up, crossed the room to Alex and enfolded him in a very tight hug. "Ive waited a

very long time for you tell me that. I was beginning to think I was going to have to kick you in the ass to get you to admit the truth." The look on Alexs face was a study of contrast. Relief, anger, happiness, annoyance. He kept trying to respond to his brother, hed open his mouth to speak and all that would come out were strangled noises as the emotions ran away with him. Finally, he regained a little control. "You Ass!" he yelled at his brother, annoyance and joy both reflected in his voice. "What the hell were you trying to do to me?" Mark finally released his little brother from the hug and sat back down. "It was important Alex. It was important for you to tell me you were gay. If you cant tell someone who loves you, youll never be able to tell anyone. You should know by now that we all love you no matter what. It

doesnt matter to me if youre gay, youre still my little brother. Nothing can change that! Ever!" Zach was watching Alex while Mark was saying this, watching the emotions play over Alexs entire body. By the time Mark had finished speaking, Alexs eyes were beginning to get very watery. Under the covers Zach took hold of Alexs hand and squeezed it in silent support and didnt let go. Alex looked over at him, smiling, nearly crying, fighting to hold back the tears. "Zach, its good to meet you," Mark said after a few seconds of silence. "I hope I didnt make you too uncomfortable earlier. Dad says youre really a great guy and Im looking forward to getting to know you." Mark smiled warmly at Zach as he said this and reached over to shake his hand.

Zach briefly shook Marks hand, still a little confused by the sudden switch in Marks reaction. "Uh, hi," Zach managed to mumble. "Its good to meet you too." Jason couldnt keep quiet any more. "Mark, you are such a prick!" he said irritably. "Do you know how close I came to kicking your ass for you?" Mark grinned at Jason. "Yeah, I could see you were getting a little pissed. Why dont we leave these two alone? Im sure theyre tired. Its late and I want to go to bed myself." Jason nodded, annoyance still clearly on his face. He got up and as he passed the bed he briefly tousled the hair of both Alex and Zach. "Good night you two." Then he grinned mischievously at them. "Try not to keep each other up too long!" Then he headed towards the

door, pausing long enough to lightly punch Mark in the arm. "Your still an ass Mark, but good night." Jason grinned at Mark then left. Mark chuckled lightly, but didnt immediately make a move to go. "Alex, I really am happy for you. Ive really missed you, you know." Mark smiled fondly at his brother. "You use to bug the hell out of me when we were growing up. I couldnt go anywhere without my little shadow two steps behind me, but now, I look back wanting to find you and it always makes me sad when youre not there. Whyd you have to grow up anyway?" Alex ducked his head in silent pleasure over his brothers comments. He quickly looked back up grinning happily. "Ive missed you too Mark. Even if you and Jason use to torture the hell out of me!"

Mark laughed at that comment. "Yeah, I guess we did, didnt we? I especially remember how we would tickle your ribs and underarms till you practically wet yourself." Mark paused for a few seconds and then made a sudden lunge towards Alex. "So are you still ticklish?" "NO DONT! FUCK MARK! DONT YOU DARE!" Alex yelled, laughing as he clamped his arms down tightly to his sides and tried to burrow under the covers. Mark was grinning mischievously at his brother as he tousled Alexs hair. "All right. Well get ya later then! Ill let you two go to bed now. Good night guys." "Night Bro," Alex said warmly as Zach smiled his own parting to Mark. Mark waved and smiled back at the two as he left for his own room.

Zach settled more comfortably into the pillows, smiling as he watched Alex for a couple of seconds. Alex was grinning from ear to ear and seemed ready to start bouncing off the walls he was so happy. "So, are we going to take your brothers advice and go to bed or did you want to go run some laps first to wear off some of that energy?" Alex grinned back at Zach, trying to assume a fierce exp ression and failing miserably. Finally he gave up and started laughing. "That was just so fucking awesome! I was ready to kill Mark at first, but it ended so fucking awesome!" The grin on Alexs face got even bigger. "And did you see how Jason was getting ready to defend me? I honestly think he would have started beating the shit out of Mark. God! I love those two!" Zach smiled at Alex, a little wistfully. "Your

brothers are really cool Alex. I think they are both great. Granted, I was a little unsure of Mark at first, but they are both pretty great." Zach couldnt help wishing his own brother was more like Alexs and a little of that came through in his voice. "Hey, whats wrong?" Alex asked, picking up on the sadness in Zachs voice. "Did the stuff Mark said bother you that much?" Zach smiled a little half smile. "No. I admit I was a little nervous at first, but Mark is cool." Zach ducked his head avoiding Alexs eyes. "Your whole family is great Alex. You dont know how lucky you are. I cant help comparing them to my family." Zachs voice had gotten really quiet. "I wish they were mine." Alex pulled Zach close, hugging him tightly. "I wish there was something I could do." Alex was

at a loss for what to say. He desperately wanted to comfort Zach, but he had no idea what to do or say. Zach still wouldnt meet Alexs eyes and he pulled away from the embrace. "Theres not a whole lot anyone can do. My family is the way they are and I really doubt anything is going to change that. When they find out Im gay its gonna be really bad." Alex didnt know how to respond. He could feel Zach withdrawing back within himself, putting up the barriers again for protection. "They might surprise you," was all he could come up with, but he didnt really believe it himself. Zach looked up briefly, smiling sadly. "I dont really think so, and I can tell you dont either." He immediately ducked his head, avoiding Alexs eyes once again. "I wont be the first in the family

to come out. I have a cousin who is gay too. Hes several years older than I am, but I can still remember how they treated him. Everybody in the family was always pretty nasty to him. He ended up moving to Florida as soon as he got out of high school. No one has heard from him since." Zachs voice had gone completely neutral, almost clinical, and very quiet indicating more than anything else that he was pulling back, building up the barriers again to keep the hurt away. Alex could see that lost, little boy coming forward again in Zach. It really pissed him off that anyone could cause such pain in Zach and he had to struggle to keep his anger in check. "Screw them!" he said, not really keeping the bite out of his voice. "Mark, Jason, Dad and I will be your family! We love you even if those assholes

dont!" Zachs eyes remained downcast even as he smiled his tired, sad little smile that tugged at Alexs heart. "I know you do Alex. But in a way, that makes it even harder, even worse." Zachs voice was still calm and neutral, but Alex could see a single tear run down his cheek before Zach could hide it. "I dont know why I let it bother me so much, I should be use to it by now. But seeing your family support you, getting together for the holidays just because they love and miss each other, well, it really makes it obvious how shitty my family life is." Zach looked up briefly, a hurt look in his eyes, and just as quickly dropped his eyes back to his lap, fidgeting a little. "This isnt even the first year theyve forgotten my birthday. Theyve done it several times, they even forgot my sixteenth birthday. At first I thought they were

just teasing me, but by the time evening rolled around, well, I pretty much figured out they werent going to remember." Alex was shocked. He couldnt imagine his family forgetting any of his birthdays, let alone multiple times. "But, didnt you have a party or something?" he blurted before he could think how bad that might make Zach feel. Zachs fidgeting was getting worse, a sure sign he was getting more nervous and even more uncomfortable. "No. I never really had any birthday parties." He again glanced briefly at Alexs shocked face before dropping his eyes once again back to his lap. "You and the guys taking me out the other night for dinner was really the closest thing to a party I ever had. Mom and Dad always said my birthday was too close to Christmas to have any friends over for a party. I

always use to get so jealous of Mikes birthday parties when I was younger. I couldnt ever understand why he use to get one and I didnt." Alex just stared at Zach open mouthed, incredulous at what Zach had just related to him. He was so confused, so unsure of what to do, no idea what to say, clueless how to make Zach feel better. The only thing that came to mind was to pull Zach, close, to snuggle him into his chest and wrap him in his arms. At first, Zach stiffened at the embrace, his body rigid at the unexpected comfort. Then, slowly, he relaxed into Alexs embrace, trembling slightly, frightened, confused, but no longer alone. Alex continued holding him long after Zach had drifted off to sleep. Tears were standing in Alexs eyes and he held onto Zach as if he would never let go again. ***

Zach could feel somebody shaking him, calling his name, trying to get him to wake up. He tried to resist the insistent attempts to rouse him, tried to hold onto the last few moments of sleep. He was having the most incredible, most erotic dream and he desperately wanted to recapture it before it slipped away entirely. The feelings that were rushing through his body at the vividness of his dream were extremely intense and very pleasurable. Groaning, he tossed his head trying to escape from whoever was trying to wake him. "Zach! Wake up!" The voice sounded familiar. It was in his dream too, but now it sounded concerned, maybe even a little frightened. "Zach, come on buddy! Wake up! Are you ok? Wake up Zach! Please!" It was Alexs voice. But why did Alex sound so concerned? Why did he want him to wake up

so bad? Groaning again, Zach tossed his head a little more trying to wake himself and finally opened his eyes. Alex was lying next to him, half propped up on one arm, shaking him to get him to wake up. Alex was staring at him, his eyes almost frightened. "Are you ok Zach? I could hear you moaning and you were tossing about. Are you starting to hurt? Do I need to get dad?" Alex looked like he was about to cry he was so concerned. "NO!" Zach almost yelled, gasping slightly. "You dont need to get your dad," he said a little more calmly, but still gasping. He tried to lie very still even while his chest was heaving and he was covered with a cold sweat. His whole body was tingling, still super charged from the very intense, erotic dream he had been having. He

could feel the muscles in his body tense and relax and he was almost trembling. He was desperately trying to get his body back under control with very little success. His dick was so hard it almost hurt and he could feel it throbbing in time with his racing heart. Zach knew the least amount of stimulation would cause him to lose total control and he was trying with all his power to avoid that. "Alexpleasedont get your dadjust pleasedont movefor afew minutes. Please!" Zach was practically gasping as he said this. He fervently hoped Alex would just remain still for a few minutes, he know that any movement right now would cause the sheets and covers to move and even that light touch on his dick and balls would be enough to set him shooting. He squeezed his eyes closed, frantically trying to regain a little composure, to will himself

to calm back down. Alex frowned at him, worry across his face, confused as to what was wrong with Zach. Something was obviously wrong, he could feel Zachs heart racing from where his hand still rested on his chest from shaking him earlier. Zachs entire body was tense and Alex could feel the slight tremors running through his body. He shifted slightly, rustling the covers and heard Zach gasp and felt his body tense even more. Slowly it began to dawn on Alex that Zach wasnt reacting in pain. His actions seemed far from pain. Only then did he notice the very obvious tenting in the covers. Finally, putting all the pieces together Alex began to realize what was wrong with Zach and he almost laughed at the plight his friend was in. Relief spread across his face and he smiled at his friend

sympathetically. "Sorry Zach. It took me a minute to figure out what was wrong. I guess you must be pretty close to losing it right now." Zach nodded his head miserably, not yet trusting himself to speak. Slowly, his body stopped trembling and he got his breathing back under at least marginal control. His dick, however, refused to go back down and his body was still tingling as if a slight electric current was running through him. The urgency of his desire, even need to climax was passing, but it didnt entirely go away, it just faded slightly to almost nearly manageable levels. Finally, he looked over at Alex giving him a weak, sheepish grin. Alex grinned back at Zach, still sympathetically but a little amusement showing through too. "Better now? You back in control?" Zach shook his a head a little, still looking a

little miserable even through the grin. "Not really. I still feel like Im about to explode or something, just not within the next couple of seconds is all." Zach hesitated for a few seconds looking uncomfortable. "Alex, could you, uh, could you move your hand off my chest, just for awhile? I, uh, I really dont want you to, but, well, I, uh, I really like it when you rub my chest, but, uh well." Zachs voice trailed off. Alexs eyes were really surprised as he moved his hand off of Zach. "Youre really that close?" he asked a little shocked. "You really think just my hand on your chest is gonna make you come?" Zach started to blush a little as he shook his head yes. "Yeah, I do." Zach hesitate for a few seconds before continuing. "Its not just the dream Alex. Its just, uh, well its been awhile

since I, uhsince Ive, well you know, " Zach finished lamely blushing furiously. Alex couldnt help laughing at Zachs shame face confession. "How long has it been? I mean, I know youve been stuck here for the last couple of days and havent been able to do anything since dad told us not to. But didnt you at least jack off on your birthday or something?" Zach shook his head no, the blush spreading down to his chest, his ears were already flaming. "No, I didnt do anything on my birthday. I was too depressed and nervous. I really dont know how long its been." Zach was fidgeting a little, but still trying to remain fairly still. Alex was grinning at Zach knowingly. "Oh come on Zach. A college guy who doesnt know how long its been since he last shot his load. Give me a break. You know how long its been,

probably down to the last second. Now give." Zach was busy trying to burrow into the mattress without actually moving. "All right. Its been, um, I last did it, uh, on the fourteenth, uh, when I took a shower." "Shit!" Alex exclaimed. "That long? No wonder youre about to explode. I usually jack everyday." Zach started laughing himself. "Yeah, I KNOW. Youre not exactly very quiet about it." Alexs eyes got really big at that comment and Zach laughed even harder. "Youve heard me?" Alex asked a little embarrassed. "Oh Shit!" Then he started laughing himself. "Guess I should have done it in the shower like you every morning, huh. Those long showers of yours didnt really fool me either."

Zach turned a little more red at that, but continued laughing. "Yeah, well, I had to do something. Hearing you jack off all the time was making me horny and I had to do something to relieve the tension." Zach snuggled in closer to Alex, still grinning. He was still hard as granite and his body was still super charged, but the levels had gone down somewhat. Alex happily wrapped his arms around Zach, holding him close. "This is ok isnt it? Its ok to hug you isnt it?" Zachs smile was somewhat dreamy. "Yeah, just dont rub me too much or I really will be back in trouble again." Zach sighed contentedly, pressing his entire body against Alexs, happy just to be held so close by the one he loved so much. He was still smiling several minutes later when he drifted back to sleep.

*** It was early morning when Dr. Edwards poked his head into Alexs room to find his son pulling on a tshirt and Zach still snoozing. "Good morning Alex," Dr. Edwards greeted his son. "Hows our patient?" Zach, hearing Dr. Edwards voice, woke, blinking a little sleepily at them. "Oh good, youre awake. I wanted to do a quick exam before I left this morning. Is that ok Zach?" Zach frowned a little unhappily, but nodded his head yes anyway. Zach was fervently hoping that his body, specifically his dick, wouldnt embarrass him again, but kind of figured it was pretty much wishful thinking. Even the slightest touch or the most random thought was enough to set him off anymore. He really wasnt sure just how much longer he would be able to take it.

Dr. Edwards did a cursory exam of Zachs bruises and cuts on his chest and arms, seemingly pleased at their progress. He frowned a little at the cut on his head and black eyes, but still seemed generally happy with their condition. "Youre going to have those black eyes for awhile Im afraid, but they are already fading a little," was about all he said. He listened intently to Zachs breathing and heart for a few moments through his stethoscope, but again was shaking his head positively at the end of his check. The moment Zach had been dreading finally arrived. He had been desperately trying to keep his body under control, steeling himself for the upcoming touch, trying to think of the most gruesome, most disgusting, most sexually repulsive thoughts he could just to try and keep himself from getting another hardon in front of Dr.

Edwards again. Unfortunately, he was already half hard before the exam even began and the more he tried to stop it, the stiffer he became. By the time Dr. Edwards pulled back the covers Zach was already almost fully erect and had started blushing a deep crimson. Dr. Edwards could see the misery in Zachs face and tried to speed his examination as much as possible. At his first light touch to Zachs lower abdomen he felt Zach violently flinch away. Dr. Edwards looked into Zachs eyes to try and gauge the reaction, to see if he had caused him pain with the touch, but only saw an apologetic, nervous look there. Reassured somewhat, he continued his examination, feeling along Zachs penis and testicles, checking the progress of the cut to Zachs scrotum, checking to see if there was any lingering swelling from the trauma.

Zach felt like he wanted to just die. Why was his body so intent on embarrassing him? Dr. Edwards touch was clinical, hardly sexual in anyway way what so ever, and yet he was reacting to the light touch as if it were the most erotic feeling in the world. His mind was reeling in confusion and he could feel his dick actually throbbing. And then, he could feel himself start to leak precum. At this final humiliation, he squeezed his eyes closed again in absolute misery. Dr. Edwards, knowing just how uncomfortable Zach was, didnt say a word. He finished his exam, absently wiping up the fluid with a tissue, and covered Zach back up. He got up to leave, squeezing Zachs shoulder in silent support before leaving the room. Alex was silent for a few minutes, almost

afraid to intrude on Zachs silent misery. Finally he decided to act as if nothing had taken place figuring that Zach wouldnt be ready to talk about his reaction just yet. "Im hungry, are you?" he asked. "I think Ill go get us some breakfast. What do you want?" Zach kept his eyes closed, not yet wanting to face Alex. "Nothing. Im not very hungry," was all he would mumble. Alex wasnt daunted. "I can get you a pop tart and some milk if you want," he offered, knowing just how much Zach loved them. "I promise not to burn it!" he joked. Zach still wouldnt open his eyes. "No. I dont want anything," he said, his voice taking on a slight edge of annoyance. "Zach, you have to eat something with your pain pill," Alex persisted, becoming a little

annoyed himself. "Im going to bring you a pop tart and youre going to eat it even if I have to get Mark and Jason in here to help me force it down your throat!" Zach opened his eyes and glared at Alex. He was becoming truly pissed now. He stared right into Alexs eyes for a few minutes, seeing the annoyance there, but also seeing how concerned Alex was for him. The glare crumbled from his face and he hung his head. "Im sorry," he mumbled, barely audible. Alex walked over and sat down on the bed next to Zach, putting his arm around him and hugging him closely for a few seconds. "Its ok. But boy youre cranky today!" For a second the fire flashed again in Zachs eyes at that comment, but just as quickly died away. "I know. Im sorry, its justAlex, Im

going crazy all cooped up here! This is driving me freaking nuts!" Alex smiled sympathetically at him for a few seconds. "But thats not all is it?" he asked shrewdly. "Youre also cranky and going crazy cause youre horny as hell and about ready to explode at the least touch arent you?" Zach looked miserably into Alexs eyes for a moment before lowering his head, resting his forehead against Alexs chest. He stayed that way for a few seconds, not speaking, then shook his head yes still resting against Alex. "AlexIm going crazy. I dont have any control over my body at all anymore. Ive got a constant boner and I nearly ache with need. I cant think anymore. Last night when you woke me from that dream, I swear I thought I was gonna die before I could get back in control. And now

Shit! I got hard just thinking about your dad touching me! Your dad how sick is that? Fuck! I even started leaking! I just dont know how much longer I can go without exploding, or going nuts, or.I dont know!" Alex started rubbing Zachs shoulders and back, trying to comfort him. At the first touch, Zach started to shiver a little, then finally groaned, pulling back a little. "Fuck! Youve got to stop or Im gonna lose it Alex." Zach flopped back into the pillows dejectedly, squeezing his eyes closed once again. After a few moments he opened his eyes again, a little miserable half smile on his face. "Im sorry. Ill be good and eat my pop tart now." Without a word, Alex smiled, leaned down and kissed his forehead and then left to get breakfast for the two of them. As soon as Alex had left, Zach pulled back the

covers, staring disgustedly at his throbbing dick and the little puddle of precum that had formed on his stomach. Taking a tissue he wiped up the fluid, a hopeless exp ression crossing his face. "Youre going to get me into an awful lot of trouble so stop it!" he irrationally told his dick before pulling the covers back up again. Zach lay back into the pillows, closing his eyes again, more miserable than ever. His mind was all over the place, reeling at all the sensations coursing through his body. He couldnt even think straight anymore. He hadnt been exaggerating when he told Alex he had to stop rubbing his back and shoulders. The slightest touch anywhere on his body was enough to set his body racing. He honestly didnt know how he was going to make it through the next few days. Right now, he wasnt even sure how he was

going to make it through the next few minutes. A little later Alex returned carrying a large plate of scrambled eggs and two glasses of milk. Zach stared suspiciously at the plate until Alex, grinning, handed him a pop tart off of it. "Dont worry, the eggs are for me. I told you I was hungry." Alex sat down next to Zach and started wolfing down the eggs at ferocious rate, pausing only long enough to grin again at Zach. Long before Zach had finished even half his pop tart, Alex had finished his eggs and milk and then just sat watching Zach eat, smiling the whole time. Zach started to blush under the scrutiny, but finished eating and even took his pill without further complaint. "Well, Im glad you ate without me having to get Mark and Jason in here," Alex joked. "Do you know how grouchy Mark is when you wake

him up early? He would have been really pissed." "Hey! I was good!" Zach protested, smiling. "I ate it all and I even took my medicine. No need to call out the hired muscle on me." Zach lay back into the pillows, scratching absently at his chest. "I just wish I could take a shower. The sponge batch helped, but I still feel really gross." Alex looked at him speculatively for a few seconds, pondering. "Well, maybe you can. Youre much steadier now when youre standing." Zach cocked his head, looking at Alex with a slight frown on his face. "Id kill to take a shower, but I dont know if I could hold myself up that long without getting dizzy and falling over. And I thought your dad didnt want me standing too much yet." Alex stared into Zachs eyes, bracing himself

for the outburst that he knew was coming. "Oh, I didnt mean by yourself. Youd have to have some help. I could probably get Jason to hold you up while I washed you." "WHAT!" Zach shouted. "Im not taking a shower with your brother holding me up!" Alex stared straight into Zachs eyes, an amused half grin on his face. "Why not? Im sure he wont care. Jason will help if we ask him." Almost as if on cue, Jason, wearing just his boxers, came walking into the room, yawning and stretching, his hair still rumpled from sleep. "Hey! Good morning guys," he said rubbing sleepily at his eyes. "And what will I help with if you ask me?" Alex purposely avoided seeing the scowl developing on Zachs face. "I told Zach youd help me give him shower. Do you think you can

hold him upright and Ill scrub him down?" "Sure," Jason said, totally unfazed by the request. "No problem," he said yawning again. Zach was starting to fidget uncomfortably as he glared at Alex. "You dont have to do that Jason. I dont need to take a shower that bad. I can wait." Jason looked at Zach, noticing the nervous reaction and not understanding the reason for it. "Its really no big deal. I havent taken my shower yet either so we can kill two birds with one stone." "Zach is just nervous Jason," Alex said then. "Hes embarrassed by how hes probably going to react to the shower and he doesnt want you to see him." "Huh? What do you mean?" Jason asked,

more confused than ever. Alex ignored the pleading look in Zachs eyes as he continued to explain. "You know how shy he is Jason. He doesnt want you to see him get, well uh, excited I guess is a good word for it." Jason started chuckling. "Oh hell Zach! Dont worry bout that. Every guy gets morning wood. No big deal. Ill probably sprout wood myself." Zach was blushing furiously and the pleading look he was directing at Alex was practically begging, but again Alex pretended not to notice. "He might, uh, do a little more than, uh, just get a hardon Jason. Its been awhile since hes had, uh, any relief." Jason eyebrows arched curiously and he continued grinning. "Hmmm. I thought I noticed a little pup tent happening in the covers there. Not that its any of my business, but just how long has

it been Zach?" Zach turned even brighter red and all he could make was strangled noises for a response. Alex glanced over at the tongue tied Zach and answered for him. "Its been ten days." Alex grinned mischievously at both Zach and Jason. "Hes been a little hot and bothered for the last couple of days." Jasons eyes had gone a little wide in shock. "Ten days! Fuck Dude! Id be homicidal if I had gone that long. You must be about ready to explode I would be! But hey, if it happens, well, no big deal. Ill go grab some towels." Zach closed his eyes briefly, wondering if he could die of embarrassment. Why couldnt Alex have just left it alone? Now not only was Jason going to have seen him naked, he was going to see him with a raging hardon. He also had no

idea how he was going to control his body while in the shower. Just the thought of Alex running his hands over him was enough to nearly make him lose all control. How was he going to react to the real thing? Zach felt Alexs hand brush the hair out of his eyes and he opened them to stare at Alex with a look of hopelessness. Alex smiled gently at him. "Its gonna be ok Zach. Jason aint gonna freak out if you lose it in there." Zach sighed dejectedly. "Yeah, but your dad said I shouldntuhcome for awhile. That it could hurt me." "Uh, well, I had a talk with dad while I was making breakfast," Alex confessed a little hesitantly. He knew Zach wasnt going to be real happy with the topic that he had discussed with his father. "Dont get mad, but we, uh, talked

about your little problem. Dad still doesnt want us to deliberately do anything to push you over the edge for the next day or so, but he knows youre not going to be able to last much longer. He said if it happens, it happens, not to worry about it unless it hurts." Alex had braced himself, figuring Zach was going to be royally pissed and would probably start yelling at him. Zach stared at Alex open mouthed for a few seconds. "You and your dad discussed my.uh.Oh Fuck!" Zach looked a little wild eyed for a second or two. Then his reaction was something Alex never expected. Zach started laughing. "So you and your dad discussed my dick huh? Man! Thats fucked up!" Alex started laughing too. "Well it wasnt exactly like that, but yeah, Im sure its not the typical conversation between father and son."

Alex was really relieved. He could tell Zach was still nervous, but at least he was laughing about it now. Jason came walking back in carrying some bath towels and a plastic trash bag. "I figured we could put this around Zachs cast, help keep it dry anyway. Thats what we did when I broke my arm anyway." Jason proceeded to strip back the covers over Zach, pretty much ignoring Zachs squeak of protest, and pulled the bag over his cast, tying it off. "Good thing you didnt break your dick since I dont think we have a trash bag that big," he said grinning up at Zach, his eyes sparkling. Zach squirmed a little in embarrassed discomfort and Alex started laughing. "Hey pervert. Stop talking about my boyfriends dick!" Jason laughed evilly and walked into the

bathroom to start the shower. Alex helped Zach stand, supporting him as they proceeded towards the bathroom themselves. "Alex," Zach whispered, almost pleading. "I really dont know about this." Alex smiled reassuringly. "Itll be ok Zach. Really." Alex continued to half lead, half support Zach as they entered the bathroom. As they entered they could see that Jason had already stripped off his boxers and was adjusting the temperature of the steamy water. Jason looked over his shoulder at the two and then walked over to hold Zach. "Here, Ill support him so you can get your clothes off little brother. Otherwise youre gonna be awfully soggy." Zach couldnt help but notice just how good looking Jason was especially since he was just standing there in all his glory. Jason was more

muscular than Alex and unlike his little brother, had a light dusting of hair across his chest and a definite happy trail down his tight stomach. Zachs eyes followed that trail down to where it fanned out surrounding Jasons ample package. Zachs own dick gave a twitch and he couldnt help gulping a little. He quickly pulled his eyes back up just to see Jason grinning at him. Jasons grin got even bigger, his eyes twinkling as he caught Zach looking and he gave him a slow wink causing Zach to blush guiltily. Alex had also caught Zach looking at his brother and he couldnt help grinning himself, quickly turning so Zach wouldnt see his smile. Alex quickly stripped then stepped over to help Zach into the shower, barely hiding his grin. Jason followed the two into the shower, taking up position behind the slightly wobbling Zach,

holding him upright and steady. The hot water coursing over Zachs head and body felt great, wonderful, even soothing, but Zach still felt a knot of worry and tension building in his stomach. He closed his eyes, letting the steaming water rush over him, hoping it would help calm him down. Then he felt Alex begin to run a soapy wash cloth gently over his face and the panic began to build again. A small, almost inaudible groan escaped from Zachs lips at the sensations tingling through his body at Alexs gentle touch. He began to tremble slightly and he could feel Jasons grip on him tighten as he continued to hold him steady. When Alex began washing his chest and stomach, Zach could feel his breathing becoming ragged as he fought for breath and his stomach tightened as he struggled to maintain control over his body. His

mind was reeling and Alexs every touch seemed to be shooting electric currents straight to his throbbing dick and balls. The sensations he had felt while dreaming last night were nothing in comparison to what he was experiencing now. Zach groaned, louder this time and he opened his eyes staring straight into Alexs eyes, a pleading look on his face, although Zach wasnt sure anymore if he was begging for Alex to stop or to continue. Alex stared back into Zachs pleading, begging eyes for only a moment. Then he slowly, deliberately took the soapy wash cloth and ran it over Zachs aching balls, up his throbbing shaft to the very tip and back down again in a slow, firm, sensual stroke. Zach whimpered and would have collapsed if Jason had not taken an even firmer grip on him, pulling him back against his chest to

hold him upright and steady. Zach squeezed his eyes shut and sucked his breath in sharply, his stomach tightening even more. And then his entire body gave one huge, long spasm as he began shooting long, thick streams of come, the first shot actually splattering him in the face. Alex and Jasons eyes both went wide at the force and intensity of Zachs orgasm. Zachs body continued to shake for quite awhile after his climax and his breathing remained ragged for several minutes. Slowly, he started to come back to himself, his mind regaining coherence and rational thought once again. Still trembling slightly, he reopened his eyes, a sheepish exp ression on his face as he looked at the two brothers and slowly started to turn a bright crimson with a deep blush of embarrassment.

Jason grinned back at Zach, his eyes sparkling with mirth. "Wow! Youre quite a sharp shooter there Zach! I think you might need to register that weapon or something." Alex started snorting with laughter even as Zach turned even brighter red. Alex quickly finished washing Zach, even taking the time to wash his hair for him. Zach tried to avoid looking either of them in the eye for the duration, but he did notice that Alex had gotten hard and even Jason looked a little thicker and longer than when they had started and that made him feel at least a little better. Not much, but a little. Zach and Alex finished up and exited the shower leaving Jason to finish his own shower. Zach allowed himself to be dried by Alex and to Alexs amazement, even docilely allowed Alex to give him another shave to the accompaniment of

Jasons off key singing. Finally finished, Alex and Zach hobbled back to Alexs bed where Zach collapsed gratefully. Sighing in contentment, Zach burrowed down into the covers, snuggled into the pillows and dreamily watched as Alex pulled on some boxers and a pair of sweats. Alex finished dressing, flipped on the TV and climbed into bed next to Zach enfolding him in his arms. Zach happily snuggled in closer to Alex, smiling up at him gratefully, and then unexpectedly kissing him. "I love you Alex," he said simply, sincerely, the love clear in his eyes. Alex smiled in return, hugging him even tighter and kissing Zach gently. "I love you too," he said, absently brushing the hair out of Zachs eyes. Already those blue eyes, the eyes that Alex could drown in for hours at a time, were beginning to droop in sleepiness. Alex watched as Zach

drifted off to sleep, a contented smile on his sleeping face. Alexs own smile was tender as he gently kissed Zachs forehead, holding him close. He absently started rubbing Zachs chest in light lazy circles as he alternated between watching TV and staring at the sleeping Zach. He wished this moment would last forever. To Be Continued. Copyright 2011 Greg_A; All Rights Reserved.

The room seemed full of people Zach knew. His father, mother and brother were sitting together talking and laughing. Cindy and James were there, standing close to his family, listening with interest and occasionally adding comments of their own. Dr. Edwards, Jason and Mark stood to one side, but crossed the room to join the conversation. Not one of them seemed to notice Zachs presence in the room, no one acknowledged him at all. He seemed to be an invisible bystander, powerless to interact with anyone and the situation was making him very nervous. Very nervous! Alex entered the room, smiling. Immediately, Zach felt better, the knots in his stomach loosening with relief. Zach knew Alex would understand what was happening, would acknowledge him, and bring him into the circle of

the conversation taking place. Zach felt he could face anything, deal with any problem as long as Alex was by his side. Alex looked right past Zach, ignoring his presence, walking right by him towards the circle of people. Zachs mind was reeling. If Alex had stopped and repeatedly punched him in the stomach it would have felt better than the cold indifference with which he passed. Zach could feel the knots returning to his stomach, the bile churning in his belly and burning at his throat, and the hated tears forming in his eyes. "Alex! Stop. Please talk to me!" Zach pleaded, begging to be acknowledged. Why was Alex doing this? Why was he acting so cold? Alex turned and looked at Zach, scorn across his face, his eyes cruel and impatient. "Oh get over yourself. Why the fuck would I want to talk

to you? You didnt think I really loved you did you? Youre pathetic!" Zach was crushed. He felt betrayed again, like so many times in the past. It felt like the entire world collapsed around him. The betrayal, the pain, the hurt overwhelmed him and he started screaming, "NOOOO!" "Zach! Come on buddy! Wake up! Zach. Wake Up! Its a bad dream! Wake up!" Zach dimly heard the voice calling for him to wake up, but the voice barely registered on his brain. The voice was familiar, but seemed out of place, not quite right. He thrashed in his sleep, trying to escape, violently tossing his head back and forth. He could feel someone next to him, shaking him gently and he latched onto them, holding onto them tightly and pressing his entire body into them hoping to escape or hide. He

could feel himself sobbing uncontrollably, weeping at the pain. "Zachie, come on buddy. Wake up! Its just a bad dream. Zachie! Buddy come on." Zach finally managed to drag himself back to consciousness, opened his eyes and stared straight into the face of the person who had been trying to wake him, whose voice he had been hearing and who he was currently clinging to. Zach pulled away quickly, confused and alarmed. He had been clinging to Jason, sobbing into his chest, practically laying on him as he had pressed himself so close. Zach felt another hand on his shoulder from the other side of the bed and flinched violently away, his confusion and alarm growing. He quickly snapped his head around to see who had touched him and finally saw Alex. Alexs exp

ression was grave, concerned with even a little hint of fear in his eyes. Zach quickly buried his head into Alexs chest, sobbing with fear and relief at the same time, ashamed at his own weakness, but unable to hide it. "Shhh. Zach its ok. It was just a bad dream. Its ok. Its ok," Alex murmured repeatedly into Zachs ear, hugging him tightly. Slowly, Zach quieted, his sobbing lessened and finally ceased altogether. After a few more minutes, he peeked up at Alex, a weak sad little smile across his face. Alex smiled back at him and gently kissed his forehead. After a few more minutes, Zach lay back into the pillows, more than a little embarrassed by his display. "Im sorry I was being so stupid," he mumbled in a very quiet voice to both Alex and Jason. His eyes were downcast, but he peeked

up at Jason. "I didnt mean to cling to you like that Jason. I didnt realize it was you I was snuggling up to. Im sorry." Jason smiled back at Zach encouragingly, and briefly tousled his hair. "Hey, its no big deal. It didnt bother me." Jason started grinning mischievously. "You didnt even slobber on me much. Not like Alex, he drools all over when hes sleeping." Alex took on a mock indignant exp ression that was ruined by his laughing. "Yeah, screw you asshole!" he finally managed to reply to his brother. Zach started grinning a little as the brothers insulted each other. Jason grinning evilly continued to taunt his brother. "Now Zach, you should know Alex was big time jealous when he realized you were snuggling up to me instead of him, especially

when you started playing with my dick." Zachs small grin immediately vanished and his eyes went wide with horror. "Oh shit! II didnt did I? Oh God, Im sorry if I did! Oh shit!" Jasons grin also vanished as he realized he had gone too far. "Oh shit Zach. Im sorry. I was trying to make fun of Alex, not you. Shit man! I didnt mean it, Ive just got a big mouth!" Alex was still laughing, shaking his head at his brother. "Smooth move Jason! Youre just so fucking brilliant some times." Alex reached over and started rubbing Zachs shoulders comfortingly. "Dont worry Zach, you didnt do anything to Jason. He probably wanted you to, but you didnt do anything but cuddle up to him." Jasons eyes were hugely apologetic as he shook his head in agreement with Alex. "Im really sorry Zach. You really didnt do anything."

Zach looked from Alex to Jason, his eyes uncertain. He was still not totally convinced of his innocence. It didnt matter that both Alex and Jason said nothing happened, he still doubted. He could see the sincerity in both of their eyes, but they might just be trying to make him feel better. He just didnt know for sure. After a few moments of awkward silence, Jason cleared his throat to break the ice. "Its almost lunch time. Are you guys hungry? I can go make us some sandwiches or something." Alex looked up at Jason, grinning. "Yeah Im hungry. Since you offered Ill let you make Zach and me a couple of sandwiches." Zach opened his mouth to start to protest but Alex cut him off. "Dont even say it Zach. I dont care if youre not hungry, youre going to eat something." He turned and looked Zach in the eye, smiling but

determined to win this argument. Jason started laughing as he got up to head towards the kitchen. "You might as well give up Zach. Alex is going to mother you whether you want to be or not. Just give up gracefully and spare yourself a lot of grief." "Shut up Jason and go make something to eat," Alex shot back at his brother, grinning at him. Jason, grinning, flipped Alex off and left for the kitchen. After Jason left, Zach was quiet for a few minutes, still looking unhappy. Finally, he looked straight into Alexs eyes. "Tell me the truth Alex. Did IDid I, uh, touch Jasons." he trailed off, unable to even finish the sentence. Alex smiled comfortingly back at Zach. "I AM telling you the truth Zach. You never touched Jason. He would never have joked about it if you

had. Jason already knows how shy you are. It probably wouldnt have bothered him if you had, he just would have moved your hands away and forgotten all about it. Besides, even if you had touched him, it wouldnt have meant anything. You were asleep." Zach was still frowning a little, still uncertain. "I never would have touched Jason knowingly. You have to believe me Alex. I swear I wouldnt." "Zach, relax. I know you wouldnt. And I swear you didnt this time either. You had just barely cuddled up against Jason before he woke you up from your dream." Alex was staring straight into Zachs eyes as he said this. He was pouring all his love through his eyes, trying to reassure Zach. Zach finally relaxed a little, still not totally certain of what had taken place, but finally

convinced that it didnt really matter, at least not to Alex. He finally managed to give Alex a shy, little smile as he settled more comfortably into the pillows. Then he grimaced a little as another thought crossed his mind. "Are you really going to make me eat a sandwich? Alex, Im really not hungry. And my stomach kinda hurts." Alex took on a determined exp ression. "Zach, youve barely eaten anything for the last several days besides a couple of Pop Tarts. Your stomach probably hurts cause it thinks youve abandoned it. Please try and eat a little. Ok?" Zach slowly nodded, a little unhappy but wanting to please Alex. Then he started grinning. "Jason sure was right about you mothering me." Alex grinned back at him. "If you call me mom I swear Im going to tickle you till you wet yourself!" Then he started laughing. "Just be glad

Marks gone shopping and not here. Hed really be mothering you. Hed probably be hand spooning you chicken soup right now." Jason returned carrying a tray of sandwiches and three full glasses. "Hope grilled cheese is ok. I also brought us milk to drink. I figured you should probably have something healthy to drink Zach." Alex started laughing really hard. "And you were making fun of me for mothering him. Jason, youre worse than I am!" Jason flipped Alex off again, grinning at him. The guys started eating, laughing and swapping stories, generally enjoying each others company. It was later in the afternoon and the three of them were still spinning stories for each other when they heard Mark calling out to them. "Hey, I could use some help unloading the car. Do you

think you can get your lazy asses out here to give me a hand?" Jason immediately got up and wandered out to help his brother, but Alex turned and looked at Zach, frowning a little, hesitating to leave. "Go give Mark a hand. Ill be ok by myself for a bit," Zach reassured Alex, smiling at him. Alexs frown deepened a little, but he nodded his head and got up to leave. Before getting off the bed completely, he paused, grinned at Zach and kissed him tenderly on the lips. Absently he pushed the ever-present hair out of Zachs eyes then hurried out the door to catch up with Jason. Zach closed his eyes, not really thinking about anything in particular, but instead just allowing his mind to wander aimlessly. With his eyes closed, his mind was able to conjure up that stillness and aloneness that was so familiar to him, that

allowed him to think through problems and analyze the events in his life. Several long minutes later he heard the three brothers returning to the room, but for whatever reason he kept his eyes closed. Zach could feel the three of them stopping in the doorway of the room refraining from entering. "It looks like hes fallen asleep," Mark whispered. "Lets go back to the living room and leave him alone." "I dont want to leave Zach by himself," Zach heard Alex protest, also whispering. "Oh come on Alex," Mark whispered back, a little exasperated. "Youre going to smother him if you keep hovering over him. How did you feel when you were dating some girl who wanted to monopolize every second of your life? Give him some space."

"What if he wakes up confused?" Alex asked sounding a little desperate. "Or has another bad dream?" "Marks right Alex and you know it," Jason whispered. "If Zach needs you, hell call out for you." "Alex," Mark whispered, "Zach isnt a little kid who needs to hold onto you like a teddy bear to keep the boogie man away. Now come on, let him sleep." "All right," Alex agreed reluctantly. "But if you guys are wrong were going to have one fucking monumental fight!" "We wouldnt have it any other way bro," Zach heard Jason say as the three of them left. Zach didnt really know why he had kept his eyes closed during the brothers conversation,

why he hadnt let them know he was awake. In one sense, it might have been a perverse pleasure of the familiarity of being alone. He had been alone all his life even when surrounded by people. He took comfort in that loneliness, the familiar feeling of isolation. He knew he had never developed the skill of interacting with people very well. His family had never lived for much longer than a year in the various homes his parents bought. He had never had the chance to develop buddies and friends from the neighborhood. He had learned early on not to develop too much of an attachment to anyone or anything, not when it could be taken away so quickly, so easily. Zach knew that his early school life had only reinforced his feelings of isolation. He had always been the outsider looking in. He had been the kid

on the playground who stayed by himself because he was never invited to play with the other guys. Academically, he had excelled far beyond the others in his class, but that only singled him out even more. Made him just that much more of a freak to be avoided. The forced isolation had forced him to develop a strong independence, but also made him socially backwards and horribly shy. Approaching people, interacting with them one on one frightened him. He had learned to deal with it to a degree, but in the back of his mind the panic was always looming ready to devour him. A dark little voice in his mind always told him to avoid trusting people, opening up to them. If you opened up to someone, you gave him the power to hurt you. In the past it had always been those he had trusted who had hurt him the worst.

That inner voice practically shouted at Zach now. He had been pushing it back into the corners of his mind since the accident, but had never totally banished it. Now that he was alone the voice would no longer be denied. "Youre letting him in too close! Its only going to hurt you in the end. Do you really want to go through that? Is it really worth it? Really?" Zach reflected on that thought, wishing he had an answer that would satisfy the voice. Zach thought about Marks comments too and just how wrong he had been. Mark said that he wasnt a little kid needing a teddy bear to cling to. But wasnt that what he had been doing? He had been clinging to Alex, drawing strength from him. Was that an act of someone in love? Should he really need someone that badly? Was he really that dependent on someone else to chase his

demons away? For that matter, was Alex really in love with him? Zach knew that he loved Alex, had known it for a very long time, but did Alex really love him? Or was it just guilt over the accident? Or maybe even a need to take care of someone? Was Alex going to wake up hating him someday, regretting that he wasted so much time with him? Even if Alex was in love with him, was it fair to Alex to start a relationship with him? Was it fair to Alex when he was so unsure himself? Zach just didnt know if he could ever develop the trust that was so necessary for a relationship to last. He didnt even know where to begin, how to even start. Opening himself up to others, trusting them with his feelings and thoughts had only caused him pain in the past. Why would this time be any different? Could it be any different?

Wouldnt it be better just to push Alex away? Keep him at arms length? Then he could be alone again. Zach knew he was comfortable with isolation. It was familiar. It was a friend. It was lonely, but you didnt get hurt that way. When you were alone, you didnt have to feel. "NO! Its NOT better!" Zach actually said aloud. He still didnt have any answers, maybe never would. The feelings he felt for Alex still scared the piss out of him, but he was so tired of not allowing himself to feel, well, anything. He was determined to at least try, take one more chance. Alex would never deliberately hurt him. Zach knew that. The dark, little voice retreated to the corners of his mind. "Well see," was all it said, abiding its time, leaving Zach wrestling with his doubts once again.

