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-5Today is September 9, 1997: Monica told me that there's this guy who wants to me et me, his name is Ladd.

Busta only because I was American, and he needed a couple contacts so he ca n receive a visa. So how slick is that. Whatever, I said. He was to come the nex t day, but he never showed up. We waited like two hours and nothing. I hate that . But I did meet a guy at the corner store, who knew that it was him. He met me at the house. So he introduced himself. I didn't like him that much, he was a b it boring. He was 2 years older than me, and just got out of the army. He had bl ondish brown curly hair. He was good looking. But I wasn't interested. I still l oved Roman. So to spruce it up, we went to the bar. Monica, Ladd, and I .It was called 3 cats. We had a few beers, played the slots. Then went home. The next day he rang my door bell. What does he want. I wasn't to happy to see h im, but I remembered to give him a few contacts. He invited me out for dinner. I wasn't dressed for dinner, but I went anyway. The dinner was nice. I had lasagn a. It was a bit cold. He asked me out that day. But I turned him down. I told hi m that he wasn't my type. He was a bit upset. My daughter is in the hospital, she had to get a pimple removed. It just kept bl eeding. It's 5 pm, I'm listening to the radio, here at the hospital. Ladd was he re, he brought my daughter some candy and me a flower. I asked, "how do you know that we are here"? He said, that he knows everything. I guess that was nice of him. But he wants something. The operation went well. She'll have a small scar. Today we're going home. Thank god. Ladd came by again, he's becoming an nuisance. A pain in my ass. We argued. Who does he think he is. He's strange. He asked me out again, I told him, "we'll see ". He brought me roses. I hate roses. Ken use to buy me roses. Anyway I was thin king about it, and you know that those tarot cards were right. Should I go out w ith him? December 12, 1997: We've been together almost one month now. He's a really nice person. I met his family. Roman is a bit upset, I had to call him. It was only r ight. I'm thinking about going back to Chicago with him. Roman says," he just wa nts a green card". Roman is just jealous. A year has gone by, Ladd purposed to me. We're having a going away party. I'm le aving tomorrow at midnight. I won't be able to take my daughter with me, because of financial reasons. When we 're settled I'll return for her. Our flight leave s at 7 am. I hate saying good-bye. It was the worse night of my life. I gave Roman a big hu g, wished him well. My mom wasn't to thrilled about me leaving. But I needed to start my new life. The flight was long. When we got to the airport in Chicago, I told Ladd that he had to go through customs. So he did. I turned around and he was gone. I looked all over for him. the immigration officers took him in a room and was questioning him about his stay. I had to translate. They told me that h e has no right to be in the USA. That they were going to deport him, back today. I asked why. I had to tell them that I planned on marrying him. The officer tol d me, you have 6 months or we will deport him back. I wasn't ready to marry him. It was too soon. I didn't even know Ladd. But I didn't want him to be deported. I loved him. It's August 1998,same year and I'm married. We actually tied the k not. It lasted five minutes. We then went to the olive garden with my brother an d his girl friend. It's so cool to be married, kinda weird though. I feel so hap py. I miss my daughter. I wish she was here with me. We found an apartment, its in a nice location. I haven't seen Donna, yet. I thin k I'll surprise her. My husband, Ladd got into a huge fight with the neighbors next door.. I was a bi g mess, and of course he had a neck injury, and we had to go to court, and a tra nslator. The neighbors won the case. Justice is Justice. But it was really scary living next to them. I liked them. Amy was really nice, and Matt, was just Matt . He was an criminal justice major. But that shouldn't make any difference. He c ame into our apartment, without permission. Ladd didn't like it, so he pushed hi m.

A little push turned into a big mess. . After a year Amy moved, and Matt, who knows. I know that Amy was a sweet person, I honestly liked her, in fact I even liked Matt.. I wished it was different. :) June 6, 2000: I went to Europe to pick up my daughter. I saw Roman, he was reall y happy to see me. He gave me a kiss and invited me out for coffee. He asked how I was doing, I said,it could be better. I told him that I had a job, and that L add wasn't working. So it was really hard. It was good to see everyone. (I bet your all wondering what happened in 1999?! I didn't write in my diary at all. Must of been a good year.)

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