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November 2012

A Newsletter from Neighbourhoods, Parks and Community Recreation Northwest


Join your CRCs and neighbouring Community Leagues for three hours in March for Communities Connect Back to Basics. This is an event for Community Leagues in the North West District to come together and talk about what matters to your leagues and residents. We will provide dinner, information and resources. This is your chance to get the tools to improve and be a more effective Community League!

Coats for Kids & Families

This program helps keep Edmontonians warm throughout the winter. The 2012 Coats for Kids campaign will run from Oct 23, 2012 to Dec 6, 2012. To Get a Coat: If you or your family is in need of winter coats, call 211 (or 482-INFO outside of Edmonton). They will tell you where to find the closest depot. All coats have been professionally dry cleaned by Page the Cleaner. To Become a Depot: Contact Jenn Dermott through email or phone at 780-4438396. To Donate a Coat: Drop off gently used coats at one of our Drop-Off locations. The JP Site (10030-167 St.) and PACS (11410-149 St.) have collection boxes. Other Ways to Help: Monetary donations are used to purchase coats to meet specific requests. Cheques can be made out to United Way of the Alberta Capital Region and write Coats for Kids & Families in the memo line. Cheques can be mailed or dropped off at 15132 Stony Plain Road, Edmonton, AB T5P 3Y3. You can also volunteer to sort and package coats so that they can be delivered to distribution centres. Contact Sophia Birchall at 780.443.8393

Enclosed is a link for an on-line survey looking for your input about opportunities that you would like to explore next March.

Surveys will are also available in hard copy. Ask your CRC for more information! Please return your survey by November 19th, 2012. Hard copy responses can be returned to or fax: 780-496-5810 This event is for YOU; for Community League Volunteers to come together, build relationships and learn from each other and have some fun!

Community support is crucial for a successful program. We encourage groups of co-workers, community organizations, church groups and friends to organize collection drives to collect as many coats and outerwear items as possible. When your Coats for Kids and Families collection drive is complete, donations can be dropped off at any Page the Cleaner.

November 2012

National Child Day

November 20th
Children need support, encouragement and respect to grow to their full potential. We each have a part to play. Is your organization or group planning an event or activity in support of National Child Day during the month November? If so, please let us know you can contact Ian Smith at with your events information so it can be added to our National Child Day Calendar of Events on the Success By 6 website. Sunday, November 18th, 2012 FREE swims are being offered at select City and YMCA facilities. Please visit the Success by 6 website to find times and locations.


REACH Edmonton Council for Safe Communities, in partnership with the Edmonton Police Service and the City of Edmonton, invites you to participate in the REACH EDMONTON COMMUNITY SAFETY CONVERSATION AND WORKSHOP. The purposes of the community safety conversations in your ward are to help local communities by: - Sharing information about the Violence Reduction Action Plan; - Connecting citizens and community leaders from across the ward together to exchange stories, ideas and challenges; - Identifying resources that are working well and resources that are missing; - Identifying areas of collaboration between communities; - Begin facilitating the necessary training for community leaders to organize more effectively and increase the safety of their communities. Community Safety Conversation & Workshop

All children have rights, no matter who they are, where they live, what language they speak, their religion, their culture, if they are a boy or girl, whether they have a disability, or are rich or poor.

Off-Leash Parks for Paws

Enjoy the privilege of walking your dog in one of Edmontons 40 off-leash sites. Through community efforts, green spaces around the city have been established as Parks for Paws. The Northwest district has 9 different neighbourhood off-leash parks! All City off-leash parks and trails are multi-use; please lead by example and be a considerate and responsible pet owner. Use the following link to find an off-leash area near you! vervalley/neighbourhood-offleash-sites.aspx Please remember to keep your dogs (even if they are on-leash) AWAY from: School grounds Playgrounds Sports fields Picnic sites Golf courses

Thursday, Nov. 8, 2012 6:30 p.m. 8:30 p.m. Jasper Park Community League 8751 153 Street

Thursday, Nov. 22, 2012 6:30 p.m. 8:30 p.m. Sherbrooke Community Hall 13008 122 Avenue PLEASE RSVP to: In your response PLEASE NOTE the session you are attending. 2

