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We believe in SLOW and you will too when you experience the benefits of our once a week 20-minute workout. Learn More Is This for Me? Personal training studio for busy people who want optimal results in minimal time. You want to get or stay fit. You don‘t want to give up your valuable time and take up residency at a gym. You prefer to avoid crowds, amped-up music, and wall-to-wall mirrors. Well then, we could be a perfect fit. We can help you improve your energy, improve muscle tone, build strength, and reduce flab with an effective conditioning program requiring a minimal amount of time. We can reduce your total gym commitment to just once a week with an intense 20-minute workout and help you get the results you desire. Sounds ideal doesn‘t it? If you don‘t believe that this is possible, watch the video on the right of Barbara Walters as she explains how she hates to exercise but is committed to working out with Inform Fitness. Then watch the independent comparison run by 48 Hours and Leslie Stahl‘s commitment to the Power of 10 Workout with InForm Fitness. We invite you to explore and learn more about Inform Fitness and the Power of 10 workout but why wait, call for a free consultation today. Find out more about the Power of 10 and explore if it is right for you. MORE Inform Mobile Gym Available To Travel To You Helping you meet your goals is so important to us that we went and got a bus. We‘ve specially retrofitted the 27-foot bus with customized equipment and generator powered air conditioning for your comfort. Imagine the convenience when we pull right into your driveway just so you can get your weekly 20-minute workout with one of our experienced Inform Fitness Trainers. FIND OUT MORE The View with Barbara Walters CBS 48 Hours News Investigative Report with Leslie Stahl 201 E. 56th Street, New York, NY 10022 / 212.755.9895 © 2012 Inform Fitness – All rights reserved About Trainers Facililty Locations Mobile Gym Adam Zickerman

Power of 10 Workout Why Slow? How It Works Is This For You? Why Rest? Results Testimonials Osteo Strength Diabetes Cardio Bone Density Lose Fat Improve Golf Game Press Print Television Blog Nutrition Strength Health Resources FAQs Did You Know Eating Healthy Nutritional Guide Video Library Inform Schedule Contact us Site designed & maintained by Bumblebee Design & Marketing LLC About We are a personal training studio, specially designed to work with people who have busy schedules but desire optimal results. Founded by Adam Zickerman, author of the New York Times‘ best selling book, Power of 10, Adam has taken slow resistance training to a new level of achieving results. Each trainer at InForm is prepared to design a workout specific to your needs and and ready to guide your sessions to help you achieve your goals, be they losing weight, improving your strength, achieving a healthier life, or all of these.

. We‘ve recently introduced a Mobile Gym that is now available in Long Island while calling the Hamptons its home. So it came as no surprise that after discovering the amazing results from a slow motion fitness system that he dug in deeper and ultimately. Although this flies in the face of conventional ‗wisdom‘ there is solid research and client successes that proves this is the ultimate exercise no matter what your goals. The results are the proof that this is the only exercise you will need. We are growing and planning more locations in the future so sign up for our newsletter to stay InFormed. To find out more. Adam wanted to know and experience his own Biology and push himself to his limits. The exercise is safe and efficient. InForm Fitness now has a Mobile Gym. Mobile Gym Schedule a private lesson or invite some friends and have a Power Party. Adam Zickerman has made his career teaching people how to get more fit in less time than they ever thought possible. We‘re available starting this summer in the Hamptons and surrounding area. NY and Lehigh Valley. PA. Adam Zickerman Having spent his youth and early adult years playing sports and working out religiously. with locations in Massapequa. read the testimonials from some of our clients – and of course watch the videos that have Barbara Walters and Leslie Stahl talking about the Power of 10 and InForm Fitness. All you have to do is schedule an appointment. Imagine the convenience when we pull right into your driveway just so you can get your weekly 20-minute workout with one of our experienced Inform Fitness Trainers. We‘ll Come To You Spending the summer out in the Hamptons? Can‘t make it back to the city for your weekly workout? Not a problem.The InForm Fitness centers practice the Power of 10. His educational pursuits were focused on Biology and other sciences. we‘ll be offering group discounts. InForm Fitness‘ headquarters is located in the heart of New York City. which is a revolutionary workout that takes no more than 20-30 minutes and only is required once a week. The website provides guides for eating healthy and each trainer is available to discuss your life style to help you make healthy choices. give us a call at 212-755-9895 or send us a message from our CONTACT US page. Then book a consultation. We‘ve specially retrofitted a 27-foot bus with customized equipment and generator powered air conditioning for your comfort. Explore the workout and the results. Adam experienced the pros and cons of many workout programs. The philosophy includes recommended rest in between sessions and a healthy diet.

And I‘ll say without exaggeration – of the many breakthroughs associated with Power of 10′s advanced from of exercise that you‘ll find in this book. and nutrition forever. --Leslie Stahl The following is an excerpt from Adam‘s book. 6. once a week. IT‘S QUITPROOF. and I suspect you do too. two-thirds of an I Love Lucy rerun. fat loss. and office workers – all of whom share the desire to get and stay in shape for healthier. most stressed-out person can follow with hardly a break in schedule or change in routine Power of 10 This book‘s not just smart. YOU SIMPLY WON‘T WANT TO QUIT. InForm Fitness was born. moms. Imagine a fitness program so powerfully effective. Today. SATISFYING AND SAFE. I realized that everyone possesses one key asset like I do. mo matter how great. rest. His Power of 10 clients include media celebrities. Adam is the founder and owner of the InForm Fitness Studios where he and his specially trained team deliver the Power of 10 program that inspired this book. The Power of 10: Here is the secret I found. and fitness Follow a nutrition plan that doesn‘t permit hunger Rest your way to success Eliminate painful injuries. that‘s where you‘ll be. THE 1-2-3 OF POWER OF 10 . happier lives. doctors. And you‘ll never want to go back. it‘s refreshingly funny! Power of 10 makes me stronger. As any Power of 10 user will tell you – this fact alone makes Power of 10 the revolution that it is. as well as in feature stories in national magazines. Adam‘s program works. for maximum strength. I know how many exercise programs I‘ve quit in my life after 3 weeks. CONVENIENT. business professionals. 12 months and years from now when you‘ve got a world-class fitness program that you actually stick with? That you actually look forward to after 5-7 days off? You‘ll be in buff-land. athletes. Because no fitness program. you can: Work out 20 to 25 minutes. this aspect turns out to be the most important breakthrough of all: POWER OF 10 IS SO FAST. no matter what your age or experience Finally begin a program that even the busiest. Read the Book! Power of 10 is the revolutionary slow motion fitness system that will transform your body and the way you think about exercise.Starting out in a Long Island basement tinkering and refining both equipment and technique. can possibly work if you DON‘T DO IT. What about you? Just imagine where you‘ll be 3. Over the years. once a week. Adam has appeared on numerous television shows. unless you are hooked up to a heart-lung machine: everyone has 20 minutes to make themselves healthy.

