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October 2012 Edition 12/13, Issue 2

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Message from the District Governor, Darrel Felty, DTM

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Greetings Fellow Toastmasters!

Isn’t this a wonderful time of year? If you love sports, almost every sport is playing right now. Builders are rushing to complete the last few projects before winter. Gardeners are completing the season and preparing their soil for next year; the work they do now will determine the vitality and success of next year’s crops.
As Toastmasters we have a world of opportunity before us. Our raw materials are all around us; every person we meet in life needs Toastmasters, they just don’t know it yet! We have the opportunity to help them to enrich their lives, improve their situation, and become more confident and capable in defining and achieving their goals. Toastmasters is a World of Opportunity! To ensure that the District is doing everything we can for our members, we have recently defined and implemented several new roles. Those roles are being filled and the officers are establishing themselves in their roles, to better meet the needs of our members. We will be introducing those new roles to you over the coming months. Some of the roles are:

District Training Coordinator is Dick Poirier who will help improve the quality of training club and district officers. Leadership Path Coordinator is Jon Greiner who will help guide members through the leadership segment of the path to the DTM. Distinguished Club Plan Chair is Bonnie Tippey who will help our clubs to become distinguished. District Protocol Coordinator is Lorraine Smith who will help establish proper protocol at district events. District Statistician is Debra Toohill who will help to provide meaningful and timely reports that will show our progress. District Historian is Catrina Eimer who will archive relevant historical material for the district. Parliamentarian is Maryann Reichelt who will ensure that district meetings are run to prescribed standards. Librarian is Sherri DeLeonardis who will maintain the district library. Club Membership Chair is Val Horton who will ensure continued publicity and recruitment of new members into existing clubs. Club Retention Chair is Jim Dickson who will work to ensure that no clubs are lost in the district.
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We are changing lives.Jan.District Dispatch October 2012 Message from the District Governor continued from page 1 Club Extension Chair is Michael Smith who will work to extend our network of clubs. IL TLI West. Newsletter Editor is Jackie McKinnis who will maintain and promote the district newsletter.Marketing who will work to meet divisional marketing goals. IL TLI North. Online registration for all three TLIs will go live at the beginning of November. We are searching for governors in all other divisions.Attend at least one TLI . we will have applications available. Until the next newsletter. thanks for making your Toastmasters club meetings fun! Respectfully submitted. IL Your mission: . DTM Lieutenant Governor Education & Training 2 . Illinois. at 7 pm. the district will host a free screening of the movie SPEAK! at the Normal Theater in Normal. Help us to grow! On Wednesday November 7th. one at a time! Our work is just beginning. Don't stop!!! I challenge every one of you to achieve at least one more educational award before the end of the calendar year. 12 at Butterworth Center. Toastmasters Leadership Institutes (TLIs) are right around the corner: two in December and one in January. 1 at ISU College of Business. Yours in Toastmasters. you will be given special recognition at the spring conference April 12th & 13th in St Charles. We will also be implementing two new roles in each division: Assistant Division Governor. admission is FREE! Bring your guests. If you have never attended a Toastmasters conference.Achieve at least one educational award before the end of the calendar year (achieved between 10/1 and 12/31) If you accomplish your mission. We are searching for governors in all other divisions. Normal. These roles are being filled to help meet the current and future needs of our members. Assistant Division Governor. 8 at Rasmussen College. Webmaster is Ron Jones who will maintain the district website. Moline. Aurora. N. Toastmaster’s conferences are inspiring.Attend the next conference . we welcome your suggestions. This role is currently filled only in Division C by Martie Ogborn. Darrel Felty. Governor Education & Training. TLI South.Dec.Dec. DTM District Governor D54 LuAnn Larson.Education and Training who will help the clubs and members to meet their educational goals. please make the time! The district leadership is very proud of all the educational awards our members have achieved since the beginning of the Toastmasters year in July. All clubs and members are invited. Message from the Lt. IL. DTM I hope all of you had the chance to attend the Fall Conference in Peoria on October 26th and 27th. LuAnn Larson. This role is currently filled only in Division C by Aloysia Mitchell and in Division D by Bill Conway.

