Practical Uses of Number, Rhythm and Sound
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Rhythmajik is dedicated to the Chacham Marcus Jastrow.


is composed of four interactivating processes which are presented in

Part 1: The Stand of Stones Part 2: The Lines Part 3: The Nine Chambers Part 4: The Book of Roots


FUEL FOR FIRE Preface to Electronic Edition Foreword Rhythmajik Introduction: Part One: The Stand of Stones The Lines Introduction Compendium of Correspondences #1 Part Two: Introduction Compendium of Correspondences #2 Part Three: The Nine Chambers The Book of Roots Introduction Log of Transmuted Expressions Part Four: Introduction The Dictionary of Bi-Lateral Roots VOLUME TWO .IRONS IN THE FIRE Working Catharsis: The Noon Light Shines The Work of Our Hands including: Music of the Spheres & In the Works The Burn Crafting a Drum Expressions Dictionary of Healing Expressions Dictionary of Working Expressions Transformational Techniques Writings Over Sonics and Implements Remarks Formations Ascetic Aesthetics Four Notes The Functions of the Four Forms Further Reading 5 .Table of Contents VOLUME ONE .

Volume One Fuel for Fire 6 .

Sefer Yetzira 2:2 Translated by Z’EV 7 . shaped.Twenty-two signs of foundation Established. permutated Balanced and transformed And with them de-scribing all forms And all that would be formed.

This will enable me to more fully develop rhythmajik. Plans range from bringing back into circulation recordings of my music which are long out of print to finishing some few other books which are in various stages of completion. As I mention later.com. So thank you for your support and feel free to contact me with any questions you might have at rhythmajik@yahoo. this book comes out of decades of personal study. practice and experience. And these last three points bring me to my plea to you to please not distribute this to people who you think would be interested in it. I felt that having it accessible to your hard drive would make it easier for you to add your personal annotations to it. I chose to present it in this electronic form because. due to the nature of the majority of the information in it. I would ask you to direct them to the site where they can purchase their own copy.com which will hopefully benefit all of us in the long run. Regards and Respects Z’EV 2001 8 .Preface to Electronic Edition First off I’d like to thank you for purchasing this edition of Rhythmajik. An other reason is that it is also the most economical way to get it into your hands.

Contact with this dimension can heal and transform. Myth is not fiction. the mind and the body. To achieve this there must not only be an altering of ones consciousness but a plumbing of this experience for meaning. To enter into the mythical dimension is to enter into an ecstatic space and time of unity. through the harmonizing of the analytical and the emotional. the flux of nature and the center-of-pure-energy without yet which exists. the sound and the vision. Reconciling the opposites within one’s self is the very act which transforms. Sacred time and space are manifest in the emotional dimension. This is the mythical dimension. re-enactments of the powers of life and death. 9 . It is a depiction of sacred events. Refusing to acknowledge this dimension is one of the causes of the Western malaise. in potential. within. The goal of ritual is the evolution of the individual through sacred time and space.Foreword The transformation of the individual is the sole responsibility of humankind. the understanding and further integration of which can effect a radical transformation in the mystical marriage of the opposites contained within one.

..... These elements [roots] arise from the 484 possible combinations of the 22 letters of the Middle Eastern Asurit Alef-Bet now known as Biblical Hebrew. and from physiological to elemental functions. Water.. Earth and Spirit. and make it available for adaptation and implementation by the ‘non-Qabalist’.. 1+1...the non-arbitrary meanings of the roots and their relations and correspondences -. As was mentioned previously much of what is now known as the Mystical Qabalha is based on these correspondences.. 2+1o. 1+9. They also have a highly sophisticated system of ‘sensate’ correspondences.. 2+1oo... inherently Jewish and/or Christian Mysticisms.. Besides these numerological correspondences the letters also correspond to our Sun and 8 orbiting bodies: our Moon . These deeper levels. 2+2o . and The Book of Roots.. 2+9o... 2+2. 9.. 2+1. 1+2o . 2+9oo and etc. the 12 Houses of the Zodiac.. As these 22 letters also correspond to the numerical values 1 through 9 in their 3 orders of magnitude....... Hence anyone can now take advantage of the deeper levels inherent in the Asurit Alef-Bet without having to learn to read and write it. 1oo .e. The Lines.from the metaphor systems that have traditionally laid claim to them. 1+9o. 1.. 1+1oo. 1+9oo . The Nine Chambers... and the five elements: Air. The 484 roots are constructed by joining one letter with each of the other 22 letters... ie. Fire. in fact.Neptune. 9oo. 1+2oo . 1+2 . 9o. 1+1o.INTRODUCTION part one Rhythmajik is composed of four interactivating processes which are presented in: The Stand of Stones. 10 .. are the basis for the traditions normally referred to as the Qabalha. The intent of Rhythmajik is to free this information -.. 2+9. 2+2oo .. 1o.. The heart of Rhythmajik is The Book of Roots. these roots are also expressible as 2 numbered rather than lettered combinations. It is a unique numerological dictionary which gives non-arbitrary meanings for 446 two-unit numerical elements. from colors to body parts. i..

commerce and trade. The Talmuds Babli and Yerushalami.E. and the Midrashic literatures which is the source for all the words represented by their numbers on the following pages. To repeat. medicine and magics. can be traced back to the 1st if not the 2nd century B. ritual and liturgy.9 are delineated. Additional semantic information was also drawn from “The Hebraic Tongue Restored” written by the nineteenth century French Metaphysician Fabre D’Olivet. Religion and ethics. . if it has any relation to number or color or Astrology or Tarot. traditional correspondences for the foundational numbers 1 . ranging from colors to body parts to semantic and conceptual equivalents.. philosophy and science. The Nine Chambers is. and The Nine Chambers. The older Hebrew elements . jurisprudence and ceremonial laws. then The Book of Roots can function as a valuable resource.C. The Lines.. holistically. all the numerologies in this book are simple transliterations . The latter elements lead down to between the 5th and 8th centuries C. exegesis and homiletics. Be that as it may. . however.. a self-contained system which can provide a methodology for accessing The Book of Roots and also includes a simple and effective divination method using a specific visualization technique for intuiting 11 . Mother Nature is my particular metaphor. astronomy and astrology. all are represented there. There are three main sections which precede The Book of Roots: The Stand of Stones. “The literature embraced in this dictionary covers a period of about 1000 years and contains Hebrew and Aramaic elements in about equal proportion. fierce and loving. as my own particular metaphor system is everywhere evident. In The Stand of Stones.A complete ‘transparency’ to this presentation was not achieved. politics and social problems.of vocabulary drawn from this Dictionary of the Oral Traditions accumulated in the literatures of ‘early’ Judaism. In The Lines correspondences for each of the 22 numbers are detailed. the compiler of this Dictionary of the Targumin.E. history and geography and geology. she includes elements both female and male. Each of the sections deals with particular aspects of the properties and/or grammar of the numbers and leads up to and into The Book of Roots itself. whatever your metaphor system. in fact.letter to number .” So wrote Marcus Jastrow.

numbers which can then be glossed in The Book of Roots for their potential meanings. from the Mudd Club in downtown Manhattan to the Anthropological Museum in Tokyo. 64-6] 12 . to weekly sound meditations I provided at The Kosmos [a center for various traditions located in Amsterdam NL] from 1986 . This accounts for both the title of this book and its use as a metaphor / designator throughout these pages. the First Gong Symposium at the Fritz Perls Akademie in German. primarily for Healing and Meditation. 69-136] Qabalha: Compendium of Correspondences #2 [p. Rhythmajik grew out of my life long work integrating and implementing these traditions through percussion musics and especially with the self-crafted instruments with which I have presented concerts and workshops in over 100 cities in 19 countries. whereby the numerological information is dealt with as Rhythm in conjunction with sound. 53] Numerology: The Book of Roots [p. 42-51] Color: Compendium of Correspondences #1 [Color Field Visualizations p. Be that as it may. the following list suggests specific entry-points which can then be followed through to The Book of Roots.1990. allowing a clear access to the information therein for readers who already have specific and developed interests. The following section of the Introduction will outline a variety of applications. 140-1] Divination: The Nine Chambers [Three Implementations point 1 p. 28-9] Tarot: The Book of Roots [Introduction: Six Implementations point 5 p. if your interests lie elsewhere than sound. and especially percussive sound at that. and from the Lava Pit at the Cultural Center of the University of Mexico City on the Day of the Dead. Astrology: The Work of Our Hands [see The Music of the Spheres p.

in The Nine Chambers. One can thus describe Rhythmajik as both a conceptual and practical meta-numerological system. in The Stand of Stones. of which Rupert Sheldrake’s work regarding Morphogenetic fields is an example.org]. Rhythmajik takes the foundation numbers through their three orders of magnitude and elucidates them through the four dimensions of: SPIRIT.sheldrake. in The Lines. 13 . and three corresponding to the elements Air. The archetypes of Jung’s Collective Unconscious are examples of this. 12 corresponding to Zodiacal Houses. and MATTER in The Book of Roots. Biblical Hebrew includes [among its 22 letters] seven letters corresponding to heavenly bodies. Beyond that. nor write Biblical Hebrew. read. Arabic and Sanskrit] has numerical values corresponding to each letter. The Biblical Hebrew Alef-Bet [along with Greek. Tradition holds that these 22 letters are entities manifesting as both Thought Forms and Evolutionary Forces. the only arithmetic needed to do Rhythmajik is simple addition. FUNCTION. Water and Fire.Introduction part two Note that while dealing extensively with numerology. Evolutionary Forces means: the influences and processes which regulate and are regulated by Nature. [For further info you can go to www. transmitted to the Hebrews through the Babylonian culture] it is a system which requires one neither to learn to recognize. in fact. Their effectiveness when their root or numerical values are dealt with directly is in no wise hindered by ignoring their typographic representation. FORM. Thought Forms means: the primordial anthropomorphs and zoomorphs manifest and active in the astral. Although Rhythmajik arose out of the Semitic Alef-Bet commonly referred to as Hebrew [but which was. dream time and inner-plane realms.

Rhythmajik can accompany preexisting meditation/ritual forms. All other numbers consist of higher Orders of Magnitude of these foundation numbers. the breathing and the circulation. Various keys to these doors will be provided in the following pages which will provide a wide variety of levels of meaning for. 7 strokes.double digits . When you are implementing a rhythm you are not trying to focus the mind: both sides of the brain. to surround’.5o . are all acting in consort during the process of visualizing. doors can be opened.. the third.Foundation numbers are the numbers one through nine. when that rhythm is combined with an image held in the minds’ eye [drawn directly or synthesized from the variety of images associated with the specific beat pattern and intentionally sounded. In Rhythmajikal practice we will dispense with grammar. of three letters with the numerical values of 3 . the basis for all manifestation].human affairs. and be dealing only with vocabulary: what were combinations of consonants forming words will now be processed as combinations of numbers. 14 . or it can function as a Working discipline in and of itself. syntax. One traditional meaning of a word represented by these numbers [3 . the musculature. . it can be used as a beat pattern to implement a protective presence at the beginning of a Working. and even the letters themselves. Traditionally the first magnitude – single digits – is held to represent heavenly affairs [i. 1o or 1oo]. Accordingly. The basic process is this: a word composed. The use of ‘Working’ for the Rhythmajikal forms and functions will be adopted throughout this book.e. 5 strokes.7o] is ‘to protect. Rhythmajik results. The orders of magnitude are symbolized by the addition of one or two zeros to a number [1. .e. When sounded repeatedly this beat pattern becomes a rhythm. counting and stroking an expression [sounding a beat pattern].earthly affairs [i. bio/eco-logical processes].. Because we will be implementing these combinations of numbers with the potentials of Sound.5o – 7 [hidden. and techniques for further investigating. these combinations of numbers. treasure] becomes the beat pattern: 3 strokes. the Actualization [the physical aspect]. the second.triple digits . for example. The intention of the Working is composed of: the Visualization [the intuitive aspect]. the Consideration [the analytical aspect].

This is the cause of the effective quality of the beat patterns and the conditioning potential their sounding holds. Imagine the serpent with its tail in its mouth. make real. long seems short] is symptomatic of trance. Physiologically. Note: any experience of inversions of duration [short seems long. a re-conditioning. i. and body functions so they align with the intent of the Working. 15 . For example. the intention of which is ‘to realize’ [in all its possible meanings. Even the neurologically deaf have functioning cochleae. This book contains the traditional meanings of +/. while sound alters the participant both through touch [full body hearing] and aural hearing. convert and obtain] the balance inherent in the relationships of the proportion. via the specific proportional fluctuations of the inner ear’s fluids. Proportion literally translates as ‘for one’s portion’.g. This is the Mind’s sense of itself in Time. Note that the hydraulic takes precedence over the neural. Repetitive rhythms gain their power through the fact that they can fuse the discrete event [the stroke] with the continuum [the subjectively experienced timedilation of the trance state].500 beat patterns waiting to become rhythms. Secondly. rhythm initiates a dual process: Firstly. of the space and the participants. Conditioning harmonizes the atmosphere. e.2. and are thus susceptible to the effects of Rhythmajiks. Imagine the lotus flower floating on the leaf floating on the water. the function of balance is focused to a center.e. or better. The continual sounding of a beat pattern conditions the overall state of synaptic activity. and portion can have a definition of ‘destiny’.Actualization accomplishes a conditioning. understand. This is the body’s sense of itself in space. When you are sounding a proportion you are invoking a course of events. senses. through the use of tea and incense one aligns the senses of taste and smell. the flash of inspiration. the same fluctuations are also present on the neural-chemical level in the brain. All ‘altered’ experience occurs at the trance level. however momentary.

In dual practice or service the effects will range from the immediate [in the environment]. The unification of the outer stimulation and the inner simulation empowers the ‘still small voice’ of the deep levels of memory. Rhythmajik recognizes the beat as it rises out the Earth. the embodying of which has been the universal concern of esotericisms. It is always up to the individual to provide the intention. Intention is the discipline directing these integrating and grounding rhythms. Intention is the key. Intention is your discipline to direct these integrating and grounding rhythms. The signs of progressive familiarity with and fluidity of transition between these states constitute the ‘grades’ of many ritual systems.Rhythmajikal beat patterns can provide the actualizing context. the participants’ intentional abilities. It is through this that your awareness can achieve the condition enabling it to become a proper vessel/mirror to receive/reflect the influence/image of an altered ‘Other’ consciousness. Rhythmajik is a path of the world. 16 . The discipline of solitary practice prepares you for the true function: to be among people.Rhythmajik is of particular value for healing and envisioning. wherein the guide talks you through an imaginary journey. as it is held in the mind’s eye. emotional and/or physical healing. You experience the essence of initiation as you enter into these states of mind and being. Context and intent are the co-catalysts of this process . Intention gives power to the inner direction. Rhythmajik is self-initiating. Rhythmajik can also implement the visions normally associated with guided meditations. Intention fuses your concentration and your deep levels of memory into a potent elixer. All rates of change are relative to the development of. to the eventual [in the participants]. Intention activates the deep memory. to be of service. Intention activates the deep levels of your memory. and negotiation between. Intention focuses the concentration. By simultaneously stimulating and harmonizing the imagination and the deep levels of memory. Intention enables your powers of concentration. In solitary practice the effects come to light over time. Rhythmajik can implement psychological. It is the manifesting of the varieties of altered / Other consciousnesses that in fact constitute the core of what is known as initiation. as it flows through the heart out the hand. Through its utilization of the sense of balance.

play. the implements they are sounded with. In service beat patterns are either used at the beginning and end of a Working or. and working with the implements. While it is a path of responsibility. When it’s time to go. envisioning. it is also true that in solitary practice: ‘When it’s time to count. when sounded continuously can function as a working in and of themselves . The entire process: the finding. and just do. count. Rhythmajik is a path of precision. In service they must raise the desired energies.]. choosing.During practice your inner direction can manifest as you stop thinking about what you are doing. the day and time of the working. As such.’ In dual practice you can count and play either together or apart [in the latter case alternating between who delivers and who receives the intentions. for practitioners must cultivate a stance of ‘both here and there’. keep track of them and provide what is needed for the Working to bear fruit ‘here’ and be ‘there’ at the same time. 17 . the beat patterns. When you want to play. ‘When it’s time to count. preparation of. the tea that is blended. the amount of re-conditioning activity leading up to the Working and the directional quadrant it is addressed to. As such. considering etc. In fact their repitition enables a slow but sure ‘hard-wiring’ of neural states and pathways unique to each particular beat pattern. count. these are all equal parts of the Way whose aim it is to keep an intentional focus throughout your life. the incense that is burned. be it healing. the beat patterns should be adhered to so as to allow their repetition the opportunity to implement your acclimatization to the physical [outer] and physiological [inner] states they are introducing. the beat patterns should be adhered to so as to allow their repetition the opportunity to implement your acclimatization to the physical [outer] and physiological [inner] states they are introducing and to condition a slow but sure ‘hard-wiring’ of the neural states and pathways of their proportional expressions. go’ ‘Go’ is again relative.

18 . For example: it is best to have a base for bowl-type implements. it is closer to a hunt. Your relationship to the implement and its potential for use and service are all dependent upon the entire process.The re-conditioning of as much of your activity as possible is the target. or a finding. it is not just another shopping trip. It should be kept in mind that when you seek to obtain an appropriate base-object.

PRACTICE Each Working should be addressed to the quadrant best suited to its fruition.This cannot be stressed enough. the negotiation is between the mass and material of the object. With regard to the envisioning process in particular. While for most Rhythmajik the drum is thus not necessary nor even desirable.1: West – Water – 4o: Object 8 – 12” diameter Iron object 8 . wood. Experimentation is the key here.1" diameter and of a variety of materials [brass.1o" diameter Brass cymbal [the thinner the better] 8 . NOTE ON ASSOCIATIVE VOCABULARY The following terms appear throughout this book and are here grouped along synonymous lines to allow one to see the range of associations within the two basic principles comprising Rhythmajik: Quantity and Quality. Quantity Quality = form = aspect = dynamic = thought form = foundation = effect = transmute = invoke.1o" diameter Stainless steel object 8 . the rhythmic sounding of elemental materials has a higher meta-potential than animal skin. Ultimately you should arrive at the point where the implements come to you. and the mass and material of the tool.12" diameter Oven-proof glass bowl [the only glass that will not shatter] For sounding: tools +/. aluminum.12" long and +/.] are vital to yield the optimum qualities from a quadrant object’s sounding. The following correspondences between implements and quadrants are suggested when beginning Rhythmajikal work: Quadrant North – Earth – 4oo: South – Fire – 3oo: East – Air . = function = emanation = process = evolutionary force = capacity = affect = transform = evoke.3/8 . the exception is physical healing. find what feels good to you and what produces the sound you like the best. plastic etc. and accordingly instructions for crafting a drum are included 19 .

the more affective [influential] your Workings. Implement .to fulfill. Regarding the removal of handles etc. A wide variety of expressions are listed in the Healing and Working Dictionaries. Note: a cast iron frying pan transformed by the removal of its handle/s can serve as an initial iron object. The numbers which compose the expression are called Facets. relating to them as conscious entities. The Book of Roots contains the meanings of all the possible two facet expressions.do. and their sides or edge as the sounding area. Through this relationship your human consciousness imparts the power of evolution to their elemental consciousness. especially with regard to envisioning. 146]. with a small piece of felt or soft leather between the surfaces. make. Note also that bowl shaped objects should be placed ‘open side’ down upon the base. Neither are loud volumes necessary [nor generally advisable] for practice or service. object. The scale of the objects and tools is only a suggestion and not a convention to adhere to. Relax behind these strokes. one can stroke the beats comprising a facet in a variety of ways. Implement. Some more vocabulary: an Expression is a series of numbered beats that equal a word. The same applies with a stainless steel salad bowl. East and West quadrants. and the strength of this process will manifest in/as their implementing potential.later on in this book [p. Tool . And we’re talking ‘down’ here. A glance at their etymologies is constructive. A large and tall vase of thick glass [open side down] can function as a base for objects of the North. Stay loose and remember: ‘it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing’. Consider how their intentional combinations will resonate throughout a Working. When playing. sweet chariot. NOTE ON BEAT PATTERNS Pedantry is not the point here. The more effective [consequential/developed/evolved] this relationship. and tool are Rhythmajikal vocabulary. as 20 . [literally: to throw against]. You must also cultivate the animistic stance regarding your objects and tools. Object – appearance. from objects: through the energy you expend in this process you begin the relationship. Swing low.

xxxx or xxxx . x or x . x . xx or x . xx . x 4: xxxx or x . xx or xx . xx . Although the stroking of an expression can be parsed. xx . x . xxx .. xxx . xx . x or x . This process of embedding will be demonstrated a bit later on. xx or xx . Parsed strokes expressing 3 . at the beginning of your practice the foundation numbers 3 through 7 are best sounded continuously as this aids in the defining of the beat pattern. xxx or x . xx x . and judicious parsing can ‘facet the facets’. xx . xx . x xxx . As and when you would move on to advanced work you can create individualized ‘signature’ parsings for them. xxx or x . xxx . x 5: xxxxx or xx . The first and second foundations obviously resist parsing. xxx or xx . xxx or x . xxx or xxx . xx . x . but it is best to refrain from embedding smaller expressions into larger ones until you have had considerable experience with the more simple forms. x – x .. xxxx or xxx . xx . xx . x 7: xxx . xxx . xx or x . xxx . xxxxx . x – x . This is called Parsing. [intention: to make clear 2 – 5 – 2oo] Suggested tempo: approximately four repetitions of seven strokes per ten seconds [ x . xxx . x – x . The parsings of 8 and 9. xx Parsed strokes expressing 6 & 7: 6: xxxx . xx . xx . xxxx . xx . xx or xx . xx . You can begin to practice the parsings of 3 through 7 whenever you want. xx . [intention: to distribute 2 – 4 – 2oo] 9: xx . however. 8: xx . xx . xx or xx . xxx . x . xxx or xxx . only the following simple parsings should be sounded for strokes expressing 8 and 9. xxx . x x . xx or xx . x xx . xxx xx . xxx . x > ad infinitum] 21 . xx At the beginning. x .. xx . xxx or xxx . xxx . yielding a wealth of meanings.will be described below. xx . should be practiced and implemented from the beginning. xx or xxx . x .5: 3: xxx or x . xx .. x .

Now 1 . 9 = silver.1 = consideration] this can be sounded with a slight pause between repetitions of the expression and a slighter pause between facets and with an accent [or emphasis] on the first stroke of the expression. Whatever. 1 – 9].2. 6 = six pointed star].2. for example. Now this is 23 total strokes.3 in this context is based on the original expression 8 + 9 + 6 [8 = violet.9 [9 . Drawing from the semantics of 2 – 3 available in the Book of Roots delivers: permitting.1. This can be represented as 8 + 9 + 6 = 23.9 [2 . Note: the visualization for 2 .9 – 9]. The beat pattern 2 – 3 could be sounded [with..Note: taking this as the four-faceted expression [1 . 9 . 1 joined to 1 .2. initial practice can begin with the sounding of the 81 archetypal roots. 1 + 2oo + 3oo + 1 = 502. a violet six-pointed star on a silver field as the visualization] either before you blend an incense or while your working partner/s was doing so. The Book of Roots is the heart of Rhythmajik as it allows for the implementation of complex intentions from twofacet expressions. say. that which nourishes. a blood-red equi-armed cross on an emerald pentagram as the visualization]. So where you had begun with 1 . to break forth. so let’s consider. 2 joined to 1 .1. through 9 joined to 1 .. that is. and these notions express precisely what the burning of incense is meant to accomplish. The lists of possible correspondences to develop semantic foci and visualizations are in Parts One and Two which follow.1.9 [1 .3 . A considerable amount of work can be achieved with the roots and only when you feel comfortable with these two-facet expressions should you progress to the larger. If this instead taken to be sounded as 2 – 3 you are now only sounding 5 strokes. which can be represented as 5o .3 .g.. 8 – 9 – 4o/6oo = blending incense. 22 .2 [with. 2 – 9]. Indexing the Book of Roots for 5 – 2 leads us to 5o – 2o and the meaning of ‘to deduce’ which best coincides with our original expression of ‘consideration’. you could more simply implement 5 .1 was a fairly simple expression.. more complex expressions.2oo . 1 .1.. 2 . This technique can also be implemented when sounding the previous parsings..2 .3oo . A sparest process when you do begin sounding them is to first total the expression: e.2 [stroked as: 5 – 2].2 .

then. or synthesizing with the Book of Roots. First step: sounding 3 – 7 .2oo [Gate]. so the 3 – 7 – 2 can now help facilitate the influx of an other energy – so the colors must change now as the Lines have changed and the beat also transforms by once again sounding the 7 continuously. sound 7 continuously [unparsed] -. This faceting of the facets can get very. I’ll go in depth in a Rhythmajikal Working using this faceting of facets combined with color field visualization. which process embeds the facets themselves.A thorough study of the Healing and Working dictionaries.4: to close. For example. These conventions then comprise your signatures.3: to dissolve. very deep. you may choose to parse seven as xxx . if this facet is used as a signature for the 7 beats in the expression 3oo – 7o . colors: 3 > azure [3 > azure + 4 > viridine-green] 2 > scarlet-orange Fifth step: return to the step one sounding and colors returning participants to their original ‘side’ of the gate – slowly slow down tempo and volume – transform to silence. Eventually you can decide to combine your signatures in the formation of two or three-facet expressions. xxxx [envisioning an image representative of one of the meanings of 3 . 7 > rose. and can be implemented as intentions for Workings based solely on the individual foundations. to tie up] or xxxx .2 to evoke the Gate in the participants. 23 .parse 7 as 4 – 3 [still sounding 3 – 7 – 2] colors: 3 > pearl [4 > deep-green + 3 > azure] 2 > blood red Third step: 3 – 7 – 2oo = divine influx. Second step: to traverse the gate . I do recommend beginning Workings with the Foundation colors.colors: 3 > pearl. colors: 3 > azure. Clearly. 2 > blood red note that these are the colors of the Foundations and not the Lines. the two parsings can have opposite effects. 7 > orange. You can check The Lines [p. 43-51] for additional/variant colors to be used. melt]. Now the Gate in question refers to the metaphorical Gate one transits when passing through to some other state. 2 > scarlet-orange Fourth step: to close the gate – parse 7 as 3 – 4 and the colors change as the Lines have changed again. or personal vocabulary. xxx [envisioning an image representative of one of the meanings of 4o . can supply definitions to apply to the parsings you choose to adopt as conventions.

once or twice a day [minimum]. Holding them. 1. The Hand: Get two soft rubber balls just a little larger than the size defined when your middle finger touches your thumb. as objects on bases can be sounded with one or both hands. Do this 150 times [approximately 10 minutes] each way. clench and unclench your hands. 2. 10 minutes out. Do this a minimum of 20 minutes per day. or either the left or right hand. both at the same time and alternating hands. There is much room for experiment here. The Wrist: Keeping the elbows loose. A few minutes at a time throughout the day [totaling 20 minutes] is sufficient. Within this variant you can also develop the distribution of the parsings between your hands. 24 . This is perhaps the most important exercise for stroking. 10 minutes in synch. Even though you may be using a single-skinned hand held drum for physical healing. You will discover that there are qualitative differences depending on whether the expressions are sounded with both.TWO PHYSICAL EXERCISES: There are two physical exercises which develop the muscles and condition the pathways necessary for Rhythmajik. shake your hands fairly rapidly [giving up the sense of connectedness to the fingers] as though you are shaking water from them. 10 times per stroke. beginning with 1 and progressing through 9. develop both hands. This can be done with the hands both in and out of synch. You can also clench the strokings. They are equally as important as the practice of the strokings themselves.

incorporating The Compendium of Correspondences #1 THE STAND OF STONES 25 .

In Western ceremonial forms the Stand of Stones glyph is more usually referred to as the Tree of Life. So then. especially in healing and beat pattern sounding. When Her heart is beating in you.will fuse into a continuum. its name and representation have been transmuted. Note: the following Stands delineate the qualities of the Foundations. you could visualize Black . And through that continuum your will power is thus activated on the fields of form or force. and green by a meadow You can empower any essence [image. PRACTICE There follow various arrangements which can be used as visualizations for the nine foundations of Rhythmajik. The tenth sphere on the traditional Tree represents Earth. what at first were two discrete elements that essence and your intention . The entire structure can function as a visualization focus. This will result in its becoming a focus for your intention. You can also form visual composites by incorporating the geometric correspondences whereby for example. Numbered.Red . you are the Earth [or the tenth sphere of the Tree]. As we ourselves are the manifestation of Earth’s evolution towards individuality and thus embody her. The Stand of Stones has nine foundations. This notion of Associative Vocabularies and the technique of synthesizing visualizations 26 .Green. In Rhythmajik.]. 5 as a red pentagram and 7 as a green seven-pointed star. it is our responsibility to return an intentionally considerate consciousness to the Great Mother throughout our Workings. and that beat is flowing through you. On the other hand you can build up visualizations represented by the New Moon.5 . They can provide information to develop mnemonic devices for keeping track of beat patterns. For example: instead of just counting [silently or aloud] 3 .7. It is also capable of implementation as a mnemonic ‘Memory Palace’* or databank of nine associative vocabularies of concepts and images. word or etc. because its primary use is to provide a visualization focus for the beats 1 . however. 3 is visualized as a black triangle. red by a rose. These arrangements are of symbols traditionally held to be qualitative analogs of these numbered quantities. and hence named.9 [rather than the ten spheres of the traditional Tree]. and rendered as a cosmological symbol comprising ten spheres with 22 interconnections [Paths].

[*see: Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition by Frances Yates] 27 .is dealt with in points 3 & 6 in the introduction to The Book of Roots.

Compendium of Correspondences #1 28 .

1 3 5 6 8 9 7 2 4 Skull Nervous System Endocrine Ears Eyes Nose Mouth Shoulders Arms Lungs Heart Spinal Column Liver Solar Plexus Lungs Eyes Nose Mouth Shoulders Arms Ears Kidneys Hands Hips Bladder Bladder Kidneys Hips Hands Genitals Legs Genitals Feet Right Side Rhythmajikal Healing Structure Left Side 29 .

White Black Gray Red Purple Gold Blue Green Silver Traditional Color Field Note: An alternative convention exchanges the purple and the silver Visualization additional colors are included in The Lines 30 .

31 . or a rosebud or flower. For example: the rose of 7 can be just the thorned branch or hips.Incandescence Mother of Pearl Blood Red Emerald Sky Blue Amber Violet Rose Citrine Rhythmajikal Color Field Visualization Note: To experience incandescence. These visualizations can also be implemented with their physical analogies. Close your eyes and you will see its emanation. That is its aspect. simply look at the filament of a clear glass light bulb when it is lit.

Example: 2 = There a few possible visualisations using the colors associated with 2. each with its own unique values. X 32 .Circle Triangle Cross Five Pointed Star Square Six Pointed Star Eight Pointed Star Seven Pointed Star Five Pointed Star in a Square Traditional Geometric Visualizations Note: color can be synthesized into these visualizations. Draw colors from the preceding visualizations. You can either see a blood red or a gray cross.

Airy Air Watery Water Fiery Fire Watery Fire Watery Air Airy Fire Fiery Air Fiery Water Airy Water These correspondences relate to the information in The Log of Transmuted Expressions. Rythmajikal Elemental Correspondences 33 .

Thelemic. and Rhythmijkal Tarot Attributes 34 .The Fool Consideration The World The Universe World Truth/Substance Universe The Tower Mantra Last Judgment Aeon Trance Wheel of Fortune Fortune Life The Sun Initiation The Juggler The Magus Structure High Priestess The Priestess The Ways The Empress Method Traditional.

Neptune Saturn Uranus Mars Jupiter Sun Mercury Venus Moon Traditional Planetary Correspondence For astrological application information see material on The Music of The Spheres in the section entitled The Work of Our Hands 35 .

