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SUBJECT: MANAGERIAL SKILLS (Submitted to: Prof Raghunathan R)

Submitted By: Rahul Agarwal (2011H149207P) MBA Batch of 2011-2013

This was followed by discussing about his performance with respect to the roles assigned to him. company’s policies about it and various stages it will go before final rating. I tried to probe if there is any reason which might be hindering him to perform at highest level. Some of the reasons sighted were excessive absenteeism and chronic tardiness on his part was conveyed in clear and absolute manner. technical knowledge. It was told that he has not managed to perform as per company’s expectations in the projects handed over to him in last one year. inter-personal skills. Next the employee was asked about his interference in the work of others and how it is creating problem in the workplace. Further I gave a brief of how appraisal process is conducted. about his past performances and made a note of feedback before evaluating him on company’s evaluation criteria on which appraisal is based upon. Then I explained him the purpose of this meeting and various evaluative components on which his rating would be given. Lastly. I told that a meeting will be held soon with his team leader about his future objectives and the performance will be reviewed from time to time in future. He was told such type of activity if observed in future may adversely affect her career path in the company. I suggested him to take up some courses in his area of interest so that he can be moved in those projects. I further explained his performance on other parameters like communication skills. innovativeness. . To make him more comfortable I asked about his current role in a project and how he feels about it. I assured him to think in this regard and would definitely try providing him an opportunity in future. He was asked to explain his situation and give justified reason for it.SELF ASSESSMENT AS AN INTERVIEWER Before the interview:I discussed with employee’s team leader. The interview process:The interview was started with greeting and introduction of an employee. I also informed him to take a prior permission before taking any leaves in future. flexibility and how he can improve upon factors in which he is lagging behind so as to meet company’s expectations. I encouraged him to come up with his problems in future relating to work or personal life if it is affecting his performance. The employee concerns regarding his desire to take up more challenging tasks and change of role from tester to developer was heard and discussed.