November 2012

Ice Making: Preparation Stage

The Help Bring Christmas Cheer to All

The Christmas Bureau of Edmonton accepts referrals for families who need a food hamper or food certificates from the Christmas Bureau and/or toys from 630 CHED Santas Anonymous and/or gift card from Edmonton Suns Adopt-A-Teen Program. We are nondenominational and accessible to all low income families, seniors and individuals. Are you in need of support this year? Self referrals can be made after November 16 by calling our Intake Line at 780 414 7695. The deadline for referrals is December 7, 2012. Over 800 volunteers will donate their time this year. Positions are available in November and December which provide great opportunity to celebrate the festive season with family and friends. We encourage you to check out the volunteer page at our website This coming Christmas season, the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton anticipates that we will serve over 65,000 less fortunate within our community. In order to meet the need our campaign goal is $1.8 million dollars. Donations can be made online at our website

With autumn upon us and winter fast approaching, it is time to prepare our ice rinks to ensure a smooth and safe skating season. Critical items should be addressed prior to flooding the skating surface areas. The following should be considered critical: Mow all grass areas within the intended skating area to a maximum height of 2 inches. Fill any minor low spots with soil. If your intended skating area is asphalt or concrete, now is the time to seal cracks and/or repair uneven areas. Repair or replace any cracked, split or broken rink boards. Remember, on a hockey rink, there should be no rink board gaps greater than 9mm ().

Winter Festival Fun Guide

Are you planning a Community Event this Winter?
Your CRC can provide you with a copy of the Winter Festival Fun Guide that includes: Things to consider when planning your event Plenty of Outdoor Activities you can include in your Winter Festival or Event (including instructions and equipment required) Tips for dressing for Outdoor Activities The following Winter-friendly Kits are available for community groups to borrow to enhance their community events: Lacrosse Kit (10 sticks plus helmets, nets and balls) Fun Bags Snow Shoes (adult and children sizes) Fire barrels (firewood not included) For more details on any of these community kits or to book dates to borrow the equipment, contact your CRC. Equipment is lent to use at community events only at the discretion of the CRC.

Priceless Fun Fall / Winter 2012/2013

Priceless Fun Fall 2012/Winter 2013 is available online by following the link below (coming soon). ecreation/program-guides.aspx Watch for copies at your local recreation facility, library and other agencies near you in the upcoming weeks. 3

November 2012 at Note: Both workshops are now full/waitlisted. November 11 - Remembrance Day November 13-20 - World Kindness Week visit November 20 Universal Childrens Day visit

The Flying Eagle Program

In 2004, a collaborative effort between Voices of the Urban Indigenous People and the City of Edmonton resulted in the development of the Flying Eagle Aboriginal Drop-In Summer Program to enhance the existent Green Shack Program. The program sites hosted over 3000 visits from children aged 6 - 12. While the program incorporated an Aboriginal focus in program activities, it was open to all children at the playground site and this provided opportunity for cross-cultural learning for children and adults. Some of the program activities offered included: Lacrosse, Eagle Eye, participating in Smudging, making Dream catchers, bannock, and turtle shell rattlers and much more. What we heard and saw from participants and the Program Leaders was: Children talking about different aspects of their cultures and ways that they celebrate cultural traditions, Children and leaders sharing language, Children creating stories together through programmed activities, Children and program leaders becoming more connected to their culture and feeling pride in their Aboriginal ancestry.

Snow Shacks
This free neighbourhood dropin program for 6-12 year olds is offered in partnership with community leagues at various playgrounds across the city. Come out for indoor and outdoor activities including crafts, games, sports, and drama. Dress for the weather and be ready for winter fun. Children under 6 years old are welcome to participate but must be supervised by their parent or guardian at all times. The program may be cancelled or adjusted in the event of extreme weather.

