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Day to day activities Conduct Moves, Adds, and Changes (MACs) Implement security patches.

Upgrade Unity software as required. Monitor system for hardware failures.  Coordinate hardware replacements with Cisco TAC. (OR) JOB RESPONSIBILITIES - Supporting client-s IP Telephony infrastructure, remotely from Corliant-s ATC situated in Thane, (India). - Monitoring the Processor & Memory Usage of the Call Manager Servers, and generate the alerts to client for any problems encountered. - Updating Clients with regular Activity Reports. - Remote Monitoring of Call Manager & Unity Servers. - Remote Management of Call Manager Services. - Generating Reports & Management of Server Activity Logs - Generating regular backups of configuration with Cisco BARS utility. - Monitor and analyse Call traffic with CAR utility. company profile A.) My company is one of the growing IT companyin india. Company is located in Bangalore. Company deals with software development and network maintenance and support solutions. TEAM Mine is seven members team our team having 4 LI engineers and 2 l2 engineers, one team leader and one project manager LI:- l1 act as helpdesk service and handling MACD (moving,adding,changing ,deleting ip phones and all) work L2:-I am an L2 engineer I worked on incidents requests and problem requests and I will do MACD works in the absence of L1 engineers (be carfull about incidents requests and problem request may be manager will ask about the difference between this TICKETS We are having 4 types of tickets T1,T2,T3,T4, these tickets are differentiated by priority . T! for T1 tickets priority is p1 and SLA(service Level agreement) for this type of tickets is 3 hours . I have to resolve with in 3 hours .after getting critical issue if I think that issue need higher technical assistance then I will involve my team leader . with in 3 hour I am not able to resolve means I will escalate to my team leader.. T2 Another type of ticket is T2 and the priority for this type of ticket is P2 SLA is 6 hours. If am not able to resolve this type of tickets means I will take assistance from cisco TAC team normally I used to open or else I will take assistance from my team leader T3 AND T4 Are another type of tickets there is no time restriction for this type of tickets SLA is morethana day but I used to resolve with in 2 hours CLIENT(If ask only) We are having 3 clients in Australia, soudhi arabia, india Australia client hotel and tourisem business CUSTOMER NAME I am sorry I am not suppose to disclosure it is highly confidential

Tell me about any critical issue which u have faced??....
Two month back there was an issue were in customers in soudhi Arabia was not able to make and receive calls first I check the status of the phone were showing on registered then I checked the call manager services I found that the ccm services was down and I restarted the ccm service and tftp services then both the services came up still the phones were not getting registered actually that was a cluster of 3 call manager with one publisher and 2 subscriber I found that most of the phones were getting registered with publisher then I checked the database replication between publisher and subscriber I found that the database replication was broken I have reinitialize the database replication and the replication became perfect after that I have checked the phones the phones were getting registered and the issue got resolved( better to find any other issue because I already told same issue) Software development includes Offshore Software Development Services, Custom Software Development Services, Application Maintenance And Support Network maintenance and support includes providing onsite and remote support for the client. (OR) Ongoing management and troubleshooting of Cisco Unified Communications Systems, including Call Manager / Unified Communications Manager 6.x , 7.x Unity . Management and troubleshooting of Cisco Analog and Digital voice gateways and devices. Management and troubleshooting of media servers, media gateways, and IP phones . Participate in the troubleshooting activities associated with daily operation works.

Job Discription:
> Minimum 2-4 years of hands-on experience in IP Telephony domain of Enterprise/Service Provider environment. >Installations and configuration of Cisco call manager, Cisco IP Phones, gateways, gatekeepers and Cisco Unity. >Excellent Knowledge of SIP, MGCP and H323 protocols. >Excellent hands-on experience of configuring and troubleshooting Dial plan, Dial peer, Voice Port Connections, Route pattern and Route List. >Excellent hands-on experience of configuring and troubleshooting Cisco Call Manager to enable features and services to include music on hold, speed dials, Call Park, Call Pickup. >Excellent hands-on experience of configuring and troubleshooting Cisco Call Manager and the client PC to enable the Cisco Attendant Console. >Configuring and Troubleshooting SRST (Survivable Remote Site Telephony). >Excellent knowledge of Publisher and Subscriber in a Cluster >Troubleshooting and maintenance of VOIP network >Configuring and troubleshooting of voice VLAN >Excellent knowledge of Cisco hardware ( voice components)