Who benefits most are our new members!! I would like to congratulate the following clubs who have added the most members during August 1st thru September 30th. We will be having another promotion in December. thinking. DTM Hello Fellow Toastmasters. If you know a company that would like to start a club. Congratulations to all of our clubs in District 54 for participating! Conferences are great places to network with other clubs and gain some ideas and strategies! Whether it’s a company club or community club. but decided to up it to five clubs. and 11 clubs won awards! Originally. contact your Area Governor and Division Governor for help. Governor Marketing. Subsequent newsletters will be published in December. February. and based on a % calculation. 3 . so stay tuned… Sincerely. we decided to take the clubs with the lowest membership base. DTM Lieutenant Governor Marketing Clubs also with 5 new members include: Bridge Builders Club State Farm Talk of the South Club Fox Valley Toastmasters Toast of Champaign Club Astounding Communicators Teksystems Toastmasters Club Something to say? Club Milestone? Event Information? Send an email to jmckinnis@ growmark. dual. 8. Jeffery Lehmann. did our clubs respond! We had eight clubs that had 5 new members! The top three clubs added 9. and 7 new members respectively. made them #4 and #5. speaking (communication) and leadership skills. Our district needs more clubs. Governor Marketing continued Speaking of members. or reinstated members). the bottom line is that the Toastmasters member has the opportunity to increase their listening. we were going to recognize the top three clubs. For the eight clubs that had 5 new members. Way to go District 54! And. I will also be glad to and they are: #1 Talk of the Town (9) #2 State Farm Talkin’ 24/7 (8) #3 State Farm Talk of the Town Club (7) #4 Bradley Toastmasters (5) #5 Blue Blazers (5) Message from the Lt.District Dispatch October 2012 Message from the Lt. the only way that happens is when you have a club. Jeffery Lehmann. We just completed our Smedley Award promotion (add new. April and June. wow.

If you are looking for help finding media contacts please contact me. This festival is attended by up to 150. Division A sponsored a display at the highly popular fall event – St. Just send me the name of your town. I want to highlight a couple of individual efforts in Division A and C. CL Understanding that all clubs are working hard to promote Toastmasters in their local areas. District 54 Toastmaster Clubs sponsored a display booth at the Peoria Civic Center during the WorldFest Multi-Cultural if you would like an electronic copy. try stretching yourself even further by helping others reach their goals! During the weekend of Oct 5-7. These are just two examples of things that all clubs could consider as part of their PR repertoire. and nothing holds you back except yourself. Once you reach the level of an experienced Toastmasters leader. A great place to start is by writing a news release to promote an event through the local media. On September 8. If your club is looking at or thinking about holding or participating in a special event. and eleven clubs have already requested and received a copy of this valuable and informative document. Please drop me a note at PRO@toastmastersd54. the team provided a great opportunity for folks attending this event to see a first-class Toastmaster in action (outstanding speech by Hayward Suggs). Besides meeting people and passing out literature. Ray Termini. and I will respond back with contact info for the media contacts that Toastmasters District 54 currently has on file. your chances of success are multiplied. I have offered to send a copy to all club PR officers.e. you may have wanted to finally get rid of the fear of speaking in public. and I have downloaded a copy of the excellent Toastmaster Public Relations Handbook. By joining with fellow humans that have common goals. ACB.District Dispatch October 2012 Message from District 54 Public Relations Officer.000 people every year! The display was decorated with a colorful scarecrow. develop your club’s plan with action items and deadlines. and included Toastmasters information and items to help get folks into the Halloween spirit and spread the message to Stop Freakin’ about Public Speakin’. Also Sycamore. ~e. Distinguished Toastmasters and others holding TM designations did not become top speakers by accident. Illinois is having a pumpkin festival. or download one from TI website. They acted on their desire to change and followed the path set by Toastmasters to succeed. It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. so DeKalb Area Toastmasters is considering an entry there to promote Toastmasters. Division C. Toastmasters International provides some excellent PR ideas and resources in the “PR Corner” on the TI website. please let me know and I will add this information to our database for future reference. What attracted you to Toastmasters? Most likely. Charles Scarecrow Fest. cummings 1894-1962 4 . “Let the World Know”. you were first interested because like me. And if you have found some great contacts yourself.

We will build a registration page for your review. A Way to Give Back Would you consider submitting an article for inclusion in the Toastmaster? As described online. ALB Website www.. depth. “More than 270.d54toastmasters. For the fall conference we were able to have all conference details in one place. The best submissions have style.aspx 5 . We are trying our best to have every club utilize the easy-speak management system! It is an easy-use system for club members and VP-EDs to manage ALL CLUB MEETINGS and REQUESTS WITH 75% TIME SAVINGS METHODS! We plan to put the three TLI banner pages (posting) on the website during the first full week of November.. well-researched and well-crafted articles written on the topics of communication or Magazine/WriterGuidelines. ACB.000 members living in 116 countries read the Toastmaster each month. We welcome submissions from members and freelancers living anywhere in the world.. so it is important that all articles are geared toward an international audience. Ron Jones. Deans of TLI please have your team submit first drafts to us ASAP.” http://www. then post and assign team-member editing rights to your panel after we see your draft. Members are able to view 95% of the information on easy speak without a is running very well for an informational website at the district level.District Dispatch October 2012 Website Education.toastmasters.We accept authentic. emotional impact and take-away value to the reader.

