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A HISTORY OF EGYPTIAN ARCHITECTURE fiddle Kingdom, Period ‘The First Intermedis sand the Sec By ALEXANDER BADAWY UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS Burkey and Lat Angel «1 To De Feklin Morphy, Chancel ofthe ninrny of California Lor Anger, ardent ‘pore ofthe iy ofthe Ancient Ort, end 10 my caller inti country whore fedly fekp err fled Profesor W. F Abi, Profane Ratelé Anh, De. Berard V. Bohne, ‘else Dr. W. C. Hayes, Profesor KC. Se Profeie W. 5. Sih Prefer Jan. Witan Preface “This aly of the schtecrr of Fp Sing he Mile King a ie fanking Intermost Pers has ben pepe the Sse ste wad the {atl ofthe long nee fo define work a Egyptian chet. ‘The mao sins at pesting all rerane marl aba the majo on sent in dar dawg, rer tec orl pepe a po Frist din, Bath peal rend of he ring reece ad nial ye ofthe monument ae The gee oth cae character of $l whch prove te poaypes of many ero the er Geek sce {ares tel bok tthe ow ele developed bythe pao ef he Tel Day ai ete who gral apo democratization tl ene be iia the cultural sig fom the OM King, Ths bese ie ‘gis reeting 3 high ce nre an an aoundng homeo tare he acta of thi pri noe of vow, expres the ney of contemporary seul, te rhythe oko early and the eens symtlan of owe ery dy fo soli or th beat appeaance of manspe, hich was el svt yes go bu wich ha benedeni Pad rom aliens ae versie. to Dr Kat Be nd Dr. Henry Per no sad the manuerg a ane age Ieisapleue ar well ae dry acknowl he we of the Bea hoop am se following bork! 8, Clarke and R. Engle, int Exypon Masonry (Oxtr, 1997), 243K. Lange and Me Birmcr,Eeye (Laon, 25 859190 9 tors B Nave Buber (Landen 18909 IK; HE Schter and W. Aprac Die Kent der len Orie (ei, 1935), Dp 265 39294200 W.S Smith The drt and dre of Ancien Egypt {akc aps 3k; HL Ec Wanlce Modl of Dy Len. dens Egypt (Cambridge, Mam 195) Testa be hoped that my argent ome desing with Egyptian Ack ere daring the Epue Ped wil apes witout unde dey Acsean M Brower