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ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY II WAJ 3103 Report of a trip to a Book Fair Reported by : Che Hamdan b Hamid (Secretary Of Unit

ICT Sek. Keb Kubang Kerian 1) Date Reported to : 4th. April, 2012 : Tn Hj Mohamed b Che Noh (Headmaster of Sek. Keb Kubang Kerian 1)

Executive Summary The trip to Book Fair was organized by Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Kelantan and Persatuan Perpustakaan Sekolah Kelantan (PUSTAKA) and the objectives of the trip are: a. To encourage the importance of reading and cultivate the habit of reading amongst the students, b. To improve and widen students’ general knowledge by giving them new experience, c. To give an opportunity to the members to enjoy themselves after a hard work in school, d. To prepare students to be a knowledgeable person, e. To provide the opportunity to see and go through the latest publications of different authors, and f. To provide students with the most exciting, in demand product offerings at an incredible value.

1. Introduction Last week on 28th Mac, 2012 (Wednesday), the Unit ICT of Sek. Keb. Kubang Kerian 1 had a trip to Book Fair at Dewan Jubli Perak MPKB (Padang Perdana), Jalan Mahmood, Kota Bharu. We were going there by bus. The Book Fair were organized by Pelajaran Negeri Kelantan and Persatuan Perpustakaan Sekolah Kelantan (PUSTAKA) and also sponsored by Kedai Buku Banggol Kubang Kerian. There were a lot of activities there such as drawing competition, quiz contest and meet with the local cartoonists. There was also a computer exhibition.


30 because we need to be at Dewan Jubli Perak MPKB at 10.m. books on performing arts. It was really a spectacle to watch. books on cookery.m from our school and returning on the same day by 2. The students were eager to visit the book fair. There were so many books there.40 a. I was interested in getting the latest arrival on Computer Software. books on software and hardware. Some of the stalls particularly those dealing in stationery and children books were thronged by the people. At the entrance to each stall there was a counter for inquiry and payment. There were attractive hoardings everywhere. They displayed children’s books.40 a. At around ten. science and technology.m. Security arrangements were tight. books on language and literature. There were local publishers. banking and finance. books on analog and medicine. One could also get a catalogue of the books available in the stall. The stalls were attractively decorated. health. we were at the venue. They were Puan Aina bt Ahmad. In addition. All the teachers in charge readily agreed and took them to this event. Then students gleefully buried themselves among the vast number of books on display there. subjectoriented books. There was a huge crowd of people. We were not disappointed and got what we wanted and that too at a cheaper rate than what the ordinary bookstalls offer. They discussed this with me to visit this mega event. 2|Page .ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY II WAJ 3103 We gathered at the school compound at 9. Puan Fatimah bt Abdullah. books on law and income. Each hall was segmented into many stalls managed by the respective publishing houses. Each stall was a delight to watch. We all started for the book fair at 9. beauty and fitness and religious books. We were stunned to watch this event. there was a huge collection of dictionaries. We had to pass through a big entrance to reach the different halls. En Haris b Salleh and En Che hamdan b Hamid. We were leaving at 9. It took 30 minutes to reach there. while my students wanted to get some good books on essay writing and science fictions. Fours teachers accompanied the fifty-one students on the trip.00. We hired two big and air-conditioned buses.00 p. Management and accounting. national publishers and international publishers.

Another bookstall had an interesting array of books on English grammar. Of course technical books cost much. social reformers. 3|Page . political leaders and writers. Time flew. four hours seemed like four minutes. We came back at 2 o’clock.ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY II WAJ 3103 In another bookstall I saw biographies of great men and women like scientists. electronics etc. Prizes were awarded to the winners of each competition. It was a memorable trip. Coming round the book fair I found newer and newer varieties of books. Every publisher had their own way to attract the public some were offering heavy discount while some other had gift schemes. Everybody enjoyed the visit tremendously. there were a lot of competitions held in the hall. Soon all the students and the teacher in charge assembled at the front door. There were cafeterias and ice-cream parlours. correct use of English and books of model essays. In another bookstall there were engineering and medical books and books on many technical subjects like computer science. Besides stunned with the latest books and novels. In another bookstall which specialized in children’s books I found very interesting and useful books for children. There were textbooks for the primary classes. Students bought books of their choice. Some publishers had made special sitting arrangement for the readers. Many of our students participated in these activities. The books written by experts in many fields were highly priced. It is a truth that reading the biographies of great men and women is a great inspiration to youngsters.

It promotes largescale sale of books within a short time. book fairs organise various readings recitation and other such competitions. the commercial advantages. That is why. I always visit book fairs whenever I get a chance to do so. Generally. It dispels my tension for some time. Nowadays. with minimum expenditure. Besides. book fairs are becoming quite common. book fair exhibit hundreds of books on different topics and therefore. I perfectly agree with this view.ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY II WAJ 3103 2. Recommendations : “The ink of a scholar is more sacred than the blood of a martyr”. I am a lover of books. Book fairs also provide the opportunity to see and go through the latest publications of different authors. if we think of purchasing a book from a bookstall. The commercial benefit of book fair is also significant. one can get the book of one’s choice at a short time. they also provide several benefits to the general public. The greatest merit of book fairs is that it widens people’s reading habits and love for books. 3. Generally large discount and special concessions are offered to attract the public and so one can purchase the book one wants at a cheaper rate. 4|Page . leading to an improvement in literacy and public education. reading books. Another notable merit of book fairs is that during such an occasion we can go through the content of the books quite leisurely while that is not possible. People also get an opportunity to meet well. Conclusion Now-a-days. Books give me immense joy and satisfaction apart from knowledge. I spend a good deal of my leisure. at least. I hope that the Book Fair will always held a great events so that we as a reader or book worm can spend our time here with minimum expenditure.known writers as publishers try to arrange for that.