6 . it was Spooktacular. rainy evening. Ralph: Take the Eak out of Speaking “Take the Eak Out of Speaking. and VP Education Pat Reisdorf recruited helpers by quoting Jim. “We should visit a club soon”. Jim took the lead on collecting and donating the hay. and extra kudos to Jim Enockson who installed the display in the middle of a blinding. as evidenced by people stopping by to snap pictures of themselves with Ralph. it is easy – you get to keep your fingers & toes!” President Robin Gathman. Pat Reisdorf. and “I was afraid to pose directly under the golden gavel!” As a member mused. Comments included.. 2012.000+ visitors each year. VP Public Relations Terryl Shouba. who used special effects. I want to. posing with Ralph The display won the hearts of many. which is totally cool to watch and see it happen. Charles Scarecrow Festival. and Bruce contributed advice.District Dispatch October 2012 Message from Pat Reisdorf. Oct 4-7. VP Membership Jim Enockson came up with the concept and shared it with club members. the TI Scarecrow. and decorative expertise to create the podium signs and the lovingly-lathed golden gavel.” suggested by Sergeant at Arms Bruce Chambers. “You may get to create a gavel on my lathe. Division A Governor Toastmasters Scarecrow. and lit up the display. and Division A Governor. The sign for Fox Valley Toastmasters’ URL was designed and delicately hand-calligraphed by Terryl. “I’ve always wanted to try Toastmasters”. “I stood in front of the display a long time and had a chance to watch people’s expressions and hear comments. finding the wood and necessary materials.. The publicity and good will for Toastmasters International and Fox Valley Toastmasters is terrific!” Hay! Kudos to Fox Valley Toastmasters 3399 for going above and beyond. who contributed ideas for a general theme.” display Picture #3: District Public Relations Officer. glow-in-thedark paint. even at 10 PM on the first night -a cold. Ray Termini. The Festival attracts 150. a soon-to-be Toastmaster Picture #1: Scarecrow Ralph Picture #2: Picture of “Before I die.” was the contest entry created & sponsored by Fox Valley Toastmasters 3399 for the 28th Annual St. so members decided it would be a great way to publicize and promote Toastmasters Clubs. Picture credits (page 5) By Nalene Termini. windy storm. The decision was made to use “Take the Eak Out of Speaking.

org/Members/Future Conventions/CallforPresenters. as part of the Spring Conference. Some of us discover that courage within. at the Toastmasters International Convention. we provide the means to support each other. Whether we take heart in encouragement from others. in St. as one of 81 semi-finalists. Look inside yourself and invite those around you to do the same. Through our member clubs. http://www. check out requirements to submit an online application to be a featured speaker at the next Toastmasters International Convention. For others. Courage and encouragement have roots in the Latin word for heart. as members of District 54 Toastmasters. or have a heart that cares enough to reach out and really listen to someone. OH. April 12 & 13. Aug 21-24.toastmasters. in Cincinnati.1965) once said. “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. We. do you offer to listen to someone’s first draft? Do you let each new member know the requirements for the International Speech Contest? [The member must be in good standing and someone who has completed at least six speeches in the Competent Communication manual prior to a club contest. Take courage and have heart! 7 . How often do you encourage any of your fellow Toastmasters to develop a speech appropriate for consideration in the International Speech Contest? With an open heart. Charles. Another challenge to take to heart: Starting November 1. May the pulse be within you.aspx Look outside yourself. deserve a chance to find our own voice and be heard. cor. British politician (1874. For yourself.] Winston Churchill.District Dispatch October 2012 A Dose of Courage from Pat Reisdorf. courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. Division A Governor Courage takes heart and encouragement is a work of the heart. people throughout the world can improve their communication and leadership skills. and find the courage to change. that is the heart and soul of District 54. Each of us has a story worthy of an International Speech Contest. that is powerful and life-changing. you may be the one person who helps unlock the hidden potential in other human beings. Toastmasters International empowers people to achieve their full potential and realize their dreams. what would it take to make you believe you could successfully compete in the International Contest at the Club. District 54 will host the International Speech Contest. IL. it takes ongoing encouragement from caring individuals who are fellow Toastmasters. The winner of the contest competes. Area and Division Levels? In less than six months.” If you take the time to listen – to care about what someone says or shares. 2013.