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Background of SBMSC The School of Business and Management Student Council (SBMSC) is the highest governing student body

of the School of Business and Management. Its officers represent the students of the School of Business and Management in all University bodies and other associations, both within and outside the campus, which directly affect their welfare and interest. Its officers shall also provide services that will protect the rights and welfare of its constituents. SMBSC envisions a student council that is socially aware and involved, responding to the general interest of the School of Business and Management students in a vigilant and effective way. Furthermore, it envisions a council that is geared towards social entrepreneurship and nation building.

Platform review Six months have passed since I assumed into office, carrying the promise to fulfill my platform SOAR which stands for Student Involvement, Order, Accountability, and Representation. This platform was crafted to re-align SBMSCs direction in rendering better services to its constituency and represent them in a just, fair, and vigilant manner. SOAR was initially set as a game plan that will shape the student council in a holistic, ordered, and systematic manner in order to hit its target areas for a better student council. SOAR has been an enduring dream that I share with my co-leagues in the student council, and I believe that this four-point agenda made all the difference. Student involvement: Engage. Every eagle counts. SBMSC considers each student as vital and important in the SBM community. Thus, in all its undertakings, SBMSC represented and provided services to every SBM student without any prejudice. It is the thrust of the student council to engage everyone in its activities that uphold the general welfare and interest of its constituency. In the first semester, SBMSC was more than an events organizing body of traditional activities like the General Assemblies. It has also provided services like the One Stop Shop which offered free calculator and flash disk rentals and it has also informed the students about their rights through the Magna Carta Drive. SBMSC also successfully implemented the Feasibility Study Preparation Seminar to aid third-year students in their FS implementation. To engage the students in community-based projects, SBMSC invited SBM volunteers to take part in the Summer of Service Program of the KKP-SIO which was an opportunity for the students to re-build Cagayan de Oro City as it recovers from the recent Sendong tragedy. SBMSC also implemented the Youth Livelihood Workshop which engaged students to teach basic savings to children who reside in the Macasandig Covered Court Evacuation Area, an adopted community of the student council. SBMSC Presidents 1st semester report

SBMSC also successfully implemented the Year-level General Assemblies as well as the SBM-wide General Assembly which became a venue for the students to build camaraderie among each other and at the same time be informed of the activities of the student council. In sum, SBMSC sought significant ways to attend to the needs of the student body in general, and not only cater to the concerns of a specific few. This practice is a testament to SBMSCs promise to involve all students in the fulfillment of its duties and obligations. Order: Empowered system for a better governance New policies in SBMSC developed a good internal control in the student council. The Executive Order 001-1213 that I issued in the beginning of my term created a more established system in SBMSC in terms of work delegation in the student council. In the hope of providing a structured scheme to empower the executive units in the student council, an Events Committee was created to become the main organizer of traditional events in order to avoid paralysis in the bureaucracy when university-wide events conflict with solely SBM activities. The Executive Order 002-1213 which provided the Guide for SBMSC Project Heads also improved the system in the council in terms of strictly implementing the internal protocols for project implementation. The Executive Order 003-1213 then provided the SBMSC Evaluation Tools which objectively assessed the activities done by the council through efficient success indicators. SBMSC was also able to conduct the Basic Orientation and Leadership Training Seminar which equipped its officers and volunteers to learn about leadership and project management skills that are necessary for their functions in the student council. SBMSC also implemented the Audit Seminar which oriented the staff on how to accomplish project reports and budgeting schemes in project implementations.

Accountability: Transparent leadership is our priority. It is our prevailing thrust in SBMSC to foster transparency in all our undertakings. Thus, SBMSC records complete proceedings of the student councils executive sessions and posts the minutes online as soon as possible. We make it as a habit that relevant information, especially the ones necessarily discussed in executive sessions, are open for access by the general public. SBMSC also made successful strategies of gearing the student council towards reaching out to the SBM community at large. The student council was made accessible to the body it serves in all mediums possible such as social media and text brigade. The quick response mechanism that the student council applies enabled it to respond to immediate concerns of the student body. SBMSC Presidents 1st semester report

Representation: Speak for your rights. Be heard. As the student council, SBMSC acts as the liaison between the administration and the student body, to ensure that there will be impartial consideration to student concerns and problems. The first semester was the foundation of SBMSCs fulfillment to this role, in first strengthening the grassroots of SBM to create a more democratic student council that will cater to student concerns in the most direct means possible. SBMSC was able to collate all block representatives in the I- Represent Blok Representatives Summit which gave a venue for the block representatives to relay their concerns to the student councils legislative branch, with the hope that resolutions and policies will be made to address them. SBMSC was also able to conduct special elections for block representatives who served as communication agents of the student council which relayed information to their respective blocks. These block representatives also comprised the core team of the year-level councils which function as immediate consultants of students from the year level that they represent. SBMSC also successfully implemented the Speak Up! which was a college forum between the students and the faculty and gave a venue for students to raise their concerns to the faculty and to the student council. SBMSC also conducted the STRAW on tables which was a one-week mass grand consultation where students wrote formal complaints to the student council and which the student council relayed to the administration. SBMSC was also able to defend the 3rd year students who requested for a uniform business attire, and thus the student council lobbied the request to have a uniform attire to the administration with objective grounds based on research and survey. SBMSC is pleased to get the approval of the faculty and of XUCPFA which both granted the request after thorough deliberations. The bulk of the first semester activities in terms of representation were mainly soliciting concerns from the student body, and it is our hope to maximize the second semester to address the specific issues that we were informed with.

SBMSC Presidents 1st semester report

Second Semester Targets It is my deepest desire to embark the second semester with the same outputs of excellence and hard work which the student council gave throughout the first semester in general. The student council may have had lapses and glitches to correct, especially in strengthening our information dissemination system and quick response mechanism. I see the need to improve on these in the next semester, and we will also maximize our means to give updates to the body regarding the concerns that transpired during Speak Up, STRAW on Tables, and I- Represent Blok Representatives Summit. It is also our ardent hope to engage our constituency in local and national issues. Thus, the student council will develop schemes that will empower the awareness of the student body especially in those which directly affect the youth such as the Crowd Sourcing Act, 2013 local and national elections, and the like.

Soaring to greater heights The School of Business and Management Student Council has been truthful to its promise of constantly rendering quality service to the SBM students not only in the projects that it handles but also in acting as the voice of the student body. Rest assured that SBMSC will continue to be your allies in improving student life and education in the School of Business and Management. The student council believes that collaboration is the key to enhance our services and projects that are aimed towards upholding the general interest of the student body. With your cooperation, we can SOAR to greater heights.

In service and excellence,

Princess Kimberly V. Ubay-ubay SBMSC President

SBMSC Presidents 1st semester report