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Lisburn Gaming Club Presents

A Call to Arms 2! A Warhammer 40k doubles tournament. 28 & 29th July 2012

1. Tournament Overview 2. General Rules 3. Army Limitations 1. Usable codexs 2. Teaming 3. List submission 4. Army appearance 4. Tournament Points 1. Pairings 2. Missions 3. Scores 4. Interference 5. Schedule 6. Prizes 7. Referees 8. Difficult Opponents 9. Food and Drink 10. Accommodation

1. Tournament Overview
Date - 28th & 29th July 2012 _ Location Laganview Enterprise Centre (see for directions) Game System Warhammer 40,000 5th Edition Format 5 Games played on 6x4 tables Points 1250 points per player, 2500 per team Tickets Tickets can be bought at, ( Please note that if you purchase a ticket on behalf of someone else, we would like the person who the ticket is for to contact us at and provide us with their contact details. If someone who is buying multiple tickets could please contact us confirming everyones contact details also.

2. General Rules

The tournament will use the 5th edition of the Warhammer 40000 rules without any add-ons. Imperial Armour, Forgeworld or Apocalypse rules are not allowed, although Forgeworld models may be used to represent normal models. The English version of army books and rulebook takes priority over other versions. Each player will be expected to bring all codices and rules they're using, army roster, dice, measuring tape and templates. The latest version of the GW 5th Edition FAQs will be used.

Any rules queries you would like clarified can be asked on our forums or alternatively you can e-mail If you require a partner please check our forums at as we will have a thread set up in our tournament forum for people to say they are looking someone to team with.

3. Army Limitations
3.1 Usable Codices - Codex: Black Templars - Codex: Blood Angels - Codex: Chaos Daemons - Codex: Chaos Space Marines - Codex: Dark Angels - Codex: Dark Eldar - Codex: Eldar - Codex: Grey Knights - Codex: Imperial Guard - Codex: Necrons - Codex: Orks - Codex: Sisters of Battle (White Dwarf list) - Codex: Space Marines - Codex: Space Wolves - Codex: Tau Empire - Codex: Tyranids Only a codex released before 10th May 2012 will be allowed to be used.

3.2 Teaming Players will be allowed to choose their own partner to team with; however they may only team with someone of the same army alignment.


Black Templars, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Eldar, Grey Knights, Imperial Guard, Sisters of Battle, Space Marines, Space Wolves, Tau Chaos Daemons, Chaos Space Marines, Dark Eldar, Necrons, Orks, Tyranids


Each individual army is required to have: -1 HQ -1 Troops Each individual army may then have: - 1-2 (further) Troops - 1-2 Fast Attack - 1-2 Elites

- 1-2 Heavy Support Together the team must not exceed the normal force organisation chart of: - 2 HQ - 6 Troops - 3 Elites - 3 Fast Attack - 3 Heavy Support. So for example player ones army consists of the required 1 HQ and 1 Troop. He then takes 3 Troops, 2 Fast Attack and 1 Elite. Therefore player two is only allowed to take a maximum of 1 Troop, 1 Fast Attack, 2 Elites and 2 Heavy Support; on top of the required 1 HQ and 1 Troop. Please remember, if you need to find a partner we have a thread setup on our forums for people to find a partner (

3.3 List Submission Only one combined army list must be submitted per team. This will be the only list allowed to be used by that team during the tournament. The combined army list must follow the combined force organisation rules mentioned previously in 3.2. Lists must be e-mailed to We would require one member of the team to submit the combined list. The lists must be submitted as shown in example below. Name Player One Army Chaos Space Marines Club Lisburn Gaming Club HQ Daemon Prince (110) wings (20) Mark of Khorne (10) Total [140] TROOP 1- Khorne Bezerkers x9 (189) Champion upgrade (15) Power weapon (15) meltabomb (5) In Transport 1. Total [245] TROOP 2- Khorne Bezerkers x8 (168) Champion upgrade (15) meltabomb (5) In Transport 2. Total [214] TROOP 3- Chaos Space Marines x5 (75) In transport 3. Total [75] ELITE 1- Terminators x5 (150) Mark of Nurgle (40) combi-melta x4 (20) reaper autocannon (25) Total [235] HEAVY SUPPORT 1- Obliterators x3 (225) Total [225] TRANSPORT 1- Rhino (35) Dozer blade (5) Total [40] TRANSPORT 2- Rhino (35) Dozer blade (5) Total [40] TRANSPORT 3- Rhino (35) total [35] Total Points - 1249 Name Player Two Army Chaos Daemons