Grace Mercy Harmony Contained Light Balance The Initiating Other Inspiration Mystery of Mysteries The Art Language Recognition Mystery of Life Evolution Symbology Sexuality Reflected Light Morphogenetic Fields Mystery of Transformation Mystery of Iransmutation Illusion Semantic Correspondences a mixture of the Traditional and the Rhythmajikal note that the contained light of 6 is in contradistinction to the limitless light of 1 contained light is. like the spark of electricity in our nervous system also the ‘containment’ of that same light energy in a star. for one example.Mysteries of the Mother Knowledge Sensation Limitation Form Mystery of Death Fear .Reverence Strength Justice Illumination limitless light limit limitless light ination Mysteries of the Father Wisdom Excitation Expansion Function Mystery of Incarnation Karma . 36 .

] 37 .9 and the capacities of their orders of magnitude. 9oo = Intention. 7oo = Creation.The glyph on the following page combines the semantic equivalents both of the foundations 1 . as it was this process. the observing of interconnectedness. aspects through 6o. [For further information regarding these magnitudes see points 2 & 3 of the Three Implementations in the Introduction to The Nine Chambers which follows. 6oo = Transformation. It thus can serve as a basis for consideration of the modalities and dynamics relative to a number’s distribution either as Foundation [Stone] or Capacity [Line].9oo are absent from this glyph. Consideration as opposed to meditation or contemplation is the term used to express the quality of mentation desired. The numbers 5oo . emanating 6oo. The Sun] and Reflected Light [9. 8oo = Mantra. Transformation. Tantra. The Moon]. Union. which mapped the constellations. Considered along its order of magnitude: 6. Example: 6o. For magnitude considerations use the following formulation: 5oo = Power. is the direct channel of the energies Contained Light [6. Tantra. This follows from its Latin root ‘to observe the stars’.

Earth. which represents the practitioner has no number. Numbers in gray boxes represent the Stones or Foundations. 38 .Limitless Light 1 Structure 2 Form 3 Nature 7 Life 8 Transmutation 9 Ways Method 3 4 Consideration 1 Function 2 Awareness 5 Union 6 Incarnations 4 Force Contained Light 6 7o Power Creation Life 7 9o 5o 1o 2o Death 5 Experience 3o Transformation 4o Yantra The Art 8 Initiation 2oo Tantra Mantra 8o Intention 6o Reflected Light 9 Trance 3oo Truth 4oo Substance Dense Matter (Earth) Memory 1oo Totality of Ramifications Note: Numbers in white boxes represent the Lines.

THE LINES incorporating The Compendium of Correspondences #2 39 .

4o 3o] include: to finish.3o.4o and 4o . tie.The 22 Paths are the names of the qualities of the 22 numbers necessary to connect the spheres of The Tree of Life. Examples of meanings synthesized from the expression 3 .4o and ‘measure’ for 4o . to load. to do good to/for.4o . 40 .e.4 – 3]. for the numbers are vibrating simultaneously at many frequencies. in the numerological Alef-Bet the name of three has very specific. With exoteric alphabets the name of the number 3. These are qualities within the quantity 3. or its Roman sign. than it would if they were assigned to ‘4’. a salient meaning of the number three becomes apparent: measuring an angle.e. III. they are referred to as The Lines. i. couple. as the letters which make up the name can yield a variety of definitions.3o include: To fade with grief and Stagnant water’s power relating to the number 3’s correspondence with Saturn as Hecate. i.3o [stroked 3 . The patterns of the month relating to 3’s correspondence with Saturn as Papyrus and the Word relating to 3’s correspondence with Saturn as Knowledge [The Medium and the Message]. Kronos. the two roots expressing the ‘full name’. Utilizing the Book of Roots we can then access the two facets of this expression [3 . non-arbitrary meanings. wean.mem – lamed] yield the expression 3 . However. Selecting ‘angle’ for 3 . Example: The letters comprising the name of the number 3 [gimel = gimel . Consistent with the previous paradigm shift into the context of Rhythmajik. that is. Other traditional meanings [of 3 .4o . ‘three’.3o]. ripen. explains no more about the inherent nature of ‘3’. to take turns. for example. that is. specific frequencies of its total vibrational field.

41 . while the incandescent after image one sees upon closing the eyes is considered the emanation. and that 4oo corresponds to both the planet Saturn and the element. Twelve of the Lines correspond to the Zodiacal Houses. has an emanation. consider that the visual data of the filament in a clear light bulb is considered the initial aspect. which in turn becomes an aspect. or causal factor. If when focusing on the sublimity of incandescence. are non-arbitrary. or effect. If the floating sensation enables one to release an outgrown attitude or attachment and gives one a giddy feeling of innocence and a fresh start. Four of the Lines correspond to the elements. correspondence and manifest only semantic equivalence. 5o/7oo 8o/8oo and 9o/9oo. Earth.When selecting vocabulary for a working. There are between eleven and twenty-six correspondences per Line compiled on the following pages. or the emanation whose aspect. is desired on a particular Line’s ‘walking’/working. not the planet. these forms. Five of the twenty-seven numbers [1 . and for the fine attunement of the aspect whose emanation. And so it goes. The end-forms. and a deeper exploration of the entire system will prove the integrity of this apparent anomaly. 4o/6oo. They are termed ‘end-forms’. An aspect. determining the next energetic shift on the spiral of action. air has become the aspect and the corresponding Tarot archetype of The Fool has become the emanation. Although they do not seem to follow the ‘logic’ that would cause one to assume that 2o would emanate as 2oo. Note that the number 3oo corresponds to both the elements Fire and Spirit. indicated by slashes between the numbers. the incandescence has become the aspect and air has become the emanation. The first causes the second. For example. one experiences the elemental correspondence of Airy Air as a floating sensation. it is important to appropriately contextualize your choices. though inexplicable. Seven of the Lines correspond to the Sun and its six closest orbits [exchanging our Moon for the Earth]. These variants allow for both a wide range of experience on the Line. End-forms are treated further in point 3 of the Three Implementations in the Introduction to The Nine Chambers. are 2o/5oo.9 x 3 orders of magnitude] have no elemental etc.

implement only the transliterations of just the consonants of the word in question and ignore the vowels: in this case STV could be an equally viable basis for an implementation of the word ‘STEVE’. You can. Example: STEVE Consonants: S. most generally.6 Three possible long E vowel sounds: A – 1. Transliterated Examples: 6o–9–1–2 / 6o–9–1–6 / 6o–9–1o–2 / 6o–9–1o–6 / 6o–9–7o–2 / 6o–9-7o-6 6o-4oo-1-2 / 6o-4oo-1-6 / 6o-4oo-1o-2 / 6o-4oo-1o-6 / 6o-4oo-7o-2 / 6o-4oo-7o-6 3oo-9-1-2 / 3oo-9-1-6 / 3oo-9-1o-2 / 3oo-9-1o-6 / 3oo-9-7o-2 / 3oo-9-7o-6 3oo-4oo-1-2 / 3oo-4oo-1-6 / 3oo-4oo-1o-2 / 3oo-4oo-1o-6 / 3oo-4oo-7o-2 / 3oo-4oo-7o-6 Consonants only: 6o-9-2 / 6o-9-6 / 6o-4oo-2 / 6o-4oo-6 3oo-9-2 / 3oo-9-6 / 3oo-4oo-2 / 3oo-4oo-6 42 . someone’s name. and translate it.6o. T – 4oo Two possible third consonants: V – 2. A glance at the following example shows some of the possibilities available when you choose to utilize this method to generate expressions. O – 7o note that as final e is silent no value is given to it. by its sound alone.sound into number This process enables you to take some word or. S – 3oo Two possible second consonants: T – 9. Parsing the resulting associative vocabularies in order to access them in the Book of Roots ensures that the ensuing beat pattern will implement the most precise expression of what you desire to intend. V Vowel sounds: E Two possible first consonants: S . if you wish. T. into a numerical expression to which Rhythmajikal principals can then be applied. note also that while the use of 1 or 1o has no effect on the rhythm.Transliteration . V . 63. For info re: parsing semantic info based on the root structure of three or more faceted expressions see p. when one parses the expression for meaning the differences can be profound. Y – 1o.

and O – 7o are actually silent vowels and only gain their phonetic values through the system of vowel-pointings which is part of the Asurit system. note also that the long I requires a double value composed of A+E Note that the use of double vowels in transliteration is limited by the constraint that expressions contain no more than seven facets in total [see p. hah. e . RH = 2oo S. 174]. KH = 2o L = 3o M = 4o N = 5o S = 6o O = 7o [é. o. ee. u] = 6 Z. é. W [oo. PH [F] = 8o TZ = 9o Q [K] = 1oo R. e. 43 . TH = 4oo note that A – 1. ah. I [e. oo] P. o. J = 3 D. SH = 3oo T. hoo. ho] = 5 V. ZH = 7 CH [guttural] = 8 T=9 Y. DJ = 4 H [heh. u. ae] = 1o K. BH. u] = 1 B. V = 2 G.Transliteration Values A [ah. o.

Rhythmajik writes and reads from left to right. This way you can have an approximately better idea of the colors referred to. Since a picture is worth a 1000 words. The last correspondences for each Line are the colors. 44 .Compendium of Correspondences #2 Note that while the Asurit Alef-Bet was traditionally written and read from right to left. the RGB values for each color have been included to allow you to check them with your computer’s custom color editor.

The Fool Colors: daylight blue 4.0 2 Name: BET 2-1o-4oo Traditional definition: House 4-1o-2oo-5 Rhythmajikal definition: Structure 2-5o-5 Symbol for Mercury 2o-6-2o-2 Traditional attribute: Distinction 5-6-4 Rhythmajikal attribute: The Art 4o-5o-3-5o-5 Function in consciousness: Recognition 5-1o-2o-2oo Function in Air/Solar System: Influx 7-2-6-3o Function in Earth: Subterraneous 8-3o-4 Function in Water: Streams 5o-5-2oo Function in Fire: Fire of illumination 4-3o-1oo Evolutionary force: Builders of feminine deities 2-5o-1o + 1-3o-5-1o-4o/6oo Direction: Above 7o-3o Tarot attribution: Traditional .247 aquamarine 127.187 red violet lake 208.191.20 variegated .232.255.The Juggler/Magician.1 Name: ALEF 1-3o-8oo Traditional definition: Ox 3oo-6-2oo Rhythmajikal definition: Consideration 1-2oo-3oo-1 Symbol for Air 1-6-1o-2oo East Wind 2oo-6-8-1oo-4-1o-4o/6oo Destructive East Wind 3oo-4-1o-1-5o-3oo-1o-2 Destructive South Wind 3oo-4-1o-1-1-6o-4oo-5o-1 Evolutionary Forces: Holy Living Creatures 8-1o-6-4oo + 5-1oo-4-6-3oo Cry of Possession 8-6o-5o/7oo Healing Power 2oo-8o-1-3o Echoing Voice 5-4 + 1oo-3o Elemental quadrant: East 4o-7-2oo-8 Tarot attribution: Traditional .30.The Fool.211 45 .32.175 & violet 148.196.indigo Thelemic .212 lemon yellow 255.0 pale warm gray 208.gold 244.111 variegated .143. Thelemic .The Magus Colors: straw yellow 238.20 & emerald 0.

109 sky blue 67.172.248 spring green 0.191 4 Name: DALET 4-3oo-4oo Traditional definition: Door 8o-4oo-8 Rhythmajikal definition: Method 4-2oo-2o/5oo Symbol for Venus 5o-6-3-5 Traditional attribute: Endurance 5o-9o-8 Rhythmajikal attribute: Life 8-1o Function in consciousness: Character 4o-4-5 Function in Air/Solar System: Symbols 7o-2oo-2-6-4oo Function in Earth: Earth 1-2oo-9oo Function in Water: Clouds 7o-5o-5o/7oo Function in Fire: The hearth 1o-1oo-4 Evolutionary force: Deities 1-3o-5-1o-4o/6oo Direction: East 4o-7-2oo-8 Tarot attribution: Traditional .The Empress.244 46 .3 Name: GIMEL 3-4o-3o Traditional definition: Camel 3-4o-3o Rhythmajikal definition: Ways 4-2oo-1o-2o/5oo Symbol for Moon: Full 3o-2-5o-5 New 8-4-3oo Crescents 6o-5-2oo-5 Traditional attribute: Foundation 1o-6o-6-4 Rhythmajikal attribute: Formation 1o-9o-2oo-5 Function in consciousness: Intuition 9-2-1o-7o-4oo Function in Air/Solar System: Substance 4o-2o-6-5o/7oo Function in Earth: Dunes 1o-2-3oo-5 Function in Water: Seas 1o-4o/6oo Function in Fire: Feminine fire 1-1o-3oo-5 Evolutionary force: Forces of elements 2o-2oo-2-1o-4o/6oo Direction: Below 4o-9-5 Tarot attribution: Traditional .232.0.118 variegated .The Priestess Colors: azure 0.232 chinese blue 70.The High Priestess.180.155.blue 0.0 & rose 254.green 0. Thelemic .236.200 silver 196. Thelemic .213.191 variegated .The Empress Colors: viridine green 57.191 & silver

3.0.The Star Colors: scarlet 248.71.The Lovers Colors: orange 255.203.10 ocher 254.49.92 7 Name: ZAYIN 7-1o-5o/7oo Traditional definition: Sword 8-2oo-2 Rhythmajikal definition: Nature 9-2-7o Symbol for Gemini 4oo-1-6-4o-1o-4o/6oo Physiological function: Smell 2oo-1o-8 Element: Air 7-2-6-3o Evolutionary force: Mentation’s power 3-1o-1-3o Tarot attribution: Traditional .142.The Hierophant Colors: carnelian 251.150.207 variegated – taupe 170.190.2 flame red 250.0 6 Name: VAV 6-6 Traditional definition: Nail 4o-6o-4o-2oo Rhythmajikal definition: Union 1-8-4 Symbol for Taurus 3oo-6-2oo Physiological function: Hearing 3oo-4o-7o Element: Earth 1-2oo-9oo Evolutionary force: Earth’s rotation 9-6-1-3o Tarot attribution: Traditional .107 pale mauve 216.101.185 47 .58 olive brown 149. Thelemic .52.85 & mauve 127.42.46 glowing red 210.46.5 Name: HEH 5-5 Traditional definition: Window 8-3o-6-5o/7oo Rhythmajikal definition: Awareness 8-1o-3oo-5 Symbol for Aries 1-1o-3o Physiological function: Sight 2oo-1-5 Element: Fire 1o-9o-4oo Evolutionary force: There is power 1-1o-1-3o Tarot attribution: Traditional . Thelemic . Thelemic .The Twins or Lovers.18 indigo brown 159.The Emperor.83.46 red 255.83 burnt umber 182.The Hierophant.

158 plum 68.68 48 .6 russet 208.119. Thelemic – Lust Colors: greenish yellow 189. Thelemic .159. Thelemic .129.2 topaz 236.8 Name: CHET 8-1o-4oo Traditional definition: Fence 3-4-2oo Rhythmajikal definition: Life 8-1o-1o Symbol for Cancer 6o-2oo-9-5o/7oo Physiological function: Speech 4-2-2oo Element: Water 1o-4o/6oo Evolutionary force: Nameless treasure 2o-7o-1-3o Tarot attribution: Traditional .55 maroon 175.213 gray 200.The Chariot.18 green gray 139.The Chariot Colors: amber 236.The Hermit Colors: patina green slate gray 119.26.95 9 Name: TET 9-1o-4oo Traditional definition: Serpent 5o-8-3oo Rhythmajikal definition: Transmutation 3oo-5o-5 Symbol for Leo 1-2oo-1o-5 Physiological function: Taste 9-7o-4o/6oo Element: Fire 1-3oo Evolutionary force: The Fallen Angel’s treasure 7o-7-1-3o Tarot attribution: Traditional – Strength.117.200.0 reddish amber 252.3 amethyst 147.The Hermit.97.129.200 1o Name: YOD 1o-6-4 Traditional definition: Hand 1o-4 Rhythmajikal definition: Force 2o-6-8 Symbol for Virgo 2-4oo-6-3o-5 Physiological function: Sexuality 4o-1o-5o/7oo Element: Earth 8-3o-4 Evolutionary force: Form’s power 7-1o-1-3o Tarot attribution: Traditional .

Name: KAF 2o-8oo Traditional definition: Palm of hand 2o-8oo Rhythmajikal definition: Power 8-7-1oo-5 Symbol for Jupiter 9o-4-1oo Traditional attribute: Grace 8-6o-4 Rhythmajikal attribute: Incarnation 5o-6-3o-4 Function in consciousness: Karma 5-4-4-1o Function in Air/Solar System: Expanse 2oo-1oo-1o-1 Function in Earth: Mud 1-2oo-1oo-1 Function in Water: Lakes 4o-1oo-6-5 Function in Fire: Foundation of fire 1-6-3oo-1 Evolutionary force: Active Ones 8-3oo-4o-3o-1o-4o/6oo Direction: West 4o-7o-2oo-5 Tarot attribution: Traditional - The Wheel of Fortune, Thelemic – Fortune Colors: violet 187.130.238 38 rich purple 89.2.91 blue 0.2.191 Variegated - blue 0.0.255 & yellow madder 208.44.38

Name: LAMED 3o-4o-4 Traditional definition: Study 5-3-1 Rhythmajikal definition: Experience 3o-7o-1 Symbol for Libra 4o-1-7-5o-1o-4o/6oo Physiological function: Work 7o-3oo-5 Element: Air 7o-2oo-2-6-4oo Evolutionary force: Voice of allegory 1o-5-1-3o Tarot attribution: Traditional – Justice, Thelemic – Adjustment Colors: april green 128.244.38 avocado green 71.120.71 firefly green 67.179.64 aqua blue 86.254.237

Name: MEM 4o-4o/6oo Traditional definition: Wave 3-3o Rhythmajikal definition: Transformation 3oo-5o-5 Symbol for Water 4o-1o-4o/6oo Evolutionary forces: Dew of the chosen 9-3o-1o-8-4 Wells of Teaching 3-2-2oo-1o-1-3o Pools of Grace 3-1o-8-6-5o/7oo Elemental quadrant: West 4o-7o-2oo-5


Tarot attribution: Traditional - Hanged Man, Thelemic- Hanged Man Colors: deep green 0.54.0 bronze green 84.121.28 norway blue 8.121.238 variegated – white 250.250.250 & indigo violet 150.50.250


Name: NUN 5o-6-5o/7oo Traditional definition: Fish 4-3 Rhythmajikal definition: Creation 2-2oo-1 Symbol for Scorpio 7o-1oo-2oo-2 Physiological function: Movement 9o-7o-4 Element: Water 4o-1o-4o/6oo Evolutionary force: The Bright Force 6o-6-6o-6-3o Tarot attribution: Traditional - Death/The Reaper, Thelemic – Death Colors: colbalt green 125.250.0 indigo brown 159.71.92 dark brown 118.69.18 dull brown 149.90.48


Name: SAMECH 6o-4o-2o/5oo Traditional definition: Staff 4o-9-5 Rhythmajikal definition: Tantra 2-6-1 Symbol for Sagittarius [Rainbow] 1oo-3oo-4oo Physiological function: Anger 2o-7o-6o Element: Fire 1-3oo-1 Evolutionary force: Healing power of the body 6o-6-1o-7o-6o-1-3o Tarot attribution: Traditional – Temperance, Thelemic – Art Colors: cyan blue 0.255.248 turquoise 70.175.215 may green 170.251.15 dark yellow 119.215.0


Name: AYIN 7o-1o-5o/7oo Traditional definition: Eye 7o-1o-5o/7oo Rhythmajikal definition: Yantra 8-6-4o-2oo Symbol for Capricorn 3-4-1o Physiological function: Hysteria/Panic 9o-8-1oo Element: Earth 8-2oo-2-5 Evolutionary force: Hidden passwords of power 2o-3oo-6-1o-7o-1o- 5 Tarot attribution: Traditional - The Devil, Thelemic - The Devil Colors: indigo 86.77.175 dark gray 60.50.65 blue black 16.15.65 black 1.15.0


Name: PEY 8o-1o Traditional definition: Mouth 8o-5 Rhythmajikal definition: Mantra 3oo-2oo-1 Symbol for Mars 4o-1-4-1o-4o/6oo Traditional attributes: Justice 4-1o-5o/7oo Fear 8o-8-4 Strength 3-2-6-2oo-5 Rhythmajikal attribute: Death 4o-6-4oo Function in consciousness: Reverence 1o-2oo-1-5 Function in Air/Solar System: Particles 3oo-8-1oo-1o-4o/6oo Function in Earth: Clay 1-4-4o-5 Function in Water: Water 4o-1o-4o/6oo Function in Fire: Flames of Justice 1o-9o-4oo Evolutionary force: Fiery Serpents 3oo-2oo-8o-1o-4o/6oo Direction: North 9o-8o-6-5o/7oo Tarot attribution: Traditional - The Tower, Thelemic - The Tower Colors: scarlet 248.3.46 carmine red 240.5.65 alpine rose 254.167.191 variegated - panther pink 254.16.151 & sweet violet 154.56.251

Name: TZADI 9o-4-1o Traditional definition: Fish hook 8-2o-5 Rhythmajikal definition: Intention 2o-6-5o-5 Symbol for Aquarius 4-3o-1o Physiological function: Imagination 4-4o-1o Element: Air 4o-6o-2o/5oo Evolutionary force: Outrageous power 1-5o-6o-6-1-3o Tarot attribution: Traditional - The Star, Thelemic - The Emperor Colors: violet 148.30.211 bluish mauve 151.123.255 sky blue 67.180.248 variegated - white 250.250.250 & purple 85.6.101

Name: KOF 1oo-6-8oo Traditional definition: Ape 1oo-6-8oo Rhythmajikal definition: Memory 7-2o-2oo Symbol for Pisces 4-3-1o-4o/6oo Physiological function: Sleep 3oo-1o-5o-5 Element: Water 4o-1oo-6-5 Evolutionary force: Treasures of Rebellion 8o-3oo-1o-1-3o Tarot attribution: Traditional - The Moon, Thelemic - The Moon


Colors: prussian blue 28.49.100 tuscan red 164.0.64 sepia 140.0.0 variegated – silver 196.191.191 & buff 183.158.108

Name: RESH 2oo-1o-3oo Traditional definition: Head 2oo-1-3oo Rhythmajikal definition: Initiation 2-3oo-4o/6oo Symbol for Sun 3oo-4o-3o -- in Summer 8-4o-5 Traditional attribute: Glory 4oo-8o-1-2oo-4oo Rhythmajikal attribute: Creativity 2-2oo-1o-5 Function in consciousness: Balance 6o-3o-1 Function in Air/Solar System: Orbit 4o-7o-6-5o/7oo Function in Earth: Fertile land 4oo-2-3o Function in Water: Rains 3-3oo-4o/6oo Function in Fire: Elemental fire 1-3oo Evolutionary force: Rulers 4o-3o-2o-1o-4o/6oo Direction: South 4-2oo-6-4o/6oo Tarot attribution: Traditional - The Sun, Thelemic - The Sun Colors: scarlet orange 250.60.12 marigold orange 238.88.23 gold yellow 243.181.18 variegated – amber 236.119.2 & red 255.0.0

Name: SHIN 3oo-1o-5o/7oo Traditional definition: Tooth 3oo-5o/7oo Rhythmajikal definition: Trance 5o-6-4o/6oo Symbol for Fire 1-3oo Evolutionary forces: Messengers/Angels 1-2oo-1-3o Burning/Venomous serpent 3oo-2oo-8oo The thick and dark cloud 7o-2 Protection 3-1o-5o/7oo Elemental quadrant: South 4-2oo-6-4o/6oo Symbol for Spirit 2-2oo-2-1o-4oo The individual’s ‘star signal[s]’* 1o-8-1o-4-5 Neural-electric spark 8-1o-5 Aura [etc.] 2oo-6-8 Blood/DNA ‘antenna’* 5o-3oo-4o-5 Material body 5o-8o-3oo Tarot attribution: Traditional - The Last Judgment, Thelemic – Aeon Colors: pompeian red 98.0.0 vermilion 254.14.1 cadmium orange 251.109.4 52

134.black 0.0.0 53 .*See p.77. Thelemic .0 & spruce green 34.0 & yellow 250. Dick variegated .164.The World.72 variegated .175 amber 236.102.golden brown 204.2 cordovan 255. 119-123 In Pursuit of Valis by Philip K.0 4oo Name: TAV 4oo-6 Traditional definition: Cross 9o-3o-2 Rhythmajikal definitions: Truth 1-4o-4oo Rhythmajikal definitions: Substance 7o-1o-1oo-2oo Symbol for Saturn 3oo-2-4oo-1-1o Traditional attribute: Knowledge 2-1o-5o-5 Rhythmajikal attribute: Form 9o-6-2oo-5 Functions in consciousness: Limitation 3-2-6-3o Sensation 4o-3oo-4o-6-3oo Function in Air/Solar System: Webs 4o-6o-2o/5oo Function in Earth: Desolation 8-2oo-2-5 Function in Water: Dew 9-3o Function in Fire: Black fire 8-2oo-1o-2oo Evolutionary force: Active ones 1-2oo-1-3o-1o-4o/6oo Direction: Center 4oo-6-2o/5oo Symbol for Earth 1-2oo-9oo Evolutionary forces: The Builders 2-5o/7oo The Pit 3-6-2 Holy Living Creatures 2o-2oo-6-2 The Fruits of affliction 8o-6-2oo-3o-1-2o/5oo The Iron Mountain 9-6-2oo + 8o-2oo-7-3o-1 Elemental quadrant: North 9o-8o-6-5o/7oo Tarot attribution: Traditional .250.The Universe Colors: indigo 86.119.

THE NINE CHAMBERS incorporating The Log of Transmuted Expressions 54 .

55 .

Introduction The Nine Chambers is an arrangement of the 27 magnitudes of the numbers 1 .9. It displays the totality of manifestations [aspects and emanations] which compose the Chamber. 333 666 999 222 555 888 111 444 777 THE NAMES OF THE LINES IN THE NINE CHAMBERS note that the end-forms 8oo and 9oo have no specific meanings beyond that of their initial forms 8o and 9o ways experience trance 666 union tatntra (transformation) 999 transmutation intention 333 222 structure power initiation 555 awarenes creation s (power) 888 life mantra 111 consideration force memory 444 method transformation truth/substance 777 nature yantra (creation) 56 .

down and to the right of the first number.4 or 8 – 6]. Accessing the Book of Roots yielded: 4o . The Construction of Sigils Sigils are symbolic drawings or glyphs.4o/6oo: to cause to see. On reaching the top and looking over. Visualize yourself climbing the side of an earthwork. green with grass. you see the full extent of the earthwork.8. [mental directive: take one step back] Open your eyes. close your eyes. I just did this and produced: That is. 57 . scrying surface. Divination is treated further in the introduction to the Book of Roots. that there are objects or people within some or other of the chambers. to affect listeners. intention is the key. which can be read as 4o .8 or 8 . 2. and sigils to depict Rhythmajikal vocabulary are formed by representing each individual number in the expression by the shape of the chamber it resides in. top to bottom and left to right. Divination To manifest: After re-conditioning. 8 . Draw the shape of the chamber of the next number [reading left to right].THREE IMPLEMENTATIONS 1. Whatever medium you choose as the Way for your inner direction to manifest is as good as any other.8: oracle. Note that this technique can also be implemented to divine beat patterns for sounding Rhythmajiks. Thank them. Start with the number at the left of the expression. Centered on the meadow you see the Nine Chambers grid laid out with chalk white lines [slightly yellow]. two figures in chamber 4 and one figure in chamber 8. Once again.4o/6oo [stroked 4 . You will notice then. Continue. and draw the shape of its chamber on the top left. a circle surrounding a meadow. Return down the earthwork. 8 .

3.7oo} remains the same.1o . and also as a mnemonic and/or visualization focus for the beat pattern sounding itself.7oo Parsed: 4o – 1o + 1o – 5o or: 4o – 1o + 1o – 7oo Stroked: 4 – 1 – 5 or 4 – 1 . as demonstrated above left.5o or 1o .1o . In this context the sigils could be taken as expressing the male and female modalities.5o/7oo These can be used for any sigilizing or talismanic practice. one mark for the second magnitude.] The qualities of these sigils can be further understood by utilizing the Quick Reference which follows from which you can see that 5 is the chamber of Mars. into the completed sigils above right. This includes helping to decide which of the values of the ‘end-form’ numbers 58 . Example: Sexuality: 4o – 1o – 5o/7oo 3 6 9 2 5 8 1 4 7 4o .1o .5o 4o . to represent the magnitude: no mark for the first magnitude. The example used here is an ‘end-formed’ expression which yields the two sigils shown above. [Note that the semantic meaning of the ‘end-form’ roots {1o . two marks for the third magnitude. and is one of the best examples of WHY the end-forms exist. as it is represented by the shape.7 Example: Sexuality 4o . and 7 the chamber of Venus. Note also the continuous blending of the individual chambers. Fine Tuning of Expressions / End Forms Consult the Nine Chambers for the fine attunement of the aspects and emanations of the nine foundations so that the proper intention may be implemented.Then insert marks or dots within the represented Chamber.

4 or 4 – 6]. from the last example [1o .6 with a six-pointed star as the visualization.1 through the orders of magnitude.1 etc. 9o --> 9oo. as 5o is not a Foundation.4o/6oo [Stroked 4 . not an aspect of 5. 5o --> 7oo. One is an element: Water = 4o/6oo. 5oo is an emanation of 2o. Two are planets: Jupiter = 2o/5oo.9oo 1oo .. The lower number is the aspecting phase. 2o transforms into 5oo.1oo You cannot write 9oo .9o 1o . as a synthesis of these elements produces the union of fire and water.9oo 1o .1oo 9o .1o 9 .7oo].9 are: 1-9 1 . seemingly different expressions share definitions. note that only the following expressions can be formed: 9-1 9 . and the end-form is the emanating phase of the Line. Philip K.5o or 1o . as 9oo can appear ONLY at the end of an expression. Line is used. Two change only magnitude: 8o --> 8oo. Two are zodiacal houses: Scorpio = 5o/7oo.9oo] to utilize as. 5 transmutes into 5o.9 1oo .9oo 59 .9o 1 . Consider: 4 aspects through 4o and emanates 6oo.9 1o . Mars = 8o/8oo. Example of Fine Tuning: Blood = 4 . 5o is a Line. Aquarius = 9o/9oo. Blood could then be sounded as 4 . Conversely the full ascensions of its reflected expression 1 . it points. Dick once said: ‘a paradox does not tell. In this instance you could choose to utilize the 6. in the southern quadrant. 4o --> 6oo. 5o is an aspect of 5. Referring to the Nine Chambers you will find 4 corresponding to watery Air and 6 corresponding to airy Fire.1o 9o .[5oo . Camels died under the loads of explanations the end-forms have generated. The image of the Chambers above combined with the information drawn from the following Quick Reference can provide you with the data to form your own.’ 2 has aspected through 2o and in doing so emanated 5oo.1 9o . Three of the end-forms change order: 2o --> 5oo.9o 1oo . 5 is a Foundation. When considering the ascensions of the expression 9 .

