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Course Outline - SUIT Basic Chemical Technology


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Recommended Text Book:” Shreve’s Chemical Processes Industries” by Austin George T., 5th Ed. 1984, and McGraw Hill International Edition.
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Chapter No. / Topic(s) Introduction of Chemical Process Industry in Pakistan its nature, size, number of units, Role of Chemical technologist Introduction to fertilizer Industry, types of fertilizer, Manufacturing process of different fertilizers , Uses and Application of Fertilizer Introduction to synthetic fiber Industry, types of fibers, Manufacturing process of Polyester fiber , Uses and Application of Polyester Fiber Introduction to Industrial gases, Manufacturing process of Carbon Dioxide, Uses of Gases ,Manufacturing process of Hydrogen, , Manufacturing process Oxygen What are Explosives, Types of Explosives ,Mechanical and chemical, Primary and Secondary explosives and, Manufacturing of Nitro-Cellulose Manufacturing process of different Explosives. Manufacture of Tri-Nitro -Toluene Manufacture of Nitro-Glycerin, Uses and Application of Explosives Introduction to Caustic Soda Industry, Physical and Chemical Properties, Manufacturing process Caustic Soda , Uses and Application of Caustic Soda Introduction to Sodium Carbonate Industry, Physical and Chemical Properties, Manufacturing of Sodium Carbonate , Uses and Sodium Carbonate Mid-Term Examinations Sources of Water, Impurities, Hardness Types, Removal of Hardness, Physical Methods for Water Purification, Sedimentation ,Filtration, Water conditioning:, Chemical Impurities Removal ,Water purification for steam raising ,Different ways of Chemical treatment for Water Purification, Osmosis and Reverse Osmosis What is Polymerization, Types of Polymerization reactions, mechanism of Addition & Condensation polymerization Physical and Chemical Properties, Manufacturing of Polymers , Uses and Applications Rubber technology and industry, Types of Rubber, Rubber processing and compounding, Properties of rubber, Importance of Rubber , Uses and Applications Introduction to Cement Industry, Properties, Manufacturing Process of Cement , Wet and Dry Process , Calcinations, Hardening of Cement What are Plastics, Types of Plastics, Thermosetting and Thermoplasts. , Properties of Plastic. Manufacturing of Plastics, Physical methods of Plastic processing molding, , Uses ,Economics and Applications Ceramic Industry, Basic raw materials, Different Ceramic Products Introduction to Refectories. Types of refractory, Manufacturing methods ,Uses of Refectories Final Examination Final Examination Chapter No. 02 18 35 07 22 22 13 13 03 03 34 36 10 34 09