is like building a house without a foundation. Then check out How it works. But have you found a program that you can stick with and that is delivering the results you desire? Well we‘d like to warmly welcome you to InForm Fitness‘s website because we think we‘ve provided a lot of valuable information that could change your life – in a way you would never believe possible.‖ which together make it a program for total body health and fitness. it‘s during rest that all the positive changes happen. Believe it or not. hired a trainer. doctors and consultants. The 3 Pillars are: 1. Rest & Recovery. let us answer some of the questions you might have that will help you decide on your own if this program is for you. that is not a typo – once a week for 20 minutes. more than any other regimen. For those of you using the Power of Ten workout on your own. Exercise 2. . Power of 10.trying to build a healthy body using quality exercise and nutrition. Nutrition (and the one I consider our secret weapon because it‘s hardly mentioned in other fitness programs. Maybe you‘ve joined a gym. gone to some classes and bought some bands or weights to try at home. ―positions‖ your body to get the rest and recovery it needs. without quality rest and recovery. When we say this exercise is for just about anyone – at any age – in any condition.Power of 10 is made up of three parts I call ―The Three Pillars. We recognize that this might sound a bit dramatic but it is true. we really meant that – especially if you are pregnant. For starters. By its very nature and design. you can download the InFormFitnessChart referenced in the book – we think it will help you stay on track to reach your goals. and the reasons we use a slow method and advocate that you only do this exercise once a week for 20 minutes – that‘s correct. Learn not only why we promote rest in between visits but discover how resting will actually work towards meeting your goals. ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY Workout You Need To Exercise We hear it everywhere from family and friends. and even from that little voice that comes from within – You Need To Exercise More. Each pillar is critical enough to have its own section in this book. yet it‘s crucial as Pillar 1 or Pillar 2) 3.

So. at any age can and should do the Power of 10 regime. You don‘t know where to begin or if you are doing it properly is overcome at InForm Fitness as you will always be guided through each session by one of our specially qualified trainers. Is This For You? Wondering If The Power of 10 Workout Is For You? While we believe that anyone. You don‘t like to exercise. That‘s fair and we can relate. we weren‘t exaggerating we have clients in their 90′s! We interviewed one of our 90+ year old clients and shown you her routine in this video. You never were or no longer want to be an exhibitionist when you work out. if you are thinking that you are too old. too out of shape. You never were or are no longer want to be an exhibitionist when you work out. let‘s get down to the hard core decision making process. let‘s address your concerns one at a time. You find the gym atmosphere unpleasant. Our facility is geared to only handling a few private clients at a time. then stop in for a free consultation. or why you don‘t use that equipment sitting in the back room that is working hard at collecting dust. pregnant or suffering from an aliment. We are pretty sure that you can manage that. You don‘t know where to begin or if you are doing things properly. is resolving. Our clients range in their overall condition. Yes. Our facility is no ordinary gym and the entire design has been carefully thought through with your comfort in mind. Once you‘ve gotten the thumbs up. each achieving success. We‘ve been having great success with young adults in their 20′s. But first. You find the gym atmosphere unpleasant. Let‘s see if some of these reasons pertain to you: You simply don‘t have the time. we‘re pretty confident that you will suffer through the 20-minutes once a week after seeing and experiencing the results.But if the thought of going to a gym still has you thinking this workout isn‘t going to work out. So. That‘s it. and every age in between. Better than relating however. arduous. . You don‘t want to start and yet another program you won‘t stick with. too weak. and uncomfortable programs. Our program requires a commitment of once a week for 20 minutes. Even if you still don‘t like to exercise. and so you shouldn‘t work out – we say Nonsense! We do recommend that if you are pregnant or suffering from an aliment that you check with your doctor first. You will never be on display at InForm Fitness. Think about all the reasons you don‘t go to the gym now. we recognize that this might not be for you. You don‘t like to exercise probably because of the long. we‘re confident that you‘ll find our facility is no ordinary gym and we think you‘ll love it here. And InForm Fitness removes the barriers that prevent you from getting strong and healthy and living a full and active life. seniors into their 90′s.

unable to rely on momentum to propel movement. a cycle of 10 seconds up and 10 seconds down. the risk of injury is reduced. until the point at which the muscles can no longer perform. as we age. with no rest between. How It Works The World‘s Most Efficient Conditioning Workout Slow Down and Load Up We lift weights slowly! We reduce the speed of each repetition to a snail‘s pace. Building muscle is the best way to proactively combat these problems. resistance training workout that provides an entire week‘s worth of exercise in 20 minutes..[omission] by using high-intensity resistance and a focused. Our clients are long-term and that is testimony to their continually achieving their goals with our program. Kornack. Harvard Medical School Only five to seven exercises complete a total-body workout. – Fulton C. The goal is to work the muscle to the point of complete exhaustion. . We guide you through each set of exercise so that the weights are lifted in slow but continuous movements. diabetes. And. If your ―get up and go‖ has gotten up and gone. because. and an alarming variety of other health problems. chronic pain. When you slow down repetitions. It may sound easy. slow motion. but rest assured – it‘s not. when performed using our specialized equipment with one of our Power of 10 certified trainers. So. The Power of 10 philosophy is not only sound clinically but remarkably effective. Our experience has shown that with the minimal amount of time and the maximum results you gain that this program is Quit-Proof. Lose of lean muscle can result in obesity. More Muscle Our focus is on building and maintaining muscle. no more excuses. schedule a consultation today – it is free of charge and there is no obligation – so there is no risk but a lot of rewards if you join InForm.D.You don‘t want to start and yet another program you won‘t stick with. we lose lean muscle mass. osteoporosis. InForm Fitness is home to the Power of 10 – a high-intensity. because your movement is less herkyjerky. M. your muscles are forced to work harder. slow-motion technique – 10 seconds to lift the weight and 10 seconds to lower. then resistance training is the way to go starting now – and the Power of 10 workout is the safest and most effective way to resistance train. This point is called muscle failure. as well as supercharge your metabolism and increase cardiovascular endurance. Clinical Faculty in Orthopedic Surgery.

you will have the confidence to push your muscles to the required level of fatigue. HANKY PANKY Why Rest? . the stimulus for muscle growth has begun. OWNER. When you can no longer move the weight. I‘ve got all three in abundance thanks to InForm Fitness. Also. RESULTS Armed with the knowledge that you can train without injury. After your workout. I really don‘t enjoy exercising but I love the benefits of feeling fit. we advise a resting period of at least 4 to 7 days. The recommended resting period allows your body sufficient time to recover while still burning fat. It‘s not magic— it‘s hard. As a result. but the benefits of maintaining your program will last a lifetime. your body will actually build thicker and stronger muscle fibers. This concept is supported by real science and was recently noted in the Journal of Physiology among many other highly accredited publications. . Why Slow? The Three Benefits of Slower Resistance Training YOUR SAFETY Slow lifting reduces the forces that commonly cause injury to your joints. making your workout more effective.LIDA ORZECK. During this recovery time. being strong and having energy.You‘ll see and feel the results in as little as a few weeks. EFFICIENCY Slow lifting reduces momentum. your already busy schedule is gifted with more free time to live your life to the fullest and participate in the activities that bring you pleasure and joy. controlled work—but for only 20 minutes a week! Amazing but true. where I‘ve been exercising for only 20 minutes a week for the last year and a half. muscles and connective tissue. More Muscle for Less Hustle You work one-on-one with a personal trainer to do five to seven exercises on customdesigned machines for 20 minutes just once a week. That‘s how little time it takes to keep you strong and vital so that you can enjoy an active lifestyle! InForm Fitness is the ideal personal training studio for anyone who wants to get in optimal shape without putting in long and tedious hours at the gym. which requires the muscle to do most of the work. muscle failure is reached in a minimum amount of time thereby giving you a more efficient workout.

