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Topic Introduction Company products & Services Organization Structure HR Department Recruitment Selection Performance appraisal Training Compensation Conflict and Negotiation Lessons I learn Conclusion Reference Annexure (Salary Structure) 6 7 8 9 Page 1 2-3 4 5

However. Pharmaceuticals. Telecom. banks and other financial services. Business Automation Systems and state of art B2B and B2C solutions. 1992 Focus Area: Customized Business Solution development Current Human Resource: 52 Management: 7 Logistics: 5 Development: 30 Infrastructure: 1 Support & QA: 9 Member of Bangladesh Association of Software & Information Services (BASIS) Vision CEL is a technology driven company. CEL has exclusive experience in customized software development of Win Forms. CEL provides Financial Management Systems. CEL resolves to add value to our clients' businesses irrespective of their current exposure to IT usage. trading houses. Software Designers. CEL also offers consultation on business process re-engineering and MIS related projects. Its solutions are cost-effective and result oriented. CEL is also working with MS SharePoint. donor agencies.Net is a 17+ years experienced software developer and IT solution provider Company. Its targeted clients are major industrial concerns (FMCG. Oracle and SQL Server remain our trusted databases. At present CEL professional development team strength is 50 consisting of experienced Business System Analysts. Management Information Systems. Food and Beverage). shall continue to support the systems that have been developed using Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 and shall develop new systems using the same technology. Fact File Established: 1st October. 1|Page . System Analysts and Programmers with dozens of years of experience among them. Programmers and QA experts etc. Computer Ease Limited (CEL) (www. Decision Support Systems. In next couple of years its target the market segment that is already experienced in using business solutions as well as the niche that is freshly aiming at entering IT usage arena.Introduction Computer Ease Limited (CEL) is a software company established in 1992. Its development and consulting team comprises expert System Architects. Senior Programmers. Web Forms. CEL believes in furnishing solutions that are viable today and open for upgrade in future. Database Experts. Technology wise CEL is currently into MS. Garments. international organizations. Sales & Distribution Systems. Tobacco. PDA and Mobile Phone based systems. HR & Payroll Systems. Electronics.celimited. organs of the defense sector.

Dubai  Janata Exchange Company. Production & Costing  CRM/Sales Distribution System  Dynamic Report Designer  PDA & Mobile Based Solution  Electronic Remittance Management  Branch Banking Solutions  B2B and B2C internet/Intranet Applications  Financial Accounting Package  ERP solutions for small & medium scale Industries  MIS in various types  Decision Support Systems Major clients & Collaborations  Offshore  Banuyale City Council. Rome. USA  Axiom Technologies. Italy  National Exchange Company. Rome. Products  Human Resource Management & Payroll System  Procurement. Greece  Telecommunication  GrameenPhone Limited  Warid Telecom Bangladesh Limited  Ericsson Bangladesh Limited  NCB  Janata Bank  Sonali Bank  Bangladesh Krishi Bank 2|Page . Athens. Milan. Melbourne. Italy  WorldLink Money Transfer. Virginia. information driven. Australia  Code71.Design wise CEL has made improvements over the three-layer components architecture. Projects & Services CEL has a huge range of products & services including software development projects with both offshore and local clients. Italy  DJE. CEL also aims at making its clients’ business IT-enabled. Italy  Global Exchange Company. CEL looks ahead at tangible benefits to be derived by using its software. USA  Unilever Arabia Group. Inventory Control.

Dhaka. Bangladesh  Sonali bank. Italy  Janata Bank. Dhaka. N. Defense  Bangladesh Navy  MNC  Unilever Bangladesh  BAT Bangladesh  DHL Worldwide Service  Nestle Bangladesh  British American Tobacco Bangladesh  Duncan Brothers  CITI Bank. Bangladesh  Five Exchange Companies in Gulf region  Textile & Garments  Reedisha Knitex Limited  Mother Textiles Limited  Other Sectors  Diamond Melamine  Transcom Electronics Limited  Abul Khair Tobacco Limited  Li & Fung (Bangladesh) Limited  Social Marketing Company 3|Page .A. Bangladesh  Eastern Bank Limited. Dhaka.  Pharmaceutical  Orion Group of Companies  Toiletries  Kohinoor Chemical Company (BD) Limited  Money Transfer  Janata exchange Company.

who manage. Ministry of Science & Technology. The Board of Directors of the CEL meets at least once in a quarter to transact its affairs. Its paid up share capital is Rs. 4|Page . perform and verify work affecting quality is shown in Organizational structure below- CEL is a Public Sector Enterprise of Government of India under the Administrative control of Department of Scientific & Industrial Research. Authority and Interrelationship of all personnel’s.Organization Structure The organizational structure of the Company indicating the Responsibility. 47.77 Crores. The entire paid up share capital of the company is held by the President of India and his nominees.

