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MA1101R Exam information

Exam format Things to b i hi bring FAQ Inside the exam paper

Time: 1.00-3. 2012 p .00pm Venue: MPSH1 and MPSH2 Seat Plan: check your venue and seat number in workbin (“Exam” folder) ( Exam Important: Ignore the seat number provided in MyISIS system for MA1101R exam 2 .General I f G l Information ti     D Date: April 23.

Where can you get h l ? h help? • Office consultation (till April 20) p Email us to fix appointment • Email consultation (till April 22) • Facebook (till April 22) • Chat room (April 22 evening) • Math Clinic (by graduate students. p )  Monday. 1-3pm  F id Friday. till Apr 20) ( yg . 3-5pm  Wednesday. 2 4 2-4pm  Venue: S17 #05-13 • Counselling and Psychological Services  Exam Stress .

A4 size) helpsheets g p y • Handwritten.Things to bring to exam (all ( ll except H3 students) d )  Bring scientific calculator • No graphing calculator/programmable calculator  Bring student/matric card • photo ID • Know your student number  Bring pens/pencils • answers/working can be written in pencils  Bring 2 (double-sided. original copies only • Don’t bring more than 2 helpsheets .

Things to bring to exam (H3 students) d )  Can bring graphing calculator  know the functions of GC  Bring student/matric card  photo ID  Know your student number  Bring pens/pencils  answers/working can be written in pencils  Standard helpsheets will be provided p ( )  Sample in workbin (H3 folder)  don’t bring your own helpsheets .

(c) to each question  Part (a): straight forward.Exam f E format t  4 questions do all (equal weightage) q q g g  Cover chapter 1 to 7 with focus from chapter 3 onwards (focus from tutorial 5 onwards)  There are (unrelated) parts (a). (b). g the other parts: moderate to difficult  Each question may require the use of concepts from more than one chapter  Similar to 2010/2011 Sem II paper .

known results  Do not give examples when proving a universal statement (unless you are trying to show such a statement is false) s . Justify your answer.  Answer with justification (explanation) Prove that / Show that …  Write down a proof (rigorous explanation)  Use definitions. theorems.What to write?     Find the …/Determine …  Answer and working Write down the …  Just give the answer. Write down the ….

They are the foundation for the other chapters. 5 Do I need to show the row operations in the Gaussian elimination before writing down the REF? If the REF is just the intermediate step to find the answers. Do I need to revise chapters 1 and 2? Yes. answers the detailed row operations may be omitted from working. Are there many proving problems? About Ab t a quarter ( t (proving problem ∫ diffi lt problem) i bl difficult bl ) 2. .Frequently A k d Questions F tl Asked Q ti 1. 5. Do I need to know the proofs in the book? g p f p g q Go through the proofs to learn the proving techniques 4. Can I use the theorems/results in the book without p proof? Yes (but don’t write the theorem numbers) 3.

7. b t i t N ti t f ti but in terms of concepts f t 9. Are the exam problems similar to homework or tutorial sets? Part (a) and some part (b) are of same level as homework. 10 Is the exam similar to past year s papers? year’s Similar in format but not necessarily in content . Is the exam harder than the mid-term test? Not in terms of questions.Frequently A k d Questions F tl Asked Q ti 6. b t th concepts d but the t 7.3. So section 7.4 are out. Will topics not covered in lectures be tested? No.3 are also not tested. 8. Are the lab worksheets going to be tested? Not th N t the MATLAB commands. the other parts are similar level to tutorials 10. Conics and quadratic equations in section 6.

here t d t h Question x Answer/Working spaces . Exam cover page Write your student no.091234A first letter of your student no.