Why is rest and recovery such a critical aspect of the Power of 10 workout? The Power of 10 workout and rest are the yin and the yang of muscle building. We‘ve had several clients who worked out with us until the middle of their eighth month with extremely positive results. but to train like an athlete would for any major event. but you also need to sit back. some of the critical repair work that must occur in muscles post-exercise doesn‘t even begin until well past the two-day mark. In fact. You need to eat well and strength train. you should rest for 5-7 days. hydration. How long should I rest before working out again? Most people believe that going back to the gym after two days of rest in between workouts is perfectly safe. and the best way to prepare for them is not to lie on the couch. Often. and for optimal results. you want to
 continually build muscle and maintain what you‘ve built. your body needs to rest for much longer than a paltry two days. It‘s a physiological fact that your body needs sufficient time for rest and recovery. Labor and delivery are extremely strenuous. and before you make any decisions regarding your pregnancy and exercise you should check with your doctor first. if you want to meet your goals. and the luck of genetics. You should allow yourself at least five days of full recovery. and let your body do what it needs to do. Pregnancy Can I Exercise While I Am Pregnant? All pregnancies are different. but also to a more arduous recovery after the birth of your child. You and your InForm Fitness 
personal instructor can decide what the right amount of rest is for you. and can lead not only to a more difficult labor. and then work out again. The best thing you can do is rest and recover after a workout. Once you have worked your muscles to the point of true muscular failure. Not true! If you‘re pushing your muscles to the point of total muscle failure (as you should). if not more. Muscles do atrophy. This process can be enhanced only with proper nutrition. If your doctor says it‘s all right for you to exercise while pregnant. relax. Ideally. sensible exercise is terrific conditioning for giving birth. How Soon After Giving Birth Can I Resume My Weekly Workouts? . then do it. Once your doctor has cleared you for physical activity. This is a mistake. those muscles require sufficient time to repair and restore torn muscle fibers and build new muscle mass. women allow themselves to become extremely unconditioned during pregnancy. Is there such a thing as too much rest? Absolutely. You won‘t regret it.

It is efficient because this process takes your muscles into a state of failure quickly – this state of failure is necessary for your muscles to become stronger. Once again we encourage you to check with your doctor first.Individual recoveries may be different. there is no risk of damage to your bones or skeletal trauma. It is safe for most anyone at any age or stage of life. but what is truly incredible is that it's only once a week. Workout Results Safe Efficient Exercise When we talk about InForm Fitness and the Power of 10 method we are talking about a scientifically proven method to get the optimal results in minimal time. I also love the ridiculous socks Cary wears! — JOE TACOPINA. weight loss and control over your insulin. I have never felt stronger or more energized in my life. And because of the method employed. Explore. you will realize how much sense it makes. When you learn about the reasoning behind this workout regimen. Testimonials For the 20 minutes a week I invest at Inform Fitness. There are positive changes you can expect to experience ranging from staving off osteoporosis to improved bone density. Because there is no jarring motion like what you experience in aerobics or running. but most women can feel confident resuming their previous level of exercise six weeks after giving birth. It‘s so easy to get pumped up for a 20-25 minute workout and to use maximum effort. it is also the safest exercise you can perform. I used to blow off the gym all the time as I didn‘t look forward to a 90 minute workout 3- . cardio and even an improved golf game. The results speak for themselves and our clients describe their results best. ATTORNEY I am committed to this workout regimen for the rest of my life. We invite you to explore the benefits of the Power of 10 workout offered at InForm Fitness and investigate our nutritional guide and healthy eating tips – we might surprise you here as well since we don‘t believe in dieting but we do believe in a healthy diet. That is the height of efficiency. which you can read on out testimonials page. The slow continuous motion of the Power of 10 resistance training prevents the abrupt motions that typically cause muscle tears. and schedule a free consultation right away. learn. joint pains or dislocations. I get back 20 hours of energy a week. The beauty is that as you build more muscle your body continues to burn calories long after you have left the gym.

After most workouts. I'm stronger than ever and. And we can recommend Dr. I would set a goal to workout 3 times a week. He spoke to my doctors and created an appropriate workout that fits into my busy schedule and kicks butt! Thanks to INFORM. MANAGING PARTNER. switch to water. being strong and having energy. and do your bones a huge favor. and to avoid high-impact cardio exercise such as jogging. women who drank soda of any kind on a daily basis had bone density levels between three and five percent lower than women who only drank a can a month. It‘s not magic— it‘s hard. I literally struggle to walk down the stairs. My trainer was fantastic. — DIANNE VAVRA I really don‘t enjoy exercising but I love the benefits of feeling fit. Surprisingly. Our suggestion. slowing loss of bone mineral. If you‘ve given up sugary soft drinks for your health. Miriam E. with some medical issues. Osteo Can I Work Out If I Have Osteoporosis? If you‘re one of the eight million American women suffering from osteoporosis (or among the 44 million Americans at risk for contracting the disease). you may worry that any strenuous physical activity could cause a fracture or other injury.4 days a week. studies show that one of the best things that you can do to counteract bone loss is to strength train! The world-renowned Mayo Clinic advises those with osteoporosis to engage in low force strength training or other load bearing activities that will strengthen the muscle and bone. It‘s the best workout anyone could possibly imagine. and then feel disappointed when it didn't happen AND slightly guilty when it did happen. — RICK VAN BENSCHOTEN. I am so physically exhausted. you‘re on the right track—but even the diet stuff is proven to lower your bone density. in the best shape of my life. LENOX ADVISORS Being a working. . I am in the best shape I‘ve been since graduating college. commuting mother of two. Learn what the experts at the Mayo Clinic have to say on this topic. I‘ve got all three in abundance thanks to In Form Fitness. In fact. the best way to exercise is through slow. controlled work—but for only 20 minutes a week! Amazing but true. I have little "me" time. Nelson‘s book: Strong Women. in a recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. high-intensity strength training like the Power of 10 program – but talk to your doctor first. at least I think. or high force strength training. A friend told me about her once a week half-hour workout at INFORM and I thought I'd give it a try. or raise my arms. where I‘ve been exercising for only 20 minutes a week for the last year and a half. Strong Bones Quick Tip: Soda isn‘t doing your bones any favors. If you have osteoporosis.

