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Philips Lighting Simply enhancing life with light


Our Mission
Improving people‟s lives through meaningful innovation .

Our Vision
At Philips, we strive to make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation. Our goal is to improve the lives of 3 billion people a year by 2025. We will be the best place to work for people who share our passion. Together, we will deliver superior value for our customers and shareholders.

Enabling health and well-being
Where we live, work and play

Philips Healthcare

Philips Lighting
Philips Consumer Lifestyle

Our focus
Organized around the people we serve

Philips Lighting Customer Segments1
Homes Offices Outdoor Industry Retail Hospitality Entertainment Healthcare Automotive










Billion sales in 2011

People employed worldwide in 60 countries

of sales invested in R&D in 2011

Products & services offered in 2011

Indicative split

Our focus Capitalizing on market opportunities Philips Lighting Customer Segments Homes Offices Outdoor Industry Retail Hospitality Entertainment Healthcare Automotive Potential market by 2015* €33-34B * Approximate €10-11B €9-10B €7-8B €8-9B €5-6B €1-2B €2-3B €2-3B 5 .

Our focus The Philips Lighting spectrum Philips Lighting Our Lighting Spectrum Lamps / lighting systems & controls Packaged LEDs Professional luminaires Consumer luminaires Automotive Sales Revenue 2011 54% * Approximate 5% 27% 6% 8% 6 .

Depth and reach of Philips Lighting Creating value around the globe Philips Lighting Geographies EMEA North America Latin America Asia-Pacific Growth Geographies Mature Geographies Q4 2011 Growth Geographies Q4 2011 Distribution percentage 2011* 36% * Approximate 27% 4% 33% 59% 41% 7 .

Brazil 8 . Sao Paulo.The LED revolution Digital lighting is transforming the entire landscape* Traditional lighting LED lighting *Source: Philips Lighting global market study 2009. updated for 2010 Oliveira Bridge.

we work closely to create optimum use of light for multiple purposes Sustainability Striving to improve the health and well-being of individuals and the communities they livein 9 . trade. Vertical integration in LED and global LED platforms Design With lighting design experts .Our leadership Why we are the leading brand in lighting Philips Lighting Date Global scale Positioned to serve global customers in over 180 countries with local expertise Go-to-market Strength with endusers. strong IP and technical competence. specifiers and installers Dedicated Key Account Management with strong track record Innovation Deep application knowledge.

Our leadership Solidifying our presence across customer segments over time Teletrol (2009) TIR (2007) Amplex (2010) ColorKinetics (2007) Lumileds (1999) PLI (2006) Ilti Luce (2009) Luceplan (2010) NCW (2010) Genlyte (2008) Optimum (2011) Bodine (2006) Indal (2011) Burton (2010) Dynalite (2009) LTI (2008) LTI (2008) Selecon (2009) Acquisitions in professional segment Acquisitions in the consumer segment 10 .

updated for 2011 11 .Our leadership A strategy to maintain leadership in conventional lighting and win in LEDs and applications Global General Illumination1 market EUR billion 90-100 1 • Win “golden tail” in conventional lamp and drivers • Create flexibility to anticipate slower or faster phase out 3 2 • Leverage growth opportunity in LED lamps and modules 1 2011 LED luminaires and controls Conventional luminaires 2 3 2015 2020 LED lamps and modules Conventional lamps and drivers • Invest in LED luminaires and controls to secure future leadership 1 Excluding Automotive Lighting and LED components market Source: Philips Lighting global market study 2010.

depth and reach The Lighting value chain LED components Modules/bulbs Luminaires Controls / solutions Philips Lighting Electronics / LED chip players LED bulbs / modules players LED luminaires players Lighting / building control players 12 .Our leadership Unparalleled expertise.

6 Q4 „09 Q4 ‟10 Q4 „11 13 . EUR billion • One of the leading lighting packaged LEDs players worldwide LED lamps market share exceeds our share in conventional lamps Largest LED luminaires company CAGR +49% 1.2 • 1.We are the leading LED lighting company Strong positions in LED lighting • LED licensing program with over 140 licensees is clear testimony of our LED innovation leadership Robust growth across our LED portfolio Last 12 months sales.0 • 0.

The world needs meaningful innovations to respond to today‟s global changes 14 .