Quick Reference to Nine Chambers 333 Planet = Saturn Element = Watery Water 3 = Moon [New Moon] 3o = Libra 222 Planet = Uranus Element = Fiery Fire 2 = Mercury [retrograde] [retrograde] 111 Planet = Neptune Element = Airy Air 1 = Air ruler = Mercury exaltation of Mercury 2o = Jupiter 2oo = Sun [sunspot activity] 1o = Virgo ruler = Venus exaltation of Saturn 3oo = Fire 1oo = Pisces ruler = Jupiter exaltation of Venus 666 Planet = Sun Element = Airy Fire ruler = Venus exaltation of Moon 555 Planet = Mars Element = Watery Fire 5 = Aries ruler = Mars exaltation of Sun ruler = Mars exaltation of Mars 444 Planet = Jupiter Element = Watery Air [retrograde] 6 = Taurus 4 = Venus 6o = Sagittarius 6oo = 0 5o = Scorpio 4o = Water 4oo = Saturn [retrograde] ruler = Jupiter exaltation of Jupiter 5oo = 0 999 Planet = Moon Element = Airy Water 9 = Leo ruler = Sun 888 Planet = Mercury Element = Fiery Air Water 8 = Cancer ruler = Moon 777 Planet = Venus Element = Fiery Water ruler = Mercury ruler = Saturn 7 = Gemini 9o = Aquarius ruler = Saturn 8o = Mars exaltation of Jupiter [retrograde] 7o = Capricorn exaltation of Mars 9oo = 0 8oo = Pluto 7oo = 0 60 .

61 . for example. delineate the potential beat patterns of each of the Chambers. and not 4. you were implementing a Jupiterian Working while Jupiter was retrograde. 2o. the number of Jupiter retrograde would be used. the natural number of Jupiter.Log of Transmuted Expressions Considering the apparent paradoxes inherent in the Nine Chambers can reveal the intricacies of aspect and emanation. If. derived from the Qabalistic correspondences described in the Stand of Stones. The following lists.

3 . It transmutes through: 2-2 Aspecting through the retrograde aspect of Mercury.9o Emanating form through Aquarius as airy Air.3o Its aspect emanating function through Libra as fiery Air. It transmutes through: 3-3 Aspecting through the New Moon. Hephaestus]. 2 . 3 . 62 . 1-8 Emanating through Mercury [form and function of Virgo]. 3-7 Emanating through Venus [form of Libra].1o Aspecting through Virgo as watery Earth.7o Emanating form through Capricorn as fiery Fire.1oo Aspecting through Pisces as watery Water.2o Aspecting through the retrograde aspect of Jupiter. 3 . It transmutes through: 1-1 Aspecting as the element Air.2oo Aspecting through the action of the Sun Spots.3oo In its aspect of Fire [Vulcan. URANUS 2 is its natural beat as archetypal Fire. 1-4 Emanating through Jupiter [form of Pisces]. 1 . 3 . 1-7 Emanating through Venus [function of Pisces]. 1 . 3 .NEPTUNE 1 is its natural beat as archetypal Air. SATURN 3 is its natural beat as archetypal Water. 2 .4oo Retrograde emanation of earthy Earth.

It transmutes through: 4-4 Aspecting through retrograde emanation of Venus. 4 . 5–6 Emanating through the Sun [Function of Aries].2oo Emanating in its aspect as Destroyer [of crops. 6–9 Emanating form through Leo as airy Fire. SUN 6 is its natural beat as airy Fire. 6–6 Aspecting through Taurus as airy Earth. 4-8 Emanating function through Cancer as fiery Water. MARS 5 is its natural beat as watery Fire. and a starter of fires for example].6o Aspecting through Sagittarius as watery Fire. 6 . 4 .JUPITER 4 is its natural beat as watery Air. It transmutes through: 5–5 Aspecting form through Aries as fiery Fire. 5 . 63 . 4 . 5 . It transmutes through: 6–5 Emanating function through Aries as fiery Fire. 5 . 4 .5o Aspecting form through Scorpio as airy Water.1oo Aspecting function through Pisces as watery Water.4oo Aspecting through retrograde Saturn’s emanation of earthy Earth.2o In its retrograde emanation of fiery Fire [Raw Power]. 6 .6o Emanating form through Sagittarius as watery Fire.4o Aspecting through elemental emanation of Water.7o Emanating function through Capricorn as fiery Earth.8o In its retrograde emanation of fiery Air. 4 .

8–7 Emanating form through Gemini as watery Air. 7–7 Aspecting through Gemini as watery Earth. It transmutes through: 8 . 8 . 7–4 In its retrograde emanation of watery Air.7o Aspecting through Capricorn as fiery Earth. MERCURY 8 is its natural beat as fiery Air. 8–8 Aspecting through Cancer as fiery Water. It transmutes through: 7 . 9–6 Emanating function through Taurus as airy Earth. 9–8 Emanating form through Cancer as fiery Water. 7 . 7–6 Emanating form through Taurus as airy Earth.1oo Emanating function through Pisces as watery Water.8o Aspecting through the retrograde aspect of Mars. 7 . 9 . 64 .VENUS 7 is its natural beat as fiery Water. 9–9 Aspecting through Leo as airy Fire. MOON 9 is its natural beat as airy Water.3o Emanating form through Libra as fiery Air. It transmutes through: 9–3 Emanating in its new phase as watery Water.1o Emanating form and function through Virgo as watery Earth.9o Aspecting through Aquarius as airy Air. 8–2 In its retrograde emanation of fiery Fire.

The Book of Roots a Dictionary of Bi-lateral Roots 65 .

da-de. da-di. With the following technique you will now be able to access semantic meanings of it through the Book of Roots. It is known that there was an esoteric discipline associated with the vowels. w/different possible meanings for each one. All the different words linked to the roots result from variations in pronunciation.2.1oo] total definitions: 22 total definitions: 52 total definitions: 47 66 .deda. So probably those initiated into it could make crystal clear to one another precisely what quality they were intending to communicate. that is each number combined both with itself and with each of the other 21.INTRODUCTION The Book of Roots is a unique numerological dictionary. It is the heart of Rhythmajik.4o or 4o – 2oo] + 3 [1 . To access expressions with three or more facets through the Book of Roots [which is based on two-facet expressions]. 1 + 3 .. 4-4 is DD: which gives you> da-da.. both the discipline and the book. you must first parse them. 2 + 2. 2 – 1] 2oo [1oo . etc. 446 of these 484 roots have semantic meanings. or turns up repeatedly: 243 for example.2 + 1. The Book of Roots can also be utilized outside of Rhythmajik to gain semantic information from any expression. 2 + 3 . de-du. 1 + 2. Example: 243 Parsings: + 43 [4o – 3 or 3 – 4o] 24o [2oo .2. de-de. just using the 5 vowels of the english language. allowing for 49 possible variations of each root. 1 + 4oo -.. A root is a two-facet proportion. The Book of Roots is composed of the 484 possible combinations of 22 numbers. The various techniques composing Rhythmajik are merely functions of its form. A number catches your eye. For example.. But that is not to say that they couldn’t.. [1 + 1. de-do.]. 2 – 1] 24 [2o – 4 or 4 – 2o] + 3 [1 . as 22 x 22 = 484. de-di. da-do. However not all of the pronunciations have had a semantic meaning associated with them. So you can see that there are at least 2o possible pronunciations. There are 7 vowels in the Babylonian. da-du --. 2 + 4oo etc. two being the information minimum which functionally forms a semantic meaning.

67 . This example is also relevant to the divination technique delineated in The Nine Chambers if there are figures in three or more chambers in your visualization. Note that the conventions for parsings the numbers 4 . 199].2 [1 – 1] + 43 [4o – 3 or 3 – 4o] 2 [1 – 1] + 4 [1 .2. 2 – 1] total definitions: 56 Consider this: there are 218 total words and/or phrases which can be related to the expression 243. 2 .3. 3 – 1] total definitions: 41 + 3 [1 .2.18 appear in the section on Transformational Techniques [p.

. bringing about a gestalt.1. That is +/. Example 4 . It is worth considering the transmuting qualities the foundations evolve in relation to one another [1 .2. 1 . to melt. Thus from the entire permutations of the Alef-Bet a name can be formed for every star. in this case the imaginal and semantic impulses.. Consider this as two beats. and fusing of them into a continuum. 2 . The more expressions you consider and experience. 4oo . 1 . 2 .000. The number of definitions available is fuel for quite some fire. grief.. a source and method[s] are now available with which to elucidate their meaning.3: 4 .727. 68 .3 etc. 4o . contact. Consider this. pain.].000.3 Touch.3 Drippings.one-sextillion [1o to the 21st power].. wax.3 . This dynamic is inherent in all aspects of Rhythmajiks. In the context of Rhythmajik.777. Note the possible permutations of the entire Alef-Bet [22 x 21 x 2o.3 Illuminated calligraphy. Through this process the relatedness between the magnitudes of 4 transmuted by 3 becomes apparent. to be anxious.124. troubled.607. Our universe contains around a hundred billion galaxies each with approximately ten billion stars. x 2 x 1] is 1. the Book allows the imbuing of two-facet beat patterns with semantic intentions. This is very close to the total number of stars in our universe. crowns. which through repetition become a continuous tone.9. This is again involved with the practice of taking two discrete processes.No matter how expressions are derived. Consider also that this can be taken as an explanation of the dynamics of the bilateral Root system itself.680. the larger your vocabulary becomes and the greater the service you can render. All continuous tones are made up of discrete events.

and Fire is represented by a triangle. Weaving the magnitudes through the axes of meaning Through the process of weaving. to waver.3oo Prophecy. point down. where you know the job and go about gathering the tools. Why.5o/7oo 4o . 2.Antithesis . Wisdom Note the similarities of form in the warp [the vertical columns] and the progression of function in the woof [the horizontal] which delineates the process: Thesis .3o Word. 69 . Synthesizing a visualization focus Example: Line 1o. What.1o = Water. to look upon.3 Grief 4 – 3o Influence 4o . Dissolve 4oo . Melt. Example of Weaving: Water [4o] and Fire [3oo] = 4-3 Anxiety 4o .3oo Be released.Synthesis If Water is represented by a triangle. Adornments. dark.3o Raise. point up. and not the other way around. Power. Chant 4 . The image of a dove over dark waters can become a focus for a variety of implementations. Physiological function: sexuality 4o . to investigate. Command 4oo . Thick.3 Touch. to oppress.3oo Passage 4o . 1o . Fiery Signs 4oo .1o . their geometric conjunction [the six-pointed star] can provide a focus from which to consider the qualities of these variant materializations of the interactions of Water and Fire.5o/7oo = Dove.SIX IMPLEMENTATIONS 1. Considerations and/or Workings can be evolved for which a beat pattern itself is the source.

to enkindle thought. The major arcana are. 4. one does not use their magnitudes.2 . with ten being the second order of magnitude of one. inclination 2 . There is a notable paradox in that the nine foundations also express the first nine numbers of any minor suit. When accessing majors that are adjacent in a spread.5o .5 to move to follow to be in commotion e/invoke. in this instance. E/In-vocation The Book of Roots can also be used as a dictionary to transmute definitions drawn from the Roots into e/in-vocations. and these correspondences appear in The Stand of Stones. lamentation e/in-vocation: O Great Follower as the Earth follows the Sun So you follow the Earth Your innermost movements Belong now to my heart And my innermost thoughts build to combine in commotion Yea.3. incline to enkindle Understanding.7 are accessed. Example: Moon 3o . build belonging to. 70 . fit for offspring 5o .5o to understand to combine. Tarot Many decks associate the Hebrew numbers with the major arcanum. only their actual numbered values 4o .2 innermost the flame colored Heart. Your flame. more forms than functions.5 Definitions: 3o . for example The Hanged Man and The Lovers.

accessing 7 .4. For example. because 4o is the number of water. when considering minors. dissolving = envisioning = oracle = weaving = touch = heal = the Sun. The relationship between the numerology of the major and minor arcana can be considered in The Totality of Ramifications in The Stand of Stones. and Pentacles correspond to earth [4oo].4oo. Swords correspond to air [1].However. Note that due to the seven-facet constraint.4o. The Working forms and functions which can be found in the Book and for which associative vocabularies are revealed. Associative Vocabularies As you become more familiar with the Book of Roots. only combinations of up to three suit cards [which give two facets each] and one trump card are possible. 7 . Note that the Rhythmajikal names for the Lines can also function as titles for the Trumps. the 7 of Cups produces 7 . Traditionally. Among those appearing are: Healing Divination Scrying Talismans/Sigils E-vocation and In-vocation Tantra Envisioning Banishing Necromancy 71 . You can then add magnitudes. you will discover associative vocabularies to which seemingly unrelated dynamics belong. The major arcana are delineated in full in The Lines. as the function of a foundation is revealed through its magnitudes. 7 .4o. For example. the two facets of the suit cards are obtained from the face number combined with the number chosen to correspond with the element of the suit [which may vary according to the conventions you apply]. is extremely comprehensive. Additional fuel for forming readings or designing Workings can be obtained by accessing the Book of Roots for definitions formed from the numbered values of adjacent cards. Cups correspond to water [4o].4o. and 7 . 7o . 5.4. Wands correspond to fire [3oo].4oo. 7o .

R. The information sought would be transmitted to the supplicant in a dream [or not].A. Note on necromancy: As practiced by the developers of the Alef-Bet. The practice was to go to the grave of the newly buried. founder of B. particularly those who having died on a Friday were buried on a Saturday. Winston. [received from Rav J.6. Before falling asleep one would request some information from the freshly buried corpse. and spend the night lying on the grave. In terms of Rhythmajik this has a relation to the cultivation of an attitude reflecting considering oneself: ‘Both Here and There’ And I pass this teaching on: ‘Don’t be afraid to study with the Dead’. 72 . This information would be [metaphorically] ‘sent & received’ by the level of human spirit which exists in the eternal realm. necromancy was a form of divination.A. as this level incarnates as the electric light [synapse] of our nervous system. and Director of The Jewish Meditation Society] note: since this book was first written the process I am discussing here is now more commonly referred to as ‘channeling’.

The Dictionary of Bi-Lateral Roots 73 .

cloud smoking. e/invoke prickly twigs. soot rounded off. e/in-voke Emanation vapor. due day. spreading. make steam measured distance. firebrand. to enkindle. united. principle ancestor. expounding. when. to heat. mark serpent. so thus 1-3 1-4 1-5 1-6 1-7 74 .1-1 1-2 Air of Air Source. desire. Sumac to be blackened. one who puts up traps hand. wood. descent aversion. a piece. the same Distinguished place Working point. to embrace necromancer. origin. in place of The Will will power. beautiful that. founding to be seen to appear. to have. sorrows Giving a principle. offering. hostility. destruction prey. to sting. state of growth development. black vulture Thorn. a part sea eagle then. Working while. turn fate. to spell. woe. throw. fruit. mist. write with letters to swear. grove willing.

hollow. enchanter Plowshares on account of. oppression pain. but. as. to point. revelation possession. arm I pray to press. qualification affliction.1-8 An equal to unite. to gather. agonies of the soul night lodging. murmur. matrix. maiden womb. united the common hearth Majik. power to curve. calamity together only. towards Mother. to lament force.5o 1 . for the sake of There is if.2o 1 . speak. e/in-voking limiting. whether. substance to think.7oo 75 . measure existence. source. embrace. cubit. trident buttress attachment to.4o 1 .6oo 1 .3o 1 . authority Ram: ‘The Strong’. how. ear 1-9 1 . where now? Elevation. nation aversion. e/in-voke press. lance.5oo 1 . power superiority. extent to e/in-voke.1o 1 . to impose. not Lamenting.

final cause. Spirit existence. perforate break through. temper a wheel. face nature. sunrise. to heat.6o A Name of the Earth basis. shine. son to walk. shout burnt offering. Wand [tarot] Angel of Truth breath. dry wood. lion Fire. to place. Being. strides. to darken branches. therapeutae. grow light. woods wooden handle. sorrowful fear.7o 1 . productive the Sun.3oo 76 . insult pressure. confirmation. to argue. character.8oo 1 .1oo 1 . cotton skin. flame strong. wrath. decision white substance. make noise. Essene. leopard End. maintain narrow. incense 1 . vigorous. air. presence. male goat Light. to penetrate.8o 1 . old remedy. fortifications to blow vehemently.9oo 1 . property breath. terminate deterioration.1 . myrtle Wood. clear.9o 1 . cut. to be pressed. to shoot forth. anxiety. enlighten each. to heal. disposition ways. foundations strength. sunset power. herbs. comprehension anger. nose. chaff.2oo 1 . hurry To appoint. wool.

to enter into future. wine to come. worlds to come Entrance. chasm. gratification woman. have sexual connection Intentionally: to offer. Father house. section of verse pupil of eye. essence symbol.4oo Being. separate. image. plain that which nourishes permitting. door. to bring about to draw an object towards oneself to fall into the power of. chaos. invention. shadow. to enter into. to grasp to be inspired. fiction. valley. olive press woof. existence. enjoyment. insert. mirror reflected image in water metal [scrying surface] to break forth. form. lie single. to waste cistern. hatred. to break forth. fine linen Abyss.1 . disorder to be stirred up. to burst forth Split. rejoice 2-1 2-2 2-3 2-4 2-5 2-6 77 . letter to join. solitude. isolate. come to surface Opening the mouth [e/in-voke] shape. to occur to the Great Bear constellation I have. trembling underground channels A vessel. gate. I hold Source. lost object to be beyond recognition destruction.

plunderer to despise. a/the wailer e/in-voke. to take care of the destroyer. humble clefts. shine promise. come forth extension. to bark Depth. to mix. shy.4o 2 . perplexed be agitated. council without Ascent the altar. be cautious To produce dull sound. force.2o 2 . spider Soul. disappear.2-7 To shatter. useless talk the poor [broken ones] Life. acts of violence path. temporary altar entrance. entrance. to distribute destruction. dissolving in tears weeping bewildered. coming in sproutings. burst forth.6oo 78 . breaches To look out. gathering place 2-8 2-9 2 . belly. confused. to expose. rejoicing.3o 2 . anxiety to study thoroughly. bottom. gentleness Earth. mourn to survive. vortex. run to and fro to lament.5oo 2 . liquefaction. expansion to absorb. pasture. vanity. wed. bathing a spark.1o 2 . leaves and flowers Flowing. trust cloud. to divide. reservoir.

bubble linen garments Necromancy search. builder. indifference Thorns Prayer. torch earthen vessel. lodestone split. thick whirling dust bundle of twigs. germ. belonging to. to combine to build.6o 2 . negligence. burst forth. prayers etc] knock at door. shade sit at feet as disciple cover with dust.8oo 2 . stonemasonry black marble. shine swamp. pond. ask entrance.1oo 79 .8o 2 . root ∅ To bless [purification] to rescue. open wide the mouth ask. desire to boil over.5o 2 . to search to break forth. ritual phrases [questions. to trample upon despise.9o 2 .2 . incisions in muddy earth 2 . fit for willow. palm branch To found. to establish firmly to instigate to drive before one.9oo 2 . to understand. e/in-voke egg. offspring.7o 2 . examine. answers.7oo Intelligence. to enter into well versed. penetrate vagina. shine rejoice. familiar.

3oo 2 . explain balance. swell. story. to choose think out. to twine around. united knot. soar clear. night Voice. lofty To seize. lead [Saturn] to dig. pass the night appear in the dark. withered. apex. decay parched. open. long staff. plan. banish. desolation owl. to collect. confusion. anger. upper portion to bind Fate. majesty. disorder. shame. forbid 2 . cavity.4oo 3-1 3-2 3-3 3-4 80 . pride exact.2oo To create to understand clearly. decree. treasurer arch. illness. salamander. divide. empty natural condition. to collect [water]. to tie up bundle. spring Evil. to rise. cistern lion’s den Roof. to close. mole Power. house. visible. bleed to death. to take wing. to reply. simultaneous daughter. lesson Gad [Capricorn as Babylonian deity] Priapus.2 . take up an object on the altar the body the exterior of the upper part of something convex. dry land. maiden measure. bunch to cut. turn the ground. well. fortune. displeasure.

wave. belly. subterranean thunder thorn. rumbling. bending over. to cut off to go out of one’s way. heap of stones or bones open. inner body the body. fight.2o 3 .3-5 Earthquake. reason. amid. glory innermost. to dance. reveal. within. nations inside. to treat with rigor speech. avenger of blood to swallow. trunk Flowing over. to shine Powers. place for oracles revelation. to sting. protection break forth. nut tree. to gather.3o 81 .5oo 3 . creatures. meditation ∅ The glowing horizon. service to fly. to cover with blood. deliverance lay bare ignorance circle. wage war Talisman. fleece. peoples. rejoice exile. flame to manifest power. rolling stone 3-6 3-7 3-8 3-9 3 . to pass. engraving to polish Light. association of equals to form a ball. to carry across falcon. stir up. among Design.1o 3 . treasure to cut. redemption.

pride. painstaking labor come in contact with. person.9o 3 . familiar invaders. shutting up stone fence with gate. individual sexual intercourse. intimate. to break or bite off falcon. patterns. fall away. fail. embolden one’s heart to come in contact with. be connected.6oo Two long sides of the rectangle cut. glad. alone.3 . willing to polish iron. color. woman. resemblance to form discs or circles. to be bright.7o 3 . protect dwelling place for wild beasts. cauldron make music. bent. closing. self. surround.8oo 3 . indentations. grief stagnant water. expiration [death] plague Body.5o 3 .4o 3 .9oo 82 . papyrus Majesty. darkness surface. strike shrink. shame Treasure. marsh. to roar to labor.7oo 3 . shining. to balance garden. cover. gloss 3 . joint. pear tree To e/in-voke to burst forth. paradise sleep. be bold to swell. join body to body sensuality the repository of enlightened souls gates.6o 3 .8o 3 . angle to bend. wing Ritual space a crossroads laid out with chalk on earth spark.

which. this Majik. bear 3 . hard. dweller. gold to be red or yellow.4oo 4-1 4-2 83 . coming forward the essence or essential element of a thing. soil A marked off space loftiness. roof burn. to arm compartment of nut shell Working. to be familiar to be bold. carpenter to count. stranger. overflow wolf. harden. to melt. to be hot. hill. artisan. she-wolf. to boil effervesce Master. offering drawing near. ground. letter to collect.2oo 3 .3oo 3 .1oo E/in-vocation cacophony. excrement arrow. direct consequence instigation fever. evil report to offer willingly. to guide to cause. make red with anger languish. fly sufficiency who. to gather heap. murmurer. that. reward to gird. grandeur pressing in hand To float. having substance and prompting thought. to drip. to affect. to let loose be hot with sexual passions altar.3 .

to drip. candle.1o 4 . break. which. lover breast. dancer. to thrust suspension Chamber Presence. e/in-voke Isolation.4-3 Drippings from sacrifice. to designate. melt away mourn.2o 4 . that ∅ To cleanse. pure to pound. directly. to be clear. another leader. affliction. chase shake. to expel. rinse. to shake stones. cauldron to walk. to be anxious. double. Pisces Love. whom Marked off space. longing. to brighten jester. depression two. love sick grief. where. dim light. marks. troubled fish. explicitly sufficiency. incense etc.5oo 84 . to look out for. points to restore appearance. revelry exile. plenty to sprinkle correspondence who. to extinguish 4-4 4-5 4-6 4-7 4-8 4-9 4 . illness. bosom. cast lots. to be faint this Writing ink. the other. this. to move nimbly. fluid. friend.

8oo 85 . irrigation draw water.7o 4 . Land of the Dead.6o 4 . to be fat base.7oo 4 . join exact meaning. to dance on tiptoe hidden myrtle Understanding.4o 4 .8o 4 .3o Cauldron influence. wick. reason view. decision. swing. blood Silence. to wind up. analogy tear to pieces Law. grit to mark. to draw from pouring. to hammer. throw time. a page of a book reproach.6oo 4 . to imprint. to drip. justice measure. red blood to speak in a low voice resemblance. pedestal mistress [Dakini] spiritual leader Offering dish of powdered grain.4 . cause judge.5o 4 . sprinkling pouring water over another’s hands Necromancy. taste The drum. scatter to thrust down to spread [of odor] 4 . to stamp the foot/feet. to damage to drive.

mighty. to drip. to darken wrath.1oo 4 . thorn. distinguish to skip. to be given. be familiar treading.9o 4 . to dwell mother of pearl Passage to walk about. an argument to squeeze into.4oo 5-1 5-2 86 . evidence this Love breath.2oo 4 . rim. to stick Divination. burden to examine carefully.9oo A shield. rejoice to squeeze. desolation. adorn. exaggerate Ritual sacrifice. dance. honor. border tent. distinguished to isolate to form a circle. the cloudy. sweat.3oo 4 . talisman crown. exactness evidence by implication deduction. to sprout cistern. coil. to beat to powder Ritual procession / circumambulation spiral. generation water. convolution. ritual animal sacrifice to give.4 . cellar Existence. waste 4 . vanity. threshing trample to death Ritual purification sprinkling.

sliding. hawk Awareness. she. dream ∅ Inclination. How?. to speak to reason. argue. stability change. to manifest. to be faint farther on. beating. here is. rapidly Evidence. echo distinction. sound. to go To labor. confession. offering. exhalation. custom to lead. as. misfortune It is!. to occur. it Sprinkling [blood of sacrifice] ascension. to acknowledge in my presence. precedence. to read. onward [in time] to be merry 5-4 5-5 5-6 5-7 5-8 5-9 5 . rule striking. like. splendor thank.5-3 E/in-voke consideration. in the presence of with myself. quickly. study. perversion of justice She behold!. conduct Light. majesty. admission directness. farther off.5oo 5 .3o 87 . to point to be spelled.2o 5 .1o 5 . pride. to pierce thought. he. utterance. window To exist.

character mound.7o 5 .7oo 5 . froth Bringing forth fastened. which.5 . enjoyment. to covet. conception teacher.8o 5 . roar.3oo 5 . expression of love to be excited. aspect.6oo To trust.1oo 5 . wrong now. of. funeral escort palm leaves Delirium Shining of [Enlightening] Countenance to conceive. are Proper conduct [intentionality] measure. nature.5o 5 . carrying out.9oo 5 . intervention. teaching. giving up Violent movement E/in-vocation the appearance [of thought forms etc. this is To be silent discarding. sanity possession.] what is blown off.6o 5 .4o 5 . mountain.9o 5 . rumble from.4oo 6-1 88 .8oo 5 .2oo 5 . foam. kindling behold. behold. unknown To be held accountable for one’s actions 5 . objection. to please oppression. wealth. here is Diverting the mind The occult profound.

2o 6 . cavity.5oo 6 .4o 6 . junction emanation. to form to model after Watch.1o 6 . pleasure desire.7oo 89 .5o 6 . return to continue. real turn. sorrow Conjunction Fortitude Manifestation A cry of terror Woe disdain disgust ∅ 6-3 6-4 6-5 6-6 6-7 6-8 6-9 6 . young fresh shoots of grass etc. to circle woe it is becoming To make a sign. Circle. curved woe makers 6 . guard round.6oo 6 .6-2 Beams. to endure Dwelling.3o Web. pool Distinct.

glass a bell.3oo 6 .9oo 6 .9o 6 . faint hyssop Counterpart. bright.7o 6 . join in wedlock clear.6o Substance to color. couple. transparent.6 . stain Fire inflammation To be bent doubled to be wearied To encourage advise To circle. empty.8oo 6 . atmosphere travelers skin. pair to lie down.4oo 7-1 7-2 7-3 90 .2oo 6 . round Air. chaff To take care. hide. come to help To be gratified.1oo 6 . the interior. to recline. equal. enjoy to be curved. husk. crooked and you stork This Gold. space.8o 6 . the husk 6 . to glitter flow.

1o 7 . go away. young Form. collected from clearing ground 7-5 7-6 7-7 7-8 7-9 7 . to be elated cheerful Deposits after a tide goes out the deposits of ore from a mine slender.2o 7 . spider To move distraction. go apart to endow.5oo 91 . to shake depart. to drip Pure clear. pair glory. wicked. to shake. aspect sprinkling of sacrificial blood to move. plan evil. be gone. countenance month of Spring Equinox The glittering projection to move. that Join. prepare for a journey premeditation. couple. to glisten. transparent righteous. splendor. to be isolated or disinherited Cry. innocent clearings twigs roots etc. to be proud stirring on. wanton this. boil it is decreed.7-4 Willful act.

pulp to silence Nature. viscid. support. weave to disregard to leave. falsify. nourish close attention to feed the eye derive pleasure from a sight to be pointed. sea waters juice. to go to war restriction.7oo 7 . to create aversion to glisten.5o 7 . to threaten to make thick.6o 7 . dripping Engraving tools [magical articles] to be rough. hesitation vapor.7o 7 .8oo 92 . consider to bind over. weapons to tie. loss Sword [tarot] Excite the senses voluptuous to go astray Earthquake. armor. to gird.6oo 7 . to shake fear.8o 7 .7 . tempest. moisture. to frighten. ornament steel. to go. to die To think. honey bristles 7 . broth. quality kind. sweat. to tremble.4o 7 . be agitated commotion. running waters to spin. to be gone to depart life. species to sustain. to be angry. cut.3o Waves.

honor obligation. comets a spirit a blast of wind to blow up.9oo 7 . to fill with air injury. indebtedness to be bound over the fullness of a tree cover. danger touch Light. meteors. burning arrows.4oo 8-1 8-2 8-3 93 .9o 7 . cliffs 7 . crown. belt to shine to look out. moon circle.1oo ∅ Chains. sacrifice debt.3oo 7 . guard. obligations sparks.7 . to enter as a guest Loathing Resin. hidden Festival [Working] offering [intentional] rugged places. girdle. set apart stranger. duty. to tie up.2oo 7 . wreath to strengthen to go around. outflow run that Life Love.

appearance. show. single. consequence cleanse. looks recognition. bright to dig. stumbling. mysterious to join. purification. mirror vision. living. failure. to befall possession. temptation. preparation. aspect. capture mystery. thorn Accuser.1o 94 . particular to bring to a point compose allegories close. instruction telling. love. seer nature. living creatures midwife to lead. sinew Wheat Alive. fastening crushing. cloud Chain.8-4 One. inheritance. the clean. interpretation to point. law. searcher after iniquity mistake. the bolt take possession. betrothal To unite rest. to press. relief Havah [Eve]. tell thorn Crossroads. line drawn with stylus to fasten. loose earth. to bring to rest 8-5 8-6 8-7 8-8 8-9 8 .

2o 8 . to be warm. persuasive word palate. grace. taste gladness. to affect. favor.5oo Good sense. smooth. protect. bend over veil. to lie in wait Strength. have affection for descent to be connected. protect. connection to trace. attack barefoot 8 . to rub. to cover.5o 8 . nobility to spare. quiet sand. summer. spread over borders of webs.8o 8 . anger Drawing circles [intentionally] grace. to take effect. establish to dance. chorus of singers and dancers to turn around. phoenix The Sun. to affect listeners surround. loveliness to cause to rest Mercy. circle castle. to laugh.8 . shade.6oo 8 . joke caress. to cause to see.8oo 95 . heat. scratch fish hook. to record the widow’s son [esoteric appellation for jesus] to be scraped ∅ Bridal chamber seat of enlightenment sanctuary.3o 8 . cover.4o 8 . pivot of door to heap up words.6o 8 .7oo 8 .7o 8 . seashore. boiling to see.

another explanation backward. separation. loathe. hollow Freedom to ignite.9o 8 .3oo 8 . to feel. arch.9oo Stranger. something else. to rest downward. to cover stranger. bosom.1oo 8 . feel aversion Shield to brighten to sweep 8 . round. engraving [sigils] to cast/draw circles to follow in a person’s footsteps embrace. to tighten Magical observance drawing. 1/2 to squeeze in. reanimation sister. to be silent. glowing with wisdom to stir. cavernous rocks Secret. lap.4oo 9-1 96 .8 . to glow. to create aversion to dig. apprehend inaccessible place. strange act form a line. earliest next day. cavity. to rake the coals ritual garments. to stir embers.2oo 8 . stillness to think. outside of dividing off. predestination whispering. behind. after. wedge the arrow and its shaft pile of loose material. twin sisters to put down. divide [with intention] that which is. thyme Resurrection. hole.