If you‘ve ever done any weight training and you aren‘t already muscle-bound. All forms of diabetes . muscle always looks better than fat.Strength We Can Improve Your Strength By Building Muscle We all can benefit from strength building. or because cells do not respond to the insulin that is produced. and if you‘re one of those very few. either because the body does not produce enough insulin. abbreviated ―GDF8″. you probably already know it. This high blood sugar produces the classical symptoms of polyuria (frequent urination). Myostatin. also known as growth differentiation factor 8. and in fact have inherited systems that guard against developing too much muscle. Most people simply do not have the inherited traits necessary to develop the enormous muscles people have begun to associate with weight training. is a secreted TGF beta protein family member that inhibits muscle differentiation and growth. This study demonstrates High-intensity interval training (HIT) induces skeletal muscle metabolic and performance adaptations that resemble traditional endurance training despite a low total exercise volume. polydipsia (increased thirst) and polyphagia (increased hunger). Olympia. so that you can survive during times of famine. we think you still can. Myostatin is just one of these biological mechanisms. muscle building is still the way to go. and if you are looking for an aesthetic improvement as well as a healthy one. Printed in the Journal of Physiology: A practical model of low-volume high-intensity interval training induces mitochondrial biogenesis in human skeletal muscle: potential mechanisms. Relax – and then start working out! Very few people are genetically predisposed to look like Mr. Myostatin is one of a number of built-in governors in the human body that ensures your body is comprised of more than just muscle. The truth is. ―Bulking up‖ is dependent on several variables. Diabetes Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases in which a person has high blood sugar. We all remember a day when we ‗could have‘ and with the Power of 10 strength training. I want to look lean and sculpted but not bulked up. Most people have enough myostatin in their system to avoid turning into the Incredible Hulk. you‘ve been faced with a task or a routine that gives you pause as you wonder if you are strong enough to accept the challenge. many of which are entirely genetic. you‘re not going to be after Power of 10 – but you will be in much better shape. If you are like most people.

Cardio is important. and so on? True. aerobics. and have you weighed the risks? The Risk Of Too Little Cardio: If you bike. you may burn about 200-300 calories for that week. But for most people that‘s a huge and unrealistic time commitment! And will you really go to the gym every day. It triggers your stress hormones. A pound of fat is 3. there are many things you can to to stave off the disease. Cardio It‘s undeniable. But here‘s the (pardon our pun) BIG BUT: Pounding away at your joints for an hour every day is your body‘s worst nightmare! . high-impact training. But just what kind of exercise promotes cardio health? Running. the Power of 10 can help you get your diabetes under control. and type 2 diabetes may be controlled with medications. for one or two half-hour sessions a week. you certainly won‘t build enough muscle to see an increase in your metabolism. But. it‘s essential to keep your blood sugar levels low. To burn more fat. and in essence increase your muscles appetite for sugar. If you have diabetes already. and with your muscles sucking up any remaining sugar. Adequate treatment of diabetes is thus important. or hop on the elliptical trainer. and epinephrine to activate a process to metabolize large amounts of fat (aka triacylglycerol) to be used for fuel. glycogen. Both types 1 and 2 are chronic conditions that usually cannot be cured. aka.500 calories! Sporadic cardio simply doesn‘t cut it! The Risk Of Too Much Cardio: If you really can devote between 30-60 minutes every day. Too much blood sugar. If you‘re eating well. Your insulin will block fat metabolism and will instead direct that sugar to be stored as fat. adrenaline. however. The combination of Power of 10‘s high-intensity exercise and a diet low in carbs will help you shed fat as efficiently as possible and gain control over your insulin. spinning. In conjunction with a low-carbohydrate diet. A Power of 10 workout will deplete your muscles of stored sugar. and you definitely won‘t burn enough calories to put a real dent in your fat loss. or almost every day. to highintensity cardio. derails this process. as well as blood pressure control and lifestyle factors such as smoking cessation and maintaining a healthy body weight. these are all well-known cardio exercises.have been treatable since insulin became available in 1921. How Can The Power of 10 Help With Diabetes? Simply Stated – Better Insulin Control If you are pre or destined to be a diabetic. insulin levels are suppressed – and that‘s a good thing. jog. you may even see some significant fat loss. then you will certainly build some muscle and you‘ll burn some calories.

you‘ll burn an additional 120 calories a day with no additional exercise. more efficiently. Our bones make up our skeleton. cardiovascular disease. Building muscle directly increases bone density by putting increased stress on the bones. and without the risk of injury. That could amount to about 10 pounds of weight loss a year while you are just sitting there. If that wasn‘t enough incentive to get you hoping into a cab and racing over to InForm Fitness. Even worse. it‘s really closer to 250 calories total. The Secret Advantage In Strength Training: The Power of 10 strength building exercises gives you a metabolic spike for an hour after a workout. . we need to continually be improving our foundation – our bone density. and tendonitis. that force can lead to long-term major concerns. But What About My Heart?: Your heart is a muscular organ. and for us to continue standing tall in our own magnificence. That‘s 3 hours a day. which is our foundation. Almost nobody walks away from a lifetime of pounding the pavement totally unscathed. More math: if you burned 200 calories in one of our 20-minute workouts. add these numbers into the equation: for every 3 pounds of muscle you build with us.) Do The Math: One pound is 3. This phenomenon occurs because your body is trying to help your muscles recover. including arthritis and damaged joints. 7 days a week. (Published study can be found American Heart Association. Read more at Women‘s Health. The heart is principally composed of cardiac muscle and connective tissue and its primary function is to pump blood. with one 20 minute weekly session with Power of 10 to help you lose more fat faster. Of course you could always follow our regime instead. recent studies have shown results that indicate prolonged and intense cardio exercise being linked to heart damage. making them stronger. The key to improving your bone density is strength training. If you burn 150 calories on a treadmill in an hour. such as shin splints. sprained ankles. we are increasing blood flow and stimulating the heart to work harder providing a cardio workout as part of the process.Such force can lead to short-term problems. By taking muscles to the point of muscle failure in the Power of 10 workout. simply because muscle requires more energy to sustain. Bone Density What do we think when we see a magnificent old building still standing tall? We usually make a comment to the effect of that building having a great foundation.500 calories. and a lowered immune system. that means you require 23 hours on that treadmill to burn one pound. That means you‘ll be burning an additional 25 percent of the calories you just burned away during your strength session. To further contribute to the idea of Too Much Cardio.

