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Vol. 73 No.34 October31 - November 6, 2012 50 cents

Anne Marie Duggan Wins 2012 USBC Senior Queens

By Lucas Wiseman - USBC ARLINGTON, Texas - United States Bowling Congress Hall of Famer Anne Marie Duggan of Edmond, Okla., defeated fellow hall of famer Dana Miller-Mackie of Albuquerque, N.M., on Tuesday to win the 2012 USBC Senior Queens presented by Storm. Duggan, who turned 50 last month, defeated Miller-Mackie, 199-173, at the International Training and Research Center to claim the title. The event featured a field of 56 of the top senior women bowlers in the country. In the title match, Duggan jumped out to a quick start, striking on five of her first seven shots and taking more than a 50-pin lead. "It was really fun to win something again," said Duggan, who won 15 career titles on the women's professional tour. "Obviously I don't put the time into my bowling that I used to, but to still see that I can throw it well when I need it, feels really good." Duggan, who entered the stepladder finals as the third seed, had to win three matches to take the title. In the semifinal, she defeated Char Hammel of Las Vegas, 210-201,

14-year-old Michael Martell Blasts 300 at Maple Lanes

BROOKLYN, NY - 14 year old Michael Martell posted his 2nd career 300 while competing in the Sunday Adult Child League at Maple Lanes and finished the session with a 729 high set. Patrick Chan tossed a 190 game in a 513 series followed by Raychon Brown with a 175 in a 510 and Anthony Mastroianni rolling 160-459.

USBC Photo

Jake Rollins, 16-Years-Old, Hits 300-837 at Fair Lawn

By Vince Albrecht FAIR LAWN, NJ - 10-06-12 In the Fair Lawn Lanes Saturday morning sanctioned youth varsity league, 16-year-old Jake Rollins continued his torrid bowling as he scorched the maples with 288249-300 for a career high 837 set. The Glen Rock H.S. junior, who finished 61st of 1048 qualifiers in the National Junior Gold Championships in Indianapolis this past July, is expected to vie for 2012-13 New Jersey Youth Bowler of the Year. Currently averaging a flashy 241 at Fair Lawn, Jake has also performed well in Junior Bowlers Tour events, winning the Challenge Tournament in July and recently finishing second in the tournament at Lodi Lanes.

Anne Marie Duggan, USBC2012 Senior Queen with tiara and trophy. after knocking off fellow hall of famer Tish Johnson of Colorado Springs, Colo., 224-198, in the opening match. "I really wasn't thinking about having to win all those matches," Duggan said. "There was no use in getting myself all worked up, so I just took it one shot at a time. I made a lot of really good shots and a lot of bad shots, but fortunately they didn't cost me." Duggan took home $2,400 for the title along with the Senior Queens tiara, trophy and pendant. For more information on the USBC Senior Queens, visit

Mike Jochade 300, Joe Colamaria 300, Brian Ziesig 300, Silky Braddon 299, Anna Bell 279 At South Levittown Lanes
LEVITTOWN, NY - Mike Jochade, Brian Ziesig, Joe Colamaria each found perfection in a 300 game while rolling in the Tuesday Pappys Summer Doubles at South Levittown Lanes. Silky Braddon came up one pin shy with a 299 and Anna Bell posted a 279 game. Nicole Cumberbatch rolled a 258 game followed by Samantha Russ with a 257, April Fucci 256, Ed Stadtlander 296, and Tony Martinez 290.

Jeff Rovetto 807, Dave Hulsizer 299 In Montvale Majors

MONTVALE, NJ - Montvale Majors have been bowling for 5 weeks now and during that time, Jeff Rovetto bowled a 807 Series with 259, 269, 279 games along with Dave Hulsizer putting 11 strikes in a row for a 299 game. Rich Naclerio bowled 268, 268, 244-780, Bob Higgins 257, 246, 276799, Jeff Schuster 245, 266, 260-771, Larry Toppin 268, 265, 237-770, Dennis Hanowitz 259, 265, 245-769, Joe Rizzi 278, 284-765. Andrew Hedaria 749, Mike Rovetto 745, Justin Hawkins 740, Rocky Durocher 727, Toto Roldan 727, Bob Greenwood 720, Ray Kein 718, Joe Alfano and John Rankin Jr. 717, Tom Van Wort 710, and Joe Cauwels 703.