Westview Village Snow Shack

Location: Westview Village Community Hall (10770 Winterburn Road) Dates: January 2 - January 4 Times: 9 - 4pm

Meadowlark Snow Shack

Location: Meadowlark Community Hall (15961 92 Ave.) Dates: January 2 January 4 Times: 12 4 pm

Lessard Snow Shack

Planning for 2013 summer programs will continue to see the Flying Eagle Summer Program being offered. For more information please contact your CRC

Location: Lessard Community Hall (17404 57 Ave.) Dates: January 2 January 4 Times: 12 4 pm

Athlone Snow Shack

Location: Athlone Community Hall (13010 129 Street) Dates: January 2 January 4 Times: 12 4 pm

Important Dates to Remember

November 1, 13, or 19- Combined GAIN and Use of Proceeds Workshops being held in different locations FREE; call (780) 447-7499 for more details and how to register. November 4 - Daylight Savings Time ends November 7 & 8 - Ice Making Workshop, 6 to 9pm at Royal Gardens Community Hall. Pre-registration required

Belmead Snow Shack

Location: Belmead Community Hall In Rink Shack (9109 182 Street) Dates: January 2 January 4 Times: 12 4 pm

Woodcroft Snow Shack

Location: Woodcroft Community Hall (13915 115 Ave) Dates: January 2 January 4 4

November 2012 Times: 12 4 pm

McQueen Snow Shack

Location: McQueen Community Hall/Rink Shack (10825 McQueen Road) Dates: January 2-4 2013 Times: 12-4 pm

Neighbourhoods, Parks and Community Recreation Northwest Team

Director Chantile Shannon


Community Recreation Coordinators Tracey Bink 822-2175 Allison Boileau 9445454 Una Bryce 944-7593 Chris McMorran 4961911 Susan Meunier 9445450 Jessica Monk 442-4629 Alison Mould 944-5531 Trudy Raadik 944-5528 Savannah Westgarde 423-5827 Ruth Wong-Miller 496-6431 Website -

Community Services West Office Locations 5

November 2012 Parks and Community Services (PACS) - West 11410 - 149 Street Monday Friday Jasper Place 10030 - 167 Street Monday Friday Phone: 442-4974 8:30 am 12:00 pm 1:15 pm 4:30 pm Phone: 442-4848 8:30 am 4:30 pm The City of Edmonton NPDP Resource Committee Hosted by Neighbourhood Parks and Recreation Programs -South

White Oaks CRCs Relocated

Those CRCs that have been working at the White Oaks office have been re-located to the Park and Community Services building at #110, 11410-149 Street All CRC contact information will remain the same.

If Money Doesnt Grow On Trees, How Do We Fund Our Parks Project?

A Workshop on Fundraising Strategies for Parkland Development
Date: Thursday November 29th 2012 Time: 6:30 pm 8:30 pm Place: City Arts Centre 10943 84 Ave You will have the opportunity to Hear from a Parks Projects Fundraiser Extraordinaire Stephanie Gillis-Paulgaard from T-SNAP Network and share fundraising strategies for Parkland Development with other volunteer groups (group discussions) Learn about other funding opportunities

No Idling in Front of Schools and Hospitals

Council has passed bylaw 15982, prohibiting vehicles from idling in designated areas outside of schools and hospitals. The bylaw takes effect January 1, 2013.

What is idling?
Idling is a bad habit that wastes fuel and money, adds to pollution and climate change and can contribute to health problems. We are committed to making sure Edmonton is one of the cleanest, greenest cities worldwide by keeping its air quality at a high rating.

What you need to know about the bylaw

Signs will be place to inform drivers of the noidling zones. The bylaw takes effect when the temperature rises above 0 Celsius. Under the bylaw, drivers cannot idle for more than five minutes within any thirty minute period when parked in an area designated as no idling. The bylaw applies only to participating schools and hospitals. 6

PLEASE RSVP by November 26th to or call 780-442-4846 Brought to you by:

November 2012 Vehicles licensed to provide public transport such as school buses and taxis, emergency vehicles and vehicles transporting medically fragile people are exempt from the bylaw. This initiative will help create a healthier environment for school students and staff and hospital patients, staff and visitors.

What can you do to reduce idling?

Download our Be Idle Free Resources to start your own Be Idle Free campaign. Be more aware of the amount of time you idle. Reduce "warm-up" idling to 60 seconds before driving away, just make sure your vehicle's windows are clear. Stuck in traffic, using a drive-thru, picking up someone at school or waiting for a train to go by? Shut off the vehicle! Ten seconds of idling uses more fuel than restarting your engine. Consider using other ways to get around, such as public transit, walking, biking or jogging instead of driving.

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