b in one css1 . par= a. Liaise with 3rd parties.step by step? which protocol is it using for communication? 3)which type of mac address u will give to register the ip communicator? 4)Mac address consists of how many digits? 5)consider the ip communicator is registered and the user is not able to make calls?what will be the troubleshooting steps and from which side u will start the troubleshooting? 6)The ip communicator is showing registered. Handle and perform pre-approved service request fulfilment 9.whether he can use extension mobility or not. Record all incidents that affect the operational service delivered to the business and its clients 4. Ans: no call. Monitor and respond to alerts from the event management system 2. what is the issue. 11. Respond to direct contact (phone/email) from the Client or other Service Support Teams to troubleshoot and from where the troubleshoot should start? 24)what is dialpeer?why it is used? 25)which are the communication protocols used by cucm. Concepts of srst.. 4.(call flow). Handle and perform pre-approved service request fulfilment 9. Liaise with 3rd parties. One way call. What u will do with that. Perform first level troubleshooting 6.there are 100 phones on the h323 site .how to troubleshoot this issue and from do u start? 7)The ip communicator user sometimes facing a voice degradation. vendors and site services for parts replacement dispatch and onsite support 8. Tell me about your self 2. Update the client with at a minimum. 10. partition (as in the company setup) commands? 19)if layer 2 of isdn is down.Job Responsibilties: 1.and on a site we are using an H323 gateway?the question is . 13.How to create 10 users with BAt and what are the parameters required? 14)What is the monitoring tool used to monitor the ipt network elements on your network? 15)Day to day activities? 16)which user facing features are configuring? 17)what is cbarge? 18)what is isdn? configuration (with detailed description). company Profile. 5.incident management. 12. Respond to direct contact (phone/email) from the Client or other Service Support Teams 3.then what will be the issue. h323 call setup. Update the client with at a minimum. a status update on service availability and any request being managed by the for use in future communication service team. Manage all incidents as per the Client’s defined process and procedures 5. Critical issues any. Ans= Region problem. incident number Accenture India Technical interview: 1. call teardown.if yes how? 13)Explain about BAT.and gateway? 26)one toughest issue that u faced on ur ipt career?and how u resolved it? JOB RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Partion1= a. it is working properly. Monitor and respond to alerts from the event management system 2. Perform first level troubleshooting 6. Route or escalate incidents to second-level or third-level support teams for diagnosis and resolution 7. ip phone boot up process. srst fall back.but when we change those phones and introduce new phones. Ensure all MACD’s and Incidents are processed within the SLA 10. change management. Tshoot issues what i have faced. Route or escalate incidents to second-level or third-level support teams for diagnosis and resolution 7. Ensure all MACD’s and Incidents are processed within the SLA 10. setup(what are the components) 3. Ticketing tool . 9. call processing. . css.but the user can make calls only sometimes. rtmt 7.then what msg will show and how to resolve it? 20)when show isdn Command is used whether the layer 3 status is shown or not? 21)How to check e1/t1 status? 22)which is the signalling channel for e1? 23)suppose we are using a multisite with centralised call processing cluster. Record all incidents that affect the operational service delivered to the business and its clients 4. incident number WIPRO 1)How to register an ip communicator on clients laptop? 2)which are the options u will give to register the ip communicator. a status update on service availability and any request being managed by the service team.c in one css.what will be the probable cause? 8)Explain about QOS? 9)Explain about extension mobility its configuration and the issues we facing and how to resolve it? 10)Explain about unity and the issues we are facing and how to troublesh00t it? 11)Explain CMC and FAC? 12)one user is moving is from one cluster to another. can one way call or two way call will happen. h323. vendors and site services for parts replacement dispatch and onsite support 8.on that only 2 phones are not working it is continously showing configuring. Manage all incidents as per the Client’s defined process and procedures 5. 6. both are wrong.