October31 - November 6, 2012

By Gloria Volpe

Bud Light Tuesday 4 Man This league had some amazing scores with the leader of the pack Jerry Ramirez 300 he earns a Pin on the wall of fame ,Paul Stamos 279, Kevin Jackson 278, 270 John Jawor 270, Joe Leardo 265, Paul Stamos 259,Paul Freudenvoll, Ken Scholmann had 2 248s along with Paul Stamos, Chris Montagna & Jeff Di Domenico 247, Victor Mendoza246, Jamie Reid did a repeat of 2 245s Monday Night Trios Charles Petros had a nice high game of 279, Mike Kavanagh 258, Vic Padilla 254, Joe Leardo Jr. 247, 233, and Joe Leardo Sr. 246, Vincent (of My Cousin Vinnie) Troncone 246 and team mate Austin Masser 244. Seif Fahmy rolled 244, Chris Murphy 241, Linda Rose 235, 217, 645, Rich Graf 235. Sun Mixed Gary Donofrio came up with the high score of the night with his 279, Joe Montefusco Jr. and Mike Laspada both had 267s, and Chuck Zingone 234, 224. Tuesday Early 5 Man Mike Semancik had the high game of 278 Micky Travaglio 268, Matt Dunning 259, Fred OCallaghan 258, 257 was a real hot number Charles Worth, Mike Semancik, Craig Bagnoli & Ed Lisi all shot that magic number. Tom Twist tossed 256, Tom Smith 255, Dan Snyder 254, and Brian Koans 249. G&L Friday Night League Mixed Jason Fistunenko and Wonhee Yu had the high games of 257, Dennis Nieradka 246, 237 643, Frank Buenafuente 246, Ron Gilbert 245, Brian Creeley 244, Nino Ponanco 237,235, Todd Rozza 235, Ray Morrow 232, Mike Biggy 226, Grace Thomas 232, Moe Voorshees 217, Nicky Torres 205, and Donna Bagarazzi 203.


Rick Bednarik 299-750
MADISON, NJ Rick Bednarik topped the scoring in the CMIL League firing a high game of 299 and a high series of 750. Joe Borowic hit 289, Chris Brennan 278, Jack Miller 748, Dave Krivak 747, Jennifer Drury 232, Jennifer Dunklin 231, and Emily Evan Ko 219.

Dave Hanft 723

MADISON, NJ Dave Hanft topped the scoring in the Tuesday 400 Doubles League firing a high game of 265 and a high series of 723. Don Priscohit rolled 257-626, and Jimmy Granato 248. In the Bantam Prep Breakfast League Juan Henriquez shot 122, Miles Cook 117, and Daniel Sirota 107.

Bancroft, Kyzima 257

MADISON, NJ Baily Bancroft and Curtis Kyzima each rolled a high game of 257 in the Junior/Major Breakfast Club League. Mac Russell shot 227, Jenny Wageman 222, and Amanda Van Ness 193.

Keith Wunderlich 759
STATEN ISLAND, NY Keith Wunderlich led the scoring in the Rab Wilkinson Memorial League firing games of 269-251 for a high series of 759. Tom Wilkinson shot 289-702, Tom Hollywood 257-247-742, Bob Rinaldi, Sr. 268-699, John Rizzo 241-266-689, John Wilders 257-247-695, and Ed Wilkinson 249-2456-686

Joe Valente 718

STATEN ISLAND, NY Joe Valente led another session of the Rab Wilkinson Memorial League firing games of 246-258 for a high series of 718. Tim McAuliffe rolled 259-690, Jeff Scire 279-684, Tim McAuliffe, Sr. 675, and Steve McNichol 661.

