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Assessment: The teacher understands and uses multiple methods of assessment to engage learners in their own growth, to monitor

learner progress, and to guide the teachers and learners decision making. I met InTASC standard 6 throughout my student teaching placement. While I was full time teaching and part time teaching I conducted a number of assessments. Part of my TPA task mentions that I sat down with a couple of students to discuss their writing. I assessed and then I reviewed their work with them so they would see where they made a mistake or where they could improve. This type of assessing allows me to see where these students need more support as well as engaging the learners in their growth. In the first grade classroom a lot of assignments were repeated focusing on different skills. Everyday the students would have writing so everyday they were able to look back at their writing and improve their writing for that day. Since I would walk around the classroom to monitor students work I was able to see the students progress and where they needed improvements. Since I frequently met with the students and discussed what they could work on with their writing I was able to remind individual students to work on what we talked about. Sometimes these students would need reminders and I would provide the students with the information that they needed. Another form of assessment that I aided with was progress-monitoring assessments. I helped my mentor teacher with conducting running records, spelling inventories, and math inventories. This type of assessment is solely for teachers to help us figure out exactly where our students are and how far they need to progress. By monitoring my students work I was able to find trends in their writing as well as in other content areas. Since I was assessing all content areas I was keeping track of these trends and then I was able to speak to students specifically on what they needed to work on or change. Some trends ran across all students. When I would see common trends among all students I would then focus on that specific misunderstanding during the whole group lesson. By monitoring the students progress I was able to change my teaching technique or lesson focus to better benefit the students learning and understanding. To help me improve further on this standard as a professional I believe I need to learn how to direct students to practice things that they need to work on. I cannot expect such young students to learn how to decide that they need to work on skills that they struggle with. As a teacher I need to be able to monitor all of my students struggles, improvements and successes. All new teachers learn how to monitor multiple things at once, this is a skill I have gained throughout student teaching but it is also something that can be improved over my career.