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From: Carlos J.

Martinez Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2012 11:13 AM To: All Users Subject: Promotion announcements

Good morning.

I am pleased to announce a new hire and several promotions:

Carrie Bustos starts next week in her role as HR Manager. Diane Yanez will continue to work with Carrie until the end of 2012 to help Carrie transition into the role. We are also in the process of hiring an HR assistant to replace Ingrid Outerbridge when she retires next year. Your understanding and patience as we transition will be greatly appreciated.

Effective December 1, 2012, Rick De Maria will soon take over my previous role as Chief Assistant, overseeing support staff operations (e.g., investigations, DSU, paralegal unit and continuous improvement) and serving as liaison to other agencies. LaEatrice McMurray will work directly with Rick on day to day support staff issues. This will help us get back to having better coordination with and input from APDs as we implement the Florida Supreme Courts mandated electronic filing and work on your suggestions for improvement. Rick has been doing much of this work already, including making much needed changes in re-training DSU, establishing a formal Masters of Social Work (MSW) internship program, and developing a process for monitoring and improving the quality of psychological expert services. Maria Abreu Miller will also report directly to Rick. Maria is in charge of our effort to streamline workflow processes, eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy and facilitate going paperless by 2014 in all areas except CLU and Major Crimes. Due to the complex nature of those cases, file sizes, as well as the relatively small

number of cases (thus small environmental impact if we go paperless), we do not anticipate looking at those areas any earlier than 2015. Teresa Enriquez will serve as the new Chief Assistant of County Court. Robert Coppel has requested to take on a new challenge as head of the Domestic Representation Division. Robert will also be overseeing our pro bono effort. Robert will be replacing Judge-elect Ivonne Cuesta, who will be assuming her judicial position in January. Kevin Hellmann will take over as Director of Training, Professionalism and Leadership Development. Robert will continue to work with Kevin as we prepare for the upcoming case weighting study and statewide implementation of defense performance guidelines. As you may already know, we have had Florida-specific performance guidelines for a couple of years now. All APDs should expect to hear more from Kevin as we seek participation for the planning and implementation process. Kevin will also be accountable for the Automation Training Unit, as we consolidate support staff and attorney training under Kevin.

These promotions have created an opening in two positions county training attorney and felony senior supervising attorney. If you are interested in applying for the county training position, email Robert Coppel by Friday, November 9. Robert, Teresa and Kevin will conduct the interviews. We have already done the interviews for the felony training attorney position and will be announcing the selection soon.

Kevins senior supervising attorney position will not be filled until sometime next year. We are in the process of assessing our needs, revising role expectations for several positions, not just felony senior supervising attorney positions, and expect to be doing so for the next couple of months. After I approve the proposed changes, we will distribute the job requirements.

We are continuing to assess our needs and identify opportunities for improvement, particularly as it relates to specialized litigation, client services and attorney support. We are also focused on creating additional opportunities for professional development and advancement. So, if you have any interest in assuming a leadership position in the office, whether as a senior attorney or support staff supervisor, please let me know. I would like to speak with you before December 19th.

I want to thank Rick, Teresa, Robert and Kevin for taking on new challenges to further contribute to the success of our office. I also want to thank Diane for serving as the Interim HR manager during the search. I particularly want to thank Robert for doing a phenomenal job in expanding the training program during his tenure as Training Director and to Ivonne Cuesta for her leadership of the Domestic Representation Unit. We wish Ivonne well. We know she will continue to make us proud of her accomplishments and will serve our community with distinction.

Thanks you for all you do for the office and our clients. Carlos