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UPDATE POST PROCESSOR FROM OLD VERSION FILE i. Setting ii. Run user application iii. (Search file) updatepost.dll iv. OK v. Change value : option Post type Update FROM Version (post processor old version) Overwrite (verbose (promp user)) Target folder (new version post processor will be saved in this folder) Select post (file of the original old post processor version) iv. OK


POST PROCESSOR BACKUP Which file need to backup to create new version post processor i. CNC-machine ii. Configuration iii. Materials iv. Mill/Lathe/Wire


CUTTING SPEED i. RPM = [Cutting speed (CS) ×1000]/π×Tool diameter (ø) ii. Feed rate – depend on surface roughness Feed rate = RPM × Fz × Number of flute Fz = feed per tooth (rough 0.12mm/finish 0.08mm)


MACHINE / PC DATA TRANSFER i. Connection setting on pc (Mastercam X Editor) Tool Option Communication (machine type/model) ii. Sent data to machine Communication Send Transfer status Click on


Change value (baud rate : 19200 – this value depend on type of machine), com 1, Stop bit : 2, Parity : even Machine to PC data transfer

- Configure on machine Press start button (green) On Cimco editor – set receive Output (key in program name) Save program file on machine .