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GpN ST Conversion Kit

Item Bodyshell Option 1: Multipointed Weld In Roll Cage Option 2: Multipointed Bolt In Roll Cage Bonnet / Boot Pin Kit x 2 Hand Held Fire Extinguisher Kit Electrical Fire Extinguisher System (4 litre) 6mm Aluminium Sumpguard inc Fitting Kit Composite Fuel Tank Guard Composite Fuel Tank Filler Protection Front Wheel Mudflaps Interior Recaro Seats (APEX) x 2 Seat Rails Kit (VO Homologated) Welded Seat Rail Mounting Kit (VO Homologated) Sabelt 75mm 6pt Harness x 2 Seat Harness Mounting Kit x 2 Sabelt Suede Steering Wheel Fiesta ST Steering Wheel Boss Carbon Co driver Foot Rest Engine Foam Air Filter Modified Engine ECU (uploaded) Uprated Engine Mount RH (VO Homologated) Stainless Steel Exhaust System Stainless Steel Competition Catalyst Transmission 5 Speed ‘Dog Engagement’ Gear Kit Uprated Roll Resistor Gearbox Mount (VO) Uprated Upper Gearbox Mount (VO) Uprated Clutch Drive Plate Price £709.59 £626.58 £19.45 £63.92 £276.19 £405.79 £175.34 £89.51 £57.29 £708.98 £182.84 £267.11 £335.90 £42.01 £88.32 £41.77 £72.59 £47.69 £358.05 £73.52 £262.57 £334.18 Item Suspension Reiger Adjustable Damper Kit – Gravel or Tarmac Springs Front Gravel or Tarmac x 2 Springs Rear Gravel or Tarmac x 2 Uprated Wishbone Assembly x 2 Uprated Rear Beam Bush Kit x 2 TCA Pinch Bolt x 2 Top Mount Bevel Washer x 2 Top Mount Rings x 2 Electrical Auxiliary Wiring Loom Fuel System Braided Fuel Pipe Kit Roll Over Valve Kit Braking System Brake Bias Valve – X System (VO) Braided Brake Lines Kit Competition Brake Pads Set (Gravel / Tarmac) Wheels Gravel Wheel 6”x15” x 4 Tarmac Wheel 7”x17” x 4 Price £2,207.98 £131.29 £107.42 £304.30 £71.61 £11.85 £10.40 £14.32 £919.00 £76.53 £47.69 £176.05 £409.85 £133.09

GpN ST Options Kit:
Item Bodyshell Roof Vent Kit (VO Homologated) Composite Underfloor Protection Composite Side Sill Protection Bodyshell Boot Pin Bushes Kit Rear Beam Protection (Back Flaps) Rear Infill Flap Kit Sumpguard Side Protection Sumpguard Foam 8mm Sumpguard Plate Air Horn Kit Rear Quarter Protection Engine RH Alloy Engine Mount Kit Uprated Low Pressure Hose Kit LHD Uprated Low Pressure Hose Kit RHD Uprated High Pressure Hose Kit LHD Uprated High Pressure Hose Kit RHD Suspension Uprated Driveshaft Nut (Each) Ball Joint (Each) Ball Joint Fitting Kit (Each) Hydraulic Handbrake Kit – X System (VO Homologated) Strut Brace Kit New Spec Driveshaft Wheel Bearing Retaining Kit Price £200.51 £367.60 £340.15 £38.20 £71.56 £57.29 £67.55 £14.27 £549.01 £16.71 £123.14 £232.32 £220.06 £220.06 £266.52 £266.52 £6.33 £117.85 £6.92 £775.76 £238.92 £372.34 £17.90 Item Interior Crash Helmet Net Carbon Composite Driver Foot Tray – LHD Carbon Composite Driver Foot Tray – RHD Carbon Composite Tripmeter Fitting Bracket 05/06 Moulded Rear Quarter Panels Composite Front Door Card LH Composite Front Door Card RH Glass Fibre Door Card RH Glass Fibre Door Card LH Spare Wheel Support (Steel Bar) Spare Wheel Mounting Kit (Carbon Composite) Spare Wheel Ratchet Strap Lightweight Wheel Brace and Fitting Clips Recaro ProRacer SP G Seat (upgrade) Recaro Profi SP G XL (upgrade) Recaro ProRacer SP G HANS (upgrade) MONIT Tripmeter Coralba C Rally Tripmeter Electrical Carbon Composite Lamp Pod Assembly Lamp Pod Lens Kit inc Bulbs – Halogen Lamp Pod Lens Kit inc Bulbs – HID Lamp Pod Wiring Loom Red Top 25 Battery Lightweight Battery Fitting Kit Brakes Competition Brake Pad Set Front – Tarmac+ Wheels Gravel Wheel 6”x15” Snow Wheel 5.5”x16” Tarmac Wheel 7”x17” Wheel Scraper Kit Price £47.74 £135.77 £135.77 £112.19 £102.64 £237.51 £237.51 £113.39 £113.39 £32.83 £238.70 £20.05 £99.30 £572.88 £644.49 £698.20 £320.08 £736.51 £295.40 £274.11 £1,443.98 £143.22 £118.16 £73.11 £153.97


£398.42 £494.33

£4,774.00 £56.33 £153.12 £143.22

The cost effective route into serious rallying Example: Complete kit cost, bought INDIVIDUALLY LHD/RHD Weld In Cage, Tarmac Specification Kit £13,703.14 +VAT Example: Complete kit cost, if bought as a SINGLE UNIT LHD/RHD Bolt In or Weld In, Gravel or Tarmac Kit £11,650.00 +VAT SAVING by buying complete kit as a unit:

£101.45 £113.38 £125.32 £33.42

With the GpN conversion kit, the intention is that customers can buy the complete kit from M Sport or purchase parts individually. In the event of choosing the complete kit, this will be sold at a subsidised price of £9,600 +VAT* as applicable. Drivers will then be able to choose additional options from the parts list above according to personal preference. Further updates on the Options List are available at
*Only cars built using the COMPLETE conversion kit of parts will be eligible for any of the National one make series, subject to minor variations in the local Technical Regulations.

All prices PLUS VAT and are correct at 27 April 2010 E&OE