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Are you still playing your flute?

translated by Zurinah Hassan When there is hardly time for our love I am feeling guilty To be longing for your song The melody concealed in the slim hollow of the bamboo Uncovered by the breath of an artist Composed by his fingers Blown by the wind To the depth of my heart

MASIHKAH KAU BERMAIN SERULING ~ ZURINAH HASSAN Masihkah kau bermain seruling walau waktu telah terlewat untuk kita bercinta aku semakin terasa bersalah melayani godaan irama lagu yang tersimpan pada lorong halus buluh dikeluarkan oleh nafas seniman diukir oleh bibir diatur oleh jari dilayangkan oleh alun angin menolak ke dasar rasa. Masihkah kau bermain seruling ketika kampung semakin sunyi sawah telah uzur waktu jadi terlalu mahal untuk memerhatikan hujan turun merenung jalur senja mengutip manik embun menghidu harum bunga. Masihkah kau bermain seruling ketika aku terasa mata bersalah untuk melayani rasa rindu padamu di kota yang semakin kusut dan tenat adik-adikku menganggur dan sakit jiwa bangsaku dipecahkan oleh politik saudara diserang bom-bom ganas dunia sudah terlalu tua dan parah. Di sinilah berakhirnya percintaan kita kerana zaman sedang menuntut para seniman hidup di luar dirinya.

Are you still playing your flute? In the village so quiet and deserted Amidst the sick rice field While here it has become a luxury To spend time watching the rain Gazing at the evening rays Collecting dew drops Or enjoying the fragrance of flowers Are you still playing your flute? The more it disturbs my conscience to be thinking of you in the hazard of you my younger brothers unemployed and desperate my people disunited by politics my friend slaughtered mercilessly this world is too old and bleeding

2012 State’s trial questions a. What does the persona long for? To be longing for his song b. How is the village described? Quiet and deserted

In your own opinion . Name one activity that the persona does not have time to do in the city? To spend time watching the rain/Gazing at the evening rays/Collecting dew drops/ Or enjoying the fragrance of flowers h. write one thing that the persona misses to do To spend time watching the rain/Gazing at the evening rays/Collecting dew drops/ Or enjoying the fragrance of flowers d. What does the poet refer to when he uses we? Jamaican / People who live in Jamaica b. why do you think the persona’s brothers are unemployed and desperate? What she can do to help? Action: I will teach tuition classes for free to the children living in the village Reason: T o make sure they succeed in education e. Reason: He Had Such Quiet Eyes a. What has happened to the rice field? Uncared for / Dying g. As Malaysians. What would you do to promote peace and harmony in our country? Action: organize gotong royong/ organize open house during festivals Reason ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Nature a. What does “rain beats like bullets on the roofs” mean? it rains heavily / raining cats and dogs / heavy rain d. In stanza 1. Would you like to visit this country? Give a reason for your answer Yes/No. If you were the find a life partner. we must live in peace and harmony. What do you think the girl had not listen to the advice? She loves the man/ She is stubborn/ She is unwise c.c. What does the line “They were two pools of lies Insincere/ dishonest b. Why is the persona feeling guilty? People have migrated to the city f. what quality you look for? . which word shows what the man wants from the girl paradise d. What is the weather condition like in Jamaica? Hot/ Sunny and rainy day c. In stanza 2.