from adolescents to senior citizens. That‘s great news right? . and an increased ability to perform activities. Harvard Medical School. By building up your muscle we can help you to lose weight. No amount of exercise alone can make up for an unbalanced diet. The Power of 10) Lose Fat How Do I Lose Excessive Fat And Weight? We all say that we want to lose weight but really what we want is to lose that flab.healthier. You can read about this phenomenon.. you can burn a whopping 300 extra calories a day staying sedentary. How – You Ask? Muscle building spurs the osteoblasts which are the crucial cells responsible for building new bone mineral. It has the added benefit of reducing stress on arthritic joints in the older population. This is true for people of all ages. healthy conditioning program. And for overall health. MD. Your new muscle mass will also serve to protect your bones. This not only prevents injury. InForm Fitness can certainly help you achieve your weight loss goals with the Power of 10 strength building exercise system as it forces the body to use your excess fat as fuel. You can read more from a recent study ―The Benefits of Strength Training for Bone Density‖ And if your curiosity has been piqued. Not only does increased bone density slow the devastating bone loss associated with getting older. Exercise alone is not going to be enough to accomplish that goal. There are numerous benefits from resistance training to improve bone density. astronauts lose bone mass rapidly because their bones aren‘t working against the force of gravity on Earth while floating in space. It is an accepted fact in the field of orthopedics that resistance training serves as the core of any successful. and less prone to fractures and breaks. (Excerpt by Fulton C. guarding them against injury and cushioning the blow in case of a fall. are increased bone mineral density. which results in reduced symptoms and increased function. which to name but a few. high in the empty calories found in carbohydrates and sugar that we‘ve come to exist on these days. Clinical Faculty in Orthopedic Surgery. have you ever wondered why young astronauts often have the bones of much older people? To further prove our position that supports resistance training. increased strength. We have good news and a dose of reality. the lean muscle it generates plays a vital role in metabolizing and ―burning‖ excess body fat. Kornack. it also helps to counteract any future loss by building additional bone matter. Enhanced strength through resistance training helps to stabilize and protect the body‘s joints. By adding 5-10 lbs. but improves performance. of muscle. Muscle makes up of over 40% of our total body mass and is the greatest consumer of your body‘s energy stores.

rice. – John D. within reason! Improve Golf Game There is a simple rule to improving your golf game – play more golf.‖ Healthcare professionals recommend a diet that is low in sugar and grain-based carbohydrates. hands and wrists. Should you become injured or require surgery for some reason. The impact and stress of the repetitive motion of the swing is sometimes hard on the muscles and joints. shoulders. free-roaming chickens and eggs.But the caveat is that you will only lose fat and weight if you also ―eat to lose. such as pasta. The good news is that you can eat more healthfully and with pleasure. Campbell. elbows.‖ these nourishing foods will gear your body towards ultimate excess fat loss. and moderate amounts of organic fruits. and wild-caught seafood. Golf and other sports related injuries are either cumulative (overuse) or acute (traumatic). MD. You will recover faster when your bones and muscles were at peak performance prior to any injury sustained. This may not be what you wanted to hear – but there is no need to despair. American Orthopaedic Strength training with InForm Fitness not only improves your muscle strength but it also improves your joints providing a better shock absorber able to protect you from common injuries sustained from sports activities. physical performance and superior health. That means more time on the course perfecting that swing. These injuries range from general back aches in the lower back. How Can InForm Fitness Help? We can help improve your game in several ways. whole milk from grass-fed cows. But nobody can claim perfect adherence. We have some recommendations for you on our Eating Healthy and Nutritional guides. As an InForm Fitness client we offer tips and advice on healthy eating and we encourage our clients to talk with us about their food choices. bread. A regular exercise program that includes core strengthening. Your new palate will dine on high-quality proteins from grass-fed beef. First of all with our once-a-week. 20minute work out you won‘t be spending all your spare time at the gym. and cereal. . stretching and strengthening all the major muscle groups can help decrease your injury rate and increase your playing time. fullness and experience a delicious variety. organic vegetables. so it‘s okay treat yourself once in awhile . . The strength building you will get from the Power 0f 10 workout will reduce your risk of injury that would otherwise take you out of the game. quality fats. As a balanced way of life and not a ―diet. The same can be said for tennis or any sport that you enjoy. you‘ll discover another benefit from our workout – reduced recovery time. Talk to one of our trainers to develop a routine that will support your love of the game by keeping you on the course and off the couch. .

The Happiness Project 8 December. Strength . The Happiness Project. We are thrilled to have another happy client and well. Cardiac Damage From Endurance Exercise 9 December. Then she discovered Inform Fitness and explains how the Power of 10 slow motion method changed her life. ecstatic about her sharing it with the world in her book. We couldn‘t agree more. 2011 Strength We really enjoyed this book and wanted to share it with you. We are proud to share with you the wonderful and informative press that we have received. If you would like more information about The Happiness Project or to buy Gretchen‘s book. please visit their website. Gretchen Rubin. You can read the article in our press section or at Marie Claire where they have the full article online. along with InForm Fitness. but she talks about how she has tried strength training and weight training in the past and was never able to stick with it. The article mentions Inform Fitness as one the options for the busy executive who only has a short lunch period to fit in a worthwhile workout. True.Press Adam Zickerman and his New York Times best seller. talks about us in her NY Times Bestselling Book. From magazine articles and interviews to top rated television shows. The Power of 10. Certainly that is no surprise to any of us here at Inform Fitness or to any of our clients. 2011 Health. which we might add is now in paperback. as you can imagine. She makes a resolution to ―Exercise Better‖ and reveals the importance of exercise as one of the stepping stones toward a happier life. Print Inform Fitness Featured In Marie Claire 22 November. have captured media attention for several years now. 2011 Strength We are really excited to share that The Power of 10 Workout was featured in the November 2011 Issue of Marie Claire @ Work.

an alpine cycling race. MBBS. There were no changes in left ventricular function. a small study showed. Compared with baseline. Action Points: * This study of 40 endurance athletes found evidence of right ventricular effects after an endurance event that largely resolved by six to 11 days later. immediately after the race. no concomitant left ventricular effects were observed. and six to 11 days after the race. or an ultra triathlon. which remained lower.From MedPage Today.‖ they wrote. right ventricular volumes increased. Dec 6. with the exception of right ventricular strain rates. The changes were associated with reductions in right ventricular ejection fraction (P≤0. None had cardiac symptoms or risk factors. a handful of the athletes had signs of subclinical myocardial scarring on cardiac MRI.011 for both). most measures of right ventricular function had returned to normal. Highly trained endurance athletes had reductions in right ventricular function immediately after a race. Levels of two biomarkers of myocardial injury — cardiac troponin I and B-type natriuretic peptide — significantly increased following the race (P≤0. All trained for more than 10 hours a week and had finished in the top quarter of a recent endurance race.‖ the researchers reported online in the European Heart Journal. * Also. However. ―suggesting that repetitive ultra-endurance exercise may lead to more extensive right ventricular change and possible myocardial fibrosis. although it mostly returned to normal about a week later. The study included 40 athletes (mean age 37) who were participating in a marathon. an endurance triathlon. but were unrelated to left ventricular ejection fraction. and colleagues.003 for both). and all measures of right ventricular function worsened immediately post race. according to André La Gerche. . 2011: Intense endurance exercise — such as running a marathon — may induce cardiac damage confined to the right ventricle. of the University of Melbourne in Australia. By six to 11 days after the race. which ―provides further circumstantial evidence for the emerging concept that the right ventricle may be more susceptible to exercise-induced injury [than the left]. Lower right ventricular ejection fraction was significantly associated with longer race duration and increasing peak oxygen uptake (P≤0. Left ventricular function was unaffected. The researchers evaluated the athletes two to three weeks before the race.002 for both). PhD.