*** "Alex! Stop. Please talk to me!" Zach pleaded, begging to be acknowledged. Why was Alex doing this? Why was he acting so cold? Alex turned and looked at Zach, scorn across his face, his eyes cruel and impatient. "Oh get over yourself. Why the fuck would I want to talk to you? You didnt think I really loved you did you? Youre pathetic!" Zach jerked himself awake, his breathing ragged and his body covered with a cold sweat. Panic gripped him. Raw, unadulterated terror coursed through his body in waves. Feelings of utter aloneness swept through him, leaving him nearly gasping for breath. For a moment he had no idea where he was. The disorientation confused him, increasing his panic, but then Zach saw Alex lying next to him

asleep. Zach realized he had been having his nightmare and his momentary confusion began to pass. But not his uncertainty or loneliness. Those demons werent chased away so easily. Slowly Zach calmed his breathing, stilled his mind and regained a little composure. He stared at Alex, tracing his body with his eyes, wanting to wake him and have Alex enfold him in his arms. He always felt so safe in Alexs arms. So calm. So peaceful. So loved. But he was reluctant to seek that comfort. Their relationship was only days old and he had already hurt Alex, the one person he loved more than life itself. Zach reflected on the pain he had caused, recalled it with bitter regret. He had sat alone in Alexs bedroom, struggling with his doubts for over an hour before Alex had checked on him. When Alex had seen that Zach was awake, he

had come and hugged him. Zach remembered that he had immediately stiffened at the touch, pulling away slightly. He saw the questioning look Alex had given him, the brief flash of pain that crossed Alexs eyes and it tore at his heart. Worse when Alex had asked him what was wrong, he had replied he was just thinking and Zach knew that Alex had detected his lie. But Alex hadnt said a word, just smiled at him a little sadly. Zach had felt physically ill at the pain he had caused by shutting Alex out. But he couldnt explain his thinking to himself, how could he possibly explain it to Alex? He couldnt even begin to verbalize what he was thinking, what he was feeling, and the struggle he was having. Worse, Alex had continued to treat him with the same gentle love as before. Alex had stayed with

him for the rest of the evening, talking with him quietly but refraining from mentioning the incident at all. Alex had said he would let him set the pace in their relationship, and even though it was causing him pain, Zach could see that Alex had no intention of pushing him. And that probably hurt more than anything, that Alex was willing to hide his own hurt, to sacrifice his own feelings for him. Zach continued to stare at Alex even as he wrestled with his inner demons. Why did it have to be so hard? He so desperately wanted to open up to Alex, to trust him and share his inner most feelings with him. At the same time, the thought of letting someone get that close to him, to willingly give someone so much of himself, scared him. What if he opened himself up, let himself trust and Alex

ended up hating him and walking away, leaving him alone again? The thought that his nightmare might become reality terrified him. Alex was beginning to stir, coming awake in the early morning light. He opened his sleep filled eyes and smiled as he saw Zach watching him, his eyes lighting up with pleasure. "Hey, Merry Christmas Zach." Zach smiled back at Alex, trying to hide his dark thoughts, pushing them into the corner of his mind to struggle with them later. "Merry Christmas Alex," he said kissing Alex lightly. Alexs exp ression became serious as he caught the note of sadness and confusion that Zach tried to conceal in his voice. Alex stared into Zachs eyes for a few minutes, hesitating while he tried to decide what to say. "Zach, Im probably not going to say this very well," Alex

started, choosing his words carefully. "I know something is bothering you. I know you are having a hard time dealing with starting a relationship with me. I know you have a hard time opening up to people, that youre scared that the people you care about wont like you. But I love you Zach. I really do. Im willing to go as slow as you need to. Im willing to wait for you to let me in, for you to let me help you with your struggles." Zach felt like he was drowning. He couldnt suck the air in fast enough to fill his lungs. The intensity, the fierce love of Alexs words tore at his inner being. He opened his mouth to try and respond, but Alex simply covered his mouth with his fingers. "No," Alex said simply, quietly. "I dont want you to say anything Zach. Just let me finish. Im

willing to wait for you Zach. I wont be very good at it, I know, but Im willing to wait. Im impatient. Im stubborn as hell. I wont always understand. Ill probably get mad or get my feelings hurt. Ill get frustrated. But I think its all worth it. I want to be there for you. I want to always be by your side. And I hope one day youll believe that I love you as much as I do." Zach squeezed his eyes closed trying to escape. His body shook with the intensity of his emotions. He desperately tried to quiet his mind but he couldnt achieve the stillness necessary to calm his emotions. Then he felt Alex pull him close, felt Alex force him to lay his head against his chest. He felt Alexs arms encircle him in their embrace, holding him tightly, keeping him safe, enfolding him with peace. Slowly, Zachs mind stilled and he regained a measure of calm.

Zach lay in Alexs arms for some time before Mark knocked and entered the room. "Hey Merry Christmas you two! You ever going to get up?" Alex smiled at his brother. "Merry Christmas to you too. Well get up eventually but its still early. What are you doing up already? Not trying to catch Santa are you?" Mark took on a mock serious exp ression. "Alex, buddy, dad really should have told you years ago, but Santas not real. Dont cry now!" Mark grinned as Alex flipped him off. "I really stopped by to give Zach a little Christmas gift. Here ya go," Mark said as he threw a bag to Zach. "Its nothing big, but I figured you might like to have something to wear. I know Alex wants to keep you naked, but you might like to put something on and join us for breakfast.

Maybe get out of this room for awhile." Zach blushed a little at Marks reference to his nudity, but his eyes were shining with pleasure at receiving the gift. "Thanks Mark!" he said gratefully. "I have been going a little crazy cooped up in here." "Youre welcome. Really its no big deal. I would have given them to you last night but I figured Id wash them so you could wear them immediately." Mark turned to leave. "Dads almost got breakfast ready so you guys should get up. Im gonna go get Jason up." Zach had opened the bag Mark had given him and had pulled out a couple of pairs of flannel boxers. He sat looking at them for a couple of seconds, frowning before Alex noticed his exp ression. "Hey, did Mark get the wrong size or something?"

Zach looked up at Alex, still frowning a little. "No, theyre fine. Its just, uh, well, the only thing thats in here is boxers. I cant just walk around your house in my underwear." Alex tried to keep from laughing. "Why not? Theyre boxers Zach. Practically shorts. Besides, everyone has already seen you naked you know. Didnt you just ever laze around your home in your boxers?" Zachs eyes went a little wide. "Oh God No! That would never had been tolerated at my house." He looked back down at the boxers, hesitating for a couple of seconds. "I guess Im being a little stupid. Im just going to feel really weird sitting around half naked." "Well, Id loan you a sweat shirt or something but youre bigger than Jason and me. Thatll learn ya to get all muscular!" Alex joked. "Seriously,

youd probably strangle in one of our shirts. Marks might fit you, but he doesnt keep his clothes here anymore so I dont know what he has. I can go check." Zach hesitated again before replying. "No. Thats ok. I dont want Mark thinking I dont appreciate his gift. It really was pretty nice of him. I, uh, Im just going to feel weird is all, but Ill get over it." Alex got up, yawning and stretching. "Well, you wont be the only one out there in boxers. Thats all I intended to wear too. And I dont think Ive ever seen Jason eat breakfast in more than his boxers so youll have company. Come on, lets go." Alex grinned. "Im hungry!" Zach started laughing as he pulled on a pair of the boxers and wobbled up to his feet. "Theres nothing new about that. Youre always hungry!"

The two slowly made their way to the kitchen where Zach pulled up short, a little shocked. The entire table was loaded with food. Dr. Edwards had prepared French Toast and pancakes, sausage, bacon and several varieties of eggs. There were fresh fruit, pastries and biscuits and there were pitchers of milk and juice. Zach simply stood there open mouthed. Dr. Edwards had turned at hearing the two enter. "Merry Christmas guys," he said hugging them both. "I guess we should have warned you Zach. We have a tradition in this family started by the boys mother of having a huge Christmas Breakfast. My cooking isnt as good as hers, but we continued the tradition even after she passed away. I think it help us remember her and I think shes pleased about that." Alex was smiling, but still looked a little sad. "I

miss her," he said quietly. "I know its been ten years since mom passed away, but I still miss her. I think about her everyday, and, well" Alex trailed off, just smiling sadly without finishing. Mark and Jason had come up behind them and Mark encircled Alex with his arms, hugging him from behind. "Its ok little brother," he said. "We all miss mom, but we have each other." Alex smiled gratefully back at his brother. "Youre mother would have been so proud of all you boys," Dr. Edwards said, his voice thick with emotion. "Youve grown up to be such fine, outstanding men. She loved all of you so much and she would have been so very proud of all your accomplishments. And Zach, she would have probably tried to adopt you within five minutes of meeting you."

Zach turned a little pink at the compliment and ducked his head for a few seconds. When he looked back up he was smiling a little bashfully and yet his eyes were twinkling with mirth. "I think I would have liked that, but it certainly would have put a whole new spin on my relationship with Alex." At Zachs comment, Alex turned a little red himself. Mark, Jason and Dr. Edwards just started laughing. After a few moments, Alex started laughing too. "Ill get you for that," he said to Zach. Zach grinned back, his eyes sparkling. "Promise?" was all he said. The rest of breakfast was spent laughing and joking. The three brothers shared favorite memories of Christmas past and Dr. Edwards shared a few embarrassing stories about all three

of them much to the brothers chagrin. Zach simply drank it all in, feeling a very warm, special feeling about being included and allowed to share these private, loving family memories. Finally, after even Alex was full, Dr. Edwards got up and started clearing the table. "Boys, why dont you go take your showers for the morning. Ill clean up in here and Zach can keep me company. It will give me a chance to check that cut on his forehead." The three brothers got up and wandered off to get cleaned up leaving Zach and Dr. Edwards alone. Dr. Edwards quickly finished cleaning off the table and took a seat next to Zach. He sat looking at Zach for a few seconds making no move to check his forehead, but instead looking thoughtful. Zach was beginning to get a little nervous when finally Dr. Edwards cleared his

throat. "I dont really need to look at your cut Zach. I just wanted to talk to you privately for a few minutes." Zach braced himself, wondering what was coming next. He couldnt help wondering if Dr. Edwards was really as accepting of his relationship with his son as he professed to be. Was he going to ask him to end it? Was he going to tell him never to see Alex again? Did he hate him for turning his son gay? Maybe Dr. Edwards blamed him. God! How did he get himself into these things? "I can tell youre nervous Zach," Dr. Edwards began. "Im not going to bite you. I dont want to hurt you at all, although some of what we talk about might. I hope not though. First of all, let me tell you that Im very glad you came into Alexs life. I think the two of you are good for each

other. Alex has been very confused for a very long time. He tried to hide from not only his family, but also from himself. Hes not doing that anymore and I think its because of you. He loves you enough to stop hiding." Dr. Edwards paused for a second, choosing his words carefully. "Secondly, Zach, I want you to know that you can tell me anything." Dr. Edwards smiled a little. "Id appreciate it if you kept the fine details out if you want to discuss the bedroom. Im not sure any father is really prepared to hear that kind of thing about his sons personal life." Zach laughed a little nervously and blushed at that comment. "Seriously though," Dr. Edwards continued, "I want you to know that you can tell me anything Zach. I know you are having some difficulties accepting your situation yourself. I know you are

confused and scared. I gather from what Alex has told me that your family may not always be supportive. But I want you to know, that I am here for you. And Ill try and help you in any way that I can." Zach looked down at his lap, trying to keep from crying. He looked back up, his eyes watery. "Thank you Dr. Edwards. That really means a lot to me." Dr. Edwards reached over and lightly squeezed Zachs shoulder in support. "Well, I meant every word. But I can tell something is bothering you. Do you want to talk about it? It might be easier talking with me about whats bothering you than talking with Alex." Zach looked questioningly into Dr. Edwards eyes, debating with himself. Finally he couldnt take it anymore. "Dr. Edwards, I dont know

what to do. I love Alex, but I dont even know how to be in a relationship with someone. Im going to hurt him horribly because I dont know how to open up and trust him. Ive never had a relationship with anybody before. I dont know anything about what to do, or how to do it, or when or why. I dont even know that much about sex or what to do to make Alex" Zach suddenly realized what he was saying and to whom and his eyes widened in horror. "Oh Shit!" Dr. Edwards grinned at Zach, his eyes sparkling. "Its ok Zach. You didnt upset me talking about sex with Alex. I imagine you are much more embarrassed than I am. Seriously, the two of you will figure it out, not just the sex, but the whole relationship. Alex already loves you for who you are. Just be yourself, he already loves you for that. In time, youll just naturally open up

more, youll let him get close to you. There arent any rules to relationships, the two of you have to make that up on your own. It will be hard for you, but in time you will learn to trust Alex and share with him your thoughts and feelings. And dont worry about being inexperienced in sex. The two of you will figure that out too. I imagine youll probably have a lot of fun figuring it out." Zachs ears were flaming he was so embarrassed, but he smiled in gratitude at Dr. Edwards. He was still confused, still nervous and unsure, but it helped just talking about it with someone. The discussion may not have fixed any of the problems or relieved any of his fears, but just being able to vocalize his doubts helped enormously. The rest of day passed quietly. Christmas at the Edwards house was peaceful, calm and

relaxed, which was in sharp contrast to Christmas with Zachs family. The hustle and bustle, the constant level of irritation and aggravation, the ever-present family arguments that Zach was use to were non-existent. Instead, quiet memories were shared and exp ressions of love exchanged. The level of comfortable peace in the house was nearly a tangible object. Zach wasnt even bothered about spending the entire day in his boxers, something that surprised him greatly when he reflected on it later. That night, when they finally went to bed, Zach lay in Alexs arms, happy and content even though he was naked once again. When he had originally crawled into bed with his boxers on, Alex had started pouting and finally Zach gave in and took them off to make Alex happy. He did find it ironic that Alex insisted he sleep naked but

found nothing wrong with wearing boxers himself. Still, it made Alex happy so Zach complied and found himself nude once more. As they lay in bed, Alex was absently rubbing his chest in small lazy circles, cuddling him close and occasionally kissing him tenderly. Alexs fingers were feather light against his skin sending tingling waves of pleasure coursing through his body. Zach could feel his dick start to stiffen at the stimulation he was receiving and if he wasnt mistaken, something in Alexs boxers was also getting pretty hard and pressing against him. Zach rolled slightly in Alexs arms, facing him more so that he too could run his hands over Alexs body. Zach could feel their dicks sliding against each other through Alexs boxers. He could feel the heat radiating from Alexs body, washing over him in gentle waves. Zach started

running his hands over Alexs chest and shoulders all the while Alex was kissing him tenderly, exploring his mouth with his tongue. Zachs hands traced Alexs body, trying to feel every inch, wandering towards Alexs boxers. He ran his hands lightly over the fabric covered flesh for a few moments and then slipped his hands inside the waistband running his fingers over Alexs skin directly. Alex had continued kissing him deeply, darting his tongue into his mouth, but when Zach lightly cupped his balls Alex drew back slightly and groaned in pleasure. Emboldened, Zach began pushing Alexs boxers down, attempting to remove them completely. Alex paused in rubbing Zachs body with his hands only long enough to assist in the removal of his boxers and throwing them to floor before quickly resuming his exploring touch of

Zachs body. Zachs body felt like it was on fire. Every nerve ending seemed to be transmitting waves of pleasure to his brain. His entire body seemed to resonate and tingle with Alexs every touch. He could feel his breath becoming ragged and he noted absently that Alex too seemed to be gulping in air into his heaving chest. Zach could feel his dick sliding along Alexs, both throbbing in time with their racing hearts, both slick with precum. He could feel Alexs hips thrusting with ever greater urgency and he knew they were both close to shooting. Alex suddenly rolled Zach onto his back. Slowly he started kissing and nibbling across Zachs face and down his throat, pausing in the hollow to run his tongue in circles tickling him slightly. Alex continued nibbling and licking his

way across his chest, teasing Zachs nipples, sucking on them lightly. Zach groaned loudly, unable to control himself and Alex looked up briefly, his eyes sparkling. Alex continued nipping and kissing across Zachs stomach, pausing once again to swirl his tongue around Zachs belly button, driving Zach nearly wild. Alex continued nibbling, heading further down Zachs body and Zach began to panic as he realized what Alex was preparing to do. He could feel his dick throbbing in anticipation, his balls pulling up tightly in preparation, but he could also feel the knots of fear and worry forming in his stomach. He wasnt ready for that yet! It was much too soon! Zach grabbed Alexs head, stopping him before his mouth reached his dick and started gently pulling him back up. Alex allowed himself to be stopped and guided back

up to face Zach. There was a questioning look on his face as he stared into Zachs scared, confused eyes. "Im sorry Alex," Zach said quietly, his voice miserable. "ImIm not ready for you, uh, to do, um, for us toIm sorry." Zach tried to look away, but Alex reached over turning him back to face him. "Zach, its ok," Alex tried to reassure. "You dont have to do anything you dont want. Im the one that should be sorry for moving so fast. I said Id let you set the pace and then I just go rushing into things. Its really ok if you want to slow down." Zachs exp ression was still sad, but he tried to smile at Alex. "You dont need to be sorry. It felt really good. Really Good! I just, well, I just started to panic when you started heading down

there. Even that felt good, but I dont know. Im not ready for that yet." Alex had resumed rubbing Zachs chest and stomach and he smiled at Zach. "Well, Im glad it felt good. I wanted you to feel good." Alex hesitated for a couple of seconds. "UhhDo you want me to go on? I could just finish us off by stroking us if you want. Truthfully, its not going to take me too much longer to finish myself, but we dont have too. We can just lay here in each others arms and fall asleep if you want." Zach smiled shyly at Alex. "Oh God! Right now it would only take me about two strokes before I started shooting." Zach blushed at his own admission. "I was about ready to shoot before I stopped you anyway." Alex grinned back at him, his eyes sparkling mischievously. He slowly ran his hand down

Zachs body and then wrapped it around both of their dicks, holding their slicked up members side by side. Zachs body trembled at the touch. Alex began slowly stroking, running his hand from base to tip in a long, slow sensuous stroke. He covered Zachs mouth with his own, swallowing Zachs groans of pleasure as he kissed him deeply. Zach could feel his climax building once more. The waves of pleasure emanated throughout his entire body. It felt like electricity coursed through his body causing every hair on him to stand and he briefly wondered if there were little sparks of static shooting between them before he lost the ability to think at all. His heart was racing and he couldnt get his breath no matter how much air he gulped in. Then he felt Alexs body stiffen and then shudder and he felt powerful spasms running

through Alexs dick. He dimly realized that Alex was shooting and that pushed him over the edge too. He would have cried out if Alex hadnt still had his mouth covered, locked in that passionate kiss. Even muffled he still managed to make loud strangled noises as the ecstasy of release coursed through him. Slowly, Zach regained a measure of his composure and his rational mind slowly returned. Alex continued kissing him, nibbling playfully at his lips and chin but the sweet urgency of desire had been satisfied. They both luxuriated in the afterglow of mutual release, content simply to remain in each others arms. The exquisite pleasure followed them both into sleep nestled together, cuddling even in slumber. To Be Continued. Copyright 2011 Greg_A; All Rights


It was happening again. Zach knew it but he couldnt stop it. He saw the same room full of people, those who were so important in his life. He felt the same sense of impending doom. The same sense of increasing panic loomed. The same feelings of being totally surrounded and still utterly alone overwhelmed him. The scene was so totally familiar, he had been a part of it so many times in the past. Granted, there were always minor variations, subtle changes, occasionally new cast members, but the overall drama was always the same. Zach struggled to wake, to pull his thoughts back to consciousness before the end. Even though he knew it was just a dream, he didnt want to face it. Not again! He couldnt bear to hear those words again. He couldnt stand for the dream to reach its ultimate conclusion. Please just

let him wake up! Alex looked right past Zach, ignoring his presence, walking right by him towards the circle of people. (Please wake up. Please! Just this once wake up!) Zachs mind was reeling. If Alex had stopped and repeatedly punched him in the stomach it would have felt better than the cold indifference with which he passed. Zach could feel the knots returning to his stomach, the bile churning in his belly and burning at his throat, and the hated tears forming in his eyes. "Alex! Stop. Please talk to me!" Zach pleaded, begging to be acknowledged. Why was Alex doing this? Why was he acting so cold? (Please! Wake up damn it! Please not again! PLEASE! WAKE UP! PLEASE!) Alex turned and looked at Zach, scorn across his face, his eyes cruel and impatient. (NO!

Wake up damn it! WAKE THE FUCK UP! PLEASE! Dont let him say those words! PLEASE!) "Oh get over yourself. Why the fuck would I want to talk to you? You didnt think I really loved you did you? Youre pathetic!" Zach jerked his eyes open at last, but too late. Those hated words echoing through his mind once again, haunted him with their intensity. "No," he whispered, confused and disoriented as he tried to sort between reality and nightmares once more. "Another bad dream?" Alex asked from the drivers seat. Alex glanced over at Zach slumped against the passenger side door. A look of concern and worry crossed his face even as he turned back to watch the road. Zach was quiet for a few minutes and finally responded by simply shaking his head yes. Alex remained quiet for a

few moments, hesitating to ask since he already knew what Zachs response would be. "Do you want to talk about it?" Zach stiffened and cringed even more into the door he was slumped against, pulling away from this invasion into his space. No he didnt want to talk about it! He wanted like hell to forget it. He wanted never to remember or have those dreams ever again. Zach glanced over at Alex with fire in his eyes and sarcastic retorts on his tongue. The anger died in him though when he saw the look of concern on Alexs face. Zach simply shook his head no and turned back to stare out the passenger window. The silence hung heavily between the two for a few miles, each of them reluctant to speak. Finally Alex broke the silence. "Zach, youve been having bad dreams every time you go to

sleep since before Christmas. I dont think youve slept more than a couple of hours a night since. School starts in two days. How do you think youre gonna make it on just a couple hours sleep? Please talk to me. Let me help." Zach continued staring out the window in silence for several minutes. His inner demons tearing his soul to shreds as he struggled to come up with a way to explain to Alex. Zach so desperately wanted to talk to Alex, to make him understand, but those same demons warned him away. Those demons warned him that Alex would never understand. He couldnt. If he opened up then Alex might hate him. He might lose Alex altogether. The demons laughed at him, reminding him that they had warned he would regret loving Alex. Finally Zach sighed, his shoulders slumping

even more if possible. "Theyre just dreams Alex," he said wearily. "Ive had them all my life, sometimes worse than others. Theyll go away eventually. They always do." Zach turned and gave Alex a weak smile. "Really, Ill be ok." Alex frowned unhappily and Zach cringed inwardly at the hurt look in Alexs eyes. Why did he keep hurting Alex? Why couldnt he just let Alex in? The last few miles to their campus apartment were spent in uncomfortable silence. Alex turned off the engine but made no move to get out. Instead he stared out the front window for a few seconds. Finally, he turned to Zach an apologetic look in his eyes. "Im sorry Zach. I promised you I wouldnt push you and it seems thats all I ever do. I wish" Alex trailed off for a couple of seconds before speaking again. "I wish youd let me help you. But you can tell me

when youre ready. Ill try to be patient." Zach smiled gratefully back at Alex. He was upset with himself for hurting Alex so, but thankful that Alex was willing to let it drop, at least for now. Zach knew he couldnt keep hurting Alex though. He knew he was going to have to eventually open up, to trust Alex. Zach knew he couldnt keep pushing Alex away and still hope to build any kind of relationship. By the time Zach hobbled out of the car Alex had already managed to make it around the car to help Zach with his crutches and navigate into their apartment. "Here ya go slow poke," Alex teased Zach, deliberately forcing his voice to take on a bantering tone as he handed Zach his crutches. "Sure, kick a guy when hes down!" Zach retorted, smiling as the tension was eased. The

two of them slowly made their way towards their apartment. They hadnt even made it half way when the door to James apartment swung open and James and Cindy came walking towards them. "Hey welcome back to hell you two!" James yelled out his greeting to them. Then he noticed Zachs crutches. "What the hell happened to you? You look like shit!" "Thanks! You always say the sweetest things!" Zach taunted, grinning at his friends. "We were in a car accident and I broke my leg and got some cuts and bruises." "That sucks!" James said, shaking his head. "You guys will have to tell me about it later tonight. Ive got to go, Im prolly gonna be late for work as it is. See ya!" "See ya," Cindy, Alex and Zach echoed

waving as James left. The three of them made their way into the guys apartment with Cindy hovering over Zach the entire way and Zach repeatedly rolling his eyes. "Ok you two," Cindy insisted after they got inside. "Out with it! Lets hear the story. What happened?" Zach sank gratefully into a chair. "I already told ya, we were in a car accident." Cindy started glaring at him. "Alright, alright. The day after my birthday I was a little depressed so I had a few beers. I guess I got a little drunk" "Wait a minute!" Cindy nearly shouted. "YOU got drunk? You never drink!" "Yeah, well, special occasion I guess," Zach mumbled. "Anyway, I wanted to go for a ride and Alex wouldnt let me drive so he drove me around. A deer ran out in front of us, we hit it and flipped the car. I got banged up pretty bad I

guess, had some pretty nasty cuts in addition to this broken leg." Zach smiled mischievously at Alex. "Alex must have felt guilty or something cause hes been playing nursemaid ever since!" "Yeah, screw you asshole!" Alex laughed back. "You just want another sponge bath is all! You sure seemed to enjoy the first one!" Cindys eyes narrowed at that comment and she glanced from one to the other. Then she started smiling. "So I take it the two of you finally got around to telling each other how you felt about each other. Its about time!" Alexs mouth opened in astonishment and his eyes went a little wild. "What? How?" was all he could stammer. Zachs reaction was even worse. His eyes widened in horror and shock. His face went completely white and a look of pure panic and

terror crossed his face. He bolted up from his chair, his hands trembling. "Its notWere notYouHow couldIm not" Zach stammered, trailing off before he could finish any of his thoughts. Zachs eyes went even wider as he realized that Cindy knew. She knew! He couldnt deny it, she already knew. Zach grabbed his crutches, struggling to try and escape. His only thought was to get away, to escape Cindys eyes. He fumbled with his crutches for a few moments before flinging them away in frustration and stumbled as fast as he could out the front door. Zach could hear Alexs and Cindys voices following him but he couldnt understand any of what they said. He stumbled to the end of the porch, needing to escape, to flee, the blood pounding so hard through his body he could

barely even hear. His entire body was shaking, trembling so hard it hurt. His stomach was churning, tying itself into knots. All at once, his legs buckled, he dropped to his knees and his stomach began to spasm and he started to vomit. Zach continued to heave long after he emptied the meager contents of his stomach. For several long minutes, Zach continued to lean over the side of the porch not yet trusting that his stomach was done emptying itself. His body continued to tremble with the aftermath and he remained on his knees not sure that he had the strength to support himself yet. He closed his eyes, squeezing them tight to try and regain a little control, to summon a little peace. Slowly, as Zach calmed slightly, he felt a presence behind him. He could feel it waiting patiently, not wanting to intrude yet, waiting to

lend strength and support. As his trembling slowly subsided, he could feel the hands reach out to rub his back comfortingly, letting him know it was ok. Like so many times in the past. "Do you feel better now?" Cindy asked. "Are you done throwing up?" Zach nodded his head weakly. "Theres nothing left to come up," he answered. Cindy sat down on the porch next to him, continuing to rub his back and Zach leaned his head against her shoulder. They were quiet for a few minutes and Zach thought back, remembering all the times in the past when Cindy had been there for him. "I didnt handle that to well did I?" Zach asked after a few more minutes. He laughed a little ruefully. "I dont know why I thought I could hide anything from you you know me much to well for me to keep secrets from you. I guess I wasnt

ready to be confronted with someone knowing yet. Not even you." Cindy smiled at him and hugged him closely. "Its ok. Ive known for a long time Zach that youre gay I mean. And Ive known since the first time I saw the two of you together how you felt about Alex. I probably knew before you did. At first I was really worried about how you felt about him. I didnt want you to get hurt. But I figured out how he felt about you the night of the Halloween Party." Cindy started to laugh lightly. "I thought he was going to slug me when I kissed you that night. And earlier, when I kissed him, well I thought he was going to pass out on me or something." Zach smiled wistfully. "Well, you could have told me how he felt instead of letting me suffer." Cindy smiled sadly at Zach. "Would you have

listened to me? Would you have believed me if I had told you that he loved you? Zach, you never believe anyone likes you. You never would have accepted it if I had just told you how he felt." Zach was quiet for a few seconds thinking. "No, I wouldnt have believed you," he admitted. "I still have a hard time believing it now." Zach opened his eyes and lifted his head from Cindys shoulder, a sad exp ression crossing his face. "I guess I fucked up pretty bad this time. He must be pretty mad at me." Cindy frowned, a little confused. "Huh? Why do you think Alex is mad at you?" Zach hung his head. "Well, I did just run out of there," he mumbled. "And he didnt come out here to see what was going on. He didnt try to follow me. He must hate me now." Cindy shook her head in disbelief. "Oh Zach!

Alex doesnt hate you. Hes not out here because I told him to stay in there and let me deal with it. I kinda insisted." Cindy smiled a little. "Actually, I told him if he tried to follow you out here that Id knee him in the balls. I had to demonstrate my willingness to do that a little bit." "Cindy! You didnt!" Zachs eyes widened as Cindy nodded yes. "You did? Shit! Is Alex ok?" "Hes fine," Cindy reassured. Then Cindy started chuckling. "I didnt hit him that hard. Just enough to let him know I was serious. Hes a little tender right now, but hell be ok." Zach stared at Cindy in horror for a few seconds. Then he sighed and leaned his head back against her shoulder. "Oh Cindy," he said very quietly. "I keep fucking up. I keep hurting him. I keep pushing him away. What am I gonna do?"

Cindy put her arm around Zach, hugging him lightly. "First of all, youre gonna go in there and tell Alex youre sorry for running away. Youre gonna tell him youre ok and that you love him. Then youre gonna start trusting him. Hes good for you Zach. You need to let him into you life." Zach smiled wistfully. "I want to Cindy. I just dont know if I can. Ive never let anyone get that close to me, not willingly anyway. Youre the only one Ive ever let get that close and you have to admit you had to fight your way in. I cant help feeling that hes going to end up hating me." "Youve got to try Zach. Youve been alone much too long." Then Cindy looked at Zach shrewdly for a few seconds, her eyes narrowing. "Youre having your nightmares again arent you?" "Damn it Cindy!" Zach said, heating up a little.

"What have you got, fucking cameras on me or something?" "Calm down Zach," Cindy said soothingly. "I know you, and when you get this stressed you start having the nightmares again. Have you told Alex about them?" Zach fumed for a few seconds. "No," he nearly spat. Zach took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. "No," he said a little calmer. "Alex knows Im having bad dreams, but I havent told him about them." "Zach," Cindy said. "You have to start trusting Alex. You have to let him know whats going on. You dont have to tell him everything at once. Start out small, start by telling him stories of growing up. Build up to the nightmares. Build up to the reasons for them." "I dont know if I can Cindy," Zach mumbled,

barely audible. "I dont know if I can tell anybody. You were there, you grew up with me. You know most of what happened, but even you dont know everything. How do I explain that to somebody when I dont understand it myself? How can I hope that he will understand?" "Alex probably wont understand Zach. Not fully anyway. Only someone who has gone through everything you went through could ever understand. But youre going to have to tell him anyway. Alex can accept it and help you deal with it if you let him." They sat quietly for a few more minutes, the silence acting as a balm. "Come on," Cindy said finally. "Lets go back inside. Im freezing my ass off sitting on this porch!" Zach smiled tiredly back at her and then managed to pull himself unsteadily back to his

feet. Zach stumbled over to the door with Cindys help and then paused before opening it up. He resembled a man going to his execution more than he did someone going home. Taking a deep breath, Zach pulled open the door and stepped in. The first thing Zach saw upon entering was Alex sitting and staring at the door with a sad, concerned look on his face. Zach could have kicked himself knowing that he had hurt Alex once again. Zach started to hang his head in shame, but then stopped himself, forcing himself to meet Alexs eyes. "Im sorry Alex," Zach said so quietly that he could barely be heard. "Im sorry I ran out. Im sorry I keep pushing you away. Im so sorry." Time seemed to stand still as Alex got up and crossed the room. Zach visibly braced himself

and it looked like he was about to bolt once again. Zach clenched his jaw and balled his hands into tight fists, the muscles twitching in his arms he was clenching them so tightly. But even though the panic was visible on his face he maintained constant eye contact with Alex, forcing himself to meet Alexs gaze. Without a word Alex pulled Zach into a fierce embrace, smothering Zach in his arms. It almost appeared that Alex never intended to let Zach go again. Alex was holding Zach so tight that it almost hurt, but Zach didnt care. Zach felt that he could have been perfectly content to remain in Alexs arms for the rest of his life. He finally had someone who loved him and at least for this brief moment, he was content. *** It was later that night and Zach was lying in his

bed just staring at the ceiling without really seeing it, just remembering the events of the day. The rest of the day had been spent quietly, both Alex and Zach carefully avoiding discussing certain subjects. Cindy had hovered protectively over both of them to the point that Zach was getting ready to strangle her. James had stopped by after work to hear the story of the accident and had even graciously provided the finest cuisine McDonalds had to offer for all of them. Zach related the story of the wreck once again, but carefully avoided any reference to his and Alexs relationship. Finally, Cindy and James left and Zach was alone with Alex. Zach was thinking about what Cindy had said to him. He knew he had to start opening up with Alex. He knew he had to start trusting Alex if he wanted any kind of relationship at all. It scared

him to think those thoughts though. No, it terrified him. Those inner demons of his were having a field day, whispering to him, repeating all his doubts to him. Zach honestly didnt know if he even could open up no matter how much he might want to. But he decided he had to try. And he had to start tonight. Zach considered Cindys suggestion of starting small, of starting with just a few stories from his childhood. Zach thought about what he could share with Alex. He wanted to tell him something personal, something few others knew. Zach wanted to start to let Alex see what events had shaped his life, how he had arrived where he was now. The thought of sharing that kind of information worried him, but maybe if he just kept the stories relatively short, he could get through them. Zach wondered if Alex would

understand. Zach was still staring at the ceiling when Alex walked into the bedroom from his shower. Zach turned his head, watching as Alex finished toweling off his hair, trying to decided how to start. "Alex," Zach started quietly. "I uhI need to talk to youto tell you some stuff." Alex turned, hearing the seriousness in Zachs voice. He walked over and took a seat next to Zach on the bed, not really sure where Zach was going. Alex was a little apprehensive over what Zach wanted to talk about. With the roller coaster that Zachs emotions had been on lately, he wasnt sure what Zach would say. He envisioned many scenes and none of them were good. Zach sat up in the bed, looking down at his lap refusing to meet Alexs eyes for a few minutes.

Finally after what seemed an eternity he looked up into Alexs face. "Im sorry Ive been pushing you away Alex. I dont want to. I want to tell you what Im thinking, what Im feeling." Zach dropped his eyes back to his lap. "I have a really hard time doing that. Ive never been able to let people in. I want to at least try with you though." Zach looked back up, a small wistful smile on his face. "Actually Cindy told me I had to. She told me I had to start trusting you. I already knew that, I just didnt know how to start. Where to begin. I still dont know, not really. I dont know if I can explain it to you. I dont know if youll understand. It was my life and I dont understand sometimes. So how can I hope to explain it to someone else? I want to try though." Zach was beginning to fidget a little. It was obvious he was becoming more nervous the

longer he spoke, but he continued. "Cindy made a suggestion. She told me to start small. To just start by telling you a few stories of when I was growing up, what my family life was like. Im not really sure how thats going to work, but I dont know any other way to start. So let me tell you about a time right before I started fourth grade. It will help you understand a little of the relationship between my parents and me." *** Zach was walking down the street towards his new friend Steves house. Zachs world was turning upside down again, even more than normal. His family had just moved again. He was going to have to change schools. And his sister Lisa had just moved out. Well, if the truth were known, she had actually run away. She was only 17 so she really should still be at home.

Zach wasnt sure what to do with that. Lisa had been almost like a mother to him ever since their real mother had died. Lisa was more of mother than his step mom was anyway, but that wasnt really saying much. She had always been there for him, shielding him from his parents and brother. No matter how bad things got, Lisa had always been there to take care of him. And now she was gone. He hadnt even had a chance to say goodbye. Zach tore his mind away from that line of thought. It was still too painful to think about. He didnt want to start crying again. He had cried enough, he had to learn to accept that Lisa was gone. He had to learn how to take care of himself now. Zach wasnt really paying attention to his surroundings as he walked to Steves house. He

was much to wrapped up in his own thoughts to really even notice where he was. So when he heard his name being called he was momentarily confused and had no idea who was speaking to him. When he realized it was Cindy he nearly groaned. Zach didnt understand Cindy at all. They had just met a few days ago and she had already seemed to think of herself as a close friend. She always wanted him to hang out. Cindy always seemed to want to talk with him and Zach couldnt for the life of him figure out why. If the truth were known, Cindy made him nervous and he didnt know why. "Hey Zach!" Cindy nearly yelled in excitement. "Where ya going? Are you coming over here?" A dozen retorts formed on Zachs tongue, but he didnt dare say any of them. He knew how

much trouble he would get into if his step mom ever found out he had been rude. (No, he had to stop thinking of her as his step mom. She insisted on just being called mom and he got in trouble anytime he slipped.) "Hi Cindy," Zach said in something less than an enthusiastic voice. "Im going over to Steves. He invited me over to hang out for the day." "Oh," Cindy said, her disappointment obvious in her voice. "Well maybe you can come over to my house later." Zach nearly rolled his eyes. Why couldnt Cindy take the hint that he didnt want to hang out with her? There were all kinds of girls in the neighborhood and she was always hanging out with them. So why did she seem so intent on being with him? Zach just didnt understand what was going on in Cindys mind. "Maybe," he said

in a neutral tone, trying not to make it sound like a promise. "I better go. Ill talk to ya later," Zach said as he continued on to Steves house. That was something else he didnt understand, his friendship with Steve. Zach desperately needed to make new friends. He knew he wasnt really going to have a chance to see any of his old friends, not since he had moved so far away. His new friendship with Steve was wary at best. But they were the only boys their age in the area so it was almost like they had to be friends. Steve was nice enough, but Zach still felt more than a little uncomfortable with him. Zach grimaced a little as he thought about that. It would help if Steve didnt automatically ask what his brother Mike was doing every time they got together. Steve was supposed to be his friend, not Mikes. Yet every time Steve would

ask about Mike, almost like he would prefer to be with Mike instead of him. In fact, Steve seemed to almost idolize Mike and that didnt go unnoticed by Mike either. Most of the time Mike ignored both of them, but occasionally he would talk with Steve. Whenever that happened, the two of them just seemed to naturally exclude Zach in whatever they might be doing. In a way, Zach halfway understood what was happening. Steve wanted a big brother and Mike seemed to fill those shoes on occasion. There werent any older boys in the area for Steve to hang out with so Mike seemed like a Godsend to him. But still, Zach couldnt help feeling a little betrayed whenever Steve latched onto Mike. It might have been different if he and Mike had been close or if he had been included when Steve and Mike got together. But Zach knew that just

wasnt going to happen, not with the way Mike felt about him. Zach was still pondering about all of this as he walked up to Steves door and knocked. Almost before he finished knocking, Steves mom opened the door. "Hi Zach," she said warmly. "Im glad you could come over today. Steve is in his room waiting for you." "Hi Mrs. Ott," Zach greeted her happily. Zach really liked Steves mom, she always seemed to go out of her way to make sure Zach was comfortable. "Thanks for inviting me over." "Zach, I wish you would just call me Cathy," Mrs. Ott said. "All the other kids in the neighborhood just call all the moms by their first names. Youre going to make us feel positively ancient by being so formal." Zach blushed a little. "Im sorry. Ill try to

remember, but Ive never called a grown up by their first name before. Mom says I should always be respectful and use your last names." Mrs. Ott laughed warmly and impulsively hugged Zach. "Youre a treasure! The other kids could learn some manners from you. Go ahead and go back to Steves room. Hes been driving me crazy waiting for you." "Thanks Mrs. Ouh, Cathy," Zach said, embarrassed by the compliments. Zach walked back to Steves room, smiling at the warm feeling he always got whenever he was around Mrs. Ott. In many ways he liked visiting Steve just to get a chance to be around his mom. "Hey Zach!" Steve yelled as soon as Zach entered his room. "Ive been going crazy waiting for you to get here. Its so boring around here. What do you want to do today?"

Zach smiled. "I dont care, whatever you want to do is fine." Zach was still hesitant about making the first suggestion for things to do. He was still getting to know Steve so he still wasnt exactly sure what Steve would think was fun and what he would think was stupid. Steve thought for barely a second before replying. "Why dont we go outside. Maybe shoot some hoops or something. Whats Mike doing? Maybe he can come over and we can play basketball or something." Zach smothered his instant irritation at Steve and didnt let anything show on his face. "I think he was going into town with some friends. At least he said something about it earlier. But we can still play horse or something." "Ok, lets go," Steve said. Steve looked really disappointed which just annoyed Zach that much

more. Why couldnt Steve just be happy that he came over? Why did he always have to try and include Mike? Zach quickly suppressed his annoyance and followed Steve outside. The two spent the rest of the day playing basketball although not very seriously. In truth they spent more time talking and joking than they spent playing the game. Late in the afternoon, or more properly, in the early evening Zach decided he better go home before he got in trouble. Although he had received permission to come over from his step mom, he didnt want to give her any excuse to get mad at him. Zach was feeling pretty happy as he was walking home. The day had been a pretty good one, even if Steve had asked about Mike. Hanging out with Steve had allowed him to set

some of his worries aside for the day and that was a welcome relief. As soon as Zach opened the back door to his home he stopped dead in his tracks. The door opened into what was called by their family the kids family room, but could just as easily have been called a rec room. The room was huge, holding a pool table, an area for watching television, shelves for the various board games as well as an area where various sports equipment was stored. In addition, the room also had two full desks, one for Zach and one for Mike where they could finish their homework and store items in the various desk drawers. Only now every drawer in Zachs desk had been opened and unceremoniously dumped onto the floor. Zach stared at the mess on the floor bewildered. Papers and cards were scattered

everywhere, many of them tattered and torn from being dumped. Photos of both family and school friends were intermixed and many of them were hopelessly ruined. Small toys and other childhood treasures were strewn about, some broken beyond hope of repair. Zach was so shocked by the sight that he just stood there looking at the mess open mouthed for several minutes. "I see you finally decided to come home," a cold, dreaded voice said from his side. Zach hated hearing his step moms voice when she was speaking to him. It always sounded so devoid of compassion whenever she spoke to him. "Ive told you to keep your desk clean Zach. Since you wouldnt do it, I dumped everything so you would do it right. Now get this cleaned up." Zach turned and looked at his step mom still

somewhat in a daze. "But everything was put away. There wasnt anything on top of the desk. Everything was inside the drawers and they were closed. Why did you have to throw everything on the ground?" Fire seemed to flash in his step moms eyes. "Dont you EVER talk back to me! I said it was a mess. Just because you couldnt see it doesnt mean it wasnt still a mess. Clean this up and for talking back to me youre grounded for a week!" Without even waiting for a reply, Zachs step mom turned and stormed out of the room. Zach looked at the huge mess, more upset at the destruction of some of his favorite things and papers than at being grounded. Slowly he started sorting through the items and papers making a pile out the things destroyed beyond hope of repair. Those he would simply have to throw

away. The other items he started putting back into the desk drawers. Then he abruptly stopped as he uncovered a broken birthday cake candle in the shape of the number two. Zach slowly picked up the two pieces and closed his eyes trying to keep from crying. That candle had been on the cake from the last birthday he had before his mother died. He didnt really remember that, but his sister had saved the candle for him and had given it to him a few years back. That candle was about the only thing Zach had that had come from his mom and now it was destroyed. Zach was still staring at the candle when his dad walked around the corner. "Hey Zach, your moms got dinner on the table. Lets go eat." Zach quickly hid the candle under a pile of papers and looked up at his father. He wanted so

badly to blurt out that she WASNT his mother. His mother was dead! But Zach knew that would only get him into more trouble. "Im not hungry," was all he said, barely audible. Zachs father looked at him for a second, a look of annoyance on his face. "Oh come on Zach. I know youre upset for getting grounded, but lets go eat." Zach shook his head slowly, barely perceptibly. He knew his father just wouldnt understand. Zach knew his father barely even knew him. "Its ok. Im just not hungry. Can you please just let me skip dinner tonight?" Zachs father stared at him for a few moments. Then he sighed. "Whats bothering you Zach? You can tell me." Zach looked at his father, staring into his eyes for a few minutes trying to decide. He and his

father had never been close. They had never really talked before. But Zach had seen how often his dad had helped out his brother Mike. Maybe if he talked to his dad, his dad could help. "Dad," Zach began hesitantly. "If I tell you something, will you not tell anyone else? Will you promise?" Zachs dad smiled slightly. "Of course I will Zachie. Now whats bothering you?" Zach looked down at the floor, not wanting to look at his father. He hesitated for a few more minutes. "Why is she so mean to me? Why does she seem to hate me so much?" Zachs father frowned slightly. "Who? Who is mean to you?" Zach started fidgeting, still not looking his father in the face. "Mom," he mumbled. "Why is

she so mean? She didnt have to dump all my stuff on the ground. She ruined a lot of my stuff. Shes always doing stuff like this and I dont know why." Zachs dad stared off into space for a second or two. "Ill talk with your mom Zach. Ill see what I can do." "NO!" Zach nearly yelled. "You promised you wouldnt tell anybody! Dont talk to her about it, please." "All right Zachie," his father tried to soothe. "I wont say anything to your mom. You can skip dinner if you want. Ill tell her I said it was ok." "Thanks dad," Zach said gratefully as his father turned and left. Maybe it was a good idea to tell his dad after all. The conversation seemed to go ok. Zach even thought his dad might try and help. Maybe he just hadnt given his dad a chance in

the past. Maybe things would be different now. Maybe. Zach went and got a trash bag and started throwing all the ruined items into it. The broken candle was the last item he threw into the bag and Zach stared at it for a long time before throwing it in. He was reluctant to part with it, but it was ruined now. There wasnt any real reason to keep it now. "What do you mean telling your father that Im mean to you! How dare you tell him something like that!" Zach nearly jumped as he heard his step mom yelling at him. Zach turned quickly to see his dad and step mom standing behind him. The exp ression on her face was nearly terrifying she was so angry. "Why did you tell your father Im mean to you?" his step mother continued. "Ive never

been mean to you and you know it! You need to stop lying to your father! You can consider yourself grounded for a month now!" With out waiting for a reply, Zachs step mom stormed off. Zach was stunned. He was more confused than ever as he looked at his father. Zach was speechless for several moments, just staring at his dad. Finally, haltingly he simply said "But you promised you wouldnt say anything." Zachs father looked at him for a few seconds, shaking his head. "Did you really think I wouldnt say anything? Zach, use your head." With that, Zachs father turned and followed his wife out of the room. Zach had never felt so betrayed in his life. He was nearly shaking with the shock from the aftermath of the ordeal. Zach never would have believed that someone from his own family would

treat him like that. That someone who was suppose to love him would lie to him. Zach had never really trusted his father before. Zach vowed to himself that he would never trust his father again. He would never allow someone so close to him to have that kind of power to hurt him ever again. Never again. *** Zach finished telling his story to Alex, never once looking him in the eyes. His fidgeting was even more pronounced now, his nervousness clearly evident. Zach remained silent, wondering what Alex was thinking. Wondering how Alex would take this revelation. Alex stared at Zach, not knowing what to say. He couldnt imagine what was going on in Zachs mind. Alex simply could not imagine what it would be like to grow up with that kind of

relationship with his father. Without saying a word, Alex wrapped his arms around Zach, pulling him close as he gently lay back down onto the bed. Alex continued holding Zach long after Zach drifted off into a restless sleep. To Be Continued. Copyright 2011 Greg_A; All Rights Reserved.

