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UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT DISTRICT OF MINNESOTA Civil File No. 12-CV-00519 DWF/LIB ___________________________________________________________________ Minnesota Voters Alliance, Minnesota Freedom Council, Sondra Erickson, Montgomery Jensen, Ron Kaus, Jodi Lyn Nelson, Sharon Stene, as the guardian and friend for James Stene, Richard M. Smisson, and Kathleen M. Olson, Plaintiffs, vs. Mark Ritchie, individually and in his official capacity as Secretary of State for the State of Minnesota, and his successors; Lori Swanson, individually and in her official capacity as the Minnesota Attorney General, and her successors; Joe Mansky, individually and in his official capacity as the Elections Manager for Ramsey County, Minnesota, and his successors; John J. Choi, individually and in his official capacity as the County Attorney for Ramsey County, Minnesota, and his successors; Laureen E. Borden, individually and in her official capacity as the Auditor-Treasurer for Crow Wing County, Minnesota, and her successors; and Donald F. Ryan, individually and in his official capacity as County Attorney for Crow Wing, Minnesota, and his successors; Dennis J. Freed, individually and in his official capacity as the Auditor for Chisago County, Minnesota, and his successors; and Janet Reiter, individually and in her official capacity as County Attorney for Chisago County, Minnesota and her successors, Defendants.

DECLARATION OF ALISA ROSSINI I, Alisa Rossini, have reviewed the statements made below, and declare that they are truthful to the best of my knowledge, and accurate representation of facts to the best of my ability. I understand that there are penalties for making statements that are knowingly untrue: 1. During the 2006 election I worked as the head election judge at the Harris, Minnesota precinct. In addition to serving as the head election judge, I also worked at the registration table where I was in charge of all same-day registrations.

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2. At about 1:00PM Ken Kabanuk came in to vote. At the time he was living in the back end of the local Laundromat three doors down. This was not a legal residence and was in fact zoned commercial, but he had it listed as his residence on his drivers license. It was widely known that Mr. Kabanuk did in fact live there. Mr. Kabanuk brought with him somewhere between 8 and 12 other people that he claimed were also living in this tiny little Laundromat. 3. I called the Mayor and Councilwoman Kathi Olson and they quickly came to City Hall. Together we called the County Auditor. While on the speaker phone we argued with the County Auditor explaining that we were positive that these people absolutely did not live in our little town and certainly not in that tiny Laundromat which only had two beds in the back and was zoned commercial. 4. The Auditor explained to us that their right to vote was the most important thing at issue here. We requested that their ballots be set aside until they could be verified and he said that doing that would violate their rights and so all we could do was make note of our concerns and they could be looked into after the election. I dont believe anything was ever done about it after the election because we were never contacted by the auditor again about the matter. 5. And finally, after the election was over, all of those new residents from the Laundromat left town and were never seen again. The population of the Laundromat immediately returned to two. 6. At around 5:00PM a man named John Perron came in to vote. He was the principal and owner of Ginger Care Home Inc and he was a registered voter. He was maneuvering a large wheel chair that was tilted back almost like a bed. The person in the chair was drooling and groaning and it seemed quite obvious that he had no ability to make a decision about voting or communicating his choice if he did have one. John registered him using the same day registration process. Then, he got a ballot for him and took him to the voting booth and voted for him. While completing his patients registration form I had asked the patient if he had ever voted before and he just groaned what could have been a yea. 7. About a half hour later Mr. Perron returned again, pushing another tilted back wheel chair. He came to the table and again registered the patient, and then assisted him in voting. I dont remember how many times he returned to do this throughout the

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afternoon but he seemed quite comfortable casting votes on behalf of people who were not capable of communicating their wishes. 8. I was furious about this because I knew that these people were being used to cancel out my vote and the vote of other LEGITIMATE voters. It really angered me that the person who was elected to protect the integrity of the election process didnt seem at all concerned about the fraud that I was reporting, leaving me completely unable to do anything to stop it. If this wasnt blatant enough to stop, what would be? I took an oath that day to do my part in ensuring integrity in the process, and I was trying my hardest to do so, but my biggest obstacle was that there was no REAL method for preventing it. 9. As a side note: Prior to the 2008 elections I went through the required election judge training again. During the training I brought up the issue of trying to prevent fraud from taking place. The auditor made it very clear that outside of noting it as an incident of concern on a form that we are to place in the large box that is returned to the county after the vote tally, there really wasnt anything we could do. Our job is just to fill out a form and hope that the county cares enough to do something about it. He insisted that voter fraud really isnt an issue in Minnesota. Dated: May 11, 2012.

s/Alisa Rossini Alisa Rossini