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Hello Friends, Welcome to Acumen Solutions.

I hope that your association with Acumen would be a pleasant and enriching experience. In this documentation, you would get to know the usage of different folders inside the cloud sync tool Dropbox. So, here we go with the details: My Dropbox: This is your default Dropbox folder and all other folders are put inside it. Any file/folder outside it would not be synced to the cloud. New files: This folder contains the textbook scanned Chapters, Word files corresponding to each allotted problem and the accompanying Instructors manual. You should clear up this folder at the end of each month. Illustrator: This folder is owned by a person who is also designated as the Illustrator. It contains two folders Illustrator done and For Illustrator. The For Illustrator folder contains all the snips/handdrawn pics/pdf snapshots that need to be recreated as an illustrator file by the Illustrator. The Illustrator done folder contains the recreated labeled diagrams drawn by the illustrator. You can only put an image for illustration if it is not already present in the Warehouse->Image bank->BookID folder. Once, you get your file in the illustrator done, you need to copy the image from there. You must not cut/move/delete any content of the illustrator done folder. This is because at the month end, we pay the illustrator wages according to the number of images present in the illustrator done folder. Format: This folder is owned by a person designated as the Formatter. This guy does all the MathType work for you. The Format folder contains For Format and Format done as its subfolders. You put your word files with appropriate snips of equations or hand-drawn images of equations in the For format folder. The format replaces all the equation images by the MathType objects and put the files in the Format done folder. You should copy the files you are working on from the format done folder into your SME folder. You must not move/cut/delete any file inside the Format done folder. Self-Format done: As the name suggests, this folder contains the files which the SME has also formatted by him/herself. Though this folder belongs only to you but you must not move/delete/cut any file from here because at the month end, you will be paid formatting wages on the basis of the files present in this folder. Hence, after formatting these files, you need to copy (not cut/move) them in the In process or Final folders. In Process: As the name suggests, the in process folder contains the finals that you are working upon (they are not new files but they are also not finished files i.e. they are in transition). This usually contains files which are waiting for images from the Illustrator or the files which comes out of the Format done folder and hence need to be verified by the SME before going into final folder for the delivery. Once files are finished off in this folder, they should be moved (not copied) into the final folder. Final: This folder contains all the files ready for delivery. You should never delete any file from here because this folder is being looked upon while deciding your monthly wage as a SME. Warehouse: This folder contains the repository of past transmitted files and images. The past files are arranged by the BookId and Month. The past file can be seen as sample files for training purposes but their major advantage comes along if a particular problem ask for the reference from any past solved problems. Then, you can just copy paste the content of the previous file into the new assigned file instead of starting from the scratch. The use of Image Bank has already been told above.