At one time or another every bowler has in fun or frustration said they would rather be lucky than good. They may have said it, but they really didn't mean it, or certainly shouldn't believe it. Luck is fine, in its place, in a proper perspective. But you cant practice luck, and therefore you cant perfect it. That marks luck as a flitting and fleeting intangible. Don't get me wrong. Luck will create an undeserved high game and result in a winning game now and then, and it may be present for an entire night, or even throughout a tournament. If it pops up in the right spot, it might even seem to be the determining factor in a national championship. Luck can produce an incredible game or night or performance, but over the long route, it has a very low priority. It has long been noted that the good breaks and the bad breaks even out over the long run, but don't try to sell that notion to any bowler. Few feel they will ever get even. Don't confuse luck with certain areas of skill. If a bowler carries light hits or high hits all the time it is because he has a working ball more than a working angel. The area where luck plays little or no role is in the lifetime ABC, WIBC, PBA and USBC averages. The events are contested in different cities in different centers on a wide variety of lane conditions, moving on lanes, and with all the pressure brought on by competing against the best in the world for the biggest money and most prestigious titles. Those are the fields on which the seeds of greatness are sown and Hall of Famers grown.

The high average pros are well up in the money winnings every year. But if you're not one or those consistently high scoring bowers, then youre better off being a streak bowler. If you can average better than 240 or so on any given week you're going to cash high and make a good buck, even if you struggle at less than 200 for the next week or two. The bowler who averages a neat 210 or so every tournament will pocket checks, but none of the big ones. The most important statistic to any play for pay bowler is earnings per tournament. The bottom line is how much did it cost you to win what you won. The tour and tournament trail is expensive and though the prize money looks impressive, the non cashers outnumber the cashers in every event Every sport is a challenge, and in professional sports such as bowling, golf, tennis, rodeo and others where in most cases the pay is the amount the player wins, without guarantees, the gut pressure seldom abates. In bowling you can be Rookie of the Year or Bowler of the Year one year and just about carve out a living the next. We often are too fond of putting too much emphasis on factors such as breaks, superstitions and good old luck. Practice more instead of wishing or dreaming. Build a solid foundation on skill not hope, execution rather than exhortation, knowledge rather than chance happening. Credentials and records are not erected with bricks of luck. Stars of any era would rather be good than lucky, and they are, and are much better for it. You will be too. Good luck in your effort.

October31 - November 6, 2012



Four Leading Entities in Bowling Join Forces to Host Men's and Women's Events Side-By-Side
ARLINGTON, TX - In an unprecedented showing of industry solidarity, the four leading entities of the bowling industry have come together today to introduce Bowling's U.S. Open. Hosted in the great bowling city of Columbus, OH from July 21 to July 27, the entire bowling industry will be facilitating the Men's and Women's competitions side-by-side. For the first time, competition will be conducted in three different bowling centers: Wayne Webb's Columbus Bowl, Game of Western Columbus and Holiday Lanes. One of the most powerful brands in sports, the U.S. Open, will be have a live two hour event telecast on ESPN Saturday, July 27 at noon EDT from Webb's Columbus Bowl where bowling will crown its Men's and Women's U.S. Open champion. ESPN has been telecasting the Open since 1997. "This unprecedented level of collaboration within the industry will result in an unrivaled experience for bowlers, partners and fans," said PBA CEO Geoff Reiss. "Bringing these two major championship events together speaks not only to the solidarity of the industry, but to the power of the U.S. Open as a brand." The unifying creation of Bowling's U.S. Open was possible through collaboration between the four leading organizations in bowling: the United States Bowling Congress (USBC), the Bowling Proprietors' Association of America (BPAA), the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) and Strike Ten Entertainment (STE). "Bringing the best bowlers in the world together in a great host city will create a fantastic opportunity to showcase the highest level of competition for our sport," said Stu Upson, executive director of the USBC. "We look forward to spotlighting how major bowling events create media exposure, build civic pride and drive a significant economic impact for communities." The Men's and Women's U.S. Open competition will take place simultaneously, beginning July 21 at the three host centers and will culminate with the top five men and five women bowlers earning a spot in the finals on July 27 at Wayne Webb's Columbus Bowl. "Our ability to bring this event to fruition speaks to the continued resurgence of bowling, the nation's number one participatory sport," said Steve Johnson, executive director of the BPAA. "The numbers don't lie - 70 million people bowl every year. Bowling makes a ten billion dollar impact on the economy with women and youth bowling now more than ever. Additionally, youth bowling is continuing to gain ground and our sport is back on the rise, the timing was perfect for Bowling's U.S. Open to become a reality." "The 2013 Bowling's U.S. Open will immediately become the preeminent event in professional bowling and provide a tremendous opportunity for marketers to reach millions of bowling enthusiasts across the nation," said Frank DeSocio, president of Strike Ten Entertainment. The defending U.S. Open champions are Pete Weber of St. Ann, Mo., who won a record fifth U.S. Open title in North Brunswick, N.J., in February and Kelly Kulick on Union, N.J., who won her third U.S. Women's Open title in July in Reno, Nevada.

