English 101 Fall 2012 Schedule Items marked due on the schedule are due in at the beginning of class

that day. EW= Embracing Writing, HTWA= How to Write Anything Week 1 W Sept 5 Discuss: Introductions, syllabus, course, book club groups, writing fellow meetings F Sept 7 Read: Shitty First Drafts, EW 1-32 (skim) Discuss: syllabus, reading, book club groups Week 2 M Sept 10 Read: EW 35-41, HTWA 4-13, 408-411 Discuss: rhetoric W Sept 12 Read: Malcom X excerpt, HTWA 635-640 Discuss: essay 1, Reading. Reading journals F Sept 14. Due: reading journal Read: HTWA 23-35 Discuss: Reading Week 3 M Sept 17 Read: HTWA 568-583, excerpt from Non- Designers Design Book Discuss: Reading W Sept 19 Read: Student examples, A Softer World Discuss: Reading F Sept 21 Due: reading journal Read: Student examples Discuss: Reading, project work day Week 4 M Sept 24 online assignment W Sept 26 Discuss: movie maker, project work time F Sept 28 Due: Essay #1 for workshop, Copyright and Fair Use Week 5 M Oct 1 Due: Essay#1 Read: HTWA 72-84, 748-756 Discuss: gallery day, Essay #2, Reading W Oct 3 Read: EW 86-88, HTWA 393-397, 592-598 Discuss: Reading F Oct 5 Due: reading journal Read HTWA 452-456, EW 47-51 Discuss: Reading Week 6 M Oct 8 No class- Columbus Day W Oct 10 Read: student examples Discuss: reading

F Oct 12 Due: Essay #2 workshop Discuss: reading, midterm portfolio Week 7 M Oct 15 class cancelled for conferences Due: Essay 1 & 2 drafts W Oct 17 class cancelled for conferences Due: Essay 1 & 2 drafts F Oct 19 National Day on Writing Week 8 M Oct 22 Due: Mid-term Portfolio. Discuss: Essay #3 W Oct 24 F Oct 26 Due: Reading journal Week 9 M Oct 29 School Closed W Oct 31 Read: HTWA 85-94, 478-481, Tortillas, I Want a Wife Discuss: Interview F Nov 2 Week 9 M Nov 5 Read: EW 89-93, HTWA 412-430, student example (in readings on website) Discuss: examples, structure, thesis statements W Nov 7 Due: Essay #3 for workshop F Nov 9 Due: Essay #3 and Reading journal Read: HTWA 250-262, 976-979 Discuss: Rhetorical analysis, Essay #4 Week 10 M Nov 12- No class Veterans’ Day W Nov 14 Monday class schedule Read: HTWA 472-477, 482-486, Purdue Owl Links Discuss: research F Nov 16 Library Day. Meet at Maxwell Library reference desk Week 11 M Nov 19 Read: HTWA 494-500, student example Discuss: Using sources in writing W Nov 21 Read: HTWA 500-512, Purdue Owl Links Discuss: documentation F Nov 23- No Class- Thanksgiving Break

Week 12 M Nov 26 Due: Essay #4 for workshop W Nov 28 Due: Essay #4 Discuss: MYS/Book Club presentations F Nov 30 Due: Reading Journal Read: HTWA 346-352 Discuss: Giving presentations Week 13 M Dec 3 Discuss: Final Portfolio, Final Portfolio Work Day W Dec 5 Due: Essay #3 and #4 for workshop, in class conferences F Dec 7 Due: Book Club presentations work day, in class conferences Week 14 M Dec 10 Due: Book Club presentations class presentation rehearsal W Dec 12 Due: MYS Book Club presentations Final Exam: Final Portfolios and Final Presentations Due 8:00am class- F Dec 14 8-10 9:05 class- W Dec 19 8-10

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