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Full Marks: 20
Write questions for the answers.
Example: What do you do in the evenings?
I watch TV or listen to music.
1. How many brothers and sisters _______________ ?
I’ve got two brothers and a sister.
2 Where _______ he _______ ?
He works in a hospital in the centre of town.
3 What _______ you _______ last weekend?
We went to the coast.
4 _______ you _______ Steven Spielberg’s new film?
Yes, I have. I saw it last night.
5 What _______ Dad _______ ?
He’s working in the garden.
6 Why __________________ come to my party?
Because I had to revise for my exams.
7 _______ your sister _______ her baby yet?
Yes, she has. She had a boy at 5 a.m. yesterday.
8 _______ your children _______ a home computer?
No, they haven’t, but they’ve got a computer at school.
9 Where _______________ at nine o’clock last night?
I was at home.

10×0.5 =05

10. How long _______ you _______ learning English?
I’ve been learning English for about two years.
Make the statements negative.
Example I enjoy living in a big city.
I don’t enjoy living in a big city.
1 It’s a very good film.
2 She’s working very hard at the moment.
3 He needs a computer for his job.
___________________________________________ .
4 The house is decorated every year.
___________________________________________ .
5 We bought presents for everyone.
___________________________________________ .
6 They’ve sold their house.
__________________________________________ .
7 She was wearing new clothes.
__________________________________________ .
8 They’ve been waiting for a long time.
___________________________________________ .
9 I’ve got a garden.
___________________________ .

10×1 =10

10 We had an exam last term.
__________________________________________ .

Write a paragraph on “ Why do you want to become a Mariner?” (150 words)


9 They’re developing new computer software. Present Simple or Present Simple passive. _____________________________________________________________________________ . C. 10 They’re building a new swimming pool in my town. 7 They grow oranges in the south of Spain. 4 My idea of perfect happiness is being alone on a Sunday morning. Not all the verbs are used. 3 They’re counting the money at the moment. a nd jam. because I love staying in bed when I don’t have t o go to work. 1 They export wine from France and Germany. I (3)__________ immediately. _____________________________________________________________________________ . croissants. _____________________________________________________________________________. _____________________________________________________________________________ .English Full Marks: 20 A. The cathedral is being cleaned. 8 They employ a lot of people in marketing. I have my favourite breakfast – coffee. Make the sentences passive. 6 Write a paragraph on “ Why do you want to become a Mariner?” (150 words) 0 . One example has b een given. After an hour. 6 They’re checking the details now. 4 They’re designing some new houses. _____________________________________________________________________________ . _____________________________________________________________________________ . I love talking to them or seeing them on Sunday afternoo ns but they know that people (8)__________ to share my Sunday mornings! B. 5 They pay the bills by cheque. I usually (1)__ ________ at about seven o’clock – that’s when my copy of The Sunday Times (2)_________ _ . The jam (4)__________ from France and the croissants (5)__________ at th e local bakery. _____________________________________________________________________________ . _____________________________________________________________________________ . _____________________________________________________________________________ . My friends phone or (7)__________ to the house after midday. Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs in the box. _____________________________________________________________________________ . 10 Example: They’re cleaning the cathedral. I (6)__________ a couple of hours reading the newspaper and then I finally get dressed at about ten o’clock. 2 They collect the rubbish once a week.