1o] thorn for the sake of ∅ To spin spider. shooting distance to knock against throwing stones Clay mud ∅ 9-3 9-4 9-5 9-6 9-7 9-8 9-9 9 . character. to assume shape ring. nature form. squeeze to emit semen shot.9-2 Magical sign of recognition murmuring. clasp elder sexual gratification to drown deer.1o 97 . rumor prepare. adorn grace.4 . that which is spun ∅ To speak rebelliously to press. gazelle Crown miter Northern gate [full name: 9 . substance. mercy. hoop. heal. element inclination to formulate.

peacock To deify to wander. be mistaken. dependence 9 . reason. bone Writing burden. shade. argument to obstruct.6o 9 . to loosen. to walk about to enjoy oneself. children.7o 9 .7oo 9 .5o 9 . be extinguished joined to. plant. dependent. fill up unclean. planting The venomous drop on the sword of the Angel of Death prophetic speech. thoughtlessness to beget. inundation to shine. traveler’s load to spin.8o 9 .3o ∅ Dew lamb. lust mud. send away. to make flow. shadow Working implements something solid dignity.5oo 9 .6oo 9 .2o 9 . consolation consideration. shadow To glisten [scrying surface] to fly. to turn in all directions constant dripping to grow faint. lifting up travel. flow of words to come to surface.4o 9 . to untie shade. load.9 . to reel to err.8oo 98 . clay.

1oo 9 . fitting where To give to agree with.2oo Traveler Golden castle Divination.9o 9 . to thank acknowledge. possession to point. to lie in wait reward polish.9 .4 99 . preserve. not only. to correspond to Painstaking labor Consciousness. places of divination divination by the entrails of.9oo 9 . sharpen dress a dead animal giving up. to recognize hand. castle mountain clearness. renunciation to sink. sky To hide. give praise 9 .3oo 9 . emptiness to dip. immerse Pleasant. birds divination by bird’s flight or song the left hand to hear and reply preserve. power.2 1o .3 1o . to move.1 1o . guard.4oo 1o . drop Intentional bath of purification clearness.

to speak sea.1o . e/in-voke. bloom ‘scraper’ [thought form of harsh noises].1oo 100 .7 1o . turn to deduce. healer of sickness bitter herbs To utter.2o 1o .1o 1o . ‘The Son of Discharge’ [allegorical name for King Solomon from jewish ‘legend’] 1o .6o 1o . press on Reach over.5 1o . fine structure Sun rise. prefer ADONAI ∅ ∅ Light. to incline. to waver.8 1o . to end King Solomon. adornments thick.5oo 1o .7o JAH ∅ To sweat To hurry. distinction. to burst forth.5o 1o . dark.6 1o .9oo 1o . lake.3o 1o . excellence beauty. reveal auspicious. to oppress to look upon. reservoir the reservoir in the Solomonic Temple Dove.7oo 1o . to go forth.9o 1o . to investigate Jesus.8o 1o . ‘sweeper’ [thought form of unclean things] To appear.8oo 1o .4o 1o .9 1o .6oo 1o .

instruct to permeate. crippled.1o . channel early rain. to be rounded to be false suffering in childbirth when. to exist.3 2o . flame spotted. to teach. resignation. important personage arched. to be shaded to make the heart faint lame.5 2o . like him 1o . to sear. penetrate.6 101 . here and now Burn. as though Dim. to give up Being. hollow like it.3oo 1o .2oo To revere.2 2o . to feel pain to extinguish thorn. soaking rain Being. existence Striking beating here and now Dim to be heavy.1 2o . tower ball wine cask ∅ Worthy.4 2o . to be arched.4oo 2o . to scald window. fear. substance. be strong Jesus.

destruction capacity.5o 2o . to be firm. something black as.5oo 2o . force.9 2o . bridal bed Constellation Draco [gathering] sun burnt. sepulchral chamber cavity. vessel. in order that Necromancy.4o 2o . ornament.2o 2o . like How much? How many? Intention exactly determined place for ritual consecration. cave spider webs teeth thus.8 Oil vessel [ritual light] Serpent power.2o . preparation exist. consumption to cry to finish. like. so Power venting full wrath combustion. occupied space crown. justified Coition ∅ Cross roads as.7oo 102 . fixed time 2o . extinction. to stand be firm.1o 2o . to be precise draw a direct line fixed place.7 2o .6oo 2o .3o 2o .

weight to be inverted. hand something arched. circle digging a pit captive. cauldron vagina recognition. owl Cup [tarot] Exactly determined place for Working preparation. withdraw cut. ball To curl to shrink Measure heaps Alchemy. smelting furnace. indication to be unknown. distinction.8o 2o . load. purification Force palm.9o 2o .2o . cover. reed. bite something hollow bunch.1oo 2o . pressure. conceal. spindle.7o 2o .9oo 2o . throne to cover. in control of to bow. strike. kneeling Commander Chase away by knocking to knock. stone. sign. heaps.6o Hidden. bend the knee. hollow. unknown mark. slaughter thorn.8oo 2o . fork 2o .3oo 103 . doorway necessity.2oo 2o . strange measure. resin rock.

to grow white to be dried up To jest mock to lick. to be tired the smallest particle no. a group concretion to be powdered. result future event To bend to be tired To join. to enkindle to be bright.5 3o . to lap. not Heart thought.4 3o . bring forth originate. inclination innermost the flame colored.2o .3 3o .4oo Cuth [site of Abraham’s initiation] to ally likeness. to gurgle Birth.2 3o . crushed alluvial mounds To labor.1 3o . be connected attachment to escort to assume an obligation epithet ‘unto him’ aloe 3o .6 104 . giving birth to bear.

passage to roll. evening pathway.7 Suspicion to turn.30-36] [the way of all the earth is an esoteric name for Lot’s song] Lot [nephew of Abraham] talk secretly. mixture unto thee from now on Icon. to spy bright. praise.3o 105 .2o 3o . twist to talk about to slip. to walk to withdraw mixing.3o . almond To join moist. to howl firefly 3o .1o 3o .8 3o . liquid Tantra. shine to e/in-voke lament. night. symbol darkness. move vertebrae nut.9 3o . attachment to e/in-voke Carry to altar traveler. secretion green. to e/in-voke lotus Labor vanity. to go around hollow. bend. secret Arts The way of all the Earth [see Genesis 29 v.5oo 3o . fresh. moisture.

murmuring to raise against to join tree.5o 3o .7oo 3o . work Angel [Prince. thick force violence.6o 3o . Chief] study. train oneself to join.9o 3o . oak these. to be silenced entrance to temple binding.7o 3o . to learn. ship to interpret to talk. to lap up Bellow from below day of rejoicing Work lion.9oo 3o . labor. pleasure Eclipse to be affected to become less. exclusion null.6oo Mute. strength. to connect strong. opposition.8o 3o .2oo 3o .8oo 3o . opposite. greedy to drink. those ∅ Jaw to study. dough 3o .1oo 3o .4o 3o . vanity Leave over night to e/in-voke.3o . to be joined to place of coupling.3oo 106 .

2 4o . why? Entrance. dilute.5 4o . dissolve.1 4o .7 107 . to melt.6 4o . administer an oath one hundred [the constellation Orion] what?. mnemotechnical signs nature.4oo Intentional preparation wailing woman dawn. with Initiation. dispensation proportion to stretch To dissolve. to stir.4 4o . contact to soften. spring 4o . mix fig tree unto. anything Water One who purifies person of magical distinction chaff. condition places of teaching judge. to fall to pieces something.3 Touch. appraise Working garments measure. gate well. solution Wax Knowledge. hair 4o .3o . door post from the presence of. teaching mark. dimension.

2o 4o .4o 4o . marrow plague. destroy whip. below to balance.3o 4o . power.8 Her water a polished oracle [scrying surface] cleanse. to become brittle oak tree Elementary water oath. to lower to be humbled. e/in-voke form.5oo 4o . lowly to sink. to happen to. a full month in sight of. daytime delirium. fade. command measure. healing dissolved. brain. why Thy water to bow down. to sweep 4o .6oo 108 . family on account of. wound Word. to confound. incline the ear downward.9 To hear. to obtain Water what. 2000 cubits full.1o 4o . stroke to wear out. watery to weave head. staff. weigh. protest 4o .4o . the scales [for weighing] balancing pole.

5o 4o . press.9oo 4o . firmness.6o 4o . strengthen the center. exit squeeze. strong.8o 4o . straight line to arrange in lines to withhold.9o 4o . faint fire scathed.1oo 109 . suck harden.7oo Nature kind. seal. to waste. belly. to find agony of death.7o 4o . vessel who? Wonder. penetration to scorn. genus. leader to look upon. repulsive The gate womb. tribute trial. to investigate to count.8oo 4o . to talk contemptuously to be soft to be crushed. sigil Wringing out the blood of sacrifice command. disfigure decayed. reject to melt. to master to reach.4o . stamped upon 4o . noise multitude. between two extremes chaff Depth. species faith. enduring artist. arch of the gate weight Sign wonder.

inspiration to give forth. heap up. evening desolation fiery signals Death. truth.4oo 5o . speaker. thick. put to death coming. to touch to arrive. brittle Prophecy. interpreter. to exchange fear. reverence Enlightening teacher speech. corpse. faith twilight.3oo 4o .2 5o . truthful cubit. half done. to strike to demean oneself. fruit. to utter to flow. town Maiden I e/in-voke marked off. heavy myrrh Burden of prophecy prepare. to die. distinguished adorn oneself hurried.3 110 . fine. e/in-voke dedication to knot. touch. produce Splendor to be guided by to reach.2oo To become sacred. slender. feel reality. be fluent to blow.4o . soot 4o . ablaze to flower.1 5o . truth true.

marked off place beauty. lesser portion. banish menstruation skin.6 5o .7 5o . grief. to twine be agitated Universal laws a guide. to leap bless the memory of [e/in-voke] to set down.5o . make use of.2o 5o . finish diminution. loss. to be pleasing to fall away itself. to rest. to twist. to decline Ornament. to lie.1o 5o . to bring to rest satisfaction.5 5o . to follow. harm onyx 5o . polish. sigh Plant. grieve. to be in commotion Circle. ornament. flying off to shake the head E/in-voke. decorate. to enjoy climate Sacrifice produce sound rub.9 5o . isolation to escape.8 5o . to beautify. to deduce to make sore.4 E/in-voke.5oo 111 . planting to shake. to stretch to scare. lamentation to move. it indeed To sprinkle weave.

test. wonder to try.8o 5o . say to sleep cord.7o 5o . bloom to be bold. be proud to be angry. heavy load Offensive To speak.8oo 5o .9oo 112 . branches of a tree to winnow. howling fatigue.5o 5o . grief. brandishing. tight bundle feathers. compulsion.5o .6o 5o . to fight. Purposelessness Fish child.7oo 5o . summit To shine. hawk 5o .6oo 5o . to enkindle sparkle. take flight outraged woman To utter.3o E/in-voke lamenting. to flee.4o 5o . stamp in anger to fasten.9o 5o . mourning to fall away Sign. providential event miracle. move in different direction to shake. to swing oneself. e/in-voke move the head. string vanity. to move in the air waving. to separate to bend. swinging swinging branches. sprout. to quarrel. to squeeze. lift up [intentionally] force. offspring mourner. hollowed out To soar.

unclean 5o . to press seam of a wound Measure Magical meal to lift up.2oo 5o . remember. affliction measure.5o . cry [in distress] clean. carry strong. bare to press. choice. to carry to finish. yoke. overwhelming woman. suckling Light.1 6o . trouble. severe. fire. ancestor plenty. recall to memory to clear. the warp [vertical strings] violet: both flower and color Being Son of Man [Christos] to offer up a sacrifice to lift up.2 113 . old age. to forget Essence. servitude cross-rod of loom. to go all around choice. river to enlighten.3oo 5o . selection scholar. to break ground to conquer. her walls clouds. clear.4oo 6o . remove.1oo E/in-voke to shout. substance joint.

6o . principle deliberation testimony. warning base of altar. help assistance cure. swim Shaking of magical implements to move about become wild. greatness to swell. rise.4 6o . cut off. increase fence. to boil. to join intimate union to obstruct.3 Path mark off. enclosure Foundation. evidence.5 6o . to establish circle. dross base metal. to look up with joy load. luxuriant growth multitude. extravagant Spear 6o . raft ∅ To be bright.6 6o . council carpenter. to scrape.7 6o . bathe. separate that which is removed. remedy ∅ To think. sweep to wash. to talk. to tell to divert the mind discard from mind removal.8 6o .9 114 .

dirt to hate 6o . to foresee looking to the Sun looking into the Sun number. weaving to pour.2o 6o . to balance to reject yoke. rod footstool thorn Drug [soma] hidden.5oo 6o . bright.7oo 115 . shine lifting up healer accident thorn bush store house clay. to place Trial.6oo 6o . essence to penetrate to close or to be closed.3o 6o . prophet to anoint. test [magical] to sting. amount libation. cast metal Scales on serpent’s body musical form.5o 6o .1o Measure to be bright. forever to make rise to swing.4o 6o . to become blind to tie together. to distinguish to attach.6o . finish to mark. to name. thee Seer.

to decay ∅ Veil. to heap up.3oo 6o .9o 6o .2oo 6o .6o To be bright. enticement trial.7o 6o .8oo 6o . layer to be gathered in by death cut stone. to accompany to remove. escort. to be cut off. bind by e/in-vocation imprisonment.9oo 6o . to cut. marching. to consume threshold. angel vow of abstinence. being misled cure. harnessing the chariot visitation. end. tie. assistance moving.4oo 116 . darkness. to go up. to destroy foundling ∅ 6o . trouble moth. seduction. separate Limitless. garments measure.1oo To adopt a name ascend. she-horse Companions yielding.8o 6o . sweepings Refuse 6o . forbidden prisoner chain.6o . offer tributes [magical] To examine [magical implements] a gate. aid. door post red. glad evil. original nature. remedy mortar. cauldron magical questions.

7 7o . majesty aggressive animals goat. intense fortitude. flash to conceive of a Work/ing Working garments.7o . turn. testimony.5 7o . exist. to cry Fallen angels bright. cloak ornament strength to appoint. concealment to condense. evidence continuation. strong cover. rough to facilitate growth Circle draw a circle Cavity.8 117 . dense. designation witness. pool Light.6 7o . strength. sea eagle.1 To utter e/in-voke Dark cloud thick.3 7o .4 7o . thick.2 7o . to subvert lay waste. she-goat ∅ 7o . endure ∅ Serpent to curve.

taste join. junction. to plan. to respond. to speak or chant in chorus 12 hours guide post at crossroads poor. twilight.7o . instigation ∅ ∅ 7o . sight consider. lovely Natural form. effect height.9 Writing to wrap up. speculate moment to balance exactly. eye. considerate to read. humble. deliberate.5o 7o . faint. heaven obligation. gathering massed humanity press.5oo 7o . to produce. grief. dim. to search.1o 7o .6oo 7o . dark. child foal wild mountain goat Passion.4o 7o . correspond to be answered.3o Rib [Working] unconsciousness incense. yoke to tie.7oo 118 . urging. to come in suckling. burnt offering to bring up.2o 7o . disposition. cover oneself to counsel. pleasing. to close. to fast sheep 7o .

to be bent The tree.2oo 7o . to shake. force to prepare. to take care to come to help 7o .8o 7o . consultation Sadness The Underworld narrow. to fly veil. junction. incarnation. weariness double. anxiety distress. to stir the Watch Tower [tarot] blindness.7o 7o .6o The human body sensuality to press. press fear. to wake.8oo 7o . press teeth together ∅ Birds wing.1oo 7o . cover to toil. embarrassment Guardian Angel skin. to plant.9oo 7o . squeeze to encourage.9o 7o . to break forth Ursa major action. to advise plan. work.7o .3oo 119 . hatred forest. to be tired. press. enforce. staff spine to wedge in. combination to bend. trees wand.

7o - 4oo

Time, now turn, duration to make suitable, adjust to gratify to be curved, crooked to corrupt Braid to split, divide, segment ∅ E/in-voke to strike against, to encounter negativity iron armor, hard, to beseech to evaporate, become faint, to escape, lose intensity childhood, puberty jaw To liberate, redeem, hoe to cut, blow, wound Speech, mouth traveler, wanderer fan, winnow, sift in proportion to Filament, fringe, ornament Gold, glistening, jewel to dance, to leap Blacksmith reduction knowledge and use of colors, to paint breath, blowing, wind, blowing up of cheeks, to blow the soul out, grief coal, powder, dust

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Lights break, burst talk, storytelling, to beat cotton Foam, froth what is blown off Beat, oath to penetrate, break through return, exchange, reverse, opposite destruction, ruin, perverse Necromantic divination gate, entrance, guard, hidden, obscure strange thing, wonder, miracle to go to extremes distinction, speak distinctly, to split obscure, secret darkness, falling to occur, to amplify rainy season [autumn] elephant, ivory Mouth voice of command Wheel, turn, turn one’s face change, release, emptying, clearing, emptiness movement, method, plan, method of interpretation Necromancy pass over with hand penetrate, desecrate to persuade, yield, extend to split, divide, distribute to be gone, let go, leave alone to feed

8o - 1o

8o - 2o 8o - 5oo

8o - 3o

8o - 4o 8o - 6oo 8o - 5o 8o - 7oo

8o - 6o


8o - 7o

The appearance, reveal to e/in-voke, rise breath, to blow proclaim, revive to join to come forth, to arrive to color Inspire to heat, to darken to swell, to surround choice, ancestors fringe, to bend To beat to break through, rescue, save to open the mouth shattering, empty to press, squeeze, to contract to wound, gall nut To e/in-voke to cancel, cause a release whorl, spiral, end, exit to go out, break forth, be free fruition, spring gliding, escape rule, to result cave, sinking To uncover oneself to pass, be past, absolution to break through pit, cavity, piece, division glorify, ornament fruit, crop, fruition ashes, meadow

8o - 8o 8o - 8oo

8o - 9o 8o - 9oo

8o - 1oo

8o - 2oo


8o - 3oo

Will, desire, pleasure breathing, to be blown away structure over tomb, resting place vacant space, to be gone remain over Space, presence, cauldron the central branch, a chamber night fall, spending of night split, divide to open the heart of, to entice To end to live through going out, departure, separation, strife Will, desire to choose, to establish to point, sharpen to bend standing, handling to swell, be soft to immerse, to dip, to dye deer ∅ Temple to join [Working] sustenance, provision, food to arrange to capture, to remove to aim, lying in wait desolation, confusion, despair To soil unwashed wool dryness, thirst

8o - 4oo

9o - 1

9o - 2

9o - 3 9o - 4

9o - 5


8 9o .4o 9o . to sin to tremble.6 To e/in-voke. spare rescue.2o 9o . resplendent pure to be dry.6oo 124 . to command to cause to shout to contract to be hot.9o . to join. bright. to attend to appoint. shake by the side of.7 9o . to fast 9o . relief to remove. set aside to incline to halt. shadow to turn to roast To restrain oneself [Working] thirst.1o 9o .5oo 9o .9 9o .3o To e/in-voke to become clear in mind to be clear to protect. near shade. to thirst ∅ ∅ ∅ 9o . to dry up ∅ To chant victor.

9o .7o 9o . sparkling light wings. fringe to bloom. have visions to look into space and time to foresee.6o 9o .7oo Necromancy Magical marking of graves to put up a pile. to adorn to mark. chaste stinging palm ∅ Scrying surface to arrange spreading. drop to crush. to shine spark. floating flow.9o 9o . blossom filament. to stand forth glistening.9oo 125 . melt discourage to be afraid. restrain make prominent discreet. unfold moisten. chirp to come forth.8oo 9o . to distinguish secrecy. regret flake of wool to lie together in an auspicious place To e/in-voke. to come to the surface close embrace to shine.5o 9o . residue 9o .8o 9o . distill Seer. hide guard. care.

filth Rising. embroiderer shape.4oo 1oo .2oo 9o . create.3 126 .9o .1 1oo . to rob ∅ 9o . to overpower. juice. rock protection to turn. obey fire to kindle. attend [intentionally] to listen. summit Formation artist. it stands E/in-voke fix time and space [Working] to appoint. make permanent. kindling sulfur.2 1oo . cauldron to squeeze in.1oo Mortality casting metal. arch. creature provision. establish to cover. spitting he stands. brine ∅ To join. treasury to lock up. to distress peak. throes of birth messenger hinge.3oo 9o . gather contraction. standing outlet. cavity to hollow out. pouring oil uninterrupted flow. follow.

8 1oo . outlet ∅ 1oo . loose. to hold in hand e/in-voke veil. fragment.4 To bow to pile up. to heap up to look out.5oo 127 .1oo .5 1oo . blunt. to be clean Circle. clear. shoot Object held in hand in Working to take. faint. insolvable dull. to set on fire to burn up. acquiring to be dull. to cut off to harvest To cleanse to be rubbed off.9 1oo – 1o 1oo . to wish. cut. to wait hope. wooden bowl To break the power of difficult. to point pure. seize. zone to circle. be kept burning. divide Taking. faith.6 1oo . faint stalk. to gather Letting blood to open a vein to puncture.7 1oo . to shrink.2o 1oo . be hot to feel aversion.

6oo 1oo . dirge symbolic acts preparation. call. nest.3o Voice.1oo . to harmonize adversary. art and music.5o 1oo . substance. previous amulet. ravine. former. to take possession worker of metal. e/in-voke to arise. cavity. gallows vessel for libation. judgment. throat 1oo . standing grain Rhythmic e/in-vocation.7oo 1oo . envy. sigil exterminate. birds in a nest Remote place. take revenge he says curdled milk. bowl. measure rough-edged cup. cutting Impression. gathering to be light. iron points icons. sound to e/in-voke fiery serpent to praise the call to assemble. ornament First. being to sustain. to arrange. consume stone. plan high powers. etched inscription. enclosure. symbols jealousy. to create oath. order. to burn plait three strands trap. to fulfill existence.6o 1oo . vow.7o 128 .4o 1oo . to vow. cleft. in the presence of to testify.

pile circumference. cold. contradiction correspond. chance substance. event.8oo Thoth’s Ape. to call. to touch closely. summer solstice to feel aversion Gravity cleft. invite. satisfaction important honor. to float to surface enclosure. accident. scrape. tub pinnacle To wake. glory.9o 1oo .3oo 129 .1oo 1oo . thorn heat. to determine. memory. heap. basket. arch. strong.2oo 1oo . to cut. vault. to offer honor. narrow chamber. severe to be old hard effort. pelican Magical verse to read. surrounding. to supply altar ‘Decrier of falsehood’ [allegorical the name for one of the ‘dark’ angels] the time of redemption. difficulty argument.9oo 1oo . connect to be straight. roots heron [Thoth] Knocking. define private offering. doorway implication. go around crown. name. awakening watcher. split.1oo . hard travel 1oo .8o 1oo . rattling question. pouring forth summit. precious object in due time. fence to bend. surface.

to shun Cause. foundation.4oo Handle pelican To appear sight. plowing. large. to be hard to penetrate deeply. move swing. great. ax E/in-voke. dripping. rice 2oo . joy.7 130 . the turn of the scale.5 2oo . to join. teacher. to subjugate. to lie in wait. view. saturated with liquid. to meet with conscientiousness. to spin out. to sprout forth strength. to stir up Sight. moist To uncover to stimulate. saturated intoxicated.1oo .6 2oo . moist. to weave. tread.1 2oo . refresh. moment to braid. to conclude something desirable. govern mushroom.2 2oo . drunk The secret force. descent to take possession of.4 2oo . reverence. select.3 2oo . to detach to stamp. apprentice flee to a hidden place to weave. to covet kill with sword. opening. layer to divine. community moist. locusts Balance. to see to choose. ‘lo and behold’ to delight. to take deep root scholars. to die myriad.

4o 2oo . to rejoice chest. to consider. heal. pile. to remove with force to wave an offering to heap up. wanderer to be received.2o 2oo . soften Teaching to see. tender Sheath.9 2oo . cedar 2oo . dwell as a stranger.6oo 2oo . deliberation to lift up. to go through.2oo . coffin. thunder the fruit of the Christ’s thorn the worm in the grave To e/in-voke. lasting long suffering soft. sense of smell interval. lengthen. length.3o 2oo . wide space To press.5oo 2oo . wring the neck [sacrifice] to be excited to sprinkle. to make white. box.1o 2oo . to hope intervals. to raise.7oo 131 . cover. to project. to sheathe To purify. height. long. moisten. to meet with Thinker well balanced. cunning. spirit. way.5o 2oo . pine. heights deceiver. to spread breath.8 Moon path. preparation be restored. bright subtlety.

to desire The void bright. braid talisman.8o 2oo . the nether worlds to arrange.1oo 2oo . lily Working partner to join. desire shatter. discharge 2oo . to spread. wasp Appearance heal. to reconcile.7o 2oo . join measure. stamp. clear. to crush. pleasure. to bind. to shatter to run to appease. meet.9o 2oo .2oo .8oo 2oo . drop. to split to pour from vessel to vessel pool. break the soil let alone To proclaim the power of to accept. magical gathering hornet.9oo 2oo . poison. sounding a horn below. relieve trembling to loosen. empty to stretch.2oo 132 . intertwine. pardon. blank. will. except E/in-voke break through juice. to distill.6o Drum. to break through scales of serpent to betroth. shallows green herbs. earth only. spittle. to favor. sexual connection connect. consent to press together.

sprinkle. to be cast.4 133 . mighty to anoint. poison Conception. error intoxication Judgment. evening possession.2 3oo . shout to loose. return. poured out female breast to shed blood to join. authority take possession having power. demon. misery to do violence. demoness deposit ashes. satisfaction to draw water. over power.3oo 2oo . restore captor. plan permitted. furrow.4oo First cause the head to weave.2oo .3 3oo . being conceived compassion. captivity To roar. forget To e/in-voke seven the Queendom of Sheba to dwell. shake Diverting the mind to argue. arrange. claim power over poverty. reaching to be confused. indulgence night. field 3oo . awe withdraw tremble.1 3oo .

9 3oo . fitting.8 3oo . principle to reach. to swim plant. young sheep or goat The pit burden. join. value ∅ Whisper.6 3oo . insanity anoint. to be astonished to dwell. slippery lamb. germinate falsehood. lamb Attachment. tree. talk. e/in-voke to think. to stand still movable. affairs to spread. equal.3oo . to hand over something stretched and narrow to be light.1o 3oo .5 To gaze.7 3oo . to lay waste To be engaged in ecstatic exercises The Fool [tarot]. thoughts to bend. vanity combine. move to and fro Offering. related prickly bark 3oo . angel. to be connected belonging to to appease. gift to sink down. tribute. place side by side even. bow the head to lower oneself.2o 3oo . sink.5oo 134 . clouds.

to heap up peace. obey. rock. request to be waste. liberality. enkindle bright. to repeat. press.7o 3oo .3o Grave.4o 3oo . change of form and name to teach. depth. to long for 3oo . mark the heavens hearing. understanding nature. the 12th hour to be strong. to recover.6oo 3oo . scarlet. delivery to be smooth. sharpen to tread. underworld to inquire. to be still listen. arrangement. appoint breath.6o 3oo . relief. to blow. attachment pleasure garden to draw up. respiration. polish. breath of the serpent anoint. gather in. smoothing. to care for moment. rend To tell a story. combination. to relieve speech.8oo 135 . to despair.7oo 3oo . to recover strength dense vapor. guilt garlic Sleep transformation. steam marble. tooth The hiss of the serpent to split. to abandon firmly rooted E/in-voke name.3oo . to crush. issue an oracle apprentice. to study essence. negligence.5o 3oo . soft.8o 3oo . sense. fort Enchanter.

joy yellow marble or alabaster floor on inner temple The number 6 strength.3oo 3oo . come in contact desire.2oo 3oo . go to war E/in-vocation. to testify to rest. to lie together. flesh. quick. to dissolve relationship. the warp of the weaving fire. magical grove to exist. perfection. ox Crystal ball. chain. talk. gladness. end to go forth.3oo . to chant. severity.9o 3oo . to finish consume. enclosed and interior sacred/ritual space compartments of the Temple compartment behind Holy of Holies 3oo . the southeast wind ‘body’ [of wine] . break down. to glitter old. fortification. bright. foundation.9oo Completion. venerable. destroy prickly branch of date palm Kiss. meeting place sink. to be polished. longing. flesh and blood guardian angel music.1 136 .1oo 3oo . matrimony to make. to be pressed smooth. intimacy to make haste. mole a small.4oo 4oo . to touch. pleasure open space. verse path. body. layers. song.

dissect crushed. necromancy to take by force to sever. furthermore. overflow ‘come ye’ Knocking off. grief Intentional offering breast. anoint a mark along the way something fastened Chaos to lay waste. return flood.5 4oo . cutting off to fly off.3 4oo . overflow Illuminated calligraphy crowns pain. to combine. sexual desire. restore. dwell.2 E/in-voke to summon. loose earth 4oo . sign magical cell anxiety.8 137 . set at ease. inhabit.4oo . to give to sit.7 4oo .4 4oo . to gush forth The underworld revival of the dead. to desire. to recognize to search. to put into submit. to long for. to stand still to gaze. terror wild bull. appetite again.6 4oo . be astonished regret Mysteries of Mithras to mark.

4oo - 9 4oo - 1o

Death, tau cross Thou shalt be to pause regret, repent Alchemy reduce, to melt, to smelt, boiling cast, hardened, firm, shield middle gate, innermost chain, twisted cords to press, pressure to punish, grief To teach, to give answers praise, chants, to attach to raise, to hang, to suspend, to swing to hold in suspense to clothe in scarlet mounds, ruins to tear apart, decay Interior of Earth perfection, simplicity, integrity join, combine wonder, tribute, sign, astonishment desolation twin, orphan fringe, molar teeth E/in-voke, to change to speak with sharp words dedicated to intentional service repetition, confirmation teacher essence, essential, strong, destiny to think of, to desire hearth, she-ass, fig tree

4oo - 2o 4oo - 5oo

4oo - 3o

4oo - 4o 4oo - 6oo

4oo - 5o 4oo - 7oo


4oo - 6o

To hiss boil, bubble Ferment To go astray The drum the cauldron the hearth spittle Issue, mode, species cutting out, breaking up to tear down End of time to sound, to blow horn or shell door posts, forcing a door open safety, hope breaking loose, tear out, sheath Law magical offerings nature, character, attribute to shape, designation, to divine, forewarn teacher, guide opening doors or gates to shatter, release, to sever to dissolve, untying, loosening extraordinary wakefulness, to leap turn, order countenance, to improve appearances ox, turtle dove

4oo - 7o 4oo - 8o 4oo - 8oo

4oo - 9o 4oo - 9oo

4oo - 1oo

4oo - 2oo


4oo - 3oo

Wisdom stability be released, salvation to weaken, uproot, he-goat Shamanism the underworld below, lower, to lower, go down to be lowered, placed under regret

4oo - 4oo


Volume Two

Irons in the Fire
Catharsis - The Noon-Light Shines ‘The Work of our Hands’ The Burn Crafting a Drum
including: Music of the Spheres & In the Works

Introduction to the Dictionary of Healing Expressions Dictionary of Healing Expressions Introduction to the Dictionary of Working Expressions Dictionary of Working Expressions


Transformational Techniques
The Functions of the Four Forms Faces and Permutations of the 22 Lines

Writings over Sonics & Implements
Remarks Formation Ascetic Aesthetics Four Notes

Further Reading


The best they can do is remind you to remember.The Noon-Light Shines ‘The Work of our Hands’ including: Music of the Spheres & In the Works The Burn Crafting a Drum No-one can tell you anything about the Other which you do not already know.WORKING Catharsis . 142 .

as the emotional/mythical dimension manifests and finds expression in the ecstatic release. as feeling.e. 1987 Amsterdam 143 . and the planet ruling Tuesdays. The drumming conditions both the body [through its low tones] and the neural pathways of both hearing and memory. The Noon-light Shines The Working begins with drumming. flames lit and fanned by the sonic sound-scape evoked by the stroking of the stainless steel sheet in the section which follows. felt within the body. Germany The Foreword to this book appeared originally as the first part of this text. It can bring about spiritual renewal. This serves to focus attention to a state of concentration whereby the emotional/mythical dimension can be invoked. The drumming does not need to be concentrated on. they can only. the day of this Working.The following are the program notes for a performance/Working at the Festival: ‘Musik auf dem 49ten Karlsruhe 1987’ Karlsruhe. allowing the participant to focus on the recalling of emotional realities and the bringing of them to manifestation. and brought to a physical manifestation. i. sphere of both conflict and healing. or simply a release of tension. This bodily tension can then be transformed by [metaphorically] being set alight on the pyre of consciousness now flaming in the mind’s eye and ear. The rhythm patterns of the drum will be based on numerical structures drawn from the sphere of Mars. I take very seriously the responsibility inherent in providing a healing where participants may intend to effect a catharsis. Note: if this intention is not present. an evocation of the martian energy/vibration which manifests as strength and reverence in the vision of power. witness a concert. at best. Catharsis: The Noon-light Shines Catharsis is but another face of the ecstatic state.

