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" PROPER DRESS IN ACCORDANCE WITH HALACHAH The laws pertaining to a womans manner of dress are not a matter

of piety, (a midas chasidus) but are dinim (laws) which are clearly stated in Shulchan Aruch. Besides being an issur, a halachic prohibition, a woman who is not properly dressed not only violates the laws of tznius, but causes others to sin as well. The following are required by halachah: Sleeves: The elbow must be covered at all times. Therefore, one should not wear a garment which has wide sleeves or sleeves which ride up to reveal the elbow, even if this occurs only occasionally. Length of Dress: The knee must remain covered at all times, whether one is sitting or walking. The poskim of our generation have already ruled that the dress worn reach four inches below the knee. Slits in Skirts: It is forbidden to wear a dress or skirt with a slit, because of pritzus, even when one is wearing stockings and even if the entire slit begins below the knee. Stockings: Wearing stockings is obligatory. Transparent or net stockings are prohibited. One must wear stockings which do not allow the skin to be clearly visible. One should not wear knee-high stockings because the area which must be covered may become exposed. The Neck: It is permissible to reveal the neck. However, neckline limitations are the following: Sides: The area where the neck begins to slope down to the shoulder must be covered. Front: The point from which the collarbone juts out and downwards must be covered. Back: The point extending from the first bone at the back (juts out) must be covered. Some customarily wear only closed collars.

Errors regarding the neckline are very common. Care should be given to the position of the top blouse button, as well as to the width of the neckline openings in knits or collarless dresses. The Head: A married woman must cover all her hair, either by means of a kerchief or a wig, depending on custom. It has previously been ruled by Rabbonim that long wigs extending beyond the end of the nape (beginning with the first vertebra in the back), or disheveled hair styles are considered immodest and are therefore not permissible. Girls must pay attention to their hair length and see to it that their hairdos conform to standards of modesty and discretion.

The Law of Covering: A garment, even partially made of sheer material, transparent lace, or porous knit material does not constitute proper covering according to halachah. Modesty: Besides the halachic obligations stated above with regard to the law of covering, the halachos of tznius and modesty dictate that gaudy and flashy garments in either style or color not be worn.
The above has been prepared by a group of talmidei chachomim and endorsed by the following rabbonim and geonim: Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv ,Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auyerbach ,Rabbi Ben Zion Aba Shaul ,Rabbi Shmuel Halevi Wozner ,Rabbi Nissim Karelitz ,Rabbi Y. Zadka ,Rabbi Sh. Zilberstein ,Rabbi M.Z. Luria ,Rabbi Shmuel Berenbaum ,Rabbi A.Y. Bick ,Rabbi S.B. Ehrenfeld ,Rabbi A.M. Kotler ,Rabbi Avrohom Pam ,Rabbi Yaakov Perlow ,Rabbi Y. Roth ,Rabbi D. Z. Schustal ,Rabbi M. Stern ,Rabbi Y.Y. Tauber

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