Interested applicants are welcome to walk-in and drop their resumes. Recruitment CEL frequently recruits new talents. Compensation The compensation of CEL is built on Informix and is used for operating most of the council activities.HR Department CEL focused at developing Integrated Software systems for Industrial & Business Concerns to increase efficiency in production and business paths. At CEL they are well motivated & encouraged to work heart & soul. CEL is keen to explore and exploit the foreign software market and build up an export oriented software industry in this country. On the other hand. so that there is always less conflicts in the organization. 5|Page . CEL is working in projects with Multi-national companies where its domain knowledge in similar sectors are used to develop customized business solutions catering for local needs. evaluate and analyze information to help making management decision & improve delivery quality & efficiency. but it develops its experts by working in different modules and market segments. Selection Generally its hiring areas include: Fresh Software Developer for Microsoft platform. In last few years CEL has been concentrating hard on foreign software ventures and trying to establish as a software company of true international quality. Training CEL does not have any training platform. Performance Appraisal CEL has the expert group of software developer. for the basic data regarding organization hierarchy. Conflict & Negotiation CEL manages its human resources well.

Lessons I Learn After analyzing the company Computer Ease Limited (CEL). CEL gives solutions:  Customized solutions for local market  After Sales service second to none  Partnership on the basis of technology and knowledge sharing  Venture into international market with quality solutions 4As Accommodate user requirements Adhere to business rules Adapt to the changing business scenarios Advance towards new technology 6|Page . I can say that CEL is offering a range of services on software development arena for clients’ business.

Net Framework 2. VB. Programmers and QA experts etc. Software Designers. S60 (Java Mobile OS) Palm OS 5. S40. Senior Programmers.0 HB++ Java MS Silverlight Databases Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 ORACLE 8i.2 (for PDA) & above Programming Languages & Tools MS Visual Studio 2005/2008: C#.5 MS SharePoint (MOSS) IIS MS Windows Mobile 5 and above Symbian. This includes:         Need Analysis by expert Business system Architects Consultation on Hardware needs and Communication and Network architecture Complete Design of Business system Development of the Software Training on the use of the Software developed by CEL Maintenance of the Software developed by CEL User and Technical Documentation Conversion of Legacy Software Present platforms and tools of CEL Operating System and Environment Windows Servers: MS Windows 2000/2003/2008 Workstations: MS Windows XP/Vista MS./9i/10g/11g Microsoft Access 7|Page .Net XML Visual Basic 6.Conclusion At present CEL professional development team strength is 50 consisting of experienced Business System Analysts. ASP. Database Experts.Net.0/3. 8|Page . Mohammadpur. Bangladesh Address (Registered): House-10. Address (Operating/contact): 1/9. Lalmatia (1st & 2nd Floor).Reference Computer Ease Limited. Dhaka-1205.celimited. Road. Block-A. Web: www. Dhanmondi. Dhaka-1207.

000.00 15.00 54.250.00 1.00 10.00 120.00 18.000.00 60.000. 9|Page . which will be a part of your taxable income.00 36.00 Please note that the non-taxable part of your salary is paid only subject to the bills provided by you on a monthly basis.00 25.000.00 54. Conveyance reim. Please speak to the Human Resource Department for any queries or doubts. In case you do not submit the bills to us then the reimbursements are paid to you as allowances. Ex-Gratia PF Employer Total ESI Deduction PF Employee Labor Welfare Fund Per Annum 450.000.00 Taxable/Non Taxable Tax Tax Non Tax Tax Non Tax Paid Annually / Tax Net In-Hand Salary 72.245.500. 1.000.750.00 Per Month 37.Annexure (Salary Structure) Computer Ease Limited (CEL) Name Designation Location Date of Joining Salary Break-up Cost to Company Component Basic HRA Medical Special Allow Telephone reim.00 3.00 4.00 225.00 75.000.00 1.00 5.00 6. Please note that this salary package is subject to the acceptance of the offer letter and appointment letter from CEL.