That is the Tone of the day. A passive intention can. in some instances.3o ‘Working’ has a particular resonance for Rhythmajik. Saturn – Jupiter – Mars – Sun – Venus – Mercury . for there is a transformation between cause and effect. is ruled by the one of the seven planets ruling that day [note that Neptune. That day is also ruled by a zodiacal sign which also has a corresponding number. progress through the planets as they appear in order on the Stones. and the quadrant. 144 . The first hour of the day. Uranus and Pluto are exempt from this scheme]. From that first hour. Note that the planet which rules the following day will only appear three times. And this follows for every action. Draw from any of the varied correspondences to decide which planet [and hence. And then there is the time to be determined for the Working. however slight it may be. Two numbers: that is a Root which can be accessed. While generally termed ‘ritual’ this aspect has as many names as the cultures in which it can be found. It is the forming of analogies where each action symbolizes. implement more than an active intention. What transforms the condition of a Yoga form from a physical exercise to a posture of embodiment is the intention. beginning with the rising of the sun. the time. verse seventeen * In the context of Rhythmajik a Working can be any series of actions bringing the intention into focus. A Working is anything you make it. planetary hour] will be most in tune with the desired result.Moon. Coming from the Root 7o .‘The Work of our Hands’ *Psalm Ninety. which is recommended to those new to this context. You’re not just turning to your right. Perhaps the best introduction is The Psychology of Ritual by Murry Hope. Remember: a day is ruled by a planet which has a corresponding number. you are a prayer on the wheel. or any of the innumerable metaphors available. Music of the Spheres Know the day.

If you are going to Work. This yields an ‘orchestral’ form reminiscent of the Fugue.offering the working proper . [Note that this is also applicable to astrological interpretation. see what is already at work. You now have the Tone and the Octave . when going about assembling the elements for forming a working remember: always follow your feelings. by incorporating the processes delineated in the section on Transformational Techniques.closing. It’s here. These are but aspects to choose from. Those four numbers. So this is the Music of the Spheres. Functions in Consciousness for the centering or vice versa.The chosen hour is then reconverted to its number and formed into a Root with the number that corresponds to the sign of the Zodiac which is ruling that day [consult an astrological calendar for this]. Consult The Lines. In the Works The general aspects of a Working are: purification . That is the Octave. They are the single best source for forming a Working. There are no established Rhythmajikal Workings and there should never be.] Astrological calendars are readily available. develop to whatever degree. written out as a series of four numbers. and it’s now. There is only the process. as it were. Those resulting three Roots can be seen as a Chord which can be orchestrated. 145 . Evolutionary Forces can be used for protection.for our purposes here that’s two Roots. first Tone and then Octave will yield three possible roots [for the process to resolve these roots see Transformational Techniques].centering . Each immediate context is too singular to even consider repetition. and synthesize into a Working of your own device.

water. I would suggest choosing a general expression to begin the Working with that is related to the specific expression of the Working proper.e. that is: wisdom. Just walk away and let the process run its course. and the time they take to accomplish are providing the context for the transition to take place.] And dedicating [the anointing The Centering aspect can be implemented Rhythmajikally through the sounding of specific beat patterns chosen for just that purpose from the Dictionary of Working Expressions. for example: let’s say you are going to accompany a massage – depending on the nature of the Working for the initial centering you could begin sounding: 3-1-8 sensuality or 5-4-2-4-2-6-4 relaxation and then move into 3-4-2-5 skeletal to sound during the actual massage. Their actions. 146 . knowledge. The Offering aspect. the person[s]. Cleansing [whether through breath. with oil etc. Perhaps the most important rule for a successful Working is to do it and then turn your back on it and forget about it – don’t give it another thought. The burning of incense is a fabulous offering and is treated in depth in the following section. and your implementing of these dynamics can be as sparse or as intricate as you will. You can also choose an expression related to mentation. understanding etc. Purification can be applied to all the dynamics involved: i. Offering is defined as: a presenting of something as an act of worship or devotion.The purification and centering aspects assist in the transition from ‘here to there’. to use as a centering.] are the basic dynamics of purification. etc. the place and the implement[s] to be used.

Burn using self-starting charcoals. Hibiscus Lavender Lotus Note: the incenses in the first column [Storax to Benzoin] should be available from most Herb stores. offering. Storax is Earth. Its smoke is a mighty Offering and as scent synapses occur in the prefrontal lobe. Incenses relating to elements are listed below. divination: incenses and teas for all of these aspects can be blended and an example will follow. The Elemental column is included to adjust the correspondences different systems may apply to the quadrants. and these same mixtures can be brewed as teas.The Burn The burning of incense is in a class of its own. regardless of the quadrant Earth has been allotted. Purification. Try mixing in a small amount of the essential oil of the herbs you will be burning to heighten the smell. healing. Suggested Incenses and Oils Quadrant ____ __Incense North Storax / Oak Bark South East West Copal / Tobacco Mastic / Lavender [flower] Benzoin / Camphor Oil __ Patchouli __________ Element Earth Fire Air Water Dragons Blood. it is thus the ultimate conditioner. 147 . there is the process of purification. envisioning. closing. Many herbals [notably Culpepper’s] include the planetary or zodiacal correspondences. working. with regard to the implements one may collect. Those in the second column [Oak Bark to Camphor] are also easily obtainable. Using the Stand of Stones and/or the Nine Chambers. Practically speaking. Collating this information will enable the blending of scents that reflect the exact vibration you will be sounding. It is also possible to mix this with some of one of the resins of the quadrants. This readily develops into true blending. centering. these can be translated to a number. available at any Catholic supply store.

]. Third Eye. Formula for incenses #1 take whatever initial expression you want to blend an incense for: say to pierce the body which is 2oo . What you wear. or not. of 1o and of 5o which produces: 2oo-1o-3oo + 1o-6-4 + 3oo-1o-5o 9o-4-1o + 4-3o-4oo + 1o-6-4 7o-1o-5o + 1o-6-4 + 5o-6-5o Note that for the purposes of blending incenses the ‘end form’ variations are disregarded.9 – 7] #2 delineate the numbers which compose the names of the numbers of the original expression: 2oo = 2oo-1o-3oo 9o = 9o-4-1o 7o = 7o-1o-5o [this info is found in the Compendium of Correspondences #2] #3 delineate all the names of all the facets. the day and the time of day for the Working. This basic structure can be augmented.9o . to wash the hands. its relation to prominent vegetation [trees etc. the quality of the earth for the burial site. Note: for a thorough study of the historical uses of sound and its meta-potentials see Music. Mysticism & Magic and Harmonies of Heaven and Earth by Joscelyn Godwin.for 9o take the name of 9o. Eliade’s books Shamanism and The Forge and The Crucible [an alchemical study] can transform them from academic into practical texts. with many working aspects as one wishes. the quadrant you face: all these aspects can be developed. Incorporating Rhythmajik with either or both of M. and Solar Plexus [in that order] and burn some incense. however. apply a drop of oil to the wrists. that is: for 200 take the name of 200. [and this includes both geographic and topological aspects].In its simplest form this Working evolves from the burial of the implement[s] three days before a New Moon. the sparest being. of 4 and of 1o –. to an unearthing on the coming Full Moon.7o [stroked 2 . say. before burial [reversing the order of the last three on the full moon]. 148 .and for 7o take the name of 7o. of 10 and of 300 -. what you have eaten. dedicating the implement and then offering it over the incense.

Collating the total number of times each facet appears in all three phases yields: Facet 4 6 1o 3o 5o 7o 9o 2oo 3oo 4oo Correspondence Venus Taurus Virgo Libra Scorpio Capricorn Aquarius Sun Fire Earth/Saturn # of Parts [from a pinch to a cup] x6 x4 x1o x1 x5 x3 x3 x3 x3 x1

Taking one part for each appearance of a facet provides the correct range and proportion of ingredients. For teas: blend only the initial expression and the initial name of the facet.

Personal Dedicating Technique :
If you are left-handed, with your right hand put a drop of oil on your left wrist, at the base of the palm. Place the heels of your hands together. Maintaining contact at all times, rotate the right heel around the circumference of the left wrist. [Note: done correctly a twist of the left hand, ducking under the right forearm results.] Repeat process with left hand rotating around right wrist’s circumference. Bring wrists to Third Eye [heels on forehead], lower to Solar Plexus [base of thumbs against bottom of rib cage], straighten arms and drop to sides. Note: this describes a triangular form, with you as the base. One can also either bring the outstretched hands parallel to the hips before bringing the arms back to the hips [describing a cube], or bend the elbows and draw the hands around to the hips, describing an arc. Thus this basic dynamic can be implemented through the three archetypal forms, depending on the feeling and the qualities desired in the Working. This is again a basic [though thorough] process which can be developed further [additional body points etc.], or not. It may seem awkward at first, but you know what they say about practice. When you feel comfortable with it, watch yourself in a mirror to fine-tune your style.


In the context of physical [as opposed to psychological and/or emotional] Healings the use of the drum is a distinct possibility. If you do decide to go this route, to be truly effective you should craft your own drum. While this may at first seem too complicated, it is actually quite simple as it is based on the transformation of a preexisting drum by the addition of an animal-skin head. The skin is the essential element of the drum. The first step is to acquire a tunable tambour, minimum 13" in diameter with a plastic head. A tambour is a tambourine minus the ‘ine’ [the metal sounding-disks]. You will also require a skin large enough for the drum. 1. Disassemble the drum by removing the tuning screws. This will separate the tuning rim from the shell. Then remove the plastic head from the skull. 2. When purchased, the skin will be quite hard. Soak the skin in a sink filled with water that is a little hotter than your hand can stand. Place the skin on the surface of the water, and as it softens place some stones on it to keep it below the surface of the water. At this point you should add to the water minuscule quantities of the complete range of your bodily fluids [saliva, tears, sweat, mucus, blood, urine, sexual fluid; and for women, menstrual blood]. Tears, sweat, mucus, urine and menstrual blood can be collected beforehand and preserved on cotton cloth. The saliva, blood, and sexual fluid should be fresh. If this is not to your taste, blood alone can suffice. This will now be your skin. By the time the water has gone cold the skin will be ready to apply to the shell. 3. While the skin is soaking, cut the plastic head away from the rim it is attached to, and then cut this rim at any one point with a hacksaw blade [24 teeth per inch]. 4. When the skin is ready [the water has gone cold] take it out of the sink and damp off the excess water with 100% cotton cloth [color of your choice]. Center the skin over the shell and with the palms of your hands smooth the excess skin down the sides of the shell.


Try not to stretch the sounding surface of the skin while doing this, as when the skin dries it will shrink, and if it is stretched at this point it will be too tight to deliver low tones. 5. Work the split rim back onto the shell. Note, as it was cut this should not be a problem. Be careful with the skin tension. At first, have the edge of the rim level with the top edge of the shell [top = skinned side]. Bring the excess skin back up around and over the rim. Then place the tuning rim back in position and refit the tuning screws +/- 1 turn [maximum] into their holes. This should bring the tuning rim and head rim into their correct relationship. If at this point the skin has appreciably tightened, and appreciable means a noticeable tension to the skin, place a palm against the skin and gently push to release the tension. At this point the skin should show slight fluctuations of surface. 6. Depending on the amount of excess skin, you have a few options. You can cut the entire excess off, level with the top of the tuning rim; or you can cut only the excess immediately adjacent to the tuning screws [also just to the level of the top of the tuning rim] and then fold the skin back over the outside of the tuning rim and, depending on the excess, cut it level with the bottom of the tuning rim, leave the excess or, if there is enough, loosely fold it just under [between ½ > 1"] the inside bottom edge of the shell. Cut while skin still damp and always cut away from the drum. 7. Let this set and dry naturally. DO NOT APPLY ARTIFICIAL HEAT. 8. Once dry you can tighten the tuning screws just to the point where they no longer ‘jiggle’ around. This will be the basic tone of your drum. It can still be loosened at this stage by slight pressure with the palm of your hand. For tuning: begin at any one tuning screw and tighten ½ > 1 turn. Go to the opposite screw and repeat. Go to the screw to the left of the beginning screw and repeat this process until all the screws are tightened. Check the tone at each tightening. Note that a greater range of tones within any given tuning [tightening] is available with uneven tightenings. Note also that uneven tightening is counter to accepted Western tuning practice. 9. You can now begin to sound expressions. Note that expressions will manifest aspects unique to the tunings they are sounded with.


There is much room for experiment here in discovering which tones feel best to you, and then with experience, which tones are optimal for the individual you are addressing. You are now ready to sign the skin with whatever representation [sigil, design etc.] you desire. First use a soft lead pencil to arrive at what you want [it can be erased] and then use a permanent marker to finish. You can also consider adding a mnemonic design/device to the drum head, either alone or in conjunction with any other signature you might employ. This mnemonic is composed of nine areas [each approximately the size of your thumb] which you can color from the correspondences delineated in The Stand of Stones Color Field Visualizations. With this device you will not be counting numbers then, but seeing colors. This also facilitates the distribution of your strokes around the drum’s head, which both provides a more melodious sounding and gives ample opportunity for swinging the rhythm.



The Dictionary of Healing Expressions 154 .

A total healing Working integrates the blending of an incense [to be burnt] and a tea [to be ingested] during the Working with the sounding of the chosen expression [for incense and tea see information in THE BURN]. elbow and biceps among others are listed. By forming two-word combinations derived from both the Dictionary of Healing Expressions and the Dictionary of Working Expressions . A healing after the event is more to the point. Another reason is that for many of the afflictions listed it is likely that the individual will have been or be receiving some form of treatment. from stick figures to a copy of the Stand of Stones [Rhythmajikal Healing Structure] to function as a mnemonic for the Working. cardiac arrest. head. thigh. By using or combining two definitions from the Book of Roots to yield a word or phrase. for during which a range of expressions can be implemented. The synthesizing technique for this mode is included in the introduction to the Dictionary of Working Expressions. The expressions of your choosing [multiple choices are available in some cases] can be written out over a representation of the body. etc. Stones with Lines. Lines with Lines. If the expression you are seeking happens not to be included there are three modes available for synthesizing it: 1. spinal cord. All expressions in both dictionaries with a plus [+] sign are traditional syntheses. jaw.] 3. 2. shoulders.to impossible expressions: amputation. arm. Implementation: Take abortion for example. ribs. Lines with Stones. and is one reason behind the inclusion of this and other seemingly paradoxical . achilles tendon. By combining up to three numbers you can construct an analog of your desired expression from correspondences detailed in The Stand of Stones and The Lines: Stones with Stones. hand. Foot. For example. Rhythmajik cannot set a fracture. leg.The following dictionary provides a collection of beat patterns arranged AlefBetikly. hip. Rhythmajik is very effective when accompanying massage. 64-6 for techniques for both of the above modes. neck. although it can greatly aid the healing process. [See p. Always keep in mind the possibility of accompanying healers of other disciplines. 155 .

156 . or one can be synthesized for each expression [as treated in point 2 of the Six Implementations in the Introduction to The Book of Roots p. Note: do not even consider implementing ‘negative’ expressions for negative effects: your minimum fee is a sharing in the affliction. There is no way around this.This could also include the color correspondence for each area as a basic visual focus. 65].

D.I. Alimentary canal Allergy Alleviation Amputate Analgesic Anemia Anesthesia Aneurysm Anger Angina Angst Ankle Anorexia Antibody Antiseptic Anus Aorta 2-9-5o/7oo or 1oo-2-5 3-8-6-5o/7oo 4oo-8-4oo-6-5o-1o-6-4oo 4o-8-4oo-1o-4o/6-oo 5o-8o-3o 4o-6-2oo-6o-5 or 6o-4o-9-1 2o-1-2 3-1o-4 + 1o-2o-1o-3o-6o 8-6-4o-9o-1 1-4o-6o-2oo or 2o-2oo-6-4oo 8o-6-3o-1o-8o-6-6o 7o-6-2-2oo or 6o-1o-3o-4oo-1 3oo-3o-1o-1o-4oo-1 2oo-3-3oo 3-1o-6o-5 1-1o-1o-4-6o 1oo-5o-5 6o-3o-4-4oo 5-1oo-3o-5 3-4-4o/6oo 6o-4o/6oo 8-1o-6-6-2oo 1-3o-8-6-3oo 4o-8o-2oo-9o-4oo 2o-7o-6o 4oo-7o-6-1oo or 9o-2oo-8-1 8-2oo-4-5 or 9-2oo-4 1oo-2oo-6o-6-3o or 1-8o-6o or 1-8o-6o 1oo-5-4o-4oo 5o-3-4-5o/7oo or 5o-6-3-4-5o/7oo 1-8-2oo-6-2oo-1o 4oo-8-4oo 6-4oo-1o-5o/7oo A 157 .S.Dictionary of Healing Expressions Abdomen Abdominal problems Abortion Abscess Ache Achilles tendon Acidity Addiction Adenoids Afterbirth Agony Agony of Death A.

perplexed] Back Backache Balance 3oo-1o-4oo-1oo 3oo-2-9o/9oo 6o-8o-8 3oo-2oo-6-6-3o 3oo-8-1o 3-1o-1o-4 8-4o/6oo + 4o-8o-2oo-1oo 5-8o-1o-7o 8-5o-1oo 6o-1o-7o 3-5o-8-4oo 3oo-3-3oo-4oo 4o-1-1o-6o-5 5-7o-1o-2oo 5o-2-6-2o/5oo B Baldness Bedsore Behavioral Modification Beneficial Benign Bereave Biceps Big toe [or thumb] Bite Black eye Black out [to] Bladder Bleed 3-2 2o-1-2 + 3-2-1 3oo-1oo-3o or 5-3-5o/7oo 2oo-3-7o or 4o-1o-9o-7o 2-1o-9o-6-7o or 9-2oo-9-5o/7oo 1oo-2oo-8-5 8o-8-6o-4oo 3oo-5o-6-1o + 1o-8-6o 1o-7o-3o 3oo-8o-1o-2oo 3oo-2o-3o 3oo-2oo-1o-2oo 2-5-5o/7oo 5o-3oo-1o-2o-5 8o-5o-6o 5-1-8o-3o-5 3oo-3o-8o-6-8-1 4o-3o-4oo-1 158 .Aphasia Apoplexy Appendix Arm Arm pit Artery [cut] Arthritis Artificial resuscitation Asphyxia Assist Asthma Ataxia Aversion Awaken Awkward [confused.

] Bone Bone marrow Brain Brain waves Breast Breast feed Breath [Spirit] Breath [respiration] Breathe Breathless Bronchia Bronchial Brow Bruise Bursa Buttocks 8o-3-4o/6oo 7o-6-2oo 6o-1o-4o-6-1o 2-6-7o-5 4-4o/6oo 1-2oo-6o + 4-4o/6oo 3o-8-9oo + 4-4o/6oo 5-2oo-3 2o-4oo-4o-1 2o-3o-1o + 4-4o/6oo 3-8oo or 3-6-8oo 3o-3oo-5o/7oo + 5-3-6-8oo 5o-2oo-9o-7o 7o-9o-4o/6oo or 3-2oo-4o/6oo 9-1o-4o-1o-5o/7oo or 9-4o-1o-1 3o-3oo-4 + 7o-9o-4o/6oo 4o-6-8 or 4o-3oo-2o-3o 4o-6-1oo-2oo-1 3-3o-1o + 4o-3o-2o-3o 3-3o-1o + 4o-3oo-2o-3o 8o-1o-1oo or 3oo-4 7o-6-3o-3o or 5-5o-1oo 5o-3oo-4o-5 or 5o-3oo-1o-4o-5 5o-3oo-1o-8o-5 or 5-6-1-1o or 5-2-1-1o 5o-3oo-4o-1 5o-3oo-4o/6oo 1oo-9o-2oo + 5o-3oo-4o/6oo 6o-4o-8o-6-5o/7oo 6o-1o-5o-8o-6-5o/7oo 3-2-5 8-2-6-2oo-5 2o-1o-6o 1-2-6-7 or 1-2o-6-7 159 .Blemish Blind Blinding Blister Blood Blood poisoning Blood pressure Bloodshed Blood stained Blood vessel Body Body language Body piercing [ears etc.

Caduceus Caesarian Callus Calm Cancer Cankers Capillary Carbuncle Cardiac arrest Carotid arteries Cartilage Catalepsy Catalyst Cataract Catatonia Catharsis Cauterize Caution Celibacy Cell Cemetery Center Cerebral palsy Cervix Cheek Cheek bone Chest Chicken pox Chill Chill [fever] Choke Circulation Cirrhosis Claustrophobia Cleanse 3oo-2oo-2-1o-9 8-1o-4oo-6-2o/5oo 1oo-3oo-6-8 2oo-3-6-7o 6o-2oo-9-5o/7oo 2o-1o-2 5o-1o-4o-1o 3-8-3o-1o-4oo 4-6-4o/6oo + 3o-2 9o-6-6-1-2oo 8-6o-8-6-6o 3oo-1o-4oo-6-1oo 7-2oo-7 1o-2oo-6-4 2-3o-4o-4oo 4o-3oo-3o-3oo-3o 2o-6-8 1-7-5-2oo-5 2oo-6-1oo-1 3oo-4o-9oo 1oo-2-2oo-6-4oo 4o-2oo-2o-7 or 8-3o-6-9oo 3oo-4oo-1oo + 4o-8-5o/7oo 2oo-8-4o/6oo 3o-8-1o 7o-9o-4o/6oo + 3o-8-1o 8-7-5 or 3oo-1o-4-5 1-2-7o-2 + 7o-6-4oo 9o-5o-5 9o-4o-2oo-4o-2oo 8-5o-1oo or 6o-5o-1oo 4o-8-7-6-2oo 3oo-8-4o-4oo or 9o-4o-1oo-4oo 2-7o-4oo + 6o-3-6-2oo 8-6-8oo or 2oo-8-9oo or 5o-1oo-6-1o C 160 .

Clitoris Clot Coagulate Cochlea Colic Colon Coma Compress Conception Contraction Convulsion Cough Cramp Cure Cystic fibrosis Dazed Deaf Debility Decay Decongestion Deficient Deformed Dehydration Delirium Delusion Dementia Depression Dermis Despair Deterioration Detoxify Develop Dexterity Diabetes Diagnose 8-2-1o-6-5o-1 9-6-4o/6oo 1oo-2oo-3oo 3oo-2-3o-6-3o 1oo-3oo-5 4o--7o-5 or 4o-7o-1 4oo-2oo-4-4o-4oo 2oo-9-1o-5 or 8-2-1o-3oo 5-2oo-5 1oo-8o-9oo 8o-2oo-2o-6-6o 2o-6-8 or 8-2o-2o/5oo 2o-1-2-1o 2oo-1o-8o-6-1o 3oo-3o-8-6-8o-1o-4oo D 2-3o-2-3o 8-2oo-3oo 8-6-3o-3oo-5 6o-2oo-8-1 or 5o-4oo-2oo 3oo-8-2oo-6-2oo 8-6o-2oo 5o-2o-5 1o-2-3oo 8o-2oo-6-7o-5 4oo-7o-4oo-6-7o 3oo-9-5 3oo-8o-3o or 3oo-1oo-7o or 7o-4o-1oo 3-3o-4 1o-1o-1-1o-3oo or 4o-8o-8-5 3oo-8-1o-1oo-5 5-3oo-8o-7o-5 8o-1o-4oo-8 8o-1o-1oo-8-6-4oo 6o-6-2o-2oo-4oo 1-2-8-5o/7oo 161 .

Diaphragm Digestion Dilation Diphtheria Discomfort Disease Dislocation Disposition Dormant Dysentery Dysfunction Dyslexia Ear earache eardrum earlobe Eczema Edema Effect Egg [ova] Ejaculation Elation Elbow Elixir Embolism Embryo Emotion Empathy Emphysema Empower Endocrine Energy Enzyme Epilepsy 6o-2oo-7o-8o-4oo or 1oo-2oo-6-4o-1o-4oo 3o-1oo-9 8o-3oo-9 1oo-2oo-4o-4oo 6o-1o-2o-3o 4o-8-3o-5 8o-2oo-6-1oo-1o 7o-2oo-2o/5oo 1o-3oo-2 2-6-2oo-4-4o/6oo 8o-2oo-7o 1oo-3oo-1o + 1oo-2oo-1o-1 1-6-7-7-5o/7oo 2o-1-2 + 1-7-5o/7oo 4oo-8oo + 1-7-5o/7oo 4oo-5o-6-2o/5oo + 1-7-5o/7oo 3-2oo-2 2-9o-1oo-4oo 1o-7o-3o or 8o-7o-3o or 2oo-6-3oo-4o/6oo 4oo-6-1oo-8oo 2-1o-9o-5 7-2oo-1o-7o 9o-5-3o-5 2o-1o-8o-6-8oo or 1-9o-1o-3o 4oo-2oo-6-8o-5 6o-8-1o-8oo 3-2-1o-5o/7oo or 7o-6-2-2oo 3oo-3o-1o-3o 2oo-3-3oo 5-4-4-1 5o-8o-8-4oo 5-6o-4o-1o-2o/5oo 8o-2oo-3o + 8o-5o-4o/6oo 4o-2oo-9oo 4oo-6o-6o 5o-2o-8o-5 E 162 .

Erection Esophagus Essence Examine Excitation Excretory Exercise Exhalation Exhaustion Exorcism Experience Expiration Eye brow lash lid strain Face Facilitate Faint Famished Fast [to] Fat Fatality Fatigue Fear Feeble Feedback Feel Female Femur Fetus Fever Fibrillation 3-6-6o 6-3oo-9 7o-1oo-2oo or 2o-2oo-5o/7oo 2-8-5o/7oo or 8-1oo-2oo 7o-1o-2oo-6-2oo 9-1-5 9-1oo-6o or 5-8o-7o-3o-5 5o-3oo-8oo or 8o-3o-9 6o-5o-6-1oo or 1-7-1o-3o or 4o-4o-9o-5 3-1o-2oo-6-3oo or 4o-3-2oo-3oo 3-1o-2oo-3oo 9-7o-4o/6oo or 7o-2oo-1o-4o-6-4oo-1 8o-1oo-7o or 5o-3o-1o-8o-5 7o-1o-5o/7oo or 8o-2oo-1o-2oo 3-2-1o-5o/7oo 2oo-1o-6o 7o-8o-7o-8o/8oo 3oo-2oo-2oo + 8-2oo-2oo 8o-5o-5 or 8-7-6-4oo or 8-9o-8oo 6o-1o-1o-7oo 7o-3o-8oo 2oo-7o-2 9o-6-4o/6oo or 4oo-7o-5o-1o-4oo 3oo-6-4o-5o/7oo 1oo-9-3o-5o-1o or 3oo-6-1-4oo-1o 3o-1-6-4oo 4-1-3-5 8-3o-3oo 8-7-2oo-5 8-3oo-1o or 8-3oo-1 or 8-1o-3oo-5 5o-1oo-2-1o or 5o-1oo-2-5 7o-9o-4o/6oo + 1o-2oo-2o/5oo 3oo-8o-1o-2oo or 7o-6-2-2oo 8-6-4o/6oo or 4o-3o-1oo-4oo 4o-3o-1oo-5 8o-2oo-8o-6-2oo F 163 .

Fibrin Fibroid Fibrosis Filament Finger Finger nail First degree burn Flatus Flesh growth of Flesh and blood Flu [influenza] Fluidity Flux Foot [all to ankle] Forearm Forehead Forgetfulness Fracture Function Fungus Fusion 8-3o-2-5o/7oo 3o-1o-8o-1o 3o-1o-1o-8o-4oo 8-6-9 or 5o-1o-4o-5 1-9o-2-7o 9o-1o-8o-6-2oo-5o/7oo 2-7o-2oo + 1oo-4-4o/6oo 8o-1o-8-5 2-3oo-2oo or 7o-6-2oo or 9o-1o-8o-5 4oo-7o-3o-5 2-3oo-2oo + 6-4-4o/6oo 3oo-8o-7o-4oo 7-6-2oo-4o-1o-6-4oo 4-2-1 or 3oo-8o-2o/5oo 8o-6o-4oo + 2oo-3-3o 7-2oo-6-7o 4o-9o-8 3oo-2o-8-5 3oo-2-2oo or 4oo-2-2oo 8-3oo-6-2 or 1-1o-2oo-6-7o 2oo-3oo-4o-1o 8o-1o-9-2oo-1 4o-1o-7-6-3 or 5-1o-4oo-6-2o/5oo 5-4oo-2o-5 4o-2oo-1o-2oo-5 5o-3-7o + 2-4o-1oo 4o-9oo + 1oo-2-5 4o-1o-5o/7oo 4-6-2oo 5-9o-6-8o-5o/7oo 5o-1o-8-6-4oo-1 7-1oo-5o/7oo 2-1o-9o-5 or 7-2oo-5o/7oo 5o-2-9 or 7o-2-6-2oo 2-2oo-1oo-1o-4oo 9o-1o-8-6-4oo-1 Gall bladder Gangrenous Gastric juice Gender Generation Genetic code Gentleness Geriatric Germ Germinate Glaucoma Gout G 164 .

Gratification Growth [to advance] Gums Habitual Hair Hand [all to wrist] Handicapped Head crown of ache Heal Healing preparations Hear Hearing Heart broken Heat exhaustion Heel Helix Help Hemlock Hemophilia Hemorrhage Hemorrhoids Hepatitis Herb Herpes Hip joint Hot flushes Hypochondria Hypothalamus 5-5o-1-5 or 7o-1o-5o-3 9o-4o-1o-8-5 5-2-8-1o-3o 8-1o-5o-2o-1o 5-2oo-3-3o or 4o-5o-5-3 3o-7o-2oo-5 or 3oo-1o-7o-2oo 1o-4-1 or 1o-4 + 8o-6o-4oo 5o-3oo-2o-3o 2oo-1-3oo or 1oo-4-1oo-4 4o-6-1oo-4-1 2o-1-2 + 2oo-1-3oo or 2o-2 + 2oo-3oo 4oo-1o-1oo-5o/7oo or 2oo-8o-1 or 2oo-8o-1o 5o-2o-8o-1 or 6o-4o-4oo-2oo 2oo-8o-6-1-5 or 1-2oo-2oo-1 2oo-1oo-8 3oo-4o-7o 8o-1oo-8 3o-2-1 or 3o-2-5 3oo-2-2oo + 3o-2 4o-2o-4oo + 8-4o/6oo 7o-1oo-2 8-3o-7-6-5o-1o 6o-1o-1o-7o-1 1-3oo-6-8 4-4o-4o-4oo 4-4o-4o/6oo 9-8-6-2oo or 3oo-1o-8-4oo-1 [stop eating meat!] 4-3o-1oo-4oo + 2o-2-4 1o-2oo-1oo or 7o-3oo-5 3oo-3o-2-1oo-4oo 8o-2oo-1o or 1o-2oo-2o/5oo 2-6-2o-5o-5 9o-4o-2oo-4o-6-2oo-1o 3oo-4o-4o-6-4oo 4oo-4oo + 1-8o-4-5o/7oo H 165 .

