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I am Alicia Campos Burrell (tel.

619 715-3018), a mother of Jacob Burrell-Campos, who is now 15 years old, and Marco Campos Rabago, 26 years old (tel. 619 799-0650). James Burrell is a biological father of Jacob and a stepfather of Marco. He admitted masturbating in the presence of Jacob and still got the sole custody of the child.

Jacob Burrell

6/23/04 Emergency Response Referral Information Family Court order a forensic interview and the Chadwick Center. The r/p said that she interviewed the minor and he does remember the father masturbating. The minor was asked about the father touching him. The minor said that he thinks so, but could not remember the incident. The r/p said that the DA Laura Coulson was informed and she ordered the minor to go with the father. The r/p said that the minor was terrified and was found in the room shaking and took off his shoe and was going to throw it at his father. The Child Abuse Laws PENAL CODE SECTION 11164-11174.3 11165.1 As used in this article, sexual abuse means sexual assault or sexual exploitation as defined by the following: (5) The intentional masturbation of the perpetrators genitals in the presence of a child. 5/06/05 Supplement to the Letter To Family Court The Health and Human Services Agency remains concerned about the father boundary issues and lack impulse control when the minor has been present in his home. We are of the opinion that Mr. Burrell have supervised visitations until he begins a counseling program. Family Court never ordered supervised visits to the father.

8/02/05 Marcos Police Report Reporting Officer Ford, ID #5582 The first incident occurred when Marco was 6 years old. He and James were at a community swimming pool. Marco remembers he had difficulty getting his swim trucks on because of a knot in the tie string. He remembers James putting his hand down his shorts grabbing and stroking his penis. The second incident occurred a short time later as Marco was trying to put a pair of pants on when the zipper got stuck. Again James put his hand down Marcos pants and stroked his penis inside his underpants. <>on multiple occasions he remembered waking up in his bed in the morning no longer wearing underpants. He also remembers feeling extremely groggy when he woke up on these occasions. 8/26/05 Suspected Child Abuse Report Reporting Party: Laurie Fortin, LCSW Forensic Interview 3020 Childrens Way, San Diego CA 92123 (858) 966 5980 During interview, child reported father would masturbate in front of him and he thinks touched him on his penis. Child was disturbed, very concerning interview. He expressed extreme fear of father (shaking, crying, jumping every time he heard a noise, thinking it was father). 11/29/05 Deposition of James Burrell Page 115 (hand-marked as 29), lines 16-25: Q: WHEN WAS IT THAT YOU LAST MASTURBATED IN THE BED WITH YOUR SON IN BED WITH YOU? A: APPROXIMATELY THREE OR FOUR YEARS AGO. Q: HOW MANY TIMES HAD YOU DONE THAT? A: I DONT REMEMBER THE EXACT NUMBER. Q: MORE THAN ONCE? A: YES. Q: MORE THAN TWICE? A: YES. Q: MORE THAN TREE TIMES? Page 116 (hand-marked as 30), lines 1-3: A: YES. Q: MORE THAN FOUR TIMES? A: I DONT KNOW. 4/05/06 Heller Deposition Exhibit A Page 28, lines.22-24: Q: MASTURBATING IN BED WITH A CHILD, IS THAT SEXUAL ABUSE?

A: IT CAN BE. Q: IT CAN BE OR IT IS? A: IT CAN BE. Page 29, line 16-20: Q: SO WHY IS THAT NOT SEXUAL ABUSE IN THE BURRELL SITUATION? A: IN THE BURRELL SITUATION, I DID NOT SAY OKAY. ITS NOT SEXUAL ABUSE BECAUSE THE CHILD DIDNT WITNESS. Beatrice Heller says that Jacob did not witness the masturbation, but in fact the Chadwick Center report by Laurie Fortin (above) states he DID witness it. A therapist (Maggy Locke) first reported to CPS about the acknowledgement of masturbating from James. Then a friend therapist referred by her (Diana Guest) cured him in a single session of 45 minutes. Later Terri Martin, child therapist, ignores everything about masturbation and just wants to direct parents to a 50-50 custody. Finally, Dr. Heller, psychological evaluator, states that the child was sleeping and that makes this a boundary issue and NO sexual abuse. 05/30/08 Letter of Coulson, District Attorney The referral stated that the mother, Ms. Campos, was brought back from Mexico and we took the child to Childrens Hospital for the interview. This is not accurately worded. She was not brought back from Mexico by our office. Our office believed the minor child and his mother were residing in Mexico; however, we were in contact with the mother only through her attorney so we never knew her exact location. The mother brought the child to the interview at the appointed date and time. Mother was not brought back from Mexico by the District Attorney, but it was stated otherwise in the Forensic Interview of Jacob. Laura Coulson called the judge of the Family Court (Edward Huntington), who she claimed to have ordered to return Jacob to his father. The mother requested a written order, but it was never provided. 03/05/10 Transcript of a Hearing Judge Edward P. Allard III Page 27, line 26 to page 28, line 1: The mothers wrongful conduct was a function of her belief that she needed to protect Jacob from a father, who had, on multiple occasions, masturbated while in the same bed as Jacob. Page 38, line 8-16: But the end of the day, that was much the same way as the prosecuting authorities, as an example, decided not to prosecute you for child abduction, obviously, the prosecuting authorities made the same decision about Mr. Burrells conduct. Now, thats up to the DAs office and the City Attorneys office. It has nothing to do judges cannot

understand this, This I cannot direct them to file charges on anybody. Thats not my role. But thats what youve had a difficult time coming to grasp with. Talkshoe Online Radio The story of the beginning of the case with the minor counsel Terrance Chucas.

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