Alex was in a foul mood as he walked across campus toward his apartment. He had been thinking about his relationship with Zach. Or more properly, his lack of relationship. Things had been deteriorating ever since they had come back to school and Alex wasnt sure why. Alex had had some real hope that Zach was finally going to let him into his life. The night they had got back to college after Christmas Break, Zach had started to pour his heart out. Alex had finally felt that Zach was beginning to trust him. What a difference a single night could make! The very next morning Zach had started to pull back again. Zach had almost appeared cold. Alex had initially put it down to embarrassment over revealing so much of his family history. But that night when they had gone to bed Zach had crawled into his own bed instead of joining Alex

in his. Alexs heart had nearly broken at that. Worse, here it was a month later and they were still in separate beds. Zach had seemed to revert back to before they had told each other how they felt about each other. Alex was nearly scowling as he thought about everything between Zach and him when he heard someone calling his name. Shaking himself out of his gloomy pondering, Alex looked up to see Cindy coming towards him. Alex nearly growled in frustration. He just didnt think he was up to handling Cindy today. "Hey Alex," Cindy said as she walked up next to him. "I havent seen you and Zach for a while. How have you guys been doing?" Alex glanced over at Cindy as they continued walking, wishing she would just go away. Why couldnt she take a hint? Alex didnt bother

replying to Cindys questions, instead he just grunted with a sound of pure disgust. Cindy reached over and grabbed Alexs arm making him stop. "Alex, stop and talk with me." Cindy stared into Alexs eyes for a few seconds, seeing the frustration pictured there. "I take it you and Zach are still having problems with your relationship." "What relationship?" Alex demanded exasperated. "Zach doesnt trust me enough to have a relationship. He wont talk to me at all." Cindy frowned a little, concern on her face. "I thought he started telling you about some of his experiences growing up." Alex sighed, his shoulders slumping slightly. "He did. I thought he was finally going to start opening up. I thought things were going to start getting better, that he would finally start telling me

what he was thinking. But he hasnt." Alex sighed again, the tension and anger slowly started to fade as he talked with Cindy. "Zach told me about the time his step mom dumped all the stuff out of his desk and how his dad didnt stand up for him. I really thought he was beginning to trust me. But the next day, he was so cold. Zach would barely even talk with me. Hes pulled back so much. We dont even sleep in the same bed anymore." As Alex finished that last statement, a couple of undergraduate females walked by and stared at them curiously. "Shit!" Alex exclaimed as soon as they were out of earshot. "Great! Thats all I need now. A bunch of rumors running around about me." "Oh chill out Alex," Cindy tried to comfort. "They dont know who you were talking about.

For that matter, they dont even know who you are. Theyre just a couple of freshman girls. Who the hell are they gonna tell?" Alex was still annoyed but was realistic enough to realize that Cindy was right and there wasnt anything he could do about it now anyway. "Why wont Zach trust me?" Alex asked. "How can we build a relationship if he wont even talk to me?" Cindy stared off into space for a few moments before answering. "Alex, you have to be patient with Zach. You have to understand, hes really scared right now. Zach told you something personal about himself. Now hes pulling back to see what you do with it." Cindy looked right into Alexs eyes smiling wistfully. "Zach is waiting to see if you hurt him with what he told you Alex. In the past, anytime hes opened up to somebody hes always been burned. After he realizes you

arent going to hurt him, hell start to tell you more." "But what if he doesnt?" Alex asked no longer bothering to hide the pain in his voice. "What if he never trusts me? Zachs barely speaking to me. What if he never opens up to me?" Cindy patted Alex on the arm comfortingly. "He will Alex. Trust me. Hes getting himself ready to open up to you. Zach is just about ready to start telling you more. Hes just working himself up to it." Alex sighed again. "I hope so Cindy. This is driving me crazy and I dont know how much more I can take." Cindy started frowning and her eyes got a distant look to them. "Alex," she finally said, "what are you doing tomorrow after classes? And when do your classes end?"

Alex exp ressions became very confused. "My last class ends at 11 and then Im suppose to meet my study group at the library. Why?" Cindy didnt answer for a couple of seconds, obviously debating with herself. "Can you skip your study group tomorrow and just go straight home?" Alex was really confused now. "Well, yeah I guess I could, but why?" "Just trust me on this one," Cindy answered. "Just go straight home after class. Dont ask me any questions, but if you go straight home, youll get a chance to learn more about Zachs past. Hell try and pick a fight with you when he sees you home early, but dont let him run you off." "What are you talking about Cindy?" Alex asked exasperated. "Zach would never pick a fight with me. And why do I need to be at

home?" "I promised I wouldnt say anything, so dont ask," Cindy replied. "Im already bending my promise, but I think its important that you be there. And believe me, he will try and pick a fight with you tomorrow. And stop staring at me like that. Im not going to tell you anything else so just stop it." Alex glared at Cindy for several minutes wanting to yell at her but knowing it would be pointless. "Fine!" he practically yelled. "Youre not making any sense, but fine, Ill be there." "Good!" Cindy smiled at Alex. "I promise youll understand later even if I have to break my promise and explain it to you. Ive got to go now. Ill see ya tomorrow." Alex shook his head even more confused as he watched Cindy leave. He couldnt help

wondering what was going to happen tomorrow. What could possibly be going to happen that would help explain everything? *** The next day Zach was sitting in the living room waiting for Cindy to arrive and pick him up. He wasnt looking forward to this trip. It was something he didnt want to do, but it was something he thought that he should. Zach just wished that he didnt have to rely on Cindy to drive him. He would have much preferred to make this visit on his own. Zach never willingly let anyone make this trip with him and if it werent for his broken leg there wouldnt have been anyone with him on this trip either. Zach just wished the day were over already. The enforced idleness of waiting on Cindy was giving him way too much time to think and he

didnt want that right now. Mainly because all he could think of was that he had hurt Alex again and just last night too. The evening had been very uncomfortable. Zach knew that that was his fault. Ever since he had told Alex the story of his fathers betrayal, things had been tense between them. Zach knew he was to blame for that too. He just couldnt help it. After revealing so much, he had had to distance himself from Alex for a while. It wasnt a question of wanting to, Zach had to draw back to protect himself. It was much too intense and he had to have time to process his emotions. But that evening seemed even more tense than normal. Alex had seemed distracted and at the same time overly attentive. It had almost seemed to Zach that Alex wanted to talk about something but didnt know how to say it. And that confused

Zach. Even when he didnt know what to say, Alex had always been able to express himself. But Alex had seemed at a loss for words. Finally Zach couldnt stand it anymore and went to bed early saying he was tired. He wasnt sure how long he had been laying in the dark just staring at the ceiling when Alex quietly entered the room. Zach could clearly see Alex staring straight at him, but in the dark he knew Alex couldnt really see him. Zach knew Alex thought he was asleep and although it made him feel guilty, he decided not to correct that. Zach watched as Alex stared at him for several minutes. Then he heard Alex sigh. "I wish you would trust me," Alex said so softly Zach could barely hear him. Zach knew Alex was talking to himself and he felt even guiltier at listening in to his private thoughts. "I love you

Zach. And it hurts that you wont trust me enough to talk to me." Alex sighed again and then turned and got into his own bed. Tears were running down Zachs cheeks after hearing what Alex said. Finally he had to roll over and bury his head into his pillow to muffle the sounds of his sobbing. Zach had spent the rest of the night awake, more miserable than he could remember ever being in his life. Zach was starting to stress himself out again thinking about Alex and the events of last night. He had to mentally push those thoughts to the side for now. Zach knew he was going to have a hard enough time just making the visit, he didnt need to have an anxiety attack on top of it too. Still, he couldnt stop fidgeting as he impatiently waited for Cindy to show up. After what seemed an eternity, Zach heard

someone walking up onto the porch. Finally! He thought to himself. Zach started to go let Cindy in when the front door opened and Alex walked in. Zach was immediately confused since he knew Alex normally went to the library for his study group after class on Fridays. Alex showing up now was the worst possible timing. "What are you doing home?" Zach asked frowning, his confusion evident in his voice. "Arent you suppose to be with your study group today?" "Yeah," Alex answered in as neutral a tone as he could muster. Alex tossed his books onto the couch and plopped down next to them. "I just didnt feel like it today. Besides, the homework assignments are pretty light this time." Zach scowled at Alexs comments. What the hell was he going to do now? Cindy was going to

be here any minutes and Zach knew Alex would insist on going too when he found out that they were going to take a trip. Why couldnt Cindy have gotten there a little earlier? How was he going to get Alex to stay behind? "I wish you would have told me," Zach nearly snarled, frustrated that his plans were going awry. "I really wanted some time by myself today." Zach thought that maybe he could irritate Alex into leaving for a while. Unfortunately, Alex didnt even look up at his comments. "Ill be quiet. You wont even notice Im here," was the only response Alex made. Zach glared at Alex for a few seconds. "When have you ever been quiet?" he growled. "Youve never learned to shut the fuck up!" Alex looked up at Zach, his face exp ressionless. "Im not going to fight with you

Zach," he said in an absolutely level tone. Zachs eyes flashed fire. He was absolutely pissed now and Alexs refusal to fight was just irritating him that much more. Zach opened his mouth to start an angry retort when Cindy walked in the door. Zach immediately turned on her. "Why the hell are you so late!" he yelled. "Calm down Zach," Cindy said in a level tone. "Class was a little long today. I got here as soon as I could. Are you ready to go? Is Alex coming too?" Cindy carefully avoided looking at Alex and Zach didnt miss noticing that, which pissed him off even more. "Fine!" Zach yelled. "Why dont you invite the entire fucking campus to go? Maybe we can turn it into a beer bash." Zach turned to grab his coat but not before he noticed Alex glancing worriedly at Cindy. "Oh come on Alex. I already know

Cindy told you to be here so that you would end up going too." Without waiting for an answer, Zach grabbed his crutches and made his way out the door and towards Cindys car. "Oh this is going REAL well Cindy," Alex said sarcastically as soon as Zach had walked out. "What exactly were you planning for an encore?" Alex grabbed his coat and started out the door. "I told you hed try to pick a fight with you Alex," Cindy replied starting towards the door herself. "Just be patient and itll work out. Trust me." Alex rolled his eyes in disgust as the two of them got into Cindys car. Zach had already taken the front passenger seat and was moodily staring out the window refusing to acknowledge either of them. Cindy began driving and Alex was a little surprised when she immediately headed

towards the highway out of town. They drove for about an hour and a half in complete silence, the tension so thick it was nearly tangible. Alex had no idea what their final destination was going to be and became very confused when Cindy pulled off the highway into a little town about fifteen miles north of where he knew Zach lived. Cindy drove for a few minutes through town, making occasional turns at Zachs curt instructions. And then Zach indicated a turn that led straight to a cemetery. Cindy turned into the cemetery and drove around the winding path for a few minutes before Zach indicated for her to pull over. Zach stared out the car window for a few minutes. Finally without saying a word, he got out of the car, grabbed his crutches and slowly made his way through the rows of graves. Eventually he

stopped in front of a granite tombstone bearing the name Patricia Anderson. Zach looked at the stone for several minutes, standing in silent contemplation. "Hi Mom," Zach finally said quietly, his voice barely audible even to his own ears. But nobody really had to hear him. Speaking aloud had become a habit when talking with his mom, one he didnt even think about anymore. "Im sorry I didnt come alone like I usually do. You know Cindy already. Shes been here once before with me. The time when dad wouldnt let me drive for a month. The other one is Alex. Hes my roommate at college." Zach paused for a few moments. "I love him Mom." "Thats why Im here Mom. Im sorry I never told you I was gay before. But I am. I never wanted to admit that to anyone before, not even

you. I never thought I would need to. I didnt think I would ever find anyone to love. Or find anyone who loves me. But I love him Mom." Zach looked away from the tombstone and towards the woods that were behind the cemetery. "He loves me too Mom. But I keep hurting him. I keep pushing him away and I cant do that anymore. I have to tell him the truth Mom. I know I promised I would never talk about it, but I have to tell him Mom." Zach looked back down at the face of the tombstone with tears rolling down his cheeks. "Thats why Im here Mom. I had to tell you in person that I was breaking my promise. Please forgive me." Overcome with emotion, Zach dropped to his knees next to the grave beginning to sob. "Im so sorry Mom! I wish the past had never happened!

Im so very sorry!" Zach clenched his eyes closed, sobbing so hard his body was trembling. *** Back at the car, Alex and Cindy got out of the car and had watched Zach slowly make his way towards a particular grave. Alex had started to follow Zach but Cindy had grabbed his arm holding him back. Alex glanced over at Cindy and saw her shake her head no. "He wants to do this alone Alex," Cindy whispered. "He never lets anyone go with him to his moms grave. If we hadnt forced him he wouldnt have let us come this far. If he could have driven himself, we wouldnt even be here at all." Alex looked at Cindy for a few seconds, confusion evident on his face. "Whats going on Cindy? What is it that Im not seeing here?"

Cindy stared off into space for a while before answering. Finally, without even looking at Alex, she answered. "Zach is getting ready to tell you himself Alex. If he doesnt tell you tonight, Ill break my promise to him and tell you myself." Cindy turned and stared right into Alexs eyes. "Its better if he tells you, and when he does, just listen to him without interrupting. You wont be able to totally understand why he feels the way he does, but you have to accept it. That will make more sense after he tells you." Cindys exp ression became slightly fierce as she continued staring into Alexs eyes, forcing him to maintain eye contact. "Alex, do you remember how much it hurt when I kneed you in the balls a few weeks ago? Well, if you hurt him over this, I swear to you Ill rip your balls off and feed them to you!"

Alex stared at Cindy in astonishment for a moment, surprised at the intensity in her voice. "I would never willingly hurt Zach, Cindy. You have to know that. I know I probably have hurt him, but I would never deliberately hurt him." Cindy smiled slightly. "I know Alex. But I wanted you to know how I feel. Be patient with him. He needs you more than you could possibly know." Alex felt a lump form in his throat as he finally realized something that should have been obvious. "You love him dont you Cindy? And I dont mean just as a friend. You are in love with him arent you?" Cindy smiled wistfully at Alex. "Yes," she answered simply. "I have been for as long as I can remember." "Does Zach know?" Alex asked. "Have you

ever told him how you felt?" "No, he probably doesnt know," Cindy answered with a small laugh. "You know how incredibly dense he can be about people. Obviously, Ive never told him how I felt about him. What would be the point? Ive known he was gay for a very long time. Telling him how I feel about him would only scare him and confuse him even more." Alex had no idea how to respond to that. He knew Cindy was right. Zach would be confused and scared if he found out how Cindy really felt about him. And Alex knew that Zach would feel incredibly guilty too since Zach and Cindy were so close. Shaking his head, wishing he knew what to do to make things better, Alex went back to watching Zach. When Alex saw Zach drop to his

knees and begin sobbing, he instinctively started to go towards him again. Cindy however had grabbed his arm, restraining him once again. "Let me go Cindy," Alex said a little angry at being held back. "Zachs crying! I have to go to him!" "No you dont," Cindy answered gently. "I know hes crying Alex. He always breaks down when he visits his moms grave. You cant intrude right now. Zach will get control of himself in a few minutes. Hell come back and well go home. But you have to let him grieve alone right now." Alex glanced over at Cindy, truly angry now. But then he saw the gentle determination in Cindys face and that she understood what Zach felt and needed better than he did. Alex also saw that Cindy was silently crying herself. The angry

retorts died on his lips and he went back to watching Zach more confused than ever. After a few more minutes, Zach slowly stopped sobbing. Alex saw him lay a hand on his moms tombstone for a few seconds in parting before he stood back up and slowly made his way back to the car. Without a word to either of them, Zach got back into the car. The look on Zachs face was that of a broken hearted child and the tears were still running down his cheeks. Even though he didnt understand everything that was going on, Alex had to fight to keep from crying himself. The three of them drove home in total silence. *** Later that night Zach was sitting on the couch just staring at the walls. To Alex it seemed like he had almost totally shut down. Zach had little

reaction to anything happening around him, and when Alex tried to talk to him Zachs only response was monosyllable replies. Alex was beginning to get scared and he had no idea what to do. Finally, when Alex was getting ready to call his dad for help, Zach seemed to shake himself out of his dark musings. Zach turned slightly to stare into Alexs eyes. Alex thought his heart would break at the exp ression on Zachs face. The look Zach gave Alex was so haunted and there was so much pain in his eyes that Alex nearly started to cry himself. "Alex," Zach began, his voice quiet but rock steady. "I need to tell you something. I want to tell you about my Mom and how she died. Thats where we were today. I had to tell Mom I was going to tell you about her before I could talk to

you about it." Zach smiled a tired, wistful little smile. "I dont imagine it meant all that much to her, but I still had to tell her." Zach paused for a second to take a deep breath. "Mom died when I was two. I dont really remember her at all. Except for pictures, I dont even remember what she looked like. Ive been told that she didnt get to spend much time at home after I was born. She was in and out of hospitals all the time and she only got to come home for a couple of days at a time." Zach looked down at his lap, refusing to meet Alexs eyes anymore. In a voice so quiet that Alex had to lean forward to hear Zach said, "And Im the reason she died." Tears were starting to roll down Zachs cheeks again but still his voice was steady as he continued. "Dad wanted to have a large family.

He comes from a large family so he wanted one of his own too. Ive got nine aunts and uncles from his side of the family alone and thats not counting their spouses. Mom had my sister Lisa fairly soon after they got married and two years later they had Mike. About a year later Mom was pregnant again but she miscarried in the fifth month. They waited for about a year and then tried again but Mom miscarried again, this time in the sixth month. Ive learned that Mom didnt handle those miscarriages very well." Zach paused for a few moments gathering up his resolve to continue with the story. "Mom and Dad were getting ready to try again for another baby when she was diagnosed with cancer. The cancer had started in her lungs and spread to several other areas in her body. It was pretty serious, but the doctors considered it still

treatable. Part of the treatment was a double mastectomy and a whole regiment of very powerful medications. The doctors were very optimistic and Mom actually had a very good chance of survival. After several months of treatment she was actually starting to improve but then they found out she was pregnant again." Zach looked up briefly at Alex but just as quickly dropped his eyes back to his lap. "Mom was pregnant with me this time. She was never supposed to have me. The doctors advised Mom and Dad to terminate the pregnancy since she couldnt continue her treatments without killing me and if she stopped taking her treatments she probably wouldnt survive herself. There was even some question of whether I had already been affected or not by the medication she was taking. Becoming pregnant right then was a death

sentence for one of us. Mom decided she would be the one to die and it was because of me. Mom never recovered from having me and she finally died from it. Its my fault she died." Alex was stunned at Zachs revelation. He had no idea what to say or what to do to make Zach feel better. Alex was scared to intrude his thoughts into Zachs thinking right then, but he felt he needed to say something to reassure him. Alex just wished he knew what it was. "Zach," Alex began tentatively, choosing his words carefully. "Your moms death was not your fault. Its terrible that it had to happen, but you cant blame yourself. Nobody could possibly blame you for your moms death." Zach looked up at Alex, his eyes still haunted. "Mike does," he nearly whispered. "And so does Dad."

Alexs exp ression became incredulous. "What?" he protested. "Why would you think they blame you?" Zach dropped his eyes back to his lap again. "I dont just think it Alex. I know they blame me. Mike use to throw it in my face all the time. He use to love to try and upset me by saying Mom died because of me. We had several large fights over that. Dad asked me once why Mike and I were fighting and I told him what Mike said. Dad tried to explain that Mike was very young when Mom died and that it was hard for him to accept." Zachs voice had become very quiet again and he had begun to fidget. "There was something in Dads voice when he said that to me. I couldnt help it, I asked him if he blamed me for Moms death too. He never did answer me. He just

turned and walked away. But he didnt have to answer me, I could see it in his eyes and his walking away from me confirmed it. Dad blames me as much as Mike does." Alex stared at Zach in disbelief for several seconds. Finally he walked over and sat down next to Zach. Alex pulled Zach into him, folding him up in his arms and held him tightly. Zach started to sob as soon as Alex wrapped his arms around him. Zachs entire body was shaking as the years of grief and guilt overwhelmed him. *** Zach slowly came awake, but didnt bother opening his eyes yet. He was in a state halfway between slumber and waking and just drifting. Dimly, Zach could feel Alex lying next to him and he was half conscious that he was resting his head against Alexs chest. The feelings of peace,

love and warmth washed over him and Zach was reluctant to disturb those sensations. After last nights storm of weeping had subsided somewhat, Alex had gently led Zach into their bedroom. Zach remembered he had stood docilely as Alex had gently removed his clothes for bed. Alex had pulled back the covers on his own bed and gently helped Zach into it. Zach had watched as Alex quickly removed his own clothes and got into bed next to him. Alex had then wrapped his arms around Zach, forcing his head down to rest on his chest and held him tightly till he drifted off to sleep. Zach opened his sleep filled eyes almost reluctantly and was immediately confronted with Alexs smiling face staring straight into his eyes. Zach stared into those love filled eyes in wonder. He simply could not understand how Alex could

care so much for him "Good morning sleepy," Alex said, kissing his forehead tenderly. "I didnt mean to wake you up." Zach smiled back at Alex. "You didnt. Not that I would have minded." Zach was quiet for a few seconds before continuing. "Alex, I truly do love you. Im sorry for pushing you away in the past. I dont deserve you. Why do you put up with me?" Alex absently brushed the hair out of Zachs eyes and kissed him again. "Because I love you," Alex answered simply, the truth of that in his eyes. "Youre stuck with me now Zach. Im not going anywhere." Zachs eyes turned watery and Alex became concerned. "Hey! Whats wrong?"

Zach smiled at Alex even as he wiped the tears from his eyes. "Nothings wrong. Its just I dont think anyone but you has ever told me that they loved me before." Alex leaned down and kissed Zach on the mouth so softly it was feather light. Alex continued kissing Zach with butterfly softness and Zach began to feel his pulse quicken. Alex began nibbling playfully at Zachs lips and chin. Zach couldnt help groaning lightly and Alex stopped briefly to smile at him and then resumed nibbling and nipping down Zachs neck. Zach could feel himself getting hard as the waves of pleasure washed over his body. He could also feel Alex was in the same state since Alex was grinding his crotch into him. Zach tried to grab a hold of Alex, to run his hands over Alexs body, to try and return some of the

pleasure he was receiving. But Alex grabbed hold of his hands and gently forced them back down to the bed behind Zachs head. Then Alex resumed nibbling down his neck and chest while his fingers lightly stroked up and down Zachs ribs and underarms, tickling him lightly, all the while still grinding their crotches together. Zach began to squirm as the dual sensations of being tickled and sexual pleasure contended in his mind. The waves of sensation washing over his body left him light headed and his senses were reeling. Zach no longer was able to speak, he didnt even seem to be able to form words. Dimly, Zach could hear himself whimpering as the waves of pleasure climaxed in his body. Thrusting involuntarily, Zach shot several long streams between their two bodies. The added sensation was enough to send Alex over the edge too and

Alex added his own shots to the fluid collecting between them. Alex continued kissing and nibbling long after they had calmed down slightly. Zach looked into Alexs eyes to see a mischievous smile there as Alex continued his play and Zach felt his body beginning to respond again. Idly, Zach wondered how long Alex intended to stay in bed today. Smiling as he began kissing Alex back, Zach realized he didnt want it to end anyway. To Be Continued. Copyright 2011 Greg_A; All Rights Reserved.

Zach woke with a start. He immediately relaxed as he felt Alexs arms around him. The room was dark but there was enough light for Zach to see Alex lying next to him. As always, just the sight of Alex mesmerized Zach. Staring at Alex was enough to calm Zach. "Another bad dream?" Alex murmured sleepily, blinking his eyes open. "Did you have the nightmare again?" Zach snuggled in closer to Alex. "Yes, but I woke up before the end," he answered calmly. "Do you want to talk about it?" Alex asked, struggling to wake up. Zach smiled and kissed Alex lightly on the lips. "No. Im ok," he reassured. "Go back to sleep. Theres still a little time before we have to wake up."

Alex hugged Zach even tighter to him and nuzzled at his cheek. "Ok. You should try and go back to sleep too," he said, his voice already trailing off into sleep. Zach lay still, trying to keep from moving and waking Alex again. He knew it was pointless to try and go back to sleep now. Zach was much too light of a sleeper to ever hope of regaining sleep after waking up. And he had rarely been able to sleep after waking from one of his dreams anyway. Not that the dreams were that bad anymore. Ever since he had started sleeping in Alexs bed again the dreams had been coming less frequently, and even when he had them they werent nearly so terrifying. Zach smiled as he attributed that to the safety of sleeping in Alexs arms. Zach didnt really mind being awake anyway.

It gave him a chance to just stare at Alex. God! How could one person be so beautiful? Zach watched the slow rise and fall of Alexs chest, tracing his body with his eyes. He ran his eyes up Alexs chest, smiling as his eyes lingered on Alexs collarbones remembering just how much it drove Alex crazy to be kissed and nibbled there. Zachs eyes ran along Alexs neck and over his strong jaw and cheeks. For once it actually appeared that Alex might need to shave and Zach almost chuckled at that thought. He longed to run his fingers over the stubble there and then up through Alexs blond hair. Zach lay there for the longest time just drinking in the classic beauty next to him. The room started getting lighter as the morning dawned and Zach finally allowed himself to reach over and lightly touch Alexs face with just his fingertips.

Slowly, he ran his fingers down over Alexs neck and lightly brushed them against his collarbones eliciting a slight shudder from the still sleeping Alex. Zach smiled and continued lightly brushing his fingers over Alexs sensitive skin. Alex shifted in his sleep, a happy smile crossing his sleeping face. Zach couldnt resist leaning over and brushing his lips lightly over Alexs mouth. Zach continued kissing down Alexs throat and then started concentrating on his collarbones. Even asleep, Alex groaned in pleasure. Zach started grinning as he felt Alexs dick stiffen in anticipation. Zach continued nibbling and kissing Alexs chest even as he ran his hand lightly up and down Alexs sides, tickling him lightly before running his hands down to begin stroking Alexs dick and massaging his balls. Zach kept a fairly quick, but

sensuous pace with his stroking, a rate that was guaranteed to bring Alex to climax pretty fast. Alex groaned even louder and his eyes started to flutter open as the waves of pleasure woke him from his sleep. "Oh God!" Alex moaned. "That feels so good!" Alexs breath was getting very shallow as he tried to gulp in air. "Ohhhhh God!" Then, unexpectedly, the alarm clock started buzzing loudly, incessantly announcing it was time to get up. Alex started flailing his arms at the annoying device, practically breaking the clock with his attempt to silence the alarm. Zach started grinning as he pulled off Alex. "Welp! Guess its time to stop and get ready for the day!" "NO!" Alex yelled, pleading. "You cant leave me like this!" he whined, nearly begging. Then he started laughing as he saw Zachs grinning face.

"Youre so evil!" Alex laughed. "If I ask nice and say please will you finish?" His eyes sparkling with mischief, Zach wrapped his hand back around Alexs dick and started stroking him once again. It was only a matter of moments before Alex gasped and started shooting long streaks across his chest and stomach. Zach continued stroking him, milking every last drop out of Alexs shuddering body. Zach kissed Alex on the lips, deeply and passionately. Then, Zach pulled away, getting up out of the bed. Alex grabbed at his hand trying to pull him back. "Hey! What about you?" Alex asked. "Dont I get to play with you?" Zach grinned at Alex. "Not right now you dont! We can play again tonight. But right now we got to get going or were gonna be late for class."

Alex frowned at Zach, pushing his lower lip out and over his upper lip as he pretended to pout. "Thats not very fair!" Zach laughed again and leaned over to kiss Alex again. "Youre adorable when you pout you know. But it aint gonna work this time. Im gonna go take a shower. You need to get your lazy ass going." Zach walked into the bathroom still grinning. He started the shower and then proceeded to wrap a plastic bag around his cast. Zach reflected that with any luck, this would be the last time he would have to do that. He and Alex were going to go see Alexs dad after school and get the silly thing removed finally. At least Zach hoped so. The itching was driving him crazy and Zach didnt think hed be able to put up with it very much longer.

Zach showered and shampooed quickly, shaking his head a little as he realized he was still half-hard from playing with Alex. "Down boy!" he laughed to himself. Zach had stepped out of the shower and was drying off when Alex entered the bathroom. "Did you leave me any hot water?" Alex teased. "Nope! I figured you needed to take a cold shower after this morning." Zach replied grinning as Alex stepped into the shower. Zach quickly shaved and combed his hair into some semblance of order. Before he left, Alex started singing off key causing Zach to burst out laughing at him. After throwing on some clothes, Zach headed towards the kitchen and breakfast. He grabbed a bowl and Alexs Capn Crunch cereal and put them on the table and then grabbed a chocolate

Pop Tart for himself. Zach never could figure out what Alex saw in that cereal, but it was one of Alexs favorites. Zach absently munched on his pastry as he poured himself a glass of milk and fixed Alexs cereal for him. Zach had just put a spoon next to the bowl when Alex walked into the kitchen pulling on his sweatshirt. "Hey chocolate breath!" Alex teased Zach as he kissed him good morning before sitting down to eat. "You looking forward to visiting my home this weekend?" "YES!" Zach answered fervently. "I cant wait to get this damn thing off. I swear Im gonna be scratching at my leg for the better part of the night after your dad removes it." Alex frowned a little, a serious look crossing his face. "Oh shit Zach. I guess I forgot to tell you. Dad said youd have to wear that cast for a

little longer." "No!" Zach nearly wailed. "Damn it! Did he say how much longer?" Zachs exp ression was disgusted and his voice sounded totally defeated. Alex gave a large sigh. "I think he said something like till youre sixty or so," Alex said with a totally straight face, even managing to look sympathetic. "He said something about gay bones not being nearly as stiff as straight bones. I didnt really understand it." Alex couldnt keep from laughing anymore and he was grinning openly at Zach. "Eat me shit head!" Zach laughed back realizing finally that Alex was teasing him. "I tried doing that earlier and you ran off for a shower!" Alex teased back. Zach shook his head and rolled his eyes

realizing he wasnt going to win this one. "All right, you got me. I give up! Are you still gonna pick me up after class? Beth mentioned she wanted to speak with me after her lecture today." "Beth?" Alex asked confused. "Whos Beth?" "One of the members of the Mathematics Department," Zach answered. "You call the professors by their first names?" Alex answered incredulously. "Thats weird!" "Well, only the math professors," Zach replied a little embarrassed. "I spend a lot of time with all of them since I tutor for most of their classes. They have all told me to just call them by their first names." "I still say thats weird!" Alex laughed. "What did she want to talk to you about? Was it gonna take very long?"

"I dont know. She didnt say," Zach said finishing his pastry and milk. "She just asked me to stop by her office after class today. She probably wants me to grade tests or something." "Ok," Alex replied with his mouth full. "Ill just park out front and wait for you. Then we can go get that cast off of you before you go crazy." "Thanks," Zach smiled. "I better get going or Im gonna be late for my first class. Ill see ya later." Zach kissed Alex goodbye between his bites of cereal. Zachs day seemed to speed by and crawl at the same time. His classes were all great. The topics covered for the day were all interesting. Between classes he spent time talking with his friends and everyone was in a great mood. But the anticipation of getting the cast off was driving Zach a little wild and he could barely sit still.

Finally, the last class finished and Zach only had to talk with Beth before he could be on his way. Zach walked to Beths office idly wondering what she wanted to discuss. Zach had always had a special relationship with all the math professors, but he and Beth were especially close. He knocked on her office door and was immediately asked to enter. "Zach, Im so glad you were able to come see me today," Beth started. "I really appreciate you coming on such short notice too." "No problem Beth," Zach replied smiling at her. "What was it you wanted to talk about?" Beth hesitated for a few seconds before answering. "I know you tutor a couple of hours a week at the study center. Do you enjoy the work?"

"Yeah, I like it," Zach answered a little confused. "Ive always been pretty good with math and I like helping people with it. Its a good job and I get to meet a lot of students I probably wouldnt ever get a chance to if I didnt have this job." Beth smiled and relaxed more comfortably in here chair. "Good. Im glad to hear you say that. Would you be interested in having a few more tutoring sessions? Maybe on a slightly larger scale?" "I dont understand what you mean Beth," Zach replied. "I wouldnt mind tutoring more sessions, but I didnt think there were any more openings at the study center." "I dont mean for the study center," Beth answered. "What I meant was conducting a group study here in the Mathematics Building.

The job would be from our Department, not from the study center. What we need is someone to help our struggling students with some of the basics. I know you normally tutor calculus and statistics, but this would be more along the lines of algebra. And it would be in a group setting instead of one on one like you normally do. Would you be willing to do something like that?" "Wow!" Zach answered a little stunned. "I never thought of doing anything like that before. What made you decided on asking me if you dont mind my asking." Beth smiled. "Well, everyone in the department knows you Zach, and we are all very impressed by you. Also you already have experience in tutoring so that helps too. But most importantly, you are probably the most requested tutor at the study center. The list of students

wanting help specifically from you fills up almost as soon as the center opens it up for sign up. That tells us that you must be doing something right if so many students want your help." Zachs mouth opened in shock. "Youre kidding right? Im the most requested tutor? I cant be!" Beth chuckled. "Yes you are. You may not have noticed, but the other tutors arent nearly as busy as you. The study center has even had to limit your time to university students only. Normally the tutors are available to the high school kids too, but your list fills up so fast that they cant let the high school kids sign up for you." "I didnt know that," Zach replied more than a little embarrassed. "I dont know what to say. When would you want me to do this? And

where? Andwell, I dont even know what to ask as far as details." Beth smiled again. "Well, we havent exactly worked out all the details either. First we wanted to see if you would even be interested in something like this. It would probably be during the evenings to work around your class schedule and your tutoring schedule. And that would probably work better for most of the students too. So are you interested? Can I tell Dr. Phillips that we need to figure out the details?" Zach stared at Beth for a few moments a little stunned. "Yeah. I think I am interested. Actually, it sounds great!" Beth chuckled again. "Good! Ill tell Bob that we need to get to work and get with the rest of the faculty to hammer out the details. I think we should have the details figured out by Monday.

Can you come meet with me again after class?" Zach smiled. "Sure. Ill be here. Thanks Beth! This is great!" Beth stood and walked Zach to the door. "We should be the ones thanking you Zach. If you can help some of these students turn their grades around you will be doing them and us a huge favor. Have a good weekend. Ill see you on Monday." "Thanks Beth. I really appreciate it." Zach left the building still a little dazed by the whole conversation. But he was very excited at the same time. Zach knew most people hated math, but he really enjoyed it and he loved helping people with the subject. Zach was practically bouncing with excitement as he climbed into Alexs car. "Youll never guess what Beth wanted to talk with me about!

She wants me to tutor for the department in a group setting! Can you believe that? She said the department wants me to help with their struggling students. I cant believe they chose me for this!" Alex looked over grinning at Zach, but immediately turned his attention back to driving. "Not excited about it are we?" Alex teased. "You of course said no, that you just hate math. Right?" Zach chuckled. "Nah. I said Id do anything to get me away from my prick roommate. Hes such an asshole that I would gladly jump at anything as long as it got me away from him!" Alex laughed back at Zach. "Well, if they want you to help the struggling students, I will probably be in your group. Im probably the student they had in mind when they decided to set up a group and get somebody to tutor." Zach stopped laughing and looked at Alex

seriously. "Are you having trouble with your math classes?" Alex sighed and his exp ression became serious too. "Shit! I didnt mean to bring the mood down. I was just joking with you." Alex continued looking straight ahead seeming to be concentrating on the road. "Im doing ok." Zachs eyes narrowed in concentration as he stared at Alex. "Thats nice. Now do you want to tell me the truth?" Alex sighed again and glanced at Zach. "All right. Im not doing so well. Im practically flunking the class. I just dont get it." Zachs face took on an annoyed exp ression. "Why didnt you ever tell me you were having trouble? I could have helped you. Its my job, remember?"

Alex remained quiet for a few moments before replying. "I almost asked for your help a couple of times, but every time I started, I always backed down. Ive seen your homework before. And Ive seen you helping Cindy with hers. The stuff you guys work on looks like an alien language. Then I would look at my homework with questions about how many apples I have if I pick three and throw one away, and well, I just feel stupid having to ask for help. I mean, you said it yourself Zach, you taught yourself calculus in seventh grade. Compared to that, Im a moron." "Alex, there are a lot of people who dont get math," Zach reassured. "Thats why there are tutors. And it really kinda annoys me that you didnt think you could ask me for help. How many times have you helped me out? Dont you

think I feel like an idiot when I have to get your help to interact with people?" "Thats different!" Alex protested. "Youre right," Zach replied. "Your skill is useful. Being a people person will definitely take you a lot further than being a walking calculator." Alex started laughing. "Thats not what I meant!" he protested. Zach grinned at Alex. "I know what you meant. Now, will you start letting me help you?" Alex smiled sheepishly at Zach. "Yeah. But boy have you got your work cut out for you!" Zach smiled back at Alex as the mood was lightened. The rest of the trip to Alexs hometown and his fathers hospital was spent laughing. They were both in a good mood as they pulled into the hospital parking lot and took a

spot fairly close to the door. They then walked into the building in search of Alexs dad. While searching for Dr. Edwards they ran into Nurse Carol who had helped the night of the car accident. Carol immediately smiled when she saw the two and quickly walked up to them. "Alex! Your father said you would be stopping by today with Zach. Youre looking good Zach. Much better than when I first met you." Zach looked at Carol for a second before turning to Alex in confusion. "Um, Im sorry. I dont think I know you." Zach said, turning a little pink with embarrassment. Carol chuckled at Zachs confusion. "Well, Id be more surprised if you did remember me Zach. I was one of the nurses who helped take care of you the night of the accident. Dr. Edwards said you would be stopping by today to get the cast

removed." "Oh," Zach answered. "I really dont remember too much of anything from that night after hitting the deer." Zach turned a little redder as he turned towards Alex. "Just a few bits and pieces and small parts of conversations." Alex started smiling as he realized just exactly what conversation Zach was referring to. It always amused Alex that Zach still blushed whenever he remembered he had revealed that he loved Alex while drugged. Alex thought Zach looked adorable when he was blushing. "So where is my Dad?" Alex asked Carol. "Zach is about ready to take a hammer to this cast to get out of it. I think we should probably try and prevent that if we can." Carol started laughing. "I imagine he is in his office. Why dont you two go into that exam

room there and Ill send him in." "Thanks Carol!" Alex replied warmly. "Tell Dad to hurry. I dont know how long I can keep Zachs hand tied up." Zach looked at Alex with a look of pure disgust. "Ha Ha," he said in a flat monotone voice. "You are just so funny. Maybe I should break your leg and see how you like wearing one of these things!" Carol was laughing at both of them as she shooed them into the exam room. Still laughing, she left to go find Alexs dad. A few minutes later Dr. Edwards came into the room smiling broadly. "Hey boys!" he greeted them warmly hugging them both. "You both are looking good. Carol says you want to keep the cast on Zach."

"Everyones a comedian!" Zach replied grinning. "Will you please take this stupid thing off before I start banging it against your sons head to break it off!" "How did you know I was planning on using Alexs head to bust off the cast?" Dr. Edwards asked laughing. "Its the hardest, densest substance known to man!" "Hey!" Alex protested. "Why is everyone picking on me all of a sudden?" The three of them laughed as Dr. Edwards quickly began cutting the cast away. Almost before the pieces were removed Zach started scratching frantically at his leg, an exp ression of bliss crossing his face. "Oh God! Ive wanted to do this for so long. Its been driving me crazy!" "Every patient does that same thing when I take off a cast," Dr Edwards said, smiling. "Just

make sure to stop before you start bleeding! Are the two of you going back to the house now? Jason might be there by now." "Jason is coming down?" Alex asked excited. "I didnt think he was gonna be able to get away. At least thats what he said when I last spoke to him." Dr. Edwards smiled at his son. "Well, he is only coming down for the night. He needed to pick up a few things from the house. And I think he wanted to see his little brother too!" Alexs grin spread from ear to ear as he and Zach headed towards the door. "Thanks Dad! Well see ya later for supper wont we?" "No, I probably wont get away till around ten or so tonight. You guys have fun, but try not to destroy the house. Maybe we can get together for breakfast tomorrow."

"That would be great Dad," Alex replied. "You have chocolate Pop Tarts for Zach dont you?" Alex grinned at Zach as he said that and Zach punched him lightly. Dr. Edwards laughed at the two of them. "Ive got your Pop Tarts Zach. Dont worry. Its been good seeing you again Zach. Remember to take it easy on that leg for a while. Give it time to get back in condition before you start running any marathons!" "Thanks Dr. Edwards," Zach answered sincerely. "I really appreciate everything youve done for me." Dr. Edwards hugged both of them again in parting and Alex and Zach headed towards the parking lot. In only a few minutes Alex was pulling the car into the driveway of his home. The two of them got out of the car and started

towards the front door. Before they had taken even a dozen steps the front door flew open and Jason came bounding out to meet them. "Hey Little Brother!" Jason yelled grabbing Alex in a rough bear hug. "Its about time you got your ugly mug home! Ive been waiting forever for you to arrive." Jason let Alex go and immediately grabbed Zach in a warm embrace. "I see you finally got that cast off Zach. No more help in the shower for you huh?" Jason started laughing as Zach immediately turned crimson with embarrassment. The three of them entered the house with Jason practically bouncing the entire way. The afternoon was spent pleasantly talking while pretending to watch movies. The conversation was more interesting than the TV anyway so nobody could really say what was on.

As evening rolled around they decided to order pizza instead of attempting to cook. Both Alex and Jason were total incompetents in the kitchen and they decided it was unfair for Zach to have to cook for them. After scarfing down enough pizza to feed a small army, the three retired to the living room to watch some rented videos. Alex half sat, half lay on the couch and pulled Zach down in front of him getting Zach to lean back against his chest. The position had a great level of intimacy and was perfect for Alex to rub Zachs chest and stomach. Zach was a little embarrassed to be sitting in such a position in front of Alexs brother, but Jason just smiled at them, his eyes twinkling. After the movie had ended Alex noticed that Zach had fallen asleep in his arms. "Damn!" Alex

said quietly. "I wasnt expecting him to go to sleep on me! I had plans for tonight." Jason started laughing quietly and Alex turned a little pink as he realized what he had said in front of his brother. Alex grinned a little sheepishly at Jason. "I take it the two of you are back in the same bed again then," Jason said. "The last time we really talked you said the two of you were having some problems. Watching the two of you today I kinda figured you had worked through them and were sleeping together again." Alex blushed a little more. "Yeah, were in the same bed again. We havent really slept together yet though. Were still taking it real slow. Just a lot of making out and some real heavy petting is all." Jason grinned even broader. "Too much

information Little Brother!" he laughed. "So the two of you are doing pretty good then?" Alexs exp ression was still happy but it also took on a serious tone. "Yeah, for the most part. Zach is still having trouble sleeping although he tries to hide it from me. It is getting better for him, but I know he doesnt sleep nearly enough. He still has the nightmares, but they seem to be coming less often now that he has started talking to me about them." Jason smiled warmly at his brother. "Thats good. Its pretty obvious he loves you and trusts you Alex. You do realize how uncomfortable he was lying with you like that in front of me tonight dont you? Yet he still did it to make you happy. Im sure he enjoyed it too, but it did make him uncomfortable. And look at how peacefully hes sleeping right now. Its because hes with you

and in your arms." Alex nuzzled Zachs cheek a little before looking up smiling at Jason. "I know. But when did you become so smart and perceptive?" Jason laughed as he got up and tousled Alexs hair. "Ive always been smart and perceptive. Youve just never noticed before. You should pay more attention. Why dont we pour your boyfriend into bed now?" The two brothers gently shook Zach till he half awoke and then steered him towards Alexs bedroom and the waiting bed. Zach was still half asleep, but awake enough to realize what was taking place. Oddly, he didn't resist but instead docilely allowed himself to be led to the bedroom. He didnt even object when Alex started undressing him while Jason was still in the room, which really surprised Alex.