Hysteria Immune Impairment Impotence Incarnation Incest Incision Inebriate Inebriated Inertia Infection Inflammation Influence Influenza Inhale Injury Inner direction Insanity Insemination Insomnia Instinct Integration Intercessor Intestine small large Intimacy Intoxication Intoxicating drink Introversion Irritation Issue 8o-6-2oo-9o-5o-1o I 8o-6o-1o-5o/7oo 8o-3-1o-4o-5 3o-1-1o-7o-3o 5-4oo-3-3o-4o-6-4oo or 5-4oo-1-5o-3oo-6-4oo 3-3o-6-1o + 7o-2oo-4oo 3oo-1o-2-1 3oo-1o-2o-6-2oo 3oo-4oo-6-1o 2oo-8o-6-1o-5o/7oo 4o-8-3o-5 1-4o-1o-3 or 1oo-4-8 5-1o-4-3o-1oo-6-4oo 5-3oo-8o-1o-7o 3oo-8o-7o-4oo 3oo-1-8o 2oo-7o-7o or 5-7-2oo 7o-3-3o + 8o-5o-4o/6oo 9-1o-2oo-6-8oo 5-7-2oo-7o-5 1-3o + 3oo-1o-5o-5 2o-6-3oo-2oo 4o-3oo-6-3o-2 or 4oo-2o-3o-6-3o 8o-2oo-1oo-3o-1o-9 5-4-1oo 2o-2oo-2o-3oo 2-2oo-2-1o-1o or 1oo-2oo-6-2 1o-4-1o-4 3oo-1-2o-6-2oo 4o-2oo-6-1 or 4o-2oo-6-1o 5-8o-5o-4o-5 3-1o-2oo-6-1o or 2oo-6-3-7 4oo-6-9o-1-5 166 .

Jaundice Jaw Jealousy Joint Jugular vein Kidney Kidney stones Kneecap Knee joint Knuckle Labor Lacerate Lactate [to] Languor Larynx Latent Learning disability Leg Leukemia Life life risk life saving Ligament Limb embryonic Limitation Lip Liver Loins Lump Lunar month Lung 1o-2oo-1oo-6-5o/7oo or 9o-5-2-4oo 3o-8-1o or 3o-6o-4oo 1oo-5o-1-5 2o-4oo-8oo 6-2oo-1o-4 2o-3o-1o-1 9o-4o-1o-2oo-4oo-1 2-2oo-2o/5oo 1oo-8o-1o-9oo 2oo-4oo-1oo 7o-4o-3o 3oo-6o-7o or 5o-3oo-2oo 5-8-3o-1o-2 2oo-8o-1o-6-5o/7oo 3-2oo-6-5o/7oo 2o-6-4o/6oo or 6o-4o-6-1o 1oo-3oo-1o + 3o-4o-4 2o-2oo-7o 8-1o-6-2oo + 4-4o/oo 8-1o-1o 6o-1o-2o-6-5o/7oo 8o-1o-6-8 2oo-1oo-4o-5 1-2-2oo or 8-6-3o-1o-1o 2oo-1oo-1oo-4o/6oo 5-3-2-3o-5 3oo-8o-4oo 2o-2-4 8-6-3o-7-1 8o-1o-1oo-5o/7oo or 2oo-2-5 or 3-6-3oo 8-4-3oo + 1o-2oo-8 2oo-1o-1-5 J K L 167 .

S. Mesmerize Metabolism Microcosm Mid brain Middle finger Midwife Miscarry Mitosis Moisten Molecule Moon phases Mothercraft 4o-6-5-3o M 5-1o-1oo-6-4o/6oo 4o-8-3o-5 7-2o-2oo 5-7-1oo 8-1o-9-6-4o-4oo 8o-2oo-6o or 8o-3-5o/7oo or 3-1o-3o-6-1o 1-1o-4-5o/7oo or 4oo-4o-2oo-6-5o/7oo 4o-6-8 7o-1o-9o-2 or 7o-1o-6o-6-1o or 9-2o-6o 4o-3oo-3oo or 4oo-8o-1o-3o-5 or 4oo-8o-6o 4-6-1oo 2-3oo-3o or 2-3-2oo 4o-2oo-5 or 3oo-8-6-2oo-5 or 7o-3o-4o-1o 4-2o-1 1oo-2oo-6-4o/6oo 8-4-3o + 6-6o-4oo 6-6o-4oo or 4-6-5-1 5o-4-5 4-1o-2-1 8-1oo-8 9-8o-4oo-1 2oo-3-7-6-6o-4oo 5-8o-5o-9 4oo-6-2o/5oo + 2o-4-1o 7-7o-2oo + 1-5o-8o 1-4o-9o-7o-1o 9o-2oo-4-5 8-1o-5 or 4o-1o-1o-3o-4-4oo 5-8-1o-3o 8o-2oo-2o/5oo or 8-3o-6-1oo 2oo-9-5 or 2oo-9-2 8o-2oo-6-4-5 3oo-3o-2 + 1o-2oo-8 1-4o-5o-4oo + 1-4o/6oo 168 .Lymph Macrocosm Malady Male Malefic Mammary gland Manifest Manipulate Marrow Massage Mastication Mature Melancholy Membrane Menopause Menses active period Disorder first first drops P.M.

Motility Mouth Movement sign of life Mucus bring up membrane Multiple sclerosis Muscular dystrophy Muscle Musculature Nail [finger/toe] Natal Nature observer of Nausea Navel Neck Nephritis Nerve Nervousness Nervous system Node Nose Nucleic acid Nurse [to] Nurture Nutrition [chyle] Obesity Observation Obsession Obstruction Occipital 5o-1o-7o 8o-1-5 2oo-8-1o-3oo-5 8o-2oo-2o-6-6o 2oo-1o-2oo 2o-8-8 1oo-2oo-4o/6oo + 2oo-1o-2oo 9-2o-3oo + 7o-9o-2 8-3o-3oo + 2oo-1oo-4o/6oo 2oo-1oo-4o-5 4oo-3oo-2oo-6-2oo-4oo N 9o-8o-6-2oo-5o/7oo 4o-6-3o-4 9-2-7o 7o-6o-1oo-5o/7oo 2-8-3o 1oo-6-2oo-1oo-2-5o/7oo 9o-6-1-2oo or 8o-2oo-1oo-4oo 1oo-4-8 + 2o-3o-1o-5 7o-9o-2 3-2oo-1o or 8-6-3oo 7o-9o-2 or 7o-2oo-2o/5oo 3-6-3o-5 1-8o-1 8-4o-9oo or 3-2oo-5o/7oo 1o-5o-1oo or 9-8o-3o 9-8o-8 4o-7-6-5o/7oo O 3oo-4o-5o-4oo or 2o-2oo-6o-4oo-5o/7oo 9o-8o-1-5 or 5-7o-2oo-5 9-2oo-4-1 8-6-4o/6oo or 2o-3oo-3o 7o-6-2oo-8o-1o 169 .

Occlusion Odor Oil Old age Old woman Opposite Oppression Optimal Ordeal Ordure Orgasm Orientation Osmosis Ossification Ovary Ovum Pacify Pain burning Palate Palm of hand Palpitation Pancreas Paralysis Parasite Passivity Pathos Patience Penis Perception Perspiration Persuasion Pessimism Phlegm Phobia 1-9-1o-4o-5 2oo-1o-8 3oo-4o-5o/7oo 6o-1o-2 or 3oo-1oo-2 or 7o-6-4oo-1oo-1 8-1o-1o-3oo-5o/7oo 4o-6-3o or 5o-3-4 3oo-1oo-3oo-5 or 4-1o-2o-5 4o-9-2 1oo-3oo-5 or 2o-1-2 7-2-3o or 9o-6-1 2oo-6-1o-5 2o-1o-6-5o/7oo 8-3o-8-6-3o 5-4oo-3-2oo-4o-6-4oo 3oo-8-3o or 4o-1oo-6-2oo 2-1o-9o-5 2oo-3-7o 9o-7o-2oo or 2o-1-2 or 7o-5o-3oo 2oo-3oo-8oo 8-2-1 2o-8o-1 8o-2oo-2o-6-6o 2oo-4oo-4oo 3oo-4oo-1oo or 2oo-6-8 5o-9-8o-3o 6o-2-3o 5o-3-7o or 7-1o-5-2oo-1 6o-2-3o-5o/7oo or 7o-5o-6 1-2-2oo-1 4o-8o-1o-6o 7-1o-7o-5 8o-4oo-6-1o or 3oo-4-3o 1-3oo-5o/7oo 2o-6-8 2-7o-4oo or 4-8-3o P 170 .

Physical Pierce Pituitary gland Pleasure Pleurisy Plexus Pneumonia Poison Possession Posture Poultice Precipitate Precise Precision Pregnancy Preserve Prevention Process Psoriasis Psychosis Ptomaine Purification Pus Putrefaction Pyorrhea Rage Rape the raped Reaction Rebirth Receive Reconcile Recover 3-6-8o-5o-1o 5o-1oo-2 1o-4oo-2oo-4o-6-8 5o-1-5 or 3oo-7o-3oo-6-7o 2oo-9o-6-5o/7oo 9o-2oo-4 9o-1o-4o-4oo 4-3o-1oo-4oo + 2oo-1o-1 4o-7-1o-1oo 3oo-3o-1o-9 or 7o-9o-6-4o-5 or 1-6-5o/7oo 7o-4o-4 1-2o-2o-1 5o-8o-3o or 3oo-4oo-1oo-7o 4-6-1oo or 4-6-1oo-1 4-1o-1oo 2-9-1o-5o/7oo or 7o-2-2oo 7o-6-2-2oo-4oo 5-7o-4o-1o-4 or 3oo-4o-2oo 4o-5o-7o or 7o-9o-2oo 4o-3oo-8o-9 or 7-6-6-3 or 7-6-5o/7oo 7-6-2oo 3-3o-4 3oo-3-1 or 1-1o-9-2oo-1o-8oo 6o-4o/6oo + 2oo-1oo-2 9-5-2oo or 2o-8o-2oo 4o-6-3-3o-1 2oo-1oo-2 4o-6o-4oo + 8-5o-2o-4o/6oo 2oo-7o-3oo 8-1o-2-3o or 1-5o-6o or 5-2oo-4-6-6o 1-5o-6-6o-5 5o-6o-1oo or 5-6o-7o 5-4oo-8-4-3oo-6-4oo 1oo-2-3o or 7-2o-5 or 1oo-3-9 8o-1o-6-6o or 1o-3oo-6-2 8-3o-1o-4o/6oo or 4oo-1oo-5o/7oo R 171 .

Rectum Red Blood Cell Reduction Refresh Regeneration Regress Relaxation Release Remedy Remission Repress Resistance Respiration Respond Responsibility Rest Restore Restriction Resuscitation Retarded Retina Revive Rheumatism Rib Root Rupture Saliva Sanity Scab Scald Scalp Scar 8o-9-9-2oo-2o-5 2o-4-2oo + 1-4-4o/6oo 1oo-2oo-4o/6oo 6o-7o-4 or 2oo-7o-5o/7oo 4oo-1oo-6-5o/7oo or 5o-7o-2oo-4oo 5o-6o-1o-3-5 or 4oo-6o-6-3-5 5-4-2-4-2oo-6-4oo 4oo-2oo-5 or 8-2oo-6o 5-9o-3o-5 or 4oo-2oo-6-8o-5 4oo-1o-1oo-6-5o/7oo 3oo-2-6-1oo-1 or 6o-3o-8 or 8o-9-2oo 4o-8-3o 4-1o-2o-1 5o-3-6 or 8-6o-1o-5o/7oo 5-3oo-1o-4o-5 or 3oo-1-1o-8o-5 7o-5o-5 or 5-3oo-2 5o-3oo-1o-1-6-4oo 5o-1o-8 or 8o-6-1oo 5-7o-4o-1o-4 or 1oo-6-4o-4o/6oo 3oo-6-2 6o-1o-1o-3 or 3-2-3o or 9o-4o-9o-4o/6oo 5-8-1o-1o-1-5 8o-3-2oo 2oo-3oo-4oo-1o-4oo 3oo-1oo-5 3oo-3-2oo-6-5o-1 4-8o-5o/7oo or 9o-3o-7o 3oo-2oo-3oo or 7o-1oo-2oo 5o-4oo-1oo S 2oo-6-1oo 3oo-8o-1o-6-4oo 8-9-9-4oo or 3-3o-4 9-2oo-2 1oo-2oo-1oo-8o-3oo 9o-6-2oo-2-5 or 9o-2oo-2-5 9o-2oo-2-4oo 172 .

Scarlet Fever Schizophrenia Sciatica Sclerosis Secretion See Seizure Self control Semen Senility Sensation Sense Sensitize Septum Shiver Shock Shoulder Shoulder joint Sickness Sight Sight afflictions Sinew [tendon] Tendons Skeletal Skin Skull Sleep Slumber Smell Solar Plexus Sore [rising on skin] Soul 3oo-5o-1o-4oo 3oo-6o-7o-4oo 5o-3oo-1o-4oo 9-2oo-3oo-4oo 3o-8-5 or 5o-4oo-1oo or 3oo-2oo-1o-8o-5 2oo-1-5 or 9o-8o-5 or 8-4o-5 or 5-2-9 4oo-8o-6o 8o-9-8o-9 7-2oo-7o 1o-3oo-1o-3oo-6-4oo 2oo-8-1o-3oo-4oo-1 or 4o-2oo-7o-3oo 8-3oo-2 or 3oo-2o-3o or 4oo-3o-5o/7oo 3oo-8o-1o-6-4oo 2oo-3-3oo-3oo 8-1o-9oo 2oo-7o-4 or 5o-8o-9oo 8o-2oo-7o or 7-7o-7-6-7o or 8-2-9 3oo-2o-4o/6oo 2o-4oo-8oo 4o-8-3o-5 9-6-6-8 or 2oo-1-1o-1o-5 7o-6-5o-5 3-1o-4 or 2o-6-8 or 8-6-9 9o-6-4o-4oo 3-2oo-4o/6oo or 3oo-4-2oo-5 3oo-7-2oo-5 7o-6-2oo or 2-3oo-2oo or 5o-1-4 or 5o-6-4 3-1o-3o-4 or 1oo-2oo-4o/6oo 1oo-2oo-1oo-8oo 3oo-1o-5o-5 or 1o-3oo-5o/7oo or 3o-1o-5o-5 2oo-4-4o/6oo or 4-4o-2o-5 4oo-5o-6-4o-5 2oo-1o-8 4oo-8-4oo-1o-4oo or 4oo-8-4oo-6-5o/7oo or 4oo-8-4oo + 1oo-2-5 6o-8o-8-4oo [see Line 3oo p. 5o ] 173 .

Sperm Spine Spinal column Spinal cord Spirit Sprain Stamina Sterility Stimulate Stomach Stomach ache Strength Stress Stroke Structure Substance Suggestion Sustenance Swallow Sway back Swelling Swelling. 5o] 5o-8o-2oo-1oo 8-6-6o-5o/7oo or 5o-4o-2oo-9oo 7o-1oo-2oo 7o-6-2oo-2oo or 3-1o-2oo-5 5-4o-2oo-1o-9oo 2-9-5o/7oo or 4o-6o-6o 2o-1-2-2-9-5o/7oo 1-2oo-3oo-1 4-8-1oo or 3o-8-9oo or 7o-1oo-5 4o-2o-5 or 8-2-9-1 4o-2-5o-5 or 4o-7o-2-4 4o-4o-3oo or 4o-5-6 or 8-4o-2oo 2oo-7o-1o-6-5o/7oo or 5-3oo-1-5 9-8o-3o or 4o-7o-5o/7oo or 4o-8-1o-1o-5 6o-8o-3 7o-1oo-6-4o/6oo 2-6-9-5o-1 or 4oo-8o-8 9o-4o-4oo 6o-1o-4o-5o/7oo 8-2-5 4-4o-7o 3oo-1o-5o-1o-1o-4o/6oo 9o-4o-6-8 8-6o-4o/6oo 9o-6-4o-4oo 4o-4oo-8 1-3oo-2o/5oo 9o-8o-4-4oo or 8-3o-9o-4oo 1-8o-4-5o/7oo 5o-9-8o-3o or 4o-2oo-1o-8oo 1o-2oo-2o/5oo T 174 . reduce Symptom Taste Tear [crying] Teeth Teethe Temper [to] Tendons [a converging of many] Tension Testicle Tetanus Thalamus Therapy Thigh 7-2oo-7o 3oo-4-2oo-5 or 7o-1oo-9oo 3oo-1o-7-2oo-5 8-6-9 + 3oo-4-2oo [see Line 3oo p.

Thigh bone Thirst Throat Thrombosis Thrombus Thumb Tissue Tongue Tonsil Tooth incisor molars Toothache Torsion Toxic Trachea Transference Tumor Ulcer Umbilicus Upper lip Urethra Urinary bladder Urine Uterus Vagina Vaginitis Varicose veins Vascular Vasoconstriction Vein Venereal disease Venom 1oo-6-3o-1o-4oo 9o-4o-1 8-3o-3o or 1oo-1oo-1 or 1oo-6-7o-1 3-2oo-6-5o/7oo 8o-1oo-8o-1oo or 8o-1oo-1oo 1oo-2oo-3oo or 1oo-2oo-3oo-1o-5o-1 2-5-5o/7oo 2oo-1oo-4o/6oo or 4o-1-2oo-3 3o-3oo-6-5o/7oo 3oo-1oo-4 3oo-5o-1 5o-1-2 5o-1o-2 2o-1-2 plus any of above three 8-o-4oo-6-3o-1 1-2oo-6o-1o 1oo-5o-5 7o-4o-1oo 3-1o-4-6-3o U 9o-4o-8 3oo-6-2oo-2oo 5o-1o-2 3oo-8o-1o-2o-5 3oo-3o-8o-8 3oo-4oo-5o/7oo 2oo-8-4o/6oo V 9o-5o-6-2oo 4-3o-1oo-4oo + 9o-5o-2oo 4-3o-1o-3o 9o-5o-6-2oo 9o-2oo-4oo + 9o-5o-2oo 6-2oo-4 4o-8-3o-4oo + 4o-1o-5o/7oo 4o-2oo-6-2oo-5 175 .

Vertebrae 8-6-3o-1o-1 or 8-6-3o-1o-5 8-6-3o-1o-1o-1 or 8-6-3o-1o-1o-5 Virus 4o-3oo-2-3oo-4oo or 5o-3-8oo Visitation 6o-7o-6-2oo-1 Visitation [before going to healing] 2-1oo-2oo Vitality 8-1o-6-4oo or 5o-8o-8 Vocal cord 4o-1o-4o-2oo + 1oo-6-3o Vomit 8-3o-9 or 1oo-6-1 or 5-1oo-1o-1 Vulnerability 8o-3-7o or 4o-3-5o-1 Vulva 2o-4oo-2oo-4oo or 8o-6-4oo 7o-2oo-1o-1o-5 W Wart [mole] Wean White Blood Cell Withdrawal Womb Youth Zygote 3oo-6-4o-1 1-8-6o-1o-5o/7oo 2oo-4-2oo-4oo + 3o-2-5o/7oo 4o-3oo-1o-2o-5 2oo-8-4o/6oo or 1-4o-4o/6oo or 1-4o-5 Y 5o-6-7o-2oo Z 4oo-1-4o/6oo 176 .

Dictionary of Working Expressions 177 .

6 .2.1 . However. 6 when anywhere within an expression. With experience you can make deletions in four to seven facet expressions to condense them for varieties of effect.2o .Dictionary of Working Expressions Virtually all the technical vocabulary of this book is included in this section along with as comprehensive a range of Working expressions as possible. These definitions combine well with the definitions of the Lines or those in the Dictionary of Healing Expressions.1 .2 3 . 1 and 1o when either within or at the end of an expression.2oo + 2o . The general convention for the deletion of facets in this situation is: Delete: 5 when it appears at the end of an expression.2oo + 2o .2o . beyond which ‘the mind boggles and the tongue babbles’ as there are 40.2o .1 .8 . Notice that there are now a total of nine facets.2oo + 2o .2 3 .6 . seven facets is the maximum implementable for expressions. Notice that the last example reduced the expression to six facets.8 .8 .2 3 . The following are the possible syntheses of Mercury-retrograde: 3 .2oo + 2o . Mercury retrograde would thus be expressed initially as 3 . When making deletion decisions consider the semantics of the Line/s to be deleted in relation to the meaning and the function of the expression as a whole. This is also an option to be applied to any expression once you have begun to implement deletions.2 Deletion is a dynamic with which you will gain more confidence the more you deal with it. 178 .8 .6 .6 .2oo + 2o . but not when at the beginning or end.320 possible permutations of an eight-faceted expression. For example: if addressing the planet Mercury when it is retrograde then the expression for retrograde [3 . Note that this will produce an expression including a plus sign [+].6 .2o .8 .6 .8 .2o – 2] drawn from the Lines.2o .2oo] will be synthesized with that for Mercury [2o . and not only for synthesis.

Regarding the implementation of the expressions included herein: whenever possible they were intentionally compiled as neutral forms. roots and three. Moon and Earth] eclipse [to excel] Working expressions can be implemented to instigate or accompany aspects and emanations of both practice and service. You can never spend too much time then. follow your feelings. You will always [to some extent] get what you ask for [even in the beginning]. cut once. To this end you can either sound the possibilities or recontextualize the numbers into the correspondences with which you are most familiar. and not just ‘sent out’ randomly.to seven-facet expressions as Workings in and of themselves. As we say in object-formation: measure twice. Your intention will implement them as nouns or verbs. the more precise you can be in your choice of expression. in consideration of the expression desired. In this context. the more affective its effect can be.As always. 179 . Example: eclipse [involving the Sun.or four-facet expressions can be considered as elements with which to form expressions for Workings. Note that deleted facets can be included [as a sort of ‘ghost’ element] in the forming of mnemonic visualizations. Remember. and five. For this reason all practice should be intentionally returned to Earth.

Dictionary of Working Expressions A Absorption Activity Aeon After image Alcohol Alembic Alkali Aloes Alpha rhythm Alpha wave Alternative Amber Amulet Analogy Animate Animus [intention] Anise Anoint Antiphony Apple Arrangement Articulation Aspect Astrologer Attention Aware Balance Balsam Banish Bard Barley 2-3o-1o-7o-5 8o-7o-3o 7o-1o-4o-5o/7oo 2-2-6-4oo + 3-2oo-2oo 4o-3oo-1oo-5 1-2-1o-1oo 1-3oo-3o-3 1-3o-6-6-1o 1-9o-2 + 1-3o-8o-1 3-3o + 1-3o-8o-1 2-2oo-1o-2oo-5 or 8-3o-6-8oo 8-3oo-4o-3o 1oo-4o-1o-7o or 8-6-4o-2oo-1 4-6-4o-5 5-5o-1o-7o 2o-6-6-5o-5 1-5o-1o-6o 6o-1o-2o-5 9o-3o-1o-3o 4oo-8o-6-8 9-2o-6o-1o-6o or 9-1oo-6o-1o-6o 5o-4oo-7 2-8-1o-5o-5 or 4o-2oo-1-5 or 8o-5o/7oo 5-2oo-1o 1-3oo-8oo 1oo-3oo-2 4o-6-4o-7o B 3oo-1oo-3o 9o-6-2oo-1o 3-1o-2oo-3oo 1oo-3o-9-1o 3oo-7o-6-2oo-5 180 .

Basal Basil Basilisk Bay leaf Beat Bee Beech Beeswax Beet Belief Bell Berries Beta rhythm Bindweed Birch Birth wort Bitter Bitter cress Blend Bless Bliss Bran Brew Brimstone Bud Calculation Calligraphy Camphor Candescence Candle Capacity Carbon Caress Carnality Cauldron 2-6o-1o-6o-1o 2oo-1o-8-5o/7oo 3o-9-1-4oo + 7o-5o-1oo 4-8o-5o-5 8o-7o-4o/6oo 4-2-6-2oo-5 1-3oo-6-2oo 4-6-5o-3 6o-3o-1oo-1 1-4o-6-5o-5 or 6o-4o-5o/7oo 9o-3o-3o 1-6o-5o-1 3-3o + 2-1o-4oo-5 8-2-3o-2-3o 3o-2-5o-5 6o-8o-3o-6-3o 4o-2oo-1o-2oo 1oo-2oo-4-4o-6-5o/7oo 4oo-7o-2oo-6-2-4oo 2-1o-2oo-2o/5oo 1-8o-3oo 6o-6-2-1o-5o/7oo 4o-3oo-1oo-5 3-6-8o-2oo-1o-4oo 9o-4o-8-6-5o/7oo C 4o-1o-9o-7o 2o-4oo-1o-2-5 or 4oo-4o-5 2o-6-8o-2oo 3o-5-9 5o-2oo 1oo-1o-2-6-3o 8o-8-4o/6oo 5o-3oo-1o-1-5 or 2oo-3-1-4oo-1 2-3oo-2oo-1o or 8-4o-4 1o-6-2oo-5 or 7o-4o-6-1oo-5 or 4-6-4 181 .

Cause Cave Cedar Censer Center Centrifugal force Centripetal force Ceremony Chance Change Chant Chaos Character Charcoal Charm Choice Cinnamon Circle Circular Circumference Citrus Clairvoyance Clarify Clap hands Climax Cloud Cobra Cobweb Cochlea Coffin Cognition 3-2oo-4o/6oo or 6-2-2 or 4o-3oo-8o-9 7o-1o-3-5 4o-7o-2oo-5 1-2oo-7 4o-8-4oo-4oo 4o-2oo-2o-7 or 8-3o-69oo 6o-2oo-6-7-1o 4o-2o-6-6-5o/7oo 9-1oo-6o or 1-1o-2oo-6-7o or 8-3-3 6o-2o-6-1o or 4o-1oo-2oo-1o 1-6o-2o-5o/7oo 3oo-1o-5o-6-1o or 5-4o-2oo-5 or 8-2oo-9 7-4o-2oo or 3oo-1o-2oo or 5o-7o-1o-4o-5 4oo-6-5-6 or 2-6-5-6 1-8o-6-1o or 1-6-4oo or 4oo-6 4-4oo-6-4oo 8o-8-4o/6oo 2oo-9-5o/7oo or 1oo-6o-4o/6oo 3oo-8-3oo or 4o-3oo-1o-2o-5 8-6-4o-2oo-4oo-1 8-6-1oo 2-8-1o-2oo-5 or 2-2oo-1o-2oo-5 1oo-5o-6-4o/6oo 8-6-3 or 8-3-3 or 7o-3-6-3o or 7o-3-3o 7o-3-3 7o-1oo-1o-8oo 5-1o-1oo-8oo 1-4oo-2oo-6-3 2oo-1-1o + 5-4-2oo-1o 9o-1o-3o 9-1o-8o-6-8 3oo-1o-1 or 2oo-1o-6o-5 7o-5o-5o/7oo or 7o-5o-5o-5 8o-4oo-5o/7oo 1oo-3oo-2oo 3oo-2-3o-6-3o 1-2oo-6-5o/7oo 5-2o-2oo-5 or 1o-4-1o-7o-5 182 .

Coincidence Coition Combine Comet Companion Compassion Computation Conceal Condition [to] Conjure Consecrate Consequence Consider Considerate Consideration Constellation Context Continuum Convocation Convolution Coral Correspond Correspondence Cotton Counsel Countenance Counterpart Coven Craft Create Creativity 5-4oo-1-4o-5 4o-3oo-3-3o or 2-1o-1-5 or 8o-1oo-4 5o-1-8oo 1-3-4 3oo-2-1o-9 8-2-2oo 2oo-8-4o-5o/7oo 8-3oo-2-6-5o/7oo 8-2-1o-1 5-4oo-5o-5 or 2oo-9o-6-1o or 6-6o-4oo 2o-3oo-8oo or 5-7o-3o-5 1oo-1o-4-3oo 7o-1oo-2 or 3-1oo2oo 8o-3oo-2 or 9-1o-4o-1o or 3o-1oo-8 6o-2o-3o or 7o-6-5o/7oo or 7o-4o-1oo 7-4o-4o/6oo or 3oo-1oo-3o or 8o-5o-4o-4oo 5-5-3-5 or 3oo-3-8 4o-4oo-8-3oo-2 5-3-1o-1 or 5-2oo-5-6-2oo or 9-7o-4o/6oo 9o-1o-8o-1o-1-5 4o-7-2oo or 4o-7-3o-4oo 1-6o-9-3-5o-1o-5o/7oo 5o-6o-1o-2-6-4oo or 5-1oo-3oo-2oo 2oo-9o-8oo 7-1o-4o-6-5o/7oo 8o-1o-4oo-6-3o 1-3o-4o-6-3 4oo-1-4o/6oo 4oo-2o-4oo-6-2-4oo 2o-1o-4oo-5o/7oo 7o-9o-5 8o-5o-1o-4o/6oo 7-6-3 2o-5o-6o 1-4o-4o-5o/7oo 2-2oo-1 or 7o-6o-1oo 1o-9o-1o-2oo-4oo-1o 183 .

Crescent Crone Crossing the Waters Crossroad Crow Crystal scrying Cultivate Cumulus cloud Cymbal Cypress Dagger Dance Dark Date-palm Dawn Death Ascension Dedicate Deer Define Degree Deja Vu Delineation Demon Density Depth Descend Describe Designation Desire Desolation Destiny 8-9o-1o 7-1oo-5o-5 or 2-3o-5 4o-7o-2-2oo-5 8o-2oo-1oo or 8-6-9o-5 or 8o-2oo-3oo 8o-2oo-1oo-1 or 7o-1o-2-6-2oo 7o-6-2oo-2 4o-7-3-1 or 2-4-6-3o-8 or 7-6-3-1o-4oo-1 1-3oo-3oo 7-6-1o-4oo-1 7o-2-4 8-7-1o-7 9o-3o-9o-3o 2-2oo-6-3oo D 8o-3-1o-6-5o/7oo 2oo-1oo-4 8-3oo-2o-5 4-1oo-3o 3oo-8-2oo 4o-4oo or 4oo-4o/6oo 3oo-1o-8o-6-7o 5-1oo-4-1o-3oo 9o-2-1o 5-3-4-1o-2oo or 1oo-9o-2-5 4o-7o-3o-5 2o-2-2oo + 2oo-1-5o-6 5-4oo-6-6-1o-1o-5 3oo-4-1o or 1oo-3o-1o-8o-5 or 4o-7-1o-1oo-1 6o-6-4o-2o/5oo 7o-6-4o-1oo 1o-2oo-4 or 5o-8-4oo 4oo-1o-1-2oo 9o-1o-6-5o/7oo 2oo-9o-6-5o/7oo or 3oo-6-1oo or 2oo-3-6-3 3oo-4o-4o-5 or 1o-3o-6-5o/7oo 3-6-2oo-3o 184 .