15 . act and react Environmental awareness Energy-efficient lighting can realistically deliver savings of 40%+ globally. entertaining and socializing at home. Our lifestyles are changing People are spending more time relaxing. We are increasingly urban and global 50% of the world‟s population lives in cities.The only constant is change And it impacts the way we think. This is expected to rise to 75% by 2050.

The lighting industry is undergoing a remarkable transformation 16 .

Light+Form Architect: Michael Edmonds. John Grimshaw 17 . Mexico City Lighting design: Luis Lozoya.The future is brighter than ever Unleashing new possibilities with LED Corporativo World Plaza.

New innovations are radically transforming the way we consume energy Guillotière bridge. Lyon. France Client: City of Lyon 18 .

fully integrated lighting solutions enable and enhance our lives Expo Zaragoza. Spain Lighting design: Antón Amán. ALS Lighting.Unique. Architect: Zaha Hadid and Patrik Schumacher 19 .

Identity and expression can be explored in entirely new ways with light 20 .

exciting and uncharted territories Suzhou Science and Culture Art Center. Suzhou.The future is in lighting solutions Lighting reaches into new. China Lighting design: Peipei Jin Architect: East China Architectural Design & Research Institute 21 .

Bringing a unique and powerful approach to working with you 22 .

” "Light is a source of energy and comfort.” What light means to people "Light is the truth." "Light is the smile on my daughter's face." "Light makes life work.” “Light is art .” "Light is a kiss from the Sun.” "Light is sight and color and vibrancy. Light gives us the ability to see. and its brightness adds life to the colors and things we see.” “Light is holding hands on a first date. security.” "Light is like a little ray of hope.without it the world would be dark and dreary. Light is beauty . life and happiness.” 23 .” "Light is the oxygen for our eyes."Light is yoga (meditation that cleanses the mind).the only true passage way to highlight the beauty of the world.

Simply enhancing life with light The Philips Lighting difference People focused + Partners in innovation + Meaningful solutions 24 .

The Philips Lighting difference People focused We begin by observing and listening to people to ensure that we address their needs and aspirations in life. I need to be more efficient I want to feel safe I need to feel better I want to create a fully integrated system I want to inspire 25 .

EU09.United by our passion Our 53.1216. 2009 Confidential 26 . It‟s just one way that we are people focused. September 18.000 people share a passion and expertise to lighting and improve Lighting experiences around the world.

With our collective passion. I need to plan ahead I need to renovate I need to economize I need to perform I need to make a smart purchase 27 .The Philips Lighting difference Partners in innovation Great partnerships encourage great results. we open up new possibilities powered by advanced technology. depth and reach. expertise.

use and experience of light.The Philips Lighting difference Meaningful solutions Together we create meaningful and valuable solutions that enhance the quality. Adding value Aiding healing Fostering security Enhancing learning Supporting productivity Creating identity Ensuring safety 28 .

lighting can enhance that experience in urban environments • Sports fans want to see all the action on the field.Outdoor Enriching the city experience to make it safer and more enjoyable People focused • People want to feel safe and comfortable on the street. city networks and sports federations Meaningful solutions • Energy-saving and CO2emission targets are met thanks to our latest innovations • Assure operation through measurement and verification of energy consumption 29 • More open public spaces are now being created by street lighting without poles 29 . municipalities and utility companies • Global partner of the relevant bodies in professional lighting design. lighting can bring sports to life • Animal wildlife habitats need to be protected Partners in innovation • Co-development of lighting with cities.

governments. they make for better business too • Radiate positive corporate image to customers and employees • When people feel better.Office Beautify and distinguish. schools and real estate developers to choose the right light Meaningful solutions • Energy-saving and CO2emission targets are met thanks to our latest innovations • Lighting solutions that reflect the corporate image by design and light effects • Systems that create a pleasant and productive work environment 30 . specifiers and lighting designers with codevelopment programs • Global partner for multinationals. while improving productivity and energy efficiency People focused • Green offices aren‟t just healthier for us and our planet. lighting can enhance employee well-being and productivity Partners in innovation • Provide support to architects. they work better.

where merchandise is highlighted like a star and retail brands stand out • Operational improvement is realized through energy-efficient products and control systems 31 .Retail Enabling a distinctive shopping experience and increasing store productivity People focused • Create inspiring shopping experiences that delight shoppers • Design solutions to help shoppers find what they want • Enable the management of scarce resources efficiently: feel assured Partners in innovation • Initiate co-development programs with retailer brands and their creative specifiers • Founder and driver of the retail industry platform. HVAC) Meaningful solutions • Shopper loyalty and consumer productivity increase with our latest innovations.g. teaming up with companies that innovate within retail stores • Global partnerships with other stakeholders of the retail ecosystem (e.