"Gnight Jason," Zach said sleepily as he settled down into the bed. Even when Alex pulled off his boxers Zachs eyes only opened half way before closing again. "Shower time is at 7 if youre still gonna help," Zach murmured, a half smile crossing his face. Jason laughed at that comment and briefly tousled Zachs hair. "Sweet dreams Zach. You too Alex. Ill see ya both tomorrow morning." Jason was still chuckling as he left for his own room. Alex quickly undressed and crawled into bed next to Zach. Zach promptly snuggled up next to him, smiling happily. With his head resting against Alexs chest, Zach drifted off into a peaceful sleep. Zach woke to Alexs gentle kissing and the feeling of Alexs hands rubbing lazy patterns

across his chest and stomach. He opened his eyes to see Alexs smiling face and immediately noticed it was light out. "Hey, I guess that sleeping beauty kiss thing really works!" Alex teased, kissing him again. Zach was quickly loosing himself to the gentle stroking of his body by Alex. Alexs kisses played havoc with his brain and his body was fast becoming inflamed with desire. Zach reached out pulling Alex closer to him, kissing him deeply. Alex pulled away slightly and started nibbling along Zachs jaw line and down the chords of his neck. Zachs breath became haggard as his passion swept over him. Without warning, Jason threw open the door and came bouncing into the room. "Hey! You guys arent doing anything important are you?" Jason was laughing really hard and ducked as

Alex threw a pillow at him. Zachs aim was a little better so the pillow he threw hit Jason square in the head sending him tumbling backwards still laughing hysterically. "Get out Jason!" Alex yelled, also laughing. Zach was blushing furiously, but also laughing at Jasons antics. Jason threw the two pillows back at the two of them before he bounced across the room and jumped into bed with them. "Hey! Im just here cause Zach said he wanted my help in the shower today," Jason said grinning. "Guess he must have enjoyed the first time. From the little tent he has going there Id say hes ready for a repeat performance!" Zach blushed an even brighter crimson and Alex shoved Jason off the bed. "Stop trying to molest my boyfriend you perv! Youll have to provide your own entertainment in the shower."

Alexs grin became positively evil. "But you do that all the time anyway dont you Jason?" Jason got up still laughing. "Every chance I get! And my count is still behind yours!" Jason ducked again as Alex threw his pillow at him again. Still laughing loudly, Jason headed towards the bathroom to take his shower. Alex turned back towards Zach. "I guess we might as well get up too. God knows hell just be back in here after his shower to try and embarrass us some more!" Zach was grinning broadly as he got up and pulled on his boxers. The underwear did nothing to hide his state of arousal, but at least he was covered. Zach watched as Alex pulled on his own boxers. When Alex turned back towards him Zachs eyebrows arched suggestively at the obvious bulge in the front of Alexs underwear.

Turning a little pink, Alex just shrugged his shoulders slightly and looked down at the tent in Zachs boxers to prove his point. The two of them laughed at each other and then got up to get ready for the day. After a few more minutes, Jason came dripping back into their room wrapping a towel around his waist. "Bathrooms all yours guys!" he announced. "I suggest you hurry though cause as soon as I dry off Im heading to the kitchen for breakfast. Dads making French Toast and if you dont get there fast, Im gonna eat it all!" Laughing, Alex walked by his brother grabbing the towel and pulling it off in passing. Unfazed, Jason just walked back to his room nude. Shaking his head in amusement, Zach followed Alex into the bathroom to take a shower and shave. The two of them finished fairly quickly,

and pulling on their boxers, walked out to the kitchen for breakfast. Zach was still a little self conscious wearing just his boxers around the house, but his stay over Christmas break had helped him get use to the idea, at least a little anyway. When they walked into the kitchen, Dr. Edwards was just setting down plates for both of them. True to his word, Jason was already at the table stuffing his face with breakfast. Jason ate nearly as fast and as much as Alex and it always amused Zach watching the two of them eating. They almost seemed to be racing to see who could eat the most. Dr. Edwards poured two glasses of milk for Alex and Zach and set them in front of them. "Zach, I do have Pop Tarts if you would prefer, but I thought you might manage at least a piece

or two of French Toast." "Thanks Dr. Edwards," Zach replied, turning a little pink. "It looks great and smells even better. I think I can eat a piece or two, if Alex and Jason dont eat it all first that is!" "Then you better hurry and grab a piece cause Im hungry!" Alex said with his mouth full. "So what else is new?" Jason asked grinning, his mouth full too. Alex merely stabbed his fork into a piece on Jasons plate and promptly stuffed it into his mouth chewing happily. Jason and Alex settled into a mock sword fight with their forks for a few minutes till Dr. Edwards cleared his throat frowning at both of them and their lack of manners. The two brothers managed to look guilty even with their mouths full and went back to cramming food as fast as they could. Zach was openly laughing at the two of them and

Dr. Edwards turned towards him shaking his head a little. "Dont encourage them Zach," Dr. Edwards said in a disgusted voice. "These two manage to embarrass me with their table manners every chance they get." Alex and Jason looked at each other a little sheepishly and then shrugged and went back to stuffing their faces. After they had all finished eating, with Zach even managing to save a piece of French Toast for himself, Dr. Edwards got up to clean off the table. Jason, Alex and Zach quickly got up to help but Dr. Edwards shooed them back to the table. "So when are you boys all leaving?" Dr. Edwards asked as he finished. "Im heading back just as soon as I get dressed," Jason answered. "I probably shouldnt have even stayed this long but I miss all of you. I

wish Mark had been able to come down too." Alex looked at Zach for a second. "We will probably leave a little after Jason, Dad. We dont really have any definite plans, but I at least have homework and Zach has offered to help me with my math." "That was awfully generous of you Zach," Dr. Edwards replied. "I have to leave for the Hospital here in just a few minutes myself, so I guess I better say goodbye to all of you now." Dr. Edwards hugged both of his sons fiercely and then surprised Zach by embracing him just as fiercely. "Zach, I want you to come back any time. This house is always open to you." Then Dr. Edwards started grinning. "I suppose youll have to bring Alex with you, but I guess thats ok too." "Dad!" Alex protested, laughing. Dr. Edwards

smiled at his youngest son and tousled his hair fondly. "And here I thought I was your favorite!" Alex said grinning at Jason. "No," Dr. Edwards replied. "Zach is my favorite now. Ive decided to trade you and Jason for him. I think Im getting a pretty good deal too! As much as Im enjoying this, boys, Ive really got to take off or Im going to be late. Have safe trips back to school and dont forget to call me from time to time. Never forget that I love you all." Dr. Edwards hugged the three of them again and then left for the hospital. Alex, Jason and Zach wandered back towards the bedrooms. They were walking slowly obviously reluctant to part company. At Alexs bedroom, Jason grabbed Alex in a huge bear hug. "Im gonna miss you Little Brother!" Jason said sincerely. "Maybe Ill come visit you over

Spring Break since you guys werent going anywhere." "That would be great!" Alex answered excitedly. "My Birthday falls during the break this year. We can go out and celebrate!" Jasons eyes twinkled. "That would be great!" Jason grabbed Zach in a big bear hug too. "Im gonna miss you too Zach. I was really looking forward to helping you in the shower again. Guess well have to do that sometime when Alex is away!" Jason thrust his groin into Zachs a couple of times playfully before letting him go. Zach blushed furiously at Jasons antics but laughed as he replied. "Shhh Jason! Alex is right here. He might start suspecting if you keep this up!" Alex grinned at the two of them trying to assume a jealous look and failing miserably. "I

knew it!" Alex protested. "All this time you were only using me to get to my brother! Although I cant figure out why!" "Damn!" Jason laughed. "Hes figured it out Zach. Guess well have to cool it for a while now!" Jason tousled both of their hair before heading towards his room to get dressed laughing the entire way. Alex and Zach went into the bedroom to get dressed. "I love your family!" Zach said as they were pulling on their clothes. "I absolutely love being with all of them." Alex smiled at Zach. "They love you too, you know. I think Jason might be considering a lifestyle change because of you!" Alex teased. "And Dad was pretty serious about wanting to adopt you." Zach smiled happily at those comments and

finished dressing. He helped Alex straighten up his room and then they headed towards the living room. Jason was just coming back into the house from carrying his stuff out to his car. "Hey!" Jason said seeing them. "I was just about to come back and say goodbye again. Im all packed up and if I dont hurry up Im gonna be late. Or later than usual I guess I should say!" Jason hugged both of them again in parting. "Drive fast! You dont want any deer catching you on this trip!" Jason joked as he turned to go. Alex and Zach both laughed as Jason left. Alex turned to Zach smiling. "Well, I guess we might as well go too. Im not really in the mood to go back to school and study just yet though. Do you want to drive around for a little bit before we head home?" "Sure," Zach answered as the two headed

towards the door. "Where did you want to drive to? Or were we just gonna wander aimlessly?" Alex looked at Zach seriously for a few seconds before replying. "We dont have to if you dont want to, but I thought we could make a slight detour on the way back to school and you could show me your hometown. Id like to see where you grew up if you dont mind too much. We dont have to stop or anything, but I would kinda like to see your hometown." Zach smiled a little hesitantly. "That would be quite a detour. But if you really want to, I suppose it will be ok." Zach got really quiet for a few moments and he looked at the ground. "I dont want to stop at my house though Alex. I dont want to see Mom and Dad. Im in too good of a mood for them to ruin it." Alex reached over and tilted Zachs head

back up to look in his eyes. Alex kissed him lightly before replying. "We dont have to stop. We dont even have to go there at all if you dont want to." "No," Zach replied smiling. "I dont mind showing you my town as long as we dont stop at my house. We can drive by if you want, but I dont want to stop." Alex smiled and the two of them got into the car to take a little road trip. Zachs was still in a fairly good mood as they drove towards his hometown, but Alex noticed he was a little quieter than he had been. Alex began to wonder if he should have suggested this trip at all, but Zach was still smiling and joking, just not as much. The miles flew by and soon they were pulling into a mid-sized, typical mid-western town. Zach

began pointing out sites to Alex as they wandered through the town, driving slowly so Alex could see. They drove by several different houses in widely scattered neighborhoods and Zach mentioned that at one point or another his family had lived in them. They were all nice homes in good neighborhoods and Alex couldnt really figure out why Zachs family had moved so often. "To keep up with the Joness I suppose," Zach answered lightly when Alex asked him why they had moved so much. "Mom and Dad were never satisfied with the homes they bought. We would no sooner move in than another house across town would catch their eye and it just obviously had to be better than the one we were currently in. Turn here, and Ill show you the house we lived in the longest."

Alex turned where indicated and started driving out towards a rural setting. "I thought you lived in town?" he asked a little confused. "We did," Zach replied. "Well almost. The city limits end about a quarter mile before this subdivision, but you might as well say we lived in town. We had all the city services. There it is, right there," Zach said pointing at a large ranch style house sitting on about an acre yard filled with large trees of various varieties. The landscaping was gently rolling and a small waterway ran through the back yard. The subdivision was very nice and all the houses were well maintained and similar in style to the one Zach pointed out. "You cant see it unless youre in the back yard, but the house has a deck overlooking a patio from the basement," Zach said describing

the house a little bit. "The way the house is built on that hill, you can enter the house straight into the basement or take a short flight of steps up to the deck and enter on the main floor. Its a pretty cool house. Cindy lives in that one right there." Zach pointed out a house two down from the first one he pointed out. Zachs voice had gone a little quiet and Alex looked at him a little worried. "Are you ok?" Alex asked, concern in his voice. "Yeah," Zach answered smiling slightly. "There was just a lot that happened in that house. I was just remembering. Dont worry, Im ok. Lets head back towards town and Ill show you where I went to school." Alex negotiated a turn and headed back towards the town. Zach pointed out his high school and his junior high school. They drove

around a little more and Zach pointed out a couple of grade schools he had attended as well. Zach had a distant look on his face even as he was pointing out sites to Alex. Finally, Zach turned to Alex. "Alex, I know we had planned on just looking around town for a bit and then heading on back to school. But would you mind if we spent the day here? Theres something I want to do if you dont mind." Alex looked at Zach smiling. "I wondered when you were gonna tell me what you were really thinking about. We didnt have any definite plans, so I dont care if we change them. What did you want to do?" Zach grinned. "I guess I was pretty transparent there." Zachs exp ression turned wistful. "If you really dont mind, can we call my sister? I want to see if shell let me have my nephew for the

afternoon. I havent seen him since before school started in the fall." "I didnt know you had a nephew," Alex answered. "Sure, lets call her. I think I saw a pay phone back at that convenience store." Alex negotiated a turn and started driving back towards the convenience store in question. "So whats your nephews name? And what did you want to do with him today?" "I thought we could take him to the park, play on the monkey bars. Maybe even feed the ducks. And his name is Scott, but everybody usually calls him Scottie," Zach answered, smiling gratefully at Alex. "Hes six years old and he is the coolest little kid youll ever meet! Zach was the first word he ever said! He said my name before he even said mama or dada! Can you believe that? Hes so cool!" Zachs face was

nearly glowing with pride and Alex just smiled at him. At the convenience store, Zach got out of the car and walked over to the pay phone. He quickly dialed his sisters phone number, nearly squirming with anticipation as he waited for an answer. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, he heard someone pick up the line. "Hello?" Zach heard his sisters voice on the other end of the line answer. "Hey Sis!" Zach answered. "How are you doing?" "Zachary?" Lisa asked puzzled. "My god, is that really you? I wasnt expecting a call from you!" "Yeah I know," Zach replied. "Im in town with my roommate, showing him where I grew

up. I thought I would give you a call. I thought I might ask you if I could steal my nephew for the afternoon. Unless you already have plans." "No, we dont have any plans," Lisa answered. "And he would love to spend the afternoon with you. He misses his overgrown playmate!" "So you dont mind if I take him then?" Zach asked, a little nervous. "I thought I would take him out to the park for a while. Id like to spend a couple of hours with him if its ok." "I dont mind at all Zach," Lisa said warmly. "Scottie will love it. Are you really sure you want him for that long though? Hes gonna go nuts when he sees you, you know." "I hope so!" Zach said really excited. "Ill be there in just a few minutes then. Dont tell Scottie. I want to surprise him!"

"Ok," Lisa said laughing. "Ill see ya in a bit then, Zach." "See ya Sis. And thanks!" Zach hung up the phone and sprinted back to the car. "Come on Alex, lets go! Lisa said we can have him!" Alex was laughing as he pulled away. It was great seeing Zach so excited. He was almost like a little kid again. Alex quickly navigated the streets, following Zachs directions to his sisters house. It only took about ten minutes and Alex was pulling into a driveway in front of an attractive two-story home. Zach and Alex exited the car and were on their way to the front door when Lisa opened the door and came out. "Hey Zach! That didnt take very long." Then she turned to Alex. "You must be Zachs roommate. Im sorry, I dont remember your name."

Alex smiled his warmest smile at Zachs sister. "Im Alex. Its really nice to meet you." Lisa smiled back. "Its nice to meet you too. You should both probably brace yourselves. Scottie is gonna go wild when he sees you Zach. He only asks about you about a hundred times a day." Lisa opened the door and stuck her head inside. "Scottie! We have company." Zach was grinning broadly, his smile spreading from ear to ear. He was nearly beaming with pride and Alex thought he had never seen him look so cute. And then Alex could hear the sounds of a small boy running towards the door. "UNCLE ZACH! UNCLE ZACH!" a little boys voice yelled. And then Alex saw a cute, slender, blond haired six year old come running out onto the porch. Without stopping, Scottie literally threw himself off the porch straight into

Zachs outspread arms. Zach caught the little boy in mid leap, hugging him close and spinning him swiftly in circles. Scottie was hugging Zach fiercely around the neck almost strangling him, laughing and giggling in pure joy. Zach eventually got Scotties fingers unclenched from around his neck and then held him straight over his head at arms length, tossing him a little into the air and then catching him again. Scottie was laughing so hard he was nearly squirming and he just kept repeating "Uncle Zach" at the top of his voice. Finally, Zach pulled Scottie in close for another tight hug and then continued holding him in his arms. Scottie leaned down to whisper in Zachs ear, but his voice was still loud enough for all of them to hear. "Did you come to play with me?" "Yep!" Zach answered also whispering, but

also loud enough to be heard by everyone. "Good!" Scott answered excitedly. "Whos that?" he asked indicating Alex. "Thats Alex, hes my roommate up at college," Zach answered. "Youll like him. Hes really nice." "Ok. Do you two get to play with each other a lot up in college?" Scottie asked innocently. Alex had a hard time keeping from laughing at the double meaning in Scotties question and Zach threw him a hard look. Alex couldnt help but notice that Zach had turned a little pink at Scotts question and that made him almost start laughing again. "Not a whole lot Scottie," Zach answered. "Were usually too busy with classes to get to play. Thats why we came to see you."

Scott smiled a huge smile. "Good! I like it when you come see me!" "Me too! Ive missed you Scottie!" Zach said in a loud whisper in Scotties ear, squeezing him tight again. "You dont know how much I missed you little buddy!" Scottie was giggling again and immediately clamped his arms around Zachs neck once more. "Do you think youve been good enough for your mom to let you come spend the rest of the day with me?" "Ive been good! Ive been real good Uncle Zach!" Scottie turned towards Lisa. "Please Mom!" Scottie begged. "Can I please go with Uncle Zach? Ive been good." "You have?" Lisa teased. "Where was I?" "MOM!" Scottie protested. "Please let me go. Please!"

Lisa came over and kissed Scottie on the cheek. "Of course you can go. Id never hear the end of it from you if I said no, now would I? Go get your coat, and you remember to be good for Zach and do what he tells you." "YEAH! Thanks Mom!" Scottie scrambled down out of Zachs arms racing towards his room to get his coat. "Thanks Sis," Zach said, smiling as Scottie disappeared into the house in search of a coat. "Ill get him home in time for supper. Ok?" "Thats fine Zach," Lisa answered. "You just make sure he minds. Dont let him get away with murder! Have fun." Scottie came racing back pulling on a coat as he came running out the door. Once again he didnt stop at the edge of the porch, but instead leaped into Zachs waiting arms. "Im ready!

Lets go! Bye Mom." Lisa was laughing as she walked them to Alexs car. "You behave Scottie. Have fun today!" Zach got Scottie belted into the back seat, no mean task with a squirming, excited six year old. Alex had already taken the drivers seat and Zach got into the front passenger seat. "Thanks again Lisa. Well be back later." Lisa waved and headed back into the house as Alex backed out of the driveway. Alex followed Zachs directions towards the city park, making a stop along the way to pick up a couple of loaves of bread to feed the ducks. Scottie was nearly bouncing with excitement and Alex was amused to see that Zach was nearly in the same state himself. It was clear to anyone that Zach loved the little boy, and Scottie obviously adored his

uncle. After a few minutes of driving they pulled into a large park with several ponds and large numbers of ducks swimming or walking along the banks. The park also had several play areas with several sets of swings, sliding boards and various monkey bars. Several benches were scattered throughout and several building were standing in various places. It was a very pleasant park, quite large and obviously well maintained. Alex drove around the winding road through the park until Zach indicated a parking spot next to a small bridge over the spillway between two of the ponds. The three of them exited the car and started towards the bridge and the waiting hungry ducks. "Come on Uncle Zach! Lets go feed the ducks!" Scott yelled. Scott laughed happily and

raced with boundless energy to be the first at the pond. Zach grinned as Scott ran across the bridge to feed the ducks. Scotts excitement and joy seemed to transmit to anyone nearby. Smiling, Zach turned to see Alex was grinning nearly as much as Scott. "Go ahead buddy," Alex called to Scott. "Your Uncle Zach and I will just watch you from the bridge here." Alex and Zach slowly walked to the center of the bridge and leaned against the rail keeping an eye on Scott. "This is a pretty cool spot here," Alex said in a quieter voice to Zach. "Yeah. When I was growing up, I use to ride my bike out here all the time," Zach replied, smiling slightly. "It was a good place to escape to. I think Ive spent hours just sitting here on this bridge. Now, whenever I can, I like to bring Scott out here to feed the ducks. He seems to

like it almost as much as I do." Alex smiled warmly at Zach. "You really love that little guy dont you?" "Oh God yes!" Zach replied his eyes still on Scott. "From the moment I first laid eyes on him that little guy has had my heart in his hands." Zach turned to look at Alex with a wistful smile on his face. "Hes had me wrapped around his little finger since birth." "Do you have any other nephews or nieces?" Alex asked curiously. Zach chuckled turning back to watch Scott. "No. I have Aunts and Uncles beyond counting and cousins by the score, but hes my only nephew." Alex turned to watch Scott too, but he decided to pursue the conversation since Zach

was being so communicative. "So does your whole family live in the area then?" "Most of them," Zach answered. "I told you about my gay cousin who moved to Florida. The family hasnt heard much from him since. I have a great aunt that lives in Seattle whos really cool. I also have an uncle and aunt that live out east. I dont know them very well though. They do have three boys. Their oldest, my cousin Derek, is about our age I think. He can be a real jerk sometimes. Hes pretty stuck up. The rest of the family has pretty much stuck around here though." "Does your whole family get together very often then?" Alex asked. "Since they are all in the area do you all do holidays or something?" Zach glanced at Alex, a questioning look in his eyes. "Not really," he replied. "Theres usually a

whole family get together a little after Christmas, but thats about it." Zach half turned towards Alex. "Youre certainly asking a lot of questions. Whats up?" Alex grinned sheepishly. "Nothing really. I just thought I would try and get some more info on you while you were in an answering mood." Zach looked down at the water. After a few seconds he looked back at Alex, a serious exp ression on his face. "Im sorry Alex. Im not mad at the questions. I wish I could open up easier to you. Ive just never been comfortable talking about myself. I guess Im not doing a very good job of letting you in." Alex surreptitiously placed one of his hands over Zachs on the rail of the bridge. "Its ok Zach. I know its hard for you to open up. All things considered, I think youre doing a great

job." Zach shook his head. "No Im not. I keep trying to tell you stuff and I cant get myself to start. So maybe you asking me questions like this is a good thing. Its easier for me to answer questions than to just volunteer the information. So, Im gonna promise you that Ill always answer any question you ask me." Alex smiled warmly at Zach, his heart in his eyes. "You dont have to do that Zach," he said. "You dont have to tell me anything you dont want to." "But I want to," Zach answered, smiling back at Alex. "I want you to know everything. Maybe this way, I can actually do it." "Uncle Zach! Uncle Zach!" Scott ran back up to the bridge. "Im all done feeding the ducks! All the food is gone. They ate it all up. Did you see

em? Did you see how they kept coming up to me wanting more?" "We sure did Scottie," Zach said sweeping Scott up into his arms and tossing him into the air a little before catching him again. "I thought one of those ducks was gonna grab you and fly off with you there for a minute. Maybe hold you for ransom or something!" Scott giggled at the teasing and especially at being thrown into the air. "Can I ride on your shoulders? Please!" Laughing, Zach allowed Scott to climb up onto his shoulders and sit there while he walked across the bridge. "I dont suppose you want to go play on the swings and monkey bars do you? Youre prolly too grown up for that now, huh?" Scott reached down and hugged Zach around the neck, nearly strangling him in his enthusiasm.

"Yeah I do! Lets go play on the monkey bars. And will you push me real high when I swing?" "Ill get you swinging so high youll touch the sky Scottie!" Zach promised. Zach grinned at Alex. "Come on. Lets go be kids again and play." Alex grinned back at him and all together the three of them raced towards the playground. As the sun was setting, they took Scott back home. The little boy had talked a mile a minute and was literally squirming in his seat with excitement and joy. As they pulled into the driveway, Lisa came out to greet them. "MOM! MOM!" Scottie yelled as Zach was trying to undo his seatbelt. "We had so much fun! We fed the ducks and played on the monkey bars. Uncle Zach pushed me on the swings really high and Uncle Alex helped me on the monkey bars. And we went on the slides, and they let me

ride on their shoulders!" Lisa was laughing as the little boy rambled on faster and faster as he related each and every event. "Looks like you had fun today Scottie. Supper is almost ready. Why dont you go in and wash your hands?" "OK!" Scott said running towards the house. Lisa turned back to Zach and Alex. "It appears Scottie has adopted you Alex! I hope you dont mind hamburgers and fries for supper. I promised Scottie we would have them for supper before I knew we would be having company." "Oh Lisa," Zach protested. "You dont have to feed us!" "Oh hush Zach," Lisa answered smiling as she led the two into the house. "Do you know how

miserable Scott will make my life if you just leave now? Besides, its nice having company while Johns at work." "All right," Zach answered smiling. "But you might regret offering to feed Alex. Hell eat you out of house and home and follow you around like a puppy if you feed him!" Alex laughed and shoved playfully at Zach. "I promise not to eat everything in sight!" Alex said. "Despite what Zach says, I do have a few manners. I even know how to use them on occasion!" Lisa laughed and led them into the kitchen where Scottie was already busy trying to get his plate ready. They loaded up their plates, Zach pausing long enough to help Scottie with his, and headed back towards the living room to eat and watch TV. Alex and Zach sat next to each other

on the couch and Scottie promptly wiggled himself between them. They finished eating fairly quickly and quietly watched TV for a short time. After about an hour, Zach looked down to see Scottie had fallen asleep cuddled up next to him. Alex had his hand on Scotties back and was rubbing him slightly and Scotties face was one of pure happiness. Zach looked up at Lisa catching her eye. "I guess we wore him out today," he said quietly. "God knows he wore us out!" Lisa chuckled slightly. "I told you he was going to be a handful! Thanks for giving him such a good day." Alex smiled at her. "It was a lot of fun. I dont have any nephews so I really enjoyed playing with Scottie. Hes a great kid!" "Yes he is," Zach agreed. "I wish I could see him more often. Ive really missed him while Ive

been at school." "He misses you too Zach," Lisa said sincerely. "I imagine Im gonna have to hear about his Uncle Zach and his new Uncle Alex non stop for the next few days." Zach smiled proudly and stroked the sleeping little boys forehead. "I guess we should be heading back to school now. Thanks for letting me have Scottie today Sis. And thanks for feeding us too!" Zach started to get up and the movement woke Scottie. The little boy rubbed sleepily at his eyes and then saw Zach and Alex getting ready to leave. "Dont go!" Scottie wailed. "I dont want you to go! Stay Uncle Zach!" Scottie jumped up and grabbed hold of Zachs waist sobbing. Zach reached down and gently lifted Scottie up to hug him. Scottie wrapped his arms around

Zachs neck once again nearly strangling him. Zach held the little boy tightly to him, rubbing his back to quiet him. "I have to go back to school now Scottie. But Ill be back to play another day. And Ill bring Alex too. I promise!" Alex reached out to tousle the little boys hair and Scottie laughed a little even as he continued to cry. "Ill miss you Uncle Zach. You promise youll come back? And youll bring Uncle Alex too?" "I promise Scottie!" Zach answered his eyes starting to get watery. "I love you little buddy! You be good for your mom, ok?" "Ok," Scottie answered, his voice muffled in Zachs shoulder and neck. Lisa gently took hold of the little boy and Scottie started sobbing once again. Tears were starting to run down Zachs cheeks too and he rubbed Scotties back one

more time in parting. "Bye little man," Alex said knowing that Zach wouldnt be able to talk any more without busting out into tears. "Well come back again real soon. Be good!" "Bye Uncle Alex," Scottie answered, his head buried in Lisas shoulder. Alex and Zach walked out to the car and as soon as they got in Zach started sobbing. Alex reached over and rubbed his shoulder in comfort. After a few moments, Zach got a hold of himself and looked over at Alex with a half smile on his face. "Im ok," he reassured Alex. "He does that to me every single time I have to say goodbye. Youd think Id be use to it by now." Alex smiled at Zach as he started the car and began the drive home. "You never get use to saying goodbye to those you love Zach. You

might learn not to cry, but you never get use to it." The ride back to the apartment was very subdued. Zach sat quietly just staring out the window and Alex was reluctant to intrude on his thoughts. When they arrived back at the apartment, Zach got out of the car and walked into the apartment still without saying anything. He sat down on the couch staring off into space for a few minutes. Finally Zach turned towards Alex with a smile on his face. "Thanks for today Alex," Zach said warmly. "I know spending the day with my nephew probably wasnt anywhere close to what you had in mind for the day. And I want you to know how much it meant to me." Alex sat down next to Zach smiling. "I didnt mind at all. In fact I had a lot of fun. Scottie is a

great little kid and its pretty obvious why you love him so much. Watching the two of you was really great. Its pretty clear he idolizes his Uncle Zach." Zach grinned at Alex and allowed himself to be pulled back into sitting against Alex resting against his chest. That position was quickly becoming a favorite for both of them. The two of them sat quietly watching TV while Alex lazily ran his hands under Zachs shirt to rub his stomach and chest. Alex kept at that for some time and Zach was beginning to get ready to start purring in contentment. Alex nuzzled at Zachs cheek for a second or two. "Raise your arms," he said unexpectedly. Zach half turned his head to look at Alex a little confused but obediently raised his arms up. As soon as his arms were over his head, Alex pulled

at the hem of Zachs shirt and pulled it off over his head. Zach started grinning as soon as Alex had started tugging at the hem finally realizing what Alex wanted. "Happy now?" Zach teased as he leaned back against Alex again. Alex grinned back at him. "No. You still have your pants on! Not to mention your underwear!" Alex started tugging at Zachs zipper. Zach laughed at Alexs attempts to disrobe him, but he did lift his hips so Alex could shove his pants down. Once they were over his hips, Zach helped out by kicking them the rest of the way off. Alex immediately reached for the waistband of Zachs boxers and Zach grabbed his hands to stop him. "Hey!" Zach protested. "At least leave me my boxers. What if someone sees us through the

window?" Alex started laughing. "Then well sell tickets and make a fortune!" Alex teased. He did however stop trying to pull off Zachs boxers content for now with what he could feel of Zachs flesh. Alex continued rubbing Zachs chest and stomach even while he started nibbling along his neck. Zachs body was definitely responding and it wasnt long before the front of his boxers was tented and sporting a very noticeable wet spot. Alex wasted no time in slipping his hand down the front of them and started massaging Zachs dick and balls. Zachs breath was starting to get a little ragged as the intensely pleasurable feelings washed over him. Zach pushed his body back into Alex even more firmly and he could feel Alexs own throbbing member through his clothing. Zach

knew he was getting close to losing it and he didnt want to end so quickly. After a few more minutes of play, Zach pulled away from Alex getting up and grabbing his hand to pull him towards the bedroom. Alex was grinning openly as he allowed himself to be led towards their bed. As soon as they got next to the bed Alex started trying to kiss Zach and run his hands over his body once again. Zach grabbed Alexs hands shaking his head no. Zach began tugging at Alexs clothes quickly trying to disrobe him as fast as possible. Alex laughed softly and started helping Zach remove his clothing by pulling off his shirt. Zach pulled down Alexs pants and just as quickly grabbed his boxers and practically tore them off of him. Alex was a little surprised at how much aggressiveness Zach displayed. As soon as

Zach had Alexs boxers off, Zach shoved him down on the bed really surprising Alex. Alex reached towards Zach again, and once again Zach grabbed his hands shaking his head no. "Uh uh." Zach said huskily. "I want you just to lay back and enjoy for awhile. Im way too close to shooting and if you start rubbing me again its gonna be all over in about two seconds." Alexs grin spread from ear to ear at Zachs confession, but he obediently put his hands behind his head to give Zach free access to his body. Zach started nibbling his way down Alexs neck and lingered for quite some time on his collarbones since he knew just how much Alex enjoyed that. Even while he was working on Alexs body Zach was busy thinking. He knew what he wanted to do with Alex. He had wanted

to take their lovemaking to another level for quite some time. Zach had even started to on several different occasions but had always stopped at the last minute, too timid to go further. There was something about crossing that line that frightened him and he always pulled back. Zach was inching his way down Alexs body with his tongue while he continued thinking. He didnt really know why it scared him to cross the line he had established. Well, not really anyway. Oh sure, he was a little intimidated because he had never done anything like that before, but that wasnt the whole reason. Up to this point the physical intimacy between he and Alex had been more on the level of play. If he crossed that line he was contemplating, he wouldnt be able to say that anymore. He could never take it back. Things would change. He would change. Was he

ready for that? Could he handle it? Zach was running his tongue over Alexs belly button, another sensitive area that Alex enjoyed. Zach smiled a little at the low groan that emanated from Alex but quickly went back to his contemplation. Zach knew he really wanted to go further. Even if it scared him, he wanted to take their relationship to the next level. In the end, it came down to two things for Zach. He loved Alex and wanted to make him happy. And he trusted Alex and he knew that Alex would never hurt him. In the end, that was enough. For once in his life, Zach was willing to go forward without knowing the answers. It frightened him, but he was willing to take a leap for Alex. Zachs mind actually calmed slightly now that he had decided to go forward. He started licking and nibbling even further down Alexs body,

going past his belly button. Alex had his eyes closed, enjoying the sensations, but suddenly they popped wide open and he half sat up as he realized what Zach was starting to do. "Za..Za..Zach!" Alex stammered. "You dont have to do that!" Zach didnt bother answering. Instead he grinned up at Alex and then ran his tongue over the head of Alexs dick. Alexs entire body shuddered at the contact and he couldnt hold back a very loud groan. "OH GOD!" Alex exclaimed as his head flopped back into the pillows. Zach ran his tongue over Alexs head again eliciting another shudder from Alex. "OH JESUS!" Alex nearly yelled. Zach started running the tip of his tongue along Alexs shaft. "Zach, you really dontOh God!you really dont have to do this. OH FUCK!" Alex yelled as

Zach once again licked across his head. Zach started laughing. "That might be more convincing if you werent panting so much and groaning with pleasure!" Zach teased. Alex looked up to see Zach grinning at him. Alex started laughing too. "Well, it feels really, really, REALLY GOOD!" Alex laughed. "But really, you dont have to do this if youre not ready. You can stop at any time." Zach grinned at Alex. "I know. But I want to do this. Ive wanted to for a while now. Sit back, enjoy, and try not to scream so loud!" Alex again flopped back into the pillows groaning loudly as Zach licked along his shaft. Zach continued licking and nibbling along Alexs dick trying to give as much pleasure as he could to Alex. Zach found licking Alexs dick different. That was inadequate, but he didnt have

a better way to describe it. It wasnt like he was expecting at all. Zach wasnt really sure what he had been expecting. The skin was softer than what he had expected and it was amazing to him how just the lightest touch of his tongue was generating such a response from Alex. Then a small drop of fluid formed at the tip of Alexs dick and Zach lapped at it with his tongue, generating another shudder from Alex. The taste of that drip was.strange. Zach reflected that it was strange he couldnt really describe what he was doing or what his senses were communicating to him. Zach wasnt sure if he liked the taste or not. It was definitely different. Again, he wasnt sure what he had been expecting, but this was different. The one thing Zach did know was that he loved the way he was making Alex feel. He could tell that Alex was in a

state of bliss and he knew it was because of him. That all by itself made Zach love what he was doing. Even if he never learned to like the taste, Zach knew he would always love oral sex with Alex. How could he not love something that gave Alex such pleasure? Zach continued to lick and nibble along Alexs shaft till he reached his balls. Alex was groaning the entire time and his breathing was sharp and ragged. Alexs entire body shuddered periodically and it was obvious that he wasnt going to last too much longer. Actually, it was obvious he was already fighting to keep from losing it. Zach grinned a little as he realized just how excited he had made Alex. Zach started licking Alexs balls and then took them into his mouth sucking on them lightly. Zach ran his tongue over the orbs bathing them liberally

and Alex was writhing with pleasure before he was finished. Zach then started licking his way back up Alexs shaft till he reached the flaring head. Alexs dick seemed even larger than normal to Zach, and Zach momentarily wondered if he was going to be able to manage working that monster into his mouth. Zach paused for a few seconds, and then he wrapped his lips around the head of Alexs dick causing Alex to gasp once again. Zach ran his tongue across the surface of Alexs dick for a few moments, trying to get his mouth use to being stretched so much. And then Zach started working his way down Alexs shaft, sucking lightly and running his tongue around the surface as much as possible. Alex was trying very hard to keep from thrusting, but every once in a while instinct took over and his hips thrust forward

slightly and he would groan even louder. Zach could tell Alex was very close now and he wanted to give as much pleasure as he could. Zach tried to work his mouth further down Alexs shaft but he never could get much more than half of it in his mouth before he started to gag and had to draw back. Obviously, this was a skill that would take a lot of practice. Zach nearly started laughing as he thought that and wondered if he could convince Alex to help him get that practice! Alexs breath came in harsh gasps now and his body was covered in sweat. His entire body was trembling and he could barely keep from thrusting wildly into Zachs mouth. Then Zach wrapped his hand around the remainder of his shaft and began stroking. Alex shuddered as his climax past the point of no return.

"Z..ZaZACH! OH GOD! ZACH." was all that Alex could get out for a warning before he started shooting. Zach had started to pull off Alexs dick as soon as Alex had started to stammer, but he wasnt nearly fast enough and Alex shot several times in his mouth before he was able to pull off completely. Alex continued shooting several more shots streaking his chest and stomach with long white streaks. Alexs entire body continued to shudder long after he finished shooting. Zach kept rubbing his chest and stomach with one hand even while he continued stroking Alexs dick, milking every last drop out of his trembling body. Finally, Alex reached down and grabbed the hand that Zach was stroking his dick with and pulled it away. "Please! You have to stop or Im gonna pass out here!" Alex gasped, fighting to get

his breath back under control. After a few more shuddering breaths, Alex opened his eyes again and grinned at Zach. He immediately pulled Zach down into the most passionate kiss Zach could ever remember receiving. Alex quickly rolled Zach onto his back and began kissing down his throat while he ran his hands up and down his sides tickling him fiendishly. Zach was writhing uncontrollably in minutes and Alex continued kissing across his chest pausing at each nipple to tease it with licks and nibbles before traveling to the other. Alex kept the teasing up for several minutes before kissing his way down to Zachs navel where he immediately started swirling his tongue. Zach began groaning loudly and Alex looked up grinning at him. Alex quickly stood up and walked away which

confused the hell out of Zach. Alex stopped at the stereo and turned it on, turning the volume up fairly loud. Alex then jumped back into bed and grinned at Zach again. "Those speakers are right up against James bedroom wall. Hopefully now he wont hear us!" Zach started laughing and then Alex started swirling his tongue around his navel again and the laughter turned back into groans of pleasure. Alex kept his attention on Zachs belly button for several minutes and Zach thought he was going to go crazy with the sensations running through his body. Then Alex started to nibble his way down to the waistband of Zachs boxers. Alex nibbled all along the edge of the material for several minutes and Zach was squirming in pleasure and his moans were becoming very loud.

After several more minutes, Alex paused and looked up into Zachs eyes seeking permission to go further. Zach merely nodded his head not trusting himself to speak, not even sure he still could at this point. Alexs grin spoke volumes as he stared into Zachs lust filled eyes. And then Alex began tugging Zachs boxers down, freeing Zachs straining dick and balls. Alex began kissing and licking all around Zachs crotch, but scrupulously avoided Zachs dick and balls. Zach thought he was going to go crazy! The sensations running through his body were the most intense he had ever felt and Alex was playing his body like a master musician. Finally, after what seemed ages, Alex took hold of Zachs dick with one hand and Zach nearly came just from that touch. Alex grinned at Zach and then slowly ran just the tip of his tongue over

the head of Zachs dick. OH MY GOD! Zach couldnt believe the feeling from that one little touch. His mind was reeling and his body felt like it was on fire. How could one little touch be that pleasurable? And then Alex licked him again from tip to base in one long, wet stroke and Zach felt his entire body shudder. Zach realized his eyes had closed and he forced them back open to stare in openmouthed wonder at what Alex was doing to him. Zachs vision was blurred and it took him what seemed like an eternity to focus on Alex. And then Alex licked him again and Zach flopped back into the bed as the sensation overwhelmed him. Zach struggled to sort through the sensations his body was experiencing. Thought was nearly impossible. The only thing registering on his brain

was just how incredible those light touches of Alexs tongue felt. And then Zach felt Alexs mouth covering the head of his dick and he half sat up again struggling to see what was happening. Zach felt like he was going to pass out from the sensations coursing through his body. All he could think of was how warm and wet Alexs mouth was. How could Alexs mouth and tongue be causing so much pleasure? And oh my God! It was Alex that was doing this! It was Alex that was giving him so much pleasure! Dimly, Zach could hear someone moaning and it took a while before he realized the sounds were coming from him. But he couldnt help it. The feelings were too intense and he had to give vent to them somehow. Zach could also feel a slight pain in his hands and he dimly realized he

had clenched them in the bed sheets. He had clenched his fists so tight that it was beginning to hurt and he struggled to release his grip. He no sooner opened his hands than another wave of pleasure swept over his body and he clenched his hands into the covers even tighter. Zach could feel the waves of pleasure building in his body, washing out his senses and all coherent thought. He could feel Alex rubbing his body with one hand and massaging his balls with the other, but the over riding sensation was the warm, moist mouth wrapped around his dick, the tongue sliding along the surface of his skin. His vision blurred, the room seemed to jump around crazily and the world had to be spinning out of control cause Zach felt it moving around him. Zachs mind was reeling and the only thing that seemed real was Alexs warm mouth and his

throbbing dick. And then Zach felt it building, starting it seemed from the bottom of his toes, coursing through his body leaving a tingling sensation in every portion of his anatomy, electric bolts shooting through him, leaving him gasping, his body drenched in sweat, his every thought gone, only an overwhelming need remained until..finally.with an intensity that left him shuddering, the sensations came ripping out of Zach. Howling in a frenzy one word "ALEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" To Be Continued. Copyright 2011 Greg_A; All Rights Reserved.

Zach slowly rose, trying to keep from waking Alex as he crawled out of the bed. He glanced briefly at Alex and then stumbled through the dark towards the door. Alex opened his eyes, silently watching as Zach navigated in the dark. Alex sighed once Zach had left the room. This same scene had been going on for several days now and Alex was getting a little tired of it. Alex sighed again as he remembered last Saturday. The night had been so special. It had been even more special since Zach had led the way. That had really surprised Alex. But it surprised Alex even more when a few hours after the two of them had drifted off to sleep Zach had quietly gotten out of bed and stumbled his way into the living room. Alex had waited a few minutes for Zach to return to bed thinking he had just gotten up to get a drink or something. After a

few more minutes passed Alex realized Zach wasnt returning to bed and he got up to find out what Zach was doing. Alex had fumbled his way out of bed and silently padded his way into the living room. Once there, he found Zach sitting on the couch just staring straight at the walls, his exp ression one of deep concentration. "Zach? Are you Ok?" Alex asked quietly. Zach jumped slightly at the sound of Alexs voice. "Yeah," he answered quietly, distantly. "I just couldnt sleep so I got up. I didnt mean to wake you." Alex crossed the room and reached down to rub Zachs shoulders. At Alexs touch Zach flinched slightly and started shivering. "Youre freezing out here. Why dont you come back to bed? We can just talk for awhile."

Zach turned slightly and half-smiled at Alex. "No, you go ahead. Theres no reason for both of us to lose sleep. Ill just sit out here and think for awhile." Alex hesitated for a few seconds but finally gave up. "All right Zach. If you get sleepy come back to bed. Dont worry about waking me up." Alex leaned down and kissed Zachs forehead goodnight and couldnt help noticing Zachs slight flinch. Alex quietly padded back to their room knowing that Zach wouldnt be returning to bed that night. Alex had remained awake a long time after returning to bed worrying over Zach. And now it was nearly a week later and nothing had been resolved. Zach was still distant and quiet and seemed to almost be avoiding Alex. Alex was a little surprised that Zach was still sharing his bed with him, not that they were

doing anything in it. And not that Zach was sleeping there. Zach always got up a few hours after they went to bed and went out to the living room to just stare at the walls. Alex wasnt even sure if Zach was sleeping at all. Alex stayed awake for the rest of the night trying to figure out what to do about Zach. Alex knew that Zach was struggling with the events of the previous Saturday, trying to get a grip on the changes it had wrought in his life. He just wished Zach would talk to him about it. Finally the alarm clock went off and Alex rolled over turning it off and got up for the day. At least it was Thursday, only one more day till the weekend, and Zach would have to face him for two days since he wouldnt have class or tutoring to run away to. Alex quickly showered and dressed and went out to the living room to

greet Zach just to find that Zach had already left for the day. "Damn!" Alex said quietly and then made his way into the kitchen to eat breakfast. Alex started laughing as soon as he got in there. Zach had remembered to set out his Captain Crunch for him and that little gesture melted away his irritation. Alex quickly scarfed down his cereal and rinsed out his bowl. Then he grabbed his books and headed out for the day. Alex had plenty of time before his first class so he was walking at a very leisurely pace. His mind naturally drifted towards Zach as he walked towards the main campus. Alex had no idea how to break through to Zach this time and that was frustrating to the point that Alex wanted to howl. Why couldnt Zach just open up to him? Why couldnt Zach just talk to him about what was

bothering him? Alex noticed Cindy coming up behind him and stopped to wait for her to catch up. "Hey Alex!" Cindy said as she approached. "Youre getting an early start arent you?" "Yeah," Alex answered. "I couldnt sleep last night so I went ahead and got ready for the day. Zach was already gone so I didnt have any reason to hang around the house either." "Its kinda early for Zach too," Cindy said thoughtfully. "I know his classes start earlier than yours, but I didnt think his classes started this early." "They dont," Alex replied. "He left early to avoid me. Hes been doing it all week." "I see," Cindy said slowly and thoughtfully. "What happened?"

