Advocate (Burnie, Tas.

: 1890 - 1954), Thursday 25 November 1948, page 9



still seeking are day.-Police re an explanation why human and mains burnt a parts of been coffin should have of the ground surface Carrick cemetery.


the the

when were remains found were workers clearing scrub between the cemetery and the Liffey river. The skeleton was not complete, and as was there no nameplate on the coffin, identification was not possible. The unburnt wood in the coffin had not decayed as much as might have been expected, in view of the deterioration of the bones. So far as can be ascertained, there have no been burials in thé area where were the remains found.




Inspector W. Taylor, of Long ford, said some of the gravediggers who been able to give might have 'an dead. explanation were

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