Determine Develop Devotion Devotions Dew Dialogue Diameter Diffraction Dignify Dimension Direction Discipline Discrete Dispensation [divine] Distill Distinguish Divination burden of the information [to] cast implements space/time for Diviner Draco Dragon’s blood Dream Drum Duration Dynamic Earthed Earthquake Eclipse Ecstasy 1oo-2-7o or 8-1o-3oo-2 8o-1o-4oo-8 5o-1-4o-5o-4oo 4oo-8o-1o-3o-5 9-3o 5-4o-4o-1o-4o/6oo 1oo-6-9-2oo 7o-1oo-1o-8o-5 2oo-6-4o-4o/6oo 5-1oo-8oo 2o-1o-6-5o/7oo 3oo-4o-7o-1 or 4oo-8-6-4o/6oo 2-8-5o/7oo 3-7o-2oo 5o-7o-1o 5-4-2oo 2-1oo-1 or 2-1oo-4oo-1 or 2-1oo-1o 2-1o-1oo-2oo or 2-1oo-3oo or 5o-1o-8-6-3oo 5-4oo-5o-2-1 or 5o-1o-8-3o or 6o-2o-1o or 6o-2o-5 or 1oo-6o-4o/6oo 4o-3oo-1 9-3o-1oo 1oo-6-4o-1 9-1o-2oo-1 6o-2o-1o-1 or 1o-4-7o-6-5o-4o/6oo 1o-3oo-2 6o-4o-4oo-2oo-1o 8-3o-6-4o/6oo or 3oo-1-8oo 1-1o-4-1o-1-3o 4oo-6-8oo or 5-1oo-3oo or 5-8-4-1o-2oo 4o-3oo-2o/5oo 5o-4o-2oo-9oo 4o-6-1-2oo-1oo 2oo-7o-1o-4-4oo 5-4oo-7o-4o-4o-6-4oo 5-3oo-4oo-3o-8-4oo E 185 .

vernal Essence Essential oil Event Evocation Evolution Exalt Excitation 4-4o-6-4oo 9o-5-3o-5 7-1oo-5o/7oo 8-3oo-4o-3o 3oo-4o-9oo or 9-2-7o 8-3oo-6-9 2oo-6-4o-4o/6oo or 5-2oo-1o-4o/6oo 5-7o-3o-5 3oo-4-6-5o/7oo 4oo-2oo-8oo 5o-2-7o 3-8-3o-1o-4o/6oo 3-1o-3o-4o/6oo 2o-2oo-2o/5oo or 8-2-1oo or 8-1o-1oo 1-7-4o-2oo-3 2oo-3-3oo 5-4-4-1 5-6o-4o-1o-2o/5oo 4o-8-7-5 5-1oo-6o-1o-4o/6oo 5-1oo-1o-8oo 4o-2oo-9oo 6o-4oo-2oo 4o-1o-4-7o or 5-1-1o-2oo 6o-4o-5 or 9o-8o-1o or 9o-8o-5 6o-2o-5 or 4-4o-1o-6-5o-1o 4-4o-1o-1o-5o/7oo 8-7-6-5o-1 or 6o-2o-6-1-5 4oo-1oo-8o + 4oo-3oo-2oo 4oo-1oo-8o + 5o-6-5o/7oo 7o-1oo-2oo or 2o-2oo-5o/7oo 3oo-4o-5o/7oo + 2-3oo-4o/6oo 7o-6-2-4-5 4o-1oo-2oo-1 or 2-1oo-3oo-5 1oo-3o-3o-5 or 1-3o-5 or 5-7o-3o-1-5 2-5-4-2oo-3-5 2oo-6-4o-4o/6oo or 5-1o-3o-3o 7o-1o-2oo-6-2oo 186 .Effigy Elation Elder Electrical storm Element Elemental Elevate Elf Elixir Emanate Embers Embody Embrace Emerald Emotion Empathy Empower Enact Enchant Encircle Energy Enigma Enlighten Envision Envisioner Equinox. autumn Equinox.

Exegesis Exhilaration Existence Exorcism Experience Extrasensory Exult Facet Facilitate Falling star Familiar Fantasy Fantasy. sexual Fascinate Fast [to] Fate Fates Fear Feedback Feel Female Ferrous Fixed star Flame Flint Flood Fly [to] Focus Force Forge [the] 8o-1o-2oo-6-3oo 3oo-4o-8-5 4o-9o-1 or 5-1o-5 or 1oo-1o-6-4o/6oo 1oo-1o-1o-4o/6oo 4o-3-2oo-3oo or 3-1o-2oo-3oo 3-1o-2oo-6-3oo 9-7o-4o/6oo or 8-6-1o-1o-5 5o-6o-1o-6-5o/7oo 7o-2oo-1o-4o-6-4oo-1 4oo-8o-1o-6o-5 9o-5-3o F 8o-5o/7oo or 8o-1o-1-5 6o-1o-1o-7o 4o-9-1-6-2oo 4o-2o-2oo or 1oo-2oo-6-2 4-4o-1o-6-5o/7oo 5-2oo-5-6-2oo 1oo-6o-4o/6oo 9o-6-4o/6oo or 4oo-7o-5o-1o-4oo 3-4-1 or 3-6-2oo-3 1-3o-6-4 + 5-3-6-2oo-3o 4-1-3-5 8-7-2oo-5 8-3oo-1o or 8-3oo-1 or 8-1o-3oo-5 5o-1oo-2-1o or 5o-1oo-2-5 2-2oo-7-1o-3o-1o 2o-2o-2 + 3oo-2-4oo 3o-5-2-5 2oo-7o-8o 4o-2-6-3o or 3oo-9-8oo 7-2-6-2 4o-6-1oo-4 2o-6-8 or 4oo-6-1oo-8 or 1-4o-9oo 2o-8o-1o-1o-5 2o-6-2oo 187 .

Form Formation Foundation Foundation stone Frost Function 7o-9o-2 or 4o-4oo-6-4oo or 9-6-8o-6o or 9o-6-2oo-5 4o-7o-2oo-2o/5oo or 7o-6-9o-2-5 or 4oo-2-5o-1o-4oo 1-6-3oo 4oo-4o-3o-1o-6-6o 1oo-2oo-5 or 2oo-8o-6-2oo 8-3oo-6-2 or 1-1o-2oo-6-7o 2oo-3oo-4o-1o G Galaxy Gate Gender Generation Genetic code Gentleness Geometric Gesture Glass Glory Goddess Grace Gratification Grave Gravity Guide Hail Hard-wired Health Hear Hearing Helix Hemlock Henna Herb 8-2-6-2oo-4oo 3oo-7o-2oo or 8o-4oo-8 4o-1o-5o/7oo 4-6-2oo 5-9o-6-8o-5o/7oo 5o-1o-8-6-4oo-1 5-5o-4-7-1 or 5-1o-5o-7-1 4o-8-6-6-5 2o-6-6o 8o-1-2oo or 5-7o-2oo-9o-5 1-3o-5 or 1-8o-5-8o-1o-1o-5 5o-7o-4o/6oo or 8-6-6o 5-5o-1-5 or 7o-1o-5o-3 1oo-2-2oo or 6o-2o-2oo-1 7o-6-4-8o-1 9o-6-8o-5 2-2oo-4 2-4o-8-3oo-2-1o-4o/6oo 1-2oo-3oo-1 3oo-4o-7o 8o-1oo-8 8-3o-7-6-5o-1o 1-3oo-6-8 2o-6-8o-2oo 1o-2oo-1oo or 7o-3o-5 H 188 .

Hibiscus Hyssop Hysteria Ice Illumine Illumination Illusion Image crafting of Imagination Implement Implement [to] Impression Incandescence Incarnation Incense blending Inclination Influence Information Initiate Initiation 9o-4o-8 1-1o-7-6-2 8o-6-2oo-9o-5o-1o I working Inner direction Inspiration Instinct Integration Intelligence 1oo-2oo-8 4-3o-1oo or 5-2-1o-9 5-1-2oo-5 or 7o-9-2oo or 4oo-1-6-2oo-5 7o-1o-9-6-2oo 3o-5-9-1o or 4o-3oo-3o-5 2oo-6-3oo-4o or 2-2-6-1-5 6o-4o-3o 4-4oo-1o-6-5o/7oo or 5-7o-9o-1o-4o/6oo 4o-2o-3oo-1o-2oo 5-3-3oo-1o-4o/6oo 2oo-6-3oo-4o/6oo 3o-5o-9 5-4oo-3-3o-4o-6-4oo or 5-4oo-1-5o-3oo-6-4oo 1oo-9-6-2oo-4oo 8o-9-4o/6oo 4o-6-2oo-4 5-3oo-8o-1o-7o 4o-1o-4-7o 8-5o-2o or 1o-7-4o/6oo or 4oo-1o-8-3o 5-2o-1o-5o-5 5-2o-5o-6-5 + 2-6o-6-4 5-4oo-1oo-2-3o-6-4oo or 2o-5o-6o 9-1oo-6o + 5-4oo-1oo-2-3o-6-4oo 5-4oo-1oo-4-3oo-6-4oo or 8-5o-2o/5oo 4oo-1o-8-3o + 8-5o-1o-2o-5 7o-3-3o + 8o-5o-4o/6oo 5-3oo-2oo-1-5 or 2-4oo-8-6-3oo-5 2o-6-3oo-2oo 4o-3oo-6-3o-2 or 4oo-2o-3o-6-3o 6o-2o-6-3o-1 or 5o-2-6-5o/7oo 4oo-2-6-5o-1o 189 .

Intention Intercessor Interpretation Intimacy Intonation Intoxication Intoxicating drink Intuition Invoke Iron Keystone Kinetic Kiss Lament Language Lavender Leap year Leather Left hand Left side Level Libation Life cycle Life line Light Lightning Lilith Limitation Line 2o-6-6-5o-5o/7oo or 4o-2o-6-6-5o/7oo 4o-1-6-4o-9oo or 5-6-7o-1o-4 8o-2oo-1oo-3o-1o-9 8o-3oo-2oo 3-1o-6o or 3-1o-8o-6-8oo or 2-2oo-2-1o-1o 1oo-2oo-6-2 or 1o-4-1o-4 5-5o-3-5o-5 or 5-9-7o-4o-5 3oo-1-2o-6-2oo 4o-2oo-6-1 or 4o-2oo-6-1o 2-1o-5o-5 or 8o-5o-1o-4o-1o 5o-4oo-8o-6o 3o-8-3oo or 5o-8-3oo or 5o-7o-1o-4o-5 1oo-2oo-1o or 1oo-2oo-1o-1-5 2-2oo-7-3o 6o-5o-1o-8oo or 1-2-5o/7oo + 5-2oo-3oo 4oo-5o-6-7o-4oo-1o 5o-3oo-1oo or 4o-4oo-1oo or 4o-3-7o 1oo-1o-5o-5 or 5-4oo-1-2-3o or 6o-8o-4 3oo-8o-5 or 6o-1o-3-5o-6-5o/7oo 1-7-6-2-1-6-5o/7oo 3oo-5o-5 + 7o-2-2oo 2oo-9o-6-7o-5 3oo-4o-1-3o-1o 6o-4o-3o-1 4o-3oo-2oo 5o-6o-2o/5oo 4o-8-7-2oo + 8-1o-4o/6oo 4o-8-7-2oo + 5-8o-4o/6oo 8-2-3o + 4o-2-9-8 1-6-2oo or 3oo-8-2oo or 2oo-3oo-8o-1 2-2oo-1oo or 2-7-1oo 3o-1o-3o-1o-4oo 5-3-2-3o-5 3oo-1o-9-1 or 3oo-9-2oo or 5o-3-4 K L 190 .

Line. to draw Listen Liturgy Love Lovemaking Lovers Low tide Low tones Luminescence Lunar month Lust Macrocosm Magma Magnetism Magnitude Male Manifest Mantra Material Matriarchy Matrix Mercury [Quicksilver] Mesmerize Metamorphosis Metaphor Meteorite Microcosm Mid brain Mirror Mirror image Mirth Mnemonic Moon phases 1oo-6 + 4o-3oo-6 1oo-3oo-2 8o-6-3o-8-5o/7oo 1-5-2 or 8-2-5 or 2oo-8-4o-4oo-1 8-7-2oo 9o-4o-4 + 8-4o-4 3oo-7o-4oo + 3oo-8o-3o 4o-4-2oo + 5o-4o-2o/5oo 8o-1o-1oo-5o/7oo or 2oo-2-5 or 3-6-3oo 8-4-3oo + 1o-2oo-8 4oo-1-6-6-5 M 5-1o-1oo-6-4o/6oo 2-3o-1o-3o 2oo-2-2 8-3oo-2 7-2o-2oo 8o-2oo-6o or 8o-3-5o/7oo or 3-1o-3o-6-1o 5-5-3-5 4o-4o-3oo or 8-6-4o-2oo-1o 4o-3oo-9-2oo + 1-4o/6oo 1-1o-4o-5 or 2oo-8-4o-1 2o-6o-8o-1o-4oo-1o 5-8o-5o-9 3-3o-3-6-3o 4o-3oo-3o or 6o-4o-3o or 8-4-6-1 4o-3o-1o-9oo 3oo-5o-8o-3o 7o-7o-2oo + 1-5o-8o-1 1-4o-9o-7o-1o 3oo-1o-1oo-8oo 2-1-6 + 2oo-1-1o 9o-8-6-1oo 6o-1o-4o-5o/7oo or 2oo-4o-7 4o-8-6-1 or 4o-8-3oo-2-5 3oo-3o-2 + 1o-2oo-8 191 .

Morphogenesis Mothercraft Mother of Pearl Motion Mudra Muse Mushroom Nature observer of Nebulae Necessity Necromancer Necromancy Negotiation Nexus Nocturnal Node Number Oak Oath Obligation Oblivion Obscure Obscure [to] Observance Observation Obsession Ocean Odor Offer 1oo-2-7o + 9o-6-2oo 1-4o-5o-4oo + 1-4o/6oo 1-4o/6oo + 8o-5o-5o-5 5-9o-7o-5 or 4-2oo-9oo 4o-8o-6-3 5-2oo-5-2oo 6o-8o-6-3 or 8o-9-2oo or 2o-4o-5-5o N 9-2-7 7o-6o-1oo-5o/7oo 7o-2oo-8o-3o or 5o-3-1o-4-1 5o-3-1o-2oo-1 or 5o-3-2oo-5 2o-2oo-8 or 9o-2oo-2o/5oo 8o-1o-4oo-6-4o/6oo 2o-1o-3oo-6-8oo 6o-8-2oo or 9-2oo-1 1oo-3oo-2oo or 6o-4-2oo 3o-1o-3o-1o 2-3o-9 8o-2oo-9 or 6o-8o-2oo 1-3o-6-5o/7oo 3oo-2-7o or 1oo-3o-3o-5 1oo-6-5o-4o-1 or 1oo-1o-1o-4o/6oo 8-6-2 or 8-1o-1o-2 3oo-2o-8 1-8o-3o or 6o-4o-2oo or 6o-4oo-4o/6oo 8-3oo-6-2o/5oo 9-3o-3o 4o-9o-6-1o or 8-6-1oo or 1oo-1o-6-4o/6oo 9o-8o-1-5 or 5-7o-2oo-5 9-2oo-4-1 1-6-1oo-1o-1o-5o/7oo 2oo-1o-8 7o-1oo-4 or 1-6o-1oo or 1oo-2oo-2 O 192 .

Oil Old woman Omen Opposite Optimal Oracle Oral sex Ordain Ordeal Ordination Orgasm Orientation Orion Oscillation Other Output Pagan Palm of hand [for divination] Paradigm Paradox Parse Participation Passion Passivity Patchouli Path Pattern recognition Peculiarity Penetrate Perception Persuasion Phase Phenomenal 3oo-4o-5o/7oo 8-1o-1o-3oo-5o/7oo 1-6-4oo 4o-6-3o or 5o-3-4 4o-9-2 5o-2-6-1-1o or 5o-2-1 or 2-8-5o/7oo 4o-9o-9oo 3-7-2oo or 6o-4o-1o-2o/5oo 1oo-3oo-5 or 2o-1-2 5-6o-4o-2o-5 2oo-6-1o-5 2o-1o-6-5o/7oo 5o-8o-3o-1 4-6-5o/7oo 5o-4oo-2oo or 1-8-2oo or 3oo-6-5o-5 5-6-8o-1oo or 8o-6-1oo 1-3o-1o-3o-1o 3oo-7o-3o 4-3-4o/6oo 4oo-8o-2o/5oo 5o-1o-4oo-8 3-1oo-8 or 8-3o-1oo 2o-7o-6o or 2oo-3-3oo or 3oo-6-1oo 3oo-9-8oo or 7-4-6-5o/7oo 6o-2-3 5o-7o-5o-5 5o-4oo-2 or 3oo-2-3o 7-5-6 + 4-8o-6o 5-8o-3o or 5-8o-3o-1-5 2-4-1oo or 2-2oo-4-1oo or 8-4-2oo 1oo-3o-9 or 5-4o-1oo 4o-8o-1o-6o 8o-4oo-6-1o or 3oo-4-3o 5-4oo-8o-4oo-8 4oo-8-3oo P 193 .

Physical Pierce Pleasure Plexus Possession Possibility Posture Potential Power Practice Predestine Predict Premeditation Premonition Preparation Presence Primal Prism Process Prophecy Proportion Protection Providence Purification [through trials] Quadrant Quality Quantity 3-6-8o-5o-1o 5o-1oo-2 5o-1-5 or 3oo-7o-3oo-6-7o 2oo-9o-6-5o/7oo 9o-1o-4o-4oo 3oo-3o-1o-9 or 7o-9o-6-4o-5 or 1-6-5o/7oo 6o-8o-1o-1oo-1 7o-4o-4 7o-9o-2oo 2o-6-8 or 6o-8o-1oo or 8-7-1oo 7o-6o-1oo or 5o-6-5-3 5-6-2o-1o-8 or 5-6-6-1o 3-6-2oo-3o or 8-3oo-1 8-7-6 or 8-7-5 or 5o-1o-2-6-1o 7-4-6-5o/7oo or 7o-2oo-4o-6-4oo-1 4o-2oo-3oo or 1-2oo-3-1o-3oo 7-4o-5o/7oo or 5-1oo-2oo-1o-5 7o-2oo-2o/5oo or 6o-2o-5o/7oo 5-2o-5o-5 5-6-8o-7o-5 or 5-1o-2o-5 2oo-1-3oo-1o or 1oo-4o-1-1o 5o-6o-2oo 4o-3oo-8o-9 or 7-6-6-3 7-6-5o/7oo or 7-6-2oo 5o-2-6-1-5 or 5o-2-1 or 5o-1o-2-1 1o-8-6o or 9-1oo-6-6o-1 or 4o-4-5 5-3-5o/7oo or 8-1o-6o or 2-9-8 7o-5o-5o/7oo or 7o-9-2oo 6o-1o-7o-4oo-1 9o-2oo-1o-8o-5 2oo-2-1o-7o 3-6-5o/7oo or 6o-3-6-3o-1 or 9-1o-2 5o-4o-9oo or 7o-5o-1o-5o/7oo 3-6-4-3o or 2-4o-5 6o-2o-4o/6oo or 3oo-7o-2oo Q 194 .

Question Quintessence 6o-8o-1oo or 7o-9o-5 or 8o-3o-1o 3oo-1-6-2oo or 8-6-4o-2oo 4oo-4o-9o-1o-4oo R Radiant/Radiate Rain to cause Raise Ramification Random Ratio Raven Reaction Reading [divination] Realm Real Time Rebirth Receive Recognition Reconcile Recondition Redundancy Refine Reflection image Refract Regress Reincarnation Release Remember Repetition Representation Resemblance Resin Resolution 1oo-2oo-5o/7oo or 7o-1o-6 3-3oo-3o 4o-9-2oo 3-2-5 or 7o-6-2oo-2oo 1oo-1o-4o/6oo or 5-7o-3o-5 2oo-8-2 1-1oo-2oo-1 4o-5-5 or 1o-8-6o 7o-6-2oo-2 5o-6o-1oo or 5-6o-7o 4o-1oo-2oo-1 or 1-1o-1oo-2oo-1 4oo-8-6-4o/6oo 3oo-7o-4oo + 7o-3oo-5 5-4oo-8-4-3oo-6-4oo 1oo-2-3o or 7-2o-5 or 1oo-3o-9 5-2o-2oo or 7-1o-5-5 8o-1o-6-6o or 1o-3oo-6-2 3oo-8o-9oo 1o-4oo-1o-2oo 9o-2oo-8oo or 4o-7-3 or 4oo-2oo-2-4oo 4-6-8o-1o or 7-1o-5-1 5o-2o-2oo 3oo-2-2oo or 1oo-2oo-5o/7oo 5o-6o-1o-3-5 or 4oo-6o-6-3-5 5-4oo-3-3o-4oo-6-4oo 4oo-2oo-5 or 8-2oo-6o 7-2o-2oo or 8-7-2oo 7o-4oo-1oo or 1o-3oo-5o/7oo 4-6-3-4o-5 4-4o-1o-6-5o/7oo 3oo-2oo-9oo or 9o-2o-1o 8o-2oo-4 or 8-3o-9 195 .

Resonate Respect Respond Responsibility Retrograde Reveal Reverence Rhythm Rhythmajik Rhythmajikal healing Riddle Right hand Root Rose Sacrament Sacrifice Scar Season Secrecy Self-control Semantics Sensuality Serpent Serve Servitor Servitude Shade Shadow Shape Share 4oo-5-4 2o-2-6-4 7o-5o-5 or 5-3oo-2 5o-3oo-1o-1-6-4oo 3o-1-8-6-2oo or 5-8o-2o/5oo 3-1o-3o-5 or 3-1o-3o-6-1o or 8o-2oo-5-6o 1o-2oo-1-4oo or 7o-2oo-9oo 4o-8o-7o-4o/6oo 4o-7o-3oo + 8-2oo-3oo 2oo-8o-1 + 4o-7o-3oo-1o 8-1o-4-5 1o-4-1o-4o-1o-5o/7oo 3oo-2oo-3oo or 7o-1oo-2oo 6-2oo-4 1oo-4-3oo 4oo-1oo-2oo-2 or 1oo-2oo-2-5o/7oo 9o-6-2oo-2-5 or 9o-2oo-2-5 9o-2oo-2-4oo 7o-6-5o-5 6o-6-4 or 8-3oo-1-1o or 9-4o-6-2oo-1 9-4o-1o-2oo or 7o-3o-4o/6oo 8o-9-8o-9 4o-3oo-4o-7o-5o-1o 3o-1o-8oo 8-1o-6-1o or 8-6-1o-5 or 8o-4o-5o/7oo 5-3-3oo or 3oo-2oo-4oo or 5-3oo-1 5-3o-4o/6oo or 4oo-1oo-8oo 4o-3oo-2oo-4oo 3oo-7o-2-6-4 1-5-3o or 9o-1o-3o-5 or 3-6-6-5o/7oo 4o-7o-9 4o-3o-6-6-5 or 3oo-4o-9oo or 1oo-4-2oo 2o-9o-3o 7o-9o-5 or 4-8o-6-6o or 9o-6-2oo-5 5o-1-6-4oo-5 8-3o-1oo or 4o-5o-1o-1o-5 S 196 .

Shooting star Sigil Sign Simile Simulation Simultaneous Sirius Skin of drum Smelt Smoke Snow Solar system Solar year Solitary Solstice summer winter Sound to sound Source Speculum Speech Sphere Spiral Spontaneous Square Steel Stellar Stimulate Storax Storm wind 7-1o-1oo-1 or 4o-9-1-6-2oo 6-1o-4o-5o-9-1o-2oo 2oo-3oo-4o/6oo or 1-6-4oo 8o-6o-3o or 8-4oo-6-4o/6oo 4-3-4o/6oo 5-4oo-8-7-6-4oo or 5-4-4o-1o-1o-5 1o-8-4-6-6-1o 1-2-2oo-1oo 7o-6-2oo or 2-3oo-2oo or 5o-1-4 5o-6-4 or 3-1o-3o-4 or 1oo-2oo-4o/6oo 3oo-3o-8 2o-6o-8o-6o or 8o-1-2oo-5o/7oo 7o-3oo-5o 3oo-3o-3 3oo-1o-9-1 + 3oo-4o-3oo 3oo-5o-4oo + 8-4o-5 1o-8-1o-4 or 9o-1o-5o-6-1oo or 5o-4-5 4oo-1oo-6-8o + 4oo-4o-7 4oo-1oo-6-8o + 9-2-4oo 1oo-6-3oo or 9o-3o-1o-3o or 4o-6o-2-2oo 2-8-5o/7oo or 3-1o-3oo-3oo or 2-4-1oo or 5o-3oo-4o-7o 4o-1oo-6-2oo or 7o-4o-1oo 4o-2oo-1-1o-4oo 2-4-2oo or 5o-1-6-4o/6oo or 5o-1o-2 or 3o-3oo-6-5o/7oo 4oo-8-6-4o/6oo or 2o-4-6-2oo 4o-6o-6-6o or 8-3o-7-5o/7oo 6o-8o-8 2oo-1o-2-6-7o 8-2oo-2 2-3o-9 7o-6-2oo-2oo or 3-1o-2o-5 5-4o-2oo-1o-9oo 3o-2-5o-5 6o-6-8o-5 or 4o-9-8 or 7-6-7o-4o/6oo 6o-7o-2oo-5 197 .

Strength Structure Study Subliminal Submission Subterranean Sunrise Sunset Supplication Syllable Symbol Symmetry Sympathetic Synergy Synthesis Tangible Tantra [Working] Tattoo Taut Teaching Tempest Tempo Temporal Test 1-4o-9oo or 8-6-6o-5o/7oo 4o-9o-2-5 or 4oo-1oo-5o/7oo 4o-2-5o-5 or 4o-7o-2-4 or 1-2oo-3oo-1 8-1oo-2oo or 3oo-1oo-4 or 2-3oo-3oo 2-8-5o/7oo 4oo-4oo + 4oo-6-4-7o-4oo 2oo-5-2 or 2o-5o-7o or 9-7o-5o/7oo 1oo-2oo-1oo-7o or 4oo-8-4oo 7-2oo-8 or 3oo-8-2oo 3oo-1oo-7o or 6o-6o-3-5o/7oo 8-5o-5 5-2-2oo-5 8-6-4o-2oo or 6o-4o-3o or 6o-4o-5o/7oo 4oo-1-1o-4o-6-4oo 8-2-1o-2 or 1-6-5-4 9o-1o-2oo-6-8oo 4o-1o-7-6-3 T 2-2oo-6-2oo Think Thought Thunder Time 2-8-2-2oo-6-4oo-1 or 4o-1o-5o/7oo + 1oo-2-9o-4oo 1-6-2oo or 1oo-7o-1oo-7o or 1-6-2oo 4o-4oo-8 5-6-2oo-5 or 4-3-4o/6oo 6o-7o-2oo-5 1oo-9o-2 or 8o-1o-7o-4o/6oo 8-3o-5o/7oo 2-8-5o/7oo or 2-8-2oo or 2-4-1oo or 2-4-1o-1oo or 4o-2-8-5o/7oo or 5o-6o-5 or 5o-6o-1o 8-3oo-2 or 5-3-5 4o-8-3oo-2-5 or 2oo-7o-1o-6-5o/7oo 2oo-7o-4o/6oo 7-4o-5o/7oo or 4oo-1oo-6-8o-5 or 3oo-7o-5 or 7o-4oo-1o-4 198 .

Tone Touch Tradition Transcend Transform Transmigration Transmission Transmute Treasures [hidden] Trial Triangular Truth Twilight Understand Understanding Underworld Union 5o-7o-4o or 4o-1o-4oo-8 or 8o-6o-5o/7oo 2oo-6-8 or 3-6-6-5o/7oo 4o-3oo-1o or 4o-3-7 3-1o-2oo-6o-1 or 1oo-2-3o-5 4o-6o-6-2oo-4oo-1o 7o-3o-5 or 4o-7o-3o or 7o-2-2oo 3-3o-3-3o or 8-2oo-8oo 9o-6-2oo-5 or 5-4o-2oo 5-3-1o-2oo-1 4o-6o-2oo or 5-3oo-4oo-3o-8 3oo-1o-5o-5 or 4o-4oo-4o-2oo 5o-8-3o-8oo or 2-5-6-4oo 6o-1o-9-4o-5o-1o-1 or 6o-1o-4o-1 4o-3oo-8o-9 or 3oo-8o-1o-9-5 5o-1o-6o-1o-6-5o/7oo or 5-8o-7o-6-3o-5 9-2oo-1o-3-6-5o/7oo 1-4o-4oo or 1o-3oo-2oo 4-4o-4-6-4o-1o-4o/6oo 5-2-1o-5o/7oo or 4oo-8o-6o 1-5-4-5 or 4o-3oo-2o-3o 5-2-5o-5 or 5-3-5 3oo-1-6-3o or 8-4oo-4o/6oo 2oo-2-7o or 2-2oo-7-3 2o-8o-1o-3oo-1 or 9o-4o-4 1-1o-8-6-4 or 1-3-2oo 7o-6-3o-4o-1o 2o-3o-1o 5o-9o-3o U Universal Utensil Utilize Veil beyond the Vertical Vibration V 9o-7o-8o 2-7o-3o-4o/6oo + 5-2-1 7-1oo-8oo or 1-5o-2o/5oo 2oo-8o-8oo or 2oo-3-3oo or 2oo-8-3oo 2oo-9-9 or 2oo-4oo-7o or 2oo-4oo-4oo 199 .

Versed [en]Vision Vocabulary Vocalize Vortex Warp [weave] Way Weave Wheel Will 2-1oo-1o-1 2oo-1-1o-1o-5 or 8-7-6-4oo 4o-2oo-1-5 or 4o-2oo-5-1o-2 1-3-2oo 1oo-6-3o 2-3o-6-7o-5 3oo-4oo-1o 4-2oo-2o/5oo or 3oo-9-5 or 6o-2-1o-2 5o-6-5-3 6o-2o-2o/5oo or 7o-5o-2 or 7o-2oo-5 3oo-4oo-1 or 1-2oo-3 or 3oo-7-2oo 3-3o-3-3o or 1-8o-6-5o 2oo-7o-6-1 or 2oo-9o-6-5o 9o-6-6-1-5 or 2o-6-6-5o/7oo 5o-8-1o-3oo-6-4oo 2oo-6-8 6o-7o-2oo-5 8-6-2oo-8oo 8-2o-4o/6oo or 4oo-1o-4-7o 8-4oo-1o-2o-5 or 2o-6-7o-2oo-4oo 4o-2o-3oo-8o-5 or 4o-2o-3o-8o-5 1-1o-3oo-5 or 5o-1o-1o-3oo 4o-5o-1oo-5 or 4o-1-8-2-4oo 5-5o-3oo-1o-4o/6oo 5o-6o-1 or 8o-3o-1 or 4oo-4o-5 7o-2oo-2 5o-6-5-3o or 9-1oo-6 or 6o-3-4 8o-7o-3o or 8o-7o-3o-5 or 7o-3oo-5 8o-6-3o-8-5o/7oo 7o-2-4 or 2oo-1oo-4o/6oo or 7o-6o-1oo 4o-2o-2oo-5 1oo-2oo-6-2 4oo-8-5o/7oo 1-7-2oo or 4oo-8-4o/6oo W Wind storm Winter Wisdom Wise Woman Woman Womankind Wonder Woof [weave] Work Working [Working leader female] [Working leader male] Zone Z 200 .


202 . meanings must be synthesized. Note: this variety of expressions again allows for the fine attunement of the beat pattern for context relevancy. sound them. and permutation. and choose the one which feels right. 3 – 8 or 8 – 3 4 – 7 or 7 . Example: Original expression: Method 4 . Note that when you synthesize a meaning it will most probably result in a nontraditional meaning. From simple to complex they are: contraction.1o or 1o .The Functions of the Four Forms There are four basic techniques of Transformation. faces.2. They will be dealt with in this order. 5 – 6 or 6 . the precise quality of the number you desire can manifest.5 4) Access these expressions in the Book of Roots. These techniques are implemented whenever one is seeking to expand ‘the map and/or the territory’ revealing qualities hidden within proportional expressions.3o . when these expressions are intentionally sounded.or more-element expressions. For three. Be advised that the original expression’s visualization is usually the focus when a transformed expression’s rhythm is sounded. 2 – 9 or 9 . Semantic meanings are available for two-element expressions in The Book of Roots. CONTRACTION The point of Contraction is to realize a two-element root from a three or moreelement expressions. root structure. However.4oo 1) Total the elements: 4 + 3o + 4oo = 434 2) Contract this expression: 4 + 3 + 4 = 11 3) Implement this contraction: 1 .1.4.

