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Physicians of Diseased Minds, © 3 November 2012 “In war, truth is the first casualty.

” “Words are the physicians of a diseased mind.” Noted Greek tragedian Aeschylus, 525 – 456 BC/BCE Governor Romney‟s ever-changing words and positions give me whiplash. It‟s like trying to keep up in a debate with the infamous Sybil and her multiple personalities asserting themselves all at once. Blithely and obsessively wringing the 8th commandment into ragged sackcloth, the former Mormon Bishop‟s campaign manager said it plainly “we will not have our campaign dictated by fact checkers,” which evidently meant there would be SO many lies, one following the other in rapid-fire succession, he would overwhelm the system that currently exists. One good example was his “stance” on the Mississippi ballet personhood amendment. Not soon after electoral defeat, it was the news media that misconstrued his position on it. is devoted to previous and current fabrications that in another dimension used to be opposition research; a means by which the electorate could peer into the character of the candidate. I guess what only matters now is an expensive haircut, a Brook Brother‟s suit, power tie and a Cayman Island “old ruse” blind trust account. His canned goods campaign for hurricane relief proven a fraud; his running mate washing empty (and clean pots) in homeless shelter kitchens, all for photo ops. Proving the proverb “the apple doesn‟t fall too far from the tree.” His previous statements in the republican primary regarding defunding FEMA, he refused to comment on post the current deluge. Not one, but TWO automotive corporations – Chrysler and General Motors – called out his fantasy charge that Jeep was shipping jobs to China. Romney didn‟t just [not] correct the record he DOUBLED DOWN, and told the lie once again – on radio and television – with earnest. It begs a question: what is truth, now? After a biblical late season hurricane-nor‟easter-blizzard-tornado named Sandy, there are still climate change skeptics with „unbiased opinions,‟ i.e. paid for by oil and gas conglomerates. Candy Crowley – lauded for moderating and on-site fact-checking the second presidential debate – opted not to ask one question about climate change submitted. Like practical gun control protecting the 2nd Amendment Rights of owners and the 4th Amendment Rights of citizens well post the theater shootings in Aurora, Colorado: crickets.

” It begs a question: what is truth.Fights breaking out over the now scarce liquid resource in New York and New Jersey has resulted in police presence to direct traffic and arrest desperate. assuming that the next republican candidate that happens to be Wiccan will also gain the church‟s acceptance. it‟s that the heresy of nationalism‟s co-option of Christian faith has left the faith too weak to play the kind of positive role it has played in our public life. fibbing: goes together. confused citizens. no religious tests) and its Founding Fathers – Deists (Jefferson). defining slavery (and assuming rape during and after) as “His will. Strength of presence coupled with magical thinking (“the markets will just get better when I am president”) will not solve this. Caveat emptor: I can see high school debating teams using the Willard Obfuscation Strategy (WOS) as a valid tactic. . Franklin the younger questioned the president‟s religiosity on “Morning Joe. and [he who] speaks lies will not escape. We are a joke. Rather. now? And once lost: will we ever regain it? Proverbs 19:5 A false witness will not go unpunished. said teacher and the district will then be sued for violating that student‟s First Amendment Rights. He almost got into a fight and at the time was not buying gas. This will somehow along with tax cuts for the 1% and tax exempt Creation Museums bring us in parity with the rest of the world that is so obviously an involved part of the “reality-based community” based on our OECD international scholastic rankings. Regular and midgrade runs out as a barge brings more supplies in Newburgh harbor.e. Convincing anyone with logic and facts will become meaningless when American Idol “style points” will win the day. Billy Graham ministries after many years of demonization have officially removed Mormonism from its list of cults. I also see the a poor teacher (name the subject) trying to ensure the integrity of the educational process by failing a student caught cheating on a test. Many of those same residents swarm like Twitter and Facebook-directed locusts on gas stations. Six hundred car long lines reported to me from someone that drove up to Fishkill…from Queens. Meanwhile back at [a very inane] ranch. Free speech. successfully used by presidential candidates and climate change deniers. Romney‟s) even though he and Rick Warren are in violation of the Constitution (i.” A quote from the last chapter of “Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics” by Ross Gregory Douthat sums up our present dilemma: “The present danger to our democracy isn‟t that Christianity has gained too much power and influence over our politics.” (and initially Mr. Masons (Washington) and Hellfire Club members (Franklin) – apotheosized as perfections of bringing the Kingdom of God to the earth.