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On April 4, 1993. I too a pregnancy test at my friends apt., Cheryl. It was p ositive.

I was li e, "oh Shit", how am I going to tell my Mom. and Ken. I called Ken and told him , that I too a pregnancy test and that I'm pregnant. You thin that he'd be happy. He told me so many times that he loved me, and bought me a ll those damn roses. But instead he said, "it's not mine"! "I can't have childre n, my sperm is bad".I said, "what!, are you serious". I was 19 years old and I w asn't sure about sperm being bad. So then I was confused, maybe the baby was Dou g's. It could of been a possibility. Because it just ta es one night. So I calle d Doug and said, which frea ed him out,"congrats, your going to be a father".He yelled at me and said, "no way". We used a condom". He was right,t we did. I told my mother when I was about 2 months, she was in shoc . My brot her told me to get an abortion. Men! But I didn't. I wanted to have a baby. If i t was Ken's or Doug's. It didn't matter. I was going to be a mother. During my p regnancy , Ken moved in with me and my family. He also cheated on me for 9 month s. He also hit me a couple times while I was pregnant. I only told my mother abo ut this, and now you all now to..Your probably saying to yourself, She should o f gone to the police". But I couldn't he was the police. He was a police officer . When I see Police men, I trust them. Now I hate them. Not all are bad. They se rve and protect. Do you now how I felt, that I was dating a cop. Li e the queen in England. Serve and protect. Bullshit. In December of 1993, I went to the hospital. I had induced labor. I was 9 mo. and Two wee s pregnant. Do you thin Ken went with me, are you idding. I went with my brother and Cheryl. Ken slept. But he did call his Mom at home from the hospital when he arrived 6 hours later, and when his mom saw ****** Hospital on the caller ID, she was worried that something happened to her precious son."No, Mom I'm calling to tell you that Valeria is giving birth". His mother, didn't even now that I was pregnant for 9 months. The only reason why he called her, w as because she wor ed at the nursery in the hospital. So his family were all ex cited. At 3:31 pm I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. 7 lbs. 0 ounces and 21 in ches long. I was in labor for 5 hours. It was my first child. The only thing tha t hurt the most were the shoulders. But everything else was easy. I remember cal ling my mother 1 hour after the baby was born. Ken still didn't show. Ken showed up the next day with his mother and sister. The baby was Ken's. They have the s ame blood type. A+. So I guess Ken's sperm isn't bad after all. I too my daughter home on Christmas day. It was the best Christmas ever. Ken and I were still living together after my daughter was born, but Ken was still screwing around. In fact I found out, that his SPERM was so good, th at he noc ed up 5 other women. Our phone bill was fairly high one month, so I g ot a phone number reading, and their were about 60 phone numbers that i didn't now, some repeated so possible 30 of them were there. I was going to be the real bitch now, and I called these people. I got shouted at, a couple times by these women. They told me that they were actually married to him. what was up with th at. I was just fed up, I ic ed his ass out of my house and called my brother, t o help out. He was living with a women not that far from my house. My brother an d a friend pac ed Ken's shit and loaded it on the truc and of to the other woma n's house. The woman said, that Ken has been living with her for 1 year now. Ken was actually hiding in the house. what a bastard. She was pregnant to. I didn't hear from Ken for a long time, until one day the phone rang. My da ughter turned 9 months in September. I pic ed up the phone and it was Ken. I sai d,"what do you want,I'm married and I don't want to be bothered". "You're marrie d, I just wanted too see how you were doing, How's Marie"?, he as ed nicely. I s aid, "she's fine, what do you want"?. I want to see you". "come to the Jewel pa r ing lot". I wasn't married, I lied so he would bac off . I went, I actually went. Why? I still loved him at the time, it was still fresh. You now how that feeling is. It suc s. He told me that he's single and he wanted to be with us ag ain, i told him no. I told him that we were moving away, to Europe. Ken said,"yo

u have no right to ta e my daughter from me, if you do it I will ta e her away f rom you and hurt you bad". I had to calm him down, because I was scared. What do you do in that situation, when a man starts threatening you, and your child. He loc ed the doors so i wouldn't get out. I used some heavy psychology, so he wou ld calm down. I told him, that I was jo ing and just wanted to see his reaction, and that I still loved him. Shit, I was scared. I didn't now what to do I conv inced him that I wasn't going anywhere, and I'd stop by on Friday with the baby. We were all pac ed and ready to go to the airport, the house was sold, and this was our big move, to Europe. I had to. For my daughters sa e and I was si c and tired of Ken's behavior. Its Wednesday . I can't wait to get on the plane and have a normal life, with my parents, and Marie.. To Ken all I can say is t han you for a beautiful daughter. My 2 years with you suc ed. I hope that somed ay you will realize how much of an jer you were. Hopefully someday you will wan t to meet your daughter. She's always as ing about her father, what am I suppose to tell her. I can only tell her the truth............ .

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