Club - Lisburn Gaming Club HQ 1: Great Unclean One (160) Elite 1: Flamers of Tzeentch x3 (105) Elite 2: Flamers of Tzeentch x3 (105) Troop 1: Bloodletters x10 (160) Fury Of Khorne (10) - Total (170) Troop 3: Plaguebearers x11 (165) - Total (165) Troop 3: Pink Horrors x10 (170) Bolt of Tzeentch (10) The Changeling (5) Total (185) HS1: Daemon Prince (80) Mark of Slannesh (10) Iron Hide (30) Boon of Mutation (30) - Total (150) HS3 : Daemon Prince (80) Mark of Slannesh (10) Iron Hide (30) Wings (60) Total (180) Total - 1250 All lists must be correct and submitted by 23.59 Sunday 22nd July 2012. Players are advised to submit their list well in advance of this date, so that it can be checked for legality, and any errors can be fixed before a penalty is accrued. The penalty for not having your list submitted in time is -10 points. If you use an illegal list during the event, any round you use it in will be scored 20 0 in favour of your opponent. Failure to comply with anything above in 3.3 will net the team a five point penalty to their overall score.

3.4 Army Appearance Although a painted army looks fantastic on the battlefield, a fully painted army is not required to play in this tournament. WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) is also not required for this tournament. We do ask however that all models used are used on correct base sizes (that includes models representing something else) and that models within a squad with separate wargear are identifiable.

4. Tournament Points
Only gaming scores will be counted positively towards a players tournament points. Penalties can be applied regarding List submission (3.3), Army Appearance (3.4) & Behaviour on the day.

4.1 Pairings

There will be 5 rounds of gaming. The Goettinger Pairing Program (GoePP) will be used to determine the pairings for each round as follows: R1: Teams and tables will be randomly drawn (where possible, Teams from the same club will not face each other in this round) If you are a member of multiple clubs, please declare which one you wish to represent on the day. R2 R5: Pairings will be determined based on the teams current total gaming score. In the case that there are an odd number of players, a bye buster team will be added to even the numbers. They will count as a normal team in all regards.

4.2 Missions Unless the deployment rules say otherwise, the special rules that will be used in all missions are: Reserves, Outflank & Deep strike, Night fighting will be used when Dawn of War deployment is on. During the Warm-Up period, all teams should swap army rosters. You are required to allow and answer any questions your opponents might have. It is your responsibility to make sure your opponents can tell what each of your models/units represents. In all missions, special rules that will be used are: Reserves, Outflank and Deep strike. Night fighting will be used when Dawn of War deployment is used as per p93 (all page references refer to the Rulebook). We will be using a primary and secondary objective system. For new gamers this will be explained fully on the day, however if you wish to discuss this before the tournament, please feel free to contact us on Mission 1 Deployment PITCHED BATTLE Special Rules JOINT COMMAND Primary Objective KILL POINTS Secondary Objective TABLE QUARTERS - capture the most quarters. Place an objective marker in the centre of the table for the duration of the game. --- To capture a quarter a scoring unit (p90) is worth 2 control points, a non scoring unit is worth 1,and dedicated transports 0.The player that has most control points wins the quarter.

Mission 2 Deployment - SPEARHEAD Special Rules COMMANDER & GRUNT Commander Objective SEIZE GROUND (3 objectives). One objective is to be placed at the centre of the board and the other two placed in the centre of the two unoccupied table quarters. Grunt Objective KILL POINTS Mission 3 Deployment DAWN OF WAR Special Rules JOINT COMMAND Primary Objective SIEZE GROUND (5 objectives) Secondary Objective KILL POINTS Mission 4 Deployment - SPEARHEAD Special Rules COMMANDER & GRUNT Commander Objective KILL POINTS Grunt Objective CAPTURE AND CONTROL Mission 5 Deployment PITCHED BATTLE Special Rules JOINT COMMAND Primary Objective TABLE QUARTERS - capture the most quarters. Place an objective marker in the centre of the table for the duration of the game. --- To capture a quarter a scoring unit (p90) is worth 2 control points, a non scoring unit is worth 1,and dedicated transports 0.The player that has most control points wins the quarter. Secondary Objective CAPTURE AND CONTROL No new turn may start within 15 minutes of the end time without referee permission. Joint Command games are played as normal, normal deployment and mission goals remain the same so both players may take objectives and score kill points.

