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Office machines and furniture It is the age of the machine where the machine has replaced the use

of manpower. Different types of machines are introduced to perform the work. Machines are the devices to perform the human work easily, quickly, efficiently and with great attractiveness. As increase in business competition, the use of machines has also increased. Every organization is careful about the introduction of new machines and their use. Machines have become an important weapon of competition. Use of machines saves time and begins efficiency and effectiveness in the office work. So, the problem of today’s manager isn’t to decide about whether to use or not to use the machine but to decide which one is to be used. Not only the necessity but also the use of machine has been fashion in the today’s business environment so decision regarding the selection and use of machine has been the challenging job for the today’s managers. The decision regarding machine is important because of the following importance of machine:  Labour saving: A machine can perform the work of many labour in a short time period. So, it saves the cost of labour and it is important. Time saving: Time is an important and valuable resource of organization. Machines are used to save the time because they perform the work faster than a human. Machine is important to perform the particular task quickly. Accuracy: There is less possibility of error in the work of machine. It helps to improve accuracy in the office work. Elimination of monotony: Basically, the office works are repetitive in nature which employees feel bore to perform. Office machines make the office staff free from such monotony. They are encouraged and interested to perform the work. Loss of fraud: Machines also use to minimize the possibility of the fraud because machines give the accurate result and also useful for the internal control system. Better and attractive works Prestige and goodwill Better management

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Factors to be considered for selecting office machines:  Nature of work:

Machines are to be selected according to the nature of work. For eg. Machines are used for repetitive work but not used for the work of intelligence, mind and thought.  Volume of work: Machines are selected according to the work load or volume of work. Generally, big organization should select advance machines. Easy operation: The selected office machines should be easy to operate and repair. Repair parts should be available. Cost of machines: Cost is most important considerable factor for selecting office machines. It must be affordable to the organization. Availability: The availability of machines in domestic or foreign market and easiness should be considered. Durability: The machines of the office cannot be purchased frequently. So, the long lasting of machine should be considered while selecting the machine. Flexibility: The selected office machines should be flexible. In terms of their function and transferability. Employees preference: While selecting office machine the desire of employees should also be considered.

Office furniture: Office furniture includes tables, chairs, desk, sofas, racks, cupboard, etc. in which employees perform their work and they spend most of their time. The quality of office furniture helps in the smooth flow of office work. It determines the quality of work by reducing fatigue and health hazards. Office should select suitable and comfortable furniture which we result the following importance:  Increase in efficiency: Good furniture will give comfort and easy feeling to the employees and will cause smooth flow of work. It leads to increase in efficiency. Attraction: High quality office furniture will give better look of office and will create good public image.

Good environment: Furniture is the important component of office. It provides good working environment to the employees. Safety and effectiveness: Good office furniture also helps to maintain safety to the employees and to the important documents and brings effectiveness. Effective supervision: Good types of office furniture also helps in effective monitoring and supervision of the work of employees. Increase prestige: Good type of office furniture will increase the attractiveness of office and leads to increase the prestige of organization.

Factors to be considered while selecting office furniture  Cost of furniture: Cost is the most important factor in selecting office furniture. Office manager should select the furniture whose costs are reasonable and within his reach. Durability: The durability of furniture is another important factor to be considered. Durability and cost are inter-related. The furniture should be safe to use also.\ Comfortable: The furniture should be comfortable. Comfort adds to speed and efficiency but reduces fatigue and strain. Attractive: Attractive and modern furniture should be purchased. Good appearance of furniture adds greatly to the look of the office. Minimum space: Multi-usable: Safety:

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