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God has heard the heartfelt prayers of the faithful,

He has heard you cry out for this city,
He says it will be unto you according to your faith,
For God loves all the people in this city,

Don’t you see it was God who birthed compassion for the lost in you?
Can’t you see that as Jesus wept for Jerusalem He weeps for your city?
He says rise up my people, it is harvest time for you.
“Come walk with me through your city, it’s time to take the city.”

God desires to see the Kingdom of heaven come; He’s changing the city air.
He is waiting for His people to rise up and violently take it by force.
We need to see that we already have the victory standing in faith.
We need to go to war against the principalities and powers of the air.

The enemy has been defeated; he’s headed for the pit of hell.
The victory is ours through Jesus our Lord, He’s prepared the way well,
Many tears have been shed from Heaven as Father God gazes down on the city,
Then he sheds tears of joy when he hears his people intercede for their city.

Like any good Father he wants to meet the needs of those who are hungry.
He wants to feed and clothe those who are poor, and set the captives free.
He looks at men and women trapped in addictions and He wants them to see,
That only through Jesus and His blood shed for them they can have real victory.

There is a river flowing through the city of Glasgow and the river brings life,
In times past many made their livelihoods in the shipyards by the docks,
Recent decades have meant shipyard closures, and many have had to find work,
But the river still flows through the city and with it comes new life.

I see swirling waves birthing a river flowing through the city streets,
This river is the river of life flowing freely through the streets of this city.
God’s people from all denominations are taking the message to the people they
Salvation, signs wonders and miracles has come to the people of our city.

As the woman with an issue of blood once touched the hem of His garment,
We as ambassadors for Christ are going to see strangers asking us about Jesus,
We will lay hands on the sick with authority and all will be healed in Jesus name.
Our shadows may bring healing to the sick for the Holy Spirit is forever the

So let us the people of God arise as the Lord has called us to.
He is the Lord of the harvest and He is bringing forth the harvest,
The river of life is about to flow freely through the city,
I want to be immersed in that river as it flows through this city, don’t you?

Irene McGough © 2007