Gifts Part of Bowler's Education In-School Bowling Program
ARLINGTON, Texas, October 25, 2012 - The Bowling Foundation announced it has awarded grants in the form of mobile bowling equipment to four schools. The funding is part of the foundation's continuing effort to help enhance lives through the sport of bowling. The Mobile Bowling Equipment program annually helps schools, parks and recreation departments, disabled and disadvantaged service groups and other organizations and youth groups purchase equipment to teach and enjoy bowling. Schools receiving grants are Lawton Public Schools, Lawton, Okla. St. Charles D303 Elementary Physical Education, St. Charles, Ill. P.S. 396K - Ramon Betances School, Brooklyn, N.Y. Crimson Elementary School, Mesa, Ariz. The grants are awarded in the form of bowling kits (value $1200 each) which include six carpet bowling lanes, rubberized bowling balls and pins, plus instructional DVDs to assist coaches and teachers in introducing and instructing students in the game of bowling. "It is an honor and a privilege to award the Bowling Foundation grants to these schools and organizations," said Nancy Schenk, president of The Bowling Foundation. "We know that in this economy so many schools are having their budgets cut, and these grants help to provide some small financial relief to help maintain and improve the resources these schools need to continue to enrich the lives of our children." Schenk added, "The hardest part of the entire process is not being able to award everyone who applies a grant. Each program is so worthy and it is difficult to choose only a few programs when all those who apply are in need of assistance. We take into account a number of factors including which applicants best represent The Bowling Foundation's mission to enhance the lives of others in need through the sport of bowling." Schenk said it is always a joy to award these grants to these organizations (schools). "Bowling is an American pastime and one of the few sports you can do your entire lifetime. It's our honor to help out those who teach our children to be active and healthy for today and tomorrow." Public or private educational institutions, grades K-8; or 501(c) 3 non-profit organizations serving youth in grades K-8 are eligible to receive the annual grants. An organization is eligible to receive funding once every three years. Individuals are not eligible to apply or receive awards.


October31 - November 6, 2012

Photos by John Tierney

Maple Lanes Jib Lanes Rockville Centre Lanes Coram Country Lanes Farmingdale Lanes


