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Date: DECEMBER, 03th, 2009

SELLER MME MINER LTD To: KRUGER INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENTS LTDA RUA 250 N40 SETOR VILA NOVA - GOIANIA / GO CEP 74653-200 CNPJ 73.649.972 Ms.BETINA GISELE GRUBERMAN DIRETORA COMERCIAL We are in a MME MINER LTD and represents that it is our intention to sell. We hereby confirm that we are ready, willing and able to provide the goods according to the following specification, quantity and price in accordance with the terms and conditions below. Manganese Ore from Brazil CHEMICAL COMPOSITION A. Chemical Composition (on dry basis, percentage by weight) Manganese Si02 Fe2O3 Phosphor Sulfur Al2O3 CaO 42% or more 8% max 2.9% max 0.06% max 0.06% max 2.95 % max 0.22% max (rejection < 40%) (rejection > 10%) (rejection > 5%) (rejection > 0.08%) (rejection > 0.08%) (rejection > 5%)

LUMPS SIZE 20 mm-120 mm ( 90% within the limits ) B. MOISTURE free moisture loss at 105 degree centigrade, 8% max QUANTITY 600.000 DMT for year, 50.000DMT for 12 consecutive months extended to 60 Months PRICE U$ 240.00 of DMT CIF CHINA PORT INCOTERM CIF Loading Port LOADING PORT

BA - Brazil LOADING PROGRAM Loading program available for 2009 /2010 Starts: December Lay days after confirm Seller guarantees that the Loading Berth can handle PANAMAX, CAPE SIZE and

SMALL CAPE vessels with the following characteristics: LOA: Beam: Draft: Outreach of loading chute from fender: Maximum dead weight of the vessel: Maximum displacement: Freeboard from waterline to top of hatch coaming: Mooring Length: Distance from ship side to other side of hatch coaming: Distance between foremost and aftermost hatch coaming: Minimum hatch opening: 10 meters 290 meters maximum 46 meters maximum 17.1 meters maximum 22 meters maximum 180.000 Metric Tons 222.000 Metric Tons 20.0 meters maximum 375 meters maximum 36.0 meters maximum 235 meters maximum

PAYMENT Payment by ARDLC - Irrevocable Revolving Letter of Credit - transferable, confirmed, unconditional, irrevocable, divisible. Seller's Conditions: United States currency; only opened in Seller's favor; payable 100% at sights; confirmed 45 days before lay days starts; Top Western Bank (United States and Europe). Please assist the process by offering the irrevocable full-corporate offer as soon as possible.

Thank you and I sincerely appreciate promptness and reliability. THE SELLER IS AWARE THAT THIS OFFER IS BEING ISSUED, DECEMBER, 03th, 2009 TO BE PRESENTED TO A POTENTIAL BUYER. EXPIRE DATE OF SOFT-OFFER: DECEMBER, 05th, 2009.

_________________________________________ ANTONIO NESTOR DE PAULA