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Design and development of a microcontroller based system for the measurement of blood pressure. Microcontroller based system for radon concentration measurement and data transmission, A Microcontroller-Based IR Range Finder System with Dynamic Range Enhancement, Mathematical modeling of sinusoidal pulse width modulated signal and its implementation on microcontroller based embedded system Fabrication of microcontroller based measuring system with inbuilt data acquisition Sustainable powered microcontroller-based intelligent security system for local and remote area applications. AVR microcontroller based user terminal data acquisition system design. Ultrasonic spectacles and waist-belt for visually impaired and blind person. MPPT algorithm implementation for solar photovoltaic module using microcontroller. Ethernet enabled digital I/O control in embedded systems. Spike Latency Coding in Biologically Inspired Microelectronic Nose. A Versatile Low Cost PCI Bus Interface Card Useful as AVR Microcontroller Trainer System. Microcontroller based environmental control for swift let nesting with SMS notification. A digitally wireless dimmable lighting system for two-area fluorescent lamps Design and evaluation of two-wheeled balancing robot chassis. Design of automatic weather station based on GSM module. User authorization system using ZigBee WSN and AVR architecture Temperature monitoring in wireless sensor network using Zigbee transceiver module The design of intelligent robot based on embedded system Design of digital controlled-constant current source based on AVR. Pressure monitoring in wireless sensor network using Zigbee transceiver module.

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Frequency-Reconfigurable Microstrip Antenna with Biasing Network Driven by a PIC Microcontroller. A microcontroller based power electronic controller for PV assisted DC motor control. Dynamic short distance estimation using ultrasonics. Home automation using GSM. Low Cost, Low Power QRS Detection Module Using PIC. Implementation of guidance system in modeled autonomous mobile for obstacle avoidance behavior. Development of wireless high immunity EEG recording system. New Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) using wireless communications. Compact radio system for remote control of an displaying module. Implementation of GPS for location tracking. Design and Implementation of Knee Lock Mechanism during Stance Phase of Gait by Supervisory Control of Stepper Motors Using PIC 18Fxxx. Design and implementation of Pyroelectric Infrared sensor based security system using microcontroller. Microcontroller based multi-storey parking. Implementation model predictive control (MPC) algorithm-3 for inverted pendulum. Innovative Cost Effective Approach for Cell Phone Based Remote Controlled Embedded System for Irrigation. Evaluation on the Speed Stability of Electric Wheelchairs Based on Speed adaptation. Development of a small autonomous flying robot with four-rotor system. Fast Implementation of the Advanced Encryption Standard Using Atmega1281. Sustainable powered microcontroller-based intelligent security system for local and remote area applications. An ECG ambulatory system with mobile embedded architecture for ST-segment analysis. Radar velocity-measuring system design and computation algorithm based on ARM processor. 3WD Omni-wheeled mobile robot using ARM processor for line following application.

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Real time car theft decline system using ARM processor The System of GPS Navigation Based on ARM Processor Design and Implementation of CAN-USB Converter Based on ARM7 Serial Protocol API. Solar power wireless monitoring system based onARM7. Research on ARM7-based USB NC system. Tension distribution algorithm of a 7-DOF cable-driven robotic arm based on dynamic minimum pre-tightening force. Design and development of touch screen based Continuous Passive Motion device for knee rehabilitation,


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