October31 - November 6, 2012

Adult Leagues Monday Early Birds: Mike Riley 257-657, Ray Skovonsky 246-590, Ken George 233-689, Leaan Chervnsik 202-535, Frances Haines 184-459, Annette Rossi 182-457 County Tuesday Night Mixed: Michael Kirc 279-769, John Scott 257-684, Paul DiSturco 253-626, Nichole Spratford 246-620, Mickey Pukas 223-557, Sandy Turner 211-610 Fox Hills Seniors: Steve Rainer 224-575, Don King 203 game, Rick Martone 203-535, Helen Loverro 179482, Johanna Hofgesang 163-424, Marilyn Forte 158 game Rockaway Women: Susan Chillemi 218-563, Lois kehmna 190-497, Pat Sommers 178-477, Susan Ruiz 178-468, Annette Rossi 174476, Tammy Baldwin 171-448 Rockaway Foursome: George Dakak Jr. 279-683, Ken George 265-667, Donald Bryant 248; Joyce Hulbert 200-568, Rosanne Cinotti 188, Liza Dinaploli 186-509 PBA Experience bowled on changing PBA lane conditions: Thomas Lulewicz 227; Joseph Caloger 213, Scott Van Syckle 211, Robert Rhodes 200, Rob Sperling 189 NorBu Lodge: Charles Wright 221-607, Bill Karpack 217-564, Rick Seipp 190; Stacey Titus 193-496, Marie Vantreuren 192-506, Lisa Bischer 179-471 Thursday Nite Mixed: Wayne Poverstein 278, Colin Beasty 267-623, Bill Homa 254-665, Nidia Haneveld 215-548, Dori Tingoli 203-499, Tami Mehesey 193-466 Lake Hiawatha A.C.: Van Thompson 266-682, Doug Batsch 254-655, Bill Karpack 249-696, Dave Martorana 248-674, Jack Safkan 246-651 Rockaway Mixed: Bob Olstead 259-661, Glen Malmstone 242-664, Anthony Alston 242-667, Keri May 227-635, Nicole Malson 214-583, Lynn Coleman 214-566 Friday Nite Mens: Ed Galuska 265-675, Heriberto Matias 247-663, Jamie Watson 245-617, Jim Westergaard 216-607, Jospeh Steward 214, Chris Morris 211-622, Frank Grumka 210-597, William Landrum 209587 Friday Put Togethers: Geno McCroy 235-552, Fred Driver 209-527, Daryl Frank 169-503, Keri May 203-588, Michelle Halko 174-486, Amy Caselli 163-393 Spanish American Mixed: Heriberto Matias 265-698, Tyrone Waal 247-651, Jesus Cruz 224; Junior Leagues Sizzlin Strikers: Nicholas Thiese 156-414, Benjamn Cruz 106-274, Andrew Dunleavy 91-241, Dante Garrido 75-180, Daniel Catrambone 71 Weekend Warriors: Ben Miller 132-329, Emma Wright 158-446, Carlyssa Leigh 125-354 Gutter Busters (2 games): Chelsey Cruz 82-163 Bumper Busters (2 games): Jacob Paniconi 94-184 Lucky Strikers: Thomas Pace 119-267, James Gallaher 109-257, Mark Howarth 89-231 Ball Busters: Jack Cook 267-645, Zachary Clark 213-613, Ryan Ackerman 205-570, Haley Paccione 177-447, Steph Sihlanick 120-332, Amia Rodriguez 105-270.


Michael Brennan Chris Swindell 202
LAKEWOOD, NJ - In the Saturday Junior Classic League Michael Brennan and Chris Swindell rolled 202, John Boughton and Brian Lash 200, Robert Guzman 199, Gianna Brown 196, Jon Covert 195, Alec Hehir 190, and Kameron Peters 189.

Livia Spallutto183
LAKEWOOD, NJ - Livia Spallutto rolled 183, Joey Tedesco 161, Joey Schamber 126, and Amber Hauser 107 in the Saturday Pin Hitters league.

October31 - November 6, 2012


In the Monday Seniors: Joe Marsiello 213, Ray Wilson 203, Bob Haskin 200. In the Nassau/Suffolk Bakers: Kathy Fehn 200, Geza Gombas 248, 648. In the Tuesday Early Birds: Freda Amon 224, Jennifer Traina 216, Liz Faust 211, Betty Espy 209, 204, Ann Marie Romano 207, Karen Bernardo 204, Regina Sander 203. In the Wednesday Seniors: Bob Archer 245, Cappy Caporusso 225, 224, 648, Joe Visone 204, Pete Thomasefsky 225, 203, 627, Ray Wilson 212, Bob Haskin 200. In the Hicksville Elks: George Caulfield 235, Susie Lew 222, Chuck Coene 244, Al Gillis 234. Wednesday Ladies Scratch: Barbara Sheldon 211, Ginny Appel 204. In the Knights of Columbus: Rich Kremler 248, 257, 245, 727. Thursday Night Foursome: Dan Kantor 280, Joe Valdina 279, 749, Dominic Turrulli 278, 268, 752, Mike Kraly 269, Ken Wojkylo 268, 267, 779, Joe Mormando 268. Charles McShane 3-Man: Vinny Lore 265, 719, Mike Landini 264, 712, Joe Paciullo 257, Darren Barlow 256, 718, Mike Krull 254. In the Astoria Federal Men: Anthony Gatterdam 267, Rich Hansen 244, 671, In the Friday Hockey Fans: Gin Yee 238, Miyuki YoshidaHay 203, Nick Terracciano 246, Dave Williams 235.