6. When left at 7o .1o or 1o .1o or 1o . 4 . 3 – 7 or 7 . 8 .3.8 18) 8 .7/7 . 2 – 4 or 4 .1o or 1o .6 13) 3 . 3 – 8 or 8 .1. 2 – 3 or 3 . 4 –7 or 7 . 6 – 8 or 8 .8/8 . 5 –6 or 6 .4 9) 1 – 8 or 8 . 2 – 9 or 9 .4. 3 – 4 or 4 .7o is available.8 17) 7 . 2 – 6 or 6 .1.1o or 1o . 5 .4. 8 – 9 or 9 . 6 – 9 or 9 . these conventions are also utilized when PARSING.3o = 3 + 4o + 3o = 73 This can either be left at 7o . 7 .or more-element expressions.2.6.3. 3 .1.2.9/9 .3 7) 1 – 6 or 6 . The key is that there is always one less root than the number of elements in the original expression.7 15) 5 .1o or 1o .7 16) 6 .Conventions of the contractions 4 .4.18 [Note.3. 4 – 6 or 6 . 5 – 8 or 8 .5 11) 1 .7.1. 6 – 7 or 7 . 2 – 5 or 5 .3 8) 1 – 7 or 7 .3.1.5. Expression Root 3) 1-2-3 4) 1-2-3-4 5) 1-2-3-4-5 6) 1-2-3-4-5-6 7) 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 1-2 + 2-3 [2 roots] 1-2 + 2-3 + 3-4 [3 roots] 1-2 + 2-3 +3-4 + 4-5 [4 roots] 1-2 + 2-3 +3-4 + 4-5 + 5-6 [5 roots] 1-2 + 2-3 +3-4 + 4-5 + 5-6 + 6-7 [6 roots] 203 .2 5) 1 – 4 or 4 . 7 – 8 or 8 . 3 . 7 – 9 or 9 .1o or 1o . 6) 1 – 5 or 5 .3. 3 – 6 or 6 . 3 – 5 or 5 .6.3 only the reflexive 3 .5.6 14) 4 .4. 4 – 5 or 5 . 4 – 9 or 9 . 9 .2.] 4) 1 – 3 or 3 .4 1o) 1 – 9 or 9 . 5 – 9 or 9 .7. 2 – 7 or 7 . 6 .1o /1o .1o or 1o .1. ROOT STRUCTURE The point of Root structuring is to yield the root elements inherent in three.5 12) 2 .2.9 The following dynamic also occurs: Example: To turn to 3 .3.5.4o . 2 – 8 or 8 . and not the conventions of 1o . 2 . 4 .2.3 or contracted further to 7o + 3 = 1o . 5 .

on the vertical axis.3o 1oo . 5o/7oo .7o 1 . razor. sheath] [desire.7 5o .4oo 7 .2o second face 9o .6o 4oo .1o .4 2o . 3 .5 3o .5o 7o .3o Roots 3 .1oo 4 .6 4o . Example: Yantra [7o] = 7o . seal] 204 . When they appear at the end of an expression the larger valued end-form can be utilized. As discussed earlier. connected] [inherit] [close.1o first face 8o . pleasure] [period.8o 2 .9oo are final forms of the following numbers: 2o/5oo .1 8 .6oo .3 1o . this does not affect the semantics. FACES The functional purpose of the Faces can best be demonstrated: Structurally: to generate the Faces the progression of the magnitudes of each element of the expression to be transformed is delineated downward. 9o/9oo . 4o .2oo 5 . generation] [reaching] [pivot.2 9 . move] [join.9 5o 6o 7o 8o 9o 1oo 2oo 3oo 4oo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1o 2o 3o 4o [side. 8o/8oo . rib] [plums] [awaken.8 twenty-first face 6o .9o 3 .4o 2oo .Example: 3 .4o .5o 3oo .4o . only the proportion.3o Ascension 3 .4o/6oo + 4o .3o Note: the numbers 5oo .3oo 6 . 4o/6oo .

4oo 2 .1o 4oo .2 would be a general rhythm for tantric practices.As to how this actually plays out take for example. [6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 720] There are 5040 permutations of seven elements. to pierce the body.4oo . 3 Element permutation Example: Structure = 2 .2 .4oo .7 would function for Workings involving piercing [ears etc.9 .1o . 208-15].4o .]. The Faces reflect out from the Alef-Bet as a whole.4oo 4oo . THE GREATER MAGNITUDES 205 .1o . 2 . So while 6 .2 1o .1o . Conceptually: the Alef-Bet is a crystal with twenty-two facets. [5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 120] There are 720 permutations of six elements. With two elements the transform is a simple reflection.7o: To perforate. the ascension of three is the key to unlocking the greater magnitudes.4 .1o 1o .2 . Note that only a small percentage of permutations and faces will have traditional semantic meanings. which the Faces reflect. There are 6 permutations of three elements. [4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 24] There are 120 permutations of five elements.2 The last two numbers have switched position The expression has reversed direction The last two numbers have switched position The expression has reversed direction The mirror image of the original expression The permutations and faces of the 22 Lines with semantic meanings can be found in the section following [p.2o. Both this and the following transformational techniques arise from a crystalline image of the Alef-Bet.9o . while the permutations refract facets determined within the number of elements forming the original expression. Consider this.4oo 2 . Tantra 6o . [7 x 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 5040] Remember. PERMUTATIONS These are provided for active meditational purposes. It is only with three that the transforms begin to grow by orders of magnitude. Its 5th Face is 2oo . [3 x 2 x 1 = 6] There are 24 permutations of four elements.

to 6 times AE. As a discipline to enhance the powers of concentration the permutating of up to seven-letter words [using letters. This makes up the 24 repetitions you first wrote out. 6 times AI. That is. as this can have far reaching effects for your Rhythmajikal abilities. and then replicate the three-process. You then repeat this process for the groups beginning with L.] L I V E ELIV ELVI EIVL EILV EVLI EVIL the original expression [LIVE]. 6 and 7 elements]. I. Third: permutate the remaining 3 letters of the initial expression.What follows is the information necessary to implement permutations of larger scales. This will be shown in full as the four-process becomes the major key to the following permutations [5. etc. The 24 permutations of Four Example: LIVE In practice you would first write out the four groups of six rows beginning with each number of the expression. V. and E. [I will use letters here rather than numbers so this example might make more sense. This is 6 times 24 which equals 120. 206 . LIVE IVEL VELI LIEV IVLE VEIL LVEI IELV VLIE LVIE IEVL VLEI LEIV ILVE VIEL LEVI ILEV VILE Note that the final expression [EVIL] mirrors The 120 permutations of Five Example: ALIVE Structural key: First: write out five groups of 24 repetitions per letter [A – E] Second: replicate the four-process [above] through each group. 6 times AL. not numbers] is suggested.

E.R. to 24 times AT. which equals 720 total permutations. 5. 6. T. Beginning with E write out the six groups of 120 repetitions per letter [E – R].The 720 permutations of Six ASPECT Structural key: Write out six groups of 120 repetitions per letter [A – T] . T. T] through each group going down the rows. FACES AND PERMUTATIONS OF THE 22 LINES A remarkable feature of this system comes to light when dealing with the form and function of the six Lines which have two-facet names. C. five and six. All but three of their transforms have meanings.6 . 4o This group contains names composed of a reflection of one facet: 5 . 6 . Beginning with E [of E.4o/6oo. R] replicate the four-process through each group. 207 . The final row of the final number will always be a mirror-image of the very first row [i.5 .R should look as follows: DEMETER EMETERD METERDE ETERDEM TERDEME ERDEMET RDEMETE This basic pattern will also be evident in the permutations of four. P. the sequence beginning DEMETER will end with RETEMED]. 24 times AP. That is. C. E. To this structure add 24 repetitions per letter S. etc. 4o . They divide into two groups. Repeat this key in the rest of the seven groups beginning with E . The 5040 permutations of Seven DEMETER Structural key: Beginning with D write out the seven groups of 720 repetitions per letter [D –R]. Accordingly they are transforms of one another. Then beginning with P replicate the four-process [P. When completed the first row of each of the seven groups beginning D . 24 times AS. Six letters makes 6 rows 120 repetitions long. Beginning with M write out the five groups of 24 repetitions per letter [M – R]. E.e.

4oo . tie.8o . 4oo Amazingly.6 . this groups names: 2o . 2o . Another point of interest is that both groups themselves form words with semantic meanings: 5 .4o = Powers . knots.8o . This is one of the most fascinating aspects of the inner workings of this Alef-Bet’s system. example: 2o – 8o 3o – 9o 4o – 1oo 5o – 2oo 6o – 3oo 7o – 4oo 8o – 1 9o – 2 1oo – 3 2oo – 4 3oo – 5 1–7 2–8 3–9 4 – 1o 5 – 2o 6 – 3o 7 – 4o 8 – 5o 9 – 6o 1o – 7o 4oo – 6 208 . to knot. 8o .2o . You would not initially think these expressions would be so related. 8o . All but two of their transforms have semantic meanings.6 are faces of one another.4oo = To twist.1 . and further demonstrates the non-arbitrariness of its forms and functions.

4o/6oo 8 . 8o .5o/7oo 9 . 13th and 19th faces.6o 2oo .2oo 4–4 2o .3o 9o .1oo 5o .1 . 4o .1o 5 .3o 7 . The Six Two Element Lines Only Faces with semantic meanings [no permutations] 5 .6 .9o/9oo 4o . Note the predominance of meanings which occur in the 11th.4oo 9o .5 .2o/5oo 8o .4oo 2o .3oo 7-7 3o .4o/6 oo 2–2 8–8 5o .2oo 6o . 209 .Faces & Permutations of The 22 Lines With Semantic Meanings [for advanced active meditation] The following lists include the faces and permutations of the Lines for which semantic meanings are extant.5o/7oo 1oo .7o 3o . 6 .1oo 3–3 9–9 6o .2 1oo – 3 2oo – 4 3oo – 5 Note: the definitions of all these roots are available in The Book of Roots.8o/8oo .3oo 7o .2o/5oo 6 .6o 1o .9o/9oo 4oo .6 1–7 2–8 3–9 4 .8o/8oo 3oo . 4oo .

‘runner’ to ‘mumble’ a charm The dark horn.8o . quiet To go back. not.3oo .7 3o .4o/6 oo 9o . a dark place. to remove PERMUTATIONS 1st: 5th: 1 .2oo . Regret 210 .6 .1 Line 2 -. to sit.3 .4o .3oo 8o .6 .Name: 1 .8o/8oo FACES 11th: 13th: 16th: 19th: 3o .1 . wage war Kohl [eye-paint] Drip. return.9 . miracle to search.1o 1o .3 9 .9o/9oo 3oo . run. to leap To withdraw.2o/5oo 6o .1o . to attract To draw.4oo 4oo . to make dark obscure.6 5o . vanity To break forth.8 .8o .3o .8 8o .7o 2oo .1o . squeeze. contract to close.2 PERMUTATIONS Hyssop To join. pull. wonder. rivalry.1oo 4oo .2 . wash.3o . rinse Heat.1o 4o . skin. occult Strange thing.4oo .4 .5o/7oo No.Name: 2 .2oo 2 .2o/5oo 2oo .Faces and Permutations of the sixteen three-element Lines Line 1 -. contention Daughter of restriction Dwelling places. flow over to fight.7 . labor. restore.4oo FACES 3rd: 7th: 10th: 11th: 13th: 16th: 18th: 19th: 20th: 1st: 3rd: 5th: 5 . hide Silver Temples of the skull To run To cleanse.1 .

5o/7oo FACES 2nd: 7th: 9th: 9 .1o .3o .4oo 5o .1oo . energetic. to peel off.3o . distress 211 .1 9o . to defy.9 3 . din Drop To cut.1o .3o . pit.4 . halt Material body aspect of spirit Trouble.2oo 4oo . to prophesies burst forth.1oo 2o . blow Order.1 To loosen. green.8o .8 4oo . bare Herb. roar.1o .3o Undaunted. mutilate.5 8o .6 . hole Stammerer PERMUTATIONS Line 7 -.3 4o . incline.7o 3oo .3o . to spread.3 – 4o/6oo 2oo .4o .3o .6 .9o . to shake To blacken. unfinished.2oo 4o . yellow. roughly shaped To strip.7 – 8o/8oo 2 . to pluck Sickle. discredit. tarnish Son. scythe PERMUTATIONS Line 4 -.2 .3o To be excited. join Prostrate oneself. untie. to cry shout.4o .8o .Name: 7 . stretch Death [Note: 5th permutation of Line 9] Golem.4oo FACES 1st: 5th: 13th: 16th: 17th: 20th: 4th: 5 .4o/6oo 4o .7o 5o . rumble.9 .5 3oo .Name: 4 .1 .Name: 3 . to succeed. to contract.8o/8oo 1o . to strike . proper Town To be inspired. oppose Ritually correct.3o FACES 5th: 7th: 8th: 10th: 11th: 15th: 18th: 19th: 1st: 2nd: 3rd: 8 . command. rue [herb] To sound.3 .2oo .Line 3 -.1 9 .3oo 7o .

diminished. rest.1 .Name: 8 .9o . to dig in coals Revival. wonder. pear tree To skip. mutilated Fastened.Name: 9 .2 .5o/7oo 1 .8 1oo .1o 4oo . sign.1o .3o . dog bites Flag.5o/7oo 3 .6 .4oo . wanton To sprinkle to have a cleansing influence Line 8 -. twin-like The stone. to stir.13th: 18th: 1st: 4th: 2oo . danger To put down. dance. ferment. palm leaves Death PERMUTATIONS 212 . vagina To cut.1o 4oo . damage.4oo .4oo FACES 2nd: 5th: 8th: 10th: 12th: 13th: 14th: 16th: 18th: 5th: 2o .2 .5 8o . to appear. resin Straw.1o 3oo .1 . rejoice Injury.9o/9oo 5 .5o .8 . invite. peoples. combine.1o 7 . loss.7 . dog.6o .2 5o .3 . to spread To join.1oo 8 .5 3 -6 . trial Open. read To set.1o .6o . to meet with.2oo .4o/6oo 1 .9o/9oo 4oo . wonder To burst forth. black marble. foam Split. to plant.9 To seize. pagans To excite the senses.5 8o . sparkle To call.1o 5o .9 9o .1o .1o PERMUTATIONS Sight. unwalled place.7 . jewel.6 .1o Trial. to build with straw [including adobe] Pear.7o 5 .2oo . to burst open.4oo FACES 5th: 9th: 10th: 14th: 15th: 18th: 19th: 1st: 4th: 4o . tear.3o 4oo .4 .1oo . visualize Powers. name.6o 4 . resurrection of Dead PERMUTATIONS Line 9 -.

3o 3oo .1o 1oo . offer. diving tools carver.4o . husk Fluid.8o .8o/8oo 4 .3oo 1 . to break the force of To unseal. gentle.6 .9o/9oo 5 .3oo .1 . knock at the door To brighten.5o .2 9-1-9 The Sun To heal.6o 3 .4 FACES 1st: 8th: 9th: 11th: 13th: 4th 4o .4 FACES 4th: 6th: 9th: 14th: 17th: 19th: 4th: 5th: 5o . arrive.8 7o .4o/6oo 2 .6 4 .4o . to cut from end to end The fire Bell. pierce. mourn PERMUTATIONS Line 3o -.2oo . count To weaken.3oo 7-3-1 4 .4o/6oo To divide. piercing 5th: 2oo . distribute.1o . cut. scrape. defect PERMUTATIONS Line 5o/7oo -.9o .4oo .7o 213 .1o Rest.6o .1o .5o/7oo FACES 7th: 9th: 10th: 17th: 3oo . decision To break through.2 . to fatten Bird.Line 1o -.3o . to indicate one’s will with mimic motions to leap with joined feet To perforate. divination.6 . carve. therapeutae To ask entrance. to sweep Line 6o -.Name: 6o .3o . put on altar Cut.Name: 5o . satisfaction.4o/6oo 1 .6 .5 2oo . to open To feed.1 2 .6o To close the mouth. writing. pleasing To rise.6o . ink To look out for. bird divinations Diminution.7o . myrtle.4o .Name: 3o .4 .Name: 1o .2o/5oo FACES 4th: 1oo . old.

8o/8oo 4oo . to face. take in view Counting.6o To bring in close contact. after. to count. afflicted. support To close. subterranean prison [Hell] PERMUTATIONS Line 7o -. contemplate to look to. speak.1 1o .4 . green Harmonize. wed To hide.Name: 7o .8o . fresh. harmonize Decree. to ascertain 214 .1o FACES 4th: 6th: 11th: 13th: 14th: 4oo .8 .1o 1o . to seal To violate. veil.1o 5o .5o/7oo 5o . assume an obligation To quiet. last To reason.3oo .9o/9oo 2 .2o .8 .8o .Name: 9o .3oo 9 .1o 5o .1o .5o/7oo FACES 7th: 11th: 18th: 20th: 21st: 1st: 2nd: 3rd: 4th: 5th: 1 . to temper.5o .2o/5oo 2o .2 Prayer for grace Rejoicing [Note: all sibilants] Voice of the serpent To close To establish.7o .9 .4o/6oo 4o . poor.3o 6o .5o . allotment. pleasure Reaching To join.5o/7oo 2 .1o . behind.2oo 5-3-1 8-6-4 3o .7o .1o .4oo . be connected.8 6o . to compose an allegory Moisture.3 3o .9o . lead.3oo 5 .4o/6oo 7o . secretion.6o . be see n To set right.2oo .1oo . to answer To vow Corresponding to To utter To shake the head PERMUTATIONS Line 9o -.6o 4o .6 .6o . store away.6th: 7th: 9th: 12th: 15th: 19th: 1st: 2nd: 3rd: 5th: 3oo .1o . to speak.7o 1o .7o Desire. marking off To cast metal.2o . settle.4o . study To connect.7o 7 .

3 .9o . thy corpse Howling.3o .2o/5oo 5o .1o To lie in wait.6 . wrapping Thy death.9 .5 8 .3o . hunt. lamenting To bend. protect. sphere of Mars 5th of Seven Heavens Being Heap. strong PERMUTATIONS 1st: 2nd: 2oo . rejoice To stick Line 1oo -.1o .1o . to laugh To circle.8o .6 . to utter PERMUTATIONS Line 2oo -.8 .3oo . to chisel.4 4 .3oo .5o/7oo 7o .9o/9oo 4 .5o . to smoke. wave. the unmanifest Talisman.1o . ruins Understanding. to lie in wait Six-pointed star.1o 1o .2oo Mound. to regret To hide.9 9 .3oo FACES 2nd: 6th: 10th: 11th: 15th: 18th: 20th: 21st: 4oo . to tie. 5-3oo-4o it means ‘The Name’] PERMUTATIONS 1st: 2nd: 3rd: 9o .6 .1 4 .1oo 1oo .2oo . shield. to scrape.17th: 4o .1o .Name: 1oo .3 8 . to be firm.1 . protection To fly.5o/7oo 8o .3oo 3 .8o/8oo 9o .4oo .1o 4o . to rise in circles the rising incense To dare.1oo Dust. catch To dance.3oo .2oo 215 .8 .Name: 2oo . inherit.3o 7o .1oo 1 . grace.7o . revolving door Hyssop Covering. bird To be bright.8o/8 oo FACES 2nd: 4th: 6th: 8th: 11th: 16th: 17th: 19th: 5th: 3oo .5 Great scholar [Moses] [Note: reversed. to have power To transmit.6 4o .3oo . solitude To go forth.3 . to seclude. clouds.1 5 .

strong. to limit. gate Breath.2o .6 . poetry.1o . second. to take lodging rest To sing. to loosen.3oo 3oo . wind To repeat.1oo .1 3o . old To pledge.5o/7oo 5o .2oo . stamp Allah Measure The awakening To draw a circle. to discard.Name: 3oo .5o .2oo To enter into. music.1o .2 . sigils To labor in vain Entrance.2oo 8 .3rd: 4th: 5th: 1o .3oo .1o 3oo .5o/7oo FACES 1st: 2nd: 5th: 6th: 9th: 13th: 14th: 18th: 1st: 3rd: 4th: 4oo .6o .6o 1 . song Line 3oo -. verse. chain.3o .1o 1o .6 8o . teach to change To sleep.3oo . to study. allure.7o 4 .1 .1o To crush. to engrave talismans.5 4o .2oo . hard. to take possession To dissolve.1oo 5 . forget PERMUTATIONS 216 .7o .1o 3oo .

WRITINGS OVER SONICS & IMPLEMENTS Remarks Formations Ascetic Aesthetics Four Notes 217 .

. the pressure zones propagated by the material. It is worth considering that the gong is also a physical counterpart of the tympanic membrane in the specific organs of hearing: i. When this sound source is the circular gong which. the more intense. it is axiomatic that the more pressure applied in the production of the material used as a sound source. 218 . Since at least the work of Helmholtz [c. but of spherical zones of pressure propagating in space from the sound source. and hence complex. musculature and skeleton also conduct different qualities of the pressure zone to the audio center. though generally ignored.1859] it has been known [to western science] that sound is a manifestation not of linear waves. and contribute to the total perception of any audio event. Returning to the topic of my choice of materials for the construction of ‘gongs’. more pressure. while freely suspended. I make the point of ‘specific’ organs as it is now known. harder materials which are produced with more heat and.Remarks intended as a general introduction to my work. and this accounts for its sonic potential. My work with gongs concentrates on their ability to generate acoustic phenomena. like attracts like. a more ‘perfectly’ spherical pressure zone results. especially.e. but over the years have developed instruments from rust-free steels etc. and the visualizations which these phenomena produce within the listener.e. I have found that this complexity directly translates into a marked increase in the acoustic phenomena occurring in the physical space enclosing the propagation. I no longer use traditional gongs formed from the softer brass or bronze alloys. that the entire body: skin. i. The aspect of pressure is important on a number of levels. allows for an equal radiation of pressure from both its surfaces.

In cultural musics where an absolute tuning is enforced. This ‘science of the soul’ is concerned with the discrimination and delineation of specific states of phenomena functioning at one and the same time. To listeners unused to this experience. This is because what are commonly referred to as overtones are the harmonic progressions which naturally occur when any given mass is sounded. I must say that I make a distinction between the specific Jewish mysticism and the general Qabalha [or science of the soul] with origins at least as ancient as the Sumerian culture c. These processes are the interactions between the energy [pressure zone] emanating from a source and the physical space enclosing [reflecting and refracting] these zones. are not usually subjected to this control. They occur individually and in combinations between and among these categories. 15. so below’. they produce a lush expanse of sonic experience. and as such. the ‘over. Moving on to the relationships between energy and [enclosed] space. bells etc. I have found that the western study of phenomena known as Qabalha can provide a useful methodology. Note that I have not included the overtone in the category of acoustic phenomena. bowls. At the outset. it is perceived as a unique auditory event.The varieties of acoustic phenomena are first and foremost non material processes manifest to audition. 219 .and under-’ tones of their fundamental mass/pitch are audible to the listener. To quote a major Qabalistic axiom: ‘as above. Gongs. reflection. and phase relationships. when that space is considered as a macrocosm and the listener as its microcosm. within and without the realms of consciousness on the individual and universal levels.000 BCE. these overtones are consciously controlled [usually reduced if not eliminated] in the instrument’s construction.. Technically these phenomena comprise resonance. Practically speaking.

Notes for the ‘First Gong Symposium’ 1 . to abstract patterning. and future. Germany 220 . As demonstrated in the work of the Swiss scientist Hans Jenny in ‘cymatics’. to concrete narrative visions.13/4/87 Amsterdam. The listeners. Fritz Perls Akademie. in essence. The Qabalistic approach is again valuable here in interpreting the varieties of inner visualizations occurring in the listener throughout the range from color-field. etc. and their subsequent effect on listeners. present. and the relationship between heart [feeling] and speech [will]. one finds there are specific structural arrangements corresponding to every variety of tone. This is also the basis of the eastern relationship between specific mantras [sonics] and yantras [mandalas etc.3 May 1987. I believe that this is true not only in the physical but also in the mental realm. 12.]. I believe that these visual phenomena are drawn through the memory. in the perceiving of the acoustic phenomena. For example: the very word Qabalha relates to the process of information transmission through and by the memory. are remembering ‘spiritualized’ aspects of experience: past. whereby consciousness is ‘again’ focused on the non material realms. [the structure and dynamics of vibration].I have also found this Qabalistic doctrine of correspondence of great help as a metaphor system when working on my relationship with the phenomena inherent in and produced by sound. Hücheswagen.

The form of this propagation is spherical. but at a constant 760 m.h. There are not sound waves as such. and the light returned. and the aelohym spoke: speaking light.ooo times per second. SO THE SYMBOL OF THE LOGOS IS SPHERICAL. adopt its density and rhythm. 221 . AS THE COSMOS WAS BUILT UP OUT OF THREE INNER-REVOLVING RINGS. the gas molecules [air] which the pressure zone vibrates.Formations [CAPITALS are quotes from COSMIC DOCTRINE by Dion Fortune] GENESIS: and the fire of the aelohym vibrated through her waters. We form sound by transferring energy to some mass/material. I CHING: it fell to music to build a bridge between the worlds of the seen and the unseen. the presence [pressure] of energy vibrating through space. Territories with specific qualities distinguished by their density [amplitude] and rhythm [frequency]. which in turn transforms and propagates that energy into space. for humans. generally between 2o and 2o. but [spherical] pressure zones. A RHYTHM IS A SEQUENCE OF REPETITIONS OF CIRCULAR MOVEMENT.p. These zones propagate by a process of vibration. VIBRATION: THE IMPACTING OF ONE RHYTHM OFF ONE PLANE UPON THE SUBSTANCE OF ANOTHER. Sound is. AND. That is.

where they are distinguished. anvil. 222 . Even more metaphorically: pressure zones are currents in the sea of sound within the shores of the sound barrier. The first place these neural impulses go is the memory. THE FLOWING OF PURE MOVEMENT IS MEMORY . from the taste in your mouth right now.The atmosphere within the sound barrier is a meta-pressure zone composed of the infinite variety of these energies. AS DISTINGUISHED FROM AWARENESS. You [p]re:cognize all stimuli [from Jung’s collective unconscious. and from there to the cognitive center of awareness. The fluids of the cochlea vibrate. It is reaction plus memory which is the basis of consciousness. which in turn vibrate/fire the neurons along the basilar and tectorial membranes of the cochlea. say. First. successively. WHICH IS A FORM OF REACTION BETWEEN TWO PLANES [emphasis mine]. hammer.THE REPRODUCTION OF AN IMAGE OF AN ACTION IN ANOTHER PHASE OF MANIFESTATION. This begins a hydro-electrical process. How the qualities of energies of this velocity and vibration rate are heard entails a three-stage process. the exterior energy has been transformed back into the realm of electricity [physical light]. All sensory impulse first arrives at memory. the ear-drum. and stirrup transferring a re-proportioned energy to the inner ear. Action and reaction do not constitute consciousness. which is based on this life’s associative memory. and the currents in space of pure movement are the basis of memory because. by a mechanical process in the middle ear. they persist.p. Our sound barrier is formed by energies vibrating faster than 76o m. for example] regardless of your linguistic ability to name it.h. when the exterior energy [pressure zone] vibrates. AND CONSCIOUSNESS IS BUILT OUT OF MEMORY. being frictionless because substanceless. As neural impulses in the voltage of the central nervous system.

Almost all percussion sensibilities conform to the model of awareness previously mentioned . winter/spring 1983 N. Both sets can function as metaphors for the ‘three inner-revolving rings’ of the cosmos’ formation. The basic genres are: ritual. with variations in each genre. and Electricity. Throughout the world various traditional collections of beat patterns exist. Production. social.Y. and martial. communicative. Propagation. one sound. 223 . reactions between the planes appropriate to their functions. and Perception. These four forms engender. This dynamic can be used as a beginning. Mechanics. Hydraulics.‘A FORM OF REACTION BETWEEN TWO PLANES’ .in their basic physical function: one beat. and not just as an end in itself. in varying degrees and from different perspectives.C.

animal. And let’s consider that this dynamic can be achieved through a pure performance on our part.e. By these notso-simple actions one channels/constructs/constrains a model/mechanism by metaphor and analogy on this physical plane which the primal/pure energy can ‘inhabit’. vegetable or spiritual spheres of action. and exist in a dual context vertically [above & below] and horizontally . So let us use some metaphors here. So how to go about achieving a pure performance? One begins by choosing techniques and structures from the body of invocational/evocational ritual practice. 1981. Primarily one must discard the ‘intellectual desire’ to create a subjective result. Let’s consider ourselves existing in a room which is separated in two by a curtain. Let’s consider the pure/potent energy as a light source. One then proceeds to translate/transpose them out of a purely sacral/ ritual context and into a/the performance context. Huizen The Netherlands Ascetic Aesthetics 224 . Again.Process in Pursuit of Pure Performance The axiom ‘as above.as ‘the seen and the unseen’. Eindhoven & 2003. We are standing in the dark. doing not thinking]. Convergence is but one metaphor for the result of a successful Working: at times of convergence the contexts are united. so below’ is evidenced in the fertility rite which is the basic occult ritual of all peoples. So let’s consider the curtain as the ego. It would follow then that the dynamic of convergence would result through the diminishing of the ego/curtain. These categories are based on an ordering of vibrational magnitude.. there is the belief that a ‘higher’/primal/most potent level of ‘fertility’ both exists and be ‘coaxed’ into manifesting on this ‘lower’/less potent/level of existence. This consciousness allows for the control of one’s intention and the establishing of an integration/integrity within one’s day to day awareness upon which one’s relationship to those pure and primal energies is based. The intent of any individual Working is to replicate the archetypal knowledge informing one of these spheres of action. Devotion through sacrifice is the essential discipline necessary to achieve and maintain the consciousness necessary for the ability to channel these energies. and instead develop the ability to simply act [i. And this notion of fertility is applied to either elemental. We believe the other side of the curtain is flooded with light.

qualities. and it can thus expand. [I CHING {Hexagram 16: Yü}] ‘The image. allowing it to enter into and pervade one’s consciousness. associations and relationships which cannot be described or defined but only experienced.. the form. ‘It fell to music to. Schwaller de Lubicz] 225 .between the intellect and the aspect of the tangible world evoked by the symbol. we have the opportunity to live this knowledge’. A method of viewing is required comparable with our hearing faculty: one must learn to listen to the symbolic image.inviting the gods of knowledge down from the celestial spheres' [from The Way of the Shen of Illusion [in The 9 Ways of Bon] translated by David L. is there concretely before us. ‘In this moment of inner identity .A. A centering sense of unification later results from this inwardly expansive movement of mind. flat bells. Snellgrove] ‘The sound of the thunder that accompanies the movement of reawakening life is the prototype of music’.. construct a bridge to the world of the unseen’. with these sounds one calls them -. intuitive notions on states of being .Four Notes ‘the sound for urging on [the gods]: drums. evoking within the prepared viewer a whole complex of abstract. unimpeded by the surface mentality. as would a musical tone which directly resonates with the inner being. [from Robert Lawlor’s introduction to Symbol and the Symbolic by R.

If one crosses over. and the two outer fingers as arms. the two middle fingers as legs. the pentagram of the human/primate form is mirrored in this one hand . that is. 226 . clapping . and returns. The naturalness and integration of the hand in any action can be seen as the sound of the one hand : a human being .‘What is the sound of one hand clapping?’ This classic koan/paradox is meant to place one at the limits of reason. could then one possible response be expressed thusly: Imagining the thumb as a head.

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