Alex grimaced. "We, uh, we kinda took our relationship to the next level," Alex answered a little embarrassed. Cindy smiled at Alexs embarrassment. "So the two of you finally had sex. I take it everything didnt go exactly as planned." "No, we didnt exactly have sex," Alex answered, blushing even more. "Um, we, uh, it was just, uh, oral." Cindy laughed softly. "Well, thats still sex Alex. Its called oral sex you know. So Zach didnt react well to it? He wasnt ready yet?" "No." Alex answered shaking his head in denial. "Zach was the one who initiated it. And it was really great! Um, I meanshit! You know what I mean Cindy!" Alex blushed again. "And Zach seemed to really be into it too. But then Zach started pulling back later that same night.

He didnt even stay the night in bed with me. He got up and went out to the living room. And ever since then well go to bed together, but then a couple hours later hell get up and go out to the living room." Cindy smiled sympathetically at Alex. "Alex, you have to understand Zach. Hes just a little freaked right now. Hes beginning to realize that he needs you. And hes never needed anyone before. Zach would never let himself need anyone before. And the fact that he loves you and needs you has got to be terrifying to him. He doesnt know how to react to that. Im actually a little surprised that hes still sleeping in the same bed with you. I really would have expected him to withdraw further than that." Alex sighed. "So what do I do now? Ive been wracking my brains trying to figure out how to

get him to talk to me about it and Ive got nothing. How do I get Zach to come around?" Cindy smiled again. "You keep on doing what youve been doing all along Alex. You ignore his pulling away and just treat him as if nothing is different. Eventually Zach will figure out that youre not gonna run away. Actually, it probably wont take him that long. Im guessing hes already half way there since hes stayed in your bed." "I hope youre right Cindy," Alex replied. "I dont want to scare him and push him even farther away than he already is. Thanks for talking with me Cindy." "Anytime Alex." Cindy hugged Alex in parting. "Im always there for my two favorite guys! Ill see ya later." The rest of the day seemed to drag for Alex.

He couldnt concentrate in his classes. He tried to take notes and got totally lost. At one point, he even went to the wrong class. All he could think of was the problem with Zach. Finally, classes were over and Alex headed back home. On the way, Alex decided he would take Cindys advice and just act like everything was normal while he was with Zach. After all, she had been right about everything else so far. She had known Zach a lot longer than he had. Alex opened the door and saw Zach sitting on the couch reading. Deciding there was no time like the present to start with his plan, Alex assumed a smile. "Hey Zach," Alex said as he put down his books. "How was your day? Man! I got to take a piss!" Alex passed by Zach and paused and kissed him on the cheek before heading on towards the bathroom.

Alex could see Zachs confusion but ignored it as he walked into the bathroom. "Have you thought about what you want for supper?" Alex asked Zach. "Huh?" Zach replied, confused by Alexs actions. "I asked what do you want to eat for supper?" Alex said as he finished peeing. "Im really hungry." "Supper?" Zach asked. "What?" Zach still hadnt caught up. Alex stuck his head around the door smiling at Zach. "Supper. You know, that meal we eat in the evening. Shortly before we go to bed. Have you thought about what you want?" "Uhno," Zach replied still trying to comprehend what was happening.

Alex finished up in the bathroom and came back out into the living room. He stood behind Zach and rubbed his shoulders for a few minutes. "I suppose we could go to the dining hall, but Im really not in the mood for that slop. And the thought of fast food doesnt really get me all excited either." Zach turned and looked at Alex for a few seconds, a confused look still on his face. Then a slow, shy smile spread across his face. "Why dont I cook something?" Alex stopped rubbing Zachs shoulders in surprise. "You know how to cook?" he asked. "I didnt know that. Do we even have anything to cook?" Zach laughed at Alex. "No, we probably dont. Ill run to the store and pick up something."

"Let me grab a shower and Ill go with you," Alex said. "No," Zach answered. "I want to surprise you. Go grab your shower and then start your homework. Ill be back in a bit and after we eat, Ill help you with your homework." Zach kissed Alex. "Go shower. You reek!" Alex started laughing and kissed Zach again before Zach could make it out the door. Zach started to turn to leave, paused, and then turned back and kissed Alex again, this time deeply and passionately causing Alex to catch his breath. Zach finally pulled away and grinned at Alex before heading out the door. Alex couldnt believe how much of change had come over Zach in such a short time. Alex thought to himself that he would have to remember to do something nice for Cindy!

Alex headed towards the bathroom and quickly stripped to take a shower. As he pulled off his boxers, Alexs erect dick slapped him in the stomach. Alex looked down at himself in amusement and his dick twitched again. "Geeze! It was just a kiss. Down boy!" Alex laughed at himself. Alex jumped in the shower and started soaping himself down. Running the slippery soap over his body was doing nothing to lessen his state of arousal. In fact, his entire body was beginning to tingle as his hands ran over his wet skin. Alex began thinking once again about that final kiss Zach had given him before leaving and he felt his dick throb. Alexs dick twitched once again as his fingers grazed along his shaft and his entire body shuddered. "Oh shit!" Alex groaned to himself.

Alex closed his eyes and wrapped his hand around his throbbing dick, slowly stroking the entire length while the warm water cascaded over his body. His other hand began roaming over his chest and stomach, slowly rubbing his super charged body. Alex could feel his balls trying to draw up on their chords and he dropped his hand down to massage them while he continued stroking his dick. Alexs started stroking faster as he felt his orgasm building. With one final stroke, his body trembling, Alex began shooting long streaks across his stomach and chest. Alex stood under the warm water for several more minutes, just letting it wash over him. Slowly, awareness returned and Alex opened his eyes shaking his head slightly. Alex grinned to himself and continued with his shower. Alex finished up his shower and turned off the

water. He got out of the shower, waving a little at the billowing clouds of steam and wrapped a towel around himself. Alex looked at himself in the mirror for a second or two, frowning a little at the total lack of facial hair. He quickly brushed his hair into some semblance of order and started towards the bedroom. As he was exiting the bathroom, the phone started ringing and Alex changed course to pick up the phone. "Alex and Zachs Dungeon of Horror," Alex answered. "Dungeon Master Alex speaking. How may I abuse you? Todays special involves whips and chains." "Alex," Cindy laughed on the other end. "You are such an idiot!" "Hey Cindy!" Alex laughed back. "Are you sure you dont want todays special?" "You certainly in a good mood!" Cindy

replied. "Yep!" Alex answered happily. "I took your advice about dealing with Zach and you wouldnt believe how well it worked! Im feeling so up right now its unbelievable!" "Hmmm." Cindy laughed. "So youre up huh? Well, Im sure Zach will be glad to know everything is still functioning for you! Or did you not mean it that way?" Alex started laughing really hard. "Well, yeah, Im that way too!" "Too much information Alex!" Cindy groaned. "You asked!" Alex shot back. "So whats going on?" "Well, I actually called for Zach," Cindy answered still chuckling. "I wanted to see if he had time to help me with my statistics

homework." "Sorry Cindy," Alex answered. "Zach isnt here. Hes at the grocery store picking up something to cook tonight." "Zach is cooking for you?" Cindy asked, a hint of envy entering her voice. "That is so cool! I think Im big time jealous." "Yeah it is pretty cool," Alex answered. "I hope I can eat whatever he makes. I dont want to hurt his feelings." "Alex," Cindy replied. "Trust me. Youll be able to eat whatever Zach makes. Hes a great cook. And I mean really, really good! Whatever he makes for you, its gonna be fantastic! I wasnt kidding about being jealous." "His cooking is really that good?" Alex asked surprised. "Wow!"

"Yeah," Cindy said. "Ill leave you two alone tonight in case he wants to make it really special. Ill get someone else to help me with my homework." "Well," Alex hedged. "I dont know if you need to go that far. I mean, yeah its gonna be special since he is cooking for me, but I dont know if he is planning on making it intimate or anything. I mean, we just barely started acting normal again. Maybe Ill just mention that you called but you said it was nothing important. That way, if he is keeping it casual he can call you. If he wants to make it special, he can call you tomorrow." "Pretty sneaky there Alex," Cindy laughed. "Ill let you go. You should go work on that being UP problem of yours before Zach gets back." "Already did that too Cindy!" Alex laughed.

"Way more than I wanted to know!" Cindy laughed. "Ill talk to you later." "See ya Cindy," Alex answered. "And thanks!" Alex hung up the phone and went to his bedroom to get dressed. While he was deciding what to wear, he heard Zach come home. "Hey! Im home!" Zach yelled out to Alex. "Youre officially banished from the kitchen. I want to surprise you!" Alex came back out into the living room pulling on a sweatshirt he knew Zach really liked. "Youre not even going to give me a hint?" Alex whined playfully. "Im starving out here! What are we eating? What are we eating?" Alex could hear Zach laughing from the kitchen and he was really tempted to peek and see what Zach was cooking, but he decided not to ruin the surprise. Instead, he sat down and

started struggling with his homework. Shortly, Alex could smell the most delicious smells and his stomach began growling in anticipation. Alex tried to continue studying, but the scrumptious aromas kept distracting him. After a few minutes Zach came walking into the living room carrying a sandwich and a glass of milk. Alex looked at the food for a second and then grinning looked at Zach, his eyes sparkling mischievously. "My surprise supper is a sandwich? Oh Zach, you shouldnt have!" Zach started laughing. "Dickhead!" he replied. "No, I thought I would be nice and bring you something to tide you over, but now Im not so sure you deserve it." Zach was grinning as he pretended to turn back towards the kitchen, the food still in hand. "No! Wait!" Alex yelled. "Ill be good! I

promise!" Alex jumped up and grabbed the sandwich out of Zachs hand and took a large bite before Zach could grab it back. Zach laughed and went back into the kitchen to finish cooking. After what seemed like forever, Zach came back into the living room. "Its ready," Zach announced. "But Im sure you want to wait a little since you just had a sandwich." Alexs growling stomach answered for him as he got up and practically ran towards the kitchen. "Damn!" Zach laughed. "Guess youre hungry after all." Alex sat down at the table and Zach placed a large salad in front of him and then sat down across from him with his own salad. Alex started eating and was really surprised to find that he liked the salad. Normally he didnt like lettuce, but the dressing was a sweet Italian and was very

good. "Hey!" Alex said with his mouth half full. "This is really good. What brand of dressing is this?" Zach smiled. "I made it myself," Zach announced, blushing slightly at Alexs look of surprise. "Its a pretty easy dressing to make." "Wow!" Alex answered. "If the salad is this good, I cant wait till the main course. I guess Cindy was right about your cooking." "When did you talk to Cindy?" Zach asked a little confused. "Oh shit Zach!" Alex exclaimed. "I forgot to tell you. Cindy called while you were at the store. She said it wasnt anything important and that shed get a hold of you later. Thats when I told her you were cooking and she told me you were really good."

Zach turned a little pink again at the compliment. "Oh," Zach replied. "Ill give her a quick call. She probably just wants help with her homework. Ill tell her to come on over." Zach got up and put some more salad in front of Alex and then picked up the phone. Alex continued eating happily, but had to admit to himself that he was a little disappointed that he wasnt going to be able to keep Zach all to himself. "Hey Cindy," Alex heard Zach greet Cindy. "Alex said you called." There was a slight pause. "Yeah, were eating right now." Another pause. "No, its no problem, well be finished by the time you get over here anyway." Zach laughed for a second or two. "Sure, come on over. Well see ya in a bit." Zach hung up the phone and walked over towards the stove. "I was right," Zach said. "Cindy wants help

with her stats. Are you ready for the main course?" Alex took a final bite finishing off his salad and shook his head vigorously. "Ysmph!" he attempted to reply with his mouth full. Alex swallowed hastily, grinning at Zach. "That was suppose to be yes!" Zach grinned back at Alex and carried over two plates, placing one down in front of Alex. Alex stared in open-mouthed wonder at the food. Zach had made Fettuccini Alfredo with braised chicken breast meat diced on top. On the side of the plate were baby asparagus spears in a light butter sauce. The whole plate of food looked like it had been prepared by a chef for display in a fancy restaurant. Alex looked at the food for a few moments, the aroma drifting up enticingly around him. He

looked up at Zach, his exp ression stunned. "Wow!" he said again. Zach smiled at Alex. "Youve already said that." Zach turned a little pink again under Alexs scrutiny. "Start eating already! Youre embarrassing me!" Alex grinned at Zach and took a big bite of the food. "God this is good," Alex exclaimed taking another bite, hardly pausing to chew. Zach started laughing at the gusto with which Alex attacked his food. Alex paused eating long enough to grin at Zach again, and then started shoveling food into his mouth again. In a surprisingly short time Alexs plate was empty. "Do you want more?" Zach asked getting up. "I made enough for a small army so theres plenty and we should even have leftovers." Alex smiled in pleasure. "Yeah," he answered.

"Have you ever known me to turn down food?" Zach was laughing as he filled Alexs plate again. "Just save a little bit of room for dessert." Alexs eyes brightened. "You made dessert too?" he asked eagerly. "What is it? What did you make? Where is it?" Zach was laughing really hard at the eagerness in Alexs voice and Alex turned a little pink in embarrassment. "Its in the oven keeping warm," Zach answered. "I made an apple pie with a sweet crumb topping and I picked up some vanilla ice cream to go with it." Alexs eyes really lit up at that and his stomach growled noisily. Alex glanced down smiling ruefully at his stomach and then joined Zach in laughing. "How did you know apple pie is my favorite?" he asked.

"Youve mentioned it a time or two," Zach answered smiling. "I figured you deserved a treat for putting up with me all week." "You need to act like a jerk more often then, if I get apple pie for a reward," Alex said laughing, his eyes sparkling mischievously. Alex quickly finished his second plate of food and sat patiently waiting for the few seconds it took for Zach to catch up. Zach started laughing as he watched Alex practically bouncing in his chair in anticipation. He quickly cut a large piece of pie for Alex and topped it with a several scoops of ice cream. Zach placed the bowl down in front of Alex and quickly jerked his hands away as Alex started attacking the dessert. "Shit!" Zach exclaimed. "Do I still have all my fingers?" he joked. Alex grabbed Zachs hand before he could get

away and promptly stuck one of Zachs fingers in his mouth sucking on it greedily. "You taste even better than the pie," Alex said grinning at Zach, his words a little garbled. Zach started laughing and pulled his finger out of Alexs mouth. "I guess that gives new meaning to the phrase eat me," Zach answered playfully. Zach cut another piece of pie and put it in the now empty bowl in front of Alex. He then sat down with his own dessert and started eating it, still watching Alex with a smile on his face. Alex again finished long before Zach and sat watching Zach eat. "Get yourself another piece," Zach said smiling. "You dont have to watch me eat with those sad puppy dog eyes of yours." Alex looked at the pie for a few seconds, and then back at Zach. "I shouldnt," he said to Zach. "I should try and save some for later," Alex said

in a regretful tone. Zach cocked his head slightly, smiling at Alex. "Go ahead and eat it. Theres another pie in the oven for later so you can eat as much as you want." Alex jumped up at once and started towards the pie. He stopped halfway and then walked back towards Zach. Alex bent down and hugged Zach fiercely and kissed him. "Thanks," Alex said simply, smiling. "In case you havent figured it out, I thought everything tasted great. I loved you already, but now Im definitely going to keep you around!" Alex kissed the blushing Zach again and then went to grab another piece of pie. As Alex was sitting down, there was a brief knock on the front door immediately followed by Cindy opening it and walking in followed by James. "Hey!" Cindy yelled out. "I brought over a

torture victim for Alex and Zachs dungeon!" Alex started laughing with his mouth full and almost started to choke. "Hey Cindy! Hey James!" Zach greeted them. "I take it Alex answered the phone using his tired old greeting huh? One of these days well work on his sense of humor. Im still working on house breaking him." "Still?" James asked in mock surprise. "Seems to me youve been trying to housebreak him since I first met you two. What smells good? Did you two get take out?" "I havent made a puddle in the corner for at least a week now!" Alex answered. "And no, we didnt get take out. Zach cooked supper for me." "Thats too cool," James answered. "Beats the hell out of the McDonalds grease special I had."

Zach came walking into the living room and handed two plates of food to Cindy and James. "Here," he said. "Eat. I made enough to feed the entire student body." "Hey!" Alex protested laughing. "Stop giving out my leftovers! Let them get their own boyfriends to cook for them." Cindy and James both stopped eating looking at Alex in surprise. Zach froze in his tracks on the way back into the kitchen and Alexs exp ression turned to one of regret as he realized he just said too much. Alex glanced back at James trying desperately to find some way to fix his mistake. "Uh I mean, uh" he trailed off helplessly. James started laughing softly. "Its ok guys," he said. "I kinda already knew. The walls arent that thick you know. Im not so dense that I couldnt figure out what I was hearing." Both Alex and

Zach turned bright red at James statement and James started laughing even harder at them. Cindy was trying very hard to keep from laughing too, but was failing miserably. "Shit!" Zach said in embarrassment, his face crimson. Then both he and Alex looked at each other and they started to laugh too. Cindy walked over to Zach and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek as she handed her empty plate to him. "That was really good," she said grinning. "The food wasnt bad either." Zachs face turned even brighter red and he took both Cindy and James empty plates out to the kitchen. When he came back into the living room, his face was still a little pink, but fortunately, other than knowing grins directed at him, everyone let the whole subject drop. Later that night, as Alex and Zach were getting

ready for bed, Alex came up from behind and hugged Zach tightly for several minutes. "Im sorry about earlier," Alex apologized. "I didnt mean to let James know about us. Sometimes Ive got a big mouth." Zach smiled at Alex and kissed him lightly. "Yes you do," he replied. "But its ok. I love you anyway. And it all worked out. I guess were going to have to start telling a few people anyway, but it kinda shocked me. I wasnt ready yet, but its ok. James is cool with it." Alex smiled and crawled into bed, holding the covers up for Zach to follow. Zach quickly pulled off his shirt and pants and snuggled up next to Alex. Alex wrapped his arms around Zach, nuzzling softly at his cheek. "Next time throw something heavy at me, ok?" Alex joked. "Knock me out before I have a chance to fuck

up." Zach chuckled softly at that and nuzzled right back at Alex. Alex held Zach tightly in his warm embrace and started kissing lightly along Zachs jaw line. He slowly worked his way up to Zachs ears and nipped lightly at the ear lobes making Zach giggle slightly. Zach shifted slightly and then started to pull away. "Let me up Alex," Zach said suddenly. Alex immediately released Zach from his embrace. Alex tried to keep his exp ression neutral, but he couldnt keep the hurt from showing in his eyes as Zach stood up. Zach turned around facing Alex and noticed the exp ression on his face. "Hey!" Zach said in alarm. "Whats wrong? Im not leaving. Im just pulling off my boxers. I couldnt do that with you holding me so tight." Alex hung his head for a second, laughing at

himself. "Good!" he finally said still laughing. "You had me worried there for a second." Zach smiled as he crawled back into bed and Alexs embrace. "Well," Zach said. "I guess Ive finally gotten use to sleeping naked. It almost feels funny when I dont. Besides," Zach drawled, "yall like me better this way anyway, dontcha?" "You better fucking believe it!" Alex exclaimed promptly. "Now I just gotta work on keeping you naked when were out of bed too!" Zach started laughing and snuggled up closer to Alex. Alex kissed Zach tenderly. Alex really felt like doing a little more than cuddling but he didnt want to push Zach, especially since he had just started acting normal again. Alex shifted a little, and he couldnt help but notice that Zach seemed to be a little thicker and longer than normal. God!

He was so tempted just to reach down and grab him, but he used all his will power to resist. Alex could feel his own growing erection and he shifted slightly again so he wouldnt be poking Zach quite so noticeably. Alex continued to nuzzle softly at Zachs cheeks and his hands were running lazy circles around his chest and stomach. Alex felt the slight shudder in Zachs body every time his fingers ran up his ribs and Alex smiled slightly. The temptation to hold Zach down and tickle him washed over him and he had to once again restrain himself, but he couldnt help grinning at the thought. After a few more minutes, Zach shifted slightly. "Alex?" Zach asked quietly. "Are you really very tired?" Zachs voice sounded especially timid. Alex couldnt help but grin. "Not that tired!" he

replied enthusiastically. "Are we feeling a little bit energetic?" Alex teased as he started rubbing his body along Zachs. "Oh God!" Zach groaned. "No, we arent feeling a little bit energetic. Were feeling fucking horny as hell! Im about ready to explode here!" Alex started laughing at Zachs frank admission. "I never expected you to say something like that!" Alex teased. Alex started kissing down Zachs throat and he continued running his hands over every square inch of Zachs flesh he could reach. Alex started kissing and nibbling down Zachs chest causing Zachs entire body to tremble. When Alex reached his stomach and started to proceed further down, Zach grabbed his shoulders, holding him in place. Alex looked up questioningly. "Alex," Zach nearly moaned. "Youve got to

You" Zach struggled to get the words out between gasps. "Im gonna lose it if you, uh if you suck me." Zach turned bright pink at those words, but he continued. "I wont last two seconds. Its been too long since I last, uh, well you know." Alex grinned at Zach. "You havent cum since the last time I gave you a blow job?" Alex asked directly, smiling as Zach turned even brighter red and shook his head no. "Good! Then this first one wont take too long and I can give you two tonight!" Zachs eyes went really wide and a little wild and Alex grinned again and then swallowed Zach to the hilt. Zachs entire body convulsed as he let out a loud groan as he flopped his head back into the pillows. True to his prediction, Zach began shooting and his hips were thrusting involuntarily.

Zachs hands had still not left Alexs shoulders and Alex could feel Zachs fingers begin to tighten almost painfully into his skin. Alex kept on sucking, lapping up every drop causing Zach to groan and shudder almost continuously. Alex continued licking and sucking long after Zachs orgasm had passed and finally Zach had to grab at his shoulders again to pull him off his super sensitive dick. "Please Alex" Zach begged. "Its too intense. My dick is so sensitive right now that your touch almost hurts." Alex reluctantly released the hold his mouth had on Zachs dick and he grinned as he slowly started kissing and nibbling his way back up Zachs stomach and chest. Zachs body was still trembling in the aftermath and his breath was coming in sharp gasps. But even so, Alex noticed that Zach still had not lost his erection. If

anything, it seemed even harder than before he started. Alex finally made his way up to Zachs mouth, kissing him deeply and passionately. Alex kept his hands continuously running over Zachs body, lightly stroking his fingers against his sensitive skin. Zach started to reach for Alexs boxers and throbbing dick and Alex grabbed his hands pulling them away. "Uh, uh!" Alex said shaking his head no, smiling at Zach. "Tonight is all about you. And Im not nearly done playing with you yet." Zach groaned as Alex rubbed his groin against Zachs, their throbbing dicks sliding against each other through the material of Alexs boxers. Alex started to lightly run his fingers up and down Zachs sides, tickling him slightly even as he continued to kiss him passionately, his tongue

exploring every inch of Zachs mouth. Alex could feel Zach shuddering and his breath was once again coming in gasps. Slowly, Alex began kissing his way back down Zachs quivering body, his fingers still tickling Zachs ribs. Zach was moaning the entire time and his head was thrashing slowly from side to side. Alex slowly licked Zachs shaft from base to tip and Zach sat half way up before flopping back down again. Alex was really getting into the responses he was generating in Zach and he was getting a charge just from watching Zach. Slowly Alex licked around and around just the head of Zachs dick generating another loud moan from him. Then Alex began slowly sucking on the tip of Zachs dick, slowly working his way down the shaft. Once he had taken Zach entirely into his mouth, he paused for a few minutes lightly

sucking. Then he began to slowly pull his mouth up and down Zachs shaft and Zach groaned once again. Zachs entire body was covered in sweat and he was gasping for breath. He once again began thrusting his hips forward involuntarily. Alex knew Zach didnt realize what he was doing, but Zach was in effect fucking his mouth and that thought turned Alex on more than he thought imaginable. Zach forcefully thrust one final time and then cried out something that sorta sounded like Alexs name before shooting once again and Alex felt his own dick throb and begin shooting into his boxers. Alex continued to lick and suck until Zachs dick began to soften. He then began to kiss his way back up Zachs quivering body until he was face to face with Zach once again. Alex noticed

that Zach had his eyes squeezed shut and he looked totally spent. Slowly, Zach opened his eyes and grinned tiredly at Alex. Alex grinned back and kissed him tenderly before pulling him into a tight embrace. Zach cuddled up to Alexs chest, nuzzling softly at him. In only a few minutes they both drifted off to sleep. The next morning Alex woke to Zachs gentle kisses and soft nuzzling. "Hey, good morning," Zach said happily when he noticed Alexs open eyes. "I didnt think you were ever going to wake up!" Alex grinned sleepily at him. "Good morning to you too," he answered yawning. "What time is it?" Just then the alarm clock started buzzing and Zach reached over to turn it off. "Time to get up," Zach said as he practically jumped out of bed. Zach started bouncing up and

down on the bed. "Get up sleepy!" "Damn!" Alex laughed. "Youre full of energy. You get laid or something last night?" Zach blushed slightly and grinned back. "Nahh, just a blow job. But dont tell my boyfriend, ok? I dont want him thinking I sleep around or anything." "I knew it!" Alex said in mock indignation. "Betrayed! And in my own bed too!" "Yeah, and twice too!" Zach laughed back at him as he headed towards the shower. "But you dont have room to talk. I noticed your boxers are a little on the crusty side there!" Alex started laughing as Zach disappeared into the bathroom. Alex slowly pulled himself up out of bed, yawned and stretched and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. He made his slow,

stumbling way into the bathroom and the promise of a hot shower to wake him up. Zach was just finishing and stepping out of the shower when Alex finally made his way in. Zach kissed him lightly then pushed him towards the shower and started shaving. Alex stayed under the spray for several minutes, just letting the warm water wash over him and wake him up for the day. Slowly, he felt the life begin to return to him once again and he began soaping himself down. He had just started on his hair when the curtain was pulled back slightly. "EEEK!" he yelled in mock terror. "You aint got nothing I havent seen before," Zach teased. "And frequently too! Ive got an early appointment so I have to take off. Give me a kiss, but try not to get me too wet." "Hey if you get all wet from a kiss, then youre

not getting enough! Better have a chat with your boyfriend!" Alex teased as he leaned over and kissed Zach. Zach grinned as he finally pulled away from the kiss. "Ill have to make sure I talk to that boyfriend of mine then! Ill see ya after classes." "See ya," Alex replied and went back to his shower. Alex finally finished up and stepped out of the shower. He quickly brushed his hair into order and frowned once again as he realized he wouldnt have to shave again today. Alex stepped into his bedroom to get dressed. As he pulled on a sweatshirt, he realized he would need to hurry if he planned on eating breakfast before class. He walked out to the kitchen and started grinning as he saw Zach had again prepared his cereal for him. Alex finished quickly then headed off towards campus.

The day seemed to fly by for Alex. He was in such a good mood that everyone around him noticed and commented on it. Alex even grinned slyly as he heard a few people mutter amongst themselves that he must have gotten laid. He was tempted to turn around and explain if for no other reason than just to see their mouths open in shock, but he resisted. Finally, the last class for the day ended and Alex headed back towards the apartment. He met Cindy and James along the way and the three of them walked together laughing and joking the entire way. Alex naturally got a lot of teasing about his slip of the tongue the previous evening. James even made a few comments about the noise level later in the night at which point Alex went crimson to Cindys laughter. Even though he was embarrassed, Alex was

laughing too. The three of them finally made it back to the apartment and Alex invited Cindy and James in. They headed in through the front door and Alex saw Zach had already made it home and was sitting on the couch. Alex walked up behind him and leaned over the couch and started kissing him to the catcalls from Cindy and James. Alex noticed Zach stiffen up but figured it was from being seen by Cindy and James. "What the fuck is this?" a voice interrupted, shouting loudly. Alex pulled off Zach and looked up to see a guy in his late twenties standing in the bathroom door staring in disgust at Zach and him. Alex thought he looked slightly familiar, but he could have sworn that he had never seen this guy before. He noticed that Cindys face had gone pale.

Zach briefly closed his eyes and seemed to be steeling himself. Finally he stood up and faced the fuming stranger. "Mike," Zach said, and Alex finally realized the stranger was Zachs brother. "This is my roommate Alex." "Your roommate huh?" Mike answered sarcastically. "And I suppose hes from a foreign country and kissing you, thats how he says hello?" Zach closed his eyes again for a second and Alex could see his jaw tighten in annoyance. "Dont try to be cute Mike. Youre not smart enough for it." "You fucker!" Mike shouted. "So what the hell is going on between you two?" Zach glared at his brother for a few seconds. "Exactly what it looked like Mike," he finally answered in a deadly quiet voice.

"So the two of you are fags?" Mike yelled sneering. "Thats fucking disgusting!" "Get out," Zach said quietly. "Get the hell out of my home and stay the hell away from me." Mike walked towards the door deliberately bumping his shoulder into Zach as he was leaving. He walked out onto the front lawn and then turned back towards Zach who had followed him out the door. "I always knew you were a fag!" Mike yelled at Zach, sneering at him. Mikes exp ression was one of pure hate. "God, Mom and Dad should have aborted you!" "Shut up Mike," Zach said in a deadly quiet voice. Zachs voice remained dreadfully calm. Only the intense look in Zachs eyes and his clenched jaw revealed his anger. "Dont you tell me to shut up, you fucking pervert!" Mike yelled again. "Youre a disgrace

to the family!" Zachs eyes narrowed and if anything, he seemed to become even calmer. "Im a disgrace? Im not the one who is fucking every whore in town. Im not the one whose wife has caught him cheating on more than one occasion." Mikes face turned bright red with renewed anger. "You fucking bastard!" Mike screamed at Zach. Then without warning, Mike balled his fists as he threw a punch. Zach wasnt expecting the blow and Mikes fist landed squarely against Zachs right eye. The force of the blow pushed Zachs head back and he stumbled backwards for a couple of steps thus avoiding the next blow from Mike. Zach caught his balance after a few backward steps. Zachs exp ression was one of shock, but then a look of intense rage replaced that initial

emotion. Zach jabbed out quickly with his right fist connecting solidly with Mikes nose. Everyone present could hear the snap of cartilage as Mikes nose broke and began bleeding freely. Without pause, Zach threw three quick jabs with his left hand into Mikes stomach. The air rushed out of Mike, but before he could catch his breath, Zachs right fist came up sharply in an uppercut catching Mike on the chin and knocking him backwards and completely off his feet. Zach began to move towards Mike to continue the brawl when James and Alex quickly grabbed both of his arms and dragged Zach back away from his brother. Mike lay on the ground for several minutes gasping for air. And then struggling, he slowly pulled himself to his feet staring a little fearfully at the still enraged Zach. "Get the fuck out of here Mike!" Zach yelled

at his brother. "The next time you try and take a swing at me you better pray that Alex and James are there to pull me off of you! Just because Im your younger brother doesnt mean that Im not bigger than you and that I cant beat the shit out of you. The next time you decide you want to fight with me, just remember that your fag brother just beat the fuck out of you!" Mike didnt say a word as he stumbled towards his car. He quickly got in and drove off. Zach watched the speeding car as it pulled out of sight. As soon as the car was gone from view, Zach sighed and all the anger seemed to drain out of him. "That was a mistake," Zach mumbled as he turned towards the apartment door. Zach slowly walked back into the apartment followed by a speechless Alex, James and Cindy. As soon as he was back inside, Zach sat

down on the couch and just stared out the window. As every minute passed Zach seemed to draw further into himself. Zach resisted all efforts to engage him in conversation by Cindy and James, and even Alex couldnt get him to respond with much more than single syllable answers. As the evening slowly passed the three friends could only watch as Zach continued to stare out the window. Alex woke to someone gently shaking him. He slowly opened his eyes to see Cindys staring at him, a concerned look on her face. Instantly Alex woke the rest of the way up as he remembered the events of the previous day and night. Alex looked quickly towards the spot on the couch where Zach had been sitting the entire night just to find the spot empty. "Where is he?" Alex asked, a note of panic

entering his voice. "Did Zach finally go to bed?" Cindy stared at Alex for a few seconds before answering. "You know he would never just go to bed and leave the rest of us out here Alex. I dont know where he is. I just woke up a few minutes ago myself and Zach was gone. His car is gone too." "Fuck!" Alex yelled in frustration. "Weve got to find him! Where would he go?" Alex jumped up and started searching for his keys intent to start his search immediately. He was nearly frantic with worry over Zach. "Sit down Alex," Cindy ordered, a note of steel in her voice. "Just where do you think youll find him at? All you can accomplish is a pointless wandering around hoping youll stumble across him. You need to be here in case Zach tries to call or comes back."

Alex stared at Cindy a hopeless look on his face. The truth of her words hit him with the force of a cold splash of water. "I have to do something Cindy!" Alex finally said. "I have to find him! I have to." Alex trailed off, his eyes starting to water. Cindy walked across the room and pulled Alex into a tight hug. "I know Alex. But this time hes gonna have to come back by himself. Zach is going to need you when he comes home. You have to be here for him when he finally finds his way home." Alex allowed himself to be held for several minutes as he fought to regain control over his emotions. Eventually he allowed Cindy to guide him over to the couch and sat down. Alex sat staring blankly at the room for several minutes before he realized James was gone. "Wheres

James at?" he asked only mildly interested. Cindy smiled at Alex. "Doing what you just wanted to do. Hes out wandering aimlessly hoping to stumble across Zach. He actually woke up first and found Zach gone. He woke me up and then headed out the door to try and find him." "Hes out looking for Zach?" Alex asked a little surprised. "Yes," Cindy replied, a touch of humor in her voice. "He cares about Zach too you know. Maybe not the same way we do, but James really likes both of you guys. Hes told me several times the two of you are probably his closest friends." Alex sat down heavily and put his head into his hands. "Im so worried about him Cindy. Why the hell did I have to fuck everything up? Why

did I have to kiss him in front of his brother?" Cindy sat down next to Alex and put her arms around him pulling him into an embrace to comfort him. Alex put his head on Cindys shoulder and just sat there for a very long time. Cindy continued to hold him, rubbing his back until Alex regained a measure of control. The rest of the day Cindy did what she could to keep Alex busy. She attempted to help him with his homework, but Alex couldnt concentrate, and truthfully, neither could she. They watched TV, but neither of them could have coherently said what they had watched even seconds after the show ended. Cindy tried to tell Alex stories of Zach from when they were in school together, but Alex was barely paying attention. As each minute went by, Alex became more and more agitated.

Finally, around eight in the evening the front door opened and they both looked up anticipating seeing Zach. Instead James entered with a defeated look on his face. "Im sorry," he said seeing them. "I looked everywhere I could think of. I couldnt find him. I even had Dave helping me look until Dave had to go to work. I dont know where else to go." Alex sighed in frustration. "Damn it!" Alex exclaimed. "Why cant he just come home? Maybe I should call my Dad." Cindy started rubbing Alexs shoulders again. "Theres not much your Dad would be able to do either Alex," she told him quietly. "We are just going to have to wait for him to decide to come home." Alex nodded his reluctant agreement and the three of them continued waiting. Finally, after a couple more hours, Zach

walked through the door startling Alex, Cindy and James with his abrupt appearance. The exp ression on Zachs face was truly frightening. It was a look of such utter loss and despair. Zachs eyes reflected his confusion and pain. Zach stood in the doorway, staring blankly at the three of them for several minutes. It was obvious their presence hadnt even registered on his brain yet. After several moments Cindy finally spoke. "Zachie?" she said, her voice quiet, like one used to comfort a frightened child. "Are you ok?" Zachs turned his head slightly, staring at Cindy, focusing on her voice. "Cindy?" he finally said, recognizing her at last. "Was I suppose to help you with your homework? Is that why youre here? Im sorry if I forgot. Im sorry" Alex and James both looked at each other, their concern growing. Cindy gently took Zachs

arm and led him over to the couch, sitting him down. "Zachie, you didnt forget," Cindy said gently. "Im just here to see you." Zach stared blankly at her for several minutes, still not comprehending the conversation. "Zach, where were you?" James asked softly. "We looked all over for you." Zach shook his head slightly at the new voice and faced James. "James?" he asked. "Im sorry." Alex sat down next to Zach and gently turned Zach around to face him. "Zach," Alex said quietly but getting his attention. "Where were you? You had us worried." Zach stared at Alex for a few seconds. "Im sorry," he said, almost automatically. "What did you say?"

"I asked where you were," Alex replied gently. "Oh," Zach answered still staring at Alex. "I went out to my Moms grave" James and Cindy exchanged glances, confused since James had searched out there at Cindys request. "You were there all day Zach?" Cindy asked, trying to sort out what had happened. "Huh?" Zach asked. "Oh, no. I went there first. Then I went to see Scottie." Zach shook his head slightly and then looked down at his lap. After a few seconds, he started to tremble. Cindy gently lifted Zachs chin with her hand till he was looking up at her. "What happened?" Zach stared into Cindys eyes for several minutes, still trembling. He took a deep shuddering breath and his eyes grew watery. "She wouldnt let me see him," Zach whispered.

"I could hear him in the back crying and she wouldnt let me see him. I dont understand. Lisa wouldnt let me see Scottie, Cindy. She wouldnt I dont get to see him anymore. I dont" Zach trailed off in despair. Alex gently put his arms around Zach, pulling him into a fierce embrace. Alex could see the tears running down Cindys face and he struggled to keep his own tears in check. Even James eyes were watery. Alex was amazed that Zach wasnt crying himself, but his only display of grief was his trembling. Alex held Zach for a long time, then stood up pulling Zach with him. He slowly led the docile Zach into the bedroom followed by Cindy and James. Alex gently pushed Zach down onto the bed and got him to lie down. He then pulled the covers up around Zach without even bothering to

undress him. Alex then lay down next to Zach, simply holding him while Zach continued to tremble. Cindy crawled into the bed on the opposite side and added her embrace while James sat down on the end of bed simply lending the support of his presence. Slowly, after what seemed an eternity, Zach drifted off into a fitful sleep, his body continuing to shake even in slumber. The ringing of a telephone startled Zach out of his sleep. He glanced around, a little confused. Zach didnt really remember how he had ended up back home and he was a little uncertain of how he ended up in bed fully dressed. Slowly, the events of the last few days came back to him and he sighed with regret. Alex slowly opened the bedroom door and looked in to find Zach with his eyes open and

sitting up. Grief and pain were still evident on Zachs face, but he turned and smiled slightly at Alex in greeting. "Zach," Alex said hesitantly. "Your dad is on the phone. Do you want me to tell him youre still sleeping?" Zach sighed in resignation. "No," he said sadly. "I have to have this conversation with him sometime. I might as well get it over with." Alex walked over and hugged Zach in support and then gently kissed him. "Do you want me to stay?" Zach smiled a little half smile. "No. Im gonna have to do this one alone. But thanks Alex." Alex hugged Zach again, and then quietly left the room, closing the door as he left. Zach looked at the phone for a few seconds, just

wishing things could be different. Sighing once more, he picked up the phone from the cradle. "Hello," he said. "Zachary?" Zach recognized his fathers voice. He had been expecting and dreading this call. "We need to talk. Your brother told me what happened. He told me you got into a fight with him when he caught you kissing another boy." "Thats not exactly how it happened Dad," Zach replied. "Mike started the fight. He threw the first punch." "But he did catch you kissing another guy," Zachs father asked. "Is that what youre saying?" "Not that its any of either your or Mikes business, but yes, I was kissing Alex." "Zachary, thats wrong!" Zachs dad said

forcefully. "You know that homosexuality is wrong!" "No, I dont know that," Zach replied. "Im gay Dad. This isnt exactly the way I pictured telling you, but its true. Im gay." "No youre not," Zachs father answered. "Its just a phase youre going through. Youll discover that youve made a mistake and come to your senses." "It isnt a phase Dad," Zach said. "And I dont think its a mistake. But this isnt really your or Mikes business. Its mine. Mike needs to keep his nose out of my life." "You need to apologize to your brother Zach," Zachs father said over the phone. "He was only trying to do what he thought was right. He was trying to make you see you are wrong with this choice of yours."

Zach sighed. "Dad, its not a choice. I didnt just wake up and say to myself, gee, I wonder what it would be like if I was gay? I think Ill give it a try." "Dont get smart with me Zachary," Zachs father snapped. "Its wrong and you know it. You didnt go to church all those years without learning something." "I did learn something," Zachary replied. "I learned that little passage about judge not, that ye be not judged. I also learned just how hypocritical most of those church people really are. And dont quote me the tale about Sodom and Gomorrah. I know the Bible better than you and that passage is not about homosexuality no matter what you and the pastor might think." "Zach, its a sin," Zachs father insisted. "Is it?" Zach asked. "I thought your Bible was

all about teaching love and acceptance. Why is it you cant accept me and Im a sinner for loving someone and remaining faithful to him, while your other son is forgiven even after having affair after affair? His own wife has caught him, Dad, so dont pretend you dont know what Im talking about." "Zachary, you just dont understand" Zachs father started. "No, I dont," Zach interrupted. "And until you can explain it to me, I dont think you understand either." "Are you going to apologize to your brother?" Zachs dad asked, exasperated. "Are you going to continue this relationship with this boy? In spite of me telling you its wrong?" "I dont have anything to apologize for Dad," Zach answered. "And until you can tell me why

its wrong, yes Im going to continue the relationship." The line was quiet for several moments. Finally Zachs father replied, "Then we dont have anything else to discuss. You are not to come back to this house until you have stopped seeing this boy." Zach didnt get a chance to reply. With that final ultimatum, Zachs father hung up the phone ending the conversation. Zach held onto the receiver for several minutes, staring at the phone in a daze. Finally, he slowly placed the phone back into the cradle, his face exp ressionless. Zach slowly walked back into the living room and looked at the waiting Alex, James and Cindy. "I think I just got kicked out of the family," Zach said quietly. "I knew he wasnt going to take it very well, but I didnt think he

would ever tell me not to come home." "What did he say?" Cindy asked gently. Zach repeated the conversation to the three of them in a monotone voice. The total lack of reaction from Zach was starting to scare Alex. In a way, it almost seemed like Zach was dead, at least emotionally. Zach finished relating the conversation to the three of them and then stood staring at them blankly for a few minutes. Alex, James and Cindy were stunned by the conversation and remained silent also, not knowing what to say. "I think Ill go lay down for a while," Zach finally said. "Im feeling a little tired." Zach didnt wait for a reply from any of them. He slowly walked into the bedroom, still seemingly emotionless. With each step, Zach seemed to draw another layer of separation over himself.

Alex, Cindy and James silently watched him leave, unsure of what to say or do. After Zach had left the room, Alex and James both turned to Cindy, a questioning look on their face. "Dont look at me guys," Cindy told them. "This is outside my world of experience. I dont know what to do either." Alex sighed and looked back towards the bedroom door. "He seems so I dont know how to describe it. I keep waiting for him to explode, or breakdown, or cry. At least scream in frustration. But all he does is go lay down? Its like he doesnt even feel anymore." "Hes more or less just lost his entire family Alex," Cindy replied also looking towards the bedroom. "In the last two days everyone of them has turned their backs on him. Hes probably still in a state of shock. I dont think he knows what

to feel right now." James looked at the two of them. "He looked so alone," James said. "Even when he was here talking with us, it seemed like he was all by himself. Ive never seen anyone look so" James trailed off not finding the words to complete his thoughts. "James is right Alex," Cindy said suddenly. "You should go to him Alex. Dont let him withdraw completely. Let him know youre still there for him. That at least someone in his life still cares for him." Alex quietly walked into the bedroom. He was a little surprised when he entered the room and found Zach standing next to the window staring out at the lawn. Alex walked up behind Zach and put his arms around him, enfolding Zach in his embrace. At the initial contact, Zach flinched and

then stiffened up seeming to try and withdraw from the contact. "Zach," Alex said quietly. "Im here for you if you want to talk. Is there anything I can do?" Zach was quiet for a few moments. "No," he answered finally. "There isnt anything anybody can do. I just want to be left alone for a while." Alex tightened his embrace. "Im not going to do that Zach," Alex said. "I know youre hurt and Im not going anywhere. Even if you dont want to talk about it, Im not going to leave you by yourself." Zach stiffened even more and his every muscle tensed. Alex could see a slight reflection of Zachs face in the window and he could see Zachs jaw clench in irritation. And then, just as quickly, Zachs body relaxed and almost seemed to melt into Alexs embrace. Zach sighed in

resignation. "I am so tired of fighting them Alex," Zach said quietly, his voice barely audible. "Why cant they just leave me alone? I tried to be what they wanted. I tried to get them to love me. I didnt ask to be in their family. I didnt ask to be born at all. Its not my fault I cant be what they want. I dont even care anymore that they dont love me. I just want them to leave me alone." Alex squeezed Zach a little tighter. He remained quiet for a few seconds before replying. "Thats not true Zach," Alex said softly. "You do care that they dont love you because in spite of everything, you still love them. If you didnt love them, they couldnt hurt you so much." Alex could see Zach close his eyes in the reflection. "I dont think I even know how to love anymore," Zach whispered.