and Twitter . according to the authors. And we‘d like to invite you to subscribe to our blog. gaining strength and improving your we are having a lot of fun with Pinterest and Tumblr. health.‖ they wrote. of St. register for our monthly newsletter and join us on Facebook. MD. We are providing you with some additional information that will support your journey to losing weight. the significance of the MRI findings requires further study. and nutrition. wrote in an accompanying editorial.‖ Sanjay Sharma.‖ Resources Getting exercise is important but it isn‘t the only thing that will get you to a healthier state. you can download the InFormFitnessChart referenced in the book – we think it will help you stay on track to reach your goals. These athletes had been competing in endurance sports longer and had lower right ventricular ejection fractions compared with those with normal MRI findings. ―The results provide food for thought and the data should be embraced to galvanize more detailed and longitudinal assessment of large groups of endurance athletes. The study ―begs the hypothetical question whether repetitive longstanding bouts of arduous exercise result in the development of an acquired form of arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy. indicative of subclinical myocardial fibrosis. Just for some education and fun – after all we are InForm (yes that is a pun) browse our FAQ and Did You Know where we explore little known interesting and pertinent facts about your body. George‘s University of London.In the 39 athletes who underwent cardiac MRI. ―The potential for such projects is enormous considering the colossal increase in participation rates in endurance events such as the marathon. don‘t hesitate to call or contact us – we‘d love to hear from you. five had delayed gadolinium enhancement confined to the interventricular septum. MBBS. For those of you using the Power of Ten workout on your own. Explore our Healthy Eating and Nutritional Guide. FAQs Answers To Questions You Might Have About Inform Fitness What Do I Wear To A Workout? . which will better enable you to participate in life to the fullest. and Abbas Zaidi. But if you are still left with questions. Because the study was not powered to assess clinical outcomes.

just be sure that your muscles and joints can enjoy an unrestricted and full range of motion. You are welcome to wear gym clothes if you wish. savored. Try to view eating well as a central part of your healthy and happy life. and lose and keep fat off. within reason). and not as some chore.Gym Clothes Not Required. Aside from a low-carb diet and exercise. Eating Healthy We don‘t recommend dieting. Fats Despite powerful stigma. Eat when you‘re hungry. not a punishment. proteins. how else can I lose my fat? 1. These nutrients supply calories to the body. How often do you still shovel the food in. or restrictive clothing. What are fats. Stop eating when you‘re full. 2. But now you are a grown up and we encourage you to stop and think before you take that second helping of chili. and carbohydrates? Fats. You‘re more likely to stick to a healthy diet. and positive aspect of your life. we‘d be in big trouble. 4. Eat things you enjoy (but. If you don‘t like peas or broccoli. and ask yourself: are you still truly hungry. even though you are no longer hungry? Some of us are just so driven to complete a task that we go for a clean plate for our signal to stop eating. Whoa – don‘t run for the ice cream and cookies just yet! We do recommend a healthy diet as one of the three pillars of losing weight and achieving a healthy lifestyle. don‘t eat them! Plenty of other nourishing foods will keep you satisfied and happy. but business casual or street clothing is also appropriate. Our only rule regarding attire is no skirts. When you feel hunger pangs. both saturated and unsaturated. Eating should be a pleasure. which the body then uses as fuel. Or. or are you just on autopilot? 3. maybe you were raised with the guilt driven instructions from a parent encouraging you to finish everything on your plate and be grateful because there are so many children starving somewhere. Nutritional Guide 1. again. fat is NOT the enemy and should not be so demonized by our society. Starving yourself just isn‘t sustainable. The last thing you should do is adhere to a fat-free diet! . heels. and carbohydrates are the three basic building blocks of nutrition. Whatever you wear. We encourage you to learn more about eating healthy and we‘ve provided you with a Nutritional Guide that might help you make InFormed choices. proteins. fat is in fact vital to our health and its consumption plays a crucial role in any wholesome diet. Eat with awareness and sensitivity. Contrary to politically correct nutritional advice. if good food becomes an integral. eat! Just make smart choices. Without the consumption of good fats.

nerves. we choose to consume.‘ as they are often called. of paramount importance is our choice of fats (and oils). white . yet they are necessary for brain development. their dairy products (including cheese. Simple carbohydrates are. and eggs from pasture-fed chickens are all ‗good fats. and organ function. While proteins can be comprised by any combination of up to 20 amino acids. 9 of those amino acids are considered ‗essential‘. also play an important role in our diets. Complete proteins come from animal sources. etc. informally meant to identify a collection of fatty acids—molecular compounds made up of hydrogen. and skin. and. and cheese. and contain all twenty amino acids. enhance the immune system. help keep the hair. Fruit. insulate the organs. muscles. oxygen. incomplete proteins. However. while the sugars found in candy. One perfect example is the classic staple combination of rice and beans—two incomplete proteins that when eaten together provide all 9 essential amino acids. Carbs provide quick fuel for our bodies that can be digested more quickly than proteins or fats. such as meat. nutritious. but are associated with a host of chronic illnesses and diseases. Meanwhile. But the carb story is not quite that straightforward. Protein Protein is vital to our health and proteins are found in every part of our bodies—organs. and/or man-made—should be feared and avoided like the plague. for the vainer among us. soda. Carbohydrates Carbohydrates. essentially. and carbon. and aid in mineral absorption. some vegetables. ‗Hydrogenated‘ fats or trans-fats are the REAL enemy! Found in all processed foods. Carbohydrates are classified into two main groups: ‗simple‘ carbohydrates and ‗complex‘ carbohydrates. including the nine essential amino acids. Proteins are critical for cellular growth. milk and milk products all contain natural sugar. or ‗carbs. hormone formation. protect the liver. cream and high-quality. provide a concentrated source of energy. Traditional animal fats. heat damaged. Fat from whole. natural food sources should not be feared. eggs. E and K. such as olives. to offer the same nutrients as their more complete counterparts. and break down into glucose (blood sugar) when ingested. flax seeds and coconuts. Not only do these bad fats block essential fatty acids. ‗bad fats‘— those highly refined. and essential fats. can be combined with other incomplete proteins. act as carriers for important fat-soluble vitamins A. and nuts are also wholesome. four hair. and from which sources. ‗Fats‘ also satiate hunger. fish. such as pulses. D. nails.‘ Cold-pressed oils from certain vegetable sources. organic butter). those found in beef from grass-fed cows.. The body cannot produce the essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6) by itself. such as legumes.The word ‗fat‘ is a colloquial term. However. alcohol. and again. sugars. incomplete proteins from vegetable sources. again meaning that the body cannot manufacture them and they therefor must come from our diet. nails and skin beautiful. lack one or more of the essential amino acids. such as grains.