323 required in gateway config 9)Explain h.323 config in CM and gateway 10)Explain MGCP 11)Explain MGCP configuration required in gateway.5 32)Steps to coinfigure ISDN PRI 33)channel used as framing in T1 and e1 34)number of voice channels in t1 and e1 35)diffrernce between CTI route port and CTI port 36)Diffference between client matter code(CMC) and Forcedauthorization code(FAC)? 37)What is MGCP PRI backhaul or ISDN connection with backhaul? .323 is configure? if H. what your company deployment Model 4. Tell me about yourself.NO CODING) HR: 1. parents. explain 8)Minimum h. college. that is located in India ? Which kind of Deployment is this ? HCL 1)Difference b/n CM cluster and CM group 2)What is transcoder? 3)Explain IP phone registration process 4)Max. How will configure extension Mobility with steps 9.323 is not configured? 21)Main difference between translation pattern and route patte3rn 22)What is MGCP backhaul? 23)What are the Call manager migration steps? 24)Explain MGCP integration and port number used for it?? 25)sccp .x and 7. 7.0 and CM8. school. sip port numbers? 26)Difference between partition and CSS? 27)Different types of registration IP phones on CM? 28)Define device pool?and mandatory components in it? 29)Stpes to configure Extension capability? 30)Main differnecebetween CM7 and CM8 31)Main differences between CM8. what is change management .what is region. Explain job profile. Incident management 3. what will happen to active call of MGCP .what is your Job rule 13 How to configure Unity connection Cognizant ) What is CUCM? Why we are Using CUCM ? 2) What is MGCP? How we can trouble shoot Mgcp in CUCM ? 3) How to check DB Replication Status ? 4)What is AAR ? How to Configure AAR ? 5)What is MVA ? How to configure MVA ? 6)Explain Deployment Models ? 7)What is MGCP Fall back ? 8)Difference Between 4. Mindtree: Mindtree Interviw 1. were are u from. exp. In which gateway's you have enabled SRST in your company.323 suite.x ? 9) Describe Unity Integration ? 10)How many Servers will support in a Cluster ? 11) Explain Clustering ? 12) How to trouble shoot H323 Gateway ? 13) Difference between Gateway and Gate Keeper ? 14)One location have a gateway with Publisher and CUCM and that is located in Vietnam and Other Gateway has CUCM and Subscriber.(ALL ONLY CONCEPTS. how many call manger's are using in your cluster. which router is used on your Gateway 5. what are configurations you have done in gateway Explain 6. hobbies. what is route pattern and translation pattern 10. 11. minimum config required(3 commands) 12)Explain MGCP conifg in CM and gateway 13)Difference between region and location in device pool in CM 14)Difference between dial plan and dial pattern 15)How toc heck db replication in publisher and subscriber? Different methods to check also 16)Default keepalive time of phone 17)what is AMWI 18)Troubleshooting steps of MGCP 19)Troubleshooting steps of H. 8. and its parameters. no: of call managers supporetd in a cluster 5)Explain different codecs 6)Explain bandwidth usage 7)H.323 20)IF CM went down . if H. Why accenture. what is UDP (User Defined Profile) 12. 2. company setup 2.

Group pickup.Concept of Class of Service ? .DB Walker .What are Signaling protocals ? .Difference Between 4.creating TrunkGroup .Isdn ( layer 1 . layer 3 status of ISDN t1.Codec (g711.What is PRI ? .Customer reported problem on ( About outbound and inbound calls ) .Address Book. call pickup.Dirt .Troubleshooting on Gateway using various Debus command ? .What is the difference Between and Fax relay and Fax Passthrough ? .MLA ? . layer 2 .GCDC is used for ? Gatewayand Gatekeeper Questions: -------------------------------------.Call Handler and Auto Attendent concept in Unity .38) What are the MGCP messages 39)What is MGCP fallback 40)What are the MGCP troubleshooting steps 41)What are the ISDN t1 troubleshooting steps 42)How to check layer1 .MWI and Troubleshooting on MWI ? .Device Pool and its charecterstics .MTP .IP voice media services and resources .Ports status .GSM . layer ) .What are major services in unity ? .Region and Location Concept .x . callback .Dail-peer and its legs .call park.Unity Tool Dept ? .What the difference Bet T1 and E1 .What is purpose of using H323 Bind command in the GW ? .RAS .How to Configure UTIM ? .Q921 and Q931 concepts ? .Explain what to check in each commands for the above? 43)Different IP telephony deployment models 44)Difference between LDAP synchonization and LDAP authenticatin 45)Explain LDAPv3 integration with CUCM 46)Explain Call admission control?Different steps to do that 47)WHat i9s SRST? Explain SRST configuration CCM Questions: -----------------.CCM Deployment Models ? .Call Viewer .About CTI services Unity: ------.UMR ? . fast dails) .TCD service is used for ? .Which tool is user for Unity backup ? .Voice ports (fxo and fxs) .x and 6.Call is hitting to gateway and it gets disconnected immediately ??why ? ( Ans : Codec mismatch ) .User and features .SRST ? . layer 2. g729.Bulkedit .CCM Communications Protocols ? .IP Phone Services ( EM.Distinguish bet MGCP and H323 ? .CCS and partition ? .Unity MTA folder is for ? .MOH .MRG and MRGL .MGCP backhaul concept ?? .Gusi .Phone Boot up Process ? .Configuring CCM Group ? . g729ulaw) and its value with pay load and with out payload? .Commands in GW to register with Gatekeeper .Sofware and hardware conferencing . g711ulaw.