"Yes you do," Alex answered. "You have more love in you than anyone I know. You amaze all of us you know. You love everyone, even those that dont deserve it. Its easy to love people who love you back. But you, youre willing to love everyone. You hold your heart in your hand and you give it to anyone who asks and you never expect anything in return. Do you know how amazing that is?" Zach started to protest and Alex squeezed him again. "Shut up Zach," Alex said softly, a touch of humor in his voice. "Whether you want to admit it or not, Im right and you know it. Dont make me call James and Cindy in here to back me up. You know you can never win an argument with Cindy!" Zach laughed for a second in spite of himself. "All right," Zach conceded. "I give up. Dont call

Cindy. I dont think I could take another argument." Zach leaned back into Alex a little. "Alex. Will you will you just hold me for a while?" Zach asked timidly, seeming to be afraid of the answer he might get. "For the rest of our lives," Alex answered, squeezing him tightly once again. Copyright 2011 Greg_A; All Rights Reserved.

Zach woke with a slight start, shaking himself awake before the nightmare had barely even started. He glanced at the alarm clock next to the bed and noted there were still several hours before he would need to wake up for the day. Then Zach glanced at Alex, smiling slightly as he gazed at the sleeping figure next to him. Zach gently disentangled himself from Alexs sleeping embrace and quietly crawled out of bed, trying not to disturb Alexs sleep. As he felt Zach rise, Alex woke and sleepily stared at Zach trying to get out of bed without waking him. "Hey," Alex mumbled to Zach, trying to wake himself. "Are you ok? Did you have another bad dream?" Zach turned with a smile. "Im sorry Alex," Zach whispered. "I didnt mean to wake you up. Go back to sleep."

"Its ok," Alex replied, a little more alert. "You dont have to leave. We can just talk for a while if you had another bad dream." Zach grinned slightly and leaned down to kiss Alex. "I woke myself up before it got bad. And you dont have to worry. I wasnt planning on running away to hide in the living room. Im just getting a drink of water. Ill be right back. I promise." "Ok," Alex answered smiling back at Zach. "But the offer to talk about your dream is still open." Alex watched as Zach smiled at him again before turning to walk towards the kitchen. He listened as Zach navigated through the dark house and couldnt help smiling as Zach stumbled over some obstacle, cursing quietly. Alex pushed himself up into a sitting position, determined to stay awake until Zach made his

way back. The last several weeks had been very hard for Zach. Alex was a little surprised that Zach hadnt retreated back into his shell after the confrontation with his family, but after a day or two, he appeared to return to normal. Not that he fooled any of his friends. Zach couldnt hide the sadness in his eyes. Alex knew that Zach had been hurt horribly by the reaction of his family even if Zach did try and hide it. And even there Alex was surprised by Zachs reaction. Zach had talked about his feelings a few times since that terrible weekend. Zach had actually shared what he was thinking and feeling without being coaxed. Alex could only shake his head in wonder at Zachs strength. He couldnt imagine the pain Zach must be feeling. And even more incredibly, Zach was ready to re-establish contact with his family. Alex knew that Zach had tried to call his

father and sister a couple of times. And Alex was astonished that Zach had even tried to call Mike. Not that any of them had taken his calls, but Alex just couldnt believe that Zach was even trying. Alex sat musing over Zach for several minutes and then he began to wonder where Zach had gone. Alex couldnt help but wonder if Zach had decided to retreat again after all. Sure, he had said he was just going for a drink, but how long did it really take to get a drink? It would be totally in character for Zach to begin crawling back into his shell now. Alex had just about decided to get up and find Zach when he heard Zach stumbling back towards the bedroom. "Hey," Alex said. "I was starting to get a little worried over you Zach. I mean its pretty hard to get lost between here and the kitchen." Alexs voice was teasing, but he was also a little serious

at the same time. Zach laughed slightly as he finally stumbled through the bedroom door. "Well, I got my drink and then the Oreos on the table started calling my name. Who was I to ignore an Oreo?" Alex started laughing. "How many times do I have to tell you not to pay attention when inanimate objects start talking to you?" Alex said in a bantering tone. Zach started laughing even as he cautiously made his way towards the bed, stubbing his toe on the way. "And here I was gonna be nice and offer to share my Oreos with you," Zach said. "But now I just might have to rethink that whole thing!" Alex could barely see in the dark, but he could just make out that Zach was holding a package of cookies in his hands and a glass. "Hey!" Alex

protested as he reached out for the cookies. "Gimme!" "I dont know," Zach laughed, teasing Alex. "You arent being very nice to me." "Im sorry! Im sorry!" Alex pleaded even as he grinned at Zach. "Have I told you that you are the best boyfriend ever? Now Gimme!" Zach, still laughing, handed over the cookies to Alex. As Alex reached for them, Zach stole a kiss from him before relinquishing his hold on the package and sitting down on the bed. "Cookie breath!" Alex teased even as he greedily grabbed a cookie and started munching happily. "Course now Im gonna have to get up and get a glass of milk," Alex mused. "Nope," Zach replied handing over the glass. "You can share mine. Just try not to slobber all over it. I dont want any of your cooties or

anything!" Zach was grinning from ear to ear as he said that. Alex crinkled his nose at Zach in protest. Then grinning mischievously, he leaned over and licked Zach from his chin to his ear. "There," Alex laughed. "Now you have my cooties!" Zach was laughing so hard he was nearly shaking. The two ate a few more cookies and drained the glass to finish them off. Alex had been staring at Zach while eating his Oreos and Zach was beginning to get uncomfortable under the continual scrutiny. "What?" Zach finally asked in exasperation. Alex was quiet for a few more seconds, still staring at Zach. "I was just wondering if you wanted to talk about your dream Zach," Alex finally said quietly. "You have never really told me what they are about. It might help if you

talked about it." Zach grinned a little sheepishly. "Oh," he finally replied. "I guess I never realized I havent ever told you about them. I never really thought about it before. After I finally wake up, well, they seem a little stupid." Zach ducked his head. After a few seconds he looked back up into Alexs eyes. "They scare me when Im having them, but they really are pretty stupid." Zach paused for a few moments. "Maybe scare isnt the right word. Upset might be better, although they do scare me a little." Alex cocked his head slightly smiling gently at Zach. "You dont have to talk about them if you dont want to Zach," Alex said quietly. "I just wanted you to know Ill listen if you do. Ill try to help if I can." Zach smiled at Alex. "I know Alex," he

answered. "And I dont mind telling you about them. I probably wouldnt want to tell anyone else, but I dont mind telling you. I never meant to keep them a secret from you. I just never really thought about it. That I had never told you about them. Once I wake up and realize it was just a dream, well, I try real hard not to think about them again." Zach paused for a few seconds and his face took on a wry exp ression. "I have had the nightmares ever since I was in fourth grade," Zach began. "Or I guess I should say nightmare. Its always the same, or nearly so. Just the people change slightly. But its always the same basic dream." Zach looked down at his lap and sighed. "It always starts with me in a room full of people I know," Zach continued. "Family, friends, all the

people who are important to me. Everyone is talking, but no one will talk to me. They all ignore me. I cant get anyone to even acknowledge that Im there." Zach glanced up at Alex briefly before dropping his gaze again to his lap. "Eventually someone will either come into the room, or someone will finally notice me," Zach said quietly. "They basically tell me that no one is paying attention to me because no one ever really loved me anyway. Lately that person has been either Dad or Lisa. Once a few days ago it was Scottie." Zach paused for several minutes. He looked up into Alexs eyes for the briefest of moments and then turned his head away, unwilling to meet Alexs gaze. "Right after the car accident, that person was you Alex," Zach said so quietly Alex

could barely hear him. "I think dreaming that you or Scottie saying those words to me hurt me more than anything else in my life." Zach became very quiet just staring off at the wall after saying that final piece. Alex hesitated for several seconds, trying to organize what he wanted to say to Zach. He was surprised by what Zach had revealed. But he was even more surprised that Zach admitted it instead of keeping it bottled up. "Zach," Alex began quietly, reaching out to hold his hands. "You know I would never say something like that to you. And neither would Scottie. We love you. Period. Its obvious that you are Scotties favorite person ever. And I would sooner die than hurt you. I love you Zach. You have to know that." Zach turned and smiled at Alex. "I know you

do Alex," Zach answered. "You would have to love me to put up with me." Zach blushed a little at that. "I really do know you love me. It took me a while to accept it. And I still havent figured out why. But I know it." Alex reached over and pulled Zach over to him turning him so that Zach was leaning with his back resting against Alexs chest. Alex then wrapped his arms around Zach holding him closely. "You cant figure out why I love you?" Alex asked. "Then let me tell you. I love the way you smile. I love your sense of humor. I love the way you are always looking out for everyone around you. I love how generous you are. I love how smart you are. And I love the way you never rub that in anyones face. I love the way your hair falls into your eyes. I love the way you laugh. I love the way you blush, and that you are

so self conscious and unsure of yourself. I love the way you try to sing and never quite hit the right notes. I love watching how happy you are just eating your chocolate Pop Tarts. And I love the way you get excited watching that Scooby Doo cartoon." Zach was laughing even as he started to try and protest. He was blushing bright crimson at all the praise and the bantering teasing. Zach opened his mouth to object but was cut off by Alex. "Hush Zach," Alex said. "Im not done yet. I love you for all of that and more. But even more, I love you for the way you make me feel. You always treat me like Im the most special person in the world. I love the way you make me want to make you proud of me. I simply love you Zach. You really are the best boyfriend ever. I love you, so just accept it."

Zach was genuinely touched. Even though Alex had been teasing, he knew that Alex had meant every word. Zachs emotions were a jumbled mess as Alex finished. Happiness, love, embarrassment, contentment, acceptance, they all washed over him leaving him speechless. Zach had never felt so much like crying and laughing at the same time before. Alex squeezed Zach tightly for several seconds, cuddling him closer. Then grinning his most evil, mischievous grin ever, Alex continued. "Of course I left out the reason I love you the most." Alex quickly reached down and cupped Zachs dick and balls, holding them closely. "The real reason I love you so much is cause I want your body! This is the real reason I love you so much!" Alex stroked Zachs dick a few times to emphasize his point.

Zach started laughing really hard. "You are such a perv!" Zach giggled. Alex started laughing and his grin was positively evil as he leered at Zach. "You are gonna have to pay for that one Zach!" Alex said in his most sadistic voice. "Its tickle torture time for you!" Alex quickly wrapped his legs around Zachs trapping him and started tickling him fiendishly. "No!" Zach shouted. "No Alex, dont! Please!" Zach was squirming wildly trying to escape from Alexs tickling fingers even as he was laughing uncontrollably. Zach was desperately trying to escape but he couldnt quite manage it. "Alex! No! Please! Shit! No!" Zach was nearly whimpering as he tried to keep Alexs hands away from his ticklish spots. Unfortunately, Zach was ticklish in several places and Alex

knew them all. Zach would no sooner push Alexs hands off his stomach than Alex would switch to tickling his ribs or his under arms. And the longer Alex tickled, the more sensitive Zach got till anyplace Alex touched at all sent him into gales of laughter. "Alex!" Zach pleaded vainly between gasps for air. "Please!.. Oh God! Noooo! Dont!" Alex fiendishly ignored Zachs pleas and continued his tickling torture. As Zach continued to squirm, the sensations running through his body began to have an effect on him and Zach felt his dick begin to stiffen. Alex noticed too and redoubled his efforts causing Zach to squirm and whimper all the more. Zach started to get a little frantic as the feelings coursed through his body and he tried pleading one last time. "Alex! Pleasepleaseplease

stop!" Zach gasped between gales of laughter wiggling even more. "Oh God!.. Alex!.. Alexxxxxx!. Oh Fuck! Al Al. ALEX!" Zach gasped as he was finally pushed over the edge of climax. Zachs dick began shooting long streams of white fluid and because he was still squirming, droplets splattered literally everywhere making a huge mess. Alex took Zachs throbbing dick firmly in his hand and stroked him slowly causing Zach to gasp loudly once again. Zachs body was covered with sweat and his various muscles were twitching from the aftermath. Zach had clenched his eyes closed tightly and he lay against Alexs chest, gasping for breath, trying to recover. Alex continued to lightly stroke Zachs dick and balls making Zach shudder periodically. After several minutes, Zach finally got his

breathing back under control. His muscles still twitched every so often though. Zach slowly opened his eyes to see Alex grinning at him from the corner of his eye. "You made a mess!" Alex teased as he nuzzled his nose against Zachs cheek. Zach chuckled softly. "It wasnt exactly my idea," Zach replied. "And I think I had a little help. God! I feel like an over cooked noodle now. A very limp, sticky noodle!" Alex laughed as Zach turned a little red at his admission. Alex scooted over to the side of the bed, keeping in constant contact with Zach, and reached down and grabbed Zachs boxers off the floor. He then used them to wipe up the droplets off of Zachs chest and stomach. Zach groaned slightly at the contact. After cleaning the more obvious puddles up, Alex dropped the

boxer back to the floor and then wrapped his arms back around Zach, rubbing his stomach and chest lightly in lazy circles with his fingers. Zach lay still for several minutes and then he started to push himself up and turn towards Alex. Alex however simply pulled him back down against his chest. "Hey!" Alex protested. "Where are you going?" Zach turned his head slightly to look more directly into Alexs eyes. "I thought I would return the favor and make you feel as good as you just did me," Zach replied. Alex smiled slightly at Zach. "You dont have to do that," Alex said. Zach cocked his head slightly, a small frown crossing his face. "Dont you want to, uh well, uh get off too?" Zach asked, blushing as he asked.

Alex grinned at Zachs embarrassment. "Nahh," Alex replied. "It can be my turn later. Right now you look exhausted. Just lay back against me and rest." Alex pulled Zach in tighter, circling his arms around him lovingly. "Think you might be able to go back to sleep now?" Alex asked after a few seconds. "Your eyes are really drooping." Zach smiled tiredly at Alex. "Yeah, I think I might be able to," Zach answered softly in a tired little voice. "Especially since you are holding me. I always feel safe when Im in your arms." Zach had a contented smile on his face and his eyes slid closed involuntarily. With a small sigh, Zach burrowed deeper into Alexs embrace. Alex continued to nuzzle softly at Zachs cheek while his fingers continued making lazy little circles against Zachs chest and stomach.

Alex heard Zach sigh again and his breathing deepened into a steady pattern of sleep. Alex smiled to himself, realizing that it was the first time he had ever seen Zach fall back asleep after having one of his dreams. Alex nuzzled softly one more time at Zachs cheek. "I love you Zach," Alex whispered softly into his ear. Zach smiled slightly in his sleep. "I love you too Alex," Zach murmured even though he was more asleep than awake. Alex hugged Zach a little tighter for a few seconds in response. Several hours later Zach began to stir slightly, trying to come awake. Zachs mind began the slow ascent into consciousness and he could still feel Alex holding him in his embrace. Zach smiled sleepily and his eyes fluttered open, blinking rapidly for a few seconds trying to clear the sleep from them.

Alex nuzzled softly at Zachs cheek as he realized that Zach was waking up. "Hey sleepy," Alex whispered quietly. "Hows my sleeping beauty?" Zach yawned and stretched as much as possible while in Alexs arms. "Good," Zach answered at last. "I cant believe I fell back asleep last night." Zach turned his head slightly and kissed Alex good morning. Alex rubbed his nose against Zachs cheek for a few seconds after the kiss and then started laughing. "You need to shave!" Alex exclaimed. "I think I just got stubble burn on my nose!" Zach grinned at him for a second and then kissed the tip of Alexs nose. "Does that make it feel all better?" Zach teased lightly. Then Zach kissed Alex on the lips again, lingering lovingly. Zach rolled slightly in Alexs arms to face him

better as he continued to kiss Alex with growing passion. Zach had just started to run his hands over Alexs chest and was beginning to kiss his way down his neck when the alarm clock went off. "Damn!" Zach exclaimed. "How late is it? How long did I sleep?" Alex chuckled softly as he reached over to turn off the alarm. "Youre cute when youre pouting, you know that dont you?" Alex teased. "Its 6:45. No time to play now! Cause I definitely think you need a shower! And if you want to get to class on time, you gotta get your ass in gear!" Zach crinkled his nose in disappointment and stuck his tongue out at Alex. "We have a little bit of time dont we?" Zach pleaded. "Were not that late yet."

Alex kissed Zachs forehead lightly. "Not enough time to really enjoy it you hound dog!" Alex answered grinning. "Think of the fun youll have anticipating!" "Dick head!" Zach grinned back. Then his exp ression became a little serious. "Besides, were not gonna get a chance to do anything for a couple of days. Not with Jason coming over for the weekend. He is still planning on showing up isnt he? It wont be a proper birthday party for you without him. I just wish Mark could make it too." "Yeah, Jason is still planning on being here," Alex answered smiling. "I dont think anything could keep him away. Hell probably skip some of his later classes to get here even earlier. I know Mark is about sick he cant make it down." Alex paused and then started leering at

Zach. "And why cant we do anything just cause Jason is here? Hell just watch and offer pointers." Zachs eyes went a little wide and he started blushing. Then he started laughing. "Yeah, I am sure Jason would soooo enjoy that! Probably grab a bowl of popcorn to munch as a snack too." Alex started laughing pretty hard. "What else is a big brother for if not to give advice?" Alex agreed. "Who knows, he might even decide to join in! Youd enjoy that wouldnt you?" Zach turned crimson but he was still laughing at being teased. Zach laid his head down against Alexs chest, still chuckling slightly. "What time is Jason gonna get here anyway?" Zach finally asked. "I was planning on meeting up with Cindy after class so if he gets here too early he wont be

able to get in. I can always tell Cindy I have to meet her later if we need to." "No, dont do that," Alex replied. "Go help Cindy with her homework and get it over with. Jason said he wouldnt be here till after my last class so I should be able to meet him. If he gets here a little early, he can always just drive around the campus for a while." Zach nodded his head, and just lay for a few moments resting against Alexs chest. Then he raised his head and looked at Alex grinning slightly, his eyes sparkling. "Are you absolutely sure we cant play for a while?" Zach asked as he started to run his fingers up and down Alexs sides. Zach leaned over to kiss Alex in the hollow of his throat and started nibbling down his collarbones. Alex couldnt help groaning lightly as Zach

kissed and nibbled along one of his most sensitive spots. "Stop that!" Alex answered. "No time! You need a shower. We didnt get you that cleaned up last night." Zach laughed as he turned a little red. He reluctantly let Alex push him away and pull him out of the bed. Alex started pushing Zach towards the bathroom and the waiting shower. "You big bully!" Zach teased as Alex gave him a final shove towards the shower. Alex grinned and lightly slapped Zachs butt causing Zach to yelp a little in mock pain. "Get going slow poke," Alex replied. "I want to take a shower too." Zach stuck his tongue out at Alex one final time before jumping into the shower. He couldnt help noticing that Alexs dick was definitely growing a little thicker. Zach grinned as he

started scrubbing himself, noting that his own dick was more than at half-mast. Zach had almost finished when Alex pulled back the shower curtain. "Brrr!" Zach yelled as the cold air hit him. "Its cold out there! Close the curtain before I freeze!" Alex stepped into the shower behind Zach, closing the curtain along the way. "Youre such a wimp," Alex teased as he started running his fingers over Zachs freshly scrubbed skin. Zach shivered more from the touch then any lingering chill and noted his dick started to swell once more. Alex also noticed and reached down to tug on it a few times making Zach shiver once again. Zach turned to face Alex, grinning in anticipation as he leaned in to kiss him. Zach ran his hands over Alexs body as he gently explored Alexs mouth with his tongue. As the kiss

became even more passionate, Zach could feel his dick begin to throb against Alexs thigh and he could feel Alexs inching its way up to point towards the sky. Alex continued to kiss Zach for a few more seconds and then pushed him away, grinning evilly. "Time for you to get out and go shave," Alex said as he ran his fingers over the stubble on Zachs chin. "Youre giving me stubble burn again! And you still need to hurry up or you are gonna be late." Zach groaned in defeat as Alex pushed him out of the shower. Alex grinned at him again at hearing the groan and Zach crinkled his nose at him. "You are such a tease!" Zach said, laughing but still a little frustrated. Zach went over to the bathroom sink and started to shave and comb his hair trying to make

himself look presentable for the day. His dick stubbornly refused to go back down and he kept bumping it against the counter every time he shifted. "Jesus," Zach muttered in irritation as he glanced down at himself. "Down boy!" Zach said to his dick. "Alex aint gonna take you for a walk!" Alex had finished his own shower and was walking up behind Zach as he muttered to himself. Alex busted out laughing as he overheard what Zach said to himself. "Youre talking to your dick now?" Alex asked teasing. "Youre not right!" Zach grinned at Alex in the mirror as he ran the comb through his hair a few final times. Alex rested his chin against Zachs shoulder watching as Zach finished grooming himself. Alex grinned as Zach finished and started rubbing his crotch

into Zachs butt making Zach groan again. Alex reached down and tugged on Zachs balls and dick again a few more times before shoving him out towards the bedroom. "Time to go get dressed!" Alex teased. "Shit!" Zach answered. "You are killing me here! And how do you expect me to fit into my boxers after that? Theres gonna be a six man tent in them now!" Alex laughed as he propelled Zach towards the closet and his clothes. "You could always go commando!" Alex taunted, laughing as Zach turned bright red. "I think I like the idea of you without your boxers on all day." Zach turned brighter red as he pulled on his boxers shoving himself into them. He glanced at himself in the mirror and shook his head at the very obvious bulge in the front. "Damn," Zach

muttered. "Thats not obvious or anything." His dick gave another twitch and he could clearly see the movement even through the boxers. Zach shook his head again and pulled on his jeans and sweatshirt. Alex had finished his grooming ritual in the bathroom and came walking into the bedroom. He stopped and grinned as he stared right at Zachs crotch. "Happy to see me sailor?" Alex taunted. "No," Zach teased back. "Thats a roll of quarters so I can do laundry later! The sight of you made me shrivel back down to nothing." Alex laughed as he walked over to the closet to pull on his own clothes. As he passed Zach, he reached over and squeezed Zachs basket a few times in passing. "Seems a bit bigger than a roll of quarters, but I guess Ill take your word for it.

Youll let me borrow a few wont you?" Zach shuddered involuntarily and he felt the front of his pants get even tighter. "God Damn Alex!" Zach groaned. "You trying to drive me crazy or are you just wanting me to cream my jeans?" "Why does it have to be one or the other?" Alex replied grinning as he pulled a sweatshirt on over his head. "Come on, I got your breakfast ready," Alex said as he pushed Zach towards the kitchen. "Oh God!" Zach said in mock terror. "Is the house on fire? Ive never known anyone who couldnt even warm up a Pop Tart before." Alex blushed a little as he started laughing. "No," he answered. "I learned my lesson the last time when I set off the smoke detectors. Besides, you like them cold too."

Zach smiled as he remembered how upset Alex had been over that. Not upset at setting off the smoke detectors, but rather at ruining the surprise. Alex had been trying to make Zach breakfast in bed as a surprise and instead had to ask for help clearing out all the smoke from the apartment. Zach had been touched at the thought, but still he couldnt help teasing Alex about it every once in a while. Alex pushed Zach into his chair at the table and then set a Pop Tart and glass of milk in front of him. Alex then sat down across from Zach and smiled as he watched Zach happily munching on his favorite breakfast. Alex was still amused at how much Zach loved the silly things. He hadnt been kidding at all when he said he loved watching Zach eat them. Zach looked up as he realized Alex wasnt

eating and was instead scrutinizing him. "What?" Zach asked. "Arent you going to eat?" "Later," Alex answered simply. "I just want to watch you eat. I love watching you eat those Pop Tarts. I love the little smile on your face as you chomp on them. Ill eat after you leave for class." Zach smiled and blushed a little under the scrutiny. He shoved the last bite of the pastry into his mouth and washed it down with the milk. Zach couldnt help grinning at Alex as he finished his breakfast and Alex grinned right back at him. "Go brush your teeth and Ill rinse out your glass," Alex ordered as he got up and took Zachs glass to the sink. "You have like two minutes to get out the door before you are gonna be late." "Yes mom," Zach teased as he kissed Alex before heading towards the bathroom.

"Chocolate Breath!" Alex teased as he kissed Zach back. "I always feel like Ive eaten a pound of chocolate after kissing you." Alex nibbled along Zachs chin toward his ear lobe and again rubbed his crotch against Zachs, noting that Zach still hadnt lost his woody. Alex grinned again as he felt Zachs dick throb through the material. Alex broke off the play and pushed lightly against Zachs chest towards the bathroom. "Go brush your teeth!" Zach groaned again and his eyes were a little anguished as Alex once again stopped the sexual play. "Youre simply evil!" Zach said. "You know that dont you?" "Yep!" Alex replied as he started pushing Zach towards the bathroom. Zach half resisted moving towards the bathroom making Alex push him the entire way. Alex pulled out Zachs toothbrush,

put toothpaste on it and brought it up to Zachs mouth to brush his teeth for him. "Open up." Alex said smiling at him. Alex was standing behind him and watched Zach in the mirror as he brushed his teeth for him. The entire time, Alex was rubbing his groin into Zachs butt. Zach pushed his butt back against Alex trying to intensify and prolong the experience, but Alex relentlessly continued to brush his teeth for him. "Spit." Alex ordered finishing up and Zach leaned over slightly to spit into the sink. The movement thrust his butt even more into Alex and Zach groaned again as he felt Alexs hard dick rubbing against him. Alex filled a cup with water and brought it up to Zachs mouth. "Rinse." He commanded. Zach obeyed, leaning over again to spit the water out more for the sake of feeling Alex again then out of a need to get rid of the water.

Alex was grinning as he turned Zach around to kiss him again. "Minty!" Alex teased as he tasted Zachs tongue. Zach started thrusting his groin into Alexs as Alex ran his hands over his chest. Alex once again broke off the contact after only a few minutes and started pushing Zach towards the front door. "Youre gonna be late Babe," Alex said, a hint of disappointment finally showing up in his voice around the teasing banter. Zach groaned again, but smiled at Alex, cocking his head slightly. Zach turned a little red and his eyes were sparkling. "Youve never called me that before," Zach said. "What?" Alex asked as he continued pushing Zach towards the door. "Ive never called you what before?" Alex asked a little confused. "Babe," Zach answered simply. Alex pulled up short at Zachs reply. "Oh."

Alex said, his eyes going a little wide. "It just slipped out. I wasnt even thinking." Zach smiled from ear to ear. "Dont apologize," Zach answered. "I liked it. I like that you called me Babe. I didnt think Id ever like those little pet names. They usually make me nauseous when I hear other people call each other by them, but I loved it when you called me that." Alex smiled and kissed Zach again. "Good!" Alex finally said as he started pushing Zach towards the door again. "Cause Ill probably slip again." Alex paused for a few seconds for effect. "BABE!" Zach laughed as he finally allowed himself to be pushed to the door. Alex opened the door part way and then leaned in to give Zach a final goodbye kiss. Alex lingered with the kiss,

thoroughly exploring Zachs mouth with his tongue and running his hands across his chest lightly. Alex once again ground his groin into Zachs, thrusting slightly for several minutes before pulling away. As Alex drew back, Zach whimpered a little making Alex smile. "Now get going college boy!" Alex said as he pushed lightly against Zachs chest again. Zach drew in a deep breath, and then slowly let it out shaking his head. "Im gonna be stiff all day now!" Zach half complained as he grinned at Alex. Zach leaned in one final time and gave Alex a quick light kiss goodbye. Then turning, he started walking towards the campus. Alex smiled as he noticed Zach was walking a little stiff legged and with a tale tell gait. Zach shook his head at himself as he started towards the campus wondering how he was

going to keep from hurting himself in his aroused state. Zach smiled a little as hurried along. Alex was definitely feeling and acting more than a little playful today. If only he had had time to really enjoy it! Zach had walked about halfway to the campus when he saw Cindy walking a little in front of him. "Hey Cindy!" Zach yelled. "Wait up and Ill walk with you to class." Cindy stopped and let Zach catch up to her. "You are running late Zach," Cindy said when Zach reached her side. "I figured you were already at class by now. Why are you so late?" Zach blushed a little at Cindys question. "Uh." Zach stuttered. "Alex was, uhwell he was making it, uh, hard for me to get going." Zach turned a little redder. Cindy stopped, turned and grinned at Zach.

She carefully and slowly let her gaze wander up and down Zachs body suggestively. "I thought I noticed a bit more of a bulge in your pants today," Cindy said, laughing as Zach turned even redder. "Im a little surprised the two of you didnt take care of it though." Zachs face was burning crimson, but he was still grinning although a little sheepishly. "Well, I uh, tried to talk him into it, but he was pretty intent on, uh, just playing with me instead," Zach answered. "He kept, uhum, doing, uhwell, stuff all morning long." Cindy laughed even harder at Zach. She simply shook her head in amusement at Zach. "You two kill me," she finally said, still chuckling. The two resumed walking toward their class. The two of them were nearly at their class when Zach reached out and grabbed Cindys

hand to stop her. "Cindy," Zach asked. "Do you mind if I come over today to your apartment after classes? I need your help with something." Cindy cocked her head slightly to one side as she stared at Zach. "You know you dont have to ask Zach," Cindy replied. "I will always help you if I can. What did you need?" Zach smiled gratefully at her. "Its nothing serious," Zach answered. "Ill explain this afternoon when I come over." Cindy hesitated for a few seconds, staring at Zach suspiciously. "You sure its not serious Zach?" Cindy asked. "You look pretty intense." "No, its nothing major," Zach replied. "Its important to me, but nothing serious. You dont have to worry. Honest." Cindy stared at Zach for a few more seconds.

"Ok Zach," she finally replied. "But you better not be trying to hide something from me. Come on over after classes. Ill try and give you a hand with whatever it is you need help with." "Thanks Cindy," Zach replied, smiling as he headed towards a seat. "Ill explain this afternoon." Cindy smiled as she took her own seat and the professor began the morning discussion. The day dragged by for Zach. The anticipation of celebrating Alexs birthday had its effect and Zach could barely sit still during his classes. The end of those classes never seemed to take so long as it did that day. Finally the last class ended and Zach was able to make his way to Cindys apartment. Zach felt a momentary twinge of guilt over that. He knew Alex assumed he was going over to help Cindy

with her homework. Alex had even mentioned it earlier, but Zach hadnt bothered to correct him. It wasnt exactly a lie since Zach had never said that was what he was doing, but it was pretty close. Zach didnt like keeping secrets from Alex. It made him feel dirty. Cindys apartment wasnt really that far away, but Zach drove anyway. It was only a few minutes later that Zach was knocking on Cindys door. Zach smiled slightly as he realized he had only been over to Cindys a handful of times. Normally everyone gathered at his and Alexs apartment. Lately it wasnt even discussed, everyone just showed up. Cindy opened the door almost immediately. "Hey Zach," she greeted him. "So what is the big mystery? What did you need my help with." Zach walked into Cindys apartment and took

a seat on the couch. "I need help figuring out what to get Alex for his birthday tomorrow," Zach replied, frowning a little. "Ive been wracking my brains trying to think up something for days now and I dont have a clue what to get him. I want it to be special, really special, and I need help." "So why didnt you want to talk about this earlier?" Cindy asked curiously. Zach blushed a little, hesitating before answering. "Cause I feel funny asking you what I should get for my boyfriend," Zach finally answered. Zach looked down at his lap not wanting to meet Cindys eyes. "Its bad enough having to ask for help shopping for my boyfriend. Im still getting use to the whole having a boyfriend thing you know. But, I uh. well Cindy, I know how you feel about me. I know

you think Im clueless when it comes to relationships. And I guess I probably am. But even an idiot would be able to figure it out, as long as we have been together." Cindy smiled at Zach. "I wondered if youd ever figure that out," Cindy said. "And its ok Zach. I accepted a long time ago that you were gay. That nothing was gonna happen between us. Id rather have you as a friend, than not have you at all." Zach looked back up at Cindy, smiling a grateful half smile. "Thanks Cindy," Zach said. Cindy leaned over and lightly kissed Zachs cheek. "Now," she said as she leaned back, "what do you have in mind for Alex? Do you have any ideas at all?" Zachs cheeks colored a little. "Well," Zach answered. "I did have something in mind, but I

dont know. Its uh, it might be a littleI dont know, a little too mushy. And I, uh really dont know if I can uh give it to him." Cindy smiled as she realized what Zach was trying to say. "You want to give yourself to him dont you?" Cindy asked with a grin. "You want to have full blown sex with him? To go all the way. Is that what you are trying to say?" Zachs cheeks burned crimson as he shook his head yes. "Is that too corny?" Zach asked timidly. "No, I dont think so," Cindy answered. "I think its very romantic. But are you ready for that Zach? Just wanting to give Alex something special for his birthday isnt a good enough reason if you arent ready yet." "No," Zach replied quickly. "Im ready. More than ready!" Zach blushed at the eagerness in his

voice. "I uh I mean, I want to. I really do. I have for a while now, but I didnt know how to bring it up. And then I thought of Alexs birthday and figured it would be perfect. But now, Ive built it up so much in my mind, I dont know if I can go through with it. And it, uh it scares me a little." Cindy smiled reassuringly at Zach. "Thats really sweet Zach," she said. "But why does it scare you?" Zach hesitated, blushing even more. "Because, I uh I dont know what to do," he finally answered. "I dont want to disappoint Alex by not doing it right or something." Zach looked away from Cindy, his blush spreading to his ears and down his chest. "And, I uh, I I think its probably going to um hurt me when he does uh, you know."

Cindy couldnt help but chuckle softly at Zachs admission. "Well, probably a little at first," Cindy agreed. "But if you take it slow and Alex remembers to be gentle, the pain will probably be minimal. Just make sure you, uh, prepare first." Zach frowned a little, obviously confused. "Prepare?" Zach finally asked. "How do you prepare for something like that?" Cindy rolled her eyes shaking her head in amusement. "Make sure Alex uses a lot of lube," Cindy said directly making Zach blush again with her bluntness. "And make sure he uses his fingers to stretch you before he tries to enter you." Zachs face was flaming, his ears were hot and he felt the blush spread down his neck and chest. "Oh," Zach finally muttered. "Uh, ok." Cindy laughed again and leaned in to kiss Zach on the cheek. "Are you really sure you are ready

for this Zach?" Cindy asked. "I think so," Zach answered sincerely. "I hope so anyway. But just in case, I want to get Alex something special as a back up. Besides, I want something for him to open at the party." "Hmm," Cindy said as she thought about it. "Why dont you get him a nice shirt and maybe a tape. Not exactly original, but you can get a tape that he really likes to show you pay attention to what he likes. And you can get him a really nice shirt that will make him look good. Or maybe a nice sweatshirt, like the one with the college logo he was looking at the other day." "See," Zach said smiling. "This is why I bring my problems to you! Want to go shopping with me?" "Sure!" Cindy answered smiling. "Lets go."

The two of them walked out to Zachs car and quickly drove across town to the shopping district. "Lets look for the tape first," Cindy said as she headed towards the electronics department. Zach nodded his head and walked along side her. "What kind of tape should we get? What does he already have?" Zach started browsing through some of the music, searching intently for something appropriate. "Oh, he likes Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Extreme, Bon Jovi you know," Zach answered without even looking up. "Music along that type." Cindy started chuckling. "I didnt think you even knew the names of those types of groups!" Cindy said, smiling at Zach. Zach looked up smiling. "Well, before Alex I didnt," he answered. "But I either had to learn to

listen to them or go crazy if I was gonna live in the same apartment with him. Ive gotten to like some of the music now." Zach held up a tape by Poison. "I love this tape." Cindy was grinning from ear to ear. "Somehow I never pictured you as listening to that music," she said in a teasing voice. "How on earth did he get you to ever listen long enough to learn the names?" Zach smiled at Cindy. "Well," he started to explain. "Once when we were just hanging out a song came on that seemed really nice and mellow. I listened to it, really paid attention to the words and I really liked it. I made the mistake of saying that to Alex and he told me it was by Extreme one of his favorite groups. I wouldnt believe him until he went and got the tape to show me. The song was More Than Words

and I couldnt believe they sang it." "Oh, I really like that song too!" Cindy interjected. "Its a little sappy, but I really like it." "Yeah," Zach continued. "But you got to love the name of the album Pornograffitti!" Zach said grinning. Cindy grinned right back at him. "Anyway," Zach continued, "after that, I started paying more attention to the music and the words of some of his music and I started liking some of it." "Thats too funny Zach," Cindy said smiling. "I still cant picture you actually listening to it though." "Well I could start singing some of it for you to prove it," Zach replied grinning. "You could sing back up for me." "NO!" Cindy yelled in mock terror. "Dont do

that! I dont want to have to go to the hospital with my ears bleeding. And think of all the innocent children in here." "Hey!" Zach protested. "Im not that bad of a singer!" "I imagine the store would have to close after you got done singing," Cindy continued relentlessly. "All the structural damage from you voice. Not to mention the stampede of everyone trying to escape." Zach started laughing but flipped Cindy the bird anyway. "Just for that, when I get my first recording gig I am not letting you be one of my groupies," Zach answered. "Thank God!" Cindy replied grinning. "Which tape are you looking at? Have you got one picked out already?"

"Yeah, I think I do," Zach said handing the tape over to Cindy so she could examine it. "Alex ruined his Whitesnake tape by listening to it too much. Its really warped now. I think hed really like it if I replaced it for him." "Hmmm," Cindy answered looking at the tape. "And the title Slip of the Tongue fits in real nice with your other plans too!" Cindy looked up, her eyes twinkling mischievously. Zach grinned at her, blushing slightly. "I hadnt even thought of that!" he said. "But now that you mention it." Zach trailed off grinning. Cindy started laughing, shaking her head. "Come on!" Cindy said. "Lets go find your lover boy a shirt." Cindy led the still grinning Zach towards the clothing department, stopping only briefly to pick up some wrapping paper. "Ill wrap them for you. You can leave your gifts over

at my place and Ill bring them. That way it can be an even bigger surprise for Alex." "Cool!" Zach replied gratefully. "I hadnt even thought of that." Zach was looking at a red sweatshirt with the college logo on the chest. "What do you think of this one? I think Alex would look really good in this." Cindy looked at the garment critically for a few seconds. "No," she finally answered. "I dont think Alex would look good in that color. Do they have one in gray? He looks better in gray." Zach looked Cindy in the eye grinning. "Hey!" he protested jokingly. "You arent suppose to be looking at my boyfriend! Hes all mine!" "Geeze!" Cindy laughed back at Zach. "You two are enough to make normal people sick!" Zach was grinning but he was still serious as he

replied. "Do we take it too far?" he asked a little concerned. Cindy pulled Zachs face down towards hers and kissed him on the cheek. "No," she answered. "I dont think so. I think its sweet that you two love each other that much. Now grab that gray sweatshirt and lets go pay for this stuff so you can get back to your den of love. I wouldnt want you to go into withdrawal!" Zach laughed as he headed towards the cashiers in the front of the store. "Thanks for helping me Cindy," he said to her. "Even if you were a pain in my ass today!" "I wont go there," Cindy replied grinning at him. Zach started blushing furiously as he realized what Cindy was referring to. He was still blushing when they finally made it out to the car and Cindy was laughing at him the entire time.

Cindy continued to giggle all the way back to her apartment. Every time she would get it under control, she would glance at Zach and start all over again. Zach started to get annoyed, but then he looked at Cindy nearly doubling over and he couldnt help laughing too. Finally he pulled up in front oh Cindys apartment. "All right," Zach said. "Time for you to get out! Go on inside and get it all out of your system." Cindy, giggling all the more, leaned over and kissed Zachs cheek one final time in parting. "Im sorry Zach," she said. "But you have to admit it was pretty funny. Ill see ya tomorrow." "Bye Cindy," Zach said, smiling at her. "Thanks for your help today." "Anytime Zach!" Cindy said warmly as she exited the car. "Now go have fun with Alex!"

Zach quickly drove back to his apartment and noticed that Jasons car was out front. Zach couldnt help smiling at that. He couldnt wait to spend some time with Jason. Zach wished again that Mark had been able to make it down too. He didnt know Mark as well as he did Jason and Zach really wanted to fix that. But it was going to be fun spending Alexs birthday with Jason. Zach walked up to the front door and let himself in. Upon entering he was immediately greeted to the sight of Alex and Jason on the floor. It was obvious the brothers had been wrestling since the cushions were off the chair and couch. Jason was sitting on top of Alexs chest digging at his underarms making Alex howl with laughter. Alex was kicking his feet trying to dislodge his older brother but to no avail.

"Tell me Im the most wonderful person in the world and you are my slave!" Jason said to Alex as he continued to tickle Alex fiendishly. "Say it Little Brother!" "You are the most wonderful person in the world and I am your slave!" Alex yelled between gales of laughter and gasps for air. "Let me up!" Jason laughed at Alex as he stood up and extended his hand to help his brother up. "Come on slave," Jason teased. "Help me get this room put back together." "Do I even want to know what prompted this?" Zach asked laughing from the doorway. "Just Jason being an asshole is all," Alex answered promptly grinning at his brother. "You know, his usual charming self!" Jason promptly threw a cushion at Alex

smacking him right in the head and knocking him over. The two started laughing again as they started to straighten the furniture, taking twice as long since they were still intent on picking on each other. Zach just shook his head laughing at the two of them and their antics as he headed towards the bedroom. "What did you two want to have for supper tonight?" Zach yelled as he started to change his clothes. "Anything at all sound good?" "You sound good," Alex said from the bedroom door startling Zach who had his back turned towards the doorway. "Can I eat you?" Alex asked as he came into the room and slipped his hand down into the front of Zachs pants. Alex started slowly and lightly squeezing Zachs dick giving him a near instantaneous hard on. "Alex!" Zach protested. "Jason is right in the

other room!" "No Im not," Jason said from the doorway grinning at them. Zach turned bright red and Alex started laughing at Zachs obvious embarrassment. "Something wrong Zach?" Jason asked with feigned innocence. "Yeah," Zach replied still blushing. "Your brother has been a big pervert all day! And he better stop before I get a big old wet spot and make him do the laundry!" Alex and Jason both started laughing and Alex pulled his hand out of Zachs pants, but not before giving him one final tug. Alex then kissed Zach lightly. "Aww, you enjoy it and you know it," Alex said grinning at Zach. Zach grinned back and then shoved Alex towards the living room. "Have you done your homework yet?" Zach asked Alex as they

entered the living room. "You dont want that hanging over you all weekend, ruining your birthday." Alex crinkled his nose in irritation. "No, I havent done it yet," Alex answered. "Jason and I just got here a little before you got home. I havent had time yet." Zach smiled at Alex. "And you dont feel like it either do you?" Zach asked knowingly. "Youll use any excuse to get out of doing your homework." "But Jason is here now!" Alex protested, sounding a little whiney. "I can do it later." "Hey little brother, dont go using me as an excuse!" Jason said laughing at Alex. "Now be a good boy and do your homework before Zach decides to spank you."

Alex leered at Zach. "Ohhh. That might be fun!" he said grinning mischievously. "Perv!" Zach laughed. "Youd enjoy it too much!" "Yep!" Alex answered promptly. Then Alex sighed as he looked at his textbooks with distaste. "Alright! Ill do my homework." Alex then grinned at Zach, his eyes twinkling. "You still gonna check my homework after Im done? Remember our deal?" "Oh God!" Zach answered rolling his eyes. "Yes Ill check your homework for you. I think Im still safe." Alex grinned and grabbed his books diving into the work with a passion. Zach just shook his head smiling at him. Jason looked back and forth between the two, a confused exp ression on his face.

"Ive never seen him so eager to do his homework before!" Jason said. "So whats the deal? What is going on that I dont know about?" Alexs cheeks colored a little with a light blush as he looked up at his brother. "Zach has promised that if I ever get all my homework done without any mistakes, hell give me a blowjob. And I get to choose the time and place!" Jason started howling with laughter as Zach turned red again. "That explains it!" Jason said. "I think you have found the perfect motivator there Zach. Hell, how do I get in on this incentive plan?" Zach started laughing at Jason. "Well, I suppose you can give Alex a blowjob too if he gets it all right," Zach said tauntingly. "But I dont think that is the side of the incentive plan you were wanting in on for some reason!"