Healthcare Improving patient well-being and staff productivity People focused • Humanize the healthcare experience to reduce anxiety • Create a pleasant healing ambience throughout the facility • People-centric lighting design with well-being concepts Partners in innovation • Leverage capabilities and knowledge from our healthcare sector • Work together with hospitals and healing environment specialists • Leverage relationships with (creative) specifiers and contractors Meaningful solutions • Patient-room lighting that supports feeling better and healing faster • Dynamic lighting that mimics daylight to improve medical staff performance • Ambient lighting in imaging rooms to calm and comfort patients 32 .

using a wide range of light sources including the most advanced LED sources • Easy-to-program controls that are energy-efficient and that allow designers to create dynamic spaces in less time with a shorter learning curve 33 . regardless of the medium – a live event.Entertainment Enabling creativity and expression through light and control People focused • Lighting designers use light to reveal what their audience sees. film or television • Create tools that allow designers to express themselves easily and dynamically • Audiences react to light emotionally as it gives them a sense of time and place Partners in innovation • Working relationships with lighting designers and cinematographers result in new tools they use each day Meaningful solutions • The latest in entertainment lighting solutions.

Xenon inventor • Highest fuel saving and reduction of CO2 emissions: Philips EcoVision and Hypervision 34 • Elegant car lighting: Philips LED Daytime running light. environmentally friendly and more stylish People focused • Enhance road safety for car drivers • Protect the environment and serve consumer interests by reducing fuel consumption. Philips Blue Vision Ultra 34 .Automotive Making vehicles safer. CO2 emissions and environmental waste • Contribute to people‟s selfexpression by delivering elegant lighting solutions Partners in innovation • Co-develop programs with set and car makers • Partner with the relevant bodies for vehicle lighting. road safety and energy saving on national and supra-national level Meaningful solutions • Maximum safety for all road users: Philips LED Daytime running light.

blinds. energy management) • Close cooperation and exchange with creative specifiers Meaningful solutions • Rising guest expectations with regard to well-being and sustainability are met by dedicated lighting solutions • Realize brand differentiation through innovative lighting solutions customized for our clients 35 .Hospitality Promoting guest comfort and building brand differentiation People focused • Enhance well-being and guest experiences • Contribute to a greener environment and serve the customer‟s sustainability objectives Partners in innovation • Partner with the relevant bodies for green tourism certification and legislation • Co-develop with value-added partners (e.g.

increase quality and productivity People focused • Green factories are healthier for us and our planet • The right level of task lighting reduces eye strain • Lighting ensures safety for people and processes Partners in innovation • Provide support to factory engineers. architects and lighting designers with co-development programs • Global partner for multinationals. logistics companies and process industry to choose the right light Meaningful solutions • Energy-saving and CO2emission targets are met thanks to our latest innovations • Lighting systems that create a pleasant and productive work environment • Solutions that provide a safe place to work 36 .Industry Reducing environmental impact.

reading.g. whether cooking. Philips Ledino. for Leroy Merlin. LED bulbs • Express identity with both beautiful regional and global designs: Hope (Luceplan) Functional lighting that creates the best lighting performance 37 .Homes Helping people to express who they are and how they want to feel at home People focused • Offer people the opportunity to create the desired atmosphere easily at home • Help people to express their style and who they are • Help consumers to find the lighting solution they are looking for • Help people to be their best at home. etc Partners in innovation • Work closely with customers to create the optimal shopper experience. a French worldwide home-improvement and gardening retailer • Work with retailers in setting up 150 Philips brand stores in Asia Meaningful solutions • Experiment with light to create the atmosphere consumers want to suit their mood or the occasion: Philips LivingAmbiance • Save energy and the environment: Philips Ecomoods. e.

38 . And we are bringing those possibilities to life.We believe light is potential. Light is possibility.

39 .

create experiences and shape identities With light… we uplift and inspire we comfort and heal we create safety and spectacle Philips Lighting 40 .Simply enhancing life with light Together we transform environments.

41 .