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Dear respondent, We are students of Bachelor in Corporate Administration from the Faculty of Administrative Science and Policy Studies

from UiTM Shah Alam, under the course BEL422 (Report writing). We are conducting survey on the issues of cyber crime victimization. We would appreciate it if you could spend a few minutes to answer our questionnaire. Information given will be kept confidential and used for this survey only. Thank you for your cooperation. QUESTIONNAIRE:PART (A): Please tick (/) in the relevant box: 1) Gender Male Female

2) Age 15-20 years 31-40 years 21-30 years 41 and above

3) Occupation Student Staff

4) Do you always use internet? Yes No (proceed to the next question) (proceed to question no 7)

5) How often do you use internet? Everyday Seldom Every week If needed

6) From what source do you use internet? Laptop/notebook Personal computer

Smartphone Others _______________ (please specify) 7) Do you think the internet has made life simpler? Yes No 8) For what task do you mostly use the internet? Official Networking Playing games Others____ (please specify) PART (B) Please tick (/) in the relevant box: 9) Have you ever heard about cyber crime? Yes No 10) Did you think cyber crime as a serious matter? Yes No 11) From what sources did you get information about cyber crime? Family Media Friends Others___________ (Please specify) 12) Have you ever been a victim of cyber crime? Yes No (proceed to the next question) (proceed to question no 16) 13) What type of cyber crime did you experience? Scammers Fraud Phishes Spam Hacker Other ______________ .

(Please specify) 14) What did you do after you have been a victim of cyber crime? Make police report Silent Tell friends and others Try to overcome by own Others ________________ (Please specify) 15) What did you consider before take any action? Please rank your answer from the most to the least by ranking from 1(most consider) until 5(least consider). Scammers Fraud Spam Phishes Hackers Harassment Other _______________ (please specify) . Trust Pride/ image Evidences Career Seriousness of the problem 16) In your opinion what is the most effective action should be taken to solve this problem? Please tick (/) one only. ( ( ( ( ( ) Police report ) Tell with friends ) Share with association which concern on this issue ) Try to solve by own ) Keep silent 17) Do you think it is necessary for us to remain silent? Yes No 18) Please thick which of the following cyber crime that you know.

19) Do you think cyber crimes are becoming serious nowadays? Yes No 20) If yes/no. (Please tick which ways do you prefer to be done) Campaign on cyber crime Talk / seminars Advertisements / Commercials Other ________________________________________ idea) (please give any . why? Yes. because most of the people today will using internet 21) Did you know any organization or association concerning on this issues? Yes No If yes. please state: _______________________________ 22) Below are the effective ways to give an exposure about cyber crime.

Mix Feeling 4 .Strongly Disagree Statement You manage your internet usage carelessly You have been sabotage You have open unknown email attachment You have run program from unknown origin You are not disconnected from the network when not in use You reveal your personal information easily You easily trust unknown internet transaction You are lack of knowledge about cyber security / / 1 / / / / / 2 3 4 5 .Strongly Agree 2 .Agree 3 .Disagree 5 .PART (C) 23) Which of the following reasons do you think leads to the cyber crime? Please tick your preferences in the appropriate box by referring to following numbers:1 .

Mix Feeling 4 .Strongly Agree 2 .Agree 3 .Strongly Disagree Solution You should use the latest versions of antivirus software You should not open unknown email attachment You should create strong password combination You should not send financial information to unknown site You should never arrange a face-to-face meeting with someone you have just known through the internet You should not respond to messages or bulletin board items that are threatening or fraud / / / / / 1 2 3 4 5 / .Disagree 5 .24) Which of the following ways can give better solutions to this problem? Please tick your preferences in the appropriate box by referring to following numbers:1 .

25) What is your advice towards internet users from becoming a cyber crime victim? Read all the term and the condition that we recipe before enter any agreement and make some reseach regarding the website and don’t easily give accaount number to them. -Thank You- .