Alex busted out laughing. "Ohhh!" Alex teased Jason. "Zach got you good!" "Yeah, yeah, yeah," Jason replied grinning. "You two are SOOOO going to get it!" "Well," Alex drawled. "I am at least!" "In your wildest fantasies!" Zach answered grinning. "You havent even come close since I agreed to this. I think Im safe! Now, what do you two want me to make for supper?" "Anything!" Alex and Jason both replied in unison. Zach smiled and headed towards the kitchen to start supper. Jason sat down on the couch and quickly got interested in a show and Alex dived back into his homework with an eagerness that made Jason start laughing again. Later, after Zach had finished making a simple but hearty meal of spaghetti and salad that the

brothers attacked with gusto, the three of them retired to the living room. Alex was practically bouncing in his seat and he kept looking over at his books, but he refused to say anything. Jason and Zach sat and watched him for several minutes, grinning at him. "Oh for Petes sake, take pity on the poor boy Zach and go check his homework," Jason finally said laughing. "Before he shoots his load right there!" Alex flipped Jason the bird but he was grinning from ear to ear. Zach laughed as he sat down to check over Alexs math homework. Alex came up behind him staring intently at the page as Zach started skimming the problems one by one. As Zach passed each problem, Alex got more and more excited. By the time Zach was down to the final few problems Alex was literally bouncing and

Jason was laughing his ass off at him. Then, with only three problems to go Zach looked up at Alex, an exp ression of regret on his face. "Im sorry Alex, this one is wrong," Zach said as he pointed to the problem. "You only missed one, you are doing much better," Zach said in a consoling voice. "Damn it!" Alex yelled. "Damn, Damn, Damn! So fucking close this time! You just wait! Im gonna win that bet yet!" Zach leaned over and kissed the still fuming Alex lightly. "Its not like I dont do it anyway Alex!" Zach said laughing. Jason started laughing at that comment too and Zach blushed a little realizing he had been overheard. Alex grinned at Zach. "I know," he replied. "But I like the idea of being able to get you to blow me when and where I want. Im thinking it

will need to be in a public place. Just so I can see you blush!" Jason was laughing really hard now as Zach turned bright crimson. "You better not!" Zach mumbled. Then Zach started laughing himself. "Course as excited as you get you prolly wont be able to hold out and will want it right then and there!" Alex grinned at Zach and kissed him. "Probably," Alex agreed as he walked over to sit down on the couch. "Lets watch TV for a while. Since we are going out tomorrow night anyway. Is that ok with both of you?" Jason nodded his agreement as he sat down in the chair opposite the couch. Alex held out his arms to get Zach to lay down against him. As soon as Zach lay down, Alex wrapped his arms around Zach hugging him tightly for a few

seconds. Zach snuggled into Alexs chest and Alex, as usual, began running his fingers in lazy circles over Zachs chest. The three of them quickly became engrossed in the show and they conversed only during the commercial breaks. About half way into the show, Alex began to worm one of his hands up under Zachs shirt to rub his chest directly. Zach didnt really mind until Alex started to worm his other hand down the front of his pants and into his boxers. Alex began slowly stroking Zachs growing member causing Zach to nearly panic. Zach glanced over at Jason and was relieved to see that Jason wasnt paying any attention to them. "Alex," Zach whispered, turning his head to stare at Alex. "Stop it! Jason is right there!" Alex grinned at Zach mischievously, his eyes

sparkling with mirth. "So?" Alex whispered back. "Let Jason go get his own boyfriend!" "Alex please!" Zach whispered a little more urgently. "Oh let him play Zach," Jason said, finally turning to look over at them. Jason started grinning from ear to ear. "Hell just start pouting if you dont let him have his own way. And you know he is gonna get what he wants one way or the other anyway." Zach was mortified and his blush spread from his cheeks to his ears and down his chest very quickly. "Shit!" Zach muttered still trying to get Alexs hand out of his pants. Alex was grinning at Zach and was openly laughing at him now. "See!" Alex said teasingly. "I told you Jason wouldnt care. He probably wants to watch!"

Jason started laughing too. "Sure I do!" Jason said grinning. Then Jason saw how embarrassed Zach was getting. "Really Zach," Jason said trying to relieve Zachs obvious discomfort. "I really dont care. Ill go to bed, though, so you two can play if you want." Zach closed his eyes in embarrassment and Alex laughed again. "No, you dont have to go to bed already Jason," Zach said to him finally. "We can finish watching the show." Zach turned his head back to Alex to look him in the eye. "Just stop being so blatant about it ok?" Alex looked a little guilty as he returned Zachs gaze. "Im sorry," he said to Zach. "Ill be good, I promise." Alex put on his most sad puppy dog eyes as he stared at Zach. "But can I leave my hands where they are if I dont take it too far?"

Jason started laughing again and Zach just closed his eyes and shook his head in defeat. "Oh God!" Zach muttered. "I give up! Go ahead." Alex grinned at Zach and kissed his cheek. He did, however, stop the more obvious stroking, content to just merely hold Zach in his hands with just the occasional soft stroke. The three of them went back to watching the show, but Zach didnt really pay too much attention to it from that point forward. He was much too intent on trying to keep from losing control in front of Jason. Finally the show ended and the late news came on. Jason stood up and stretched. "I think its time for me to hit the sack guys," Jason said yawning. "Its been a long day. I hate to disturb you, but can you get up so I can sleep on the couch?" "You dont have to sleep on the couch," Alex

said. "You can sleep in Zachs bed if you want. Zach and I always sleep in mine anyway so youre not displacing us." Jason raised one of his eyebrows at the two of them. "I figured you might want some privacy tonight," Jason said grinning at them. "The way you have been acting all night, I figured you must be pretty wound up Alex." Alex grinned at his brother. "Im always that way!" Alex replied promptly. "I was born horny, you know that!" Jason busted out laughing at Alexs comment and Zach rolled his eyes. "Seriously Jason," Zach said. "You can have my bed. Alex may be horny, but he isnt getting any tonight. Weve already had that conversation." Jason stopped laughing and his exp ression became slightly serious. "I dont want to interfere

guys," Jason said. "Its not gonna bother me to sleep out here on the couch. Go have some fun!" Alex grinned at his brother. "No really Jason, its ok," Alex said earnestly. "We werent going to do anything tonight anyway. You arent interfering. Zach and I dont have to play every night." "Well if youre sure," Jason said hesitantly. Alex and Zach both nodded their heads as they got up to head towards the bedroom. "All right, you talk me into it," Jason said smiling at them. "I really wasnt looking forward to sleeping on the couch anyway!" Alex headed towards the bathroom to brush his teeth while Jason and Zach went into the bedroom. Jason rummaged through his overnight bag for his own toothbrush while Zach unburied his bed from all the laundry Alex had piled on it

instead of putting it away. After Zach cleaned off the bed, he headed towards the bathroom himself to brush his teeth and passed Alex on the way. Zach quickly finished with his teeth and headed back to the bedroom. Alex had already stripped down to his boxers and was crawling into bed as Zach entered. Jason finally found his own toothbrush and went into the bathroom. Zach pulled off his shirt and pants and started to crawl into bed besides Alex. Alex frowned at him as Zach pulled the covers back. Alex stared pointedly at Zachs boxers with a look of disapproval. Alex made a little noise of protest and reached over to tug at the waistband of Zachs boxers. "Alex!" Zach protested. "Stop it!" "Why arent you sleeping naked like you usually do?" Alex asked still frowning. "I like

being able to feel you skin while we sleep." "Because Jason is sleeping in here with us," Zach explained rolling his eyes. "Oh just take em off already and make him happy Zach," Jason said from behind him startling Zach and making him jump. "Here! Ill help!" Jason said as he quickly jerked Zachs boxers down to his ankles. "Jesus!" Zach exclaimed. "One of you is bad enough! Now I have to deal with two of you?" Alex and Jason were both grinning at Zach. "Well since theyre off anyway, you might as well go ahead and sleep naked," Alex said trying to look innocent and failing miserably. "I like you better this way anyway." Zach sighed and shook his head but went ahead and crawled naked into the bed next to

Alex. Alex kissed him before Zach turned into a spooning position, facing the other bed. As soon as Zach settled into position, Alex wrapped his arms around him, hugging him tightly. "See," Alex asked. "Isnt this better than sleeping in your boxers?" "If you had your way, Id be nude all the time," Zach muttered. "Why do I always end up naked around your brother?" Jason had been pulling off his own clothes during the exchange and he busted out laughing at Zachs question. "Well if it makes you feel any better, I sleep nude too," Jason said as he pulled off his boxers. "Looks like Alex is the odd man out." "Your brother has always been odd," Zach grinned at Jason. "You should know that by now!"

Jason started laughing as he crawled into bed and rolled over to face Zach and Alex. Alex was laughing too, but he lightly thumped Zachs dick in protest. "Hey!" Alex protested. "When did it become pick on Alex day? Im the birthday boy. Youre suppose to be nice to me." "Its not your birthday for another hour or so Alex," Jason answered chuckling. "And its always pick on Alex day in my book!" Jason and Zach laughed at Alex who tried to pout but ended up laughing too. "Did you set the alarm?" Zach asked Alex turning his head slightly to see Alex. "I want to try and get my run done in the morning. That way we can have all day to celebrate your day." "I set it," Alex said nuzzling at Zachs cheek. "Dont worry." "Do you run Zach?" Jason asked. "Do you

want some company tomorrow?" "Well, I shouldnt really call it a run," Zach said with a slight sound of disgust in his voice. "Its been more like a jog ever since I got the cast off. Ive been trying to build my speed and distance back up, but its slow going." "And you better remember to keep it slow going too!" Alex interjected, a stern note in his voice. "You remember what Dad said about taking it in slow stages." "Yes dad," Zach said grinning. Alex promptly thumped Zach on his dick again in retribution making Zach jump slightly. "Ill be good! No more thumping my dick! Ok?" Jason was laughing at the two of them once again. "So do you want some company then?" Jason asked again. "Id probably do better at a jog anyway."

"Sure!" Zach replied eagerly. "Id love some company. Alex runs too fast and too far to really be company for me. And he doesnt run on Saturdays anyway." "Yeah," Jason agreed. "Ever since he was in cross country in school he has pretty much kept the same running schedule. I use to try and go with him too, but hed always leave my ass in the dust." "Thats cause youre sloooow big brother!" Alex laughed. Jason and Zach started laughing too. After a few more minutes of soft laughter, the room quieted. Alex had been slowly running his hand over Zachs chest and stomach during the conversation. Slowly, but surely his hand had been inching its way down to Zachs groin. When Alexs fingers started slowly stroking along his

shaft Zach couldnt keep from shuddering slightly. Alex noticed the slight movement and grinning, nuzzled his nose against Zachs cheek again before starting to nibble on his ear. Jason started chuckling after a few more moments of silence. "Are you two sure you dont want some privacy?" Jason asked, the laughter evident in his voice. "It might be dark in here, but its pretty obvious youre stroking Zach, Alex. I can still go sleep out on the couch." "Nahh, its ok," Alex replied laughing. "Besides, its no worse than all those times Id catch you with your hands down Beth whats her faces pants. At least Zach isnt moaning or anything." "You only caught us once!" Jason protested, laughing. "Once that you know of!" Alex taunted. "I

remember the time you had her over when you thought Dad was working an all nighter. I remember walking into the living room and seeing your bare hairy ass sticking up in the air and Beth was only in her panties. Seems to me she was licking your dick like it was her favorite lollipop!" All three of them were laughing pretty hard now. "I didnt know you saw that!" Jason finally got out around the laughter. "That was a VERY good night! I think I only came about 5 times that night. A very good nigh, at least until Dad got home!" "Yeah, I know," Alex said laughing. "I never saw two people get dressed so fast as you two that night. Im not sure which was funnier. Watching you two try and scramble into your clothes or the exp ression on your face when she went down on you for the second time!"

"You fucking perv!" Jason laughed. "Watching your brother get a blowjob isnt exactly a Norman Rockwell memory you know." Jason chuckled for a few more minutes. "I always did wonder if Dad knew what we were doing though." "Oh he knew," Alex said in a teasing voice. "After you left to take Beth home, Dad said it was a shame Beth had her shirt on inside out all night. And then he smiled and winked at me before heading off to bed." "Shiiiit!" Jason said to Alex and Zachs laughter. "I should have known!" The three of them continued to chuckle off and on for several minutes, but eventually the room quieted again. After a few more minutes, Zach could hear Jasons breathing slow into the deep rhythm of sleep and he could feel Alexs body

relaxing into slumber too. Alexs hand continued to slowly stroke Zachs dick even as he drifted into sleep. Zach smiled and closed his eyes. After only a few more moments, Zach drifted off too. The next morning Zach was slowly coming awake, drifting happily half way between sleep and consciousness. Zach could feel the warmth radiating from Alexs body into his and he sighed dreamily. Without opening his eyes, Zach snuggled closer to Alex. He could feel Alexs fingers running lightly over his body. The feel of Alexs lips brushing over his skin with feather light kisses sent tingling waves through his body. Zach half opened his eyes, smiling dreamily at Alex and then closed them again, letting his body respond for him without thought. Zach shivered slightly as Alexs fingers lined up both of their dicks and wrapped his hands around them,

holding them next to each other. Zach started to thrust slightly into Alexs fist and he felt Alexs dick sliding over and next to his. Zach pressed his lips against Alexs and began to kiss him passionately, his tongue exploring Alexs mouth eagerly. Zach could feel Alexs body shiver in response as he ground his groin into Alexs and ran his fingers over Alexs body. Zach felt more than heard Alexs low growl of pleasure and he felt Alex begin to thrust his own groin in response. Zach moaned quietly in pleasure as the waves of pleasure begin to build in his body. He increased the tempo of his thrusting and he tried to push his body even closer into Alexs. Zach could feel Alexs skin next to his own and the friction caused by their two bodies moving over each other sent electric thrills running through

him. Zachs breathing was becoming ragged and he felt his body beginning to tense as it prepared for release. Alex groaned his own response to the sensations, but then he pulled back slightly, disengaging his mouth from Zachs mouth. "Zach," Alex whispered urgently, his breathing labored. "As much as I want to finish this I think I better make sure youre fully awake." "Hmmm," Zach replied, growling more than speaking. Zach opened his eyes coming more awake. Zach smiled at Alex dreamily and made a little happy noise in his throat as he continued to thrust with his pelvis. "Oh God!" Alex whispered softly. "Zach, you remember Jason is right there dont you? I dont want you getting mad at me later." Zach rolled his head, coming fully awake at

last. Zach could see Jasons body stretched out on the other bed, still slumbering. Zach whimpered slightly in protest and turned back to face Alex. "Damn," he muttered quietly at last. Alex grinned slightly at Zach, a look of frustration crossing his own face. "We could still finish if you want," Alex said in a quiet whisper. "Jasons still asleep and he wouldnt care anyway." Zach frowned slightly, turning his head to regard Jason again for a few seconds. Finally, Zach sighed in disappointment as he pulled his body slightly away from Alexs. "We better not," Zach said, regret in his voice. "Jason might wake up. I know he wouldnt care, but I just dont think I can do that." Alex nuzzled softly at Zachs cheek grinning ruefully at him. "I kinda figured that," Alex said

quietly. "Thats why I wanted to make sure you were totally awake." Alex kissed Zach again, nibbling along his jaw line. Zach softly groaned again. The two continued to cuddle for several minutes, enjoying the warmth of each others body. Zach kissed Alex again smiling at him. "Happy Birthday Alex," he said softly. Zach kissed Alex again, a lingering kiss fully tasting Alexs mouth. When he finally pulled away from the kiss, Alex made a little involuntary noise of protest making Zach smile even bigger. Zach continued to snuggle with Alex, attempting to meld his body even tighter into Alexs. Although the urgency of their passion had begun to subside, Zach noted that neither of them lost their erections. As they continued to cuddle their dicks would occasionally slide against each

other and Zach would feel his body tremble in response. After several more minutes had passed, Jason began to stir. Jason slowly stretched and yawned and then rubbed his eyes trying to clear the sleep away. Jason looked over at Alex and Zach and grinned at them in greeting. "Good morning guys," Jason mumbled sleepily, yawning again. "And happy birthday little brother. Is Zach giving you an early present?" Jason asked teasingly. "Good morning Jason," both Alex and Zach said in unison. Zach pulled away slightly from Alexs embrace, rolling slightly so he would be facing Jason. "Looks like you two are trying to create pup tents over there," Jason continued to tease. "Hope you got those poles of yours anchored firmly!"

Zach grinned at Jason and Alex chuckled. "Looks like youve got a bit of case of morning wood yourself there big brother," Alex laughed. "You gonna have to take an extra couple minutes in the bathroom this morning?" Jason laughed as he stretched again. "Maybe Ill take care of it when I take a shower," Jason answered. "You know, like you usually do!" "Hey!" Alex protested laughing. "I am only following the example I learned from you!" Jason grinned and then looked at Zach. "So are we gonna run right away or do you usually wait a bit before going?" "We can go now if you want," Zach answered stretching. "Why dont you shut off the alarm Alex? Its going to go off in a few minutes anyway."

Alex rolled slightly and shut off the alarm and then promptly rolled back, snuggling into his pillow. "I think Ill catch a few more zs while you two are off working up a sweat," Alex said dreamily. "Nothing like sleeping in on your birthday!" Jason stood up and raised his arms up over his head holding the stretch for several seconds working out the kinks. Zach and Alex both smiled and laughed as Jasons nearly erect dick swayed back and forth. "Are you even going to be able to stuff that thing into your jock?" Alex teased. Jason laughed again and flipped Alex the bird. "Ive got to take a piss before we go, that should make it go down a little bit," Jason answered. Jason walked towards the bathroom, his erect dick leading the way.

Zach had been staring openly at Jason the entire time and Alex nudged him. Zach turned his head and looked into Alexs eyes. Alex started laughing at him and Zach blushed guiltily. "Sorry," Zach muttered, blushing even more. "Its ok Zach," Alex grinned. "It doesnt bother me." Zach grinned ruefully as he got up to get dressed for his morning run. Zach had a little trouble stuffing himself into his own jock and the leer that Alex threw his way wasnt helping at all. Zach pulled on a pair of cut off sweats and a Tshirt and then started hunting for a pair of socks and his shoes. Jason came walking out of the bathroom, still yawning and scratching at his stomach. His dick had deflated significantly, but was still a little plump. Jason walked over to his overnight bag

and began rummaging for something to wear for the run. "Do you think I can borrow a jock Little Brother?" Jason asked over his shoulder. "I didnt think to bring one with me." "Yeah, Ill just burn it after you get done with it," Alex teased grinning. Jason flipped Alex off again and then pulled out a pair of sweat shorts and a T-shirt. Zach had grabbed one of Alexs jocks and tossed it over to Jason who caught it and quickly slipped it on. Zach had to privately admit that Jason looked pretty damn good standing there in it. Jason pulled on his shorts and shirt and then slipped on his shoes. "Well be back in about an hour or so," Zach said to Alex as he leaned over and kissed him. "Enjoy your snooze while we are gone." "Oh hes gonna start beating off before we even get out the door Zach," Jason teased.

"Dont let him fool you. Im surprised he hasnt started humping the bed already." Alex flipped Jason off, but then started grinning as he started thrusting his pelvis into the mattress. "Why dont you go run and leave Zach here Jason?" Alex laughed. "The mattress really isnt all that satisfying." Jason and Zach laughed as they started to leave. Jason reached over and tousled Alexs hair in parting eliciting another grin from Alex. "See ya in a bit," Alex said as he snuggled back into his pillow. Jason and Zach walked out of the apartment and towards the campus. "I usually jog around the track on campus," Zach explained as they walked. "At least I do now since I have to be careful on how far I go. Before the accident I would just jog along the streets."

"How far do you usually go?" Jason asked as they headed towards the track. "Oh, Im back up to five miles," Zach answered slightly disgusted. "And it only takes me about an hour to do it. Alex gets feisty if I go much faster or farther. I never have figured out how he can tell." Jason chuckled and tousled Zachs hair getting a grin in response. "Five miles is good," Jason said. "Itll be a nice easy routine for me." "Yeah, sorry its not more," Zach answered. "But Im slowly getting back up to par." The two had reached the track by then and Zach proceeded to climb over the fence. "The gate is on the other side, but most people just climb over wherever they want. No one cares." Jason climbed over the fence too and the two walked out onto the track doing a few stretches

to loosen up their muscles. After a few minutes Zach looked over at Jason to see if he was ready and receiving an affirmative nod, they proceeded to start their jog. The two of them were silent for a couple of minutes, just getting into the rhythm of the jog. They completed the first circle of the track and started in on the second. No one else was using the track yet so they had complete freedom and didnt have to worry about other runners. They completed several more circles of the track when Jason finally spoke. "After we finish up here, why dont you let me shower up first when we get back," Jason said seriously. "Then I can go out and get us all breakfast. I can get lost on the way or something and give you and Alex a little privacy for a while." Jason turned his head to look at Zach grinning at him. "I kinda figure you

both need it after your little adventures this morning." Zach turned bright red making Jason chuckle. "Shit!" Zach exclaimed. "You were awake? Oh shit!" Jason laughed again still grinning. "Dont sweat it Zach," Jason replied. "Really. It doesnt bother me at all. Hell, I wouldnt have cared if the two of you had screwed right there in front of me. Its no big deal to me." Zachs ears started burning with his blush. "Uh well, Alex and I havent actually, uh done anything like that yet," Zach stammered. Jason smiled at him. "Thats cool," he said reassuringly to Zach. "Take your time and make sure youre ready before you do. Dont let him rush you Zach. Make sure youre ready."

"Oh Im ready!" Zach answered quickly and then started blushing even brighter. "Uh, I mean oh hell!" Jason was nearly doubled over with laughter. "Its ok Zach," Jason said again. "If you are ready why havent you done anything yet? I know Alex is ready. I think he has been ready since the day he met you." Zach grinned, still blushing a little. "Truthfully, I didnt know how to bring it up," Zach admitted. "I still get tongue-tied talking about, uh stuff with him. With anyone actually." "Hmmm," Jason answered thoughtfully. "Are you really sure you are ready Zach? You arent letting Alex rush you are you? I dont want to see you get hurt Zach. You are like another little brother to me." "Yeah, I think Im ready," Zach replied. "I

have been thinking about it for a while now. And I really want to, uh, sleep with Alex. Its been about the only thing on my mind for a while now." Jason grinned again. "That just means youre horny!" Jason quipped laughing. Then Jason became serious again. "Seriously Zach, dont let Alex push you. Dont be afraid to tell him no. You cant let him get away with doing what ever he wants with you." "Oh I know," Zach answered. "And really, Alex has been very patient. He has let me set the pace in the relationship and he is very gentle. Alex has really been letting things go slowly for me. He has tried very hard not to pressure me into going too fast." Zach smiled slightly. "He usually lets me do new things first to make sure Im ok with what is happening. I know he can be aggressive, like last night, but he is still very

gentle. He tries very hard not to go too far." "Well thats good," Jason replied. "I know he loves you very much and he would never intentionally hurt you. But Alex is use to being with aggressive partners so he might not think about you not being ready for sex. All the girls he dated were pretty out going. They were usually the ones who initiated things with him. Which isnt really surprising when I think about it. Having sex with them probably wouldnt have entered his mind unless they started it." "Well, actually I was thinking of uh maybe sleeping with Alex, uh tonight," Zach said glancing at Jason, blushing again. "I thought it would be perfect. To give myself to him for his birthday." Jason turned his head again smiling at Zach. "I cant think of anything Alex would want more,"

Jason said sincerely. "So youre really ready then?" "Yeah," Zach said grinning. "I admit, Im a little scared. I really dont, uh know exactly what to do. And I think its probably going to, um, hurt a little bit when Alex, uh well, uh enters me." Zachs ears were turning crimson again. "But I really want to do this. Probably at least as much as Alex." The two of them had finished the last lap and Zach pointed over towards the bleachers. Nodding, Jason followed Zach over and took a seat beside him. Almost as an after thought, Jason put his arm around Zachs shoulders in a brotherly embrace. The two of them just sat for a few minutes and Zach couldnt have been happier. "I dont think you have to worry too much on

not knowing what to do," Jason said taking up the conversation again. "I imagine it will come to you. And Alex probably knows what to do, at least in a general sort of way." Jason paused and glanced at Zach before continuing. "And as far as the pain, well, uh, use a lot of lube. Maybe it will help, at least a little." Zach started laughing and Jason glanced curiously at him. "Cindy said pretty much the same thing about the lube I mean," Zach explained smiling. Jason grinned back at him. "I guess Im going to have to figure out some way to get away from Alex for a few minutes today so I can go pick some up. I didnt have time yesterday." Jason grinned at him. "Why dont you let me take care of that," Jason said. "I can pick some up for you when I go grab breakfast and Alex

will never know the difference. That way it will keep it a surprise. Or maybe this friend of yours, Cindy, can go with me to show me where to get it at." "Thanks Jason," Zach answered. "And thanks for talking to me too. It still amazes me at how open you and your family are about, uh, sex and stuff." Jason tousled Zachs hair again smiling at him. "Well, Im sure there are some people who would probably think we are a little too casual," Jason said turning a little serious. "I suppose it all comes from not having any females in the house. We didnt have any sisters and our Mom passed away at such an early age for us. Alex, Mark and I never had to worry about being polite or modest or anything since it was just us guys." Jason half smiled for a second before

continuing. "Dad always did call us savages!" Jason laughed. "I dont know how many times he would come home after working an all nighter to find us guys in the living room munching on whatever crap we happened to concoct for breakfast and we would be wearing nothing but what God gave us when we were born. Dad would always roll his eyes at us and mutter something about wild heathens in his house. I dont think he really cared though, since he never told us to go get dressed. We were all always pretty casual about nudity. Not that Dad ever ran around undressed, he just didnt seem to mind that we were naked." Zach was quiet for a couple of minutes smiling wistfully. "I really cant imagine being like that," he finally said. "My family was always pretty uptight about being undressed. It just wasnt

done in our house. And we never, ever talked about sex." Zach laughed. "Not even my brother and I ever discussed it. Mike would brag to his friends about sex, but he never talked to me about it." "Oh, Mark, Alex and I are pretty open there too," Jason said laughing. "Hell, weve all seen each other naked so many times its not even funny. So I guess it was only natural that we would see each other hard too. And of course that would lead to discussions of sex." Jason shook his head, laughing pretty hard. "Hell, Mark even taught me how to jack off. And it wasnt really long after learning myself that I taught Alex how. So weve all seen each other do it before. It was really no big deal." Jason paused for a few minutes and started laughing pretty hard. "I remember that after I

taught Alex how to jack off he pretty much did it non-stop." Jason smirked. "We didnt think he was ever gonna let go of his dick again!" Zach started laughing really hard. "Well, some things never change!" Zach finally managed to get out between laughs. Jason tousled Zachs hair again laughing with him. "I didnt imagine it had!" Jason agreed. The two of them looked at each other for a few more seconds and then doubled over laughing. Finally, after several minutes, the two of them regained control of their mirth although they were still grinning from ear to ear. "I suppose we better get back," Zach said finally. "Thanks for jogging with me Jason. And the pep talk too. But thanks more for treating me like a little brother. That really means a lot to me." Jason stood up and offered his hand to Zach

to help him stand up. "No problem Zach," Jason said sincerely. "I really enjoyed our talk too. And at least in my mind, you are my little brother Zach. Im always there for you." Zach smiled as he took Jasons hand and let himself be pulled up. Zach was surprised when Jason didnt let go of his hand after he was standing. Instead, Jason pulled him into a fierce bear hug, holding him in a brotherly embrace for several minutes. When Jason finally let him go Zach could see a huge smile on Jasons face. Zach knew it couldnt have been any bigger than the one on his own face. Zach and Jason started walking towards the apartment, proceeding at a slow and leisurely pace. Zach was enjoying the camaraderie and was smiling the entire way back. Jason noticed Zachs huge smile and started bumping his

shoulder against him affectionately. By the time the two of them made it back to the apartment they were both laughing pretty hard. Jason and Zach walked in the front door of the apartment still laughing. Alex immediately came walking out of the bathroom wearing just a towel. Alex was still dripping and he had a scowl plastered on his face. "Where the fuck have you two been?" Alex demanded, his voice irritated. "Youve been gone for nearly two hours! I was just getting cleaned up so I could come look for you." Zach and Jason exchanged rueful glances. "Were sorry Alex," Zach said. "It just took us a little longer than we thought. After our jog we sat down on the bleachers and just talked for a while. I didnt realize how much time had gone by."

Alex glared at the two of them for a few seconds. "You werent jogging the whole time?" Alex asked accusingly. "Tell me the truth." "Honest!" Zach replied. "We just went my usual distance. I promise I didnt over extend." "Zach is telling you the truth Alex," Jason jumped in quickly trying to come to Zachs defense. "Dont be mad at him. Its my fault we are so late. I was telling Zach stories and the time got away from us. Im really sorry." Alex shifted his glare back and forth between the two of them obviously still annoyed. "All right," Alex finally relented, his glare softening. "Im just mad cause you ruined my surprise. After you two left, I got up and went and got us breakfast. I wanted to surprise you. I was trying to be nice." "Oh Alex!" Zach said sadly. "Im sorry! That

was really sweet of you and I ruined it. Now I feel really bad." Jason nodded his head in agreement. Alex gave them a half grin. "Well, you two are the ones who are gonna suffer over it," Alex replied. "You two are the ones who have to eat your breakfast cold now!" Alexs eyes started twinkling with mischief. "But Zach, I think you should give me a kiss to really make up for it. To show me how sorry you really are." Zach grinned at Alex and leaned in to kiss him. Alex tenderly brushed his lips against Zachs and then unexpectedly grabbed Zach and pulled him into a tight embrace. Alex was grinning evilly as he rubbed his still dripping body against Zach, thoroughly soaking the front of Zachs clothes. Zach finally managed to push Alex away and looked down at his wet front. Jason was doubled

over with laughter and Alex was grinning his best shit-eating grin. Zach shook his head in defeat and started laughing too. "Ok, I guess were even now," Alex said still grinning. "Go eat your breakfast and Ill finish my shower. You two can fight over who gets it next you both reek!" Alex started back towards the bathroom but not before stopping in front of Jason and vigorously shaking his head splattering Jason with water droplets from his wet hair. Howling with laughter, Alex took off running towards the bathroom. Jason started out after Alex, grabbing at him and pulling off his towel instead. Throwing the towel aside in disgust, Jason made another grab at Alex and tackled him dragging him down to the floor. Alex was laughing hard, vainly trying to squirm out of Jasons grip, but Jason grabbed a

hold tightly refusing to let go. Slowly, Jason pinned Alex to the ground and then flipped him over onto his stomach leaving his bare butt sticking up in the air. Grinning evilly, Jason proceeded to spank Alex, counting out the swats over Alexs shouts of protest. By the time Jason reached twenty-one, Alexs butt was beginning to turn bright red. Jason finally let Alex up. Alex was trying hard to glare at Jason as he rubbed his tender butt, but he couldnt help laughing and ruined the effect. "You ass!" Alex yelled at Jason, still laughing. "That hurt!" Jason grinned at his brother. "Just got your birthday spanking out of the way is all Little Brother," Jason said teasingly. Then Jason snapped his fingers. "Damn! I forgot to give you one to grow on! Come here!" Jason made

another grab for Alex, but Alex ran off towards the bathroom flipping the bird to Jason as he left. Zach was roaring with laughter during this exchange. Zach walked over to Jason and extended his hand to help him up. "That was good!" Zach said between laughs. "I dont think anyone has ever got the better of Alex before!" Jason laughed his agreement and the two of them headed towards the kitchen to eat their cold breakfast. After a few minutes Alex came walking into the kitchen pulling on a sweatshirt and jeans. "Cindy called while you guys were MIA," Alex said to Zach. "She wants to know when she should come over. I told her I would have you call her, so call her!" Zach got up and walked over to the phone. "Im surprised she isnt here already," Zach said

as he started dialing the phone. "Hey Cindy!" Zach said as the other end was picked up. "Alex said you called." "Hey Zach!" Cindy said. "Yeah, I wanted to know when I should come over." "You can come over now if you want," Zach answered. "We can just hang out till this evening." "Ok!" Cindy readily agreed. "Ill be over in a few then." "See ya!" Zach said and hung up the phone. "Cindy will be over in a bit. I know big surprise!" Zach said laughing. Alex joined in and even Jason grinned. "If you dont mind, Im gonna grab the shower first," Jason said. "You two can make out for a while!" Jason said leering at them. Alex laughed and immediately started kissing Zach deeply.

Zach grinned but quickly got more interested in the kiss than in what Jason was doing. Alex had started the kiss teasingly, but slowly the kisses turned passionate. Zach opened his mouth and Alex immediately started to explore his mouth with his tongue. Alexs hands were stroking at Zachs chest and Zach began to breathe more rapidly as his body started to respond to Alexs touch. Alex slowly ran his hand up under the fabric of Zachs shirt, rubbing Zachs skin directly and playing softly with Zachs chest hair. Zach made a little whimpering noise as Alexs hand began to stroke his dick through the material of his sweat shorts. Zach grabbed Alex and pulled him to him tightly, plastering his lips to Alexs. Zach let his own fingers begin to explore Alexs skin, running his hands up under Alexs shirt and kneading the

flesh he found there. Alexs kissing became even more passionate and his breathing became ragged. Alex started nibbling along Zachs jaw line nearly driving Zach crazy. Zach was about to pull off Alexs shirt when there was a knock at the door and Cindy came walking in. "Im here!" Cindy called out as she entered. "Where are you oh, sorry!" Cindy said as she finally saw Alex and Zach in the kitchen. "You two should really learn to lock your door!" Alex and Zach started laughing as they regretfully separated. "You should learn to wait to come in till your invited," Zach said grinning. "Otherwise one of these days youre gonna get an eye full!" Cindy leered at them. "Thats what I keep hoping for!" Cindy said laughing. "Course Ive

seen everything youve got before Zach!" Zach turned bright red and Alex started laughing. "Youre kidding right?" Alex asked incredulously. "Youve seen Zach naked?" "Yep!" Cindy replied. "Oh, was I not suppose to mention that Zach?" Cindy grinned at Zach as his ears turned crimson. "Oh this I gotta hear!" Alex said grinning. "Spill it Cindy! I want details!" "It was nothing!" Zach said still blushing. "Cindy and I were just hanging out once while we were in Junior High. She mentioned that she had never seen a guy naked before except in pictures. I told her I had never seen a girl naked either. She said she would let me see her naked if I would let her see me. She made me go first." Zach glared at Cindy for a second. "Then her Dad came home and we almost got caught. She

never did keep her end of the bargain!" Alex was howling with laughter and Cindy was grinning openly. "I didnt have to," she said sweetly. "I had already got what I wanted!" Cindy batted her eyes a couple of times at Zach and Alex nearly doubled over with laughter. Zach continued to glare at the two of them for several more seconds, but then slowly he started to laugh too. "Oh well," Zach finally said grinning. "Its not like I REALLY wanted to see you naked anyway!" Cindy flipped Zach off, but she was still laughing. Jason came walking around the corner about that time wearing a towel around his waist. "So whats so funny in here?" Jason asked. "I could hear you guys laughing even over the shower." "Oh my!" Cindy said as she stared openly at Jasons nearly naked body. "You really need to

come over here more often! Im Cindy by the way." "Hey Cindy," Jason said smiling at her without the least trace of modesty. "Im Jason, Alexs middle brother. Ill be back in a second. Im gonna go put some clothes on." Cindy smiled back at Jason. "No need to get dressed on my account!" Cindy laughed. Jason smiled again and walked back towards the bedroom. "Dont make me use the hose on you Cindy," Zach teased. "Close your mouth and stop drooling." Cindy stuck her tongue out at Zach and flipped him the bird. Then she started laughing. Alex and Zach joined in and then the three of them got up to head towards the living room. After a few seconds Jason joined them, properly

dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. "So whats the plan for today?" Cindy asked as Jason sat down. "Are we doing anything in particular before we all go out to celebrate Alexs birthday this evening?" "We dont really have any plans yet," Alex answered. "Except to make Zach take a shower! You still reek bud!" Zach shoved playfully at Alex in protest. "Well, I need to run to Wallie World sometime," Cindy said. "Anyone want to go with me?" "Ill go," Jason said grinning and winking slyly at Zach behind Alexs back. "I need to pick up a few things myself. And it will give these two a chance to be alone for a bit. I think Ive cramped their style since Ive been here!"

Cindy laughed and winked at Jason. "Well from the way they were acting when I got here, Id say youre right about their needing some time alone," Cindy answered. "Why dont you two meet Jason and I for lunch at McDonalds. We should all get a layer of grease going for tonights festivities!" Alex smiled in appreciation at Cindy and Jason as they got up to leave. "Thanks guys," Alex said warmly. "Well meet you around noon or so." Cindy and Jason grinned knowingly at Alex and Zach as they started to walk out. Cindy stopped before she got all the way out, and making sure everyone saw what she was doing, firmly locked the door before pulling it close. Alex grinned as he turned to face Zach. "Guess that is our permission to carry on where were interrupted." Zach grinned back at him and

then tenderly started to kiss along his neck and up to his lips. Zach began tugging at Alexs shirt, trying to pull it off without breaking contact with Alexs lips. Alex was pawing at Zachs clothes also, trying to pull them off as quickly as he could. The two of them were so intent on getting each others clothes off that at one point they got their arms tangled together in each others shirts. They both broke off their kiss and started laughing as they extracted themselves. As soon as Zach got Alexs shirt off, he started kissing and nibbling down his throat and across his collarbones. Alex shuddered and moaned softly as he started to tug at the waistband of Zachs shorts. Alex managed to pull Zachs sweat shorts down to his knees where gravity was able to take over and they dropped to the ground.

Alex started stroking Zachs dick and balls through his jock making Zach start to tremble. Zach pulled away slightly and continued to kiss and nibble down Alexs chest and stomach, stopping to swirl his tongue around Alexs belly button. Alex moaned again and grabbed a hold of Zachs shoulders to steady himself. Zach continued to nibble at Alexs sensitive skin pausing as he reached the waistband of Alexs jeans. Zach started to unbutton Alexs jeans smiling as he noticed that Alexs dick was already straining at the confining material. Slowly, Zach pulled each button loose and he continued to nibble at Alexs waist. Alex was gripping Zachs shoulders tightly and he squeezed his eyes closed as his breathing became ragged. A sheen of sweat started to appear across Alexs chest and forehead as his body continued to

react to Zachs touch. Finally Zach pulled the last button loose and inched Alexs jeans down over his thighs and down to his ankles. Zach slowly began to tongue Alexs throbbing dick through the material of Alexs boxers and Alex moaned a low animal growl as he clenched at Zachs shoulders once again. Zach continued licking and kissing Alexs shaft through the material until the front of Alexs boxers were soaked. Zach grinned up at Alex as he started to pull his boxers down inch by inch. Slowly, Zach revealed Alexs shaft and began to lick along it causing Alex to gasp. All at once, Zach pulled Alexs boxers the rest of the way down and Alexs dick sprang back up sharply slapping him soundly in the belly. Alex gasped again and Zach grinned as he started to lick from the tip to base.

Zach continued licking and kissing Alexs shaft until Alex was practically squirming and standing on his tiptoes. The entire time he was softly massaging Alexs balls. Alex was beginning to whimper and Zach knew it wouldnt be long before Alex climaxed. Zach began to concentrate his licks and nibbling to just the head of Alexs dick and Alex began gasping, trying to catch his breath. Then, just as Alex was almost ready to shoot, Zach slowly took the tip of Alexs dick into his mouth and started sucking on it. Zach sucked for a few seconds and then started to slowly work Alexs dick further into his mouth. Alex gasped out something that sounded like Zachs name and clenched at Zachs shoulders again. Slowly Zach worked Alexs entire shaft into his mouth and held him there for a few seconds. Alex gasped one final time and then began thrusting with his hips as he started to

shoot. Zach continued to suck on Alexs dick, allowing Alex to finish cumming in his mouth before he slowly pulled off Alexs spent dick. Alexs body was trembling from the aftermath and he would have fallen if he hadnt been supporting himself on Zachs shoulders. Alex shuddered once again as Zach licked a few more times over the sensitive tip of his dick. Alex opened his eyes to see Zach grinning up at him and he grinned back in response. "Oh God, that was good," Alex said smiling at Zach. "I needed that in a BIG way!" "See, you should have let me play yesterday morning like I wanted to!" Zach said laughing. "But no, you just had to keep teasing me all day long." Alex laughed and pulled Zach up to kiss him on the lips. "Why dont we go take a shower?"

Alex said grinning at Zach. "I can get you all squeaky clean before I get you all messy again!" Zach grinned as Alex grabbed his hand and pulled him into the bathroom. Alex turned on the shower and then turned back towards Zach smiling. "Hmmm, guess you dont need to wear a jock in the shower," Alex said playfully. "At least not for what I have planned!" Zachs cheeks turned a little pink as Alex slipped his fingers under the elastic waistband and pulled down exposing Zachs erect dick and balls. Alex reached down and tugged on Zachs dick a few times before he pushed Zach into the shower. Alex grabbed the soap and began running it over Zachs chest and stomach, lathering him up thoroughly. Zach shuddered as Alexs fingers grazed his nipples. Alex grinned when he saw

Zachs reaction and leaned over to kiss Zach tenderly. Alex then squatted down to lather up Zachs legs, scrupulously avoiding touching Zachs dick or balls making Zach groan in anticipation. Alex grinned up at Zach as he heard the low moan escape his lips. Alex leaned in slightly and licked just the tip of Zachs dick once making Zach moan once again and causing Zachs dick to dance. Alex then stood up and turned Zach around so that he was facing the spray. Alex began to lather up Zachs back. As he ran his hands over Zachs shoulders and back, he slowly began to thrust his groin against Zachs butt. Zach shuddered again and squeezed his eyes tightly close. Alex grinned as he noticed Zachs reaction. Then Alex slowly ran the bar of soap down Zachs spine till he

reached Zachs butt. Alex began to slowly lather up the mounds of flesh, kneading them thoroughly and running the bar of soap up and down Zachs crack. Zachs breathing was becoming labored and his body was almost constantly trembling now. Zach moaned again as Alex continued to run his fingers and the bar of soap up and down Zachs butt crack. Then Alexs fingers began to circle over his hole and Zach gasped loudly and he involuntarily thrust back into Alexs hands. Alex grinned and started to suck, kiss and nibble along the chords of Zachs neck. Alex reach around and finally grasped Zachs dick and began to stroke him slowly. Zach gasped and his body shuddered again. Alex continued to slowly stroke Zachs dick, running his hand from the tip to the base in a long,

leisurely stroke. His other hand had not left teasing Zachs hole, never entering, but circling and putting a slight pressure against it. Alex continued to slowly push his own groin against Zachs butt and his lips and mouth never left Zachs neck. Finally, after a few more strokes, Zach gasped again crying out Alexs name and began to shoot white ribbons of cum through the air to land against his chest and stomach. Alex continued to stroke his dick, milking every last drop from Zachs trembling body. Zach continued to gasp for air for several minutes. Alex had finally left off teasing his pucker and he now simply held his dick in his warm hand, no longer rubbing him with those agonizingly sweet strokes. Alex nuzzled softly at Zachs cheek, kissing him occasionally as he allowed Zach to regain control over his body.

