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Dante’s Peak

By: Katrina Snyder 310/30/12 The film “Dante’s Peak” had both realistic and unrealistic events that occurred within it. Personally, I believe that most of the film was indeed believable. In particular, I thought that the eruption was realistic. The film also included other believable events such as the acidic water, earthquakes, dead trees and animals, a pyroclastic cloud, and the ash storm. In the film, the acidic water was one of the effects from the volcano. Acidic water is known as a warning sign. This is an accurate and believable part to the film because there have been recorded cases of entire lakes being changed into acid. However, while it is possible to happen, it is also rare, and other viewers could possibly feel it is unrealistic.

Lauren. there was nearly no possible way they could escape it. There are other feasible explanations as to how animals could have died. it was more logical to assume that they died because of the volcano. This is very realistic because acid and carbon dioxide seep up from the ground. and Ruffy were driving away only on the rims of the truck. when really it should have been about a 5. But. . Earthquakes in general though are realistic factors in a volcanic eruption. Rachel. but due to the location and surroundings with the volcano. the earthquake at the beginning of the eruption was about a 7. like what was displayed during this film. Warning signs of the volcano’s possible eruption are dead trees and animals. So in the film.0.Earthquakes were a huge part of the film. or series of earthquakes. when Harry. Pyroclastic clouds move at a speed of about 600 mph. so that could be seen as exaggerated. They were believable because an earthquake.0 magnitude. It is possible that some viewers may assume that they weren’t killed because of the volcano and could call this false. can push a volcano to erupt. the cloud itself was very realistic and possible. Earthquakes can also destroy towns and cause mass destruction. Gram. A pyroclastic cloud is a cloud of particles and deadly materials shot out from within the volcano. However.

. they couldn’t escape a pyroclastic cloud. This film’s events were all based off of opinion. but the main idea of it all. and my opinion is that they were realistic. dead animals and trees. even though it is possible that some of the events could be seen as unrealistic to some viewers. the film had many realistic events. Earthquakes. pyroclastic clouds. So. and one of the earthquakes was exaggerated. and the focus was true.Ash storms occur during a volcanic eruption. in conclusion. though sometimes the size may not be. acidic water. ash wouldn’t be that large. Yes. They come from the volcano. and cover everything. and ash storms are all factors that occur during a volcanic eruption or as warning signs that one is about to erupt. the ash resembled snowflakes but normally the ash isn’t that large and is more like rain. Ash storms are very realistic. In the film.