Frankie Berardino 787
FARMINGDALE, NY Frankie Berardino topped the scoring in theThursday 3-Man League firing games of 279-279-229 for a high series of 787. Dan Rice rolled a pair of 279 games en route to a 767 set followed by Eric Smyth with 278-710, Rich Ballin 275-238-717, Jen Ferraro 268, Doug Feldman 267-248-709, Robert O Connor 258-230-232-720, Justin Dellicarpini 238-257-232-715, Tyrone Page 229-237-247-713, and Joe Gaimmarino 247-222-236-705.

Kevin Masick 780

FARMINGDALE, NY Kevin Masick topped the scoring in the Monday Night Fourplay League firing games of 267-255-258 for a high series of 780. Mike Hall rolled 245, Danny Riccobono 241-227-639, James Gallagher 236-214, Matthew Farley 235-229-643, Paul Baron 234, Glenn Dally and Tony Cee 233, and Linda Stephanopoulos 204.

Joe Kotowicz 715

FARMINGDALE, NY Joe Kotowicz led the scoring in the Tuesday Nite Owls League firing games of 267-214-234 for a high series of 715. Bill Kremlicka shot 219-207-247-673, Thomas Fleissner 266-222662, Mike Weber 234-216-211-661, Tom Miranda 230-202, Michael Markoski 228, Bob Galli 227, Richie Brennan 226, and Lisa Catalano 213.

Steve Coleman 706

FARMINGDALE, NY Steve Coleman led the scoring in the Tuesday Early Birds League firing games of 260-245 for a high series of 706. Kerrick Jones rolled 227-249-225-701, Frankie Berardino 226-247238-701, John Tenny 234-215-245-694, Vernon Brown 259-215-213687, Amerika Greaves 227-223-226-676, Charlie Turner 258-211-676, Nicole Catapano 228-205-608, and Jonnae Greaves 226. In the Sunday Early Mixed League Joe Giammarino, Jr. rolled 235, Paul Burns 230, Brian Meade 226, Craig Bogart 222, and Jeremy Schuster 216.

Pat Jones 749
HOPELAWN, NJ Pat Jones led the scoring in the NJ Turnpike League firing games of 216-265-268 for a high series of 749. Angelo Mastrella rolled 246-626, Frank Jordan 223, Dottie Hall 221, and David Siegler 209. Cyndi Fregoni rolled 211 in the Nulty Knockers League.

October31 - November 6, 2012


Don M. Hellhake 686
HOPELAWN, NJ Don M. Hellhake led the scoring in the Thursday Mixed Nuts League firing games of 216-212-258 for a high series of 686. Mark Cumber rolled a 205, and John Sidorko 200 in the Bank League. In the Iselin AA League Albert Knapp shot 231-600, Darris Douma 213, and Emil Woitowicz 204.

Michael Consiglio 730

HOPELAWN, NJ Michael Consiglio led the scoring in the Madison Park Mens League firing games of 238-258-234 for a high series of 730. Pete Tirado rolled 260-251-209-720, Willie Zammitto 290-214-697, Eric Velazquez 218-208-267-692, Ed Kurylo 210268-210-688, Tom Martino, Jr. 269-237-674, Anthony Martino 227-254-672, and Michael Brus III 244-202-223-669.

Don Anione 680

HOPELAWN, NJ Don Anione led the scoring in the Academy Madness League firing games of 214-244-222 for a high series of 680. Carmen Serignese rolled 203-221-232656, Frank Viverito 234-216-639, Rocco Fortunato 209-218-625, Mike Dallamanna 246-621, and Kathy DeCrosta 212.

Paul Harney 723

HOPELAWN, NJ Paul Harney led the scoring in the Atlantic City Trios League firing games of 265-222-236 for a high series of 723. Nick Antonucci rolled 234-225-237-696, Joseph Krupinski 230-225-648, Brian Vicidomini 225-225-642, Bill Venezia 224228-640, and Tim McQueary 235-235-631.

John Baginsky, Jr.666

HOPELAWN, NJ In the LaBuona Pizza League John Baginsky, Jr. shot 242-231-666, Bill Aker, Jr. 208-234-208-651, Warren Taureck 230-220-649, John Baginsky 200238-625, Joe Herber 212-227, and Chris Altman 218. Rich Rowley rolled 243-613, Larry Johnson 207, and Jerry Petti 203 in the Winter Senior Citizen League.