Commander and Grunt games are a little different. Before the game you must decide who is the commander and who is the grunt. The commander and Grunt each have there own objective, however they may only complete their assigned objective. For example the commander objective is Kill Points, Only Kill points that he (the commander) scores will count. At the same time the grunt has three objectives to capture, only the grunts troops will count as holding objectives, however any player is able to contest an objective as normal. FYI on multi assaults and Commander and Grunt games

If two team mates charge an enemy unit together and wipe it out, the player that caused the most wounds is the player that claims the kill point

4.3 Scores *Primary objective (8 points)* The team that wins the primary objective scores 8 points. If the primary objective is a draw both teams score 4 points. Kill point objectives allow for more graduated results as detailed in the missions. *Secondary objective (4 points)* The team that wins the secondary objective scores 4 points. If the secondary objective is a draw both teams score 2 points. Kill point objectives allow for more graduated results as detailed in the missions. *Victory points (8 points)* Calculate the victory point difference between the teams and consult the table below: VP Difference 0 to 300 301 to 600 601 to 900 901 to 1200 1200+ Bonus 0 +1 +2 +3 +4 Malus 0 -1 -2 -3 -4

4.4 Interference Only you and your opponent play the battles together. This means that friends and onlookers who finish their games early must not interfere or be involved in the game in any way. Interfering with a game that is not your own may be considered an offence & may result in a 5 point penalty. Any interference should be reported to a referee.

5. Schedule
*Subject to change on the day* Saturday 09.00 - 10.00 registration 10.00 - 12.30 game 1 12.30 - 13.30 lunch

13.30 - 16.00 game 2 16.00 16.30 break 16.30 17.00 game 3 Sunday 10.00 - 12.30 game 4 12.30 - 13.30 lunch 13.30 16.00 game 5 16.00 17.00 results

6. Prizes
Prizes will be announced closer to the event, via our forums. But below lists the categories we will be giving away prizes for. Heroes of the Imperium - 1st Place. Abbaddon's finest - 2nd Place. We iz guna git 'em next time ladz. The Greater Good - Best sportsmanship. Make love, not war - Last Place.

7. Referees
There will be a scorekeeper (data entry Scribe) who you should submit your scorecard to after each game. They will also be in charge of timekeeping for the event. For rules queries, there will either be a dedicated referee, or a number of player referees. Player referees will be experienced players who have a firm grasp of the rules. They are not permitted to make rules judgements in their own games, and preferably not in games involving their club mates either. If you encounter a situation that you cannot resolve amicably using the rulebook, codices and FAQs, then bring it to the attention of a referee. If no answer exists, they will give a ruling based on common sense (and that ruling will be employed for the rest of the event). If there is still no solution then they will simply d6 it. If you have any issues that youd like to get cleared up in advance then send them to and to be honest, you all know the grey areas that affect your armies so this will reflect on the decision process.

8. Difficult Opponents
Most gamers play in a friendly, fair and sporting manner, but occasionally you encounter one who seems more concerned with being awkward than with playing this game of toy soldiers! If you are unfortunate enough to encounter

such an individual, then please bring it to the scorekeepers attention ASAP. They will take appropriate action to ensure that the game is played properly. Note that Failure to behave appropriately, may net the player a 5 point penalty to their overall score. The referees decision is final.

9. Food and Drink

Ticket price includes access to unlimited tea and coffee. Ticket price does not include lunch or soft drinks and snacks. However we will arrange to complete a lunch order for both days. There also is a tuck shop for soft drinks and snacks. There is also a small local shop beside the club, if you require something else. This is a closed door event and alcohol is permitted however we ask that players refrain from drinking too much during event.

10. Accommodation
For anyone who requires accommodation for the weekend, there is a Premier Inn ( located very close to the club.