After several more minutes Zach finally opened his eyes and smiled dreamily at Alex. "Hey," Alex said softly, huskily. Alex continued to nuzzle softly at Zachs cheek, just allowing the shower spray to wash over them. "Hey," Zach replied back softly. "Oh God! I think Im still seeing stars! That was intense!" Alex grinned and kissed Zachs cheek. "You bout ready to get out?" Alex asked after a couple more minutes. "The water is starting to cool down. I think weve used up all the hot water." Zach laughed. "Yeah, lets get out," he answered. "I think Im squeaky clean again!" Alex laughed as he reached down and turned off the water. The two of them got out of the shower and proceeded to dry each other off. "Weve still got about an hour or so before we

have to go meet Cindy and Jason," Alex said smiling. "Do you want to go lay down and cuddle for a while?" Zach smiled. "You know I do," he answered promptly. "But after that shower, I dont think Im gonna be able to do much more than cuddle for a while." Alex laughed again. "Well, I really did mean just cuddle," he said grinning. "I dont think Im gonna be ready to go again for a little bit myself. Besides, I love cuddling with you." Zach turned a little pink but he grinned at Alex. The two of them walked out to the bedroom and crawled into the still unmade bed. Alex promptly pulled Zach into a tight embrace and Zach snuggled into Alexs chest sighing happily. Alex started to run his fingers lazily through Zachs chest hair smiling at him. The two of them

snuggled even closer together enjoying each others warmth. The two of them stayed tangled in each others embrace until shortly before noon. Alex and Zach reluctantly got up and quickly scrambled into some clothes. Zach paused while dressing to watch as Alex pulled on his clothes. Alex turned and noticed Zach staring at him intently. Blushing slightly, Alex grinned and walked over to kiss Zach. Alex broke the kiss after a few moments and then finished buttoning up Zachs shirt. Zach didnt speak, he just stared into Alexs eyes smiling the entire time. After the two of them had dressed, they jumped into Zachs car and drove to McDonalds to meet Cindy and Jason. "I wonder what those two have been doing all this time," Alex said. "I dont see Jason really enjoying shopping with someone he just met. He hates

shopping period." "Oh, I imagine Cindy has kept him entertained," Zach said smiling. "I get the feeling those two are attracted to each other. Ive never seen Cindy stare so openly at someone like that before. And Jason was being awfully polite to her. He didnt tease her like he normally does everyone else." Alex turned and grinned at Zach. "You noticed it too?" he asked. "Wouldnt it be something if they started dating?" "Lets not put any pressure on them or try to rush them," Zach replied laughing. "After all, they did just meet. But it would be really cool if Cindy did like Jason that way. Considering some of the jerks she has dated, I think it would be great if she dated someone nice like Jason." "You calling my jerk brother nice?" Alex

teasingly asked. "Them theres fighting words Mister!" Zach laughed along with Alex and pulled into a parking spot next to Cindys car. "Looks like they are already here," Zach said getting out of the car. "We arent that late are we?" "No, its only a few minutes after noon," Alex answered looking at his watch. "Maybe they got tired of shopping and came here early." Alex and Zach walked into the restaurant and looking around for a second quickly spotted Cindy and Jason in a booth talking animatedly with each other. The two of them didnt even seem to notice Alex and Zach enter the building. Alex shrugged his shoulders and pointed towards the cashiers indicating they might as well place their orders. A few minutes later the two of them carried

their trays back to the booth where Cindy and Jason were seated still engrossed in their conversation. Cindy looked up as she noticed the two of them standing next to them and smiled in greeting. "Hey!" Cindy said. "Is it noon already?" "Yep," Alex answered taking a seat next to Jason. Zach sat down next to Cindy and proceeded to eat. "How long have you guys been here?" "Oh probably an hour or so I guess," Jason answered. "Long enough to already eat anyway. We finished shopping early and came here to wait on you guys." "Cool," Zach said not looking up from his food and concealing his smile. "Well scarf this down fast and then we can get out of here." "Take your time," Cindy answered. "Its nice to just hang out and talk." Cindy smiled warmly

at Jason. Alex glanced back and forth between Jason and Cindy and then took a huge bite of his sandwich to conceal his smirk. Alex and Zach quickly finished eating and the four of them lingered over their drinks chatting. Alex and Zach both exchanged frequent knowing smiles as Jason and Cindy seemed to be concentrating the bulk of their attention on each other. Eventually, they decided they had exhausted the entertainment value out of sitting in the restaurant and decided to leave. Cindy suggested they drive out to the lake and nearby park since it was such a nice day and they all piled into Zachs car leaving Cindys car in the parking lot. The drive to the lake park took about fifteen minutes and they all happily chatted and exchanged frequent jokes. When they arrived,

there were already several people there who had the same idea, but the area wasnt too crowded especially since the park was so large. The four of them got out of the car and proceeded to walk towards the lake and along the shore. Picking a sunny spot overlooking the water, they sat down on the grass just enjoying the sun and each others company. They spent a couple of pleasant hours at the lake before deciding to head back to the apartment and get ready to go out to celebrate Alexs birthday. The drive back was much quieter, but everyone was still intensely happy and smiling. Zach glanced in the rear view mirror and noticed that Cindy was sitting pretty close to Jason in the back seat and she was resting her hand on his thigh. Jasons smile was constant and enough to brighten the day.

Zach dropped Cindy off at McDonalds to pick up her car. "Go get ready and be back at the apartment in about an hour or so," Zach said as Cindy was getting out. "We can watch Alex open up his Birthday Gift from me and then we can go eat."" "You didnt have to get me a gift!" Alex protested cutting Cindy off. "You shouldnt have done that Zach." "Oh shut up Alex," Cindy said. "Of course Zach got you a gift. I got you one too." Alex started to protest again and Jason started laughing. "Before you say anything, you might as well know I brought you something too," Jason said grinning at Alex. "Now shut up and be good or we wont let you have them!" Alex promptly shut his mouth and grinned broadly at them. Cindy laughed at him, waved in

parting and then got into her car to drive home. Zach pulled out of the parking lot and drove the short distance to the apartment. The entire way Alex kept looking back and forth between Jason and Zach obviously dying to ask what gifts he was getting. By the time they got back to the apartment Zach and Jason were openly laughing at him. "All right already!" Alex finally burst out as they entered their apartment. "Im dying here! What did you guys get me?" "Sorry Little Brother," Jason said as he tousled Alexs hair. "Youre gonna have to wait a little bit longer." Alex groaned and stuck out his lower lip in a fake pout. "You both are so mean to me!" Alex said laughing as he plopped down onto the couch. He held his arms wanting Zach to sit in

front of him and Zach smiled as he obliged. Alex promptly wrapped his arms around Zach and then rested his chin on Zachs shoulder. Jason smiled at them as he took a seat in the chair opposite the couch. "Where are we going anyway?" Jason asked. "Do I need to dress up or anything?" "No not really," Alex answered. "You can just wear jeans and T-shirt or something. We are just going to a local bar. Its a bit of a dive, but they make great pizza. They have a couple of pool tables and dartboards and Daves band will be playing tonight. Dave is one of the guys who lives next door. James is the other guy who lives next door and he will be coming with us." "Sounds like fun," Jason agreed. "And youll finally be able to drink a beer since you are legal now!" Jason teased. "I know you have never

tasted one before. With you being all pure and innocent like!" "Yeah, and hes a virgin too!" Zach quipped. Alex laughed and playfully tapped the side of Zachs head in protest. "I suppose we better start getting ready. Knowing Cindy, shes prolly already on her way back." The three of them got up and headed towards the bedroom to change clothes. Jason put on some fresh jeans and borrowed a striped button down shirt from Alex. "Youre getting awfully dressed up," Alex said as he watched Jason putting on some borrowed Fahrenheit cologne. "And since when do you wear cologne?" "I just want to look nice for your birthday," Jason answered his cheeks flushing slightly. Alex and Zach exchanged knowing glances and then busted out laughing. Jason turned to look at them

smiling sheepishly, and then he too started laughing. "All right," Jason admitted. "Im trying to look and smell nice for Cindy. I really like her." Still smiling Alex pulled on a pair of faded jeans that Zach thought made him look especially hot and a faded denim shirt that Zach loved. Alex grinned as he noticed Zach smiling at his choice of clothing but he refrained from saying anything. Zach pulled on a pair of jeans that he knew Alex liked on him. He paused for a few moments trying to decide on what shirt to wear and Alex handed him a white shirt with gray vertical stripes. Zach smiled at Alex knowing that Alex had always liked this shirt. The three of them had barely finished dressing when Cindy arrived walking right in without even bothering to knock. Cindy was carrying a couple

of bags, and James, who was carrying a couple of wrapped packages, followed her. Alexs eyes started sparkling as he saw the gifts in James hands and his exp ression resembled an excited little boy on Christmas morning. "Happy Birthday Alex!" James said as he handed the gifts over to Alex. Alex grabbed the gifts eagerly and just sat down right on the floor to open them. His enthusiasm was so cute that everyone started laughing at him. The first gift Alex opened was from James. When Alex tore the wrapping paper off the small box and opened it he revealed a nice leather wallet. "I thought it was time for you to replace that Velcro thing you currently use," James said smiling. "Now that you are an adult and all anyway!" "Thanks James!" Alex replied grinning. "This is

really great." Alex carefully set the wallet aside and picked up the next package which was from Jason. Alex quickly tore through the wrapping paper and opened the box. Inside was a black dress watch with gold trim. Alexs eyes went wide as he saw the gift. "Oh wow!" Alex exclaimed. "You shouldnt have Jason. This is too much!" "Hey, you only turn twenty one once Little brother!" Jason replied warmly. "Im glad you like it." "I love it Jason!" Alex said still staring at the watch. He looked up at his brother and smiled his gratitude. "Thanks Jason," Alex said simply. Alex stared at the watch for a few more seconds before setting it aside and grabbed the next package which was from Cindy. Alex ripped the paper off the gift enthusiastically

revealing a beautiful wood frame with a black and white picture in it. The picture was of Alex and Zach sitting together on the couch. Zach was sitting in front of Alex leaning against his chest and Alex had his arms wrapped around him in a warm embrace. They both were smiling and Zachs face was half turned up and around looking into Alexs eyes. Zachs eyes were sparkling and Alexs appeared to be laughing as he stared back into Zachs eyes. The picture was crystal clear and the moment that was caught seemed almost magical. Alex stared at the picture for several minutes without saying a word. Finally he looked up at Cindy, his exp ression full of emotion. "Cindy," Alex whispered. "This is beautiful. Thank you so much." Cindy leaned down and lightly kissed Alexs

cheek. "Youre welcome," Cindy answered as she straightened back up. "Happy Birthday Alex." Alex smiled and then went back to staring at the picture for several more minutes. Finally, almost reluctantly, Alex set the picture aside and picked up the last package, the one from Zach. Alex pulled the wrapping paper off and opened the box smiling hugely as he saw the contents. "Ooohhh!" Alex said as he picked up the sweat shirt and holding it up. "Ive wanted one of these for a while now. Thanks!" Alex looked at the sweatshirt for a couple more seconds and then started to set it aside. As he did, he noticed the smaller package that was hidden underneath. Smiling in pleasure, he picked it up and pulled the wrapping paper off it too. As soon as he pulled the paper off, Alex gave a loud whoop of

happiness. "You replaced my Whitesnake tape!" Alex shouted. "You remembered!" Alex turned the tape over reading the song titles, needlessly since he knew every one by heart. "Can we listen to it now?" Alex asked eagerly. "Not if you want to go eat!" Jason said laughing. "Come on, put your treasures aside and lets go eat. Im hungry!" Alex pouted for a few seconds, but then laughed as he picked up his gifts. "Thanks everybody!" Alex said smiling at all of them. "Every thing was great. I love them all." Alex carried his gifts into the bedroom and came back a few seconds later. James had picked up the torn wrapping paper off the floor and carried it to the trashcan in the kitchen. Cindy motioned Zach over while Alex was in the bedroom.

"The other stuff you were needing is in the other bag," Cindy whispered to Zach pointing toward the bag she had carried in and set over next to the couch half hidden. Zach blushed slightly as he realized what other stuff Cindy was referring to. "Good luck tonight Zach. Just remember, you dont have to do it if you change your mind. Make sure you are ready." "Thanks Cindy," Zach said smiling. "Ill remember. But I really am ready. I really want this." Cindy grinned knowingly at Zach but didnt say anything else to embarrasses him. Alex came walking back into the living room and they prepared to leave. They decided to take two cars and not try to cram everyone into just the one. Alex and Zach got into Zachs car and Cindy, Jason and James got into James car. Alex and Zach exchanged grins as Jason chose

to ride with Cindy and not them. Jason grinned back at them and flipped them off behind Cindys back. They arrived at the bar, which was only sparsely full for a Saturday, and chose a table towards the back and near the pool tables. Daves band was setting up and they waved as they passed him. A waitress followed them to their table and asked what she could get them. Alex and James both ordered beers, Cindy hesitated for a second and then decided to get a beer herself. Jason ordered a Rum and Coke and Zach just ordered a Sprite. The waitress left to get their drinks and they discussed what kind of pizza to get and how many. The waitress placed their drinks in front of them and Alex placed the order for the table, getting a large Supreme and a large Pepperoni Pizza.

After a few minutes, Daves band started to play. They started with a song from Whitesnake, "Here I Go Again," making Alex extremely happy. "They arent bad," Jason said approvingly. "How often do they play?" "Usually just every other Saturday," James answered. "I dont think any of them are really very serious about it. They just all like to play a little on the side. I think they are more interested in the possible dates from women who want to go out with members from a band then anything." Jason laughed and the others all started chuckling. They listened to a few more songs and then their pizzas arrived and they settled into the serious business of stuffing their faces. Jason and Alex seemed to be racing each other to see who could inhale the most the fastest. After they finished eating, they sat and listened to Daves

band for a few more minutes. After a few more minutes Cindy turned to Zach. "Play a game of pool with me Zach," Cindy half asked, half ordered. "Lets see if you still know how to play!" "I always beat you Cindy," Zach teased as he rolled his eyes. "You suck at pool. Always have." "Brave talk little boy!" Cindy taunted back. "Come on, we havent played for a long time. Or are you afraid Ill beat you this time and youll lose our standing bet?" "Afraid of you?" Zach grinned. "Not too likely. I just want to spare you the embarrassment of having to do something humiliating when you lose our bet. Im trying to be a nice guy." "Suuuure you are," Cindy said as she grabbed Zachs hand and pulled him towards the pool

table. "You just dont want to lose in front of everybody." Alex, Jason and James were grinning at the two of them as they followed Zach and Cindy over to the pool table to watch the game. "So what exactly is this bet you two are talking about?" Jason asked as Zach racked up the balls. "The winner gets to make the loser do one thing, no matter how humiliating," Cindy answered as she chalked up her stick. "Zach and I always try to come up with something really bad for the other to have to do. Makes winning all the sweeter!" "Yeah, except you never win," Zach taunted. "Im beginning to run out of things to make you do." "Shut up and get your hands out of the way so I can break," Cindy answered, all business.

Cindy carefully lined up the shot. She slowly drew back the pool stick, sighted one last time, and then hit the cue ball forcefully sending it rolling into the other balls. The break was a solid hit and the balls scattered across the table. Cindy managed to drop the 3 ball into the corner pocket, but unfortunately did not leave herself another shot after. Cindy studied the table for a few minutes, then shot her best defensive shot. "Good break Cindy," Jason said to her as she stepped back from the table. "Doesnt look like you really left Zach a shot either." "Oh no," Cindy answered. "Hes gonna clear the table now. My only chance is if he scratches on the eight ball. He wasnt kidding. I never win. Zach is just too damn good at this game." "Hes really that good?" Alex asked as he watched Zach carefully studying the table for

several moments. "I dont think Ive ever seen him play before." "Oh he is that good," Cindy replied ruefully. "Just watch. Growing up, Zachs family had a pool table. He spent a lot of time playing when he was grounded and couldnt go out and be with his friends. Thats probably why he doesnt play too much now. Brings back to many memories for him." Alex stared at Cindy for a few moments. "Then why the hell did you make him play now?" Alex asked a little irritated at her. Cindy smiled a little. "Cause he needs to learn to let go of the past and the pain," she replied. "Zach can best learn that when he is surrounded by those who love him." Alex stared at Cindy for a few more minutes. "I will never understand you Cindy," Alex finally

said shaking his head. "Do you ever not look out for him?" "Never," Cindy answered promptly, smiling broadly. The two of them went back to watching Zach. Zach stared at the table for a few more seconds and then bent over the table carefully lining up his shot. Zach hit the cue ball and didnt even watch as he walked around the table. The cue ball hit the nine ball solidly sending it into the side pocket and then came to rest next to the ten ball. Zach immediately took his next shot, again not even watching the table as he walked around the table. As if on cue, the ten ball went into the corner pocket and cue ball came to rest next to where Zach was standing. Alexs eyes were getting a little wide as he watched Zach take shot after shot making each

one with an almost studied indifference. Once Alex thought Zach had left himself without a shot, but amazingly Zach hit the cue ball making it curve around one of Cindys balls to finish up his shot. It was the only time during the game that Alex actually saw a small grin break out on Zachs face, one he quickly hid. Very shortly the only ball Zach had left on the table was the eight ball. Zach chalked up his stick again and walked around the table. Without even really looking, Zach lined up his shot and sent the cue ball spinning into the eight ball. The black ball went rolling into the side pocket and Zach finally looked up at everyone. Then he glanced back down at the table and his eyes went wide. Zach stared as the cue ball slowly rolled towards the side pocket, hovered for what seemed an eternity, then followed the eight ball into the hole.

"Fuck!" Zach yelled making everyone around the table bust out in laughter. Zach looked up blushing as he realized he had said that out loud and pretty forcibly too. Cindy came walking around the table, a shit-eating grin on her face. She slowly walked up to Zach and then kissed him on the cheek. "You know your ass is mine now dont you?" Cindy asked, grinning at Zach. "Yeah, I know," Zach said disgustedly. "So what the hell are you gonna make me do? Lets get the humiliation over with already." "Oh, I dont know," Cindy replied grinning. "I think I should make you sweat a little bit." Everyone was laughing at the still fuming Zach. "Come on Cindy," Zach said irritated. "I can tell you already know what you are gonna make me do. Out with it."

"I thought you should have to sing me a song," Cindy said, smiling sweetly at Zach. "Tonight and on stage in front of everyone. Im pretty sure I can get Dave to let you sing with the band." Zachs eyes went wide with horror. "You cant make me do that!" Zach said in horror making everyone laugh even harder. "Come on Cindy, please dont make me sing in front of everyone," Zach pleaded. "Nope, I just dont think I can pass up this opportunity," Cindy replied merciless. "Im thinking its the perfect payoff for all the times you have humiliated me after these stupid games." "SHIT!" Zach said loudly walking off towards the bathroom fuming. "Thats pretty evil of you Cindy," Alex said seriously. "You know Zach doesnt do well in front of groups. You know how self-conscious

he gets. Why are you doing this to him?" Cindy turned and looked at Alex, her exp ression becoming slightly serious around her grin. "Two reasons really Alex," Cindy answered. "Im hoping to help him get over his fear of being in front of people, at least a little. The bar is practically empty anyway, so really Zach is just getting up in front of us. Its not like there is a huge crowd in here tonight." Cindy grinned even bigger as she paused. "And of course the second reason is revenge for all the shit he has made me do all the times I lost one of these games!" Cindy laughed. "Payback is hell!" Alex laughed, but his exp ression was still a little concerned. "Hes gonna be nervous as hell Cindy," Alex said glancing towards the bathroom. "Zach is probably in there now feeling

like he has to throw up." "So go to him," Cindy replied. "Help him get over and through this. Let him know that no one cares what he sounds like. That we are just here to have fun." Cindy paused and looked over at the bathroom door herself. "Alex, Zach has to learn how to start asserting himself. He has to get over his fear of being in front of people. Its better if he starts now when its only people who care about him that hes in front of than later when he is out in the real world." Alex nodded his head and headed towards the bathroom to try and reassure Zach. As Alex opened the door the first thing he saw was Zach splashing cold water on his face. Zachs face was white and he was practically trembling. "I dont know if I can do this," Zach said when he saw it was Alex who had entered. "I feel like

Im gonna be sick." Zach closed his eyes and clenched the sides of the sink so hard his knuckles started turning white. "Zach, its gonna be all right," Alex said reassuringly. Alex walked up behind Zach and started rubbing his back trying to calm him down. "Its only us and just a few other people out there. Its no big deal. Just get up there, belt out a tune and come back down. Its five minutes tops. You can do it." Zach finally opened his eyes and stared at Alexs reflection in the mirror. "I dont know if I can Alex," Zach said in a quiet voice Alex could barely hear. "Im gonna get up there and Im gonna get all tongue tied and Im not gonna be able to get anything out. Im gonna see all those people staring at me and Im gonna freeze." "So dont look at them," Alex said smiling.

"Stare at me instead. You dont have any trouble singing in front of me." Alex grinned. "Sometimes I wish you did, but you dont!" Alex teased trying to calm Zach. "So just stare at me and sing to me. Ignore everyone else." Zach gave Alex a half smile at the teasing and finally shook his head in agreement. "All right," Zach finally said. "Ill try it." Alex smiled in encouragement as he led Zach out of the bathroom. Cindy was waiting for them but she didnt say a word as they emerged. Instead she led them up towards the stage and the band. When they got up to the stage, Cindy finally broke her silence. "Ive already talked to Dave and the rest of the Band about it," Cindy said. "They are going on break now and Dave said you can sing when they get back. Ill let you and Dave figure out

what song you are gonna sing. Dave says he has some sheet music with the words that you can look over and choose from." Cindy grinned at Zach and kissed him on the cheek before departing. Dave stepped over to Zach with a handful of sheet music in his hands. "Do you have any idea on what you want to sing Zach?" Dave asked as he took a seat at a nearby table. "We know all of these, but we also know quite a few that I dont have the music for." "I dont know," Zach answered. "I dont want to do this at all. So lets make it something simple. I dont want to get all tongue tied up there." Dave laughed and started sorting through some of the songs. "Dont sweat it Zach," Dave said. "Youll do just fine. Maybe you should have a beer though to calm you down a bit."

Zach nodded his head as he started looking over the music. "Ill take anything right now if it will calm me down," Zach replied. "I just hope I dont throw up while Im up there." "Youll be fine Zach," Alex reassured again. "Ill go get you a beer and then I guess I better get a pitcher for our table. I probably ought to check on Jason too. Hes been hitting the Rum and Coke pretty heavy tonight. Im gonna kill him if he passes out on me!" Zach looked up and grinned at Alex. "Thanks Alex," Zach said warmly. "You should probably go spend some time with Jason anyway. He doesnt really know anybody here and youre not gonna be able to help me memorize whatever I pick out anyway." Alex smiled and Zach could see he had to hold back from giving him a kiss. Zach grinned back

at him. Then Zach bent his head back over the music shuffling through it trying to pick a song. About fifteen minutes later, Zach had finally picked out a song and had quickly memorized the words. It was a song he had heard many times before since it was one of Alexs favorites, and that made memorizing it that much easier. Zach indicated to Dave that he was ready, or at least as ready as he would ever be, and the band took their places on the stage. Dave walked to the front of the stage and turned the microphone back on. "We normally wouldnt do this," Dave said into the microphone, "but we have a pretty lady asking us if we will let someone sing to her. From what I understand, he lost a bet. So since we have someones honor at stake, we have decided to let him sing. Everyone, I give you the song

styling of Zach!" Zach stepped up onto the stage and took the microphone Dave handed him. Zach looked out over the room and he felt like he was going to have a panic attack. His mouth felt dry and his stomach started grumbling in protest. Zachs hands were trembling and he was very tempted to bolt. The band started the song he picked out and before he was ready Zach missed his cue to begin the song. Without missing a beat, Dave and the rest of the band went back to the beginning, blending it in so well it was almost unnoticeable. Zachs cue came up again. Zach took a deep breath and in a very soft, quiet voice Zach began to sing. "When I look back over everything Ive done I know you must have cried a river of tears

Cause you were there when I was feeling low to walk me through my darkest fears" In the audience Alexs eyes went very wide as he recognized the song Zach was singing. Alex turned to Cindy. "Thats Whitesnake," Alex whispered in astonishment. "Hes singing The Deeper the Love. Thats one of my favorite songs!" Cindy smiled at him and Alex turned back to stare at Zach in wonder. Zach looked out over the crowd and focused in on just one person. As Zach continued to sing, he concentrated all of his attention on only Alex to the point where the rest of the room faded from sight. Slowly Zachs voice grew stronger and louder as he continued. "So when the sun goes down and those nights are growing colder I will be there looking over your shoulder

And the deeper the love, the stronger the emotion And the stronger the love, the deeper the devotion" Zach was singing solely for Alex now. He knew he should be paying more attention to the rest of audience, but he no longer cared. The words of the song reverberated through Zachs soul and he truly meant every single one. Zach was amazed at how closely the song matched how he felt about Alex. "There were times Id almost let you go when I thought I needed to break free But you were there to whisper in my ear why dont you share your dreams with me So when the sun goes down and those nights are growing colder

I will be there looking over your shoulder And the deeper the love, the stronger the emotion And the stronger the love, the deeper the devotion I dont mind what youre doing to me I dont mind cause your all I can see I dont mind baby you mean the world to me When the sun goes down and those nights are growing colder I will be there looking over your shoulder Baby, baby, baby So when the sun goes down and those nights are growing colder I will be there looking over your shoulder

Cause the deeper the love, the stronger the emotion And the stronger the love, the deeper the devotion Tell it to me baby The deeper the love, the stronger the emotion And the stronger the love, the deeper, the deeper, the deeper the devotion Never gonna let you go, in my heart I know I really love ya, I love ya, oh babe I really love you" Zach finished the song, blushing slightly but still smiling as he stepped down from the stage. Everyone in the bar was clapping or calling his name, but Zach only had eyes for one person. Zach grinned as he noticed Alex beaming with pride at him.

Cindy and James made their way up to the front of the bar to congratulate Zach. Alex stood up to follow but was stopped on the way by Jason who pulled him back and whispered in his ear. Zach noticed Alex glance at Jason, then turn and look at the various other groups of people in the bar and a slow flush spread over his cheeks. Alex nodded at Jason and stayed in place back at their table. Cindy walked up to Zach and gave him a fierce hug and a brief kiss on the cheek. "Im so proud of you!" Cindy whispered as she pulled away. "See! It wasnt that bad was it?" "You mean besides nearly throwing up?" Zach asked grinning at Cindy. "Dont you ever make me do something like that again!" Zach looked back towards their table and specifically at Alex. "How come Alex didnt come up? Didnt he like

the song?" "He loved the song Zach!" Cindy said. "It was all he could do to keep from coming up here and grabbing you when you started singing. I imagine Jason is keeping him back there to keep him from embarrassing the both of you by his reaction." Zach grinned and started walking back towards the table. "Im going to him," Zach said simply. James started laughing. "I think someone is gonna get lucky tonight!" James said to Cindy. Cindy smiled her agreement. Zach paused and looked back at both of them. "Probably," Zach replied grinning. "Thats the plan anyway." Zach grinned again and continued walking towards their table.

When Zach walked up to the table, Jason gave him a quick grin. "Good job Zach," Jason said simply. "I think you got your message across." Alexs eyes were brimming with emotion and he couldnt speak as he stared at Zach. The look he gave Zach was full of love and he was grinning broadly. Alex started to try to speak several different times but all he could manage was a brief stutter before he would fall silent again and continue staring adoringly at Zach. "Did you like the song Alex?" Zach asked timidly. "At least a little bit?" Alex half sobbed around his huge smile. "I LOVED it Zach!" Alex finally managed to spit out. "You have to know that!" Zach smiled at Alex. "Good," Zach replied staring straight into Alexs eyes. "Cause I meant

every word." Alex choked back another sob as he stared straight into Zachs eyes. Jason smiled and briefly tousled Alexs hair before putting his arm around his shoulder in a brotherly embrace. Jason briefly squeezed Alexs neck with his arm and then let his arm fall to rest on Alexs shoulders. James and Cindy walked up to the table them and took their seats. They both grinned at Alex and Zach but didnt say a word. Zach took his seat between Cindy and James but he continued to stare into Alexs eyes. James and Cindy exchanged a look and then started laughing. "I think you are gonna be staying over at my apartment tonight Jason," James finally said between laughs. "You can have Daves bed. He usually stays over at his girlfriends anyway." Cindy and Jason exchanged a glance and then

Cindy turned to face James. "Do you mind if I stay over too?" Cindy asked. "I really dont feel like driving back to my apartment tonight." James quirked one eyebrow at Jason and Cindy and the obvious excuse. Cindy started to blush and Jason grinned sheepishly. "I guess Ill be sleeping on the couch then," James laughed. "You two owe me big time!" "Can we leave now?" Zach asked getting a knowing laugh as a response from everyone at the table. Zach blushed but he laughed along with everyone else. They all stood up and headed towards the door and the parking lot. Alex, Zach, Jason and Cindy all got into Zachs car. James rolled his eyes at them smiling. "Geeze!" James said laughing. "You guys are even making me DRIVE alone. Be that way!" Everyone laughed and James walked over and

got into his car. Zach pulled out of the parking lot with James following close behind him. Five minutes later and they were pulling up in front of the apartments. They all exited the vehicles and walked towards the front doors. "Happy Birthday Alex," James said. "Have fun tonight. Grab your stuff and come on over Jason. Ill leave the front door open. Just let yourself in." "Ok, thanks," Jason said grinning. "Ill be over in just a few." "Happy Birthday Alex," Cindy said as she walked over to Alex and kissed him on the cheek. "Be gentle," she whispered in his ear. Alex gave Cindy a confused look as she pulled away and turned towards Zach. "You did good tonight Zach," Cindy said to him smiling. "I really am proud of you." Cindy kissed Zach on the lips getting a blush in response from him. Cindy

pulled away and grinned one final time at them and then walked with James into his apartment. Zach and Alex walked into their apartment followed by Jason. Jason quickly headed back towards the bedroom and grabbed his overnight bag. He came walking back in to the living room grinning broadly. "Happy Birthday Alex," Jason said as he grabbed his brother in a big bear hug. "You two enjoy your selves. Ill see you in the morning." "Night Jason," Alex said warmly to his brother. "And thanks!" "You be nice to Cindy," Zach said, grinning but still serious. "Or I will have to hurt you big time." "Relax Zach," Jason protested grinning. "Were not gonna do anything. Were just gonna cuddle and stuff. We barely know each other

yet!" Zach stared at Jason for a few seconds. Then he smiled. "All right," Zach said. "I suppose Cindy can take care of herself, at least better than I can. And I should know you better than to think you would ever just use her or take advantage of her. Im sorry." "Its ok Zach," Jason replied forgiving him. "Cindy means a lot to you. I know that. And I think its great that you want to protect her. Now you two have fun and Ill see ya in the morning." "Night Jason," Zach said hugging him. "You have fun too. And thanks for everything." Jason grinned and walked out the front door, but not before tousling Alexs hair one last time. Alex walked over to Zach and grabbed him in a fierce embrace. "Finally!" Alex laughed. "I didnt think wed ever get to be alone!"

Zach grinned and kissed Alex tenderly on the lips as he ran his fingers over Alexs back. "Patience Alex!" Zach said smiling. "Waiting will just make it that much sweeter!" Alex nuzzled at Zachs cheek with his nose for a few seconds. "I loved the song by the way," Alex said softly. "I couldnt get that out earlier, I couldnt even speak from everything I was feeling. That was probably the sweetest, most wonderful thing anyone has ever done for me." "I was singing to Cindy!" Zach teased. "That song was for her!" Alex grinned and smacked Zachs butt in retribution. Zach yelped in mock pain as he continued to grin at Alex. "Cindys not here right now," Alex said as he started to nibble along Zachs jaw line. "Will you settle for me instead?" Zach moaned softly as Alex started nibbling

and sucking down his neck. "Oh God Yes!" Zach answered. "Ill take you anytime I can get you!" Alex grinned up at him then went back to chewing on Zachs neck. Alex began to pull at Zachs shirt working the hem up and out of Zachs pants. Alex began to slowly unbutton Zachs shirts but never broke contact with Zachs skin with his lips. As soon as he had Zachs shirt open, Alex began running his fingers lightly across Zachs chest and stomach, barely grazing the skin and sending shivers through Zachs body. Zach had worked his own hands into Alexs shirt and was stroking Alexs chest and shoulders. Zach worked his hands around Alexs body and began to lightly run his fingers up and down Alexs spine making Alex shudder from the tingling sensations running up his spine. Zach

pulled one hand back in front and began to fumble with Alexs belt, working to loosen and remove Alexs pants. Finally Zach unbuckled Alexs belt and opened the front of Alexs jeans. Alexs dick was already straining at the confining material covering it and Zach slowly began to stroke Alex through his boxers. Alex gasped when Zach worked his hand down inside his underwear and began to massage his balls directly. Alexs dick throbbed and Zach smiled as a large wet spot began to appear on the front of Alexs boxers. Alex reached down and grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it up and off over his head. As soon as he was free from the shirt, Alex immediately replaced his hands on Zachs skin, stroking and massaging the muscles in Zachs chest. Alexs eyes were smoldering with desire

as he stared at Zach. Zach shrugged the rest of the way out of his shirt and then began to kiss and nibble along Alexs neck and down to his collarbone. Zach concentrated his attention there, knowing full well just how sensitive Alex was in that spot and how much he enjoyed it. Zachs fingers never stopped their constant massaging of Alexs balls the entire time and Alex was moaning almost constantly. Zach began to kiss and lick his way down Alexs body, savoring the slightly salty flavor of his flesh. Zach ran his tongue lightly over Alexs belly button, swirling his tongue in tight little circles nearly driving Alex crazy with desire. Alexs dick was pulsing in time with his racing heartbeat and his balls sent a steady stream of precum out the tip of his dick soaking the front of his boxers.

Zach continued swirling his tongue around Alexs belly button and then started to pull Alexs jeans down till gravity took over and they dropped to the floor. Alex shuddered and gripped Zachs shoulders to steady himself as he stepped out of his pants. Alex had squeezed his eyes close and his breathing was becoming harsh and ragged as his chest heaved. Alexs chest began to glisten as a thin layer of sweat broke out over his body. Zach began to nibble his way down past Alexs belly button till he reached Alexs boxers. Then Zach began to tongue Alexs dick and balls through the now slippery material of Alexs underwear. Alex groaned again and he once again gripped Zachs shoulders as his body shuddered. Zach began to tug at Alexs boxers, drawing

them slowly down and off. As he slowly pulled them down, the waistband caught on Alexs dick drawing it down too. Zach paused once he pulled Alexs boxers down far enough that Alexs dick was pointing towards the floor and the base of his shaft was exposed. Zach began to lick the base and Alex whimpered as his body shuddered once again. After a few more moments of teasing Alexs shaft, Zach pulled his boxers the rest of the way off and Alexs dick sprang back up slapping his stomach with a wet splat. Alex whimpered again as Zach began to lick just the head of his dick with light feather like licks. Zach grasped the base of Alexs dick and began to pull in very small strokes while he continued licking the now super sensitive head of Alexs dick. After a few moments Alex groaned and

grabbed Zachs shoulders pulling him up. "Oh Fuck!" Alex muttered. "Youve got to stop or Im gonna lose it right now." Zach grinned and leaned in to kiss Alex passionately, exploring every inch of Alexs mouth with his tongue. After a few moments Alex groaned again and gently pushed Zach away his eyes showing how hard he was fighting to keep from cumming. Alex drew in a deep breath and slowly exhaled, trying to regain control of his body. Finally, he shook his head and grinned at Zach. "That was close," Alex said smiling. "And Im not ready to finish yet. I want this to last." Zach grinned at him and Alex grinned back. Alex stepped over to Zach and began to nibble along Zachs jaw line again. Alexs hands stroked over Zachs chest lightly but quickly

headed south towards his belt. Fumbling for a few seconds, Alex managed to open Zachs belt in record time and proceeded to push Zachs pants down till they hit the floor. Alex grinned as he saw that Zachs dick was straining against the confines of his underwear. Alex quickly pushed Zachs boxers down to the floor and grasped Zachs throbbing dick making Zach gasp. Alex began to lick his way down Zachs torso, his hand still stroking Zachs dick and it was Zachs turn to begin whimpering. Alex licked his way down to just underneath Zachs belly button then began to concentrate his attentions in that spot. Alex nibbled at the sensitive skin there causing Zach to raise up on his tiptoes in anticipation. After what seemed like an eternity to Zach, Alex proceeded to lick his way further down till

he was kissing and licking Zachs shaft. Alex took just the tip of Zachs dick into his mouth and proceeded to suck and tongue the area till Zach thought he was going to be driven insane by the sensations. Alex began massaging Zachs balls with one hand and began to lightly run the fingers of his other hand up and down the cleft in Zachs butt. Zach groaned loudly and he began to involuntarily thrust with his pelvis pushing his dick in and out of Alexs eager mouth. Zach could feel the orgasm rising in his body and he struggled to keep it under control. Just like Alex, Zach didnt want this to end and he fought the electric like tingling sensations running through his body. Zachs chest was heaving and his body began to shine as the sweat broke out over his skin. Zach reached down and gently pulled Alex off of his dick. Then he pulled him up

to face him and he kissed him passionately. Reluctantly breaking the kiss, Zach stared straight into Alexs eyes. "Alex," Zach whispered. "I want you to make love to me." Alex grinned at him. "Isnt that what we are doing?" Alex teased as he leaned in to nuzzle at Zachs cheek. "No Alex," Zach answered. "You dont understand. I want you to make love to me. I want you to have me completely. I want you to go all the way with you. To have you inside of me." Alexs eyes went very big in surprise. "Are you sure Zach?" Alex asked. "Are you sure you are really ready for that?" "Im sure Alex," Zach whispered back running his fingers over Alexs chest. "Ive been ready for

a while now, but I wanted to save it till now. I want you. I need you." Alex hesitated, torn between desire and uncertainty. "Zach, I dont know," Alex said his voice thick. "I dont want to hurt you. Are you really ready for that?" "Yes," Zach answered simply. "I know it will hurt a little at first. But I want you and I want this. I know you will be gentle and youll take your time. I know if I tell you to stop, you will. I trust you Alex. And I love you." Alexs eyes were a little wild as he stared into Zachs, trying to read if there was any hesitancy at all on Zachs part. Zach smiled gently up at him, the love and trust pouring out of his eyes. Alex hesitated for a few more seconds, and then a slow, shy smile broke over his face as he nodded his agreement.

Zach grinned and turned towards the bag that Cindy had brought. "Jason and Cindy got us a little gift to help," Zach said grinning as he saw Alex blush. Zach knew that Alex had figured out that Jason and Cindy both knew Zachs plans for the night. "They both suggested that we use a lot of this," Zach said as he tossed the bag to Alex. Alex looked into the bag and couldnt help laughing as he saw the large bottle of lubrication. Zach walked over and grabbed Alexs hand and gently began to lead him towards the bedroom. Alex allowed himself to be led into the bedroom and then when they were next to the bed, he turned Zach around and pulled him into fierce embrace. Alex began to kiss Zach passionately, probing his mouth with his tongue as his fingers ran over his body. Gently Alex lay Zach down on the bed and lay down on top of

him continuing his kiss. Alex continued exploring Zachs body with his fingers and Zach wrapped his arms around Alexs back and began to massage the muscles there. Alexs fingers reached Zachs dick and was surprised to feel Zachs dick already leaking a steady stream of fluid. Alex lightly stroked Zachs dick a few times then let his fingers wander down further till they were under Zachs balls. Zach spread his legs to give Alex better access and Alex drew one of Zachs legs up and bent it to open him up even further. Alex broke the kiss for a few minutes and looked into Zachs eyes again checking to see if Zach was still ok. Zach smiled at Alex and nodded his head understanding what Alex was doing. Zach reached up with one hand and pulled Alex back down into their kiss.

Alexs fingers began to circle Zachs hole, lightly stroking the sensitive flesh there and Zach moaned. Alex continued to lightly stroke Zachs quivering hole for several minutes until Zach thought he was going to go crazy. Then Alex drew his hand away for a few moments. Zach glanced down and saw Alex applying some lube to his fingers and then he felt the cool fluid being applied directly to his ass. Zach gasped as the cold fluid hit his hot flesh. Alex began to slowly circle Zachs hole again, applying a gentle pressure this time. Slowly Alex began to insert his fingertip into Zach and then withdrawing it. Zach moaned again and his body shuddered. Emboldened, Alex began to push more and more of his finger into Zach with each thrust until finally he had worked his finger all the way in.

Alex held his hand in place and again stared into Zachs eyes checking his reaction. Zach smiled at him and Alex began to slowly finger fuck Zach very gently. Alex took his time, slowly stretching Zachs hole with an almost inhuman patience. After a time, Alex pulled his finger out and applied some more lube directly to Zachs quivering ass. With an even greater gentleness and patience, Alex slowly worked two fingers into Zach, further stretching him in preparation for later. In time, Alex repeated the process with a third finger making Zach nearly crazy with desire. After a time, when Alex was able to slip three fingers into Zach with ease, Alex pulled his hand away and again stared into Zachs eyes. "Are you really sure Zach?" Alex asked, his voice quiet and concerned. "Are you really sure you want me to do this?"

Zach stared lovingly into Alexs eyes. "Yes," Zach whispered. "I want you so much Alex. And Im ready." "But its gonna hurt Zach," Alex protested. "Maybe we should wait. I dont want to hurt you." Zach smiled once again at Alex. "I know it will Alex," Zach answered. "But it will only be for a short time. And its gonna hurt no matter how long we wait." Zach grinned as his voice took on a teasing manner. "That thing between your legs is a little bigger than average you know. And I dont think its gonna get any smaller if we wait." Alex blushed at the teasing banter and he grinned back at Zach, but his eyes were still hesitant. "Zach." Alex began. "Alex, I know," Zach interrupted. "There will be a little bit of pain. But you wont deliberately

hurt me. The very fact that you are hesitating now proves that to me. I want this Alex. I want you. I need you. I love you." Alex hesitated for a few more moments and then nodded his head in agreement. Alex applied a very generous amount of lube to his dick and then squirted even more into Zach. Alex then raised both of Zachs legs till they were nearly touching his chest. Zach grabbed a hold of his legs to keep them in the air and Alex placed the tip of his dick against Zachs hole. Zach groaned as he felt the warm tip of Alexs dick touch him. Zach drew in a deep breath and slowly released it. He felt Alex begin to slowly push with a little more pressure and Zach began to feel the muscles in his ass begin to stretch even further. Alex kept the pressure steady, allowing Zachs body to accept his dick and slowly the

resistance to his entry began to fade. Then Zach felt the head of Alexs dick enter him and he almost cried out with the sharp stab of sudden pain. Alex saw the flash of pain in Zachs eyes and he froze holding his position steady. Slowly, the pain subsided and Zach nodded his head at Alex to continue. Alex stared at Zach for a couple of moments debating whether he should comply with Zachs request. Zachs eyes took on a pleading look and Alex gave up and began to slowly push himself further into Zach. The sensations running through Zach were overwhelming. The stab of pain when Alexs dick first entered him had almost been enough to make him reconsider the entire thing. But then, Zach had felt Alex freeze and the pain began to subside slowly being replaced by a penetrating

warmth. Alex continued to push into him and Zach felt the tingling throughout his body. The pain was still present, but it had faded to almost nothing and was overwhelmed by the waves of pleasure washing over his body. Alex continued to slowly push his dick into Zach and Zach began to wonder just how much more he had to push in. Finally, after what seemed like hours, Alex was completely in. Alex stayed in that position for several minutes allowing Zach to get use to the sensations and allowing Zachs body time to adjust. After several minutes Zach nodded his head again and Alex began to slowly pull part way out and then push his way back in. Alexs gentleness and patience again surprised Zach. Slowly, Alex began to increase the pace of his thrusts. A thin sheen of sweat had again broken

out over Alexs chest and forehead and Alexs breathing was becoming more labored. Zachs body began to respond to Alexs lovemaking and his dick began to throb again. Zach could feel his chest straining to pull in air fast enough and he could feel the sweat streaking down his body. The electric waves of pleasure were almost continuous as Alex steadily increased the urgency of his thrusting. Then, without warning, Zach felt Alexs dick touch something deep inside him. Something that when touched caused his body to spasm and a wave of such pleasure to wash over him he feared he might pass out. Zach cried out and began to toss his head back and forth as the pleasure overwhelmed him. And then he felt Alexs dick brush that spot again and again and the waves of pleasure were, if anything, even

more intense. Alexs dick brushed the spot again and Zach nearly screamed as his dick began pumping out what felt like gallons of cum. The streaks of white fluid sprayed through the air and splattered Zachs chest and stomach. Zach felt his dick throb and spasm over and over again and with each spasm more fluid streaked out splattering with great force against his chest. As Zachs orgasm wracked his body Alex felt the muscles in Zachs bowels begin to clench his dick in an overpowering grip. Alex had been thrusting into Zach with an ever increasing speed as his own orgasm built and the sensations of Zachs ass gripping his dick so tightly was enough to push him over the edge. Alex began to thrust with a frenzy as he felt his dick explode, shooting his cum deep into Zachs body. Alex cried out Zachs name as the waves of intense

pleasure washed over him and he continued to thrust into Zach, feeling the muscles in Zachs ass milk every last drop out of him. Finally, spent, Alex collapsed on top of Zach, both of their chest heaving. Alex could feel Zachs body continue to spasm periodically and he could feel his own muscles twitch every so often. Slowly, they got their labored breath under control as they slowly came back down to reality. Alex kissed Zach passionately for several minutes, basking in the intense afterglow of their shared love. After several more minutes Alex reluctantly broke away from the kiss. "You didnt have to do that Zach," Alex said finally. "I didnt need you to prove your love for me. I was willing to wait." "I did it because I love you Alex," Zach said

simply, smiling slightly. "I never thought I would say that to anyone. And God knows I never thought anyone would love me back. Im not much of a prize. But all that I am, its yours Alex. Now and for always." Alex looked straight into Zachs eyes, his eyes brimming. Alex pulled Zach back into his arms, hugging him intensely. "I love you too Zach," Alex whispered in his ear. "I love you so much, I cant even tell you how much I love you. I want to hold you forever and shout it out to everyone. I want the world to know. But more importantly, I want you to know. I love you Zach!" Zach smiled at Alex, his heart full. The demons that had always torn at his soul had finally found their match and been defeated. And by the last thing Zach had ever expected to fin in his life. And it was love.

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