What is glycogen? Glycogen is glucose (blood sugar) stored in the muscles and liver and acts as a reservoir of energy for the body. and beans are especially rich in dietary fiber. however. Complex carbohydrates are higher in fiber and take longer to break down into glucose. vitamins. your body knows that operating with depleted glycogen levels compromises the body‘s ready energy resources to fight for survival when in dire straits. In recent years. ready to provide instant fuel in emergency situations (running away from a bear. works frantically to replace the muscles‘ lost glycogen— or top off the air pressure in that spare tire. when refined carbohydrates and sugars are prominent in your diet (and. traditional nutritionists have recommended that carbohydrates comprise a whopping 45% of your daily caloric intake. 2. broccoli and cauliflower). or fighting over the last flat screen TV at a Black Friday Blowout Sale). we live in a world where you can go a week without seeing a real vegetable. Fruit. you have high blood sugar) your body will use that readily available sugar for fuel. so to speak. starchy vegetables. 3. by the critical nutrients. and proteins these natural sugar sources contain. For years. vegetable and milk product sugars are counteracted. Meanwhile. What‘s the best diet to follow in concert with Power of 10? Tragically. If you cannot pronounce the ingredients in your foods. and plastic bags. in reaction. owing to smart food choices. These traits are not signs of healthy diet choices . refined sugars prove to be the real healthrobbers. don‘t eat them. Fruit. or they promise a shelf-life longer than the life of an average house pet. One can of soup contains more ingredients than words in a Dickens novel and chickens are bred to have so much breast meat they topple over whenever they try to walk. your glucose will be low and the body will resort to burning fat in order to produce the needed energy. when your diet is not laden with refined carbohydrates and sugar. and whole grain products. ‗Food‘ comes in cardboard boxes. Similarly. leaving those unwanted fat stores intact. however. vegetables (especially members of the cruciferous family. However. airtight canisters. such as brown rice and whole wheat bread. scientists and nutritionists alike have begun to agree that the most wholesome and nutritious diets contain nowhere near that percentage. the body gets nervous and. and white sugar are consider to be refined. like kale. chasing down the local bus. The great majority of a person‘s glycogen is located in the muscles (specifically our fast-twitch muscles).bread. Complex carbs can be found in legumes. Thus. when the body‘s glycogen levels are depleted through the Power of 10 high-intensity exercise. as a result. Just as driving without a spare tire in the trunk of your car is never a good idea.

and pinto beans. If you don‘t eat meat and you find that you‘re hungry more than is normal. your first instinct may be to reach for empty carbs for quick . Good Foods The following is a list of real. peas. barley. the better): Artichokes. peppers. for any reason. nectarines. kale. mushrooms. Fortunately. 4. you do not eat animal proteins. and tomatoes. fish and shellfish. and fish oils. avocados. peas. figs. Put simply. veal. Fruits: Apples. So make the extra trip to the farmers market. cantaloupes. Vegetables (the more colorful. seeds. green beans. visit a butcher that only sells free-range chicken and grass-fed beef. canola. Eating whole foods and controlling your blood sugar are the keys to losing fat. Any advice for us vegetarians? You may have noticed that we encourage the consumption of animal products as part of a healthy diet. Grains and unprocessed grain products (less than 10% of your total calories): Brown rice. whole wheat. wild rice. whole grain. garlic. Fats: Coconut. some (and now you) are now moving toward a more sane approach to food and nutrition. While carnivores have to be careful not to overdo the ribs. Whenever possible. lima beans. gaining strength. parsley. chickpeas. navy beans. whole foods. lamb. whole rice. and dairy products from pasture-fed animal sources. okra. lentils. broccoli. cabbage. oranges. and living a healthy life. kidney beans. steer clear of the giant bowls of pasta. honeydew melon. do strive to purchase from organic sources. cilantro. grass-fed beef (and associated dairy products). berries of all kinds. olive. Your body will thank you. onions. squash. kiwis. and game. cauliflower. apricots. the best diet is one based around real. you can consume the proteins and fats your diet needs. lemons. Even without meat. plums. and buckwheat pastas. turkeys. limes. If. Proteins (both lean and with healthy fat): meat and eggs from free-roaming chickens. peaches. nuts. eggplant. whole foods you should be building your new healthy diet around. Legumes (less than 10% of your total calories): Black beans. whole oats. tangerines. flaxseed. cherries. the pitfalls for vegetarians can be even more detrimental. spinach. ginger. pork. and not starve. following a healthy vegetarian diet without overdosing on carbs is absolutely possible. and zucchini. grapes. pears. cucumber. leafy salad greens. celery. and grow spinach and strawberries in your backyard.and have to change. fava beans.

when humans made the major transition from a society of hunter-gatherers to one of agrarian farmers. However.7 million year with almost no carbs—their only carbohydrates came from fruits and vegetables. don‘t eat a bagel and send your blood sugar through the roof. people lived (and thrived) on meat. but they‘re not your best friends. or accompanied by a two-pound loaf of bread seems impossible. the average American eats far too many processed cereal grains (about 50%). and not nearly enough fruits. much empirical evidence reveals that in countries where processed grains comprise the national diet. But. If you‘re on your way to the gym and your stomach is growling. clean water is vital to your health! Hydrate with at least 8 glasses of water per day. you‘re missing out on far superior sources of nutrition. you can . People lived for 1. The rampant production of grains has played a pivotal role in the shaping of modern society—the way populations have grown. Indeed. those golden shafts of wheat would not have featured prominently. Chicken didn‘t come with a side of rice and if there‘d been a food pyramid. Carbs aren‘t all bad. eat an apple or orange. and especially the efficient metabolizing of fat. Carbs can provide the quick energy you need when you‘re on the go or about to work out. Feed your body! 5. Do yourself a favor and stick with natural and real whole-energy sources. vegetables. countries have formed. In extreme survival situations. mineral and nutritional deficiencies are commonplace. vitamin.000 years ago. either. seeds. pure. Our primitive ancestors ate no bread. Despite the abundance of the American supermarket. no pasta. You‘ll get a boost from the fruit‘s natural sugar and your body will thank you. So are carbs pure evil? No. fruits and vegetables. muscle growth. and wars have been fought. What should I eat in preparation for a Power of 10 workout? We are so glad that you asked that question. 6. and wholesome forms of protein. Water promotes healthy cell function. Today. PLEASE. because one of the best times when some carbs would be good for you is before a workout with us. and more if you can. Prior to the first agricultural revolution 10. and upping your vegetable and legume intake. no crackers. carbs aren‘t evil. nuts. the elimination of body toxins. 7. we live in a world totally dominated by convenience carbs. Hydration Whether you‘re doing a Power of 10 workout or not. you‘d be much better off increasing the good fats from vegetable sources in your diet. but if you make them too big a part of your diet. Sometimes finding a piece of meat not served on a bed of pasta.

Watch the video to see why. hydrate! Drinking plenty of water will make you look better. a 90 year old woman. resistance training workout that provides a week‘s worth of exercise in 20 minutes. Inform Fitness Power of 10 Workout Demonstration of the Power of 10 Slow-Motion Workout at Inform Fitness. Video Library THE POWER OF 10 – INFORM FITNESS The Power of 10 Workout at Inform Fitness.. feel better. you‘re in serious trouble. does the Power of 10 workout and discusses her experience at Inform Fitness in NYC. Manhattan location. and lose weight.. 90 Year Old Woman Works Out Tess Nakamura. again. POWER OF 10 WORKOUT – High Intensity Adam Zickerman trains Mike Rogers through a high intensity Power of 10 Workout at Inform Ftiness in New York City.survive for almost a month without food. . Why Go Slow in Weight Training LIfting weights slowly is SAFER and MORE EFFICIENT at Inform Fitness. but after even a day or two without water. Inform Fitness Let‘s Work Out! InForm Fitness — home to the Power of 10 – high-intensity. slow motion. InForm Fitness – Lat Pulldown Mike Rogers trains Cary Berkowitz to muscle failure on the Lat Pulldown at InForm Fitness. So.

To schedule a consultation or a session.755. Schedule We are open Monday-Friday from 6 am to 8 pm and Saturday from 7 am to 3 pm. Can‘t wait to see you at your next session! I Hear You Don't Sweat . At InForm Fitness. Each workout is conducted under the close supervision and guidance of a highly trained instructor. InForm Fitness exercise studios are intentionally kept at a comfortably cool (68F) temperature at all times. yes. please call the office at 212-755-9895 or send us a message via our contact form. not to prevent sweating. To schedule your training sessions.Really? . Overheating is the stage where sweating no longer helps cool you down. Our instructors are responsible for designing the workout. not many people sweat here. We also hope you‘ve been motivated by our videos and wowed by our press coverage. setting up the machines.9895 or contact us. and motivating you through the tough and final repetitions of each exercise. and all the while keeping your personal chart and notes updated on your progress. please call 212.Hopefully you‘ve had a chance to browse the site and discover why this work out IS FOR YOU and what kind of results you can expect. Must I Have A Personal Trainer? Yes. you never have to worry about setting up the machines or charting your progress. good for keeping you motivated.Is That True? Well. but it‘s not quite true. you may hear that. However. During working hours we have live chat available so you can work out a schedule online immediately as well. while some people are more prone to sweating than others. should your schedule conflict with your trainer‘s. And we hope that you found our nutritional guides helpful. we will be happy to accommodate your needs. So. but to prevent overheating. So. Am I Always Going To Be With The Same Trainer? Ideally. and good for tracking your progress. This is good for safety. This one-on-one training relationship will be helpful as you and your instructor work on your fitness goals by continually adjusting your workouts and monitoring your progress. let‘s get you started. but may reduce performance and lead to nausea and/or other more serious conditions. good for ensuring that you‘re maintaining proper form. Plan For 20 Minutes .

that is true. So How Do I Get Started? We begin with a 1-hour free. What Are Your Hours? We are open Monday-Friday from 6 am to 8 pm and Saturday from 7 am to 3 pm. What Should I Eat Before A Workout? This is actually one of the times when some carbs would be good for you – because they provide the quick energy you need when you‘re on the go or about to work out. using about four different machines. You‘ll get a boost from the fruit‘s natural sugar and your body will thank you. If you‘re on your way to the gym and your stomach is growling. the exercise regime will take approximately 20-30 minutes. eat an apple or orange. . Just What Happens During A Free Consultation? An InForm Fitness consultation begins with you sitting down with one of our professionally certified instructors to discuss the Power of 10 workout in further detail. Okay . please visit our How It Works page for a more detailed explanation. 2nd Floor. no-obligation consultation. but give yourself enough time to get comfortable and ready to work with your trainer. The consultation will also include having you try the workout itself. lockers and showers for our clients‘ convenience. What Amenities Are Provided? Most InForm Fitness facilities offer dressing rooms. just off the corner of 3rd Ave.Yes. Where Are You Located? Our flagship InForm Fitness studio is located at 201 E 56th St. But. You can call us at (212) 7559895 to arrange a convenient time or send us a message from our Contact Us page. in New York City. If you want to learn more about why it only takes 20 minutes.I'm Ready. What Can I Expect In Each Workout? Your trainer will guide you through six to seven different strength-training exercises that will give you an intense full-body workout. PLEASE. don‘t eat a bagel and send your blood sugar through the roof.. Exact amenities may vary with each location. Please visit our Locations page for other locations and find out if our Mobile Gym will be in your neighborhood soon. Do yourself a favor and stick with natural and real whole-energy sources. The discussion covers: · What the workout entails · Why we do the Power of 10 method · Your personal exercise and medical history · Your fitness goals.

and several types of cancer account for an estimated $147 billion annually. Recommendation – Drink 2-3 liters of non-carbonated water a day. potassium. That‘s 50 percent more than the cost of smoking-related treatments. Arthur Jones once said. we are happy to answer all of your questions about the Power of 10 Workout and our facility and trainers. or roughly 10 percent of the nation‘s total health care outlay. heart disease. these waste products are easily eliminated by our kidneys. strength training does NOT build new muscle cells. The word ‗gymnasium‘. Did You Know Of the approximately 600 muscles in the human body.. A muscle gets stronger when the existing fibers become thicker. ―If the population as a whole would stop exercising. Chronic dehydration. the general health of that population would rise‖. Avocados have more protein.I Have More Questions. Treatments for obesity-related conditions such as diabetes. folic acid. magnesium. In Ancient Greece. Contrary to popular belief. our tongue is the only one that is attached at only one end.? Okay. chronic joint pain. while our liver happily burns fat. vitamin E and fiber content per ounce than any other fruit. enabling it to generate more contractile force. If you are well hydrated. shifts the burden of eliminating the waste products to the liver thus impeding its role for burning fat.. When we burn fat as our primary fuel source (optimized by a low carb diet). They are cholesterol free AND are the closest food nutritionally to breast milk! . aka gym. athletes competed in the nude to encourage aesthetic appreciation of the male body and as a tribute to the gods. however. You can give us a call at (212)755-9895 or send us your question from our Contact Us page. Legendary trainer and inventor. waste products build up and need to be eliminated from our body. asthma.. The point being that most people‘s exercise programs do more harm than good. comes from the Greek word ‗gymnos‘ meaning naked.

helped Casey Viator win the Mr. It‘s the intensity of the exercise. Longest muscle – Sartorius (stretches from the pelvis to the knee) Largest muscle (by mass) – Gluteus Maximus (butt) Largest muscle (by surface area) – Latissimus Dorsi (back muscle) Smallest muscle – Stapedius (inner ear muscle) Strongest muscle – (in terms of force applied per unit area) the Masseter or Jaw muscle Spot reduction is the false idea that if you exercise a specific muscle group you will decrease the amount of fat in that area. One of the liver‘s primary functions is to metabolize fat for energy. Muscle fibers fatigue sequentially. our metabolism slows. . Casey would frequently train for just 25 minutes only 6 times a month. From the start of adulthood the length of our muscles is established and cannot change. our bodies burn fewer calories. the body will instinctively cannibalize its muscle stores as compensation for the reduction in calories. however. In actuality. which determines the muscle-fiber involvement. As a result. fat is stored and burned in patterns that are genetically determined. your progression of fat loss will be much slower. burn more fat. from slow twitch to fast twitch. the father of High-Intensity Training. Unless you strength train and build muscle while dieting. as the intensity increases. the liver becomes overburdened with new responsibilities compromising its ability to breakdown fatty acids. not the speed of movement. If you are dehydrated. and we gain more fat.Sarcopenia – or age related muscle loss – begins to rapidly increase around the age of 40. America competition. Moral: Stay hydrated. In 1971 Arthur Jones. Consequently. No specific activity can elongate muscles…for that to happen the length of our bones would have to increase. Strength training is the ideal way to build or keep muscle as we age.